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tv   Innovate Africa 2014 Ep 4  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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military takeover a day after the government declared a new state of emergency it comes off the worst anti-government protests in a quarter of a century a state of emergency will last for six months and effectively bans demonstrations the body of zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has been repatriated from south africa he died on wednesday after battling code on cancer center i was a key figure in zimbabwe in politics and founded the movement for democratic change of course in pakistan who said just a man to death for the murder and rape of a six year old girl say never sorry her body was found in a rubbish dump after she'd been strangled twenty four year old iran ali was given four separate death sentences. the case triggered protests across the country with claims of government inaction and police incompetence students from a school in florida where seventeen people were shot dead on wednesday have been among those holding a protest rally to demand tighter gun control the man charged with the murders is
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a former student at the high school the police say was able to buy weapons legally there's the headlines to stay with us innovate africa is up next thanks for watching c.c. . the benefit of saddam people so bad they see the importance of cars witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. this is innovate africa a series highlighting innovation and creativity across a continent that is on the rise today innovate africa. building cheap computers from unwanted waste. and verifying the safety of medicines by mobile phone we have to have a system of truth which leads to accountability taxing nigerians rubbish problems using cargo bytes and is a mess waste queen in fact a wave of africa. and
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a radical scheme to lift disenfranchised youth out of gang culture and into technology children of that state of mind. solving social problems and positively affecting their local communities is what drives the innovators in today's program we start in nigeria where there's a growing problem with stuff like this household rubbish dhoni met a young woman with a radical solution. the world. good job.
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to waste a growing problem facing many african cities none more so than in lagos in nigeria where discarded litter pollutes the surrounding environment and poisons the living conditions of twenty million people. landfills are full to overflowing piles of unprocessed garbage and runoff waste water bacteria. but here the city has also been the seed of remarkable innovation. the accused has identified an opportunity to social change and tied to a business separate be totally separate separate. she started recycling and initiative to create a sustainable business model up to the house who. added must a degree in software engineering we cyclers started out as a result of a class that i took while i was a student at mit focused on people that live at the base of the pyramid people that earn less than two dollars a day. while working to empower people in low income communities we feel we we
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provide them with convenience recycling using low cost called recycles. household registers who are service and find on a weekly collection schedule so are we cyclists go to their houses on how schools would start how they're rubbish into three different categories the plastic bottles as you can see appeal what especially on the time the recycling is in ways that we each kind of material and then record to each kind of material has a different value of points households then we feed from. that tells them how much of each month cereal that we collected and how many points they were able to get many of the households that we are servicing to not have smartphones you know with so we had to do something that was very simple and easily accessible so
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s.m.s. was the answer every three months we have a chance of the demons out points for price we can get household items that can get electronics like a blender. you know toasted machine it generates zero or even catch. something that will. make an environmentally clean it's likely means something. to expand initiative. she has come to my home city of cape town to network with the manager of the resign in.
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cape town thank you thank you so much. every day. for many people so we have this model. we want to make it such that it can be transferred to other places so that's really what we're working on now to expand our model you know that's a think big. and informal settlement on the atlantic seaboard about twenty kilometers outside of cape town could be home to the first south african beside his initiative. visit the first time you kind of my first time oh has identified similarities between her hometown and. thirty thousand people who live here and their waste collection system is in adequate. and then diverse took the classes are keeping those bags wow ok then. is the manager of the in his and we
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had to co-operative here she and her team collect recyclables dropped off by the public sort and themselves. these us from monday until every day. both of us. will look like a laugh we want marion's of africa the current system relies on the room and we cyclers model could be the perfect incentive to galvanize recycling in the community. i salute and how does the financial model of the company work that provides the resources to be able to provide these incentives what we do is we sell the waste. value at the point of collections for example the plastic bottles there's so many things you can do you know to add value the color remove the car. it was separate the color of the new breasts well i may get more money you don't have to you don't have to remove this one to get more money. wow ok.
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as we grow one must become big the number of the amount of what's reflected in stalking which they become all those costs. now even though we have support from companies that they fund for same things that we do. will fund. the redemption. and that helps us to offset. i think personally that you cannot people cannot become up from out of poverty without having. this. through because. they have no solution so we want to provide.
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togo is one of the smallest countries in africa. in the sixteenth century it was a country raided by european slave traders the capital city has a population of less than a million people many of them young. but it's one of the african countries least touched by the communication and computing revolution. in spite of limited resources and infrastructure. is a determined to be part of the technological revolution that is sweeping across africa. says is a young man who has started a tech business in the city his company infinite loop is a product of his passion for technology and the change that it brings. sam first became known for the robots he was making since he was
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a child he's programmed the robots to play football and even recognize faces. while he was at university he and his friends could not afford computers and had very little access to technology he decided that the solution lay in innovative thinking with cheap computer chips and second hand parts computers could be built from the most basic and unlikely components. but his aunt sally quinn bill sammon golf out walk. on the uphill and he joined us as well as all different paul funk feel free to form not. don't go on up is up out here. from sun was off on and off. for a scream at the computer can be plugged into a new t.v. . all three of us are being recalled lightning like last year and you like being
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a movie fan want to pollute. the news and i was not. seven uses a combination of both component and ways to make his handheld computers but for other young told police is keen on a career in technology the markets are a good place to start. gnome is market sell everything from the waist to these plastic jerry cans they are found throughout africa but here in law may be used for more than carrying water. bottle was a regular ok here they jerry is a tough d.i.y. computer anyone can build from recycled computer parts housed in a jerry cab. this group of young people call themselves the jerry class and they are working together in a down time space called the way to
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a place where young innovators gather to collaborate and share ideas while building the technology they cannot. good is the current team leader at the with. your forehead your ears as an old not they are. and he said. are you not there. yet are you not they are. not that also now it's one. that i feel those of us know making more than the god do i think there was. no way . in the wet so.
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fat. and i watch our faith. in a way. to vinnie it is. part of the philosophy is to include the community. that go after us it is good reason togo don't offer any computer classes and the way lab is filling an important gap one of the most ambitious projects here is to build a three d. printers from waste material. some months ago the way led teams succeeded in building an award winning three d. printer using recycled parts it's said to be the world's first three d. printer made from your waist it's currently being showcased in europe and the team is building more. nodded and. admiration. and not. very worrisome on the i was on the. game for month by the battle
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line of one when a bat is it the ana. sam kodo began his technological journey at the way lab but has now moved on sam was nominated for a prestigious award a prize for innovation and entrepreneurship he was one of twelve finalists chosen from all over africa. after having as i was in that del shivered donny was african all in. all live in doing. your fan to fill a. hole those are all. in south africa cape town the gang culture is a complex social problem has proved difficult to overturn but now a group of ex gangsters are using technology to radically change their community.
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cape town is a city visited by thousands of tourists every year and table mountain is one of africa's great natural attractions but in the shadow of the mountain is an area known as the cape flats. it is home to a large mixed race community who were designated hate khaled's during the upon take issue in. these communities were forcibly removed from their homes and dumped here . many young people without cultural roots or status have turned to drugs and gangs. but now this area has spawned an innovative scheme to use technology to offer a way out of the cycle of drugs and violence. this new cafe on the cape flats is
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unique to the city. here no money ever changes hands but nothing is for free people pay for their meals and refreshments with a virtual currency cold is locked us. many of these young people are unemployed and some of them even homeless they enslaved was that accredited to get digital wanted by attending free i.c.t. courses. are. letters can be used in the online store to buy groceries and time to train tickets haircuts and smacks at the youth cafe where free wife i and access to computers is also available to. be. desired to exchange program and the youth cafe itself a key parts of the model brands find good i welcome to it i left it here good to
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meet you and nice you too there was a space quite viable and let. us off with developers working on different projects . all our lives is a free take space where everyone is. welcome here the facilitators run free courses focused on using technology to grow skills and build futures. ok good morning everyone every course attended the individual. people every. opportunity again and able to find a phenomenal opportunity. facilitate his work with the students on developing software platforms building apps and using the technology on office to turn ideas into income generating i.c.t. products. it's also a safe space for these troubled takings to come together and feel part of positive change was that i was seeing the
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heat was she going to write about it i mean it was the seat was it entrepreneurship last year so we wanted to give it like a corporate feel right so we have a sense of what a boardroom exactly it's all about empowering our local and entrepreneurs brant williams used to be a drug user dealer and gangster. having been through the system himself who now runs this campus. this rule book coding happens this is we we all the magic happens or people thought of without without without business income by the way to give them a laptop. we call it and they have access to the internet out resources and also which they use values all software developers. each of the our labs management team selects six new i.c.t. innovations to be part of a nine month our labs incubation program. through its partners our labs makes up to
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twenty thousand dollars available for developing the best ideas and getting them to the market. terence hendrix was recently selected to join the incubation program he has developed a search engine for local people looking for entry level employment which is especially just a phone call for the normal unemployed person on the road a job engine been dubbed a woman's linked in like a search engine that allows you to search for jobs so basically you don't even need to register you can just go to she got me and search a job that's just before our lives i was unemployed for many years and i told them my history and then i said but you're the perfect person to create something for unemployed people we're just launching the new mobile site. new time to d.s.c. is another our last big thinker. he has designed an app called go vice city which
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has just gone life it's designed to help disadvantaged students navigate the university system from applications to understanding the system and choosing courses so in this platform it's where people share their experiences and other people commenting on the experiences for instance our labs is not only creating new businesses but overturning existing role models. people who have not as cars. who go out every weekend but now when you feel like the change agents of that state of mind if you don't you are the example that's the atmosphere. our labs concept began with a revolution in a difficult space it's an african innovation with the potential to change trouble communities all over the world. that can make that. illegal prescription drugs claim thousands of innocent lives in africa but one
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group of connie innovators is protecting consumers with a smart and accessible solution and all you need is one of the. counterfeit drugs are big business in africa fraudsters are cutting the medicines with toxic in active ingredients or just sending views this fakes all packaged to mimic the real deal. thousands of unsuspecting patients unwittingly buying bogus medicines and the consequences are severe huge numbers of these innocent people are dying each year as a result of taking fake drugs that either do nothing to cure their illness or poison them. counterfeit anti-malaria or tuberculosis drugs kill an estimated seven hundred thousand patients in africa every year governments and special task forces
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across the continent are trying to crack down on this criminal activity but it's a tall order the drugs are not only sold on the street they are often sold unknowingly by pharmacies the packaging and appearance replicated to match the genuine brands. in ghana a company called impaired. three have come up with a way to fight back using mobile phone. we have to have a system of truth ability which leads to accountability and this illusion you can provide enough not all bets provide you provide the tracing it provide the truck. right finals and his team and pedigree and ruling out the solution to this problem it's a quick and simple way for consumers to find out immediately if the drugs they're purchasing an illegal welcome to imperatives of thank you so much for your work of
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the single product there's a different number so is like is what i was serialized that is the kind of then given that it's always the serialisation technology very few people will take a second look at what they are thinking most people because they do not have money going for the cheaper alternatives. and then the next thing the happens is either the person dies or more time spent in seeking further treatment because of further complications that took place so this is coughing so on there is an upward act you can see the batch numbers reading here and expiry date is written here participating manufacturers serialize each product with a specially designed m.p. degree scratchpad scratching reveals the products unique serial number every particular product what happens is that you send a text message with this number here two one three one three which is our short code sent. and it is free for the consumer to check all right so in one second we
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have the response it says ok genuine core facts one but all cough mixture by sheer number one for. three zero two so this is how we able to protect consumers you don't need at all you don't need to download a special or anything it's bare bones that provide. it's much more value first of all for the decision of those made for you to buy the product and then second of all for the money for. identify something like a tree and it makes it impossible for somebody to say i don't know how it got to them because now you can have transparency and visibility. because it's also about the politics and helps us. to reform this kind of politics our evolutionary not only because of the technological advancement that. also change the politics in which welfare and. sort of health and education offered.
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time to test the system for myself. i visited a pharmacy in akron to buy anti malaria only vacation. can i just have one it's. great. thank you thank you thank you all i need now is to scratch reveal the serial number on my mobile phone. within one second of estimating the serial number to be impeded platform. i receive a free text response confirming that the drugs only git. him pedigreed looks like a major step forward in combating the did he trade in counterfeit drugs. next time on innovate africa technology and talent combine to create digital entertainment with a distinctly african flavor. puppets and politics topical comedy
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a new smartphone with good morning. african superheroes on the rise in online gaming imagination is just. it's virtually unlimited and a new music platform featuring african talent. the foreign minister. was always telling me how famous he was going to make it that's how he presented
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hello my name body without consciousness it is north west representatives kind of. teacher put it all. as if you were a member of that we had this special meeting about the body of the nail and he said no. that's not the heart that i knew immediately this is a color you have used on the man city yet al-jazeera investigation football's world of silence this time. these explosions were not an act of war. these nuclear bombs were experiments by the soviet union. to the kazakh people who lived in the vicinity the motives might be little difference rewind sign and. at this time a mountain scenery.
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in the heart of the amazon bolivian family his clan lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts. which can sing the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking it tool to libya. at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. i welcome to the al-jazeera news our arms the robin is our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes four israeli soldiers were injured by an
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explosion along the gaza border.


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