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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can dora. but what were the last thing effects of this agreement there's a original set to sikes because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people after that with the. psych speak of lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. the indictment charges thirteen russian nationals and three russian companies for committing federal crimes. u.s. investigators fall charges russia meddling probe the dog suggests any links with trump's campaign team.
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hello and welcome to. headquarters in doha. also ahead. europe's security security. has promised to help secure europe displaced persons plans to leave the european union at seven years since the start of the revolution in libya but has there been any real change to its people. race and superheroes. comic book movie is being hailed as a cultural milestone. fake identities staged political rallies and a systematic campaign of social media trolling just a few of the allegations made in the u.s. and document of thirteen russians and three companies for criminal and espionage
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conspiracy that is part of the investigation into tampering with the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election mike hanna reports from washington. and anti trump protests march in new york shortly after his election this one of the pro and anti trump rallies a special council alleges were organized by the group of russians sometimes at the same time on the same day part of a massive campaign the indictments say were aimed at promoting donald trump at the expense of his opponents both republican and democrat special counsel robert miller has indicted a total of thirteen russian nationals and three companies for alleged interference with the twenty sixteen elections according to the unsealed indictment the accused conspired from two thousand and fourteen until today to interfere with the us political and electoral processes including the presidential election of two
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thousand and sixteen the special counsel alleges that the group posed as americans and controlled social media accounts but focused on divisive social and political issues. the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein states that there are no conclusions in the indictment that the campaign affected the election result and no allegation in this indictment that any american had any knowledge and the nature of the scheme was that the defendants took extraordinary steps to make it appear that they were ordinary american political activists even going so far as to base their activities on a virtual private network here in the united states of anybody traced it back to the first jump and they appear to be americans this interpreted in a unique way by president trump who tweeted in reaction russia started the n.t. us campaign in two thousand and fourteen long before i announced that i would run for president the results of the election were not impacted the trump campaign did
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nothing wrong no collusion. no acknowledgement that the indictments implicitly reject his off stated opinion that claims of russian interference were as he put it fake news donald trump is going to be very worried about today's events in large part because it puts to lie the allegations that he's made for the past year that there was no russian involvement many republicans including president trump and so i've been highly critical of the work being carried out by robert miller and his team these indictments put to an end any attempts to undermine or even a hole to the investigation by the special counsel the other certainty that's proof of russian involvement in the u.s. election is just the beginning and not the end of the investigation mike hanna al-jazeera washington. for a challenge as in moscow with the reaction from russia. russian response so far has
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essentially amplified a sense of incredulity incredulity that thirteen people could of influence the voting of more than three hundred million americans incredulity that these same people could have acted against the billion dollar budgets of us intelligence services and counter intelligence against all the latest innovations and technologies you have guinea privilege in who is right at the heart of this indictment says it's widely believed the financial muscle behind this troll farm in same petersburg was also known by the way as putin the chef a billionaire businessman and now he says well the americans are very impressionable people and they see what they want to see he doesn't mind being on this list years already on a u.s. sanctions list and says that if the americans want to see the devil well let them the russians are also going to be drilling down into the fact that this indictment
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doesn't explicitly say that the russian government sponsored this election meddling efforts and also that the indictment doesn't say that russia actually change the outcome of the elections russians are also be very aware that the united states doesn't have an entirely clean records when we've got when it comes to in meddling in other people's elections they've done it numerous times in numerous countries over the years and they in fact have done it in russia too in one thousand nine hundred six when for us yeltsin looked like he was going to be losing an election to the communists well it was us political advisors that what it for him. let's move on to other news now and at least eighteen people have been killed in three suicide blasts at a fish market in northeastern nigeria the suicide bomber struck in condor go near the border state capital my bill that more than fifty people have been wounded and islands claim responsibility but the vocal had and has carried out attacks in the area for many years. a suspected serial killer has been sentenced to death in
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pakistan for the rape and murder of a seven year old girl was a knob on sardi's body was found in a garbage dump in january a week she was kidnapped a killing sparked a nationwide protests and criticism that the government was not doing enough to protect children a court handed down for death sentences to iran has to be tried in seven other cases. the british prime minister has called for a new security treaty with the european union by the end of next year theresa may has been speaking at the second day of the munich security conference she says the new agreement should be up and running by late two thousand and nineteen to make sure that military and intelligence cooperation continues after it leaves the lock . so as we leave the e.u. and forge a new pastor ourselves in the world the u.k. is just as committed to europe security in the future as we have been in the past europe security is security and that is why i have said and i say again today that
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the united kingdom is conditionally committed to maintaining it but our correspondent is joining us live from munich and so what's been the reaction harshman to this speech so much about cooperation on security at least at the same time that the u.k. is preparing to leave the european union. have to say this is not going to be an easy for the e.u. for different reasons you officials have been saying that the british government cannot just cherry pick different aspects of a deal they would like in the future there are two things here the moment of the british government decides to depart officially by march two thousand and nineteen this is going to be a new era defined by a new set of rules to some i was trying to say the secure. ranges are the best
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thing that could happen both for the u.k. and for europe in terms of military cooperation security cooperation intelligence gathering arrest warrants against the backdrop of a world where groups like i said have been staging attacks killing people in different parts of you are saying that everyone has to be on board but as you know elizabeth for the e.u. this is something different it's a broader package that needs to be negotiated and there are different aspects particularly the trade one the british government itself seems to be very divided about how to move forward with something that let's take some aspects of that deal and stay within the single markets while the other saying that the u.k. has to redefine its new policies in the near future the moment it officially exists from the from a union the first reaction from the people at the people who were asking questions to those that may was basically you could have made the world a better place to live in had you chosen to stay within the e.u.
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yes certainly tough questions for tourism may at this summit what alpha our we expecting today from the conference caution. the turkish prime minister been i'll yield to the misspeaking now where his love of the policies of his governments particularly when it comes to the military operation which is taking place in the field we're also expecting to hear from the. russian foreign minister and this comes against the backdrop of mysteriousness we've heard about the last few days particularly from the ukrainian president asking the russian government to stop interfering into internal affairs of his own country and also asking for the international community just sends united nations peacekeeping forces into. eastern ukraine also the foreign minister of germany stigma gabrielle has been saying that. if the. of washington's accept the idea of dispatching united
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nations peacekeeping forces into the eastern ukraine that could pave the way for gradual defeating of the sanctions against russia however the ukrainian foreign minister said that he had on the sidelines a meeting with the. with his a russian foreign minister and the husbands managed to come to some sort of agreement about how to move forward preachiness community is very much concerned about the potential for an us commission in the eastern ukraine if there's normally border political settlement and the presence of peacekeeping forces to try to contain the escalation or thank you very much for that for now that. joining us live from munich and we will of course be going back to him after we hear from the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov thank you. now to ethiopia where the government has announced that a state of emergency able now being enforced for six months to a day after prime minister haile madeon death and then said he's stepping down on the government struggling to deal with protests from ethnic groups who say they're
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under represented. the seventh out of verse three of the start of the revolution in libya the protests in benghazi eventually led to the toppling of kono more mike about a figure in two thousand and eleven and while many say it's led to much change on going political division is still taking its toll on the lives of many libyans without than one had reports from the capital tripoli. does not enjoy his business as he once did in the old days he says when the financial situation was a staple in libya he used to have fourteen will close in his shop but not now and the coppersmith hardly gets any orders to make anything new or have the where and sometimes we work it for a whole day and end up with always nothing in our pockets many clients have not come to pick up the pieces several months because of lack of money libyans have been through a lot over the past seven years two competing bases of dozens of rival groups
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and conflict and consequently a financial crisis but some here say they have not lost their faith in the revolution and are hoping for change while others say they're disappointed. since twenty eleven many libyans celebrated the anniversary of the seventeenth of february revolution but the country has a slipped into chaos zakaria took part in the twenty a live in protests he says he does not trust politicians. all the politicians have shown their true faces which they hid before the fall of the gadhafi regime they would rather take from the state than give to it. others take a different view noted dean says he travels from the united states to libya every year to share the ok zhen with his friends and former neighbors he says things are
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better now than before the revolution for it was very difficult to come back to go to the airport today migration you know and all that stuff now there's a. common relieve you know a freely but the situation looks a bleak on the ground prices for every day goods have risen the markets have taken a tumble and the libyan dinar has lost much of its value. the political division has led to a divide between the economic and security institutions the state has become so weak it's unable to control its own resources. are the backbone of libya's income and oil production dropped significantly between twenty thirteen and twenty sixteen when oil ports were blockaded by militia. is proud his profession is part of libya's heritage but he fears if there is no solution to the country's
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economic crisis crafts like his might fade away. tripoli still ahead on the second promise of a new dawn we have reaction to south african president obama pauses first state of the nation address and the f.b.i. under growing pressure after the agency failed investigated before wednesday's deadly school shooting in florida. welcome back we'll look at the weather across asia this time there are a couple of frontal systems one clear of the island of japan heading into the pacific another one working its way across the island our pulling cold air from the north so it's snow showers developing across the sea of japan into the northern parts of honshu at least on the west coast tokyo expect to say largely dry
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temperatures above freezing across the korean peninsula and temperatures into double figures for beijing as well now as we head on through into monday is not a great deal of change really much of japan and relatively quiet still some snow showers for northern japan and mild there across the korean peninsula so let's head further towards the south where we have got an area of rain developing across more central parts of china along the young sea river valley you see this area here in fact on this northern edge colder air will drive in from the north and as a result we will see some snow here but otherwise across more southeastern heiresses looking fine and pretty warm though twenty five in hong kong fine conditions for annoying vietnam there were twenty seven is a high southerly flow for the towards the surf and pretty decent weather for the philippines through much of sunday wanted to borneo is looking fine but for much of java bali towards east timor it's looking rather cheri some heavy downpours are likely in jakarta.
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these explosions when. these nuclear bombs were experiments by the soviet union. to the kazakh people who lived in the vicinity the motives made little difference. rewind silent. at this time. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories the f.b.i.
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has indicted and thirteen russian nationals and three russian companies of alleged tampering of the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election their careers of a criminal and espionage conspiracy to support donald trump's campaign. promise to trees i'm a is calling for a new security treaty with the european union by the end of next year and he's been speaking on the second day of the munich security conference she says the new agreement winchell military and intelligence cooperation continues after the u.k. leaves the block. and a suspected serial killer has been sentenced to death in pakistan for the rape and murder of a seven year old girl zainab on saudi's body was found in a garbage dump in january a week off she was kidnapped. nationwide protests and criticism that the government wasn't doing enough to protect children a court handed down for death sentences to iran has to be tried in seven other cases. now south africa's new president. has promised
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a new dawn for the country and his first state of the nation address. one and on thursday after the resignation of his predecessor jacob zuma he vowed to help unite the country and revive the economy. matheson went to gauge reaction to poison speech in the president's hometown. of so wet own. quibble has high hopes for south africa's new president he's known several rebel positions that were boys two of thousands whose childhoods have been spent on the streets of seoul where to give them a chance. gives the in. this country would tend. to settle and said well you know everybody when we grow everywhere or when he grows up there are those that those nutty things that we do. right when it came to their real things. that i think so much of has been
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described as the heart of africa it's a mixture of cultures and religions this prosperity here hundreds also poverty people here say that ruffles a cancer but only if he remembers where he's from but jacob zuma the manorama poset has replaced grew up in poverty too only to become mired in allegations of corruption there are those here who say that coming from so waiter may not be enough to prevent rebel poza facing the same fate. sitaram opposers first state of the nation speech also known as the sona has ranged from cutting youth unemployment boosting the struggling economy and helping industry and tackling widespread corruption i'm excited to see what cyril can do. i think his focus is not on command well it's on putting the country first for many many many positive things as you can get the speech that i'm going and it's people clapping and not booing
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rights of its product right you know how it is certainly is it creates expectations but i'm more at ease more than excited. more confident not extremely but i'm happy with what i hit. in soweto and across the rest of south africa people have heard from oppose his promises. they're waiting to see if you can deliver right matheson al-jazeera so it's. the u.s. president has dodged questions about gun control while visiting the victims of a school shooting in florida but all trump and his wife melania made an unannounced visit to the hospital where he also met privately with medical staff trying to ignore questions from reporters about strengthening legislation and left off they were asked he also visited the first responders to wednesday's shooting which left seventeen people dead. meanwhile students from a nearby florida high school have called for increased gun control they held a protest on campus demanding tightened weapons for struction as they're calling
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for a bad on assault rifles and gun shows and stronger mental health and background checks ahead of gun purchases. what started this was. sandy hook elementary school shooting what started this with all the school shootings all the gun violence that was in iraq or ever so many people have died from gun violence and this so much of it could be prevented if our government would take action and would do things. former u.s. presidential candidate mitt romney is running for the senate he's been a sharp critic of president trump and some hope he'll continue to be a voice of opposition within the republican party rob reynolds reports. in a carefully crafted video launching is bid for a senate seat from utah mitt romney contrast to what he called the state's values of service and civility with the partisan gridlock and scandal gripping the nation's capital because i believe i can help bring utah as values and utah as the
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lessons to washington romney who lost to president barack obama in two thousand and twelve became one of the sharpest republican critics of then candidate donald trump during the twenty sixteen election campaign blasting the reality show star is fit to be president here's what i know. donald trump is a phony a fraud his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university but after trump's unexpected victory romney showed interest in becoming his secretary of state there meetings at trump tower now seem like a way for trump to get even with romney in public humiliate him if romney goes to washington analysts say he could be a floridian trump side there was an opening for a conservative critic of trump i don't think at this point mitt romney intends to fill that opening but i think the role could fall upon him if there is increasing
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criticism of president obama among the conservatives romney didn't single out trolled by name but implicitly criticized his immigration policies utah welcomes legal immigrants around the world washington sends immigrants a message of exclusion romney is considered likely to win the senate seat he's well known and respected in utah where he successfully managed a twenty twelve salt lake city olympics he is a leading member of the latter day saints church commonly known as the mormons whose members are a solid majority in heavily republican huge all mormons have never been entirely comfortable with donald trump his values his lifestyle are very alien to the mormon point of view the question now is will romney's self-proclaimed utah all values translate into opposition to trump values robert oulds al-jazeera. now people in cos of a mocking ten year since declaring independence from serbia after years of conflict
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and a civil war that claimed thousands of lives but it's been a struggle marks by high unemployment and rampant corruption and although independence is recognized by the u.s. and many european countries it's still a lot recognised by serbia russia or china and costa was prime minister i was told al-jazeera that has to change all those investments military political financial or loosing gave them and makes it is very rational to keep it still unfinished business so we have lost a lot of farms so that today it's the dog tomorrow is that on but we don't have any more years for this because your last two decades on this topic what's going to happen you know in the future depends a lot on cars as leaders and they have to make a bigger focus on things like move law dealing with the unemployment rate and
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having better relationships with their neighboring countries. serbia and montenegro said our lender simmons has more from pristina. for this landmark event the pressure is certainly mounting for full recognition of kosovo the european union is key in all of this it has made a slightly ambiguous statement suggesting that when serbia finally pushes forward for full membership of the e.u. a condition will be recognition of course of now that would set in train its thought russia or agreeing in the security council for un recognition of membership of the un this country does have all the traits of a state it has membership of organizations from fee for all the way to the i.m.f. but it doesn't have that cherished situation of being a member of the european union which it really does need to see
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a whole raft of things to take place so the focus politically on those developments but also this tenth anniversary sees people looking back at the cost of independence the lives lost on both sides and great check was where so many developments started to trail towards nato getting involved in the conflict which was a crucial moment one that switch things in favor of independence it's thought and we went to the village of re check to look at the situation and we spoke to one of only five survivors of a mass killing which still the deaths of forty five people. it's a war he's grown used to over the years. still can't comprehend why he lived and his brother died neither men had been fighters they were kosovar albanian and that was a death sentence for those buried here young and old. this
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happened within the reach of unarmed european observers but the serbs blocked their access roma shabani and others had been rounded up in this yard. pretty hard to stop or to talk to in the hall as you can see first of all they threw grenades and opened fire on the house people were screaming especially the kids who i was laid out and beaten just here then we were ordered to leave in that direction with our hands behind our heads. like the others rama followed directions coming up here stopping to light a cigarette and then haring shooting he ran in that direction and the rest had come along here and they'd fallen into a trap they call this the red trail paint marks the spots where blood stains belongings and foreign bodies had been found and it was all
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exposed by this figure from what i personally saw i do not hesitate to describe the event as a massacre obviously a crime very much against humanity. william walker's words started a diplomatic trail leading to nato's intervention the bombing of serbian military targets and there were civilian casualties i could read check this young man believes the conflict was worth it but byron hire a z who was six when his eighteen year old brother was shot dead says many of kosovo's leaders a noun neglecting his village and others like it. if we compare rhetorics contribution to the cost of postage i think the authorities have not paid off our sacrifice so many young people attend university degrees only to be unemployed economic development stifled every heist in our village has a person who's migrated to support their family it's the view of many kosovar
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albanians ten years of independence hasn't carried with it good fortune for all so you heard there this isn't a simple situation there's a lot of pressure economically on people living here a four percent growth rate may be good it may be the highest in the region but with it it carries unemployment right across the board and nearly sixty percent youth unemployment which is the biggest problem of all add to that corruption concern about justice for atrocities against people in the war on resolved justice and a pile of other issues relating to the ethnic divide here and it isn't an easy situation by any means. hello again i'm elizabeth rodham in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the
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f.b.i. has indicted thirteen russian nationals and three russian companies of alleged tampering with the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election they're accused of a criminal and espionage conspiracy to support donald trump's campaign. but other news the u.k. prime minister tourism a is calling for a new security treaty with the european union by the end of next year may have been speaking on the second day of the munich security conference she says the new agreement will ensure military and intelligence cooperation continues off to the u.k. leaves the block. so as we leave the e.u. and forge a new path for our souls in the world the u.k. is just as committed to europe's security in the future as we have been in the past europe security is our security and that is why i have said and i say again today that the united kingdom is conditionally committed to maintaining it. a suspected
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serial killer has been sentenced to death in pakistan for the rape and murder of a seven year old they are now on sidings body was found in a garbage dump in january a week after she was kidnapped killing spot nationwide protests and criticism that the government wasn't doing enough to protect children a court handed down for death sentences to iran ali has to be tried in seven other cases. right we're taking you back to munich now to the second day of the security conference where we're hearing from the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov let's listen in. to remember the events of the recent past stood as the russian historian basic to chess kids said history punishes those who do not learn the lesson eighty years ago in nineteen thirty eight here in munich we adopted the agreement on the suppression of czechoslovakia which was a sort of a privilege to the second world war and later the newer big process. of the leaders
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of the third drake who were tried since you claimed that the goal was to push russia out of europe and then again kate terms you mentioned that would be. a tragedy it reflected all the pieces of the book that is the belief in their exclusiveness the strikes the mutual suspicions and their bet to create descend into a corner and send buffer zones and meddling into other states affairs and those memories are even more. every summit who would compare them with today with their attempts to bring you modern historic truth of the second world war and the preceding events that tempts to rehabilitate to the next is and their advice in certain countries of the e.u. they are in lost because the nazis and their allies.


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