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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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al jazeera. every. i know. that you know. some of it i like. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. syrian government as strikes kill at least two hundred
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fifty people in eastern in forty eight hours activists are calling it a massacre. this troops fire a pro assad forces entering the kurdish enclave of a free to help the white. in a rest beach at the u.n. the palestinian president calls for an international summit to replace the u.s. sponsored peace process and venezuela launches its own cryptocurrency in what some see as a desperate move to raise cash. spall france's greatest ever wins another gold medal in chung. needs his country home in the blast little mix relate to claim his fifth korea title. has been no letup in the syrian government's assault on the east and despite a growing international outcry bombs rockets and shells have continued to rain down
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on the last rebel stronghold near damascus killing at least two hundred fifty people since late on sunday seven hospitals are reported to have been hit losing four of them out of service opposition activists are calling it a massacre france says it's a violation of humanitarian law east and boots has been besieged by the by the government since two thousand and thirteen four hundred thousand people in the rebel held the being bombed by government forces and the russian allies. is only a few kilometers away from the government center of power the presidential palace and there are fears the bombardment is a precursor to a lot. ground operation al-jazeera say to hold their reports now from beirut. panic in the streets i. fear she didn't see the. fear in people's faces.
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the neighborhoods flattened the airstrikes are almost continuous. towns across eastern who are coming under intense fire was. survivors emerge in shock children traumatized. was one girl one some four hundred thousand people are trapped in this besieged syrian opposition enclave nowhere is safe. the sound of fighter jets in the skies frightens the population. and muhammad and her son the same say they can only hope the walls in their home will save them if a shell or an airstrike hit nearby i didn't we have no choice but to stay in our harm's despite be in strikes and shelling out building and those in the street said i don't have underground shelter. possibly within the u.n. says the humanitarian situation is spiraling out of control because of what it
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calls an extreme escalation of hostilities scores of civilians have been killed since sunday and the number continues to rise. there are hundreds of injuries as well doctors are appealing to the international community to force the government to allow supplies in several cars food we have shortages in medicine and medical supplies because the regime has been hitting this area for weeks we've had to deal with many injuries imagine we know a longer have blood bags the the attic. the un is demanding an end to the targeting of civilians but for the syrian government and its allies this is a military tactic. they hope that by inflicting suffering on the population they will turn against the rebels and force them to surrender. eastern hooter's the last remaining opposition stronghold around damascus comments made by russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov about what he calls using the experience in
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aleppo and there are calls for the syrian government regain control of the city of aleppo in late two thousand and three after months of siege and a full blown military assault that ended in. the main opposition body the syrian national coalition is calling the latest wave of violence a war of extermination it is also condemning what it calls the international silence. this is not the first bombing campaign in eastern huta hundreds of civilians were killed in weeks of bombardment earlier this year many believe the renewed bombardment could be the final assault set of. beirut or many people inside east and taken to twitter to launch pleas for help one photojournalists has been speaking out saying until now we called russian warplanes did not stop they are bombing everything no one is standing next to us in this
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besieged area a knowledge on listener adam has been regularly tweeting about what's happening in and is vowing to continue documenting the destruction that to give a voice to people to syrian children have also been treating about very experiences no and a last say they just want to live without fear they've been posting videos appealing for help as bombs rain down around them is what they said on monday. everyone hold kenny on me we are hearing that as a vision has brought most of us far this is just a good if you can give themselves. as a child an out and then of course don't let the children of. the fort split. i'm not some decision. or the u.n. special envoy for syria has likened the situation in east and go to aleppo in two
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thousand and sixteen a little way through something we think you know the world is you know people. the world. if. they were actually sharing from one side to another but very racially integrated and in between the syrian regime puts in this in this deal with what. i fear we are going to have a powerful and effective political had by far more it's three but it would go back for more people we are looking in front of them increasing tragedy. well unicef is so outraged at what's been happening in that it's released a blank statement with a footnote saying we no longer have the was to describe children suffering and our outrage for those inflicting the suffering still have words to justify that bob
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eric x. . well joining me now to discuss this is william shapers a professor of international and human rights law and chair of the international institute of criminal investigation thank you very much for coming in to speak to us so we've seen a sudden and dramatic rise in the death toll and the bombardment of eastern ghouta that were already fears about the use of force and abuses that might amount to war crimes are there any efforts being laid now to lay the groundwork for future prosecutions or investigations yes there are are mean it's a very difficult thing to get a criminal justice underway well the wars region and we really need peace and to let can can actually function properly but there is no something called the mechanism set up by the united nations was set up by the general assembly last year . or two years ago rather to collect the evidence and the hope is that the servants
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will be then trial ready in other words it will be in it will be of sufficient quality and reliability that it will be able to put right into prosecutions and knowing that this is out there hopefully will have a deterrent effect as well on the people who are on the ground in syria sadly it well we we see if we look at what's happening in east and right now it's still unfolding so. that won't be any access to the area to collect any evidence so what might members of that commission that you just told us about what might they be doing at this stage i mean one thing we do see is footage emerging from the perceived area we see individuals who. trapped inside treating their experiences and giving an account of what's happening to the outside but what will they be looking for now when there's a huge amount of evidence out there as you point out there are people with telephones with cameras and all of this is being recorded of course what they're
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trying to do is document it so that they can actually then use that as a prosecution and they need to identify the people who are the perpetrators these types of prosecutions on the battlefield have always been extremely difficult anyway because of the because of the fog of war in the complexity of it and so what you're really looking for a pattern so that you can go much higher up and charge people with the the systematic the the system crimes crimes against humanity and widespread war crimes and apos of the the fog and complexity of war that you described is information warfare how important is the verification of sources in evidence well of course it does it depends on the type of evidence you're going for but if you're looking for if there's a mass attack as of the piers is the case here are some massive bombardment and then the issue is whether or not there are military objectives that could possibly provide the argument that there's some legitimate targeting underway and and that's
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the first thing that you want to actually try and address and eliminate because people do get killed in war when people are firing guns and cannons and dropping bombs in what is considered legitimate military activity people will get killed so you have to distinguish that so that you can then identify the cases that are the genuine atrocities that are there that are done without military justification without military necessity and that just amount to the cavalier and reckless use of arms possibly with the purpose of terrorizing the civilian population professor william shape us thank you very much for joining us you. well in other developments turkey's president says his soldiers have forced fighters loyal to the syrian government to retreat from the kurdish controlled area of affray in the convoy of syrian fighters way flags and brandished weapons as they enter the city of offering to help the kurdish why peachey turkish artillery fire forced the militia to turn
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back turkey launched an operation last month to caffeine of the y.p. gene which it considers a terrorist group the white b.g. has appealed to the syrian government to help it. push back against the offensive a solid binge of aid has more from gaza on takis border with syria. a group of fighters loyal to president bashar assad's government has retreated from the city of our freedom these fighters were trying to get close to the city of the kurdish fighters had asked for help from the syrian government and it said that it will not send its regular forces but will provide them with irregular militias which it calls a popular forces this happened after turkish artillery hit these areas when it saw that these forces were going in it happened only a couple of hours after the turkish president verge of a gun and knows that he and his forces are in another phase of the operation which as we know ongoing since last month and he promised his cabinet members that the
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city of are free is going to be captured by turkish forces and their allies these arab fighters in a matter of days this operation has been ongoing since january the twentieth and it has come at a heavy toll to the turkish government as well i need to kill the saga at the same time it takes to make certain perpetrations in the field the c.g. of the african city will start rapidly in the coming days. military sources on the ground have been telling us that it is easier said than done to capture the city because it's very tough terrain and these dry puji kurdish fighters are looking to this area still the advance of the turkish government as well as the f.s.a. fighters who say they've got cured a number of villages around the city of offering with them help them encircled and besieged have dreamed very very slow their advance according to them has been slow not only because of the tough terrain but also because they want to avoid civilian
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casualties but as we've seen in the syrian conflict as more forces arrive as a bigger farmers come to pick areas. they want to control if the civilians who suffer the most and with the news hour live from london much want to tell you about . a final farewell to morgan chang or i was involved ways opposition leader is laid to rest in his hometown. empowering women and old female t.v. station is launched in gaza. and in sport the brazilian playing a starring role in the asian champions league. the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has called for a new international peace summit between israel and palestine in a rest beach at the u.n.
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security council he said any agreement reached must suspend the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the u.s. state department says it would consider bringing in other countries if it believes they would be helpful on diplomatic editor james bays reports from the united nations. president abbas's presence here was rare and carefully calculated normally his ambassador attends this monthly meeting he came himself to express his displeasure at the trumpet ministration he suggested its decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and to cut funding to the un agency that helps palestinians disqualified it from leading peace efforts instead he proposed a new approach fairly out of. the whole for the convening of an international peace conference by mid two thousand and eighteen based on international law and relevant un resolutions with broad international participation including the two concerned
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parties and regional and international stakeholders. present a bias left immediately after his speech nothing unusual there in terms of un protocol he was the only head of state in a room full of ambassadors and had another engagement to attend it didn't stop the israeli ambassador using it to score a point i expect that means that our bass to stay with us and have a dialogue unfortunately is once again running away. the u.s. ambassador came to the meeting accompanied by the two men president trump has tasked with leading negotiations jason greenblatt and his own son in law jared coercion she said president abbas had a choice the united states stands ready to work with the palestinian leadership our negotiators are sitting right behind me ready to talk but we will not chase after
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you the choice mr president is yours it was a security council session full of drama tricks but the reality is depressingly familiar this meeting in no way brings very close a resolution to a conflict that's already lasted over seventy years james byrd's outages era of the united nations. was in mastery is a senior lecturer in law at city university of london and a former legal adviser to the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. joins me in the studio now thanks very much for coming to speak to us is president abbas's new initiative likely to succeed. but it looks like it's more about semblance of action rather than a well thought out initiative and we can see that the multilateral approach is not necessarily that's. an issue here the main issue here is the political
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will of the parties or off the states involved in negotiations or sponsoring the negotiations to put pressure on israel to negotiate in good faith and also to deliver on the end goal which is a palestinian state as long as there is no political will to put that kind of pressure then the chances of success are really not that not that high. beak about political pressure being exerted on israel right now. but we actually see that mahmoud abbas if anything wants to move away from the u.s. he says that they learn longer a credible it gets met or new trial negotiator that that's how he sees it and he's really calling on the international community to try and supplant the u.s. but from what you're saying just that it's almost impossible for the u.s. to be supplanted in any kind of future dialogue because they have the most leverage of israel yes in many ways they have the most leverage over is are. the other
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important point is that it's not on the just the issue off leverage of the u.s. or the parties sponsoring the negotiations it's also about the leverage that the palestinians have so what kind of negotiations positions and what strengthens read their negotiations position and unfortunately the only strategy has been negotiations for the sake of negotiations without having any alternative strategy without having any strategy that highlights the. political pressure points that could be used in order to achieve something within the negotiations without. using things like for example. popular mobilization among the palestinians in order to basically. make the governing of the west bank impossible the other thing that was also always missing is support for campaigns like the book at their best in the sanctions campaign and we can see that there wasn't really
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much thinking in that direction and there was more thinking in the direction of the gaucher issues for the sake of negotiations what happens about jerusalem because president mahmoud abbas said that well he wants this decision to be reversed but as you heard from the u.s. ambassador steal any key halley that isn't going to happen it just seems as if the palestinians are so much backed into a corner in any position to be issuing those types of demands. in many ways they are backed and in a corner but. at the same time of the demands for the sake of demand just issue and get demand is not going to do anything so for the demand to be credible you have to have alternative so if this demand is not heeded what are you going to do and in this case there is there are not any alternatives and unfortunately the president abbas in leadership has failed so far to create any other alternatives all right well thank you very much for sharing your thoughts
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with us today was in mastery senior lecturer in law at city university and former legal adviser to the p.l.o. thank you. well now moving to zimbabwe where the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has been buried in his hometown of the hara the sixty five year old founded the main opposition party the movement for democratic change now focus has turned to how that how to take the party forward amid deep divisions of the leadership. has more from bill harrah. morgan tsvangirai the man who was the face of the opposition is buried next to us first wife susan in bulgaria his rural home his family and friends say he was more than just an opposition leader he was a democrat who wanted a better zimbabwe with people challenged leaders without fear of persecution i have . more of a. friend of mine. in this. corridor
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. was saying it i was the glue that held the movement for democratic change together now that burden falls on nelson chamisa the party's an acting president those who don't want him to lead are insisting on a special congress to elect a new leader first things first you don't just wake up in an x. that work better congress then goes to jail is very clear there like the red cross is a way to follow. the was where people are doing to the left was just not is. do you want to close out you will only what you want to do it is your leadership. jimmie's i was appointed leader by the party's national council there is speculation the m.d.c. tea party could split if some key officials decide to walk away some supporters are
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disappointed me a party of biting and. if they have. it could destroy a momentary right legacy and that is. the morgan cycle i thought they would be set up to try and preserve his legacy he lived long enough to see double mugabe's downfall now it's up to the party to carry on with the little. how to meet us out of here. authorities in the democratic republic of congo say gunmen of killed two aide workers and taken another hostage in tak happened in the village of machinery in north kivu province the u.n. says port security conditions in the region a hindering efforts to help thousands of people in need elsewhere in the d.r. see the u.n.h.c.r. is warning of a serious increase in violence in town daneyko province it says new armed groups have formed and threatening to cause a humanitarian disaster of extraordinary proportions militia groups are increasingly active along the eastern borders with uganda rwanda and burundi. while
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the majority of incidents concerned violations of property rights including extortions plundering and destruction some four thousand seven hundred of these incidents referred to physical abuse torture murders arbitrary arrests forced labor rate and forced marriages sexual violence is part of particular concern this point access challenges to the prevailing stigma for those affected our partners managed to record five hundred twenty three cases of sexual and gender based violence in thunder nuker and puerto referring survivors to medical services judicial assistance and psychosocial support about half of these victims were children. now a female lead t.v. station has officially launched in gaza t.v.'s debut comes just days after her last authorities tried to block the station from broadcasting saying it didn't have the correct license high force it has more from gaza. gaza
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has a new broadcaster and permitted title sequence its unique selling point is clear will make up the heart of its content and its intended audience it's called type t.v. tuesday is launch day and a big movement for its volunteer presenters that i have in our might and we're going to start discussing women's issues and try to find solutions for their problems and we will also celebrate their successes. type is going out on facebook twitter you tube and telegram so a local production company provides its facilities free of charge the plan is for programming on issues like inequality and violence but also fashion of makeup and comedy down the corridor or the next pair of presenters are running through their lines more student groups are tyler says she's braced for criticism. and i remember as a. society years too conservative they say i should cover my hair and i'm using too
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much makeup and i should wear short skirts so we need to increase awareness to change this after we launched our first primer i received a lot of negative comments on facebook. a few minutes later it's time for her debut . just getting to this point hasn't been easy the production company behind this project had its launch party cancelled on sunday by hamas police who said they didn't have the licenses necessary for a new channel they are challenging that saying they are operating legally and they go to press ahead. in gaza women have to contend with life under the israeli blockade and within a conservative restrictive society female unemployment stands at seventy one percent women with jobs on average about a quarter less than men one recent study suggests more than ten percent of females have suffered physical abuse. minorca. a woman isn't free to make her own decisions to choose her education the husband she wants or how to plan her family we see this
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during our work men a dominant political decision making despite the fact that there are lots of well educated intellectual women in the public arena. it's a picture those are the type of t.v. want to help change by talking directly and frankly to garza's women for a full suit al-jazeera gaza you are out as they are still ahead want to send the half of the council of oxfam that we are ashamed of what happened in haiti an apology and an admission oxfam says it's investigating twenty six new cases of sexual misconduct unicef singled out pakistan as one of the riskiest countries the newborns but says infant deaths that could be prevented and it's for find out why jalen football fans turned a monday night game into a tennis match. hello
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there we've got a lot of stormy weather across parts of the mediterranean at the moment the satellite picture is showing plenty of cloud there across italy and up into the southeastern parts of europe and also plenty more heading through three. as well so lot of weather around at the moment and still plenty of disturbed weather as we head through the next few days as well as our system works its way across towards the colder air in central europe you see we see a fair amount of snow there and that clings on even as we head through the day on thursday so the northeast still staying cold for now minus two is the maximum temperature in warsaw for now it is warmer for a severe towards the northwest six will be our maximum there in london now some of the unsettled weather across the mediterranean is making its way into the northern parts of africa as well we're expecting a few more hefty showers there around the coast about syria including outages on wednesday and a few more showers will be making their way through tunisia maybe just scraping the coast of libya as well as we head into thursday for about though here it should
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stay dry in our maximum temperature will be around seventeen degrees even further towards the south and we have a few showers here particularly over parts of uganda and into deal congo some of these are looking rather lively but towards the west for most of us in west africa it should be more or less dry. with. in the heart of the amazon delivery in families put their lives in peril to harvest presume. cancer in the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge it's. risky new tools to deliver you know. at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks when people need to be heard bill's totals lucky to good to be
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. literally written in. my brain and the story needs to be toned asia's largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy is iran has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on air and online. a comeback that's update on the stories making headlines now despite a growing international outcry want to syria's last rebel held areas eastern ghouta is still on the heavy bombardment by government and russian forces at least two
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hundred fifty people have been killed since sunday. meanwhile in the north of syria turkey's president says his soldiers are forced fighters loyal to the syrian government to leave the kurdish controlled area of our brain by firing on them soon after they arrived. on the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has called for a new international peace summit between israel and palestine within the next few months. now rescue workers say they are still not sure how many people are buried under a mountain of rubbish in mozambique at least seventeen people were killed when a rubbish dam collapsed on a number of houses on monday charlotte ballasts reports. this is what hundreds of people who are have built their lives at home to rachel ray moved the mountain of waste until it collapsed on top of homes the rubbish buried residents as they slipped and there was
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a survivor but his wife and son died and also this lady from this house and these one two three and four houses the gold the area that collapsed early monday morning was three stories high risk it was unsure how many people of barry's to do so i could only hear screaming from my neighbors there was no way to help even if i was close by there was no way to help there was so much water running down the trash pile was collapsing it took down the houses family as the children died and. the landfill has been earmarked for closure but remains open growing by nine hundred tonnes a day with laura's he's want people to leave because of pollution and toxic fumes the collapse has pushed some residents to say goodbye to the wasteland. that is we are packing our stuff because we're afraid to stay here otherwise we could experience the same thing somebody by the excavator and also people went to help move the bodies in which trash we were moving our stuff to go where the government
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allocated. those who live in a dump the only official dump from up to toes one million people is the size of twenty football fields the city's poor spend their days combing through the garbage looking for food and things to sell. in the last year rubbish dumps have killed dozens of people in the continent ten people died when a landfill collapsed on to houses in guinea's dar es salaam in august. alone slide it ethiopia's largest rubbish dump last year killed sixty five people and injured dozens. hundreds of people rely on at only landfill to survive every time there was heavy rain before they collapsed. this was no different only when stale floors he's introduced water rationing because of a severe drought then tropical storm dinny or hit the country the ground was hard and flooding follows an estimated twenty two thousand homes and public buildings
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were destroyed videos heavy rains shifting the foundations of what people in hellenic call hard charlotte dallas al-jazeera. senior management of the charity oxfam have been answering questions from british m.p.'s in london this follows allegations its staff paid women in haiti for sex in the wake of the two thousand and ten earthquake oxfam's chief executive told a parliamentary committee it's now investigating a further twenty six cases of alleged sexual abuse a correspondent on a b phillips reports oxfam senior officials came to parliament knowing they were in for a grilling. in the chaotic aftermath of haiti's earthquake how could oxfam have allowed staff to take advantage of such vulnerable people and when it found out why did it tell the public. my colleagues at the time made a set of decisions as to how public to not all organizations choose to go public at
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all with hindsight they made the wrong call as to how public to be they should if we were going to if we were culpable which we were. they should have been completely transparent everybody knew that the aid sector was pretty rotten because it had got all these people who were abusing women and girls regularly in all countries but nobody not one organization was actually tracking it and doing nothing about it. that's shocking and they were supposed to be part of the people trying to help the world but it would appear that you know it was going to ship the indeed some people into the west to east timor didn't share our burdens buz to the trust of oxfam the pile of books one in their hands the abuse the trust of the british public paunchy. and debt and turned on the people who were supposed to
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protect them it's true the most deeply sorry for that members of parliament were told that seven thousand people have cancelled their regular donations to oxfam's since the scandal broke but other british aid organizations acknowledge there is nothing unique about oxfam's failings. the head of save the children told the same committee that sexual abuses in the aid well not just a few bad apples it's a systemic problem it's laws we have to fix youth. survey is is probably the most effective in the world is worse accountable to the world we cannot afford to allow this issue to pollute the wider discussion about the role of the youth in leadership. if the aid dries up charities argue then people in disaster and war zones will pay the highest price that makes the aid industry's
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credibility crisis all the more tragic than to be phillips al jazeera london. the world is failing newborn babies according to unicef and the report says eighty percent of deaths in the first month of life a caused by preventable and treatable conditions and it singles out pakistan as one of the riskiest countries and it's as empty as say it explains. this is one of the busiest maternity wards in the pakistani capital islamabad several babies are born here every day but the odds of survival for infants across pakistan is some of the worst in the world according to u.n. children's charity unicef one hundred twenty two died within the first month of life the mothers don't have access to. the hospital they don't have access to look and birth attendants the mothers are malnourished they are an american and it is the lack of awareness among the masses who'll big a mother build a hospital or
12:38 am
a health care provider or dam of their delivery the situation globally is that much better every year more than two and a half million babies died before turning one month old one million of them take their first and last breaths on the day they are born another two point six billion are still born central african republic afghanistan somalia and list so throw around out the top five nations were infants struggle to stay alive more than eighty percent of newborn deaths are the result of premature birth complications during labor and delivery infections poverty conflict and we can see two sions are being blamed for those with the best chance of survival are babies born in japan iceland and singapore compared with those countries newborns in the riskiest places are fifty times more likely to die and there has been some success in reducing child deaths the number of dying before their fifth birthday has halved over the past twenty five years but according to the u.n.
12:39 am
millions more could be saved if mothers and babies have access to affordable quality health care nutrition. include mortar some of the governments actually that are worst off spend less than one percent of the gross domestic product on health care in the national recommendation is to spend at least five percent if you couple that with training competent health workers giving them a chance to wash their hands as they were stepping in to deliver babies and having basic equipment drugs getting breast feeding going within an hour and sending girls to school i think it's within within reach of all governments to do that babies born in countries across sub-saharan africa often face the toughest saud's that's mainly because pregnant women are less likely to receive assistance during delivery . i'll just hear. well they also venezuela where the opposition leader says his group will not take part in april's presidential elections leading opposition figures have been banned from running an taniela doesn't
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a call for humanitarian intervention by the international community and branded the election fraudulent mom will probably tell you we're not going to participate in the presidential elections because it would be suicide it's not an election it's a trap and it would be absurd for the democratic opposition which represents the vast majority of venezuelans who want real change in the country to a regime by before bar frequent fraudulent elections. well now you know the developments venezuela's government has just launched its own crypto currency which it's calling the petro president nicolas maduro is hoping it will provide a stable means of payment at a time when many venezuelans a struggling to pay for every day goods the petrol prices based on the value of a barrel of oil and the government says it's backed by more than five billion barrels in the country's national reserves well the crushing economic crisis in oil rich venezuela has left president dura deeply unpopular according to estimates from
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venezuela's opposition of national assembly the country's annual inflation rate has risen to more than four thousand percent over the past year that's the highest in the world on employment is thought to have soared but venezuela has not reported official figures since april two thousand and sixteen when the rate was seven point three percent with more than a million people out of work last month the government raise the minimum wage to forty percent public employees now and just over seven dollars a month at the bank at the black market exchange rate but millions of people is still unable to afford three meals a day or basic medicine they're also mass food shortages. well ten zero actor is a financial journalist at the online publication the street joins me in the studio now thanks very much for speaking to us tell us more about why obviously the country's a very difficult economic situation but why in the midst of all this of a launching a quick currency i think the main reason is to attract foreign investment there's
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a debt of one hundred fifty billion which needs paying also it's backed by oil and yes that is mainly to attract foreign investment i think how important is that it's backed by oil how important is that how does that make it different from the cryptocurrency that we used to hearing about we've got so much crypto out the snow it's the technology is the main thing this is an additional asset backed oils that makes it different. and again this is an unregulated market so people need to be aware of that as well when you know investing in petro yes and we've seen concerns over just the complete lack of transparency in regulation around your regular cryptocurrency is how transparent is this and how vulnerable could it be to corruption it's a very volatile market and high risk and i mean i'm not i'm not going to come any further on corruption i think people should be very aware when looking to put money into seems like petro you know but of we know that when israel is doing this to see
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billions of dollars of foreign investment that's that's a key motivation and the first thing that foreign investors think about when they're looking at. any emerging market or developing country is transparency and corruption so i mean is this going what i'm saying is is this going to attract that the billions in foreign investment they're seeking well right now we don't really have what you permission on what exchanges will be used and you know this is just so way so yeah i think that's the main issue but nobody knows when it comes to obviously investing your money into. effect exchanges have been. very vulnerable as well to hacking so you have to be aware so a number of risks in play here and we were just going through some of the facts and figures venezuela right now suffering in a terrible economic crisis. people are unable to afford to pay for basic things and we also see at this time that the u.s. has deepened sanctions aimed pacifically at the government of president nicolas
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maduro how launching this crypto currency and just the currency crisis in general the way that the the all of ours just been so. how will this new crypto currency be able to mitigate the effects of such serious internal and external pressures all i'm going to say is it is a is a desperate move in desperate times so the got nothing to lose really are. thank you very much ten zero after sharing your thoughts thank you for having me. now brazil's lower house of parliament has approved a decree putting the military in charge of policing in rio de janeiro as despite protests after the president issued the order last friday the government says it's a way to stop illegal drugs guns and stolen guns coming into the city but demonstrations a worry the decree will encourage heavy handed tactics by troops as well as the police. u.s.
12:45 am
president donald trump says he's asked the attorney general to draw up regulations banning devices that turn firearms into machine guns that would include devices like the bomb stock used in october's mass shooting in venezuela in last vegas meanwhile students from the florida school where seventeen were shot dead last week trying to get tougher gun laws in the state about one hundred students from marjorie stoneman douglas high school in parkland made the journey to the state capital tallahassee to put pressure on the republican controlled state legislature to ban assault rifles but the florida state house has just voted against hearing a bill that would ban the weapons. georgina motley niece a very are donating half a million dollars to the march for our lives rally in washington next month the celebrity couple will also take part in the march which is one of several rallies being organized by students across the country in support of stronger gun laws.
12:46 am
now a lawyer linked to donald trump's presidential campaign has pleaded guilty to lying to an investigation looking into collusion between the trump campaign and russia alex van design was charged by special prosecutor robert miller for making false statements about his communications with a senior official in the trunk campaign who is also under indictment is the nineteenth person to face charges in the investigation will be sentenced in april the white house has repeatedly denied allegations of collusion. so i had. all the action. on.
12:47 am
the. business. going places together. business. going places together.
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welcome back now laos is building a number of hydro power projects in the battery of southeast asia two dams are on the iconic week on weather and officials are now pushing ahead with plans for a third but many say the government is ignoring the effect on the environment when hay reports. this is one of the most unique places on the mekong river just before it flows from laos into cambodia it disperses becoming eleven kilometers wide and creating thousands of channels and islands the mekong is the largest inland fishery
12:49 am
in the world but in this part of the river those who rely on it for food and income say something is changing because when a number of fish is decreasing each year it seems like they might be staying deep or for some reason i think there is too much noise in the reef or. something part of the answer could lie a short distance from where lord fish is in one of the channels a dam is being built as the lao government works towards its goal of becoming the battery of southeast asia while china operates six dams on the upper make on the dome so hong is just the second being built on the lower reaches both are in laos and the government has plans for at least seven more this is a relatively small project but is attracted some of the strongest criticism downstream from laos cambodia and vietnam both of which had been calling for a moratorium on the construction of dams on the main stream of the mekong river well seeing what laos is doing cambodia has given up on that now and is forging
12:50 am
ahead with its own plans to build at least two dams on them a kong one of which will be in the province just across the border from here. neighboring countries had criticised last for not being transparent enough about dawn song and the potential trends boundary impacts it's being built on one of the only channels in the air. that fish can migrate up and down stream year around seventy. so abstracting my question now would mean. and depletion of the fish stopping the whole region. the developers and the government say the widening and deepening other channels to allow fish to swim through they're also conducting daily surveys of fish stocks in the area which they say being adversely affected. in. international where you put the book company to study and. resolve subsidies that have been i would stake honda. is leading the race to harness the
12:51 am
power of the lower may call and generate income it's a race that opponents now acknowledge they can't stop and can only hope to slow it down wayne hay al-jazeera kong district southern laos. coming. up so with all the action from china and much more santa. thank you very much mary. and scott moir had to be at their very best to retain the olympic title their friend travels. and. on set a new world record in the event but the canadian pair were able to respond with an
12:52 am
even better performance and here it is and reports. four years on from announcing their retirements canada's tessa virtue and scott moir were back at the olympics and in world record breaking four they became ice dance champions for a second time having decided to return to competition two years ago the pair had already helped candidate win gold in the team event last week. but. definitely feels like. they were just proud accomplishments this these games the goal was to win to. canada also took gold in the women's ski hard by kasey shot securing the best school in each of the first two rounds of the final francis morton for cold further cemented his status as an all time olympic great he guided his country to gold in the by affluent mixed relay
12:53 am
it's his third gold of these games and fifth overall making him from says most successful olympian. and korea's unified women's hockey team signed off from these games with another defeat their fifth straight last game against sweden this combined north and south korean team of scored many diplomatic points but finished dead last in the competition and the richardson al-jazeera. still top of the medal table is seven gold medals are to be won a wednesday include in the women's downhill american lindsey vonn will be aiming for a second title in that event. russian olympic bosses say a criminal investigation has begun into how bronze their bronze medal winning curler failed a dope test on a second sample has confirmed alexander crucial in its case a positive test for minute journey a man who rushes a sports minister claims the curler didn't take the substance deliberately was
12:54 am
lavinia's men's ice hockey player. has also tested positive for a banned substance the court of arbitration for sport has ordered him to leave the games. scored the winning goal against slovakia on saturday in his absence that the team lost to norway and went out of the competition but will now five time champions by munich are as good as true to the quarterfinals of the european champions league by him beating. turkey five nil in the first leg of their last sixteen tie is their fourteenth straight win in all competitions choose their other game at chelsea in barcelona drew one one in london while having hit the post twice in the first half a million eventually gave chelsea the lead in the second half lead on this see scored the equaliser then crucial away goal for barsa return leg in spain is coming
12:55 am
up in three weeks time. in football fans briefly turned a monday night game into a tennis match into a frank four to supporters are i'm happy that t.v. schedules have resulted in games being moved from their traditional saturday slot the tennis ball protest delayed the start of both halves of the magic is rb leipsic . but as the writer hopes that that's why monday night football is such a big issue in tennessee. football fans in germany are certainly a very traditional bunch particularly in fact frankfurt and they are very much against the globalization of the monetize ation of football as they see it as it's happening in germany at the moment so i think we're going to see quite a bit of this in the bundesliga very much of a push to globalize the brand to bring the gang to places where it hasn't necessarily been popular before german football certainly you have those itself on
12:56 am
the tradition of the of the game and of the clubs and we look at saturdays when they have you know up to five games on simultaneously which you can argue is not the best use of t.v. spots and that being said i think this move to monday night is at least a toe in the water to see the reaction the reaction from inside of germany and potentially the reaction from around the world in the end is the decision between the d. of p. and the d.f.l. d. of course represent the top clubs in germany and they in some way sanction this move they represent the clubs so in essence they represent this decision in some way to suck despite the fact that we're going to see i think quite a few more protests particularly from some of the more traditional clubs dortmund shugart untracked frankfurt as we saw last night and i do believe that this is going to change things in a hurry and i think we saw last night and with the with the scenes that happened and what happened with the frankfurt fans everyone junoon and in the end it was a i guess at least from a out from
12:57 am
a viewer should point to deal with success for the london article. brazil's alexandre pato schooled the crucial goal for his chinese team in the asian champions league pottle came off the bench too for it. to scored the equaliser in the one one zero move to have cash you were a sole result maintains his team's unbeaten start to the cottage. or brazilians a were also central to shanghai as i p g's four one win over the melbourne victory former chelsea midfielder also called twice off to hold given. the job. and that's your back to merion son of thank you very much our winter gloom has been broken for a few hours in northeast china with the appearance of not one but three sounds in the sky scientists say the so-called sun dog phenomenon is caused by sunlight refracting through hexagonal ice crystals high in the atmosphere it's actually
12:58 am
a result of extended cold weather meaning the chinese will have to wait a little longer as an extra sun. extraordinary isn't it well that's it for the news hour but i will be back in a couple of minutes with much more of the day's news stay with which is there. the sam's in archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to billings pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in bubble most of the people he's
12:59 am
showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. and language he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life in a part of life it's culture in two thousand and eight raggy ahmad traveled across the united states discovering what it was like to be both a patriotic american and a devout muslim can you be muslim and american you have to be american first i didn't have much appreciation for why it would be a big deal that a muslim the be elected to the united states congress but ten years on what has changed rewind islam and america at this time on al-jazeera. the
1:00 am
environment doesn't know any boundaries what goes up into the environment goes around the world. best the sights are pushed on grounds that it's a very modern way to defy believe me poisons the measure of progress or the domestic population has become organized enough and active enough to believe in the us. and the ideas of good will kill people are more vulnerable circle of poison this time on al jazeera. syrian government as strikes kill at least two hundred fifty people in eastern in forty eight hours activists are calling it a massacre this is turkish troops fired at pro assad forces entering the kurdish enclave of free to help the white peachy.


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