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this is easily a slow news biggest tech success story the company was bought by marcos off in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. the u.s. secretary of state warns of world leaders that stopping isilon the battlefield does not mean the mission is complete.
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jane ducking this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up a twenty year prison sentence on corruption charges for a confidante of the impeached south korean president. forty eight hours reports say that's the deadline set by his ruling a.n.c. for president jacob zuma to resign. a former aide to egypt's military chief of staff is arrested after threatening to release top secret files. the u.s. secretary of state is warning that the end of combat operations against doesn't mean the fight against the group is over breaks to listen has been addressing a meeting of the global coalition to defeat in kuwait he's called for members to step up commitments to stabilize areas in iraq and syria that used to be under eisel control tillerson says the u.s. has pledged. two hundred million dollars for syria seventy said and as more from
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kuwait city. this is a key moment you don't have to really read between the lines too much of what rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state had to say there to realize the concern among some members of this coalition about whether complacency is setting in the u.s. secretary of state reminding everyone that the job isn't done he made a pledge of two hundred million u.s. dollars to help rehabilitate some of those areas which have been recaptured off advice or in syria and gave a warning that if life doesn't return to normal in those areas of those areas might return back to i saw this is the first global coalition to defeat i saw meeting being held since the fall of russia since i still was pushed out of iraq or this is coming after the iraqi government made that declaration of victory over ice and in december after russian generals announced that they defeated is very pretty
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i saw in every town in syria also in december they made that announcement so the bigger picture is the concern that some of the coalition members shouldn't start to feel like it's game over yet remember that this global coalition is not only about leading the battle against isis part of their mission statement also talks about rehabilitating areas even providing public services in some of those areas which are been recaptured of the groups hands. show is live in the turkish city goes into near the border with syria jamal tell us about the status on the ground of the fight against syria and what's happening particularly in the northwest of the country. well jane obviously in terms of the territory the iris all one has control about. parades of them out they no longer of control and you have a major town or six years army pointed out there however their fighters still do exist which was approved overnight. doesn't really have some sort of. strict
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structure in terms of membership and whatnot in fact just a few hours ago there was video that appeared online that showed the syrian army rebels money driven to arrest or capture or detain israel roughly four hundred or so i saw fighters who were trying to approach their stronghold of from the south now obviously as far as the turks are concerned from this side of the border jane they're much more concerned with the another militia why p g a kurdish militia because they view that they are just as lethal and dangerous as i saw they see that whilst i saw has been all but defeated p.g. is in fact being propped up and supported and even pushed further by the united states has been arming and funding that organization as far as bankwest concerned that is a terrorist militia that should be dealt with the same as i saw has been unfortunately
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for the turks the u.s. don't see that they saw the white p.g. or as sometimes to the first three d. s. the officer and democratic forces they saw them as a key ally in the fight against i saw and that's what's caused a lot of or rather a big rift between i try and washington now to listen whilst using tollway today he's expected to arrive in the turkish capital in a couple of base time and they're going to be showdown talks between him and his counterparts through speaking to turkish media twenty four hours ago said that unless this decision by the brother unless this rift between turkey and the u.s. is so during to listen to visit then we could see what is already a very bad situation between the two top and i get even worse but thanks to that. other woman at the center of the scandal that brought down a former south korean president has been jailed for twenty years for corruption choice since it was found guilty of using his friendship. the park to meddle in
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state affairs for personal gain she was also find sixteen point six million dollars one career in congo note caught up in the scandal is the last group chairman shin dong when was sentenced to jail at the same time that choice a was sentenced for two years and six months for bribery a chair was a relative unknown until the corruption allegations emerged in twenty sixty the cases had questions for south korea's political and business elites it triggered the impeachment of president park geun hye in march last year first in the nation's history pac is on trial as well she faces more than a dozen charges including colluding with chewy to extort money from some of south korea's biggest companies in return for political favors one of those companies implicated was some sun last year its chief jay wiley was jailed for five years for bribery and embarrassment but his sentence was suspended last week and he was
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released from jail the tears are going to him as more from seoul. play might be the most reviled public figure in south korea at the moment the judge's lengthy sentence could be interpreted as sending a message to the public that their outrage has been heard it could also be viewed as sending a warning to others prosecutors say they disrupted the political process and shook the south korean society to its foundation prosecutors were hoping for a twenty five year sentence which way received twenty years one we spoke to says that she was surprised by the verdict and that it was a heavier sentence than she predicted now there were supporters of former president park outside the courtroom they fought and screamed after the verdict was announced they have been monitoring this case very closely to see how it will impact the former president she is in the midst of her own corruption trial and a verdict is expected soon as for
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a she has remained defiant throughout this entire process she says this is political revenge she's being framed and treated unfairly given the massive outrage against her some are wondering if that bias prevented her from getting a fair trial. north korea's leader kim jong un says he's satisfied with the talks held this week with south korea on the sidelines of the winter olympics his sister led the dedication on the historic three day visit during the trip she extended their way invitation to president moon j. and to visit to pyongyang kim jong un praise south korea for hosting his delegation and called for more reconciliation and talks so that his rating agency is expected to hold a news briefing in the next few hours with state media reporting the party has given president jacob zuma forty eight hours to resign it follows a thirteen hour meeting by the african national congress to discuss his fate.
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presents are all roma person is understood to have met zuma in person to inform him of the party's decisions zuma faces hundreds of corruption charges but has refused to stand down before his term ends next year for me to miller joins us live from johannesburg so we've had weeks months of confusion and delays is this the end for zuma. well there certainly is an expectation that this press briefing by the african national congress world create some transparency around the process is the a.n.c. is following and what exactly is happening around jacob zuma as a lever guns are increasingly frustrated because they're sitting on the sidelines watching what the a.n.c. is doing so they're not sure if this is the end for jacob zuma indications are reports from the street poor costa show that tell us that jacob zuma has been given
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forty eight hours to resign that's after that meeting by the national executive committee but that meeting took many hours and it's been weeks of talk and rumors and speculation around exactly what's happening reporter on. the president of the a.n.c. speaking with jacob zuma trying to negotiate some sort of plan some sort of exit strategy a transition period of poor jacob zuma and the new administration it doesn't seem that jacob zuma is willing to step down willingly and so or is willing to step down and now it looks as if the a.n.c. might possibly have to push for a motion of no confidence in parliament that's certainly what opposition parties have already done they say they want parliamentarians to vote to decide the jacob zuma there's no confidence in this leader and they've also calling for snit's not elections and that's once parliament is dissolved now this is what most of my rani the leader of the democratic alliance had to say around jacob zuma. the.
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back. country. and therefore we went with the. decision. which this vision. of. anyone who wants to leave the. polish people also. from the people who saw. now if the opposition parties are successful in getting parliament to hold a motion of no confidence earlier the next week that's the demand that they're making the question is is it likely that the a.n.c. will vote according to the wishes of the opposition the a.n.c. in the past has been very reluctant to go along with the wishes of the opposition
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very much wanting any sort of solution around jacob zuma to come from within the party so it's not known if this motion of no confidence will be successful if the a.n.c. will bring its own oh if there possibly will be an impeachment there just so many questions around just how the a.n.c. specifically will get jacob zuma out jane or for me to thank you. so head on al-jazeera the trial begins for a palestinian teenager in the international spotlight accused of assaulting an israeli soldier plus. on behalf of the government of australia i'm sorry. after your story apology australia's prime a prime minister kevin rudd reflects on a pivotal moment for indigenous people.
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we should say somalia russia we say less cold air making its way towards south korea over the next temporary thing if we can truth be known as the good of a few showers just pushing over towards japan we'll see temperatures going up to twelve celsius in tokyo so some heat around there it's been cold for the winter olympics of course seoul at nine degrees celsius but the thing around five or six over the next outside of those temperatures will fall back as we go into the latter part of the way the normally wind comes back into so. yes and so there's some weather making its way across the other side of the say japan tokyo getting up to fourteen degrees you go some other way whether they're just around q.c. whether that is stretching its way towards eastern china but we are going to see it dry here over the next few days twenty celsius there for hong kong in a southerly breeze twenty two as we go on through thursday a fair amount of cloud those that we are looking at if i can call it watery sunshine further north you can see that that technique now producing one of two showers there into central parts of china meanwhile we're seeing some extremely
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heavy showers into central and southern parts of the philippines this is tropical side plans to continue to drive its way further west was those heavy downpours will clear away dry skies coming in behind but what indonesia. it was auriol upon which modern day venezuela was to stop that. for over a century this lucrative resource has divided the people less than those with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its common with leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today the big picture the battle for venezuela at this time on al jazeera.
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are you watching out is there a mind of our top stories this hour the u.s. secretary of state is warning that the end of combat operations against eisel doesn't mean the fight against the group is over rex tillerson has been addressing a meeting of the global coalition to defeat in kuwait. the confidant of the former south korean president park geun hay has been sentenced to twenty years in jail for corruption was found guilty of using a friendship of power to meddle in state affairs for personal gain. south african media are reporting president jacob zuma has been ordered to resign within forty eight hours or face being stripped of his office the decision was taken at the meeting of the highest decision making body of the ruling a.n.c.
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party late on monday evening. the trial of a palestinian teenager charged with assaulting an israeli soldier has been adjourned until march the military judge overseeing a had to mimi's case banned media from the courtroom as proceedings began the seventeen year old was racing december off the video of her slapping and hitting israeli soldiers went viral to me is facing twelve charges and could spend up to ten years in prison if found guilty a force that is outside of a prison in the occupied west bank what happened harry. well as you say the first order of business as far as the military judge in this case was concerned was to eject members of the media and other outside observers diplomats only allowing the family to stay inside the court the case made by the court was that this is a standard procedure in dealing with a minor who is coming before the military prison the military justice system here
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in new york westbank over the defense lawyer made the point that as far as the prosecution was concerned there was no problem with this every preliminary hearing in this case had been open to the media and the defense also arguing that the entire proceedings were illegitimate because of the phraseology illegal occupation and indeed in terms of international law the illegal occupation of the occupied west bank here is what the lawyer got the lasky had to say about the decision to object media and other observers. i think this is one of the court is because the court decided what is good for the court and not what is good for i they understand that people outside of the military court are interested in i understand that her rights are being infringed and her trial is something that shouldn't be happening so the way to keep it out of everybody's eyes is to close the doors and not allow
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people inside the court for her hearings and area obviously there's been a lot of attention on to me but there are many more minors in custody there. that's right her case has of course accrued a huge amount of attention because of the viral nature of the video as far as many israelis were concerned it was a humiliation of two of its two of their soldiers as far as palestinians were concerned it was a real sign of resistance an armed resistance against heavily armed members of an occupying force and so that's why there has been a great deal of tension it's why according to the defense that this case has been brought in such a way as well but she is one of hundreds of palestinian youths who are inside this military justice system estimate to be some three hundred detention one hundred eighty of those according to activist groups are being kept in detention during the course of the legal proceedings and it's pretty clear that this will be a pretty lengthy one given that there will be
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a month between this hearing and the next forty two witnesses that according to the defense are going to be brought by the prosecution so they're going to argue again during the during the next proceedings we understand for head had to be released on bail they tried that in the preliminary hearings and were rejected and she remains in custody i thank you for that abbi. egypt's former anti corruption chief. has been detained his daughter says thirty policemen stormed his home in cairo before leading him away is recently spoken out over the arrest of sami and a former military chief of staff now and then was detained last month after revealing he'd run in the upcoming presidential election and in a war that top secret files would be released if anon was harmed in any way egypt's incumbent president of the fact that all c.c. will be running for a second term in march i actually went on he said he was speaking out about the
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documents because he believed some anons life is in danger. i hope an opportunity would be given to the chief of staff something anon to give the testimony freely and without intimidation for the record so that all things come clear before the public hears his testimony mere hearsay or supported with evidence he is in possession of documents and evidence which is not kept here in egypt you mean out of egypt yes could these pieces of evidence change the course of trials of course no doubts could the incriminate many yes to the kaldis from the institute for middle east politics says it's impossible to judge how important these documents are without knowing the exact details. what would constitute a sufficient scandal for it's a matter i mean we've got. i mean everyone knows for example. economic. position they are aware of there it's the reports now about possibly allowing the
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israelis to strikes in sinai there's i mean there's so many things. there's the whole virginity test and all that happened during the uprising. soon after and so i mean there's so many different things that have already kind of come and gone and. that i don't know what it is that would be so scandalous that it would be threatening to them but it could also cause that he's trying to disrupt the regime from other perspectives of making other people worry that in trying to. pressure on the government to make it you know they could be implicated it's hard to know. ukrainian opposition leader and former president of georgia president mikhail saakashvili says he's been kidnapped in kids have been sent to poland security footage showed saakashvili being dragged from a restaurant by men in military uniforms and lated merge it was a government operation to deport him charla bear a sixpence. the. masked figures in an upmarket kiev
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restaurant shot get down the target is the former president of georgia mikhail saakashvili he was eating lunch on monday when more than a dozen men in military uniforms switched into the building saakashvili was a marked man in ukraine as an opposition leader who had rallied against president petro poroshenko a close friend turned for security camera footage posted on his facebook page shows him being dragged out by his here. he's then thrown into one of two white vans and driven away. he says his mouth and eyes were covered as he was punched and pushed to the floor of the vehicle a private plane waited distant for poland. on arrival in warsaw he made these comments i was very nicely met by polish side and ukrainian so it was absolutely outrageous but there was
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a good nothing illegal one but poles are very good pollution cohen saakashvili had been close friends the ukrainian president granted him citizenship in twenty four tane and helped him to become a regional governor but saakashvili turned on him with allegations of corruption pushing co-head back stripping him of his citizenship last year still his former friend snuck back into ukraine through poland in september. ukrainian border services for that reason it was a legal operation that saakashvili was sent to poland now sure according to the court's decision mikhail saakashvili was on ukraine's territorial illegally that's why keeping with the judicial norms he was returned to the country where he came from for breaking the national laws of ukraine saakashvili supporters say he's fighting for justice they chant resignation for president pushing code. his right to before all the political opponents you can mobilize people public opponents.
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in order to. prepare to win the elections or confront will saakashvili alleges the ukrainian president is corrupt others have accused him of the site and say he should be detained he cannot return to his native georgia because of charges of abuse of power for now he'll likely stay in poland a temporary safe haven from his political enemies shallop ballasts al-jazeera. colombia's last rebel group has destroyed power lines and part of a bridge with explosives the l.n. says it's imposing a three day blockade after the government refused to resume peace talks colombian president juan manuel santos suspended the negotiations earlier this month after a series of bombings that killed seven police officers in mars' government has signed a cease fire agreement with two of the country's armed groups the new state party
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in the law who democratic union both signed the agreement although neither have engaged in active fighting in years at least ten other armed groups are year to agree to negotiations de facto leader and son suchi made the peace process a top priority when she took office that's despite an army crackdown on ridding the muslims in the northern rakhine state cyclon gaiters heading towards fiji after bringing destruction to tonga in the south pacific the category four storm caused widespread flooding cut electricity and damaged buildings town as government has declared a state of emergency it's been ten years since a stray apologize for forcibly removing indigenous children from their families and putting them into state institutions the then prime minister kevin rudd stood up in parliament and said sorry to what's been known as the stolen generation a decade on he reflected on that event with al-jazeera as andrew thomas of the better part of a century it has been a central campaign promise in february two thousand and eight three months after
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being elected australia's new prime minister apologised to decades of institutional racism and abuse as prime minister of australia i'm sorry on behalf of the government of australia i am sorry. on behalf of the parliament of australia i'm sorry how did you feel giving that speech ten years ago. i felt as if i had a responsibility and the responsibility was to begin to set riots the wrongs who had administered to indigenous australians for the previous two hundred years or more watched by australians across the country rudd was specifically saying sorry to the stolen generations tens of thousands of people who as children had been forcibly removed from their families to bring them up often institutions as part of white australia instead. you talked in that speech about a new chaps
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a new beginning a new start has it been yes and the reason it has been is that you can't begin a new relationship with somebody which has been breached and ruptured and this you've apologized that's the first step but the second step is a more practical one what do you then do to make restitution for the things that have been done wrong and that's what a national program of closing the gap between the lives of indigenous and non-indigenous australians over the last ten years has been about the initiative also launched in two thousand and eight was to close the gaps in education employment health and life expectancy between indigenous australians and everybody else but targets being missed and still all being focused on monday i'll start with foreign minister just three of seventh's hollings are on track as the strike this year what would be kevin rudd of two thousand and eight make of progress or lack of progress on those closing the gap targets i would answer that impossible question
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by saying that i am pleased that we've made real progress. and equally brutally realistic about where further progress must be made so when i see changes in the number of indigenous babies who survive rather than die when i see real changes in the number of indigenous four year olds who can now go to preschool and real changes in terms of the number of indigenous kids finishing high school i say we're beginning to turn the corner but it is like turning the queen mary around it takes time and just three of the seven targets that were laid out being met is that disappointing to you. i would like of course to be on track for all seven but the bottom line is in all seven. the trend is up and not down in three we are on target to achieve the
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objectives we set and they are ambitious objectives i'll be more worried if the performance was further down you can choose one of either of two courses in history one is to reconcile of the second is to simply sweep it all under a very uncomfortable and untidy carpet which is what many countries have done mr rudd insists indigenous australians all bets are off today because of his apology a decade ago andrew thomas al-jazeera canberra and barack obama wanted less of what he called the silver fox looked at the grey hairs are still there in these official portrait as a former u.s. president the pictures of a bomber and former first lady michelle have been unveiled at the smithsonian's national portrait gallery in washington d.c. it is a rise of passage for most former u.s. presidents to have their portraits hanging in the iconic museum they were painted bike in the wiley and amy shell the first african american artists the gallery has
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ever commissioned for official portraits of a former u.s. leader i tried to negotiate was great here. it is artistic integrity would not allow him to do what i asked i tried to negotiate smaller ears. struck out on matters well. i am a little overwhelmed to say the least i have so many thoughts and feelings rolling around inside me now i am humbled. i am honored and proud of. the top stories on al-jazeera the usa has stage is warning that the end of combat operations against iceland doesn't mean the fight against the group is
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a. listen has been addressing a meeting of the global coalition to defeat isel in kuwait he says the u.s. will provide an extra two hundred million dollars in aid to stabilize areas in syria that used to be on the ice and control the confidant of the former south korean president park geun hye has been sentenced to twenty years in jail for corruption twice and still was found guilty of using her friendship with poc to meddle in state affairs for personal gain it's actually going to him has more from seoul prosecutors described her as a woman who shook south korean society foundation and disrupted the political process to the extent that this will impact generations to come now joy has said all along that this was political revenge that she's innocent and that she believes due to the bias against her she was not going to be able to get a fair trial even with a twenty year sentence and five years the prosecution had hoped her attorneys had
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said for someone who is sixty one years old it is tantamount to a. one kiran caught up in the scandal is the last group the chairmanship when was sentenced to jail at the same time as twenty. the trial of a palestinian teenager charged with assaulting an israeli soldier has been adjourned until march ahead to mimi was arrested in december after a video of her slapping israeli soldiers when file. so that they can media reporting president jacob zuma has been ordered to resign within forty eight hours or face being stripped of his office the decision was taken at a meeting of the highest decision making body of the ruling and see party late on monday evening the a.n.c. is due to hold a news briefing in less than an hour's time. egypt's former anticorruption chief has been detained his daughter says thirty policemen stormed his home in cairo before leading him away and then as recently spoken out over the rest of semyonovna
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former military chief of staff a presidential candidate and in a war that top secret files would be too released if annan was harmed in any way those are the headlines inside story is. the number of child soldiers is expanding in many war zones according to the u.n. tens of thousands of children are involved in conflicts in over twenty countries around the world so what should be done to stop this practice this is inside story .


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