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satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems their challenging systems and shaping new ones it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. a year later for south africa a similar bomb oppose a prepares to step in are to jacob zuma as resignation. and welcome to al-jazeera live from our headquarters in doha with me and as fran i'm also ahead. on of them bob way after the death
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of opposition leader morgan chiang rai the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson arrives in lebanon as part of his middle east tour . and its wave has it in one thousand eight hundred up exhibition that showcases the artist and technology that heralded a moment of unprecedented cultural change. south africa is awaiting a changing of the guard after jacob zuma resigned from the presidency sumos told a step down by the governing a.n.c. party his nine year term has been plagued by numerous corruption scandals well the stage is now set for a.n.c. lead a civil vom opposed to become the country's next president he will face an election next year but in the meantime he'll be dealing with the many challenges including high unemployment and crime family the mother reports from johannesburg.
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a reluctant announcement from an embattled president i have therefore coming to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect even though i disagree with the decision of the leadership of my organization. i have always been a disciplined member of the sea it came just hours before parliament was due to vote in a motion of no confidence against jacob zuma president's hand may have been forced but zuma says his party did not give reasons why he should resign that's despite being in broiled in scandal after scandal throughout his presidency including accusations of corruption and a court ruling that he had broken his oath of office when he ignored the public
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protect his recommendation that he paperbacks some of the state money used to refurbish his private residence. despite all the criticism against zuma the a.n.c. says the decision to recall him was a difficult one to make following zoomers resignation the ruling party saluted what it called his outstanding contribution and thanked him for the role he played in the a.n.c. for many decades. earlier in the day the home of zoomers associates a family known as the good was graded. five people have been arrested after an investigation revealed that billions of dollars of state funds was siphoned from a dairy farm project into business is linked to the. next week the national prosecuting authority will decide if a corruption charges against zuma that were dropped in two thousand and nine will be reinstated and an inquiry into the extent of external influence in seumas
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administration known as state capture is due to begin his removal as president may just be the beginning of zuma struggles well as several ram oppose a gets ready to become south africa's next leader let's take a look at his path to the presidency he started his career as a lawyer then for the national union of mineworkers in one thousand nine hundred two and became a leading trade unionists and one thousand nine hundred four rather poser became an m.p. and chairman of the constitutional assembly playing the lead role in drafting south africa's apartheid constitution but after missing out on becoming nelson mandela as deputy he withdrew from politics and went into business a move that made him one of south africa's richest men with a net worth of four hundred fifty million dollars he was also a director of lonmin mine with thirty four striking miners were killed by police in two thousand and twelve some suggested he was to blame for the massacre the commission of inquiry cleared him of any wrong doing well let's get more on all of
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this now we're joined by correspondent farming the minute she is live for us in johannesburg so we're finally at a point farm in the many south africans have been. waiting days if not longer for i'm sure if we're going to get here what can we expect then from civil wrong the policy after he was sworn in as the president. a lot of south africans are hoping that still run of course i will bring change to the african national congress a party that's been divided and also riddled by accusations of corruption the issue around jacob zuma wasn't just that it's this is a president that is facing accusations but is also a party that's protected him and also have other high ranking members of the a.n.c. implicated in these corruption allegations so it's certainly hope that. could possibly clean house we are waiting to see what he does next is two major tasks
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ahead of him one is the state of a nation address that's expected to take place on friday which will outline government's plans for the coming year but also the naming of these cabinets of africans are waiting to see if he'll keep on some of the ministers that served under jacob zuma people that were aligned to jacob zuma regarded as friends even cronies if you keep those ministers on of their complete a complete change of guard and what happens next with zuma especially with all of these corruption charges and the recent police raiding of the family home which has been linked to. well the special investigative unit of the police has a wristed eight people seven of them have appeared in court and that's linked to an investigation around a state project meant to benefit farmers but instead money was siphoned off into accounts belonging to businesses that are linked to the group does now police are
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looking for five other suspects and two of them are widely speculated to be a brother and one other perhaps the son of jacob zuma design the he is a shareholder in one of the companies linked to these allegations investigation around corruption all the time being not much has been said around what happens to jacob zuma specifically we do know that next week the national prosecuting authority will decide if it will reinstate charges and these are separate charges relating to an arms deal in two thousand and nine and we also know that there is an inquiry that will begin to these issues around what's been called state capture and just how far external influence has been into the operations within the government but jacob zuma would certainly be worried around these developments the arrests that happened in the last twenty four hours at what it could possibly mean for him
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going forward father thank you very much for that for now that is far to the miller with the latest from johannesburg thank you. well to other news now and members of the boy's opposition movement for democratic change are holding an emergency meeting after the death of their leader morgan tsvangirai. the mourners are gathering outside the m.d.c. party headquarters and hadi the sixty five year old died on wednesday after a long battle with cancer he was a towering figure of the opposition and a symbol of resistance against former president robert mugabe. says the system was just starts to leave there's. just started and it says he went it's just leave he said the city's going to be it's easy. to tell you
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this it's going to be sides it's just so it's one step is this well how do we toss a has more from. love. mom was a. major economy to make ends meet i mean. that maybe some temptation or the. problem wasn't like that idea to me. continued the mother all seem to want the job one is. to get in the pile a lucky escape is now thirty one people tell me something a bit younger he doesn't always with the east london in charge of putting. them in chicago i know he tried but he does have a point in the area and of course the women that touch him and i make him
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a woman in the opposition party feel like they might not even the warnings will decide to try something a little brighter light saying was it is a great man that once you get here everything sounds a little piece of there waiting to hear from the family at the stake not in the ways that the state has. been. commanded. at the barbershop. at. all my prime minister of the country that they've been. in on the. attention court has revolved things. deportation of a prominent member of the opposition may go to me when i was arrested after taking part in a mock swearing in ceremony opposition leader last month that was held in protest over last year's elections a judge says the order to deport him was illegal and that his kenyan passport must be returned to him going to home for july kenyan and canadian citizenship. the u.s.
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secretary of state is in lebanon for talks as part of his tour of the middle east thanks to listen as meeting their bodies president bush and prime minister didi on wednesday to find and a deal with children more than a billion dollars a year for the next five years let's get more on this now our correspondents say in the hall there is joining us live from outside the government palace in beirut so what's what's on the agenda on this visit zain at a time of so many tensions in the region including between lebanon and israel. well yes the u.s. secretary of state is on a mediation mission he wants to try to resolve the crisis between israel and lebanon over maritime borders levanon wants exploratory drilling to begin for oil and gas reserves off its coast in the mediterranean sea and the israelis are laying claim to block countries laying claim over this energy bloc and the u.s.
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trying to mediate now the proposals that the u.s. is putting on the table have been rejected by lebanon in the past and lebanon is clearly not happy because this proposal involves lebanon giving up up to three hundred square kilometers of territorial waters and in fact the way in which the u.s. secretary of state was greeted this morning at the presidential palace was a message from lebanon to the united states so we are not happy the u.s. secretary of state waited for minutes before the foreign minister came in to greet him ahead of his talks with the with the president now presidential sources saying this is not a diplomatic snogged guests have to wait for the president but clearly this is the first time an american official has been treated this way by lebanese authorities. this is certainly no progress there what about the questions the thorny issue of hezbollah which the u.s. administration has been tough on how is that being dealt with on this visit. well yes the trumpet ministration its policy is to contain iran but it doesn't
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really seem to have any strategy tillerson being more pragmatic that is how it is being described saying that we have to acknowledge that hezbollah is part of the political process in the country yes it is an armed wing but it has members in government it has members in parliament so some are saying tillerson is more pragmatic but is it in line with the trumpet ministrations policy but clearly the u.s. has lost a lot in the middle east it has lost a lot of influence a few years back it had strong allies in lebanon and this is no longer the case now some may argue the prime minister has a good relationship with washington but at the same time he is trying to find some sort of a compromise in this country for all the political factions to work together so how are you going to confront a group like hezbollah which has support in lebanon of course it has its enemies not just in lebanon but across the region so so i'm saying to listen being more pragmatic saying that you know in one way or the other we need to acknowledge this fact and help the lebanese government become stronger than hezbollah which really
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has a state within a state in lebanon saying i thank you very much for that and now that's the joining us live thank you. and still ahead on the bulletin. you saw my dead body there on the floor and blood all around the floor of. the u.s. reels from yet another school shooting a seventeen people were killed. and the declaration that opens up access to health and education benefits for six native american tribes. hello and welcome back well look at the weather across asia this time we've got a frontal system which is pushing across such a pan at the moment behind it we're going to see some cold air pushing in bringing with it the risk of some snow showers so if you look at the forecast temperatures are falling away for tokyo their highs of nine degrees but generally
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a fairly quiet spell or whether you're in the course of friday still some mild air across the korean peninsula but that changes as we get into saturday with temperatures going subzero and on the northwest the flow we're getting showers developing across the sea of japan in across much for qaida and on the western side of the northern honshu elsewhere we're looking at six over to mild conditions for beijing further south shanghai looking at highs of ten across more southern parts of china taiwan the was looking pretty decent temperatures then mid twenty's for hong kong fuzhou in taipei and also pretty good temperature staff one hundred in northern parts of vietnam is fine across the rest of indo china temperature thirty five in yang gone so let's now head down into southeastern parts of asia brighter conditions across much of the philippines we'll find conditions across borneo pretty wet across java towards east timor but through them in a pinch the weather conditions are looking pretty fine so sunshine for singapore fine conditions extend it all well to bangkok with heis here of thirty four.
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a lifetime of a mutation. struck by stroke copying. selling reproductions can pay the bills but frustrate the artist. a pilgrimage to discover his hero inspires an awakening that it's more rewarding to create then to imitate. dreaming of vincent a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. it's
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good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories south africa is awaiting a changing of the guard after jacob zuma resigned from the presidency the stage is now set for a.n.c. leaders civil rama to become the country's next leader parliament to set a voter men later on thursday. members of zimbabwe's opposition movement for democratic change a whole emergency meeting knowledge of the death of their leader morgan tsvangirai was a towering figure and the opposition and a symbol of resistance against former president robert mugabe the other u.s. secretary of state is in lebanon for talks as part of his middle east told rex tillerson is meeting lebanese president michel aoun and prime minister. seventeen people have been killed in the u.s. state of florida after a gunman opened fire at a high school it happened in parkland north of miami police have arrested a suspect is a former student who was expelled from the school. nicholas i go briscoe's remember
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i carry. was the cure all using class three and we've already begin. i began to dissect his website some things the social media that he was on and some of the things that come to mind are very very disturbing now aid is starting to trickle into some of syria's rebel held areas which under heavy bombardment on wednesday the first aid convoy mainly three months previously the safe suburb of eastern me a damascus and aid from the un's world food program is on its way to government control there as well and east of the seventy first un track to the city since it fell on the ice in control in two thousand and fourteen allowed on on may god is the deputy director of the world food program and syria says he and his team got rare access and travel into the city of there as a war and reports that it's being largely destroyed. this was a milestone mission for the u.n. team in syria while four program team visited there so or day before yesterday for
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the first times it's. what the under the sea each of the seats on of the speech where we see it was that the city is majority cities i mean how much what eighty percent they don't this is just been destroyed we have seen that there's a lot of tricity if you don't majority of them on the cherry trees the water is not running the sewer system is dysfunctional majority of the people to turn up for assistance. from the international community. for a year i know what you have. into the drug operation and their source pretty well we kept the people alive there for however they need to build more than that we had to do i want to be asking this question to the desperate people who are going back we need to be having our operation in the road to do asians up in our hearts who we intend to deliver the food by road from. near zero.
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hundreds of palestinians jailed in israel for administers of offenses have begun boycotting court the defendants have asked lawyers not to attend their court sessions they accuse israel's military judiciary of torture and keeping detainees in presence without charge or trial for years. doctors without borders has dismissed nineteen staff members for sexual harassment or abuse the international aid group says it received one hundred forty six complaints last year of those were investigated internally no details were given on where the abuse happened but the agency says it's released the photos to demonstrate transparency that follows a scandal that british charity oxfam with staff accused of using prostitutes working in haiti. now a damning new report has highlighted an apparent rise in sexual assault and violence against children and a war signs a new report by save the children says there is an alarming increase in cases of
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killing and maiming. reports. destroys lives it traumatizes communities. and the many of the world's conflict zones children are suffering the most. this is east in a suburb of the syrian capital damascus last week. it's space relentless bombardment of two years of starve and surrender tactics. the human rights group save the children believes young says it was a risk that at any time in the past twenty years. according to a new report by the organization one in six of the world's children live in conflict zones that's three hundred fifty seven million children a seventy five percent increases the early one nine hundred ninety s. . syria afghanistan and somalia are the three most dangerous conflict affected
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countries to be a child in the past few years there's been a three hundred percent increase in un verified cases of killing and maiming of children and around half of all children in conflict zones lack access to schools and health facilities. for care for. many of these children in the democratic republic of congo's kasai region count violence among the earliest memories militia have destroyed schools and homes across the region and the u.n. says thousands of children have been forced to become soldiers save the children is one of several organizations trying to rehabilitate victims i think we're talking about in this report of children being raped children being forced to fight being forced to kill other children horrifying brutality and so there's a number of things we can do we can invest in mental health and social support for children in his office and we can rebuild the society around them get them back
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into school and with their families there's a whole range of things we can do but that does take investment it takes time and it takes support. despite greater international standards when it comes to protecting children increasingly brutal tactics are being employed to fight the widespread use of indiscriminate weapons cluster bombs have seen child casualty numbers saw. this nine year old range ago was shot three times while fleeing myanmar children are not simply caught in the crossfire they are targets and a group say the profound psychological impact of conflict on children cannot be underestimated there are things seen in childhood the can take a lifetime to recover from the al-jazeera. the u.n. says that more people were killed or wounded in suicide bombings and attacks in afghanistan last year than any previous year of the conflict there accounted for
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two thousand three hundred of the more than ten thousand afghan civilians killed or wounded in violence in two thousand and seventeen the worst attack was a truck bomb in may which killed ninety two people while the number killed in bombings and attacks was higher than two thousand and sixteen the overall number of casualties is slightly less than the previous year airstrikes by the u.s. and afghan forces inflicted are rising told the armed groups have responded to the more aggressive u.s. strategy with a wave of wind and that's killed nearly one hundred fifty people in recent weeks well danielle bell is with the united nations assistance mission in afghanistan and she says while the decrease in the total number of casualties is good news far too many people are still being hurt or killed. the mission documented over ten thousand five hundred civilian casualties in a year and while it is a nine percent reduction it is the fourth consecutive year where we've seen more than ten thousand civilians killed or injured and in terms of how this impacted
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life for everyday people one of the things we look to first is the children and children were killed maimed injured by ground and gave him an unexploded ordnance pressure plate i.e. we saw a child recruitment cases as as the report documents so it has been indeed a very difficult year in terms of the taleban the report notes a twelve percent reduction in civilian casualties caused by taliban in areas including from. where we saw the biggest increase in two thousand and seventeen was attacks attributed. so well we did see an improvement on the battlefield by taliban and by pro-government forces more still needs to be done because a nine percent reduction is a beginning but much more needs to be done now such late american tribes in the u.s. state of virginia have been granted full federal recognition often nearly twenty his legal fight by the declaration signed by president trump clears the way for
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them to receive health care education and housing benefits alan fischer reports and this. is where the white house is today did a weight of their past proud of the history big team to protect the future and those six native american tribes in the u.s. state of virginia have been granted federal recognition it's an important step in securing funding for schools housing and health care for two decades the chicken home any eastern chickahominy a permit to pony rappahannock. the manakin campaigned and will be success was never again but was finally achieved a crowd. i even did emotional talking about it because you know something we followed so hard for i have always said in the thing that helps one track to miss country will help them all adventurous i don't know if it will make it easier for us but they can take what we do and look at it and you know the big
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thing i hope they learn from it is it takes persistence opponents told the tribes not to seek direct federal recognition but apply through the beauty of indian affairs but the president of the national council for native americans says in this case that would have been difficult i know that historically there there were documents that were either lost or destroyed or or. missing. and for whatever reason these delays were unfairly placed upon the tribes and as you mentioned these are these are tribes that predated. the united states of america in some cases in fact some of the tribes made peace with england before the us was even imagined and so they never signed a formal treaty with america this new deal opens up huge opportunities for the tribes because of direct access to federal budgets they're immediately eligible for those types of assistant which is an enormous when you look at. medical
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assistance health care systems housing education all of those things so it's just an immediate. boost for the other tribes are looking to see if they should directly seek federal recognition as well but to be more in the fight could be difficult something they've experienced before in their long history alan fischer al-jazeera for dinner now finally has been the center for american with a nine hundred eighty s. held at m.t.v. the first commercial my of all fine and even the first trump tower now a new exhibition and washington is exploring just how formative that decade was al-jazeera spy for the director of the hessian museum hosting the exhibition melissa chair. some of the surprises in this exhibition are really from the materials that the artists use this was a time in which some of the artists were looking at commodity and consumer goods
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and so you have interesting juxtapositions whether it's the now mass to work by jeff koons where he combines a fluorescent light with a hoover vacuum cleaner. or ken law who has created a living room out a square of calculus but you can't actually get into it so he's shutting you out we have a number of works that used to. refer to m.t.v. or even the best kept secret cars and. this was a moment i think when. the became actually almost. a creative op form and a number of the others quote from that kind of t.v. culture a big shift was artists were using in adopting the strategies of marketing and advertising and you see quotations from advertising a lot in the work of these artists
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a lot of the things that happened in the eighty's are feeling very familiar right now whether it was stock market high economic prosperity. a turn towards kind of critiques around ideas of value and towards the end of the one nine hundred eighty s. there was also a new sense of politic you saw the aids crisis in that decade happened and even if we fast forward to today i think we're seeing a new found sense of identity politics and. you know again all of us have a problem and the headlines on al-jazeera south africa is awaiting a changing of the guard off of jacob zuma resigned from the presidency the stage is now set for a.n.c. leaders civil to become the country's next leader of parliament to set devotion and later on the day. members of zimbabwe's opposition movement for democratic change
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holding an emergency meeting after the death of their leader morgan chan iran he was a towering figure in the opposition and a symbol of resistance against former president robert mugabe. the u.s. secretary of state says in lebanon for part of his middle east oil rex tillerson is meeting lebanese president michel aoun and prime minister assad. aid is starting to trickle in to some of syria's rebel held areas the heavy bombardment on wednesday the first aid convoy in the three months reached the the sea suburb of east and good to me a damascus and aid from the un's world food program is on its way to government control there in eastern syria it's the first trip to the city since it fell on the ice and control in two thousand and fourteen. at least seventeen people have been killed in the u.s. after a gunman opened fire at a high school in florida that happened in parkland north of miami the suspects
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being arrested is believed to be a former student who was expelled. we were. talking to each other that's what's so shocking each other. this everyone was willing. to work. with we're going to hurt each other saying. they're going to hear doctors without borders has dismissed nineteen staff members for sexual harassment or abuse the international aid group says it received one hundred forty six complaints last year fourteen were investigated and totally no details were given on where the abuse happened. the u.n. says more people were killed or wounded in suicide bombings and attacks in afghanistan last year than any previous year of the conflict they accounted for two thousand three hundred of the more than ten thousand afghan civilians killed or wounded in violence in two thousand and seventeen the most deadly attack was a truck bomb in may which killed ninety two people. are the headlines on al-jazeera
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but do stay with us revel gate coming up next. digital technology is the promise of intimacy an easement and even longer not. it seems we discovered a need to and. in which everything in our minds can be increased and tracked and intended. for his convenience profit and surveillance the only use these things.


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