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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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al jazeera. where ever you are. south africa's new president is about to make his first state of the nation address several rum opposer is live outside parliament as we speak. i'm going to hold this is al jazeera live from london and we'll bring you that address by cyril ramaphosa live in a few moments also coming up. we recognize the legitimate right of turkey to secure
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its borders turkey and the u.s. agree to normalize relations despite tensions over syria. we are now facing a nuclear threat as the u.n. secretary general tells a security conference policymakers must seize the chance of a peaceful end to the north korea crisis. and the body of a filipino housemaid which was found stuffed in a freezer in kuwait has been flown home to her grieving family. south africa's new president several rum opposer is due to make his first state of the nation address to parliament in cape town in a few moments time it comes a day after he was sworn in as successor to jacob zuma who was forced to stand down by his own a.n.c. party on wednesday over corruption allegations these are live pictures you're
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watching now of cyril ramaphosa making his way into parliament in cape town after being presented with a full military salute outside one of those or is expected to address corruption and economic issues in his speech from the millers outside parliament as well watching the events seem cape town family what do we expect to hear from him he'll talk about corruption and the economy of course but do you think he'll go into into detail about quite what he proposes doing. well we do expect those two areas to be areas that he focuses on a lot of emphasis on out he might grow the economy create jobs lost jay have indicated that he has a plan to create a million jobs in south africa where most of africa has an unemployment rate of twenty six percent and at least half of the youth half of young people are don't have jobs they'll be
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a lot of emphasis on looking at the manufacturing sector so we do expect the president still room opposer in his first state of the nation address to flesh out some of the areas of concern for south africans a given the difficult economic and political times the country has gone through but one thing that i want to point out is the state of the nation address is seems to be very different to the three or four we've seen in recent years under jacob zuma former president jacob zuma last year for instance we had a high security prisons we even had soldiers deployed in cape town as security protests outside parliament barbed wire this year it's a very different situation a far more relaxed atmosphere and i think this talks very much to the reception that seoul roma poso is getting there's a lot of hope and we've even had politicians talking about the door knob of a new era. and healing. process and ceremony inside parliament as mr m.
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oppose a makes his way in the nation of course we'll be watching closely the closest watched state of the nation address in some years but they're also for some africans gripped by the drama around the latest corruption investigations and actions by special police aimed at that infamous doctor family can you bring us up to date on what's going on there. all of these aid says speaks appeared in court yesterday charged with corruption and money laundering. we do know that they are in fact a wrist warrants for thirteen people one of them is a j cook to one of the cooked up brothers associated with former president jacob zuma there's also wide speculation of that police may be looking for jacob zuma son to design a who is a oh she'll hold him in one of these a group telling companies so we do expect more arrests those who have been arrested will be back in court in all goods so we do expect to see quite
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a lengthy process around stamping down corruption and this is a very much an area that presidents will run oppose or maybe under pressure to clamp down on to make a difference given all that's happened the criticism of jacob zuma faced and also just the issues around corruption south africans have seen for the last eight or nine years under jacob zuma ok fine i will leave it there for the moment we'll come back to you of course after mr rahman poser has started speaking we're looking at live pictures in parliament of the ceremony of the ceremonial welcome of the new president so ram opposer as he prepares to give his state of the nation address. world leaders have gathered in the german city of munich for a three day conference to discuss global and regional security challenges the u.n.
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secretary general antonio guterres urged policymakers not to miss an opportunity to end the standoff over north korea's nuclear program but said pressure on pyongyang must be maintained. for the first time since the end of the cold war we are now facing a nuclear threat a set of a nuclear conflict and that letter referring to the developments in relation to nuclear weapons and long range missiles by the democratic people's republic of korea the vellum and made in total contradiction with the will of the international community and in clear violation of several as aleutians of the security council. it is important to note that the unity that the security council has been able to demonstrate the will of the international community and there's been able to put through sanctions a very meaningful pressure over the north korea and that's pressure in my opinion
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is absolutely essential to be maintained. the emir of qatar has spoken at the event calling the boycott of his country by four arab nations a futile exercise from which qatar has emerged stronger he has also called for a new regional security effort in the middle east. beating to violent terrorism to extremist ideology is it's too simplistic. it does not explain why violent extremism has become a major threat in my region while extremist ideology can be found anywhere. the pattern failure of states in my region to provide basic needs to its people pave the way for extremism. so often the very states which neglect basic needs also block every possible pathway for peaceful reform the arab state has degenerated
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to become one in which the people have to choose between security in a basic physical sense and on the other hand their dignity freedom and aspirations for social justice. this cycle needs to end this gathering together here in munich needs to bear fruit we need to walk away with a clear picture of how to end conflict and provide basic rights i security to our people. right let's go live now to palm and in cape town and listen to the state of the nation address given by new president cyril ramaphosa has never really missed my leg on bad. counts the chairperson of the national council of provinces. met timed it would be said the deputy speaker. of the national assembly and the deputy chief this. is the
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opi. my liver thank you. matter where now miles thanks. for my president child i'm bakey. who owed .
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former deputy president mr f. w. d. clack the old chief justice. you own . as well as all is steamed member us off that you dish every white yeah yeah ok thank you old men is the deputy minister as premier as. the sufferer of a show legislature has kept passing of solid and all executive mass present that person of the national house of traditional leaders lead
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us of faith based organizations for mars the call of the national assembly dr frieden each one of. the in the. form i speak of the national assembly. mr max sisulu to in the in. by ted guess veterans of the struggle for liberation members of the diplomatic corps and that of a member fellow south africans it is for me indeed a great on and a privilege to have this opportunity to address you all and indeed the nation on this the state of the nation address this address
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this address should have been delivered last week but was delayed so that we could properly and carefully monitor issues of political transition. i wish to think to another member. and the people of south africa for the our patients and for your forbearance. i also wish to extend a widow of god teach you to former president jacob zuma the would return. yes. i do wish i do wish to thank former president jacob zuma for the man ah for the man and we approached
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this very difficult and sensitive process. also we should thank him. for the service to this nation. during his two terms as president of the republic. during which our country made significant progress in several areas and development. dad. i spoke i spoke to president zuma yesterday. and we have say these wonderful pleasantries. and he wished us well for the holding of this on up. south africans. in just over one hundred fifty days from now
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the people of the world. and indeed our people in this country will unite in celebrating the hundredth anniversary of notice and holly. thank. a day under which we south africans were remember the life of one of the most remarkable leaders this country and indeed this continent and the world has ever know. thank you we have an opportunity to recount madiba long walk to freedom we will also have an opportunity to reflect on his wisdom his unfailing humility his abiding compassion and his essential integrity we have dedicated this year twenty
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eighteen to his memory and we will devote every action every effort every utterance to the realisation of his vision of a democratic just and equitable society guided by his example we will use it this year to reinforce our commitment to ethical behavior as well as ethical leadership thank goodness celebrating the centenary of nurse and mandela we are not merely on our in the past. we are building the future and particularly the future that no sentiment and i envisage for south africa our country and its people the future that
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has its roots in the freedom chart we are continuing the long war he begun to build a society in which all may be free in which or maybe equal before the law and who each all may share in the wealth of our land and have a better life we have birding a country where a person's prospects are determined by their own initiative and hard work and not by the color of their skin place of birth gender longway income or their parents. voted no more in a free concert. and suppose a lot on
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a pair of sworn in for a certain. age it initiative and are developed powerful a need for a fence deep clear of fun hell a fellow have blue or the plaque. dark of of em come stead fun hello westy. this year. we will also celebrate the centenary of another giant of our struggle. that tina nunn to get a little sued thank. amazingly remarkable life and outstanding contribution she
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defined what it means to be a freedom fighter a leader and a diligent and disciplined servant of our people. through the leadership qualities that a mom while the teen assists who displayed put on display for all of us to see she embodies the fundamental link it to the national liberation and gender emancipation as well. as we mark as centenary we will reaffirm that no liberation can be complete and no nation can be free until its women are also free thanks we all know
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this. now said the police are some and bella and this door time. that tina. know sisulu door to us at the time the son of the african soil in a year of change in a year of free new will in a year of hope. we were seek to order them not only in word but indeed as well. particularly in direct action to was the i chiefly meant of the a shared vision of a better society in our country we should all i'm a diva by putting behind us the era of discord the era of disunity and the era of disillusionment that had somehow and coughed our
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country we should put behind us the era of diminishing trust in public institutions and weakened confidence in our country's public leaders we should put or the negativity that has dogged our country behind us because a new dawn is upon us and a wonderful dawn has arrived thank you it is a new dawn that is inspired by our collective memory of nelson mandela but it is also inspired by the changes that are now unfolding in our country wonderful changes that everybody can see as we rid our minds of all negativity we should reaffirm our belief that south africa
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belongs to all who live in this for though we are a diverse people we are one nation there are fifty seven million of us. each with different histories different languages different cultures experiences views as well as interests yet we are bound together by a common destiny that is defined by our south african this. thanks for this we all owe much to our forebears as people like pixley guys are. shallow. chief butler tooley who understood that necessity of the unity and harmony of all the people of this great
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land south africa we are a nation at one well one people committed to work together to find jobs for our youth to build factories and roads houses and clinics to prepare our children for a world of change and progress to birth cities and towns where families may be safe productive and there may be content we are determined to build a society defined by decency and integrity that does not tolerate the planned out of public resources no the theft by public criminals of their hard earned savings of ordinary people thank you. while
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there are many issues on which we may differ on these fundamental mattis we are all at one. we know that there is still a lot that divides us we are divided by history where divided by where we live where divided by like ten we're divided by a whole range of things we remain a high alien impersonal side t.v. in which poverty and prosperity us still are defined by race as well as by agenda we have been given all of us that here members of this parliament yes indeed all others who are some visitors yet and many of our people out there we have been given the responsibility as south africans to bird
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a new nation to confront the injustices of the past and the inequalities of the presence we are out called upon to do so. even as we face difficult conditions the state that we are in as a nation is that wire poverty declined significantly following that democratic breakthrough of one thousand nine hundred four we have seen reverses in recent years poverty level. rose in twenty fifteen unemployment has gone up and inequality has persisted for several years our economy has not grown at the pace needed to create enough jobs so that we can lift our people out of poverty public finances have been
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constrained limiting the ability of government to expand investment in economic and social development. despite these challenging conditions we have money. and this we managed to working together to achieve progress in improving the lives of our people even under conditions of weak growth of our economy has created jobs. but not at the pace required to absorb new entrants into the labor market this means that as we pursue higher levels of economic growth and investment we need to take additional measures to reduce poverty and meets the needs of the unemployed in our country since the start of the current parliament our
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public employment programs have created more than three point two million web opportunities in the context of widespread unemployment these opportunities continue to provide much needed income and relief they also provide work experience and training to the many south africans who find opportunity to participate in them. we have also taken steps to reduce the cost of living for our people the cost of living for people has kept on rising on all levels. the government's pretty basic services program currently support more than
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three point five million indigent households across the length and the breath of our country more than seventeen million social grants are paid each month benefiting nearly a third of our population these grants have olivea ated a great deal of poverty amongst our people and deeply valued by our people. we know however that if we are to break the cycle of poverty we need to educate the children of the poor we have insisted that this should be started in early childhood today we have nearly one million children who are participating in early childhood development facilities
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this is significant. we are seeing improvements in the outcomes of our basic education system the metric pos rating creased from sixteen point six percent in twenty zero nine to seventy five point one percent last year that is phenomenal progress. there are currently almost one million students who are and rod in higher education up from five hundred thousand in one thousand nine hundred four that represents progress. as we enter a new era we are determined to build on these achievements. as we confront the challenges we face and accelerate progress in building a more prosperous and equitable society we have been we have seen
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a moderate recovery in our economy and a broader sustained recovery in the global economy commodity prices have improved and keep on improving many of our many of our mines are seeing orders increased orders coming in the stock market has risen the rand has strengthened and there are indications that investor confidence is on the rise thanks we have taken decisive measures to address concerns that have been raised by a number of stakeholders about political instability and we are committed to and show that it is policy centered t. as well as consistency in
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a number of areas where there has been policy weakness and uncertainty. there is a greater sense of optimism amongst many of our people our people are hopeful about the future and one sees it as one goes around business confidence among south african companies has improved and it keeps improving foreign investors are looking i knew at opportunities in our country when we had the occasion madam speaker chair of provinces. when we had occasion to be in davos the world economic forum we were able to interact with a number of international investors and they is that they are beginning to look at south africa and you with a new prism and they can see that change is underway in south
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africa and that is what they find attractive thank. there are some international bands who have identified south africa as one of the hot emerging markets in twenty eighteen and that is welcome news to our ears. our task as south africans. is to see this this moment and not to pour cold water on this moment our task is to seize this moment of hope this moment of renewal and to work together to ensure that it makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our people this year we will be initiating measures to set the country on
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a new path of growth employment and transformation we will do this by getting social partners in our country to collaborate in building a social compact on which we will create drivers for economic recovery in our country we have to build on that collaboration with business and labor to restore confidence and to prevent and investment downgrades once more tough decisions will have to be made to close our fiscal gap. we have to step allies our debts and restore our state owned enterprises to much better health thank you. and the center of our national agenda in twenty
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eighteen is the creation of jobs especially for the young people in our country. we are going to embark on a number of measures to address the unemployment challenge one of the initiatives we will embark on is to convene a jobs summit within the next few months to align the efforts of every sector in every stakeholder behind the imperative of job creation. now this is a response to a number of stakeholders in the labor movement and businesses who have said to us as government what is needed is to immediately and gently address the challenge of jobs is to her.


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