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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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to escape the world. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated the perspective american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want you to see and if you don't say it when i go what you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind at this time on al-jazeera. israel attacks gaza what the airstrikes after four of its soldiers are hurt and a border bomb explosion. ever shall carry this is al jazeera life also coming up moscow and washington trade
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accusations after thirteen russians are indicted over alleged meddling and the u.s. presidential election. i really kind of question whether or not they should have it. makes feelings as a gun show goes ahead in florida an hour's drive from a high school where seventeen people are shot dead on wednesday. and we'll hear from the indigenous kenyan forest communities who say they're being forced off their ancestral lands. four israeli soldiers have been wounded two of them seriously and an explosion along the gaza border israel's military blame some mosques carried out air strikes on a number of sites in the southern gaza strip ensuring two people the border area has been seen rather an increase in violence since the president's decision to recognize israel's capital but the future today's incident on the gaza strip border
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was severe we were responding appropriately i send my wishes for a quick recovery to the wounded. that has more from us for a song. israel has carried out what it calls a large scale attack on hamas targets within gaza this is in response to what happened earlier on saturday when those an explosion seems an explosive device left at the border fence two israeli soldiers seriously wounded two more moderately wounded in that explosion so israel responding with targeted strikes it said on six separate hamas targets within gaza choosing at them from the air. and a tunnel which they said was being dug towards israeli territory two military compounds within those six targets in total there was also rocket fired out of gaza which struck a civilian home it israel no injuries reported from there but there were injuries reported by the guards and health ministry shortly thereafter reported from tank
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fire incoming east a rocket down in the south of the gaza strip the israeli media reporting that four palestinians were trying to breach the border fence and were fired on by the israeli military the gazan health ministry saying two people injured missing in that incident this is one of the most serious rounds of such fighting since the twenty fourteen gaza war it reflects what has been a more tense and potentially dangerous situation since the decoration by donald trump in december that the united states view jerusalem as israel's capital have been a lot of the confrontational protests and some firing across the the the border between israel and gaza this though is the most serious round yet since that happened i have been a co-founder electrican to fatah and online is publication focusing on palestine says the air strikes on gaza are a sign of crying israeli aggression. we have to put this in the proper context of
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israel's tightening squeeze and escalating violence against gaza which many people have been warning for some time could lead to another major outbreak of war and if that happens it will be a catastrophe for people in gaza but will be it will be entirely of israel's making what we can say is that israel is the occupying power in gaza that is subjecting two million people to a brutal sea which is has caused what all aid agencies humanitarian agencies are saying. is a humanitarian catastrophe and military occupation is a dangerous. dangerous activity of course it's far more dangerous for the victims of the occupation but israel context specked its military occupation will be totally one hundred percent safe if you're going to occupy an oppressor of the people you can expect that your soldiers going to get hurt in the process and
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israel's tactic of bombing gaza keeping the electricity supply at the minimum such that hospitals are now shut down is part of her relentless aggression against two million people in gaza that will hunt down to really produce a military response from resistance groups in gaza and that may or may not be what we saw in terms of the explosions that happened that injured several occupations soldiers today pressure has dismissed u.s. allegations that thirteen of a stash else ran a secret operation to help donald trump in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election foreign minister sergei lavrov said the entitlements are without substance that was challenge by a top u.s. official i think you next to kerry conference president already has more. the munich security conference often focuses on weapons of mass destruction regional
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war and the threat from rogue nations and groups but at this year's meeting the conflict is between russia and the us which is now and died thirteen russian citizens for allegedly interfering in the two thousand and sixteen presidential race the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov called the indictments irrelevant. so until we hear the facts everything else is just blather the indictment says otherwise the defendants allegedly were promoting donald trump's candidacy and undermining that of his democratic rival hillary clinton. by one example an anti trump protest march in new york shortly after his election allegedly organized by the defendants and not by ordinary americans the allegation is that the russians were using the anti trump protest to cover their tracks in supporting him the special counsel robert muller has indicted thirteen russian citizens and
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three companies for allegedly interfering in the two thousand and sixteen elections according to the unsealed indictment the accused allegedly conspired from two thousand and fourteen until now to interfere with the u.s. political and electoral processes including the two thousand and sixteen election the special counsel alleges that the group posed as americans and controlled social media accounts focusing on divisive social and political issues one important point the indictment does not allege that anyone in the donald trump campaign colluded actively with the russians the u.s. national security advisor h r mcmaster told conference delegates the rumors of russian interference are now fact the united states will expose and act against those who use cyberspace social media and other means to advance campaigns of the. formation subversion and as you know the former russian ambassador to the
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united states long accused of using his post to interfere in u.s. affairs told delegates the indictments are nothing more than fear mongering and whether of a. loan to. simply. being used for reasons. meanwhile no comment from president donald trump who spending the weekend at his florida state roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington hillary mann leverett is a former u.s. state department and national security council official she says the indictments reflect wider concern about russia's influence there's nothing new about russian or american interference in each other's domestic politics or in the domestic politics of a range of other countries this is something you know going back to one nine hundred fifty s. when many prominent americans were fired from their jobs and blacklisted for suspected ties to commie to the communist soviet union so there's nothing really
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new about it i think the new dynamic now here is an american political elite concern about resurgent russia particularly russia's power under president putin to exercise its influence whether we see it in the middle east in syria in other places china and perhaps here in the united states when the united states is arguably at a very weak point where many people in the united states would consider this is i right now very divided and open and vulnerable to russian influence so i think the concern is very much about the resurgence of russian power and how the united states can come to terms with that there's plenty of disagreement on other fronts as well between russia and the u.s. at the unix security conference in germany david schaper reports from their. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov took center stage at the munich security conference to accuse nato of a military buildup in eastern europe describing international relations as going
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through turmoil he reached out to the european union with. them credit we want to have a predictable and strong e.u. which will be responsible on the floor and soon but in remarks clearly aimed at the united states he attacked washington's policies on syria and iran we cannot approach these issues from an even more dangerous standpoint and i mean the middle east conflict and try to resolve it through heightening the tensions between sunni and shia it's highly dangerous the president trumps national security adviser was quick to hit back at russia's role in syria public accounts and photos clearly show that assad's chemical weapons use is continuing it is time for all nations to hold the syrian regime and its sponsors accountable for their actions and supports the efforts of the organization for the prohibition
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of chemical weapons but mostest said syria and north korea were not the only rogue states he said iran was building its hizbullah militia into a large proxy army and what iran is actually doing is applying the hezbollah model to the greater middle east in which they they want weak governments in power they want the arab world to be perpetually weak. and if we governments in power that are dependent on iran for support kept at bay by thousands of police demonstrators gathered in the snow around the conference center they come every year to oppose nato and call for disarmament. but this year the demonstration has been different it's been mobbed by a large contingent of kurdish demonstrators protesting against the turkish incursion against the kurdish enclaves in northern syria and the two conflicts the turkish planes are making more an effort and there are lots of kids in there for
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and they are dying it's forbidden the british prime minister to reserve may began the day at the conference with a keynote speech calling for a special relationship with the european union on security after bragg's it so as we leave the e.u. and fortune you pass russel's in the world the u.k. is just as committed to your security in the future as we have been in the past the sentiment and content of a speech was well received by delegates but everyone is now waiting to see if an equally special relationship can be developed on economic ties post breaks it and just exactly what her vision really is david chaytor al-jazeera eunuch. inside syria air strikes have killed two children in a rebel held area province activists say nine other people were injured in the attack in the town of hazing know the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights there have been more strikes in other
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parts of the province but port's no casualties from those. students from the u.s. school in florida were seventeen people were shot dead on wednesday have taken part in a rally for tighter gun control the man charged in the murders is a former student at the high school nicholas cruz and bought his weapon his automatic weapon legally. it didn't do anything to prevent us from coming from continuing to occur was something. that there was no down and we were like do you. have recall it's just you know it's taking donations from the n.r.a. shame on you. but an hour's drive away in miami people attending a gun show said firearms cannot be blamed for what happened at the school the company in charge of the event expressed sympathy over the mass shooting putting up posters saying they meant no disrespect or institute insensitivity they said it would have been too expensive to cancel. these events that we have
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a slower gun shows are scheduled years in advance and these are you know reserved for the gun show in years in advance this was earlier in my opinion not necessarily a gun problem but more a mental health problem. hundreds of far right supporters have marched through bulgaria's capital after a court overturned a government ban on the event and will march on a world war two general government to try to stop it saying it would harm the country's reputation. well garia currently holds the six month rotating presidency . still ahead on al-jazeera or starvation a cholera epidemic and now a new health crisis brings more misery. in the philippines as the body of a made us return.
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welcome back we'll look at the weather across the americas this time of seeing quite an active frontal system clearing the way southeast which bring in some colder air with it as we head through sunday will see some recovery in temperature for washington compared to say about five degrees on stuff they summed up to ten new york eight not looking too bad we've got some snowfall though across more central areas cause northern plains and into the rockies obviously some big negative temperatures there for parts of canada more snow developing across the west here in the course of monday dry conditions expected for los angeles and san francisco the islands of the caribbean are enjoying some really nice weather at the moment showers very few and far between are not to be entirely dry but only the bulk of the day you made up the sunshine twenty nine the high in kingston jamaica continuing that way as we head through monday obviously winds commune of the caribbean is along this coast that will see a few showers through central america but for the most part here too it's looking
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dry and fine so into south america we've seen some pretty heavy showers in parts of bolivia in recent days are still things receive some heavy downpours here brazil to certain southern areas realtor's neary seeing some flooding here but it's looking somewhat better still the risk of showers around further south it should be dry and fine in buenos aires with highs expected to reach thirty two degrees celsius. on counting the cost we'll talk to i.m.f. chief christine lagarde about how the economic model is changing here in the middle east can ireland break regs it find out how the emerald isle is of course in the middle of a big round between the u.k. and the e.u. the year of the dog in china counting the cost at this time.
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you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now four israeli soldiers have been wounded two of them seriously and an explosion along the israeli border with gaza israeli military blamed some os it's carried out airstrikes targeting several locations in the southern gaza strip russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has to miss us allegations that thirteen russian nationals ran a secret operation to sway the two thousand and sixteen presidential election and donald trump's favor national security adviser a charming master said the evidence is and deniable. students from the u.s. school in florida over seventeen people were shot dead on wednesday have taken part
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in a rally for tighter gun control the man charged with the murders is a former student at the high school they say nicholas cruz bought his automatic weapon legally. yemen is facing a new health crisis after years of conflict are dealing with severe malnutrition and a cholera epidemic people are now dying from what's thought to be bird flu. doing reports. it's exactly what yemen's already overloaded medical teams didn't want to hear a new outbreak of disease a growing number of people have died with symptoms similar to bird flu and doctors say dozens more could be infected. in the hour solo or so when these patients arrive they had influenza symptoms like breathing difficulties and acute respiratory failure they also had a high fever and identifying the disease is challenging the doctors are treating more patients with fewer resources standard supplies and testing kits have become
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a luxury. how the in these cases raise a red flag they match h one n one some dimiss like fever intensive coughing and he thinks the ministry of health hasn't been able to confirm this since last year lamps don't have supplies to test this. the country is already dealing with one of the worst ever outbreaks of cholera the international committee of the red cross says there are more than one million suspected cases and about eighty percent of yemen lacks proper access to food clean water and health care cases of bird flu would only add to the crisis if we add to this formula. preventable diseases then we are we are facing an extremely difficult that's a straw fick problem in yemen it's a find doctors deal with on a regular basis. yemen's three year were has made already dire conditions of
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disease and hunger even more difficult to combat we have more than twenty men women and children who die every day from preventable diseases why the why does that happen because more than fifty percent of the health centers and hospitals in yemen today do not function anymore there are small finds of progress in january the un allocated. fifty million dollars to support yemen simonis hereon response some ports have all been allowing for the delivery of food supplies and medicine aid the country's hospitals desperately need for many the hope has arrived too late for others there is still some hope. now dizzy or alive and somali refugees who were held in militia controlled areas of libya for years have returned home they were evacuated government and the un refugee agency
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recent photos and videos of somali refugees being tortured and smugglers camps in libya cost public outrage and forced the government in mogadishu to take action. there are more young somalis being held now in libya some of my friends died there because of torture including a woman called bashara torturing leave is a form of greeting in the morning you are woken up by being hit with a stick and at night you are hit with sticks and to fall asleep. the body of zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has been brought home from south africa thousands of supporters are waiting outside the airport in the capital harare to honor their late leader who died on wednesday from colon cancer. philippine ambassador to kuwait says he received almost six thousand complaints of abuse towards filipino workers last year the body of a filipino maid found in a freezer in kuwait last week has highlighted the mistreatment of some domestic workers in the gulf present territory ban the further deployment of filipino
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workers to equate triggering a diplomatic crisis sami said on has the reaction from kuwait city. praying for closure church services in kuwait spare a prayer for john a democrat. maria khanna two spares a thought for the domestic worker whose body was found in a freezer authorities are still looking for the suspect a lebanese national i'm afraid me. these. cannon knows all about the life of the domestic worker she's worked as one for more than eighty years she says some face abuse but it's not typical. but if you would like my sister the philippine government reacted strongly to john his death banning its citizens from coming to kuwait for work it later issued a clarification exempting those who already have jobs here about the initial announcement never the last century through the country. for many filipinos
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a job in the gulf is a lifeline for extended families some my space and good life and. they don't have they don't they don't get that. good at math from. philippine authorities however say complaints of abuse compelled them to take action we have. five thousand some five thousand eight. hundred complaints of abuse last year. including treatment sexual harassment and three. the philippine ban on allowing new workers to go to kuwait is a problem for you can now only after over a decade in kuwait fangio owns a restaurant. money exchange businesses she needs to expand her workforce the president's ban she says is holding her back processing coal. and some of my stuff was steve who won the game game here this is a really very very big problem was the officials are critical to of the ban they
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concede it might be necessary to review some quality measures like the ability of sponsors to hold migrant workers passports however they say the philippine president's statements have only complicated the situation at the moment. the ban was ordered for domestic reasons it's a clear there are also other reasons for such an escalation in joules but we are also. was the congregation sings for their community to be delivered from the devil the devil of abuse and the devil of hasty government decisions sami's a than al-jazeera kuwait. pressure is growing on mexico's government to raise the minimum wage advocates have told that america's human rights watch that the current rate less than five dollars a day condemns millions to a life of poverty john homeowner port to mexico city. million has always tried to work with
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a smile on her face but like many mexicans she lives almost on the breadline the job buying and selling clothes in the local market often doesn't pay enough to feed her family for good luck on me that it was dissing point that a meal here costs just under three dollars and i just ate half of it and save the other part for the next day to save on costs. new official start show that four out of ten mix concerns don't earn enough even to buy basic food stuffs last year's record inflation combined with the country's long stagnant salaries have left many families unable to cope with the unexpected and i mean it in a bit over there but my goodness for the burden from getting sick because it costs money i have to have a special diet for my diabetes which costs even more. mexicans buying power began to nosedive more than a decade ago and has never recovered the mits can government posted this month that the economy's enjoyed five years of constant growth but that doesn't seem to have
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filtered down independent statistics show that the ten richest mexicans have the same amount of money as the sixty million poorest. countries on course to have the second lowest minimum wage in latin america and joe says that less than five dollars a day it's so low it's unconstitutional it's urging the intermarriage conclude of human rights to rule in favor of an increase but oxfam's head of research says that the roots of the problem also have to be addressed why weight is so low the strategy of the government. has been to montagne low wages in order to continue to attract foreign investment we need to stop competing with order markets by offering low wages we need to change that mindset in order to. cascade. the fruits of globalization. that's a steep challenge for
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a country which has struggled to balance creating jobs with ensuring they pay enough for people to enjoy a decent life of. john hoeven al-jazeera miscue city. a military helicopter surveying damage from an earthquake in southern mexico has crashed killing thirteen people on the ground including three children the chopper was carrying mexico's interior minister and a state governor when it came down on top of two vans everyone on board survived thousands of people from an indigenous forest community in kenya say the government is forcing them off their ancestral land the same where people of the forest in the western highlands accuse the government's forest service of threats and violence catherine soy has more from western kenya this is a forest in western kenya it's part of a large ecosystem called the chairing on the heels forest one of the most important
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what are catchment areas in the country and a source of livelihood to millions of people downstream yet look at this century old trees recently set on fire it's not clear by whom but forest warden say thousands of acres of the forest have over the years been destroyed by people living here illegally grazing farming logging and binding chalk. streams that supply water to lakes and rivers are running dry and it's become a hideout for cattle thieves but in this forest also the sand where community traditionally the hunters gather us and they say ember book is that ancestral home they are keeping huge hundreds of livestock sheep katra sometimes even goats and goats are not allowed in the forest by law the farming we are seeing and cautious listed thomas has refused to leave she says her house was banned down by forest guards in december now she spends her days hiding from them alyssa tells us this
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place keeps her safe from forest guards and raiders from a rival community during the day she cooks here that night she is everything space to sleep she says it keeps how warm but obviously it doesn't protect her from the rain the rainy season is about to start and many more people deep inside the forest also living rough in crevices and other open spaces after their homes are destroyed i have six children who are now staying with a neighbor outside the forest if i leave my animals here will be stolen what's going on in amber boot puts to focus the delicate balance of conserving their environment and protecting the rights of indigenous communities. last year they'll get another forest community one a landmark case of the african court and human and peoples rights judges ruled they had the rights to leave in and help conserve another important what a tower the mouse forest forced evictions cannot be
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a right or imposed on people even if it's in the context of across a racial project this is what i i mean by human rights based the courts the environment protection something where families were compensated by the state in twenty fifteen to pull you into really moved out but they now say the money was not enough to buy land police to tells us how family got nothing and social state puts and protects her cattle no matter the consequences catching soy al-jazeera and book forest west in kenya you. never shall carry let's recap the top stories on al-jazeera four israeli soldiers have been wounded two of them seriously and an explosion along the israeli border with gaza israeli military blames hamas it carried out airstrikes targeting several
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locations in the southern gaza strip entering two palestinians for fossett has more from west to resort. israel is carried out when it cools a large scale attack on hamas targets within gaza this is in response to what happened earlier on saturday when there was an explosion seems an explosive device left at the border fence two israeli soldiers seriously wounded will moderately wounded in that explosion israel responding with strikes that said on six separate hamas targets within gaza shooting at them from the. russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has dismissed u.s. allegations that thirteen russian nationals were in a secret operation to sway the two thousand and sixteen presidential election and donald trump's favor a u.s. national security adviser a charge master said the evidence of espionage is undeniable students from the u.s. school in florida where seventeen people were shot dead on wednesday have taken
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part in a rally for tighter gun control the man charged with the murders is a former student at the high school play said nicholas cruz bought his automatic weapon illegally hundreds of far right supporters have held a march in bulgaria capital after a court overturned a government ban on that event and will march on as a pro nazi world war two governor general that is the government had tried to stop it saying it would harm the country's reputation. military helicopter surveying damage from an earthquake in southern mexico crashed killing thirteen people on the ground including two children the chopper was carrying mexico's interior minister and the state governor when it came down on top of two vans and went on board the helicopter survived eleven somali refugees who were held in militia controlled areas of libya for years have returned home they were evacuated by the somali government and the un refugee agency recent photos and videos of somali refugees being tortured in smugglers camps and libya cost public outrage and forced the
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government in mogadishu to take action. those are the headlines and news continues keep it here on al-jazeera counting the costs next. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. alarm has a seeker this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week we talk to i.m.f. chief christine lagarde on the changing economic winds here in the middle east. can ireland break regs if you look at how the emerald isle is caught in the middle of a big route between the u.k. and the e.u. .


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