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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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a lifetime of emulation and stroke by stroke copying the mazda selling reproductions can pay the bills but frustrate the artist. a pilgrimage to discover his heritage inspires an awakening that it's more rewarding to create than to imitate. dreaming of vincent a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. the latest twist in the corruption investigation of south africa's president and police to the home of one of the country's most influential families. and welcome to al-jazeera live from our headquarters in doha with me elizabeth
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piron i'm also ahead rebuilding iraq it's the last day of a conference in kuwait to rebuild the country devastated by war. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says nothing will calm of a police recommendation that he be indicted on corruption charges. what we have seen so far is cruel and barbaric to top it off they have the gall to blame the media the united nations steps up the pressure on government over the crisis. we begin in south africa where police have raided the home of a prominent business family with toys to president jacob zuma and one person has been arrested the roads around the home of the family in johannesburg have been sealed the area has been designated a crime scene president zuma is under investigation of alleged corruption linked to
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the family well he's accused of being influenced by the group those to make government decisions and cabinet appointments and some of his family members along with the gupta's being investigated on charges of international money laundering and that's just one of many corruption accusations against the south african president he's been linked to bribery of a mind to ninety nine. he was also accused of spending twenty three million dollars of money to renovate his private home money he has since paid back well let's get more on all of this now we're joined by correspondent fahmy the minute she's live for us in johannesburg firstly family the what can you tell us about the police raiding of the home and one arrest we're hearing now. elizabeth we understand that this raid began in the early hours of the morning and it's come as quite a shock for south africans because essentially it's something they've been waiting for for several years now given that these allegations have been swirling around
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the group does for some time now this investigation we understand is linked to a dairy farm project in the in the in the freestate province here in south africa we reports indicated in investigations haven't uncovered a scam essentially this farm that was supposed to assist poor farmers supposed to empower quote farmers money was used through the local government was siphoned through this farm to pay for a family wedding of the good of this money was laundered wired to buy this issue around the script a wedding goes back to twenty thirteen when the gupta as it were given permission to land a private aircraft at a military air base here in south africa they were always murmurs around the group does what their relationship was to is and was to president zuma and his family the influence they might have and the influence they might have on government decisions
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even if he the posting of ministers to cabinet positions in the country so this raid and these arrests we understand has been at least one is really important and the timing is is is significant given that jacob zuma has been recalled by the african national congress we are course waiting for resignation from him but this really is quite monumental given that the president has been protected by the african national congress for the longest time and in that way the group has evolved also stayed away from any sort of a rest or mass of investigations and we are expected to hear from president zuma soon family there. well elizabeth we are waiting to hear from president jacob zuma at some point during the day the african national congress had said he would respond to their decision that he would be recalled there's been a lot of speculation around whether or not president jacob zuma will actually resign this recall by the end see only then you know becomes effective once that
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happens as a process needs to be followed the a.n.c. is also having a parliamentary caucus meeting and. speculation is that it could possibly be around the next step if jacob zuma decides not to resign and that would of course involve parliament a possible motion of no confidence in the president the other option for the a.n.c. and for the country would be impeachment the n c up till now has said it has no plans to do that they appear confident that jacob zuma will resign but there's just so many unknowns and we are really waiting for word from the president all right father thank you very much for that for now that's funny the men are joining us live from johannesburg and we will of course be going back to her for any developments on the story thank you. let's move on to other news for now and organizers of a summit in kuwait aimed at reconstructing iraq are expected to announce just how
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much money has been raised a senior iraqi official says up to one hundred billion dollars is needed after the defeat of eisel the u.s. has already agreed to a three billion dollars credit line to baghdad now separate his state rex tillerson is calling on other coalition members to help out iraq to clear victory of ice in the december after a three year war some is a there are reports from kuwait city. displacement is a cold world a life where the only warmth is the smile of your last surviving child and i have the smiles wife and two of the children were killed in a u.s. led coalition air strike in two thousand and four his house in ramadi turned to rubble now have been near camp is the inhospitable host of these unwilling guests these are the people the u.s. secretary of state told a conference of the n.t. eisel coalition not to forget.
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countries manage to work. together to achieve a military goal defeating eisel on the battlefield but now that that phase is over comes perhaps an even more challenging one how do you keep an international coalition together in achieving the next three key objectives reconstruction on land recaptured from i saw political inclusiveness and security but who will stop isis return and provide security america's top diplomat says ground forces a crucial but his own troops have already started to draw from and in syria washington has mainly relied on kurdish forces to fight i saw forces turkey is fighting ankara views the missing plane another terrorist group that can't be allowed to fill the vacuum. young the ship must we have seen some very serious
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mistakes and wrongdoing from our ally the united states our relations are at a very critical juncture we will either mend our relations or they will break apart completely assignment wasteland of destruction is nonetheless the subject of a noisy argument over who protects it both tillerson and iraq's prime minister are urging attendees at a reconstruction conference to help iraq rebuild what. the war is over the battle for reconstruction has just begun and our invitation to invest in iraq is a real invitation but who will come up with the one hundred billion dollars are bad he says is needed to listen maybe urging the private sector to commit its cash but his president was busy describing money spent in the middle east is a waste of a couple of months ago seven trillion dollars in the middle east and the middle east is far worse now than it was seventeen years ago when they went in the children of have been in a camp know what far worse looks like all they want is to go home and a real shot at a peaceful future sami's
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a down al-jazeera kuwait. and these are live pictures from kuwait city where we're expecting to hear from both the kuwaiti amazed and the iraqi prime minister but let's get more on this we're joined by. now very good to have you with us on al-jazeera as always messed about it. why of the massive discrepancy so far between the some one hundred billion dollars needed and that iraqi officials are asking for and just a few billion that have been pledged do you think it's not uncommon to have a gap between what is requested what's plagued but i think what we see here is that it's a huge. and the number of reasons that have combined over the last few months i think which lead to a degree of suspicion as to how. feasible is a treaty to invest in the reconstruction of iraq at this particular moment now everyone agrees on the need to do it but there are many many concerns some of those
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concerns have got to do with the nature of the iraq state the state fragility is a problem and of course there are kids have tried to reassure everyone that they are gaining control over their territories you know they pushed against the kurds in the north and other measures but the bigger issue is concerns are around issues of corruption and securities and corruption the iraqi document does talk about a number of measures that they've promised to undertake that they have started undertaking and so on but it hasn't really gone far enough to encourage the international community to come forward particularly this time when they're talking about the private sector taking that he the private sector requires a much much clearer idea about how you're going to counter corruption we have had six. series of very important aspect that they still have to demonstrate that their government is inclusive enough their strategies are it was enough to bring the sunnis into the fall to really address the root causes of what has driven and have allowed isis to thrive for such a long time but as the u.s.
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secretary of state rex tillerson himself has pointed out. iraq as a rebuilt it's now the same forces that took control over the last ten years and you know led to al qaeda and iraq becoming the islamic state and the devastation was seen now unless we rebuild the country of these forces can come back can they not. of course he's right but they're the united states politics in particular does not seem to go in that direction or supporting his rhetorical around undermining isis and radicalization there that he's absolutely not an ample one is you know the same day they announced winning a war against. trump announced their goodness and of jerusalem as a as a capital of israel now that's going to create a huge wave of for the collaboration across the middle east whether he likes it or not and even in the conference they're focused very much is on syria not on iraq their commitment of quarter of a billion is to stabilize syria and by this really they mean the triangle across
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the euphrates east and north and that doesn't mean stabilization in their mind is about the military leading development in those areas can you stabilize syria without stabilizing iraq especially given the sort of the flow we've seen off forces between the two countries i don't think you can but the betting on iraq strengthening its border control of strengthening your state presence in the north and hopefully driving a division between iraq and syria again things that require a lot of money which has not been pledged so far but we will wait and see just what comes out of this conference but i'll thank you very much. thank you general think . but still ahead on the. hundreds. of responded to the incidents reported at australia's offshore refugee.
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how has been the turn of the western med in the central med in the adriatic to turn stormy the last one that's been lost twenty four hours nascar across the adriatic sea he's cloudless rain with it into possible snow beyond that the next one is already forming in northern spain so overnight that will develop into a proper little system has sleet snow across the lowlands even in france including paris and then rain across the mediterranean through it today and that's where it sits jiri and wednesday that system ahead i was mentioning just now is by this time across what hungary in place left snow to remain here and ukraine where to start i think quite insistent plea on the next system comes in so come thursday there will be snow sweeping across germany and france and the output following that there's no chances to pass it's twelve degrees
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a mild spell at the same time this house developed further south in the last one and it's like pretty unpleasant weather for greece so we're going to have wind rain and ready chilly weather clipping algeria tunisia and then developing rather more properly throwing winds through the gulf to see it catching the eastern side of libya and eventually probably cyprus as well but the stormy weather is certainly now mediterranean based.
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good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories south african police have raided the home of a prominent business family with ties to president jacob zuma and one person has been arrested the roads around the home of the gupta family in johannesburg have been sealed all in the area designated a crime scene of president zuma is under investigation of alleged corruption links to the family. organizers of the psalmist aimed at reconstructing iraq are expected to announce the amount of money they've raised. iraq secretary general says up to
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one hundred billion dollars is needed following the defeat of i so declared victory over the armed group of december off a three year war. egypt's former anticorruption chief has been detained comes off that he'd spoken out of the arrest of sami i'm not a former military chief of staff who'd been planning to run and marches presidential election child stratford reports. this is egypt's former anti corruption chief. speaking hours before he was arrested. i had hoped in a pretty to be given to the chief of staff sami and then to give a testimony freely and without intimidation for the record so that all things come clear before the public can even have been increasingly critical of the c.c. government since adoption police arrested the former military chief of staff sami and last month and then was arrested after announcing he would run against president up to fattal sisi in the upcoming presidential election guinean
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a warned that top secret files would be released if a man was harmed in any way is his testimony or her say or supported with evidence he's in possession of documents and evidence which is not kept here in egypt you mean out of egypt yes could these pieces of evidence change the course of trials of course no doubt could they incriminate many yes given his daughter says hours later thirty police officers stormed his home in cairo before leading him away. analysts say the egyptian president is targeting anyone who could risk his chances of a second term in the march plus that he they say with a secret documents exist or not president sisi isn't taking any chances i don't know what it is that would be so scandalous that it would be threatening to them but it could also be that he's trying to disrupt regime from other perspectives of
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making other people or trying to. pressure on their governments and if you know if it. were but it was down well rested and. so yeah i mean there's no real it's formality international and regional rights groups say there is no chance the march election will be free and fair human rights watch and the international commission of jurists see cc's government has suppressed freedoms arrested potential candidates and their supporters several other presidential hopefuls have either dropped out all being pushed out of the race in recent weeks these include muhammad anwar sadat's the nephew of former leader anwar sadat he withdrew in january saying it was to protect his campaign workers from intimidation or arrest and the former prime minister ahmed shafik tweeted his withdrawal from the race earlier last month that was after he was deported from the united arab
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emirates where he had been living in exile schiff weeks lawyers say he was arrested as soon as he landed in cairo. egypt's military said in a statement beginning his comments raised suspicion about the state and its institutions and that the matter would be referred to the relevant authorities to start legal proceedings guinean a had been among a man's top election campaign aides now they are both in jail just weeks before an election which president sisi says he will win. but al-jazeera. israeli part of the israeli prime minister says he'll keep leading the country despite pleas recommending he be charged for corruption and bribery benjamin netanyahu is accused of accepting nearly three hundred thousand dollars and gifts from billionaire benefactors he's also suspected of backroom deals with a publisher of an israeli newspaper for favorable coverage the attorney general will now decide whether to pursue formal charges against him. the trial of
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a palestinian teenager charged with assaulting an israeli soldier has been adjourned until next month the judge has ordered the case be heard behind closed doors with seventeen year old to me was arrested in december after a video of her slapping and hurting israeli soldiers went viral she faces twelve charges and could be sentenced to up to ten years in jail a found guilty. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley has accused of. it's minority for hendra muslim population a death sentence while the u.s. is increasing pressure on me a lot to end violence against the revenger with senators pushing for more sanctions to be imposed on the army mike hanna reports from washington d.c. the plight of the rigging is highlighted in this exhibition on capitol hill around the table discussion on the crisis is joined by some of the senators who are adamant that the time has come for military leaders to be held accountable for the world documented abuse of iraq current state. this example right
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here on capitol hill well help bring to the american people. for us to help the rohingya muslims and to prevent in the future atrocities in our community we should speak out and and world the civilized world against the million more public sees that have led to this persecution of discrimination in this expulsion of these people from memory and the demand that the white house take a public position on what is happening in myanmar i want to see the president the united states take a fair stand about this ethnic cleansing about this genocide we have not had one word not one word from the oval office. not one word of leadership against this horrific horrific crime against humanity on tuesday donald trump's
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ambassador to the un did speak on the issue but pointed the finger of blame at others for not holding myanmar to account unfortunately the security council has so far failed in its responsibility to act in response to the clear threat to international peace and security that has resulted from rita. we are interacting that reporter take you live to kuwait city where we're hearing from the kuwaiti and made a comment on this is at a summit on the reconstruction of iraq let's listen and the series of international conferences held in kuwait we have received it. he didn't call the which matters is a commitment. to the. principles still all of us. and this is your excellences ladies and gentleman.
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while we congratulate the iraq is for the victories of one. as a result of the process such a feiss and. dissolve of the rockies we are pretty shady that the international rally and commitment by governments public and private sectors. it comes as a recognition by the worth of the sacrifices made by iraq combating terrorism. it is also an indication of the world's commitment to continue to fly it would. drain. its funding sources. as history has it. the word has always riley to stand
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up to the terrorist organizations that made the lives of their rights. impossible. causing millions as displaced are starved and homeless. ladies and gentleman. conference the day. and the hour it comes to be yielded in. also a continuation of the international community's engagement and unity in the face of terrorism as the world community is standing up to terror. in all its manifestations. we wouldn't fail to remember. and mention the lie of
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brothers in syria. and in yemen as a result of the war raging there and we are certain that we together with the international community will not relent to lend a helping hand to them we also appreciate. the magnitude of the destruction. that has been inflicted on iraq as a result of the terrorist organization taken control of certain parts and the subsequent fighting. until victory is won and the iraqi soil has been liberated this calls us. to unite and join forces to bring life back to the iraqis rebuild the country and reconstruct their basic in a still
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a sense this caused us to call the international community to take part and live up to its a responsibility. and as would realize the magnitude of the consequences which. we. should commend the role to be played by the private sector of. the private sector is capable of doing gates and be part of that he can a struck some process. by taking the investment opportunities development projects. and for a structure of other facilities. heeding the call today more than two
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thousand businessmen and private sector companies. as part of this conference. and on the first day of this conference. the logistic. which to that organization is and their representatives came together. with the rose if you. play a role in. the suffering of the iraqi people. like you which we commend and appreciate you ladies and gentlemen. i should also mention. that ends up the process of inviting this conference we have touched all
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cooperation from the iraqis and we also saw. the gauge meant by the world community including the world bank. and here i would like to commend the e.u. and the united nations for their concerted constructive efforts as keep players code i should also mention that that assistance we are offering to our iraqi brothers today is based on our firm conviction of the world community's unity. it is also a sheriff in that divide in massachusetts look. ladies and gentlemen while we emphasize that the outcomes of
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this conference will be an effective two and instrumental to and rebuilding iraq we should stress. that our turn for us has been a success this all goes well for the future of iraq. which will contribute to the stability and security of the entire region. this success no doubt. together with the success of the iraqis and very construction process and the upcoming election which will pave the way for. the political process inclusive of all the iraqi components. as a step towards restoring the unity stability and security of iraq and their
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allies in the aspiration of the iraqi people whereby people will restore the normal way of life to welfare and prosperity and as we continue to rally the international support in our fight against terrorism the second day of the conference so a ministerial meeting by the foreign ministers of the coalition members this may think about also. it was part of the series of that called the nation meeting. so we have been listening there to the kuwaiti. at a summit on reconstructing iraq they has. he spoke a lot about the international committee communities commitment to fighting terrorism and said the conference has been a success well let's get more on this now we're joined by. by the car director of
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the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the heart institute very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so a very positive kuwaiti made there saying that the conference was a success but so far we only know of a few billion dollars of the one hundred billion that iraqi officials are asking for has been pledged so where is the international community's commitment would you say right now i think the international community is commitment is really to fighting terror and you could see this by from the from the fact that they had the two meetings to happening simultaneously in kuwait at the same time so the u.s. was leading the international community is focus is on fighting terror and not necessarily or reconstructing iraq long term now they'd be happy to do short term investment as they have promised in parts of syria for stabilisation but i think having had the experience from two thousand and three on words would be very reluctant to put in serious money serious investment of reconstruction what they're
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all trying to do is to encourage the private sector to come in and more or less take the responsibility of major infrastructure investments now this is possible but for it to happen in the private sector requires a lot of guarantees the iraqi government has got to do much more to diversify their investment and iraqi government has spoken at this summit of of fighting corruption of dealing with corruption which is a massive problem where we've seen billions of dollars in aid simply disappear while the. i have to show more of that commitment in real terms and very few people have been tried over corruption in iraq over the last few years so much more has got to be done and we have to keep in mind that the iraq is not a poor country iraq has a huge oil resource. i'll have to end it there because that's all the time we have for now the will of course be speaking with you much more about this but thank you for now it will and that does it for now but i will be back with another full news
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bulletin and just thirty minutes inside story is coming up next thank you for watching the nature use as it breaks the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side detailed coverage the nigerian government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others. from around the world three decades on chileans are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. egypt's former army chief of staff sami is said to have secret documents that could be released if he's threatened with a controversial election just weeks away how will this case be played out and is there a rift within the army this is inside story.


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