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how famous he was going to make that's how he presented hello my name is barry but out manchester city's northwest representatives can. teach a pretty cool. actually you are a member of the we have this special meeting about the nail and he said no. that's no african i knew immediately this is a color. on the wall nine city al-jazeera investigation put fool's gold of silence this time. the ethiopian prime minister resigns following months of political upheaval in the country. well again i'm peter w. watching l.c.c.
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are live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up. south africa must come first in everything that we are. calling for unity several rum opposed to tackle corruption as he takes over south africa's new president. the u.s. secretary of state warns about hezbollah's influence socio arrives in lebanon as part of a tour of the middle east plus. mourning in zimbabwe after the death of the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai. ethiopia's prime minister. submitted his resignation. will stay in his role until the transition of power is complete he says he's tried to solve the crisis in his country and is resigning to be part of the solution he is about. antigovernment
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protests of left hundreds dead and tens of thousands detained he took office in twenty twelve joins us live here in the studio so he wants to go from being potentially part of the problem to being part of the solutions or soul change we don't know where the change is heading next. no we don't and when he say's that he's resignation what he means is he hopes his it is ignition could be the solution to the under arrest that gripping the country right now the two most populous communities the or more of them ha ha been demonstrating the protesting. in this week in the cup it's one is of a broken world stopping much needed goods coming in from djibouti from not entering the cup at all so what he's saying is that his that is ignition events that fall on his ignition would lead up to the solution of this interest will this help to solve the crisis well what's going to happen is already the e.p.a.
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coalition has accepted it is a commission which shows that this is not a surprise move for them they didn't even live to meet so this was largely expected what's going to happen is two more parliament is going to have a special session where they're going to choose his replacement and what we're hearing so far is the number of candidates but the current foreign minister walk me giving you ease a front runner to replace isle of man in this island but what is interesting to see is where the next prime minister is going to come from is it going to come from. a community or community and this is a highly slice of society and how the e.p.l. media will be able to deal with the group that they leave behind how they're going to appease them whoever replaces him does that person then have to go to the country to say look i've got my own mandate some therefore i want my own mandate there from calling elections all that person be in office until the next show jewels elections anyway. well what the feeling is and expectation is that.
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if the choice of a prime minister to replace haile mariam comes from either the heart or that's going to a piece of those two groups that gets the choice of the prime minister coming from them. but then there are many other issues at play here and it will be very. interesting to watch how they are going to wade through three this and bring the country back together we have to say also that. power in the european lies with the military and that the people who are right now pulling the strings from behind the scenes interesting times mohamed thanks so much. cyril ramaphosa has been voted in as the next president of south africa i declare. the honorable man that man. julie elected president of the republic of someone. he was the only nominee to succeed the going leader jacob zuma who resigned on
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weapons day the governing a.n.c. demanded soon as resignation after numerous scandals in his nine years in office for me to miller from johannesburg. in his first address as president elect to south african soil roma posters hit the right notes with many he spoke about appearing in parliament in future to exercise his accountability to the house and the country as a far cry from former president jacob zuma who often dodged parliamentary questions and refused to answer any inquiries into government decisions clearly from of course has also said that he intends to meet with opposition parties to find a way to work together that statement came just after the economic freedom fighters and its leader julius malema walked out of parliament in protest they were demanding that parliament be dissolved the opposition party says this is the same parliament protected zuma and violated the constitution remop was appears to be
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sitting a different tone one that may unite is a party which has been divided by factionalism he says getting rid of corruption building the economy and creating jobs will be a priority well cyril ramaphosa will face a range of challenges including high unemployment and widespread violence on the streets he will also have to face the people in just a year those elections as we've been hearing shuttle for twenty million team years or to have the homey. here's the chief negotiator in the final days of jacob zuma as presidency cyril ramaphosa stam as acting president is a signal of change but celebrations by his supporters may be short lived as attention to what comes next he was elected president of the ruling african national congress in december by a slim margin and will have to work to unite his divided party he will also have to
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repair the political and economic damage suffered under zuma and improve the party's image after years of allegations of corruption. is a different kind of president to anything we've had before this is a modernist this is somebody he's a negotiator. as well but here is a man of very clear determined purpose has stuck with jacob zuma for how many years sitting by zuma embarrassed the country embarrassed himself and that's. going along with what had happened in south africa has given the impression that. i don't think he is. at that i'm opposed to remain stinted by criticism over his involvement in american or killings in which police shot and killed thirty five striking miners six years ago as a board member of one of the largest mining companies in south africa at the time
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and i'm opposed i was accused of being behind the government's decision to break the strike he later apologized saying he had stepped in to prevent further deaths as a politician turned businessman them oppose enjoys the confidence of the financial sector under suma unemployment froze the currency and investor confidence weakened and the country's credit rating went down the n.c.s. new leader said he plans to create jobs and has set an economic growth target of three percent for desir. that's more than double the rate predicted by the international monetary fund during the last election support for the fell to sixty two percent many hope the party of no so mandela will be able to reverse this trend and they did leadership of. turkey because company during the development of cape town and jo'burg me as a visiting fellow at the brookings institution in doha so i guess when it comes to
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first and foremost those allegations of corruption against zuma they're still going to be live their own going through the legal process so rather post has got to be seen to be walking the walk and talking the talk on this when it comes to issues of transparency right absolutely and one key question here is where they finally allow the national prosecuting authority to be truly independent and do its work and really could also be willing to replace the director of public prosecutions who himself you know has not acted in an honorable. fashion so he would really have to appoint people in key positions that are in the payment and that would you know and allow them to do their jobs even if it implicates some of his own supporters and allies and friends how does he change the sea and how does he change south african politics well i think there is hope again which is very powerful right and there is you know there is also some some joy that we just saw in parliament some singing
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right so i think that that is important in terms of quite a bit having been quite a depressed atmosphere and quite as an atmosphere in which everything the politics was quite stark and divide it so i think he's definitely going to try and create unity again and we saw that he was you know reaching out to the opposition in parliament now in his speech. how long that will last is very unclear my prediction is that a serious problem is going to be the the economic freedom fighters who's pushing for radical economic trance. mation and they want true truly radical measures such as in a very serious land reform and where the term oppose and he's more capitalist in clings is really going to go for that is a very big question as a political animal does he chime more with what nelson mandela's a.n.c. was about as opposed to what jacob zuma as a n c he was about. yes i think between those two and because of his history
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as you know one of the. writers of the constitution one of the makers of the constitution certainly he would like to see himself in that mandela. tradition rather than in the more populist. zuma tradition but there was something to that populism zuma promoted right there was something to to reaching out to the rural south africans right who can relate to move to generalizing now right to the position of someone like zuma than to someone who's more remote like that was who is more or most like tabu bheki for example right so one needs a combination in the ideal south african leader one needs someone who's able to reach out to all those constituencies you know the sort of more urban sophisticated person you know to black white to. you know those who. are in in a sense have lost very you know
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a lot of faith in the in see who but who maybe you know are ready to come back those who are ready to come back should the n.c. you know be deserving of support again ok with me thanks so much thank you thank you. the u.s. secretary of state says warn that hezbollah's influence in regional conflicts is threatening the security of lebanon rex tillerson made the comments after meeting the lebanese president michel i went on the prime minister saad hariri to listeners the lebanese leaders to uphold the country's commitment to ensure calm on its southern border his visit is part of a five country tour in the middle east comes amid heightened tensions across the region. but it's impossible to talk about stability sharman to security in lebannon without addressing has below. the united states has considered hezbollah a terrorist organization for more than two decades now we neither see nor do we accept any distinction between its political and its military arms. it is unacceptable for a militia like his below to operate outside the authority of the lebanese
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government the only legitimate defender of the lebanese state is the lebanese forces. with more from beirut. the united states has been trying to mediate between israel and lebanon over a maritime border dispute tillerson the us secretary of state came here to have further discussions with lebanese officials but it is clear that no agreement has been reached the u.s. proposal has been rejected by lebanon because it involves lebanon giving up approximately three hundred square kilometers of its what it believes is its territorial waters so we heard the u.s. secretary of state we heard the lebanese prime minister say there will be further discussions and lebanon is committed to calm on the border and no escalation but undoubtedly the issue of the maritime border has heightened tensions but the u.s. secretary of state also making it clear that the united states is policy has not
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changed concerning hezbollah that the u.s. does not distinguish between its military and political wing he was quoted earlier as saying that there is a reality in lebanon and that hezbollah is a part of the political process so still listen making clear u.s. policy has not changed and also making it clear that the only option the united states has right now is to strengthen lebanon's institutions like the army hoping that the army will become stronger than hezbollah we know that the trump the administration's foreign policy is to try to contain iran iran has a lot of strength and influence in lebanon through hezbollah but clearly the americans do not have much power and influence in the region he talks about strong bonds in lebanon a few years ago yes there could have been there was a pro western government for example in this country but nowadays it has lost a lot of support in that lebanon and and beyond in the region and that's why. going to be very hard for it to come out come up with
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a strategy really to confront and contain iran. still to come here on al-jazeera another opposition politician is arrested in egypt accused by the police of having links to the muslim brotherhood. plus a currency under pressure why iran is cracking down on unlicensed money traders. hello once again across southern and central parts of china the weather is looking pretty good at the moment and should stay that way over the next few days though very warm for the north in shanghai was some outbreaks of rain but here it should brighten up as we head through saturday with temperatures reaching double figures temperatures above average and had neuer that southerly flow find additions across all of indochina really looking good there and find conditions for yangon a memo with highs of thirty five so without further ado let's head across into
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south asia where it's also relatively quiet visibility not too bad across northern parts of india pakistan through towards bangladesh elsewhere at a bit of patchy cloud rhombus all looking for much of sri lanka should be draw and bright and that is expected to continue as we head through into saturday highs of thirty one expected in crotch in pakistan here in the arabian peninsula because some cloud across northern parts the region into saudi arabia and that will add slightly further towards the south as we can progressive but again temperature twenty seven degrees it's way above average for this time of year across many of the gulf states and likely to remain that way twenty eight degrees pretty impressive here or the later in the day will find more in the way of cloud coming down sunshine turn a little bit hazy with us or temperature we won't complain too much because she'll see fine weather with highs here of thirty three. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in your mind that peace is
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always possible in number happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people there are choosing between buying medication or eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back you're with al-jazeera live from the home my name's peter davi your headlines ethiopia's prime minister. has submitted his resignation says he's trying
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to solve the crisis in his country and is resigning to be part of the solution months of anti-government protests have left hundreds of people of tens of thousands detained. south africa's new president has pledged to work with all parties to put the country first cyril ramaphosa was voted in by the parliament and was the only candidate nominated for the position he takes over from jacob zuma who resigned but can stay at the request of the governing a.n.c. . and the u.s. secretary of state has warned that hezbollah's influence in which conflicts is threaten the security of lebanon rex tillerson made those comments after meeting with the lebanese president michel aoun and the prime minister saad hariri to listeners visit as part of a five country tour of the middle east. russia's foreign ministry says five russian citizens could be among more than one hundred pro syrian government fighters who were killed in a u.s. strike a week ago it happened near the city of heroes or the ministry spokeswoman says the group's nationality is yet to be verified let's get more on this for you live from
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moscow as our correspondent rory chalons rory it's taken a week to get any kind of reaction out of the relevant ministry so what are they saying about this now. yeah well rumors and reports have been swirling for several days now about a huge death count in this u.s. coalition strike on a group of pro syrian government forces near dairies or on the seventh of february some reports saying that suck up to maybe in excess of two hundred russians died in that well the russian ministry of foreign affairs has basically for the first time admitted that yes it is highly likely that there were russians involved in that they basically said this is marie is a car over the spokes person for the ministry of foreign affairs that according to pollute preliminary data as a result of the armed conflict the reasons for which are now being clarified five people presumably russian citizens could have been killed she then goes on to say
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that claims about the deaths of dozens and hundreds of russian citizens are classic misinformation and she says that's the source of that misinformation already some on the first of it were syrian channels amongst the anti government militants now that's not entirely true because the source for much of the talk about deaths ranging up to two hundred have actually been channels social media channels used by russian mercenaries themselves why is this such a sensitive issue for them. well there are numerous reasons why this is a very very hot topic one of those is that this assaults launched by the various pro asaad militias and the russian mercenaries as well looks to have been a complete disaster and the overwhelming u.s. firepower has resulted in the deaths of a group or
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a large number of fighters and people the other thing is that this is basically threatens to blow the lid on a very murky parts of russian's foreign policy russia has been using. private military companies mercenaries into the conflicts that it's currently involved in the ukraine and in syria this is largely being kept out of the public eye and i were certainly away from the headlines when it comes to what the russian public citizens know about so if it turns out that yes indeed hundreds of russian citizens did die in this attack then that is it's a big deal potentially for the kremlin. these groups and these companies are basically being used as a sort of way of outsourcing military dirty work mckee paying it off the books in terms of money who's paying for it but also off the books in terms of casualties and this basically means that there's
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a potential for russia having to acknowledge that the death count of russian citizens in its conflicts that is involved in the moment is much higher than publicly stated understood many thanks. zimbabwe's opposition movement for democratic change has chosen a new leaders to replace morgan chang nelson chamisa will be acting president for the next twelve months sixty five year old chang died on weapons day after a long battle with cancer he was a towering figure in the opposition and a symbol of resistance against the former president robert mugabe and his harem of tusk. well he promised to have quite a bit of support in the opposition by forty year old maybe young in the body politic well educated of the public and it's important they they vote for with the crowd they hope it will appeal to maybe younger people in the bible what you basically have a paid leave exit in a few months and i just think they may be a little bit too young to keep it cool what was noticeable about the need to be
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that he'll be vigils who want to believe the pikey did not attend the author leadership way they were the thing while we often come they didn't they were going to come but again it was a lot it just didn't make the case that perhaps he could beat you within the office of god all widening and they are p.v.p. to individual couple that are there and life goes up fully that is right with nelson to me that they have to decide that being too young to leave but i keep it maybe we could see it but in the made up i can come up with. a new report by the u.k. based group save the children has highlighted a rise in sexual assaults and violence against children in war zones the organization says that one in six of the world's children live in conflict zones that's three hundred fifty seven million a seventy five percent increase since the early one nine hundred ninety s. syria afghanistan and somalia are the three most dangerous conflict affected countries to be a child around half of all children in conflict zones lack access to schools and
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health facilities. well one of the more dangerous places for children is the occupied west bank where just last year fourteen were killed almost a thousand were injured but it's missed that from ramallah. it's hard to concentrate in class when a chunk of your skull has been blown away by a rubber coated bullet. mohammed to me was shot in december by an israeli soldier during protests in the occupied west bank he's fifteen years old. before the injury i used to understand things when i read he says so but no i don't get a lot. through it every five straight globally and that includes countries like syria iraq yemen and here in the occupied palestinian territories. and it's here the conflict is in georgia the longest from the start of the first palestinian uprising in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven just in the last twelve months fourteen children have been killed and almost
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a thousand injured in confrontations in the west bank and set off a symptom advantage honestly it's not just mohamed i have almost weekly cases probabilities to the legs in the body not to mention they are a son imprisonments some of these kids also have parents in prison even no one to take care of them or give them the support they need at home they struggle with psychological issues. since twenty ten the number of un verified cases worldwide of children being killed or maimed has gone up by almost three hundred percent. many things have become difficult things are not like before when he wants to play i keep telling him to come back and not to play so now he feels that he is different from the other kids. mohammed will soon have a lengthy series of operations to reconstruct his skull he'll never fully recover but he hopes he says to be able to play football again. but it's meant ramallah.
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the police in egypt have arrested a prominent opposition figure accused of having contact with the outlawed muslim brotherhood abdel moneim aboul fotouh doesn't belong to the muslim brotherhood and has his own political party he is a staunch critic of the president up till fattah el-sisi the call for a boycott of next month's presidential elections a number of candidates who announced their intention to run against sisi have either been arrested or forced to withdraw on coal is a professor of history at the university of michigan he says the arrest of photo is the c.c. government trying to maintain its hold on power. aboul fotouh has called for a boycott of the upcoming presidential elections these elections are phony and everybody knows that it's a shadow play and a kind of referendum but there is one way in which sisi could still kind of win a referendum which would be if there's large turnout and he's obviously popular so
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. call for a boycott is the extremely threatening to the regime sisi has gradually been cracking down i mean the human rights situation in egypt is worse than it has been in its modern history even in the late mubarak period people were not so arbitrarily arrested and so many instances and so this is a moving towards north korea territory it's just a. totalitarian state it's all about power for the officer corps in general and for. sisi in particular it's about the power of one man. the police in iran have arrested dozens of unlicensed money traders as concerns grow about the falling value with the iranian rielle the president is under pressure to stop the currencies slide against the dollar which business people say is doing serious harm to the economy zain basra the reports now from tehran every
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morning iranians wake up to find the money in their pockets is worth less than when they went to bed that's because the iranian ryall has been on a downward spiral for years. iranian see the u.s. exchange rate as an indicator of the country's economic climate for many small businesses the forecast is not good i figure the price of a dollar directly impacts our business it's been fifty percent more expensive over the past two months so everything we buy cost is thirty percent more for only telephony higher costs equal higher prices that means fewer customers for his handbag business she became washouts to give up your definition what's clear even by previous presidents is that they could do nothing with suffering from bankruptcy economic enterprises up banks that bankrupted we cannot do anything and see the exchange rate will go up even more. iranian leaders say the problem is temporary but people remain unconvinced president hassan rouhani said ministration is under
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pressure to be seen doing something about the falling value of the iranian riyadh on wednesday police arrested dozens of black market currency traders in downtown tehran. these men make up an informal currency trading floor that operates on to her own streets normally the police ignore them but recent rate hikes prompted this crackdown on irregular money trade while the power move like this may be a good way to respond to public criticism experts say it isn't enough to stabilize the value of iran's money. as an economist and says the most recent volatility is down to one person u.s. president donald trump. and i'm predictable event happened that was shocking even for america when the trumpet ministration took office all the equations changed trumps threat to pull out of the nuclear deal and oppose new sanctions on iran. especially in the united states the world's biggest economy. if we assume that
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there are no sanctions and iran enjoyed normal relations with other countries and banks could operate normally the government could easily stabilize the foreign exchange. while trump won't be president forever iranians are losing patience with their own president and the ever declining value of their own currency. more news comment and analysis on our web site al jazeera dot com including the latest on our top story the ethiopian prime minister resigning citing unrest. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories in the o.p.'s prime minister. has submitted his resignation and he says he's trying to solve the crisis in the country and his resigning to be part of the solution months of anti-government protests have left hundreds dead and tens of thousands detained south africa's new
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president has pledged to work with all parties to put the country first cyril ramaphosa was meant and was the only candidate nominated for the position he takes over from jacob zuma who resigned on weapon state at the request of the governing c president called on all parties to work with him for the good of the country by talking about protein or to use them and how we can work together to put our country first that is precisely what i as president of the republic would want to do south africa must come first in everything that we do. the u.s. secretary of state has warned that hezbollah has influence in regional conflicts is threatening the security of lebanon rex tillerson made those comments after meeting the lebanese president michel aoun and the lebanese prime minister saad hariri to listen visit is part of
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a five country tour of the middle east tomorrow he goes on to turkey but it's impossible to talk about stability sovereignty and security lebannon without addressing hezbollah. the united states has considered his blood terrorist organization for more than two decades now we neither see nor do we accept any distinction between its political and its military arms it is unacceptable for a militia like hezbollah to operate outside the authority of the lebanese government the only legitimate defender of the lebanese state is the lebanese armed forces. zimbabwe's opposition movement for democratic change has chosen a new leaders to replace morgan chang nelson chamisa will be acting president for the next twelve months sixty five died on weapons day after a long battle with cancer he was a towering figure in the opposition and a symbol of resistance against the former president robert mugabe more news on the web site it's always there for you al jazeera dot com up next it's the stream i
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will see you tomorrow with the news from ten g. talk she said. facing the realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why ease activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself here the story on told to al-jazeera at this time. can you at a very stylish streamed little fashion with those on the wall media watch it was designed as a models on the runway but this is biggest trends tell us all what you are looking to social media to find fashion and models look at what you type and your way of dressing a little thoughts on fashion. and with about eight hundred million users instagram has become.


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