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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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asks what the future holds if they fail to act the mountain will fall at this time . and. this is al jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the news that is the peace process dead or about to be reinvigorated the palestinian president mahmoud abbas will be addressing the u.n.
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security council this hour as he searches for a new peace broker in the middle east will look at whether the e.u. russia or even china could play the role held for decades by the united states also on the grid a critical situation in eastern syria hundreds of people have been killed as the rebel held area is bombarded by government forces and russian airstrikes and for those still alive the u.n. calls their suffering senseless and the final journey. politician. for years largely without success before the iron fisted leadership of robert mugabe this tuesday he is laid to rest in a country still finding its feet under a new leader we have your reaction from inside zimbabwe and ask you what impact opposition leader morgan i have your life.
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yeah but the news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and al jazeera dot com and at this hour we are awaiting what will be a rare moment for the united nations and for what's left of the peace process as well between the palestinians and the israelis for the first time since two thousand and nine the palestinian president mahmoud abbas will address the security council where he will call for new international partners to facilitate peace negotiations with israel in fact the first live pictures coming through from the security council chamber as everyone arrives for this meeting abbas will likely once again criticize the u.s. for its controversial decision to recognize your resume as israel's capital back in december so plenty to come and we will start with a quick preview james by diplomatic editor live from the united nations tell us more about what we're expecting james. well an important speech from president abbas in many ways a showdown he is unhappy with recent developments he's unhappy with the u.s.
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says leadership of the mediation of the middle east peace process and you can see the live pictures from the security council it's in this chamber that he will speak we're also going to hear from the secretary general of the united nations from the special coordinator of the u.n. on the ground we're also going to hear from the israeli ambassador you can see him in our live shot there with the orange tie danny down norm he'll be speaking to the security council with the israeli position but the one thing i think that has surprised us journalists in the last few minutes and i was down moments ago outside the door of the security council who is here for the united states we have the u.s. ambassador nikki haley she'll be making the speech you can see her there talking to the french ambassador francoise dillard's robot also and he's just out of the shot right now there in the security council is president trump's son in law and the u.s. peace negotiator jared cushion that he will be in the security council chamber for
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president abbas's speech i understand from sources that ambassador hailey will actually refer to him during her speech and say our negotiators are here in this room ready to start negotiations with you so president abbas very much putting on the gauntlet to the international community saying i can no longer trust the americans the americans for their side are going to come here and say no we are ready to start negotiations right now on a fascinating line up of the big james tell us about some of the other major players in that room there. i guess other players who could potentially step up and play some sort of part. well that's the question if the palestinians say that the u.s. leadership is not working and they're deeply unhappy with the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital there are unhappy with the u.s. decision to cut the funding of under a that's the part of the united nations that provides critical services for many
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palestinians who live in occupied areas who then does take over the international community's negotiations between the israelis and the palestinians how does that now work there is of course one body already in existence which is known as the cortex that is made up of the united nations of the european union the u.s. and russia but what we're understanding from the palestinians is actually they don't favor that existing grouping what they are potentially looking at and certainly president abbas has already mentioned this is the involvement of another grouping that came into fruition for the of the negotiations with iran which is the so-called p five plus one you just explained that that's the five permanent members of the u.n. security council the ones that have a veto so it's the u.s. china russia and the u.k. and france and also germany and they would like them to take over from the u.s.
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as the sole negotiators you're seeing the russian ambassador vasily in there talking to the u.s. ambassador nikki haley he i don't think will be convinced by the certainly that some of the things that you're going to hear from ambassador hailey he's certainly very skeptical about some of the things she said in the past i'm also seeing right now on a nother feed from just outside the security council president abbas is this moment walking into the security council chamber the president of the palestinian authority you'll see him in just a moment walking inside the chamber which means this meeting will students. darke brought to water we expect as ever by the president of the security council that's a monthly rotation interesting this meeting with president abbas is happening this month because it is the arab member of the security council who is the president this month and that is kuwait the kuwaiti ambassador will bring this meeting to
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order and then the first person will hear after that will be the secretary general of the united nations antonio good terrorists we're told short introductory remarks only from him and then a more detailed substantial presentation of the current situation on the ground from mr terraces man in jerusalem whose nicholai mladin offer form a bulgarian foreign minister whose job it is to represent the united nations in one of the most difficult ongoing diplomatic problems the world the world has to deal with ok james stay there for now and take a breath for a moment whilst we just hopefully wait to see president abbas now arriving to the united nations security council for anyone just joining us on the news grid we are waiting for this address from president mahmoud abbas here's bernard smith as well as part of our coverage today here is reporting live from ramallah today. tell us
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a little bit about how the president about his speech is expected to go in there do people still believe in him there i guess. well the palestinian leadership mahmoud abbas and the leadership of palestinian authority took a lot of criticism after donald trump recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel they were criticized basically by their main rivals hamas criticized for having invested essentially twenty five years in negotiations in talks with the israelis mediated by the u.s. the u.s. is the main mediation party the criticism was that was a waste of twenty five is it hasn't got the palestinians haven't got the palestinians anywhere and if anything the palestinian cause the desire for their own state with these to rue slim as its capital has slipped further backwards israeli settlements of continue to expand there doesn't seem to be any stopping them certainly the current u.s. administration hasn't done much to discourage the israeli government from expanding
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those settlements so there has been a lot of frustration here the palestinian leaderships inability to achieve much in the last twenty five years so they do feel under pressure they feel under pressure that they've got to carry on trying to talk and this is why abbas is taking and he's speaking to the u.n. security council today to try and advance some sort of idea of a new way of achieving mediation with the israelis the problem is that you've got to persuade the israelis to take part in that and there's no indication that they're interested in that they're quite happy with the americans the trump administration is pushing what is seen as really an israeli inspired plan for peace or a settlement with the palestinians and so there's no impetus from the israeli side to join any other sort of talking bloc come out what sort of position is president abbas in these days as far as his own people go as far as you know dealing with
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a mass dealing with the palestinian as a whole is he in any sort of position of strength these days. well i mean he remains the leader of the you know is this he's remains the leader of the palestinian authority that is the dominant or thought that runs affairs here in the west bank of course over in gaza the palestinian or fartsy fattah dominated block of the palestinian authority was trying to work out a reconciliation with hamas in gaza that began a few months ago that is not going very well it's all there's a lot of argument a lot of dispute between fatah and hamas over how the handover of power from hamas to fatah should continue its it's pretty much grinding to a hold to the immense detriment of the palestinians in gaza blockade that they already suffered under the israelis is being intensified by the palestinian authority refusing to hand over funds refusing to pay salaries of civil servants so
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there's pressure from gaza in immense pressure from gaza really things have never been so bad as they are today in gaza but in the west bank while they're still get to be elections is supposed to be elections later on this year the palestinian authority abbas remains the president and as i say under pressure to come up with some sort of solution for the palestinians here enormously frustrated at how at how following the announcement of jerusalem the capital of israel they really seem to have fallen backwards and this is why there's pressure on abbas and his administration to provide to come up with some sort of solution and this is what they're tabling in front of the security council today more from bernard smith in ramallah to come the live pictures we're seeing now from the united nations in new york and this special session of the security council about to begin it is the kuwaiti representative who is the president. and with
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a man who limited missile and this call this war. david i thought we had you at the outset of this meeting you said i should like to know on behalf of the members of the security council who digs address a profound grief and sorrow at the passing of his excellency our sister network darlington mora permanent representative i remember a lot mcglynn a good nation as well as the members of the council and obey their deepest sympathy to the family of basil and her and to the government accountable and allowed me to do it all today also marks the one year anniversary of the passing of an bastard or vitaly churkin of the russian federation and with all i now invite the members of the council to rise and observe a minute of silence in tribute to the memory of the mass of the would have an ambassador churkin.
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thank you good will love the provision of the shining down for this holiday also the situation in the middle east with including the palestinian question local goodwill among the agenda is adopted work on the mark in accordance with the rule of thirty seven of the council's religion of legs over senator lott and i invite a representative of israel to participate in this meeting of all of the it is so
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the size. of the honey would you and i propose a way that the council invited president one of the observers state of palestine here to participate in this meeting in the bom in accordance with the provision of those our procedure and the previous practice in this regard than we do the there being no objection it is so decided. because the modulus on behalf of the council i welcome his accent as you know mr make no doubt about it and i read in my study abroad the officer just scored him to his seat at the council table.
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separate president abbas the palestinian leader now entering the united nations security council chamber he has been invited especially as has the israeli ambassador to be part of this discussion on the middle east peace process a man you saw sport speaking earlier the kuwaiti ambassador mansura at a table here is all kuwait i should say is the current president of the united nations security council so the state of palestine the observer state of palestine recognized on the floor of the security council. will now begin its consideration of item two of the agenda i wish to formally welcome the secretary general is excellence in mr antonio get out and give him the floor to make introductory remarks. president of the security council your excellency investor the man's food our low tide be perma the relief of kuwait your excellency mr mahmoud abbas but as that the state of palestine welcome to you and the other
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legation excellences ladies and gentleman i have just returned from a visit to kuwait kuwait generously also the conference on the reconstruction of iraq and up to mobilize critical resources the international community should be granted to the iraqi people for their courage is victory over that. the support is of the confidence in the government and people of iraq and kuwait as the president has played a very important leadership role in these very successful meeting but unfortunately positive developments in iraq and an exception in the region this country this context underscores the need for a political solution to the israeli palestinian conflict which has lasted for far too long i needed to originate my full personal commitment and the commitment of the united nations to supporting the parties in their efforts to achieve a two state solution. the solution of two democratic states israel and palestine
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living side by side in peace with secure and recognized borders a solution that addresses of final state issues in startles issues on the basis of relevant united nations resolutions international law and which will be demons there is no plan b. yet we must face today said reality after decades of support the global consensus for the two state solution could be at olding and obstacles on the ground have the potential to create any versatile when state reality and it is simply impossible to square the circle of a one state reality with a legitimate national historic and democratic aspirations of both israelis and palestinians at the same time conditions for policymakers in gaza which has been under the control of hamas for the decade that diet shortfalls in order of funding that a method of also international concern the human security rights and dignity of millions of policy refugees are at stake so too is the stability of the region i appeal to
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the international community to step up its generous support excellencies these a time for dialogue for the conciliation for reason at this moment of great consequence a peal for effective concerted action by all parties it is more important than ever and mr president allow me to ask you to give the floor to the special coordinator of the middle east peace process mr nickel i'm lucky enough to deliver his monthly briefing to the security council on the situation in the middle east thank you. gotta let me allow madam when i have artie lange can separate region for his remarks and i'll get the floor to mr let you know. mr president. your excellency president mahmoud abbas president of the state of palestine secretary general we meet this month as regional tensions are taking an increasingly perilous turn. fighting in syria is increasing and danger in the escalation arrangements and
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regional stability as well as undermining efforts for a political solution despite the positive news from iraq and the defeat of dashed much of the middle east continues to be in the grips of an ongoing human tragedy of immense proportion mr president against this backdrop and after over a century of hostilities including fifty years of continued military occupation israelis and palestinians are still no closer to peace many have lost hope that they will see it in their lifetimes the enemies of peace are growing more confident by the day they see every failure of the forces of moderation as a win for the forces of radicalisation they believe the political odds of turning in their favor day after day they are emboldened hindering peace or also those who push facts on the ground who promote unilateral moves blocking the pathway back to the negotiating table none of this will bring us closer to resolving the conflict
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and none of it will respond to the inalienable right of the palestinian people to statehood or the israeli longing for security it will only drive us further down the road of confrontation suffering and a one state reality of the virtual occupation mr president last month the international community discussed key priorities to advance the goal of peace at the extraordinary ministerial meeting of the ad hoc liaison committee at the meeting i was encouraged by widespread unequivocal messages reaffirming support for the two state solution in line with the relevant un resolutions and the need to resume meaningful negotiations over all final status issues including the status of jerusalem but disciplines also made a critical commitment to undertake efforts to address the humanitarian crisis in gaza including support for projects focused on water electricity and economic recovery. my message to all was clear first we must clearly reaffirm the sustainable peace requires
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a two state solution one that can only be achieved through a negotiated process israelis and palestinians have defined the final status issues and only they together can determine their resolutions second efforts must continue to seek implementation of concrete and transformative steps on the ground including and ending israeli settlement expansion and advancing policy shifts particularly in areas c. of the west bank consistent with the transition to greater preston and civil authority as called for in the two thousand and sixteen report of the middle east quartet third the palestinian authority must continue to advance institution building and service delivery to the palestinians people and work towards bringing gaza back in their its control and lastly it is critical that any future peace proposal focus on the two state solution and all final status issues as per prior agreements and relevant un resolutions a failure to do so could have dangerous repercussions mr president maintaining
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support for palestine refugees is fundamental to the pursuit of peace and stability in the region i reiterate my ongoing concern over onerous sizable funding shortfall despite the welcome flexibility of some member states in accelerating the disbursement of their funding commitments in addition the emergency appeals launched on thirtieth of january seek to raise eight hundred us dollars eight hundred million u.s. dollars for the west bank and gaza as well as for the syria regional crisis to meet the essential needs of some one point five million highly vulnerable people i encourage member states to consider urgently providing new funding for onerous critical requirements as the peace process falters and the gulf between the two sides widens palestinians and israelis continue to suffer the violent consequences on the ground. seven palestinians were killed by israeli security forces in various incidents across the occupied palestinian territory and one israeli civilian was
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stabbed and killed by a palestinian in the west bank three of the palestinians killed died during violent clashes with security forces one a sixteen year old was shot near ramallah he was the fourth child killed under such circumstances since the beginning of the year i once again emphasized that the use of force must be calibrated and that lethal force should only be used as a last resort with any resulting fatalities properly investigated by the authorities i urge israeli security forces to exercise maximum restraint to avoid casualties under such circumstances i call upon all sides to reject violence condemn terror ensure accountability and work to reduce tensions in recent days we have also witnessed dangerous security incidents in and around gaza on the seventeenth of february four israeli soldiers were wounded by an improvised explosive device plays at the guy as a fence this was followed by israeli airstrikes on some eighteen commerce targets where palestinian militants fired two rockets into israel one causing damage to
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a house in the shah to give regional council two palestinian teens were killed by israeli security forces while reportedly attempting to approach the fence prior to this latest flare up during the course of the past month three more rockets were fired towards israel with two israeli retaliatory strikes or without injuries mr president i encourage the international community to join the united nations in calling on militants in gaza to refrain from such provoke ations and then the building of tunnels and the firing of rockets towards israel such actions and the response they elicit only risk the lives of palestinians and israelis undermine peace efforts and increase the likelihood of another devastating conflict. i also take the opportunity to note the need to resolve the matter of the missing israeli soldiers and civilians that are being held in gaza two additional incidents mr president highlight the risk of escalation and the need for continued israeli
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palestinian security coordination these were the discovery of twelve roadside bombs in the west bank on the twenty sixth of january in the fold attempt on the fourth of february to smuggle a dual use component used to make explosives into gaza within a shipment of medical equipment i also note that the trial of the seventeen year old palestinian girl i have to me started on the thirteenth of february behind closed doors she has been detained on remand for two months to date i stated in my last briefing the detention of a child must only be used as a measure of last resort and for the shortest possible time mr president throughout the reporting period israel's illegal settlement related activities continued unabated in response to the latest to last month's killing of a resident of the illegal about gilad outpost on february fourth israel approved the establishment of a new settlement to absolve its residents i strongly denounce the expansion of settlement of the settlement takes enterprise as
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a compensation for israeli deaths settlement construction is not a morally appropriate way to respond to murder on february twelfth israel also advanced to settlement plans for some eighty five housing units near bethlehem i reiterate the longstanding u.n. position that all settlement related activities are illegal under international law and there are a substantial obstacle to peace and i call on israel to seize and reverse such policies. mr president demolition and seizure of palestinian on structures also continued with thirty one structures affected resulting in thirty three palestinians displaced particularly concerning was the demolition of two donor funded classrooms serving palestinian children in the bedouin community of bubble new are this is the sixth demolition or confiscation in the school since february two thousand and sixteen or overall according to author forty four schools in the occupied west bank are currently at risk of demolition i urge israel to seize this
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practice mr president i briefed you last week on the situation in gaza a month after month we have raised the alarm about the humanitarian economic and ecological calamity underway it bears repeating that the situation is unsustainable continuing power cuts of up to twenty hours per day severely undermined the provision of basic services without additional immediate fuel deliveries the situation could deteriorate with dramatic consequences i reiterate the secretary general's appreciation to the united arab emirates and the state of qatar for their support to deal with the emergency their immediate response to our appeal has helped stave off a further deterioration and also encouraged by the trilateral meeting i had last week with palestinian prime minister one dollar and israel's coordinator of government activities in the territories major general mordechai in which we focused on humanitarian problems in gaza both sides reaffirmed their commitment to
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the temporary gaza reconstruction mechanism and agreed on the need for a joint review to improve its functionality transparency in predictability. mr president as the humanitarian crisis in gaza escalates the implementation of the egyptian brokered interim palestinian agreement has stalled absent immediate steps to address the humanitarian crisis and to revive the economy we will face a total institutional and economic collapse in gaza this is not an alarmist prediction mr president this is a fact i welcome the proposal of the palestinian government to incorporate into its two thousand and eighteen budget some twenty thousand civil service employees in gaza a positive outcome however is contingent enter our layer upon the collection of taxes the payment of salaries and the return of the government administration and ultimately security control of gaza i urge all sides to intensify their engagement and to move forward in this process mr president for
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a decade two million people have lived under the full control of hamas with crippling israeli closures and movement and access restrictions throughout this period the international community has provided aid and humanitarian assistance to alleviate the suffering and to rebuild what was destroyed in three devastating conflicts it is time to break the cycle it is time to return gaza back to the control of the legitimate palestinian authority for there can be no palestinian state without palestinian unity those who stand in the way of reconciliation hurt the palestinian national cause and the price will be paid by generations of ordinary people. mr president the security situation on the golan is also a growing concern a worrying escalation occurred on february the tenth when israeli defense forces destroyed what they identified as in the rayney an unmanned aerial vehicle which had reportedly entered its airspace from syria shortly thereafter israeli aircraft
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targeted the syrian air base during the attack one israeli jet was hit injuring two pilots which further prompted israel to attack what it described as twelve military objectives inside syria i urge all sides to work towards easing tensions in this highly volatile area turning briefly to lebanon heightened rhetorical was exchanged between israel and lebanon over the disputed maritime areas the united nations can still use to call on the sides to act responsibly avoid security risks and explore with the support of the united nations ways to resolve the issue preparations continue form a parliamentary elections in lebanon and for the upcoming rome two and cedric conferences to support the security sector in the economy respectively on the fifteenth of march and the fifth of april while the situation was generally quiet in the universe area of operation and despite heightened rhetorical related to the proposed construction by israeli defense forces and lebanese court reservation
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areas and called south of the blue line construction began in one reservation areas on the seventh of february with no incident reported mr president returning to the israeli palestinian conflict let me reiterate inclosing that we in the international community must continue advocating for substantial israeli policy changes related to the situation in the west bank including a halt to certain construction demolition or structures in the prevention of palestinian development in areas c. on gaza we must collectively work to alleviate the humanitarian disaster and provide full support to egyptian reconciliation efforts. our supports to honor also remains vital i also hope that we will be able to look beyond the closed dark negotiating rooms that are currently empty of diplomats and politicians to see that there are israeli and palestinian advocates for peace working tirelessly to promote
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change civil society organizations use and women's groups religious and community leaders they all have a critical role to play and must be supported and allowed to express their views freely we rarely discuss their role we don't speak often enough about the challenges they face but their efforts must be recognized and supported in this chamber mr president we have often spoken of the need for leadership on both sides to reach a deal a compromise through negotiations that would allow israelis and palestinians to separate and be masters of their own fate but mr president these negotiations will not be negotiations between equals but one side is under military occupation its leadership has committed to a peaceful solution to the conflict through negotiations i urge in closing the international community not to give up on support for the moderate palestinian leadership or in building up the institutions that will increase the chances of success our window of opportunity is closing and if we do not seize it quickly the
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israeli palestinian conflict will be engulfed in the world when the religious radicalization that remains present in the region thank you. i've got to say you let the novel i help you out in cali the bahamas i'm out of the north is absolutely mr mahmoud abbas president of the observer state of palestine. thank you in the name of god the merciful the compassionate excellence a chef sober whole khaled and how much a president of the security council excellent see mr antonio what there is secretary general of the united nations excellent is excellent he is members of the security council may the peace mercy and blessings of god be upon you seventy years have passed since palestine's knockabout took place since then six million palestinian refugees continue to suffer from the cruelty of exile and loss of human
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security they continue to wander the world and after the loss of their peaceful and stable lives in their homeland of. want wherever they are bored of the thirteen million palestinians whose country has yet to be recognized as a full member state of the united nations. by the numerous resolutions reaffirming their right to self-determination. and this by resolutions reaffirming their right to statehood as well on their national lead. excellences. we are the descendants of the cannon idea that lived in the land of the palestine five thousand years ago and continuously remained there to
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this day one of our grade to be pulled remains rooted in its land. for the palestinian people to build their own cities and homelands and made contributions to humanity and civilization witness whereby the words they established institutions schools of hospitals cultural organizations theaters libraries newspapers bubblicious in houses economic organizations and businesses and banks with wide regional and international influence. all of this existed before and after the balfour declaration issued by the british government in nineteen seventeen that liberation by which those who did not own gave to those who had no right. of the british government bears responsibility for the
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catastrophic consequences inflicted on the palestinian people as a result of this declaration. since then. and although there are were people who remain under occupation they continued their journey of building and developing their country with the establishment of the national authority and one thousand and ninety four our national institutions all recognized by international organizations for their marriage and work which is based on the rule of law accountability and transparency and empowerment of women and youth in an environment of tolerance coexistence of civilization water from then on the sky. in the nation moreover we continue to strive to unite our people and land and to ensure one florida team one and one gone.
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one who are and we are determined to convene a parliamentary and presidential election. mr president nixon sees our conviction is deep rooted and our position is clear regarding the use of arms of any count in. the man who not only do we call for the dismantlement of nuclear weapons but we are also opposed to conventional women which have caused such vast destruction of slavery it's in our region and around the world that we have been committed to fostering a culture of peace while a rejection rejection of violence is members of sustainable development and the building of schools hospitals and. i recall sure all farmland and the technological production and minimal as opposed to establishing weapons factories
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and purchasing tanks and fighter jets or who would not govern for we wish for our people to live in freedom and dignity well thought of from wars and destruction. and with the rise of one thing i can build a school on. the briars of one fighter jet can build a hospital that can protect people from all conventional and non-conventional weapons we really want for our people to live in freedom and dignity far from rewards and destruction and far from terrorism and extremism which are below relentlessly combated in all areas of the globe we have a lot of accordingly build them and we have become party to eighty three security agreements with some they don't go around the world eighty three states around the world so you have including the united states the russian federation and other
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european countries and other countries as well as our our goal from these. reman is one young and only fighting terrorism. ladies and gentleman why are we here today madam with water for women after a long journey and tremendous efforts to create a political power for days on. which could lead to a comprehensive peace that as you are aware from a rebirth dissipated in the madrid conference and nine hundred ninety one of them signed the oslo accords and nineteen ninety three. the one we were alone with israel. and the norwegian as you know. this. for these records that also accords affirm the imperative of reaching a solution for all permanent status issues before in one thousand nine hundred
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ninety nine. unfortunately this has not become a reality and therefore we should wonder why has it had to be achieved. nevertheless some we persisted in our efforts to reach peace and we engaged in the dialogue at wye river and camp david where senator levin we participated in the annapolis conference and we engaged in dialogue with the former israeli prime minister all murders for eight months. eight months. and we met with prime minister netanyahu in the presence of former secretary of state hillary clinton and george mitchell that when we also accepted president putin's in litigation to meet with mr netanyahu in moscow but he has regrettably is a that point to the baiting and such a meeting we also engaged with all seriousness with former secretary of state john
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kerry but the israeli government in transitions was the valuer of all of those efforts after all of this how can it be said that it is we who reject negotiations that we have never refused any information to participate. please do not say that we. rejected negotiations we believe that negotiations are the only part of the words the people so how can we reject i go shirish and please believe me this is not confronted with this is that you know. we have the neither given up or the know how we have come to the united nations. believing in the purposes and principles of the charter of the united nations and affirms galia other the inadmissibility of the existence
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of the retore by force and affirms that the rights of the cell of determination large a golden age of fourteen and forty one reaffirmed nobody has held israel accountable when it all go by it and our territories and nine hundred forty eight has the charter affirms the rights of people deserve a nation which are another long the issue this will address to morrow we'll continue to engage with all of its agencies and and i will quest to end this occupation of our land and people get home in spite of all of that the united nations has failed to implement its relevant reserve illusions until this very day is this possible ladies and gentlemen is it logical that this embodied the adoption of seven hundred then five general assembly resolution almost seven hundred then five resolution was from nineteen forty eight on the list very day and eighty six
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security council resolutions. and i were not favor of from two hundred forty two to three hundred thirty four none of them has been implemented where are these resolutions which your old one is going still has adopted the treasurer just six resolutions was no result whatsoever. is it logical that israel violates i'm on vacation you want to end your mantra solutions one eighty one and one ninety four they feel remember these two resolutions and the worry is they're not going on for it was a condition for israel to be executed at the united nations time and moshe should add on the road and he said that he was ready to implement. and because of this commitment to israel was accepted at the united nations but until this very day these two resolutions have yet to be implemented one eighty one and one ninety four
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ladies and gentlemen israel is acting as a state above what a lot of it has transformed the occupation from a temporary situation as per international law into a situation of determining settlement colonise ation that has its trouble could hear it always and nineteen sixty seven it was supposed to be they want to really however it has become werman an oldtimer colonized all the areas that it wanted including jerusalem that to you over the last consul can. in all departed territory how can this happen arm of. israel shut the door on the two state solution or on the basis of the one nine hundred seventy seven uppermost here and then we must reaffirm as we have done in the past that at our problem is not to the followers of judaism not judaism as a muslim a as a make we are each religion as are christianity and islam but you know where the
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problem is only with only one hundred years of our work and those denying our independence and freedom this is regarded as a religion. mr president. we met with the president of the united states mr donald trump on hard times in two thousand and seventeen and everybody how exuberant as our absolute tried in is to reach a historic agreement we repeatedly reaffirmed our position in accordance with international law on the relevant issue and resolutions and the two states a notion on the basis of the one nine hundred sixty seven borders under this administration has not clarified its position is it for the two state solution or for the one state solution and then in a dangerous on the president did man this administration undertook an unlawful decision which was rejected by the international community to remove the issue of
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jerusalem all of the table. without any reason. well or drop it this is what i did to recognize the city of israel scattered to the center of the land to transfer its embassy to the city to jerusalem and it did so ignoring that years jerusalem is part of the palestinian territory it is occupied since morning here on exhibit seven and it is in our capital in order which we wish to be a city of open to all faithful. or all the faithful of the three monotheistic religions a moment. of my wheel especially. christianity and judaism while most honorable you love it is also strange that the united states phyllis resigned liberation organization on its third and
6:47 pm
imposes on resurrections on the work of our mission in washington under the pretext of congressional decisions since nineteen eighty seven have. all of these international bilateral relations between us and the united nations including as a sales and i was and visit someone of and are on the visits. when we discover that the congress believes we are terrorists. and if the congress things we are in their right how was that ministration having relations one of them how was it visiting us how it was agreed by dissidents. how love how come how do you help terrorists. and most recently. it has decided to punish the palestine refugees by way of production of its contributions no longer wanted inside of the fight that it supported the agency in
6:48 pm
islam mission and it has endorsed the add a peace initiative which calls for a just and agreed the solution for the light of the refugees in the warden with resolution one hundred ninety four. and there were very don't know the united states has contradicted itself it has contradicted the its own commitments and has violated international law and the relevant resolutions there with its decision regarding jerusalem oh. no country for the well known can solve any regional or international conflict without the participation of other international partners and therefore. to solve the palestine i was and this is our position then i would be if it is essential to establish a multilateral international mechanism and enabling from an international go long
6:49 pm
friends and in line with international law and the relevant resolutions to solve the palestinian question amongst bilateral international mechanism. mr president i'm i'm i'm one of the phases with israel's policies and practices and violation of international law and its noncompliance and non implementation of agreements designed to her son general council the highest palestinian parliament terrible this side of rule weeks ago to reveal their relationship with israel yes we will really not considering that we have become and also ritzy without authority lost one hundred years and the occupation has become one without the concentrated that we are working for example oration in that we are working for the occupation we are employees for the occupation not the hamas. and we say that israel must all hold its obligations as an occupying power
6:50 pm
a human and. the government really do not oppose seeing israel and shoulder its responsibility in the west bank because the situation is unbearable and unacceptable. or and in spite of the i think that i confirmed. to maintain our institutions and achievements which we have to realize on the ground in palestine as well as the international arena thanks to your we are determined to remain very limited to the political are all diplomats aid them and the legal path far from any violence through political negotiations and. which we have known now as are regional lungs were never rejected well. we will continue to extend our government and to make peace and we will
6:51 pm
continue to exert efforts to bring an end to the israeli occupation based on the two state solution on the nine hundred sixty seven borders and international legitimacy as for the relevant resolutions in order to achieve our national aspirations and however our very not at the same time when a huge we will continue to oppose them any attempt regardless by whom to impose solutions that contradict the history of the legitimacy any solution that contradicts this legitimacy will be rejected most of the whole problem of them really have been granted the status of nonmember observer state by the general assembly we're not going to an aardvark on that basis we have become a state party to one hundred and five international treaties and organize a real number of we have been recognized by one hundred thirty eight states. all of this has further strengthened the status of the state of palestine which continues
6:52 pm
to strive for recognition by as the rest of the state in the words. among which members of member states of the council that has not failed to recognize the state of palestine. i know when my dog would have a dollar even why you knowing that recognition of the state of the ballast sign is not a substitute for negotiations. the recognition value does not go against negotiations it's rather. promotes negotiations. therefore i call upon members who have yet to recognise legislative really do so. and in the future we will intensify our efforts to achieve admission to full membership in the united nations. and to guarantee international protection for our legal work we will come to the council i will come and call for international
6:53 pm
protection to our people and we are. the situation is no longer bearable when you have listened to the briefing on all of. the special coordinator we hold for you to support our efforts to ensure the rights of thirteen million. who yearn for an independent homeland just like all other peoples of the world and yearn for their state to take its rightful place in the international community. i say thirteen million palestinian. and you say that's not true but oh now we are all we are thirteen million and palestinians whether we live inside palestinian palestine or in other foreign leaders. come here before your august council ladies and gentlemen here in the midst of the deadlock of the peace process the e.u. as decision regarding jerusalem israel's ongoing illegal suddenly like the video.
6:54 pm
and its violation of the resolutions of the council and its written this respect of the signed agreements latest of which resolution twenty three thirty four. and we are here because of the palace what i am proudest in your insides desire to deny working balls in the valley and corage asli we have the courage to say yes and we have full coverage the say you know this all the law is on the international you know and our interests. we are here to to build a culture of peace to reject violence to save the principle of two states. to attain a security and stability for all to restore a home and to full and the peoples of the region the moon and to find their way out
6:55 pm
of this stalemate and crisis we are and. for the. more. this is a strategic choice for the sake of. and for the coming generations and i will region be very much therefore i will tell you about our first we call now for the convening of an international peace conference by mid two thousand and eighteen based on internationally don't be more and the relevant two and resolutions with the role of the international participation and including the to concerned or to use and the regional and international thing holders foremost among them remember the permanent members of the security council and the international
6:56 pm
quartet and through and as was of the framework for the paris peace conference and as in visage where the conference to be convened in moscow as a resolution eighteen to fifty or so we call for the convening of an international conference is normal for. the conference and there is so was attended by seventy five hours and. so that all comes of this conference should be as fault was. one. of the state of palestine as a full member of the united nations and this is what we deserve. don't you think we deserved to be a full member why not. what the word. and we call on the security council to achieve that we will come to you taking into account general assembly resolution sixty seven nineteen of twenty nine of ember two thousand and twelve. which supported our non observer membership.
6:57 pm
or excuse me our observer membership. and guaranteeing international protection for our people and on the. lines of nine hundred sixty seven the formation of an international month by large religionism that will assist the two parties and in the military actions to resolve all the permanent status issues the find and the also of our. more i've heard according to i'm going to the also accords of jerusalem where your security is settlements refugees water and prisoners or. to be resolved through an agreement by both parties. involved will conduct those negotiations on the basis of the international law and relevant to and resolutions and implement what is to be agreed upon within as secular timeframe and with guarantees avoiders. negotiation or to be the final by
6:58 pm
a framework. when it ends the agreement must be and implemented this is the only way to solve the long conflict in the middle to the during the period of negotiations old parties must refrain from unilateral actions of a more diggler levy those that would gradually excuse me prejudge the outcome of the final resolution as a sub fourth in article thirty one of the also accords of one nine hundred ninety three a lot of. the old look towards stipulated that all parties must refrain from unilateral actions. and any subtle and. foremost most being this is sation of settlement activities in the territory occupied since one nine hundred sixty seven including east jerusalem and
6:59 pm
suspension of the decision regarding jerusalem and holding transfer of the us embassy to jerusalem because this course negotiations. are in compliance with the relevant security council resolutions including imported color of army resolutions four hundred seventy six four hundred seventy eight and i don't remember. at the same time. that this state of palestine would refrain from further joining organizations as we have previously committed ourselves to namely twenty two international organizations out of five hundred organizations and treaties. we have committed and we continue to be committed although unfortunately the
7:00 pm
administration did not that'll kill its commitments. the implementation of the arab peace initiative as adopted. as a doctor. from a to z. and not from the. cording to the initiative. from. the palestinian question must be solved and then regional issues will be solved and this was affirmed by the initiative and all arabs and muslims which have adopted the initiative. and when the initiative is implemented when the state of palestine is recognized in line with the borders of nine hundred sixty seven and the problem and all arabs and muslims will become ready to recognize the state and out of israel all arabs and muslims a fifth of the deal seven and muslim country.


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