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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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yes debate out front at this time on al-jazeera on counting the cost we'll talk to i.m.f. chief christine lagarde about how the economic model is changing here in the middle east can ireland break regs it find out how the emerald isle is caught in the middle of a big round between the u.k. and the e.u. plus the year of the dog in china counting the cost at this time. the middle east is at the brink. it's time to bring it back the mirror of contact calls for collective action in the middle east on security and says the boycott of his country is a futile exercise. out
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of there i'm joined al this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. we recognize the legitimate right of turkey to secure its borders. turkey and the united states agreed to normalize relations despite tensions over syria. south africa's new president prepares to make his first state of the nation address. and the fangs surely masters clearing homes of ill fortune as the chinese new year gets underway. we begin in munich where world leaders have gathered for a three day high profile security conference aimed at discussing global and regional security challenges the emyr of qatar has addressed the conference calling the boycott of his country by four arab nations a few tile exercise from which it has emerged stronger he's also called for
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a new regional security effort in the middle east i should be eating to violent terrorism to extremist ideology is it's too simplistic. it does not explain why violent extremism has become a major threat in my region while extremist ideology can be found anywhere. in the pattern failure of states in my region to provide basic needs to its people pave the way for extremism. so often the very states which neglect basic needs also block every possible pathway for peaceful reform that state has degenerated to become one in which the people have to choose between security in a basic physical sense and on the other hand their dignity freedom and aspiration for social justice. this cycle needs to end this gathering together here in munich
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needs to bear fruit we need to walk away with a clear picture of how to end conflict and provide basic rights by security to our people the un security general antonio terrace also addressed the conference urging policymakers not to miss an opportunity to end the standoff over north korea's nuclear program for the first time since the end of the cold war we are now facing a nuclear threat a set of a nuclear conflict and that led to referring to the developments in relation to nuclear weapons and long range missiles by the democratic people's republic of korea at elements made in total contradiction with the will of the international community and in clear violation of several as aleutians of the security council it is important to note that the unity that the security council has been able to
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demonstrate the will of the international community and there's been able to put through sanctions a very meaningful pressure over the north korea and that's pressure in my opinion is absolutely essential to be maintained. joins us now live from munich we heard hashan u.n. secretary general terrace there saying there could be the opportunity for a peaceful solution in korea is that a view shared by people attending the conference. i have to say people up here must concerned about the potential for any imminent way out of that particular problem by the way when you look at the report of the munich security conference that sent about the world on the brink of a significant crisis is because of that war of words between the united states of america and north korea over young's. program the saber rattling that continues for many. to any political way out of the crisis the north koreans are
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not happy and not here to be able to gauge just send solve. any movement in the near future from their part it would be interesting to see who is going to lead that push has been mentioned by. good teri's to try to find a peaceful way out of this particular crisis is going to be the americans putting their leverage being more of a constructive role all of the international community and the united nations in particular trying to. bring all the parties to move forward joining me to talk about this issue in particular and other issues which are going to be debated it is mr does the who is the director of the stockholm international. policy. research institute which is a peace and security think tank north korea topping the agenda once again do you see any way out of this particular crisis it's been building for
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a considerable period of time and it was clear not only last year but before that north korea was getting closer and closer to having nuclear weapons and it does now have them that is the reality it's got twenty to thirty deployable nuclear war. warheads cover miss out capability and before too very long i'm afraid that it's going to have a capability to hit targets in continental united states the question is how do you get back from a dangerous confrontation first of all how do you manage it and then how do you wind it down i think that the diplomacy which has already started on the korean peninsula itself between north and south taking advantage of the olympics setting up a hotline between north and south in case there are misunderstandings or potential accidents this is the way to go small steps to start with so the question then is what happens after the olympics there's a feel good factor now can that be leverage for something more could the u.s.
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and south korea decide to scale down or defer further their annual military exercises if north korea test fires another missile i mean that's really going to put an end to all the good progress that has been made so that both sides can restrain themselves then there's an opening for diplomatic activity the donations try the middle east as a mass the emir of qatar said it's an illusion of the bring let's bring it back we're talking about potential for confrontation between israel and iran how can the . international community help bring stability to the region but i mean i think it's in it's obviously an incredibly difficult task if there was anything straightforward about this there would be a lot of good ideas floating around right now but i read part of the problem in the middle east is that there are multiple lines of division so yes at the moment because of the incident with the aircraft we're thinking about israel iran escalation but in the longer term we're thinking not only about the situations in
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syria in yemen israel palestine the war in the sinai desert in egypt libya also still in a chaotic situation we're also thinking about the long term. division develop. in the confrontation developing between iran and saudi arabia so again somewhere there's got to be a way that all these different groups these different players. cool down we need to take the heat out of every single one of these difficult confrontations and what i mean basically what one is asking for is good sense and there. is saying the regions on the brink the only way somebody would disagree with that of is if they thought the region looking at syria for example has already gone over them they are at the edge so good sense is called for let's come down we've got to work this out together once you accept the principle that we have to do it together then the solutions will start to flow if you think that russia or america or iran or saudi
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arabia by themselves can do it that's a recipe for further further trouble mr does with the stockholm it's in us a piece of research is here thank you very much indeed jonah hashem thanks very much in munich turkey and the united states say they've agreed to normalize relations badly strained over syria u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said after talks with his turkish counterpart move lute cover so glue in ankara that the relationship was at a bit of a crisis point turkey is angry over u.s. support for syrian kurdish y.p. g. forces earlier this week the pentagon asked for five hundred fifty million dollars for use in syria thought to be for the white p.g. well the two sides have now agreed to new mechanisms to improve their relationship starting with a joint working group focusing on the town of man beach among the is significant because it lies west of the euphrates and turkey says that by allowing the kurds to
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cross the river the u.s. has broken a promise made under the obama administration germinal el sheil reports now from ankara. rex tillerson didn't receive the warmest of welcomes when he arrived in the turkish capital ankara turkey has been angered by u.s. policy which it believes threatens its national security and president. made that clear during a three hour long meeting with the u.s. secretary of state's in syria the united states has been arming and supporting the kurdish militia the y.p. ji. turkey says the y p g is a terrorist organization that's killed dozens of tucker civilians and soldiers in recent weeks this support for the kurdish fighters has baffled the turks who say the americans should be siding with their nato allies and not with an outward group according to tillerson the disagreements over syria are being resolved on both ankara and washington will now be working towards the same goal our two countries
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share the same objectives in syria the defeat of isis. secure and stable zones and independent and unified syria. tillerson and his counterparts. announced that they did stablished a mechanism so that the true nato allies would be able to resolve all issues and better collaborates but no details were given and there's another problem this is not going away the continued refusal by the u.s. to extradite. the mountain to accuse is of orchestrating the july twenty sixth being felt. only in fed up honest and invited in relation to. do we have evidence do we not have evidence can he be extradited or not rather than having these discussions in the press and in public we will have these discussions and we work together on these issues thank you very much us talk us relations have probably never been worse off but citizens visits seems to have been
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a positive one clear message that the two allies will start working together again whether they will succeed only time will tell. i don't see it. south africa's new president through around the polls that will give his first state of the nation address to parliament in capetown in just under an hour's time it comes a day after he was sworn in as successor to jacob zuma who was forced to stand down by his own a.n.c. party on wednesday of a corruption allegations from a poser is expected to address corruption and economic issues in his speech well some of the miller is outside the parliament building in cape town for us and some of the we heard from a puzzle when he when he was sworn in in parliament raising the issues of corruption rebuilding the economy is the big themes of his term during the state of
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the nation address is an opportunity for him to go into sort of more detail as to how he intends to deal with these things. and there will be a lot of people watching to see exactly how the president fleshes out some of the policies that he's touched on or while he was president of the african national congress and now that he's been sworn in this is his first opportunity addressing south africans in the state of the nation to talk about some of the plans he has around the economy and corruption now yesterday he did say that now is the time to act act boldly and decisively and change the trajectory of the economy we know there are a number of key areas it'll have to look at one is around the radical economic transformation and this essentially is plans around how the economy will will be pushed into the hands of black ownership however the back population in south africa will be empowered and also how it could be quality will be addressed this is
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the chance for so remote poser to tell south africans that it isn't just all talk but there are plans being put in place and essentially gain the confidence of south africans as he goes into this period as interim president. and from it up with the nation meanwhile getting a pretty early taste of just how determined he is to hit corruption hard with special police going after the infamous gulf gupta family i mean any more on that well we know that eight suspects appeared in court yesterday and that case has now been postponed until organist police are looking for a jacob to one of the brothers who say didn't report to them once he said he would and now regard him as a fugitive and they are about five other suspects who will be a risk that we understand and it's widely speculated that one of them is the son of to do so this is
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a situation that will go on for some time and we certainly do expect more arrests as is this apparent camp down on corruption. outside parliament in cape town thank you. and still to come on al-jazeera the body of a filipino housemaid which was found stuffed in a freezer in kuwait has been flown home to her grieving family. twenty years on and still waiting the wife of a man abducted by cause of an albanian fighters calls on a new special courts to ensure justice. have a winter doesn't really want to stick in central or southern china wants again it is warm and you want expect ten in shanghai twenty in hong kong the feed is the breezes from the south china sea so it's warm it is fairly humid to produce cloud
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and it will feel different in hong kong eventually that tidal gathering produce a line of rain inland from shanghai europe says rain rather than snow and the cloud builds further south on the coast. to the west as that things are rather costly we have seen rain and snow in the hindu kush in the far northwest of india northern pakistan not much around now but there might still be a bit more snow to come it's not so daft to stir the atmosphere so still not good in northern india twenty six enduring of the last thirty to one hundred but that breeze might be a chartreuse for one don't bank on it it should be the dry time the year and it looks like it still will be as carry on west to the arabian peninsula and he attempts have been surprisingly high recently as being quite human around the gulf morning fog has been around certainly in doha as full cross of twenty eight is hari is the twenty eight of riyadh above normal but it keeps going up doha's max on sunday is quite surprising thirty.
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for the congolese the journey took. all aboard that means unimaginable hardship i prefer to lie down because they might get the thing to chance in life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle i fell onto the rails and nearly died. of children eat go to school and live because of the training risking it all the democratic republic of congo at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back for a second quick look at our top stories as world leaders gather for a security conference in munich the emir of qatar calls for collective action to achieve stability in the middle east. turkey and the united states say they've agreed to normalize relations despite tensions over u.s. support for the kurds in syria. south africa's new president threw around a possible in secret pairing to make his first state of the nation address. turkish state media says six journalists have been sentenced to life in prison in connection with the two thousand and sixteen failed coup from istanbul with the latest who is seen them. those six journalists are charged for a great to life imprisonment for their religious links with the greatest movement which the government accuses for having orchestrated the free of course attempt in july two thousand and sixteen and they are accused of violating the constitutional
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order and treason aggravated life sentence means here in turkey if there is ever this to granted by any other government to the suspects imprisoned those people aren't able to benefit from that because this the court says they are actually. they are actually accused for treason but i have to say here recently a constitutional court decision was paul based saying that this is actually an abuse of rights for the suspect so despite the local court decision the suspects have the right to appeal to the court and object this decision so the judicial way isn't still closed now. a german turkish journalist has been released from custody after being detained in turkey for a year then you see you sell will still await trial but may be able to leave turkey soon turkish state run news agency says you serve is facing up to eighteen years in
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prison he was detained on suspicion of spreading propaganda in support of a so-called terrorist organization. i'm happy for him for his wife and for his family who've had to endure a very difficult year of separation i'd like to thank everyone he worked towards his apparent release we know there are also other cases of people maybe not as prominent who remain in custody we hope that they'll be fast and constitutional judicial proceedings for them and this is what i told the turkish prime minister the body of a filipino housemaid which was from stuffed in a freezer in kuwait has been flown home to her grieving family on friday murder has highlighted the plight of millions of mostly poor filipinos working abroad and also strained tensions with kuwait with the president offering free flights home for thousands of workers as hard as more. i don't want to the families went to kuwait four years ago to work as a mate she returned home in
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a coffin her distraught sister in tears as the wooden casket was carried off a plane. this is a very big loss to us she used to tell her mother her dreams she was working abroad to be able to help our parents and our youngest sibling. the family says you want as employer was strict and only allowed her to call home three times a year but in two thousand and sixteen the call stopped they had no idea why until last week when a body was found in a freezer in an abandoned apartment in kuwait city it was joanna's investigators say her body showed signs of strangulation and may have been in the freezer for more than a year. oh why did they do that to my sister and hurt so much the way the or the philippine president rodrigo to twitter to was quick to condemn what he sees as
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a pattern of mistreatment of filipino workers what have we done. the disservice gyno meant to make on him and he is offering free flights home for filipino workers in kuwait about ten thousand maids are expected to take up the offer i will send my sample to devon to look for the money for that you've done. i'm home and leave probably here an estimated two hundred fifty thousand filipinos are employed in kuwait in january the philippines suspended sending more workers after reports that abuse by employers had driven several workers to suicide and now there is still one is case. but we'll also be a rallying point for all of the government agencies to be more aggressive abroad. in helping our oil we protect bad kuwait's government says it's outraged by jawan is murder and is working on bringing her killer said just this and that is of
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little comfort to her grieving family katia llopis of the young al-jazeera. president trump is heading to florida where he's set to meet victims of wednesday's mass school shooting nineteen year old nicholas cruz has confessed to killing seventeen people at the mudras stoneman douglas high school and they say the former student was armed with a semiautomatic rifle a gas mask and smoke grenades going to began his assault that left dozens of others injured president trump has promised to work with congress on many fronts but so far not mentioned gun control. the u.s. ambassador to kosovo says the country must allow a new war crimes court to investigate alleged atrocities carried out by the cost of the liberation army between one nine hundred ninety eight and two thousand he's been speaking to al-jazeera as kosovo prepares to mark ten years since declaring itself independent and dr simmons reports from the cost of a town of gretchen it's
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a silvano marinko of each has vivid memories of her husband god and there's no end to her grief. he's been missing for nearly twenty years silvana says it was tough bringing up their two daughters alone but it's the put this out of all the difficulties i face the hardest thing is when my daughters ask where their father is sylvana is convinced that kosovo albanian fighters abducted her husband along with hundreds of other people she's put much of her energy campaigning for a non-government organization that's demanding justice for relatives of those who've gone missing goren disappeared in june one thousand nine hundred nine according to n.g.o.s he's among an estimated five hundred cause of all serbs still missing and according to the government the figure of kosovar albanians stands at
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twelve hundred naturally the word missing still has a project resonance right across calls over and still after all this time there's a clamoring for some form of justice or closure because of the liberation army stands accused of abductions and atrocities a special court was set up to investigate casillas leadership many of them kalay veterans have spent the past six months trying to get rid of it although now they've agreed to it again not in the brown. everything how do you feel personally about your position you weren't going to be there for possible indictment i'm very confident i am very proud on that what we did on our freedom fighting i don't know who's going to be prosecuted most of the pressure on kosovo's leaders has come from the united states what i do know is the special corps important because of future both in domestic rule of law terms but also to demonstrate to the international community the cause of our can keep
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its word none of this diplomacy about a special court impresses silvana of each. if they really wanted to do something they could have done it a long time ago the u.n. in place had to. it was still fresh but they wanted to hide the truth. and still burn as distrust is shared by many of those still waiting for any word on the fate of their loved ones andrew symonds al jazeera gretchen in cause of a. couple of ministers in ethiopia holding talks after the sudden resignation of the prime minister. sahlins announcement follows nationwide anti-government protests is resignation has been accepted by his political coalition who will now have to find a replacement a state of emergency was declared in october after riots in the all mia region as the body of zimbabwe's main opposition leader waits to be repatriated home for burial supporters are continuing to pay their respects to morgan chang garage
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outside his home in harare shanghai or i died of cancer in south africa on wednesday he had long battled colon cancer already the the movement for democratic change party which he founded is facing power struggles with three deputies vying to replace him. protesters have gathered in tel aviv calling for israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu to step down over corruption allegations on tuesday israeli police recommended netanyahu be charged with bribery fraud and breach of trust the attorney general now has to decide whether to press charges that are now who's accused of accepting three hundred thousand dollars in gifts in exchange for political favors he denies any wrongdoing now central to the chinese new year festivities is the ancient practice of feng shui or than a million billion people rather hope it will help them to be prosperous in the year ahead but despite his popularity the so-called science is increasingly being
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questioned sarah clarke has more now from hong kong. for a practice with a history dating back more than three thousand years to reach out is not what you'd expect is a traditional master of french way the daughter of one of hong kong's most respected craftsman is giving a disciplined a modern make over trying to make such a transitional practice into something that modern people can understand it clients include fashion retailers interior designers and architects by rearranging a spice she hopes to create harmony and a new energy by stone ancient chinese culture that translates to good health and prosperity to start to be. you know a sore cut. wellness and i think it's actually something that is very natural ice about the relationship between the environment and the people think twice central to chinese new year celebrations the streets are full of decorations
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for the year of the dog but behind closed doors the people of hong kong are using fink shortly to clear their homes of fortune in preparation for the year ahead there's going to be more stability more harmony more friendship because i think there's been an awful lot of fear the last couple of years it might be an anxious chinese tradition but it's also become a lucrative career big names and big businesses are joining the ranks by using things white to reenergize and redesign buildings and in hong kong it's china the city's landscape. masters are often consulted before construction begins in hong kong despite its widespread adoption some academics say the evidence is unproven and question why it's increasingly being promoted as science we see it all over the world in the west we see horoscopes we see fortune tellers we see sacred greed or so there's a certain percentage of the population that will always be duped by these pseudo
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scientific terry activities science or not masters of the tried say the business of french why. growing james a kuna applies at a time and in his work and his satisfied with the results our lives are formulated by space the spaces that we live in the spaces where we're where we work where we play if we don't take care of our space if we if we keep it stagnant if things don't change in the internal space how are we supposed to grow as a people. it's that type of testimonial that's behind the modern revival of this ancient craft series al-jazeera hong kong. and finally a quick look at our top stories well leaders gathered for a conference in munich discussing global and regional security challenges the emunah of qatar called for collective action to achieve stability in the middle east. the pattern failure of states in my region to provide basic
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needs to its people pave the way for extremism so often their very states which neglect basic needs also block every possible pathway for peaceful reform that out of state has degenerated to become one in which the people have to choose between security in a basic physical sense and on the other hand their dignity freedom and aspiration for social justice south africa's new presidents are all roma poser is due to give his first state of the nation address to parliament in cape town in about an hour's time it comes a day after he was sworn in as successor to jacob zuma who was forced to stand down by his own a.n.c. party on wednesday over corruption allegations from a poser is expected to address corruption and economic issues in his speech. turkey
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and the united states say they've agreed to normalize relations badly strained over syria secretary of state rex tillerson has met his turkish counterpart never lived in ankara and said the relationship was in a bit of a crisis turkey is angry over u.s. support for syrian kurdish forces. cabinet ministers in ethiopia are holding talks after the sudden resignation of the prime minister. mariyam death announcement follows nationwide antigovernment protests his resignation has been accepted by his political coalition who will now have to find a replacement a state of emergency was declared in october after riots in the region. for testers of gathered in tel aviv calling for israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu to step down over allegations of corruption on tuesday israeli police recommended netanyahu be charged with bribery fraud and breach of trust he denies
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any wrongdoing well those are the headlines for the moment to stay with al-jazeera next up it's risking it all.


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