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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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investigation footholds bill of silence this time. al-jazeera. swear every since. you can take back with you a message to the tyrants. do not test israel's resolve israeli prime minister's warning to iran as he addresses a major security conference in munich.
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live from london also coming up funerals are held for two palestinians shot and killed by israeli forces near the gaza border. a passenger plane disappears from radar leaving the iranian capital sixty people dead. and why traditional chinese new year firewood display is now on the risk of a fifteen thousand dollars fine. you know there was a tense exchange at a major security conference in munich on sunday when israel's prime minister once again took aim at iran which he described as the biggest threat to middle east security holding up a component for what he said was an iranian drone benjamin netanyahu warned tehran not to test israel's resolve iran responded by accusing israel of being the main aggressor in the region they have
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a traitor has the story from munich. he's ready for prime minister benjamin netanyahu went straight into attack mode against iran as he took to the podium in munich issuing a direct threat to tehran israel iran. to put a noose of terror around. we will act without hesitation to defend ourselves and we will act if necessary not just against iran's proxies that are attacking us but against iran itself he followed up with a dramatic flourish that quote all the delegates by surprise brandishing a piece of wreckage from the iranian drone shot down an israel space last week. and he had this message for iran's foreign minister mohammad job a saudi i bought it here so you can see for yourself. mr zarif do you recognize this. you should be george you can take back with you
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a message to the tyrants of her own do not israel's resolve the man who netanyahu called an eloquent liar iran's foreign minister refused to rise to the israeli bait he preferred instead to outline a new plan to dampen down rising tensions in the region after event more conflict in the middle east. iran believes that our security in the persian gulf requires a french regional security architecture we believe in and how proposed creating what we call a strong region rather than a strong man in the region thank god a question and answer session those are if expressed his frustration at israeli attempts to undermine the deal iran struck with world powers to stop its nuclear
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arms program and we achieved it in spite of him being implemented in spite of him and the world view to maintain that agreement in spite of his delusional attempts the foreign minister of saudi arabia was equally uncompromising about its main power in the region we cannot afford to put up with the when the revolution penetrant. the reason iran a sanction for terrorism is because it supports terrorism thank you baer said the pressure on iran would continue until there was fundamental change the push against them will continue until iran change its behavior david chaytor al-jazeera munich. these very premise also told his polish counterpart that his remarks on the holocaust were unacceptable and unfounded when questioned by journalists at the munich security conference from isam a terrorist more of eki said they were jewish as well as polish perpetrators of the
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holocaust relations between israel and poland are already tense only and senate passed a controversial law last month making it illegal to assign responsibility to the polish state for crimes committed by the german third reich. the funerals have been held for two palestinian teenagers shot and killed by israeli forces in gaza the deaths of added to the tension on the gaza israeli border following an explosion that injured four israeli soldiers on saturday israel blames hamas for the attack and carried out a series of ground and air strikes on eighteen hamas targets in southern gaza several palestinians were hurt in those attacks however it's not known if the teenagers shot dead on sunday or involved in the attack on the israeli soldiers are a force that has more from the funerals in iraq. over here for the funerals of two young palestinian men two seventeen year olds one is selim. the other a dealer i will shaker and hundreds of people have turned out to commemorate their
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lives there was shot by israeli fire at the border between gaza and israel last night israel says it targeted a group of people who were trying to breach the border fence of course it came during the course of some of the largest scale attacks by israel on gaza in several years it is just a context notable that many young palestinians have been trying to cross the border into israeli territory looking for work there been tens of arrests in recent years so there's been no claim of any fighting group on these young individuals who are being laid to rest here today overnight or last night israel attacked eighteen separate hamas links sites tunnel being dug towards israeli territory they said weapons manufacturing site they said military compounds there was a rocket fired from gaza territory towards israel it struck a civilian house no injuries in that all of this of course following the explosion on the border in which four israeli soldiers were injured two of them seriously this is some of the heaviest fighting that we've seen since the twenty fourteen war
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it does represent the tense situation here in the light both of the donald trump declaration on the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital and also the worsening humanitarian situation here in gaza which many in israel as well as here talk about being having a potential for renewed conflict. iranian supreme leader ayatollah ali how many has ordered an investigation after a plane crashed killing all sixty five people on board the aircraft disappeared from radar to leaving the capital tehran the us a man airlines flight which was carrying fifty nine passengers including one child and six crew members was traveling to yes suge in the southwest state t.v. says that fog has made it difficult for rescue helicopters to reach the crash side near semir on in these are gross mountains relatives of those on board have been
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gathering at you waiting for news of their loved ones. so has said i kept calling all morning but they wouldn't answer so i called my brother and he said dell get he the plane isn't behind schedule yet i told him it's writing he he said don't worry but he called lighter and said the plane had crashed and the cause of the crash isn't confirmed international sanctions have hampered iran's ability to maintain a modern fleet air actually has occurred regularly in recent years thirty nine people were killed in twenty fourteen after a second passenger plane crashed after takeoff from tehran seventy seven people were killed when an iran air plane crashed in bad weather in twenty eleven analysts say iran has relied on smuggled or improvised parts to keep fleets operational before sanctions were lifted iran hadn't directly bought a western built plane in nearly forty years iran ordered more than two hundred planes after sanctions were lifted in return for curbs on its nuclear activities the first
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a livery of an airbus a three twenty one arrived in tehran in january last year. safety specialist david limited says iran is domestic airlines are exposed to particular risk because of the country's mountainous terrain. leap whether they're in the mountains where the air crash was pretty bad and. it looks as if when the aircraft was carrying out its initial descent to the war. toward its destination it was in the wrong position and and it hit mountains that looks like. the aircraft is a modern aircraft the aircraft height has been around for well it was initially manuf faction nine hundred eighty s. but this is a more recent version of it it operates all over the world it's a very good airplane type it's manufactured a combination of italian and french design and manufacture so it's
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a very well tested airplane the. iran us among the domestic airline of iran well it flies a lot in iran is a very mountainous country it tries a lot in difficult terrain so it is more exposed to risk just by virtue of the kind of country that iran is is what the. the authorities in iran have to do is to find the black boxes the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder which will probably be working despite the fact that this crash was obviously quite. quite an impact. yes president all trump has turned to twitter to criticize the f.b.i. for failing to investigate the suspect in wednesday's school shooting seventeen people died when a gunman opened fire on a high school in florida their b.
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i admitted on friday that agents failed to investigate a tip off about nicholas cruz who bought the gun used in the shooting illegally president trump said the f.b.i. was spending too much time investigating allegations of collusion with russia during the twenty sixteen election campaign. plus revelations that the f.b.i. received a tip off last month that the suspect had access to guns and quote a desire to kill people and agents innocent friday that had failed to investigate wednesday's attack and talk and was the deadliest u.s. school shooting since twenty twelve tom eichmann has basis washington d.c. . the president in his tweets and his flurry of tweets over the last night and early this morning has cast blame against the f.b.i. against president former president obama hillary clinton one of his tweets today acknowledging that in fact actually the first time he's really acknowledging
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that that there is. accusations verified by the intelligence committee community rather of of it russian interference with a dissin for mission campaign and i'll quote you what he said in this last tweet if it is if it is the goal of russia to create discord disruption and chaos within the u.s. then with all the committee hearings investigations and party hatred they've succeeded beyond their wildest dreams he goes on to say they are laughing their asses off in moscow get smarter what's interesting also is that in response so he is not directly responding to the to the verifications by the intelligence community his own intelligence community not only as to what happened in two thousand and sixteen elections but also the twenty eight thousand elections in two thousand and twenty elections warning that there's an ongoing this information campaign but also he is he in his own national security
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advisor h r mcmaster yesterday in munich said that it was an incontrovertibly that there was russian interference the president punted off that and said well mcmaster neglected to mention that there was no proof that it was disprove that there was any collusion between the campaign and the russians. killed after a gunman opened fire at a church in the russian region of dagestan. in the town of which is on the border with chechnya and he say they've killed the perpetrator four other people were injured in the attack but it's not yet clear what the shooter. ten years after independence of kosovo is. where one man's life. has turned him into a cultural icon. hello
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there we've had some pretty active weather across the middle east recently here are some pictures from gaza showing some lightning and also showing the amount of rain we've seen the rain has been causing a few problems now that what weather is trying to educate towards the east now you can see plenty of cloud to work its way through parts of iraq and into iran and then buckling back grounds across the east coast the mediterranean now this whole system is edging its way eastwards is still going to be giving us some rain and snow as we head through monday that's a through again parts of iraq and iran and a bit further towards the north as well the leading edge well that's edging its way eastwards it moves away as we head through with the tuesday about to make way for the rain in the snow so a couple will see some rain and snow that also pushing its way through tashkent as
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well for all mati no rain just yet but our temperatures are on the up to around four degrees here in doha it's been very hot over the past a few days the temperatures have been well above average but they're dropping now and that's thanks to the wind the wind is picking up it will be strong during the day on monday and tuesday expect it to be a blustery day but certainly not as hot so a top temperature of around twenty five or twenty six degrees for us as we head down towards the southern parts of africa there's been a lot of heavy rain here particularly over parts of mozambique.
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orgon. reminded of the top stories. israel's prime minister has criticized an international nuclear agreement with iran telling those at the munich security conference that iran is the greatest threat to the world hundreds have attended the funerals of two palestinian teenagers killed by israeli forces in gaza their deaths added to tension on the gaza border. iranian me to actually how many has launched an investigation. from tehran crashed killing all sixty five people on board.
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let me celebrations in kosovo as capital to mark ten years of independence from serbia security forces marched through pristina as part of a weekend the festivities cost of achieved autonomy in two thousand and eight after years of conflict its sovereignty is recognized by more than one hundred countries including the u.s. and most of the e.u. has yet to be recognized by soviet russia china. confronting increasingly. dominated region a political leader was killed last month in the town of. actually it was under simmons spoke to journalists and politicians who say they now face constant intimidation. it's a daily ritual lighting candles and paying respect to a politician murdered a month ago in this lawless city all of the event of a leader of a minority cause of a party spoke albanian and had been trying to foster better relations with the
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government in pristina he was shot dead and no one seems to know who did it organized crime is rampant here and there are suspicions there could have been a political motivation the gotten support out in the movie you can see in people how unsafe they fail and they are if you talk about it but what concerns me the most is that many of all of his friends and my friends have left micha pizza and more considering at. this journalist whose office still bears the evidence of intimidation nearly three years ago also believes things are getting worse that. i've been a victim of theft and burglary i've been attacked but those are things that happen to people he every day in savannah beaches met up people species have definitely increased it's because he was so well respected law. on the south side of me tributes the majority cause of our albanian population has been celebrating ten years of independence it's in contrast to the north where the serbian flag flies
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kosovo's government ministers accuse their serbian counterparts in belgrade of meddling in the affairs of this city making its dysfunctional. this bridge taking us from the southern side has been renovated it feels new but ten years after independence was announced there's still division here this is a gesture of defiance before we even get into the north building work comes to an end here because of disputes with the kosovar serb local authorities that have caused months of delays because of those prime minister knowledge is there are big difficulties but he says the crime problem is being tackled we are in process of integrating nor of all of law we respect the specification of the community and we integrate the community in this is my approach but that approach is met with cynicism there's no mention here of independence or integration and
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drew simmons out zero bits of it's cause of. thirty five refugees are heading for the u.s. after leaving an australian run prison camp on the pacific island nation of nowruz it's part of a resettlement deal between australia's government and the previous us administration refugees are mostly afghan pakistani or ranger unary prison camp as part of australia's hardline policy on blocking refugees from entering by boat. david man is the executive director of refugee legal which provides assistance to refugees in nauru and manus island and australia's offshore processing arrangements he says the resettlement process has been slow. but look the reality is under his bio weapons deal it reminds that you know the u.s. are still fighting refugee and the question really is one of god what how quickly will that happen so that refugees by race that race still have to reveal their
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lives in the suffering in the terrible ordeal for over five years that they have endured but the other question is what will israel you do it because ultimately they even if this deal bridged the full number of twelve hundred fifty there will be still be many people left marooned and suffering i mean we are directing our energies and resources together with others to work on. race or ministry happened but it is fundamental because what we know is these refugees cannot stand on and on an assignment you differently what we also know is about the profound suffering in humanity that people have been subject to and we now are at that is destroyed ultimately as dr his legal and moral responsibility to ensure that those refugees are brought to safety and the fact is that australia reminds the are only option for most if not all of those people can be here is marking the first anniversary of the democratic election of president at them up arrow or is election
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not the end of twenty two years of author tarion rule but it takes yeah since then the country has been making gains on the international stage earlier this month it rejoined the commonwealth after a five year absence and despite its reputation as a haven for refugees canada has been deporting north korean asylum seekers who arrived there through south korea may two thousand have been sent away since twenty thirteen because the government says they lied on their asylum application forms but activists want the practice to end just on your lack of court. putting a brave face on pending deportation these north koreans came here through south korea which canada considers a safe country but on their refugee applications they said they'd fled to china. eleven years ago kim came here with his wife daughter and son now they have two more children canadian citizens deportation would be catastrophic. on the move.
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along and that notice means death to me i came all the way here for a better life and my family is well adjusted to life in canada and if you think we're going to be separated it breaks my heart there was a town on the other three in the. whole of my whole life i live there so i don't have any friends in south korea and all my friends are here. joe family could be broken up too if canada carries out its deportation order two children are canadian born the eldest came with his parents in two thousand and ten the joes admit they lied on their application but say they did it to escape a horrible situation. i feel so desperate. it's our fault all the time what they haven't done anything wrong they have to go through this separation because of us. the north korean refugees say south korea is
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definitely not safe for them north korea's spies can track them down they say yet canada's been deporting people like them since two thousand and thirteen those who remain have only begun to fight back. or fallen by the. they. were. or. they were. the korean community in toronto is rallied behind the refugees their lawyer has met canadian officials in what she says is their last chance to stay here an appeal on compassionate grounds to the minister of immigration there's been no response yet internationally we are recognized as a humanitarian and compassionate country accepting refugees from syria and all over the world and why my question is should and the hundred fifty be
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many people. back an answer to that question is anxiously awaited by refugees who fled one of the most repressive violent regimes in the world then your lack of jazeera toronto so far has broken out at one of tibet's most sacred temples the videos posted on social media show the ancient joking monastery in lhasa engulfed in flames on saturday and the ministry is more than a thousand years old and is listed as a unesco world heritage site it's not known how extensive the damage is. in china celebrations for the new year have been muted in a growing number of cities after a ban on fireworks was expanded beijing is one of them as it tries to curb pollution but that is also affecting a tradition that's lasted a thousand years a shot at better six planes. an assembly line of fire works and lay your young province each read roll of gunpowder is distant to mark the start of
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a new year in the chinese calendar young is the fireworks couple of the world it all started some fourteen hundred years ago during the ten dynasty. but reasons to employers with a decision by the chinese government to ban fireworks because of pollution. fireworks are a cherished tradition during the chinese new year but they push hundreds of cities above the recommended equality levels this was small in beijing a year ago it's scenes like this that have pushed the government to ban fireworks and four hundred forty four cities that's now being expanded to include beijing tianjin and provincial capitals who farai and chang shark violators will face fines of up to fifteen thousand dollars. and you. this shouldn't be a ban on fireworks because first of all pollution isn't caused by fireworks sitting off fireworks has been a tradition for more than one thousand years so i don't quite understand why these
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a ban with china's fireworks industry employs three million people and has sales of more than fourteen billion dollars the new regulations of her profits and lower demand has shrunk the industry. leo young's firecrackers and fireworks management pure season two years the number of companies have haftorah around five hundred high. if you look around the market you can only see a few shops remain open we don't see many customers anymore. that's because many have swaps to legal options in cities like beijing this substituting gunpowder with electricity. electronic by crackers can substitute regular firecrackers because they are bright and colorful chinee says all fireworks for the noice it's believed to scare away bad spirits and bring in more successful new year manufacturers and retailers are looking for an early start shallop ballasts out to zero. nestled in
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the highlands of costa rica is one of the finest gardens in the world one fifty is the man nicknamed senor scissorhands has turned ordinary cypress trees into works of art and the calico reports from south arrow. at the foot of the church of st raphael in costa rica central mountain range stands a testament to one man's vision over the decades the gardens of said they were being sculpted into birds and beasts by evangelist blanco a man known locally as don lister all senor scissorhands. he began work here in one thousand nine hundred sixty four and never stopped. the parks like my family is like my children my wife and my mistress i love it and i care for it i come here at five in the morning to star watching it i do this little love and it cation. as the gardens matures so has its reputation there are now more than one hundred
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figures here each beginning life as saplings planted by gardner determined to create something unique many great works of art of being created by individuals but few require the maintenance or dedication that all of this does eventually through spent the best part of his entire adult life on this one project but it hasn't gone unnoticed these gardens are now a symbol for the city they're tracked thousands of tourists every year and in two thousand and four they named the entire place after him. the city of socio was grown along with its gardens every day the park is full of visitors from around the world it's like a country house in england with the taipei next thing and i was thinking when i went round it's really good for the children because it's got elephants and soldiers and bulls and carts and stuff and they can kind of identify and stuff you have left says arduin ability in the end all be less of many time ago it's still the same israeli knife i love it. in recognition of his work of angelica was given
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a national culture award and continues to inspire those around him as well he going about a lot of that and yes he's an icon for the people he's inspired the youth to follow his passion to decorate and shape trees he has a lot of patience and passion for doing this. he retired a few years ago but he's continued to give us new shapes in our park. at the age of seventy nine evangelist isn't quite ready to hang up his shoes he's looking for someone with the same dedication to take over and ensure his legacy lasts and he gallacher al-jazeera pseudo costa rica. a critic of the top stories on our syria israel's prime minister says iran is the greatest threat to the world benjamin netanyahu told the munich security conference in germany that the international nuclear deal negotiated with iran as allow the
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country to become increasingly aggressive in the region that yahoo warned that iran should quote not test israel's result. israel will not allow iran's regime to put a noose of terror around our necks. we will act without hesitation to defend ourselves and we will act if necessary not just against iran's proxies that are attacking us but against iran itself hundreds of attended the funerals for two palestinian teenagers shot and killed by israeli forces in gaza the deaths of added to tension only gaza israeli border following an explosion that injured four israeli soldiers on saturday it's not known if the teenagers shot dead on sunday were involved in the attack on israeli soldiers israel has carried out a series of ground an eighteen how mosque targets in southern gaza the iranian leader ayatollah ali how many has not reached an investigation after an
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asmer airlines flight crashed killing all sixty five people on board the aircraft disappeared from radar after leaving the capital tehran. yes president donald trump has criticized the f.b.i. for failing to investigate the suspect in wednesday's school shooting seventeen people died when a gunman opened fire on a high school in florida the f.b.i. admitted on friday that agents had failed to investigate a tip off about the suspect crews who bought the gun used in the shooting legally president trump said the f.b.i. was spending too much time investigating allegations of collusion with russia during the twenty sixteen election campaign i mean celebrations in kosovo as capital to mark ten years of independence from serbia security forces marched through pristina as part of a weekend of festivities. in two thousand and eight after years of conflict sovereignty is recognized by more than one hundred countries including the u.s. and most of the e.u.
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it's yet to be recognized by serbia russia or china. to stay with us inside stories up next on that. thirteen russians have been accused of interfering in the us presidential elections to sway the vote in favor of. these indictments do not mention collusion and moscow says the charges are irrelevant but the broader investigation is far from over so what happens next this is inside story.


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