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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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in them now we can dora. but what were the last thing effects of this agreement there's a regional set to sites because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people after that with the. psych speak lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. i'm. somebody like. sixty six people are feared dead after an iranian passenger plane crashed in the mountainous profits.
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this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up two palestinians are found dead as tension escalates after an explosion along the gaza border that injured four israeli soldiers plus. you can take back to do a message to the. do not. israel's. israeli prime minister calls iran the greatest threat to the world as he addresses a global security conference in munich. and some of us training as unwanted refugees have now been sent to the u.s. . first breaking news at least sixty six people are feared dead after a plane crash in iran a passenger aircraft disappeared from radar after leaving the capital the airlines flight was traveling to yes in the southwest emergency services are struggling to
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reach the crash site in the mountainous province there is in your view has more on the no one. it's starting to become clearer about the plane that crashed the latest came from a statement by the spokesperson of the osman airlines the plane's owner who said that the plane collided with a mountain peak in the ranges due to the foggy condition. however this is still early information as neither the black box parts of the plane or the remains of the passengers have been recovered yet old board of the plane have been killed including sixty passengers and the crew of four the plane had previously suffered from a technical problem but that had been sorted out and the plane was approved to fly the plane was an eighty or type manufactured in italy but this plane in particular was not included in the new purchase deal signed between iran and italy last year. the crash isn't confirmed international sanctions have hampered iran's ability to maintain a modern free to accidents of occurred regularly in recent is thirty nine people
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were killed in twenty fourteen after. a passenger plane crashed after takeoff from tehran seventy seven people were killed when an iran air plane crash in bad weather in twenty eleven analysts say runs relied on smuggled or improvised parts to keep fleets operational for sanctions were lifted iran hadn't directly bought a western built plane in nearly forty years iran ordered more than two hundred planes up to sanctions were lifted in return for curbs on its nuclear activities the first delivery of an airbus a three twenty one arrived in teheran in general last year. every nation safety specialist david lemmon says the aircraft up exposed even more risk because of iran's mountainous terrain. elite weather in the mountains where the air crash was pretty bad and. it looks as if when the
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aircraft was carrying out its initial descent to the war. toward its destination it was in the wrong position and and it hit mountains that looks like. the aircraft is a modern aircraft the aircraft height has been around for well it was initially manuf faction nine hundred eighty s. but this is a more recent version of it it operates all over the world it's a very good airplane type it's manufactured of a combination of italian and french design and manufacture so it's a very well tested airplane the. iran asmer on the domestic airline of iran well it flies a lot in iran is a very mountainous country applies a lot in difficult terrain so it is more exposed to risk just by virtue of the kind
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of country that iran is what the. the authorities in iran have to do is to find the black boxes the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder which will probably be working despite the fact that this crash was obviously quite. quite an impact. two palestinians have been shot and killed by israeli forces in gaza their deaths have added to an escalation in tension on the gaza israeli border following an explosion that injured four israeli soldiers in the area israel launched a series of ground in air strikes on a number of sites in the southern gaza strip its military blames hamas for saturday's explosion several palestinians were injured in the israeli raids israel says the dead palestinians were shot trying to cross the border. today's incident on the gaza strip border was severe we respond appropriately or so my wishes for
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a quick recovery to the wounded. then it's worth is in west jerusalem any more developments bernard since the discovery of the two bodies or jim we from the gaza side it's believed that these two young men were civilians they weren't seems affiliated to any of the fighting groups in gaza because if they would have been then one of those groups would have claimed these men as their own by now and they haven't done so it looks like they were civilians what does happen sometimes is because of the desperate employment circumstances or lack of employment in gaza sometimes young man try and cross the border fence into israel and sometimes they make it over israel is catch them and often send them back but on this occasion because it was already increased tension along that border because of this explosion earlier on that it indeed the four israeli soldiers it seems that the young man was shot and killed before they had any chance of making it over
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chain all right and where does this leave both sides in this. well israel hit eighteen targets overnight they say there were hamas. managed targets in gaza and it follows an explosion on the border where apparently israel says four of its soldiers moved towards a palestinian flag that was stuck in the ground at the border fence and when they pulled out this flyer it set off this explosive underneath now as a consequence of all of that hamas has let it be known by mediators that it does not want to see an escalation and israel has also said it does not want to see an escalation either so while both sides formally say they've been saying this for many months really they do not want an escalation the risk is of an accidental escalation if you like of rockets from gaza might kill israelis or of israeli fire
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kills palestinians and then this may force. an escalation and this is the concern here both sides for many saying they don't want one have been increased process of course along the border between gaza and israel following recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel and all of this is really as a consequence of that and israel now says in future it will handle differently in its words people from the garza side who approach the border to protest jane thanks for that ben it's. there israel's prime minister says iran is the greatest threat to the world benjamin netanyahu told the munich security conference in germany that iran's nuclear ambitions have brought the middle east and israel closer together a valid israel will continue to prevent iran from establishing a permanent presence in syria and will take action against it if necessary. no where are iran's belligerent ambitions clearer than in syria their iran hopes to
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complete a contiguous empire linking tehran to tar to six the caspian to the mediterranean israel will continue to prevent iran from the stop wishing a permanent military presence in syria. israel will continue to act to prevent iran from establishing an overture bruce from which to threaten israel. joins us live from munich say didn't mince his words that any when it came to run. ended two things here first of all he was talking about iran's nuclear program saying that the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal paves the way for iran to buy time and ultimately get that weapon which says it's going to be disastrous for the region for israel in particular warning that israel will also have to retaliate second thing it's about iran's growing influence in syria they say that iran now is
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trying to expand its so-called land. all the way to the border to the golan heights all the border with israel saying that this is something which is very dangerous but also he said that iran is trying to also maintain permanent military bases on the mediterranean not far from haifa and also in. ground military bases and this is a red line by the by the israeli government netanyahu was talking at jurong his press his speech about the dangers the region faces but saying that his government against any attack either from iran or from hezbollah and this has triggered a reaction by the way from the lebanese minister of national defense. a saddle of who said a while ago here in minutes that if the israelis attack lebanon the lebanese government will further retaliates we're talking about that. and your brand of
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starvation in the region this comes at a time when the international community has been asking all the parties to try to. contain the crises that are bearing up in different parts of the of the world particularly in the middle east i'm wondering how much support. he has put this considering what you've just put out there we've heard from the lebanese i mean donald trump is certainly in his team. he has many allies on board particularly general mcmaster yesterday remember the shop rebuke of iran saying that we should not allow iran to acquire military capability is saying that its nuclear program is also destabilizing the region but at the same time this is not the sentiment which is heard by the european union many key players who have been involved in the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal say this is the best thing that could have happened to the region if you would
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if the if the iranians continue to comply with that deal it would give the world more peace and more stability of they have been asking the americans in particular the trump illustration to uphold the deal because they're concerned that if it collapses the west is just going to be more instability or more violence we are expecting to hear from the iranian foreign minister mohammad your words any time now and the iranians have been saying all that in the past few months that their position when it comes to the compliance with that deal will ultimately depend on whether the americans will maintain it all kill it and we'll come back to you when he does start to speak thanks for that tasha. thirty five refugees are heading for the u.s. after leaving an australian run prison camp on the pacific island nation of narrow part of a controversial resettlement deal reached between australia's government and the a bomb or administration the men are mostly afghan pakistani or rangar prompting
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rights groups to ask questions about where the somali and iranian refugees are being excluded now or a prison camp as part of a strain is hardline policy on blocking refugees from entering by boat david mayne is the executive director of refugee legal it provides assistance to refugees an hour and mana silent and australia's offshore processing arrangements he says the resettlement process has been slow. but look the reality is under this bilateral deal it reminds that you know the u.s. still typing refugee and the question really is what how quickly will that happen that refugees bereshit have to read all their lives in the suffering in the terrible ordeal for over five years that they have endured but the other question is what will is trying to do it because ultimately they even if this deal reached the full number of twelve hundred fifty there will be still be many people left
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marooned and suffering i mean we are directing our energies and race horses together with others to work on. race or ministry happened but it is fundamental because what we now is refugees cannot stand on and i'm an assignment to definitely what we also know is that the profound suffering in humanity that people have been subject to and we now are at that it is destroyed alternately astride his label and our responsibility to ensure that those refugees are brought to safety and the fact is that is trying to remind the currently option for most if not all of those people slow head on al-jazeera to death of a politician has put him on the edge of the country ten years of independence plus . anything it's such a crack and somehow china's trying to.
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hello there we've got a few bits and pieces of cloud that are making their way across the northern parts of asia at the moment you see them on the satellite picture just drifting their way towards the east bringing the order outbreak over parts of north or south korea and then making its way towards japan but most of it is cloud and it's not really giving anything too heavy snow or rain while you towards the north of that is still staying quite cool so bloody well stocked minus three will be our maximum but tom minus fourteen will be our maximum as we head through the next couple of days now a bit further towards the south of us some of us here there's quite a bit of cloud currently you see the winds all feeding up from the south and putting it lots of moisture so we're seeing a lot of cloud here and then towards the north of our map we're seeing that to turn to rain with
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a bit of snow mixed in for good measure as well that system intensifies as we head through chews day and there will be a few showers through towards that eastern coast as well meanwhile a bit further towards the south and here the showers have been fairly subdued over the last day or so but we're going to see more as we head through the next couple of days so a few more showers there over parts of java does look wet again for us in jakarta and then we'll see more showers over the northern parts of borneo and stretch their way north woods across the philippines as well on tuesday. al jazeera is there what else do we brits but it's also good to see what happens next to each region and put it in wired by the barriers for a model they barricaded seventy three that will be key here the middle east now has been all about change people have gone to hear the area the mission of the national army is to do it the entire complex and al-jazeera stories about telling it from
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the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. and the what you know is there a mind of our top stories this hour at least sixty six people are feared dead after a plane crash in iran the passenger aircraft disappeared from radar fifteen minutes after leaving the capital tehran the airlines plane went down in the mountainous area near the town of scimitar on. two palestinians have been shot and killed by israeli forces in gaza after an escalation in tension on the border and follows an explosion that injured four israeli soldiers in the area the palestinian authority
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is calling israel's actions a serious escalation the israelis blaming the armed group hamas. israel's prime minister says iran is the greatest threat to the world at the munich security summit benjamin netanyahu has warned iran that israel is preparing to act if it continues with its nuclear ambitions mystify booty is sigrid general of the palestinian national initiative and a former palestinian information minister he says international pressure needs to be put on israel to end the violence in the palestinian territories. the only resolution is to end occupation on the resolution is to end the system of apartheid and allow palestinians to finally be free let me remind you that during the last three months since mr brown declared his her orderable position about jerusalem we had peaceful demonstrations taking place in the west bank and gaza but these peaceful demonstrations were met with severe israeli violence no less than twelve
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people have been killed in gaza by israeli soldiers who were shooting at them while they were peacefully demonstrating the same happened in the west bank we lost also more than twenty people so far with the israeli military gunfire and more than five thousand people have been injured during peaceful demonstrations so israel is attacking me for demonstrations the world does not do anything they do not pressure israel to stop using this terrible violence and then it is skillets and my word is that unless there is immediate international pressure to on israel to stop the use of violence and to end the siege on gaza we could see another horrible attack on gaza another horrible war that could take the lives of thousands of people including hundreds of good eleven somali refugees held captive in libya for years have returned home many of them were tortured and some sold as slaves sketch elop is what he and reports. levin is relieved to be back home in somalia three years
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ago he tried to migrate to europe he never made it instead he was kidnapped by smugglers in libya and sold as a slave. like an animal i was sold four times in open markets in libya the last time i was sold for ten thousand dollars i was tortured every day vivan story isn't unique amnesty international released a report recently describing how somali refugees were being tortured in libyan detention camps it said they were held against their will by armed groups in exchange for money hundreds were reportedly sold for as little as four hundred dollars of far cry from the journey these migrants had hoped for. for two years i was in a libyan prison i spent fifteen thousand dollars and i still wasn't able to reach europe now i'm just happy to be back in country and see my family human rights groups say the european union strategy to stop refugees from traveling across the mediterranean has led to more people being stranded in libya the somali government
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has been successful in returning small groups of refugees home by how much the government of somalia is committed to bring back its people who are in prisons around the globe we've been able to repatriate some somalis who were in libyan prison a month ago we released migrants from india and ethiopia prisons and brought them back to the country we will continue to do so but it's not going to be easy it took more than two years of negotiations to release luba and many more just like him are waiting to be given the opportunity to get back home. again al-jazeera. india's government is under pressure of a bank fraud that sent shock waves through the financial system three employees of the punjab national bank are accused of helping a billionaire diamond jewelry and his business partner access bad loans the bank has lost a fifth of its value since announcing the one point seven billion dollars scam the homes and offices of the jeweler there of modi and his business partner were raided
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on saturday both have fled the country the opposition says a government was warned about a scam. members of britain's anti immigration party voted to remove their leader after racist messages sent by his partner aimed at future royalty henry bolton led ukip for less than five months his girlfriend sent disparaging messages about meghan markle the fiancé of prince harry bolton was the fourth person to lead the party in eighteen months following the resignation of longtime leader nigel for arch. budget bug areas foreign minister has condemned a march by hundreds of far right supporters in honor of a pro nazi world war two general the rally went ahead despite calls from the government the us embassy and several jewish organizations for it to be scrapped the foreign ministry says anything glorifying the nazi way of thinking is absolutely unacceptable. because of us confronting increasingly increasing
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lawlessness in serb dominated region ten years after independence a political leader was killed last month in the town of mitrovica observers andrew symonds spoke to journalists and politicians and say they now face constant intimidation. it's a daily ritual biting candles and paying respect to a politician mooted a month ago in this lawless city all of the event of a leader of a minority cause of all serb party spoke albanian that had been trying to force to better relations with the government in prishtina he was shot dead and no one seems to know who did it. organized crime is rampant here and there are suspicions there could have been a political motivation the darkness he put out in the video you can see in people how unsafe they fail and they are if you talk about it but what concerns me the most is that many of all of his friends and my friends have left micha pizza and more considering at. this journalist whose office still bears the evidence of
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intimidation nearly three years ago also believes things are getting worse that. i've been a victim of theft and burglary i've been attacked but those are things that happen to people he every day in savannah beaches made up people species have definitely increased it's because he was so well respected. on the south side of me tributes are the majority cause of our albanian population has been celebrating ten years of independence it's in contrast to the north where the serbian flag flies kosovo's government ministers accuse their serbian counterparts in belgrade of meddling in the affairs of this city making its dysfunctional. this bridge taking us from the southern side has been renovated it feels new but ten years after independence was announced there's still division here this is a gesture of defiance before we even get into the north building work comes to an
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end here because of disputes with the cause of our serb local authorities that have caused months of delays because of his prime minister knowledge is there are big difficulties but he says the crime problem is being tackled we are in process of integrating nor of rule of law we respect the special effects of the community and we integrate the community in this is my approach but that approach is met with cynicism there's no mention here of independence or integration and to simmons' out zero it's of it's cause of. the us president is blaming the f.b.i. for the gun attack at a florida school which killed seventeen people donald trump has tweeted very sad that there be i missed all of the many signals sent out by the florida school shooter this is not acceptable is spending too much time trying to prevent confusion with a trunk campaign there is no collusion then trump adds. get back to the basics and
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make us all proud. trump's comments come after was revealed the f.b.i. received a tip off last month that the suspect had a quote desire to kill and access to guns agency admitted on friday that agents failed to investigate further the nineteen year old charged with the murders had been expelled from the school who was also known to local police as students from the school targeted in wednesday's shootings have rallied for tighter gun control they're angry the suspect nicholas cruz could buy an automatic weapon legally despite his troubling behavior survivor of the shooting had this message for u.s. politicians. if you know what he thinks about that is from coming from continuing to occur. i think. that you know what you know down and we see you say every politician who is taking donations from the n.r.a.
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shame on you. about an hour's drive away in miami people attending a gun show said firearms could not be blamed for what happened at the school the company in charge of the event expressed sympathy over the shooting spree displaying posters saying they meant no disrespect or insensitivity. these events that we have a florida shows are prescheduled hears in advance and these venues are are you know reserved for the gun show in years in advance this was in my opinion not necessarily a gun problem but more of a mental health problem. funerals have been held for the thirteen people killed when a military helicopter crash landed in southern mexico. let's go over to the munich security conference which is under way and we are looking at the iranian foreign minister and we want to hear what he has to say in response to comments
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made by binyamin netanyahu it is the president rouhani to india. last year. i repeated before this forum iran's proposal for a security arrangement in the persian gulf. founded on dialogue. common principles and confidence building measures. some of our neighbors if you remember used their opportunity here last year to level accusations against iran. somehow. and others a bit. later this morning or this afternoon. you were. the audience for a call to new secrets supers. just this morning. which does not even deserve. a dignity of
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a response so let's move to more serious subjects. i'm happy that in contrast. to the approach of some. the u.n. secretary general speaking before this conference earlier. chose to endorse the poor word looking approach that i had underlying and outlined here last year. i am here today to expound on that approach. and to tell you that unless there is a collective effort to bring inclusive peace and security to the persian gulf region rebuild be engulfed in turmoil. and potentially. far worse. i'm not put this generation but for generations to come. and our terror moyse. in this
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interconnected world. is going to be everyone's felt. as evidence by events in both our region and the world since the turn of the world since the turn of the century since the turn of the century. today the territorial defeat of diversion or as it's called here isis has heralded the return of some sense of stability to the bass territory it once occupied. but did defeat of one of the world's most evil organizations does not mean. that the threat of extremism has been removed
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from the region or beyond. the root cause the root causes. particularly the ideology of exclusion and hatred. continue to persist and may erupt elsewhere any time. for too long. military powers have had multiple strategies to win war. for too long they have ignored any strategy to win the peace. and for too long major powers. and their regional clients have made the wrong choices. particularly in our region and then have blamed others particularly iran for
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the consequences of their own wrong choices. choices that have been shortsighted and trigger happy and have ended in strategic blunders. let me just tell you what destroys this bit. from supporting saddam hussein when he invaded my country in one thousand nine hundred eighty. two aiding and abetting. his use of chemical weapons against iranian and iraq isa billions and soldiers. from the wars. to evict him from kuwait. to the wars to remove him altogether. from first supporting al qaida against soviet union and told the ban against us to
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then waging a war to remove them from up on staff. from supporting the same brand of terrorist an extremist in syria in the form of dives and a nose for bringing syria to loons to dangerously occupying today parts of syria under the guise of fighting the organisations that they finance arm and support. from israel's invasion and subsequent aggressions on their been on its eagle occupation of palestine and it's almost they'd be illegal incursions into syrian air space to attempt to create cartoonish images to blame others for
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its own.


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