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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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a unique portrait of a small gulf nation living under siege what made this different was they targeted. their pain to be forced to leave would just be awful and then again it has given us the desire to. create a. normal part of business. has become united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera. south africa's ruling party says little more than no confidence motion against president jacob zuma if he doesn't resign by thursday. and welcome to al-jazeera life or my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth purana
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also ahead rebuilding of iraq kuwait pledges two billion dollars to help the country become a from years of conflict. police recommend the israeli prime minister's a document on corruption charges but benjamin netanyahu says nothing will come of it plus. a mentor thomas in sydney well autistic responded to the incidents recorded at australia's offshore refugee person. trouble is mounting for south african president jacob zuma who's facing pressure to resign after a corruption probe the ruling african national congress says it will move a no confidence motion against zuma if he doesn't step down by thursday meanwhile police have raided the home of the prominent business family with close ties to the president and arrested three people they sailed off the roads around the globe. the
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family home and to harrisburg with the area designated a crime scene. is accused of being influenced by the first to make government decisions and cabinet appointments investigation is also looking at whether the group does and some of the family members were involved and international money laundering that's just one of many corruption accusations against the south african president has been linked to bribery over a line nine hundred ninety nine arms deal and is accused of spending twenty three million dollars of government money to renovate has private home let's get more on all of this now we're joined by corresponding farmer the miller is live for us in pretoria so the african national congress is giving jacob zuma until thursday to resign a farmer there what more are you hearing. from the ruling parties differently run out of patience that initially said that they didn't have a deadline and know that jacob zuma has not come forward with any indication about when he would resign the a.n.c. has said you have until the end of the day and if you don't resign we are
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instituting a motion of no confidence in parliament now it was actually the opposition party the economic freedom right economic freedom fighters that had pushed for this motion of no confidence in parliament now the a n c a can't bring for their own because there's an existing motion and so they're taking over that one and amending it to bring in their reasoning the a.n.c. is very much wanted to take ownership of the removal of jacob zuma and is very much in the past been reluctant to vote along with any other motion of no confidence that was brought by opposition parties the a.n.c. leadership has said that south africa needs closure and they need to move on and this is dragging out too long had been criticised for not taking any action against jacob zuma now that he's decided that he should be recalled that they decided to recall him developments are happening quite quickly once that motion of no confidence is held in parliament on. thursday they say they want to elect
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a new president in parliament and once that happens they're talking about the state of the nation which was address which was the address which was postponed earlier this month because of all these difficulties around jacob zuma and whether or not he would be in office they want the state of the nation address to take place on friday followed by the though the budget address which usually takes place towards the end of february the a.n.c. is really trying to move on from the difficulty jacob zuma to create an impression of business as usual but mostly this is a party that's now grown fed enough fed up with the president who seems to not be making any move towards resigning and first only been a busy day in south africa from of the. early hours of wednesday morning where have the police raid being the family home that family that has had so many question marks surrounding it and their toys to the president.
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they're known they're accused rather of being influential in terms of government policy the appointment of ministers and it all has to do with their relationship with jacob zuma now this raid has to do with an investigation into a dairy farm in the free state province that was supposed to empower farmers in that region but millions of dollars have allegedly been siphoned out of the government project into businesses owned by the gupta family and one of those businesses also has links to the son of jacob zuma is believed to be a shareholder so it really appears it's as if the net is closing around jacob zuma the relationship with the cook the family and also link to his own family jacob zuma is really is in a difficult position now the pressure is certainly mounting and we do expect to see more arrests around investigations on his allegations of corruption. thank you very much for that for now that's our correspondent on. the millage one is live from
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pretoria we're going to get more on this now we're joined by mia say with a visiting fellow at bro brookings doha center very good to have you with us thinking on al-jazeera so we'll be in saying that the pressure is mounting on president zuma and has been mounting for a very long time and we have been here before with no confidence motions but this time his own party the a and c. is supporting it yes this is very significant and the fact that the national executive committee recalled him yesterday is of enormous and balik significance because this shows a united move on the part of the a.n.c. and it really shows that the bell has told for him you know this is the end the question is just how exactly this will go forward and my prediction is if this is that will be a motion of no confidence coming up in the next two days and and will he face corruption charges this is a big question here i think that there are so many charges hanging over his head it
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is so serious and also civil society organizations have mobilized over a year is you know to get their act together in terms of litigation and i really think that in terms of you know south africa being a constitutional state it will be correct and it's expected that it will go ahead the only question i think is whether the new president will pardon him if he gets sentenced because that is always a possibility that there will be some sort of pardon over the last days we knows you might has pushed quite heavily for immunity for legal fees being covered he's made all kinds of demands but the he's not in a position to to meet in terms of immunity because we're a constitutional state it is simply illegal to extend immunity and i would be very surprised if the charges all dropped would then does this leave right now the the a.n.c. the african national congress and. the leader several run oppose or do you think.
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well i think that things can only get better for them because they over the last you know. there's been increasing division between the pros camp and he's in my camp right suma still has some supporters but i think that you know he has some supporters inquisition at all but on the highest level we've seen that the national executive committee has agreed on moving him out which is of tremendous significance so i think it does show that the party can still take strong action and show that they they're united we need really matches all this and will sit around the plaza because the clane slate that the party needs. well of course some of those made statements about keeping things up and i think the rating of the good morning in section will in johannesburg is very significant because it's almost you know a concrete action of cleaning up and that to me also indicates that they might be a prosecution the fact that the hawks had raided that particular home but of course
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they are you know this scene is in c. members who by no means can be said to not be corrupt so i think that if zuma you know gets charged again. they will definitely be an insistence that the high level in c. members gets charged as well for corruption so it will go beyond him because the rot has spread quite wide very interesting few days ahead and south africa we thank you very much may i say what for your insights into this thank you very much. this may want to other news now kuwait says it will lend a billion dollars to iraq and has committed another billion as an investment that happened at the conclusion of a summit in kuwait city to raise funds for iraq's reconstruction iraqi officials say up to one hundred billion dollars as needed after the defeat of eisel well earlier the us agreed to three billion dollars worth of credit for baghdad secretary of state rex tillerson called on other coalition members to help out iraq
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to clear victory of iceland december after a three year war three were shot were good to us we recognize the magnitude of the destruction that has been inflicted on iraq as a result of the terrorist organization taking control of certain areas and the subsequent fighting until victory was achieved and iraqi territory has been liberated this is caused us to unite and join forces to bring life back to iraqis rebuild the country and reconstruct the basic installations this is cause us to call on the international community to take part and live up to its responsibilities but let's get more on this now we're joined by whose life arise in kuwait city so what are the numbers looking like so fos at me. well let's crunch some numbers then. the latest ones which are coming in i can tell you about a billion dollars has been pledged by her in the form of. grants turkey pledged almost double the amount of money that the usa pledged five billion but
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again as a credit line this is not this is not a grant saudi arabia's lives one and a half billion dollars again as a loan the e.u. pledged four hundred million dollars in aid now when you start to add up all these numbers it looks like we're talking around something like sixteen billion dollars so far. but all of that money if you ask the question how much of that won't be having to iraq's debt burden looks like a rock. around two billion of that in the form of rounds that's still a far cry from the one hundred billion dollars that the iraqi prime minister has been saying it will cost to rebuild the country all the eighty eight billion dollars that the iraqi ministry of planning has been asking this conference for if you read between the lines of what the emir of kuwait said in his speech earlier today he put the focus on the private sector and the private sector entering into a partnership to rebuild iraq and that may be
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a signal that many governments are looking to what the private sector can do rather than wanting the spotlight to fall squarely on their shoulders to provide one hundred billion dollars let's also put into this the the background here that the united states of america the world's largest economy the world's preeminent superpower a country whose invasion of iraq in two thousand and three arguably led to the course of events in which iraq is trying to struggle out of this spiral of violence and it hasn't played a dollar so far in this conference in the form of a straightforward ground you've had to the country the president of the usa to rethink things about how money is being basically stupidly those are his words not mine spent towards the middle east he said the seven trillion dollars were a mistake that is difficult to see you know still about a few hours ago but difficult to see how or if the usa is is talking only three hundred billion in terms of a loan and we're going to see
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a lot of other countries rushing forward to fill the gap and make it up all the way to eighty eight billion dollars we have an online family and thank you very much for that for now that said sam is a fan joining us live from kuwait city thank you. and still ahead on the policy. what we have seen so far is cruel and barbaric to top it off they have the gall to blame the media the united nations steps up the pressure on myanmar's government are there a hendrix. isis and confronting racism and canada now the case of an indigenous man killed by a white farmer could change the country's criminal justice system. hello again we look at the weather across asia now in northeastern parts of asia we have
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got a weather system pushing in across parts of the korean peninsula and northern parts of japan so let's move on to the forecast not going to produce too much in the way of rain certainly heading through thursday should have cleared up but during the course that they still some mild air coming in across more eastern parts of japan there were tokyo wellness double figures cold air further behind that system temperatures struggling across the korean peninsula beijing not looking at too bad there about six to eight degrees and they sed twenty four hours and temperatures also recovering for the korean peninsula seoul they're seeing a high of five degrees across more central and southern parts of china and taiwan the weather's not looking at temperatures up on the ship at this time be a fine sunshine in hong kong fine fine annoying vietnam though twenty four degrees and across the rest of indochina weather conditions are looking generally pretty good and that continues to head on through into friday being the to shanghai still a chance of rain and only seven degrees celsius into southeastern parts of asia
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this circulation of low pressure has been give us a very heavy rain across central parts of the philippines but it does begin to clear away and then further towards the south heavy showers across many parts of indonesia but further north fine in kuala lumpur. different sides of this is the never want to fight i joined a party just because it was the closest one to my house. even gone for. but united now on the road. on a motorcycle we see things with the. world is open. fighters two bikers. at this time.
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it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories south africa's ruling party the african national congress says it will move a no confidence motion against president jacob zuma if he doesn't step down by thursday zoom is being investigated over allegations of corruption on wednesday morning police raided the home and into business family with close ties to the president arresting three people. has pledged two billion dollars to help rebuild iraq following the defeat of its leaders says one billion dollars will be given loans in another and direct investments. but also made the announcement at a summit in kuwait city to raise funds for iraq's reconstruction. israel's prime minister says he's staying put despite police recommending he be charged for
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corruption and bribery benjamin netanyahu is accused of accepting nearly three hundred thousand dollars and gets from the beginning of benefactors he's also suspected of backroom deals with a publisher of an israeli newspaper favorable coverage the attorney general will now decide whether to pursue formal charges against him. careful thought has more from west of us and them. well the recommendations letter from the israeli police recommending indictments in the corruption cases two of them surrounding the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu of course continues to be the dominant story here in israel just a day after that came out on tuesday evening benjamin netanyahu myself of course insists that he will continue in his role vowing to fight the next election and asking for people to continue to have faith in him saying that he will be proven innocent in due course his only could party has largely lined up behind him the opposition parties have largely been condemnatory what's more interesting about his
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the behavior of his key coalition partners he runs a coalition government the finance minister moshe car alarm has been relatively neutral saying that this is now a matter for the attorney general to decide whether the prime minister should be prosecuted he's called for all sides to respect the police and the digital process in this the education minister though another key coalition partner nuff tally bennett a right winger he has said that the prime minister appears not to be living up to the standards of israeli leaders he said that he trusts the police and more importantly the inspector general the boss of the police force here the man whom netanyahu has been trashing in the media essentially alleging that there is some kind of political bias involved in the police investigations into him bennett also saying that the prime minister should be given the presumption of innocence that he's jew under israeli law and that he too will wait to see what the attorney general makes of these recommendations the trial of the palestinian teenager
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charged with assaulting an israeli soldier has been adjourned until next month and a judge has ordered the case be heard behind closed doors a seventeen year old are happening as restiveness mba after a video of her flat and heading israeli soldiers went viral she faces twelve charges and could be. sentenced to up to ten years in jail a felony guilty rights advocates say seven hundred palestinians under the age of eighteen prosecuted by israeli courts a chair people under the age of eighteen of the hottest children under international law. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley has accused myanmar of handing one hundred population a death sentence the u.s. is increasing pressure on myanmar and while it's against the hand with senators pushing for more sanctions on the mike hanna reports from washington. the plight of the writing is highlighted in this exhibition on capitol hill around the table discussion on the crisis is joined by some of the senators who are adamant that the
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time has come for military leaders to be held accountable for the well documented abuse suffered in iraq kind state and i hope this exhibit right here on capitol hill well help bring to the american people the need the urgency for us to help the rohingya muslims and to prevail in the future atrocities in our community we should speak out in the world the civilized world against the mean more publishes that have led to this persecution discrimination in this expulsion of these people from the in the war and the demand that the white house take a public position on what is happening in myanmar i want to see the president the united states cape fear stand about this ethnic cleansing about this genocide we have not had one word not one word from the oval office. not one word of
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leadership against this horrific horrific crime against humanity on tuesday donald trump's ambassador to the un did speak on the issue but pointed the finger of blame at others for not holding myanmar to account unfortunately the security council has so far failed in its responsibility to act in response to the clear threat to international peace and security that has resulted from recent events and northern rakhine state we cannot look the other way in the situation while there may be little action at the u.n. the u.s. senate is likely to lead the way with a food vote in coming days and targeted sanctions appears certain against those military leaders responsible for these crimes mike hanna al-jazeera washington. to canada now where the government says it's looking at changing the way juries are selected for criminal trials this comes after and or what a jury acquitted
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a white farmer of the murder of a twenty two year old indigenous man down a leg has more colton bushy was in a vehicle with several others when he was shot in the head by gerald stanley stanley said his family and property were under attack and the gun had misfired when he tried to frighten those in the car for his trial defense lawyers rejected all potential jurors with indigenous backgrounds it took just fifteen hours for an all white jury to acquit stanley of second degree murder. protests erupted across the country last saturday against a verdict many saw as racially motivated indigenous activists say the criminal courts routinely deny them justice both as victims of violence and as defendants. their son all over again to say that his life has no meaning that this is allowed and then what does it mean for the rest of us like do we need to keep worrying that
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our lives are in danger by people who have racist ideas about members of bushies family headed to auto to press for change to the justice system after two days of meetings the family says the government is listening to them and they're keeping up pressure for action not just words of comfort as a family we want to be a part of that process so that these injustices are addressed. and that we feel justice for our brother for our son the prime minister what concrete steps will he take since he was elected just over two years ago prime minister justin trudeau has been promising indigenous people redress and reconciliation so far he's talked of change but no specifics yet we have come to this point as a country far too many times indigenous people across this country are. angry they're heartbroken. and i know indigenous and non-indigenous canadians alike know that we have to do the federal justice minister says she's
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looking at changes to the jury system as protesters in the bush family have been demanding still indigenous canadians have heard promises of reform before promises that haven't been capped this time they say the outcome must be different than your lack al-jazeera toronto. and they told defense ministers meeting in brussels for two days of talks they're expected to approve changes to improve the nation's command structure all topics on the agenda includes cyber security hybrid warfare and defense spending secretary-general says it's likely that a training mission for iraq will be approved. now all fans international chairman has been a vested in his native guatemala over corruption allegations from his time as a government minister there he is one of ten prominent political figures including a former president facing charges david mercer has the latest from guatemala city.
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fight against corruption intensified on tuesday with the arrest of a former president and nine of his ex ministers out of little cologne and members of his cabinet are suspected of having embezzled funds and committed fraud well helping set up a public bus system in guatemala city in two thousand and ten to see then that of the politico the. president of the republic in accordance with the constitution is the gun of managing public finances intervene personally and institutionally to facilitate the fraudulent procedure of creating the agreement be thought a. prosecutor said there are questions around how the government auctioned off concessions and granted subsidies for the buses. the current chairman of oxfam international and former guatemalan finance minister one of best of went this was among those arrested when tis the tension comes as oxfam is already reeling from a sexual abuse scandal in haiti and elsewhere what i'm all is no stranger to
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corruption scandals over the past decade international investigators have been working with local prosecutors to peel back the layers of corruption that plague this small central american country i two thousand and fifteen mass anti corruption protest helped oust former president put as molina he's now on trial accused of stealing millions of dollars from the country's customs offices the current president jimmy morales tried to kick out the head of the international commission against impunity in guatemala after he pushed to remove morales immunity to face prosecution in another graft investigation analysts say these political arrests are far from over. mean i think the commission against impunity in guatemala and the attorney general's office are just scratching the surface without a doubt there are many more investigations on the way which will take years to uncover the upcoming selection of
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a new attorney general will be pivotal if these investigations are to continue experts say guatemalans need to be vigilant to ensure the country's next top prosecutor has their interests at heart and not those of the political elite. david mercer al jazeera what a mile a city. the cleanup has begun in tong after tropical sidetone gator tore across the pacific island on monday that had a free fall storm triggered floods electricity and damaged buildings the parliament house in the capital was destroyed the bell heading to was fiji. now and all types of asian and sydney is hoaxing on a strain his treatment of refugees the curators of over we can't see commission artists to paint things described and real incident reports involving refugees held in offshore detention centers and order under thomas reports from sydney. she had been asking for a four minute shower as opposed to two minutes her request to be accepted on
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condition of sexual favor he had also tied the rope around his neck and attempted to weigh down the way he then said do i have to kill myself to go to australia the woods from trauma incident reports written by people working with refugees the pictures and sculpture autists imagining or interpreted what's described god stated do not sit in front of me i don't want to see you and keep the chair. at the sydney gallery artistic license is applied to a world deliberately hidden from view we want to make the invisible visible this policy has been so successful because it's been out of sight out of mind and face so we hope that by bringing him in trade the way stories people might be able to forget so easily they will have to start to pay attention the policy in question is australia's towards refugees since twenty thirteen the government has been deporting refugees who've tried to reach it shows by boat to two tiny pacific
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islands an hour and madness are really the stark black holes where it's very difficult to get information about conditions it's very hard to independently know what has gone on hundreds of refugees have been held on no roof for almost five years told they'll never leave many suffer mental health issues others have been abused by guards local school reach other in twenty sixteen a cache of documents detailing such incidents was leaked by former worker the curators here asked artists to choose one file each to illustrate one of the caseworkers on a bus in the morning and noticed that one of the children had signed a heart into his hand with a medal and thread she asked him why done that he said i don't know. i just found out it was a very simple incident but very graphic very confronting some pieces are literally a picture of exactly what's described other works are much more abstract there are
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thirty three works on show this sydney gallery but overall the so-called in the rue files describe what went through thousand incidents what's on display here then is just the start of a much more ambitious project the curators have posted online the text of all the more than two thousand reports they're encouraging people to read them and submit their own work the ultimate aim is for every incident to be illustrated not necessarily by professionals like those who did please but by a mass autistic movement. under thomas al jazeera. and again i mean there's a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera south africa's ruling party the african national congress says it will move a no confidence motion against president jacob zuma if he doesn't step down by
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thursday it's him is being investigated over allegations of corruption on wednesday morning police raided the home of a prominent family with close ties to the president arresting three people. kuwait's has pledged two billion dollars to help rebuild iraq following the defeat of eisel its leader says one billion will be given in loans and another and direct investments. made the announcement at a summit in kuwait city to raise funds for iraq's reconstruction. the us secretary of state has called on iran to withdraw its troops and armed groups from syria rex tillerson made the comments of the mom when he signed an aid agreement with the jordanian foreign minister. and we are quite concerned about the recent incident involving israel israel and iranian assets inside of syria and i think this again illustrates why our ranch presence in syria is only destabilizing to the region so we think iran needs to withdraw its military its militia from
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syria and allow hope for peace process to take hold in geneva. israel's prime minister says he's staying put despite police recommending he be challenge for corruption and bribery benjamin netanyahu is accused of accepting nearly three hundred thousand dollars in gifts from the united benefactor is the attorney general will now decide whether to pursue formal charges against him. the trial of a palestinian teenager charged with assaulting an israeli soldier has been adjourned until next month seventeen year old anthony was arrested in assembler after a video of her slapping and testing israeli soldiers went viral she faces twelve charges and could be sentenced to up to ten years in jail and found guilty rights advocates say seven hundred palestinians under the age of eighteen of prosecuted by israeli courts each year people under the age of eighteen are gonna just children under international law. those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with
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us and side story coming up next thank you for watching. egypt's former army chief of staff sami are now it is said to have secret documents that could be released if used with a controversial election just weeks away how will this case be played out and is there a rift within the army this is inside story.


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