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it's always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera i really feel liberated as a journalist was. going to the truth a little i would that's what this. time. syrian government as strikes kill more than two hundred civilians and in two days activists are calling it a massacre. and troops fire at pro assad forces as they enter the
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kodesh enclave of to help the white peachy. hello i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up. in a respite at the un the palestinian president calls for an international summit to replace the u.s. sponsored peace process unicef says the world is failing its poorest babies we report from the second worst country for newborns. and final farewell to move in chiang rai zimbabwe's opposition leader is laid to rest in his hometown. has been no letup in the syrian government's assault on eastern ghouta despite a growing international outcry baum's rockets and shells have continued to rain
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down on the last rebel stronghold near damascus killing more than two hundred people since late on sunday the u.n. says six hospitals have been hit pushing three of them out of service opposition activists are calling it a massacre france says it's a violation of humanitarian law. has been besieged by the government since two thousand and thirteen four hundred thousand people in the rubble held being bombed by government forces and the russian allies. only a few can always away from the government center of power the presidential palace and there are fears the bombardment is a precursor to a larger ground operation so in a holder has this report now from beirut. panic in the streets. you see the. fear in people's faces.
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neighborhoods flattened the airstrikes are almost continuous no towns across eastern who are coming under intense fire. survivors emerge in shock children traumatized. to. go on some four hundred thousand people are trapped in this besieged syrian opposition enclave nowhere is safe. the sound of fighter jets in the skies frightens the population. and muhammad and her son the same say they can only hope the walls in their home will save them if a shell or an airstrike hit nearby i didn't we have no choice but to stay in our harm's despite be in strikes and shelling out building and those in the street that i don't have underground shelter. possibly within the u.n. says the humanitarian situation is spiraling out of control because of what it
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calls an extreme escalation of hostilities scores of civilians have been killed since sunday and the number continues to rise. there are hundreds of injuries as well doctors are appealing to the international community to force the government to allow supplies in several cars food we have shortages in medicine and medical supplies because the regime has been hitting this area for weeks we've had to deal with many injuries imagine we know how longer have blood bags to be. the un is demanding an end to the targeting of civilians but for the syrian government and its allies this is a military tactic. they hope that by inflicting suffering on the population they will turn against the rebels and force them to surrender. eastern hooter's the last remaining opposition stronghold around damascus comments made by russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov about what he calls using the experience in
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aleppo and there are crossing for the syrian government regain focus for all of the city of aleppo in late two thousand and six after months of siege and a full blown military assault that ended in rebel rendering. the main opposition body the syrian national coalition is calling the latest wave of violence a war of extermination it is also condemning what it calls the international silence. this is not the first bombing campaign in eastern huta. hundreds of civilians were killed in weeks of bombardment earlier this year many believe the renewed bombardment could be the final assault set of. beirut. many people inside eastern ghouta have taken to twitter to launch pleas for help one photojournalist says we can't sleep russian warplanes. did not stop they are
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bombing everything no one is standing next to us in this besieged area another journalist nor adam has been regularly tweeting about what's happening in and his value to continue documenting the destruction there to give a voice to the people in the besieged area to syrian children have also been tweeting about their experiences no and say they just want to live without fear they've been posting videos appealing for help as bombs rain down around them is what they said on monday. everyone what kenny ami we are hearing that as a vision has brought much stuff for this is to just do a good if i can give them felt. as a child and not in theirs or of being more to take them to the children of god back before to lift i'm not from the finished quilt or unicef is so outraged at what's been happening in the it's released a blank statement with
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a footnote saying we no longer have the words to describe children suffering and our outrage to those inflicting the suffering still have words to justify their barbaric acts get capillaries is us unicef's regional director for the middle east and north africa we have been issuing in the seven years many difference day statements expressing more sadness but that doesn't seem to be rare at the same time our this morning didn't know any more how much stronger i could express minds outness unicef's beep sadness about the reality the reader for decided who issue a blank statement inviting go everybody responsible for what is going on in syria inviting with the simple question do you want out there
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responsible for these barbarian acts do you still have the words to justify what you are doing these millions of boys and girls. well turkey's president says his soldiers a forced fighters loyal to the syrian government to retreat from the kurdish controlled area of a freend turkey's military is said to fight on the fighters as they entered the enclave present measure type i do one has vowed to capture the area within days earlier images of the syrian forces arriving in the region will broadcast on a t.v. network run by the lebanese hezbollah fighters were going in to help kurdish y.p. g. forces defend themselves against attack ish offensive salinger vade has more from gaza on turkey's border with syria. a group of fighters loyal to president bashar assad's government has retreated from the city of our freedom these fighters were trying to get close to the city of kurdish fighters had asked for help from the
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syrian government and it said that it will not send its regular forces but will provide them with irregular militias which it calls a popular forces this happened after turkish artillery hit these areas when it saw that these forces were going in it happened only a couple of hours after the turkish president they have a gun and knows that he and his forces are in another phase of the operation because we know ongoing since last month and he promised his cabinet members that the city of are free and is going to be captured by turkish forces and their allies these arab f.s.a. fighters in a matter of days this operation has been ongoing since january the twentieth and it has come at a heavy toll to the turkish government as well i need to kill the saga at the same time it takes to make certain perforations in the field the c.g. of the african city will start rapidly in the coming days. military sources on the ground have been telling us that it is easier said than done to capture the city of
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offering because it's very tough terrain and these dry p.g. kurdish fighters are locals to this area so the advance of the turkish government as well as the f.s.a. fighters who say they've captured a number of villages around the city of offering which will help them in certain and besieging have been very very slow their advance according to them has been slow not only because of the tough terrain but also because they want to avoid civilian casualties but as we've seen in the syrian conflict as more forces arrive as a big of powers come to take areas that they they want to control if the civilians who suffered the most. president has laid out his vision for the future of the middle east peace process in a rare address to the united nations security council mahmoud abbas called for an international summit between israel and palestine listen and people close over
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a very little money time we call for the convening of an international peace conference by mid twentieth based on international law and the relevant un resolutions with broader international participation and including the two concerned parties and any settlement for most must be the cessation of settlement activities in the territory occupied since one thousand sixty seven including east jerusalem and suspension of the decision regarding jerusalem as well as holding the transfer of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. and diplomatic editor james spaces at the united nations and as we saw that jamie's of president mahmoud abbas making a point by traveling to the united nations and directly addressing the security council what did the israelis and the americans have to say in response. well clearly he was coming here i think to call out those two nations he was saying that israel is repeatedly breaching international law saying the u.s.
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is not the right country now to be a mediator because of its cutting of the funding to honor the u.n. agency that helps palestinians and because of his recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital so those were the points made by president abbas and as you can expect these really side was a complete reverse of those points that they made the israeli ambassador danny down on spoke a mutually after president of bass president abbas left the security council chamber nothing unusual there in u.n. protocol he was the only president to the rest of the room was ambassador zinni you know had another engagement to go to but it didn't stop the israeli ambassador scoring a point i expected news that abbas to stay with us and have a dialogue unfortunately is once again running away look
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what just happened in this room is that abbas game in you put is the man on the table in the left and expecting you to deliver the results it's not going to order that way the only way to move forward if they wreck the negotiations between israel and the palestinian. rights the israeli ambassador predictably seizing on the fact that their president mahmoud abbas vacated the chamber in what's happening in terms of meetings there at the u.n. because we know that jack question and jason have also are also there right now. yes these are the two men that president trump has chosen to lead his peace efforts the peace deal of the century remember its called it one of them of course gerry cushion his own son in law well after the security council meeting ambassadors have gone into closed session what's formally known as consultations here and we
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understand that both men are with ambassador halley in those consultations we don't know whether they get to address the security council or whether in the margins of the meeting after the formal consultations have ended they will informally speak to the other ambassadors but it is interesting that they're briefing them all and i'm sure the position they're making out is pretty similar to that that ambassador hailey made in the council she addresses she addressed her comments directly to president abbas although he'd already left the chamber and said he had a choice you can choose to put aside your anger about the location of our embassy and move forward with us toward a negotiated compromise that holds great potential for improving the lives of the palestinian people the united states stands ready to work with the palestinian leadership our negotiators are sitting right behind me ready to talk but we will
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not chase after you the choice mr president is yours and a lot of talk of peace initiatives and proposals from all sides during the security council meeting but pretty clear too that both of the key sides are on very different pages here high drama and tricks at the security council once again but a meeting i'm afraid to say i don't think brings us any closer to a resolution of a conflict that's lasted over seventy years all right thank you james bays at the united nations. it's out as they are still to come. venezuela launches its own cryptocurrency in what some see as a desperate move to raise cash also empowering women and all female t.v. station is launched in gaza.
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hello there we've got a lot of stormy weather across parts of the mediterranean at the moment the satellite picture is showing plenty of cloud there across italy and up into the southeastern parts of europe and also plenty more heading through greece as well so lots of wet weather around at the moment and still plenty of disturbed weather as we head through the next few days as well as our system works its way across towards the colder air in central europe you see we see a fair amount of snow there in that clings on even as we head through the day on thursday so the northeast still staying cold for now minus two is the maximum temperature in warsaw for now it is warmer for with the air towards the northwest six will be our maximum there in london now some of the unsettled weather across the mediterranean is making its way into the northern parts of africa as well we're expecting a few more hefty showers there around the coast about syria including audi's on wednesday and a few more showers will be making their way through tunisia maybe just scraping the
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coast of libya as well as we head into thursday for about though here it should stay dry in our maximum temperature will be around seventeen degrees even further towards the south and we have a few showers here particularly over parts of uganda and into deal congo some of these are looking rather lively but towards the west for most of us in west africa it should be more or less dry. i would have been. the most little. loose. on the nineteenth of december twenty sixth mahmoud hussein was detained by the egyptian authorities he remains behind bars without a trial al-jazeera world investigates. and media repression. journalism is not a crime this time on al jazeera. a
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look at our top stories this hour despite a growing international outcry one of syria's last rebel held areas east and is still under heavy bombardment by government and russian forces more than two hundred people have been killed since sunday meanwhile in the north of syria turkey's president says his soldiers a force fighters loyal to the syrian government to leave the kurdish controlled area of a freend by firing on them soon after they arrived. on the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has called for a new international peace summit between israel and palestine within the next few months. on out to zimbabwe where the former opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has
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been buried in his hometown of the hara politicians from the ruling zanu p.f. party attended the service alongside thousands of oppositions of course as chandler i was a fierce opponent of zimbabwe's former president the sixty five year old died from cancer last week there is harmless has more from the hair. so this was the final farewell and lots of people were very sad the past. it was opened briefly and a few friends and family got to see more when one more time it was taken to the family homestead where he was buried next to the first wife susan the question now is what happens next for the party nelson chamisa was named to prison by the national council of the m.d.c. tea party but some officials we know are happy with his appointment any talk was only quickly and earliest judy nelson chamisa says that he spends in teams out across the country to talk to ordinary party supporters and find out what they feel
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about his appointment if the majority say a special congress must be held to elect a new leader he says then maybe that's what they will do before now he's saying he is a legitimate leader the concern of course is if senior officials in the party who are unhappy with him decide to leave and split it could weaken the main opposition party just months before elections are held authorities in the democratic republic of congo say to aid workers have been killed by armed gunman and another has been taken hostage the attack happened in the village of curie in north kew province on tuesday the u.n. says poor security conditions in the region a hindering efforts to help thousands of people in need. meanwhile in the central african republic one in twenty four babies die before they're even a month old and a new unicef report has right the c.a.r. as having the second highest rate in the world of newborn baby deaths it says many women are unable to access health care due to a conflict that's displaced nearly hoth of the population catherine sawyer reports
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now from the town of briere a. new life in the second worst country in the world for a child to be born in the only pediatric hospital in central african republic nasa's and sure that babies little hearts keep beating of the roughly thirty children born each day in this hospital in the capital bondi an average of two die it's a free government hospital taking in hundreds of patients but medical supplies are hard to come by the hospital is understaffed and badly needs more specialist doctors. dr gordon is one of just five pediatricians in the country he says they try the best they can to keep mothers and their children alive . you can see central african republic of sixteen regions in the or depend on this hospital for special raised we are in a crisis we have two. centers because this attrition is no sustainable.
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example arisa cradles her son in a human incubation care system called congo room it helps premature babies when there is no. baby man doris tween brother died when they were born arlie zambia has been assured that man dire will be fine but she worries about him and how for the children back home only a third party where. my husband doesn't work i do casual work if my children fall that means all the money goes to hospital bills then what will we. the children here are lucky to get some help the farther you get away from bondi the more desperate the health care situation medical aid agencies are helping but even the combi everywhere doctors without borders and the international medical corps support this hospital in bria in the north east after months of fighting between
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rival armed groups the hospital is now not just taking in patients but has also a home or dated families that have fled from their homes there are places where the . groups continue to stand in the way of accessing people but we also have. funding issues we don't have all the resources that we need. for example for the area of maternal natoma health back in the bungie children hospitals kangaroo ward as they call it the new mothers continue to bond with the little ones and hope they'll get to see all the milestones catherine saw all jazeera bria central african republic protesters have taken to the streets of the brazilian city of rio de janeiro it's in response to orders by present michel tamer for the military to take over policing the lower house has now approved a move which the government says is to counter rising gang violence but many
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brazilians fear soldiers on the streets will mean more use of excessive force elsewhere as well as opposition leader says his group will not take passing april's presidential elections and turn your calls for humanitarian intervention by the international community and branded the election fraud unit. no one will probably tell you we are not going to participate in the presidential elections because it would be suicide it's not an election it is a trap and it would be absurd for the democratic opposition up which represents the vast majority of venezuelans who want real change in the country to a regime by the far bar frequent fraudulent elections. all that as well as government has just launched its own crypto currency which it's calling the petro president nicolas maduro is hoping it will provide a stable means of payment a time when many venezuelans are struggling to pay for every day petrol prices based on the value of a barrel of oil and the government says it's backed by more than five billion barrels in the country's national reserves. well the number of venezuelans fleeing
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to colombia because of the economic crisis is increasing at an alarming rate despite tighter border controls from kuta on the colombian venezuela border under un petit reports. in this central plaza hundreds of venezuelans stand in line for up to seven hours they wait for a wire transfer that will help them endure the economic crisis back home kadam india travels to this colombian border town every month she needs the money her son sends from the children to buy medicine i don't know but i guess you might think that we are happy to come here and receive a little money but instead it's very sad that we can't afford the basic things we need it's painful to be here but it's a sacrifice we have to make it's an excruciating but essential wait when it's well and scam to receive remittances at home due to the exchange controls imposed by the government of president nicolas maduro that used the money to buy basic items for
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ever more often bus tickets to reach those who already left in search of a better life. oh if they would leave us i'm here to go to korea with my son my husband is already there he saved for four months to pay for our chickens we wanted to stay in venezuela but it's becoming impossible with the upcoming presidential elections we're worried they'll shut the border so we decided it was time to go oh my goodness well an immigration experts say a fifth of the population has left the country in the last two years something colombia but increasing numbers continue to other south american countries where it might be easier to find work the number of buses leaving this station for the ecuadorian border the next stop on these migrants journey has passed from six or seven a week to more than seventy every single day but even that is not enough and some people after wait up to four days for a ticket. families struggle to save enough for just one bus ticket but when it's
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time to separate the heartache is palpable. that i mean this sold all they could to get their eldest son a passport in a bus fare to argentina. what we make is not enough to feed us it's sad because we used to have a small food and jobs but not need more that's why my son is leaving and my heart is broken no one can resist forever that's why he must go a seam there repeats itself with painful regularity as each bus makes off and more families are torn apart by necessity leaving behind a sad trail of trauma in tears i listen to them you just you know. students from the school in florida where seventeen pupils and staff were shot dead last week are on their way to the state capital tallahassee to demand that lawmakers passed tougher gun laws about one hundred students from marjorie stoneman douglas high school in parkland and making the journey a plan to hold
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a rally to put pressure on the republican controlled state legislature to ban assault rifles. now a female lead television station has officially launched in gaza type of t.v.'s debut comes just days after hamas authorities tried to block the station from broadcasting saying it didn't have the correct license i force it has more from gaza. gaza has a new broadcaster and permitted title sequence its unique selling point is clear will make up the heart of its content and its intended audience it's called type t.v. tuesday is launch day and a big movement for its volunteer presenters that i have. my own and we're going to start discussing women's issues and try to find solutions for their problems and we will also celebrate their successes. type is going out on facebook twitter you tube and telegram so a local production company provides its facilities free of charge the plan is for
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programming on issues like inequality and violence but also fashion of makeup and comedy down the corridor or the next pair of presenters are running through their lines more student a teller says she's braced for criticism said he and i remember as a. society is too conservative they say i should cover my hair and i'm using too much makeup and i should wear short skirts so we need to increase awareness to change this after we launched our first primer i received a lot of negative comments on facebook. a few minutes later it's time for her debut just getting to this point hasn't been easy the production company behind this project had its launch party cancelled on sunday by hamas police said they didn't have the licenses necessary for a new channel they are challenging that saying they are operating legally and they go to press ahead. in gaza women have to contend with life under the israeli blockade and within a conservative restrictive society female unemployment stands at seventy one
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percent women with jobs on average about a quarter less than men one recent study suggests more than ten percent of females have suffered physical abuse. a woman isn't free to make her own decisions to choose her education the husband she wants or how to plan her family we see this during our work men a dominant political decision making despite the fact that there are lots of well educated intellectual women in the public arena. it's a picture those a type t.v. want to help change by talking directly and frankly to goes as women carry force it out is era gaza. where there's one everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com is. but look at the day's top stories now on a serious last rebel held areas east and has been on the heavy bombardment by government and russian forces more than two hundred people are reported to have
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died since sunday the area on the outskirts of damascus has been besieged since two thousand and thirteen around four hundred around four hundred thousand civilians are living now. meanwhile turkey's president says his soldiers have forced fighters loyal to the syrian government to leave the kurdish controlled area of a frame turkey's military said to a fight on the fighters as they try to enter the enclave president. has vowed to capture the area earlier images of the syrian forces arriving in the regional broadcast on a t.v. network run by a lebanese on the group hezbollah fighters were going in to help kodesh y p g forces defend themselves against the turkish offensive. in all the headlines the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has called for a new international peace summit between israel and palestine in the next few months. while powers that u.n. security council to back the process listen learn people close over. time
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we call for the convening of an international peace conference by mid twentieth team based on international law and the relevant un resolutions with broader international participation and including the two concerned parties and any settlement or most must be the cessation of settlement activities in the territory occupied since one nine hundred sixty seven including east jerusalem and suspension of the decision regarding jerusalem as well as holding the transfer of the us embassy to jerusalem. oxfam's top executives have told the u.k. parliament they're investigating twenty six new cases of sexual misconduct by that aide workers revelations that staff at the charity paid women in haiti for sex have caused widespread outrage executive director told members of parliament she was ashamed of and. zimbabwe's former opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has been buried in his hometown of behavior politicians from the ruling zanu p.f. party attended the service of longside thousands of opposition supporters jango i
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was a fierce opponent of zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe a sixty five year old died from cancer last week as the top stories the stream is coming up next to that. ok and you're in the stream today we're looking at the situation in. the country facing economic collapse so we have a new austerity budget political tensions and many citizens are unhappy right now we are live on you tube you can send us your questions your comments and be part of
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the shunted and imo he could be out of street protests in sudan have mostly been.


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