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well the rich. the world's poor must to some. from the streets to the roots of my own people and investigates the injustices globalized economy. and how different countries response to the very bottom of society. at this time on al-jazeera. i don't know what. is the. the a.n.c. asks jacob zuma to step down a south africa's president but he's staying on for now.
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this is al jazeera live from london also coming up iraq's prime minister says the war against eyesore may be over but the battle for reconstruction must begin. twenty years in jail for the friend of south korea's former president at the center of a massive corruption scandal. and the palestinian teenager facing a lengthy jail term if she's convicted in an israeli military court. and our south africa's ruling a.n.c. party has formally asked president jacob zuma to step down the party secretary general says he expects zuma to respond tomorrow if sumit refuses to go he could face a vote of no confidence in parliament as extra general says cyril ramaphosa must now become president after taking over as leader of the party in december. we have
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room for the constructive engagement of the dems it looks to me and we have set up the unit process for. this in oded every one of the oafish of the presidents have agreed in principle to resign. and have proposed time for the insects they knew for three to six months. and a lot of appreciation to president almost proposed. the national executive committee mode of thought both of you guys believe that will. peter out on since in the. fed up of this and since and then as i did with his vote in the new poll. and confidence among some of you know this is the fifty four that's no confidence of the year. and therefore the national executive board meeting then they believe that this situation requires us to act with agency involved not just the our condoms was the time lives of unity of your own. and behold.
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the us extra state has warned that the end of combat operations against a so doesn't mean the fight against the armed group is over rex tillerson made the comments while speaking at the global coalition to defeat eisel in kuwait has called for members to step up commitments to stabilize parts of iraq and syria that used to be under control to us and also says the us has pledged two hundred million dollars for syria the united states and the coalition forces that are working with us to defeat isis to day control thirty percent of the syrian territory and control a large enough amount of the population and control a large amount for syria's oil fields so i think in terms of this observation that
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the u.s. has little leverage or role the play is simply false. iraq's prime minister hyderabadi told a conference that rebuilding cities is the government's next tain. military operations are over and we have total victory over ourselves terrorism we must remember all the states we have been supporting us in this battle. the war is over but now we have a new battle a battle of reconstruction and rebuilding russia says it has no information about any russian mercenaries being killed in syria it comes in response to reports that more than two hundred pro syrian government fighters were killed and there is or last week during fighting with u.s. coalition forces moscow says it's only aware of its citizens being deployed there as part of the russian armed forces are a challenge has more from moscow. what happened in dera zoar on february seventh has the potential to turn into a rare political scandal in russia it's alleged that perhaps in excess of two
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hundred russian mercenaries died in a botched assault on a syria democratic forces h.q. in the area the us led coalition says that it responded with artillery and air strikes to be attacked by what it calls pro syrian regime forces information that's a merged on russian language social media suggests that this led to a complete routes a massacre with plane loads of wounded survivors being brought back to russia now as with much to do with the syrian war the actual facts are berkin hard to come by but conflicts intelligence team which does detective work based on open source information has already noted condolence is being posted on the social media profiles of russian mercenaries with the the dates and locations matching this particular battle. the kremlin though and the ministry of defense are
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staying very tight lipped the kremlin says that it has no information about all of this there's the report should be verified and perhaps there should be put to the ministry of defense themselves now despite being technically illegal in russia private military companies have done much of the fighting on the russian side in both ukraine and syria it's a way of outsourcing military dirty work keeping costs and casualties off the books essentially but this catastrophe could blow the lid on all that and russian m.p.'s are starting to clamor for information it's not often the kremlin faces such a domestic challenge to its long maintain the stance of plausible deniability. sunday's plane crash in russia may have been caused by a frozen speed gauges minutes after taking off the passenger jet crashed in
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a field near moscow on sunday killing all seventy one people on board investigators say the crew may have failed to follow correct d.-i synchro sieges. back now to our top story the a.n.c. asking jacob zuma the president to stand down from in a minute or just now from johannesburg so how much longer is expected to stay on for all that's the big question for south africans nobody knows the a.n.c. has said that they're giving jacob zuma time and space to respond to their their demand that he step down they have recalled the president but he in fact needs to resign to bring that recall into effect otherwise it really is just paper until something happens from the president's side because the a.n.c. is it did not given jacob zuma a deadline it's uncertain what happens next now that really was an opportunity for the a.n.c. to be decisive come out with a strong message or
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a great regain the trust of south africans because these talks the negotiations around jacob zuma is excerpts of meetings between himself and the president. talks within the african national congress have been going on for some time with very little clarity but a lot of confusion and what's been the reaction to the a.n.c. is handling of all of us. south africans many of them are disappointed with the a.n.c. there's been just so much confusion around what exactly is happening with jacob zuma and of course these calls we have to step down and those of just grown in intensity in the last few weeks especially after so ramapo so was named elected president of the a.n.c. in december now that jacob zuma is no longer president of the ruling party it was understood it was thought that it would be easier for the ruling party to recall him given that's what they did to president up when becky in two thousand and eight
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and there has been this issue around two centers of power as now this really leaves of africans in a difficult position really and for straighted ultimately because so that ricans are sitting on the sidelines watching the a n c do what it needs to but internally and without very much transparency and certainly very little understanding from the south africans given that there are a number of issues a number of options about how to get jacob zuma out of office but it appears the in scene may not be acting decisively from the militant you very much indeed that's going on now to some is a done who's at the conference in kuwait where we heard from the u.s. sector state earlier and the iraqi prime minister sami listens been meeting lot of middle east leaders in a short space of time what's been achieved. so. well you go to see it in the context of the u.s. secretary of state here really for two events which are kind of linked one is the
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iraq reconstruction conference the other one is the global coalition to defeat i saw now how they are linked is this isn't an international community that came together to achieve a military goal how do you defeat isaw now that they're out of that phase for the most part there are three key objectives that need to be addressed how do you get together reconstruction out in some of the territory that's been recaptured for myself how do you make sure that there is a political inclusive process how do you provide security now we've heard secretary of state of the united states of america tell us and speak on some of those issues we've heard the crazy foreign minister speak on some of those issues if the iraqi prime minister speak on these issues to listen has been saying things like the war is not over in the sense that this coalition must keep in mind that if the areas are not rehabilitated that have been taken meisel they might slip back into the hands of isis well that is a good point how do you rehabilitate them though iraq's prime minister is said he
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needs one hundred billion dollars is not a lot of people lining up to show that sort of cash certainly if you look at the signals coming out of the white house the trump administration and the u.s. president saying he felt that he spent seven trillion dollars which was a mistake in his words stupidly spent on the middle east while his secretary of state here is saying he wants the private sector to spend more money on the middle east when it comes to providing security secretary tellus and said we must provide security for the communities which are no longer on the ice will rule to ensure they don't fall back under the control of ice or some kind of group that spins off of that yes but who provides that security and the americans have been working in terms of syria with kurdish groups the turks don't think that those. sorts of groups are the ones that should be filling the vacuum they're busy finding some of the u.s. bank kurdish groups in the north of syria they say those groups are allied to the
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p.k. k. which is a turkish kurdish group who they call terrorists they've put bombs in shopping malls in turkey so a difference of opinion over who provides security the same thing with political inclusiveness everybody agrees there should be political inclusiveness let's look across the border in iraq and see that there's supposed to be elections in may and over two and a half million people remain this place many of them some of these how do you have political inclusiveness when the big chunk of your population won't be able to be in participate in those elections lauren senator dan thank you very much indeed. an advisor to the former president of south korea has been sentenced to twenty years in prison trace in syria at the center of a corruption case that led to the impeachment of part going hey there have been a report from seoul. choice soon she'll might be the most disliked public figure in south korea at the moment many say she deserves the twenty year prison sentence
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and the more than sixteen million dollars fine she's been ordered to pay just. to be honest she was convicted of more charges than i expected and the sentence is also a heavier than i predicted this made me think that the court was taking this very seriously prosecutors say to a's coersion bribery and abuse of power led to the impeachment and removal of her friend and former president park geun hey she was convicted of pressuring companies including samsung to donate millions of dollars to foundations she controls twenty says this is political revenge she's being framed and treated unfairly given the sustained outrage this case is generating some wonder if the bias against her stopped her from getting a fair trial. trade is now the face of corruption between the political and business establishment the case has transfixed south koreans on tuesday prior to
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her verdict trey's name was trending on the country's biggest online search engine everybody's been watching this it's got a kind of soap opera o.j. simpson kind of quality to it this whole trial right people really obsessed about it. after the verdict was announced there was fighting and screaming among hawks supporters outside the court room they've been monitoring the trial a verdict in packs case is expected soon. i'm here because choice court ruling really influence parks case significantly. this is the biggest political scandal in south korean history the first time a president was impeached and removed from office analysts say there is too much power concentrated in the presidency and history will repeat itself if the political system isn't reformed. then when the impeachment happened because of trey because of the impeachment posing pietschmann politics have become unstable and we
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haven't seen normal political procedures i think trey should be responsible at meter on doing and apologize to the people that's more important a nominee he is she will spin in prison trey remains defiant and has not apologized but many believe the court's lengthy sentence sends a warning to others and a message to the people that their outrage has been heard natasha going to al-jazeera so. still to come when i was there another high profile government critic is arrested in egypt as the president is accused of suppressing freedom ahead of the forthcoming elections plus. i'm gay rosano it passion week in new york city where some of the biggest brands in the world have decided to take their show elsewhere coming up i'll tell you why.
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we've got some increasing cloud to spilling into central and southern parts of china over the next couple days the for the most part it looks like dry twenty celsius in hong kong is that play out there across southern parts and it does become more expensive as we go on through thursday with the suddenly raise hong kong still getting up to twenty two celsius pushed further north shanghai into double figures it's just coming into central parts of china as we go through thursday from out a cloud to stretch across india at present that's generally in the process of making its way from west to east for the north we have seen some wintry weather dusting of snow welcome snow fall into northern areas of india and i just know it's going to give a good covering people dancing in the streets for joy there was that has calmed down that will help to just choose things of course as northern policy otherwise is generally dries you can see twenty two celsius in new delhi but of
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a brace here so that's not too bad in terms of visit home wednesday afternoon twenty eight degrees celsius sunny hodding with respect think a cloud there into central parts of the gulf miking its way south. from satellite technology to three d. printing our grief i called waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving. challenging systems and shaping. creative thinkers. future innovate africa.
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for money now the top story. the ruling african national congress has officially asked president jacob zuma to step down no deadline has been set to be seventy five year old is due to respond on wednesday. iraq's prime minister hyderabadi says it's time to start rebuilding cities destroyed by ice or made the comments speaking in kuwait at the global coalition to defeat. and visor to the former president of south korea has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for corruption and influence peddling. egypt's former anti corruption chief. has been detained his daughter says thirty policemen stormed his cairo home for leading him away in or has recently spoken out over the rest of sami
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a nun the former military chief of staff and i was detained last month after revealing that he'd run in the upcoming presidential election in a war that top secret files would be released if it was harmed in any way egypt's incumbent president a defense o.c.c. will be running for a second term. was this says it said he was speaking out about the documents because he believed some indians life is in danger. i hope an opportunity would be given to the chief of staff summing anon to give a testimony freely and without intimidation for the record so that all things come clear before the public use in possession of documents and evidence which is not kept here in egypt. where several rights groups have criticized egypt's upcoming presidential election saying it's impossible for a free and fair vote to take place on tuesday human rights watch said fatah cc's government has suppressed freedom arrested potential candidates and rounded up
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their supporters when a dozen other international and regional rights groups have called on cairo's western allies to denounce next month's election fourteen international regional groups have signed a joint statement accusing president sisi of stifling basic freedoms by arresting potential candidates and their supporters include ramadan ross said that the nephew of former leader anwar sadat withdrew in late january he said it was to protect his campaign workers from intimidation or arrest former prime minister ahmed shafik tweeted his withdrawal from the race earlier last month after he was deported from the us where he was living in exile his lawyers say he was arrested a soon as he landed in cairo another presidential hopeful was the human rights lawyer how did alley who quit two weeks ago citing unfair conditions within the contest and then as army colonel consort he was sentenced by a military court last month to six years in prison in december after announcing his plans to run one hundred mastery of doha's for graduate studies says he's sure the
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president of sisi is behind this recent arrest. there's no question about the human rights record there's no question that egypt has regressed on a number of fronts obviously the upcoming elections aren't free and fair they're not transparent it's a it's a sham election as we would expect would come out of an authoritarian political environment so i think it's sisi i think there's no question that what he's been trying to do for the better part of for four and a half years now is consolidate power purge the military of anyone who he who he deems as disloyal and i think he was really taken aback by the fact that ahmad shafi if and sami and then decided not to support him and in fact to even run for president so but he still has some work to do i mean there are still some purging to be done because there are still clearly loyalists to and then shift and perhaps other military figureheads inside the apparatus. turkey has warned cyprus and greece not to explore for gas near its coastline cyprus says turkish was blocking
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an oil rig from original location in the eastern mediterranean when italian oil company wants to drill turkey's been in a long running dispute with cyprus over maritime boundaries claiming certain areas fall into turkish jurisdiction from last year millennium is awkward to them is our warships our air forces and of a security unit are closely following the whole developments in the region with the instruction to make all kinds of interventions when necessary we have vice foreign companies who carry out activities off the coast of cyprus not to overstep their abilities and their limits. the trial of a palestinian teenager charged with assaulting an israeli soldier has been adjourned until march after a judge ordered the case be heard behind closed doors i had to meet me he was arrested in december after a video of her slapping and hitting israeli soldiers went viral a seventeen year old faces twelve charges including assault and incitement she
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could spend up to ten years in prison if found guilty of any force it has more now from outside of her ministry court near ramallah and you are quite west bank. so the trial proper of a had to meet is now underway with this two are proceeding on tuesday the prosecution once again set out its case against the seventeen year old she's charged with assault and incitement among twelve charges the defense set out its case that this entire process is illegitimate the result of an illegal occupation the main difference between what we saw today and the pretrial hearings is that the judge decided that the media outside observers would be allowed to witness proceedings inside the court i think this is one of the court is because the court decided what is good for the court and not what is good for i'd they understand that people outside of the military court are interested in i'd say they understand that her rights are being infringed and her trial is something that shouldn't be happening so the way to keep it out of everybody's eyes is to close
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the doors and not allow people inside the court for her hearing what's also clear from today's proceedings is that this will be a lengthy process i mean he was detained in mid december it's now mid february the next hearing in this case is scheduled for march she is one of according to estimates about one hundred eighty hours to noon miners who are being detained during the course of the legal proceedings against them or there are estimates that more than three hundred palestinian minors are being detained in military prisons in total and so this is obviously a very high profile case but it's one of many. the founder of wiki leaks julian assange a song has lost another court appeal to have his u.k. arrest warrant dropped a song led to the ecuadorian embassy in london six years ago to avoid being extradited to sweden where he faced rape and sexual assault charges those charges have now been dropped and his defense team said the arrest warrant for skipping
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bail should be dropped too in court the judge said a source should have the courage to face the consequences of breaking the law he's back as will be sent. in the court in central london. in the short run it means that life for julian assange remains very much the same the warrants outstanding for his arrest for skipping battle in two thousand and twelve has been upheld the second time it's been upheld in the space of a week his defense team made an initial pill to have it lifted last week they said it no longer should stand that it no longer applied after swedish investigators decided to scrap their attempt to one of the two men of science extradited to sweden to face questioning for sexual misconduct and rape allegations but despite that ruling his defense team then launched a second appeal which is only now been ruled upon they had hoped that the judge would lift the warrants this time around on the basis that serve if there was no
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public interest to maintain it anymore due to the stanchest spent more than five and a half years in the ecuadorian embassy they argue that that was in itself a form of punishment for julian a songe but the charge here at westminster magistrate's court as rejected that the prosecution has always said the julian assange shouldn't be simply rewarded for outlasting the swedish investigation but all of this aside there were still deep concerns from asuncion his defense team about the existence of a possible secret indictment that could see him extradited to the u.s. and face serious challenges of espionage even if he is allowed to leave the ecuadorian embassy where according to his lawyers his health both mental and physical is suffering. man must government has signed a cease fire agreement with two of the country's armed groups the new state party and the who democratic union at least ten armed groups
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a yet to agree to negotiations in fact. made the peace process a top priority when she took office but recent months have seen a violent crackdown on revenge of muslims in the country's rakhine state. prosecutors in guatemala say the chairman of the aid agency oxfam international has been arrested on about a one to is is being investigated over corruption during his time as great tomorrow as finance minister comes as the charity faces a growing scandal over sexual assault when new allegations coming from south sudan are also claims of sexual misconduct by aid workers in haiti the charity is at risk of losing its british government funding because of a scandal. like i'm getting is heading towards fiji after sweeping across tonga in the south pacific a category four storm caused widespread flooding cut electricity and damaged buildings toggles government has declared a state of emergency the old fashion week is in full swing but there's less glitz
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on the runways this year because several top designers have chosen to skip it the reason the changing industry and a focus on other shows in europe it really is on the reports from new york. everybody's running a frantic buzz of activity before the big show oh. me is too crowded in there to carry this collection is all about ultra chic and comfortable travel garments from the colombian born designer edwin d'angelo new york fashion week it's a very important platform for myself and for emerging designers like myself because the offers an opportunity of excitement where everybody wants to come to a show of wants to be part of of of this week well emerging designers like d'angelo still flock to do york's fashion week some of the biggest design houses like a pool and so school or. and tom brown are skipping it this year the fashion
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industry is in turmoil the way people buy their clothes is changing fast and fashion week in new york has become less important to the high end brands as a focus on european buyers and big shows in europe beyond london and primarily paris paris is the crime to fashion week that's where chanel and christian dior and these brands that that we know as real luxury brands show it's incredibly competitive and it's also a matter of money runway shows can cost anywhere from one hundred thousand dollars in upwards to a million dollars and even some of the biggest names in fashion don't want to spend that much money brands are starting to look for different ways that they can introduce their apparel their products to consumers without the costly and sometimes really ineffective ways it used to be. fashion label rag and bone gave up on a new york fashion week runway show and instead got creative they introduced their
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new collection in this video to reach more customers and drum up excitement it certainly doesn't fashion week is dead far from it there wasn't an empty seat at the. it just means with some of the biggest names not here. some of the little guys get more the spotlight gabriel sagal now this is your. much more for you anytime on our website just what is there dot com and you can watch us live by clicking on the live icon. quick look at the top stories the ruling african national congress has officially asked president jacob zuma to step down the party's top level executives have given the embattled leader notice to leave office after nine years although no deadline has been set so human faces hundreds of corruption charges but has refused to stand
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down before his term ends next year is expected to respond to the quick request on wednesday iraq's prime minister says his government is aiming to rebuild cities destroyed by our so hard about he made the comments at the global coalition to defeat us all in kuwait where he's been trying to attract international investors to help with the estimated ninety billion dollars repair costs. military operations are over and we have total victory over ourselves terrorism we must remember all the states we have been supporting us in this battle. the war is over but now we have a new battle a battle of reconstruction and rebuilding. shreya soon show you an advisor to the former president of south korea has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for influence peddling she's at the center of a corruption case that led to the impeachment of pop going hey. sure which way was accused of using her presidential connections to pressure companies to donate millions of dollars to foundations she controlled. russia says it has no
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information about any russian mercenaries being killed in syria it comes in response to reports that more than two hundred pro syrian government fighters were killed in last week during fighting with u.s. coalition forces moscow says it's only aware of its citizens being deployed there as part of the russian armed forces. egypt's former anticorruption chief gainer has been detained is daughter says thirty policemen stormed his home in cairo before leading him away in it has recently spoken out over the arrest of sami anon a former military chief of staff a british judge has told of wiki leaks founder julian assange but he should have the courage to appear in court as she dismissed his appeal to have his u.k. arrest warrant dropped a soldier fled to the ecuadorian embassy in london six years ago to avoid being extradited to sweden where he faced rape and sexual assault charges. for the top
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