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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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i've been truly unable to escape the world. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is simplistic you have the brain good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusation and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. amnesty international is one of its bleakest reports yet on human rights and singles out millions off for its treatment of the ranger.
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there live from doha. also coming out. of international pressure mounts on syria to end the bombing of eastern ghouta. in nigeria boca her romm strikes again abducting dozens of school girls will have the latest. that's how free movement across countries in west africa is laying the foundation first strong economy. but first on the c international says twenty seventeen was one of the darkest years for human rights in recent history the group's new wide ranging report highlights atrocities like mia miles military crackdown on the ranger as well as a rise in hate speech in the united states as it culhane has more from washington.
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a bleak assessment on the state of human rights in twenty seventeen they will not look back and draw any lessons from this they will look back and they will see that they were. all of the drafting of some of the dockers chapters in modern history the forward of the four hundred page report takes aim at specific countries first and foremost me and mar accusing the government of committing crimes against humanity which forced almost seven hundred thousand rohingya muslims to flee it singles out saudi arabia's blockade for creating a humanitarian catastrophe in yemen all of the countries fighting i saw in iraq and syria for not protecting civilians and south sudan for crimes which forced thousands of people to flee from their donald j. trump is calling it comes out the united states calling president donald trump's plan to ban entry from citizens of several muslim majority countries a transparently hateful move and it blames european leaders for creating the
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conditions for what he calls shocking abuses of refugees in libya it names countries it says are consistently violating human rights such as turkey china russia than israel and egypt and iran it also pointed the finger at six african countries for stifling public protests this is the very first time that amnesty international has chosen to unveil their annual report here in the united states and they chose the capitol building they say in large part because they believe what they call his nationalistic and sometimes even hateful rhetoric and policies of president donald trump are spreading across the globe anything that the u.s. does has a massive in a multiplier effect across the world but they want em bored and by the fact that you know trampling on human rights abandon me human values is something which is acceptable today we asked the white house for a response but didn't hear back as for amnesty international it says it's not all bad out there it sees the rise of hate being met with the rise of
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a resistance from the u.s. right now. to poland. then this way or to iran. which embassy says gives it some hope that just maybe twenty eighteen won't be quite as bleak in so many places probably calling al-jazeera washington and the philippine president rodriguez eternity's one of the leaders he specifically criticized in the report his anti drugs campaign has resulted in thousands of killings by police offices it says the authorities that report to president deterred say having courage to summary executions meanwhile relatives of victims live in fear of reprisals if they speak out at the same time attacks against human rights defenders have increased since president detecting courage police to shoot anyone who was quote obstructing justice stephen root is a fellow in residence at the social weather stations that's
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a social research institute in the philippines and he says president deter paul this is a controversial but he remains popular. certainly the scope of the killings in the drug war has been accurately reflected in a number of international reports the philippine administration would on the other hand retort that their anti-crime. tactics are working and that's why they are serving the filipino people in that manner the data that social weather stations produces coralie's shows that in fact president to charities extremely popular people are very satisfied with the way he is running the government they might have some quibbles for instance most people in the philippines would prefer that drug suspects not be so merrily executed but rather face trial but in the end the fact that crime is down is the sort of thing that leads to approval for the
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president there are some voices that are bringing out the church for instance the catholic church is providing refuge to the families who as you say are worried about reprisals there are lawyers movements trying to produce more protection for the victims and so on so there are people pushing back but the fact of the matter is in a presidential country like the philippines the president has the perp on durance of power. the german chancellor angela merkel says she'll push russia to help end the violence in the syrian rebel held on klav of. more than three hundred people have been killed in government strikes this week alone mrs merkel cools a massacre the u.n. security council is expected to vote on a draft resolution demanding a ceasefire at appomattox at this attains phase her opponents. the security council met to discuss the un's charter the governing document of the world
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organization in the charter drawn up over seventy years ago gives the council the key role of maintaining peace and security a job it's miserably failed to do over the last seven years and syria as it met once again divided and impotent some of the worst violence of the war as eastern ghouta was once again home body. four and a thousand people that believe. in hell on earth and so my appeal to all those involved. is for any immediate suspension of all war a t.v. tease in eastern guta there were in fact for one day two secretaries general in new york mr good terrorists his previous sesa bang ki-moon had also been invited to speak he also expressed concern at the continued bloodshed in the syrian situation
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you'd really have must come to an end it's going to be a seventh year in for a come march tenth even the seventh year of doing daughter seven years a sore many civilian population have been killed there is now a new peace effort the ambassador of sweden hopes to bring a new draft resolution to a vote in the council in the coming days we're asking for a cessation of hostilities for thirty days throughout syria throughout syria forty or forty eight hours after that access for weekly u.n. humanitarian and convoys aid aid convoys to. areas in need particularly urgent busy areas russia had blocked previous efforts to get a resolution on a cease fire in eastern guta facing mounting criticism and bassa vasoline the benzine has now himself called for
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a security council meeting on the situation on thursday the charter which the un has actually been discussing is in effect the constitution of the world body it begins we the peoples of the united nations determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war now compare those words to the pictures from eastern guta history is bound to judge but in recent days and over the past seven years the u.n. has failed the people of syria james plays al-jazeera at the united nations. the rougher border crossing. between egypt and gaza has closed just a day after it was reopened people who were on waiting lists to leave gaza were allowed to pass on wednesday many who left are seeking medical care that's not available in the palestinian territory that's been under israeli blockade since two thousand and seven it was expected to be open for four days but it was closed again
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on thursday. police in nigeria say dozens of schoolgirls are feared missing after an attack by bach or her arm on a village in your bay state there are conflicting reports about the situation and about the number of people who remain unaccounted for but everyone remembers of course twenty fourteen of her arm abducted more than two hundred seventy schoolgirls from chibok let's go live to our correspondent armitage's who's in my degree first of all. we don't know how many girls are missing but we are agreed that some if not many have been abducted by boko haram in the attack that took place on monday evening. yes martin basically on monday evening when book one fighters came they went straight to after after fighting ships shots into
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a dusty town they went to the schools where it was reported that they headed for the food store and they carted away food items there and initially we were told by officials that nobody was taken by boko haram they couldn't confirm or deny that but what i am to any of the students what we heard was that many of the students killed the school friends and run into the bushes but one student later told local reporters that in fact she saw some of the goes being taken into at least one of the trucks parked close to the school however later we heard on g.'s day there was a head count a ninety four girls were announced to be missing from the rest of the school community and then later the your b. state government after forty eight hours issued a statement saying that more than fifty goes have been taken still unaccounted for but they couldn't deny or confirm whether these have been these girls have been taken by the fighters who raided that school and
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a few hours later there was another piece of information from the obvious state government the state where the incident happened saying that the nigerian military have rescued many of these girls the government did not come straight ahead to say how many have been rescued and neither did the military confirm how many have been rescued but what we hear from that particular area is that more than seventy people more than seventy of these girls have been rescued and that is actually from the community and not from the government or the military that conducted the rescue exercise you'll agree as well that this is markedly different from what happened in two thousand and fourteen when there was a long delay before the government took action to try to rescue the girls kidnapped from iraq and are made to give us a sense of the. because you're in my degree which is capital of bull in a state which is the the theater is that to vittie preferred by.
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is does this attack in your they say represent a significant shift in terms of their operations. well basically what i'm has been attacking your visit even before this one remember they also orc you buy some territory in your big state before they were chased out by the nigerian military and recently they have been increased military activity increased operations by the nigerian after the navy as well as the ground forces that sort of kicked out of the seventy supporter a space occupied after they were kicked out in december two thousand and sixteen so your mistake this is not new in your history in terms of book or i'm attacking a community there have been attacking conducting attacks there for a very long time however it has been a very long time since the last. set of any device or attacked any community brazenly like this in your base state so your history has been in the theater of operations of boko haram and the nigerian military so also is at
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a most state especially the northern part about the masjid and in borno state why things are calming down a bit except for the suicide bombings the military's increasing its strength strengthening its stranglehold on areas suspected to be hideouts of boko haram and very briefly ahmed this of this the undermines completely the government claim is over a year ago that it had technically defeat it. well basically since that announcement people worse some people were of the opinion that the government was hasty in making that announcement but to be to be to be to be frank the to some extent boko haram has been degraded if you look at the territory they were holding it's no longer there the brazen attacks or the very daring attacks that have been launching on communities have reduced significantly and although we also saw increased attacks in terms of targeting places of worship
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schools in isolated communities in the northeast of nigeria yes the government it was agreed by many that the government was hasty in making that declaration but again a recent operations of also to a large extent even those who have been monitoring the situation from within the security services acknowledge that the fight against boko haram is gaining momentum after they were kicked out from the areas they re occupied in other parts of northeastern nigeria are right now maybe just thanking. says come here. thousands rally against the government in argentina but the protest organizer is accused of having alterian motives and i don't understand why i could still go in a store and buy a weapon of war. the survivors of the latest mass shooting in the u.s. going to face to face meeting the president trying.
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as i was still writing in java but the shows are crept up through some you see a bit more blooming in fact all there far north as talent in the forecast but it's java and then sumatra still seeing the bulk of it and that's a significant amount hundred seventy eight millimeters in a day's worth of recording half way under sea martyrs more to come here as i say a suggestion of a few more showers in bangkok is a foggy start in this part of thailand but you don't expect to see very much rain at all in february and yet there it is in a line that also extends down through sumatra and down still tools java and still away see the heaviest rain in australia just the other side. of the equator is in the top end of course these blooming showers really have been throwing the rain dime and they still going to be this will kill a cloud down here produce a lot of rain in south australia now still a week
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a feature it's about to drop the temperature in adelaide you've got about four days of thirty degrees one more to come on friday thirty two that temps will tend to drop significantly as the wind swings around and the whole system goes further south on saturday still though in the tropical warmth around townsville and beyond big thunderstorms quater weather pleasant weather has. struggling with the effects of climate change sierra leone's dry season is on forgiving but compounded by corruption and it's wet season months lives that are claiming most lives i don't remember every india wall when i think in one thousand won the war died in two minutes people in power investigates the effects of deforestation and illegal building and asks what the future holds if those in authority fail to act the mountain will fall at this time on al-jazeera.
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let's have a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera amnesty international report on global human rights says twenty seventeen is one of the darkest years in recent history there are faults details conditions in one hundred fifty nine countries it says the authorities emir maher have created the worst human rights crisis in decades in southeast asia. the un security council is expected to vote on a draft resolution in the coming days demanding a cease fire in the rebel held syria long. on the three hundred people have been
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killed in government has strikes this week alone russia denies involvement. police in nigeria say dozens of schoolgirls are feared missing after a bar harrar attack on a village in your state there are conflicting reports exactly regarding the situation and the number of people who remain unaccounted for in twenty fourteen block around the ducted more than two hundred seventy girls from the town of chip uk. now a philippine delegation is on its way to kuwait to talk about the condition of its workers in this gulf country the body of joana fair list's who worked as a maid was found inside a freezer in kuwait city last month hundreds of filipino workers are now being repatriated under the order of the presence of president. will the three hundred workers arrived in manila on wednesday and more than two thousand thought to have returned this month let's speak now to alan moore all blessed is
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a columnist and editor of a political website holtzman then he's joining us live from there thank you very much indeed for talking to us what is the message then that this filipino delegation will be taking to kuwait city. well there are going there who sort of things up with kuwait but at the same time they are looking for more protection for for the you know workers in kuwait because. the thing that has emerged here is that there are thousands of feet deep you know workers in kuwait and they are being treated in abuse by their employers and there are certain practices of their code we know yours that apparently very abusive for instance their employers remove the cell phones and passports of their workers and then these workers are in effect passed around from one employer to another by a system of recommendations and this leaves them open to abuse now there are two hundred sixty thousand for the peano workers in kuwait one hundred seventy thousand
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of them are domestic helpers and these are the ones who are suffering these problems and when president roh deal with that they're heard about the death of this woman he said that the thing to do is just to pull out all the filipino domestic helpers from kuwait and then find another place for them i don't think it's in either country interested do that so there is that a geisha that's going there now with the sort of calm the waters and come to some sort of agreement indeed i mean there are more of them look at two million filipinos working abroad in the cities they send a quite vital to the philippines economy. yes if they're if you totally aggregate there but then we're going for the b. in those working abroad we chris is in the attempts of the population of the philippines two million of them are contract workers or overseas foreign workers and they send back the last column an average of twenty billion dollars a year so this is
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a very important prop for the philippine economy and it's helped develop the philippine economy over the last generation so no government can afford to have these filipinos abruptly come back and have nothing to offer them so they just something that the government or at least its officials are carefully considering and finally what sort of assurances then will the delegation of acquiring don't want to. to recommend to the president that filipinos are able to return to kuwait . well first of all they want to sign a memorandum of understanding which apparently has been held in abeyance or has been in limbo for the last few years because of reluctance on the part of the way the government they want the government to scientists and this is apparently going to guarantee certain protections for the filipino domestic helpers in kuwait so that these abuses will stop understand that they're least ten thousand undocumented
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workers in coate know and the government is going to have to bring all of these back and there is no guarantee that they will find any positions or jobs the think the concede there are here is up many filipinos don't want to come back because the jobs they're holding there are very important to maintain your families here and they have to come back here there's no way for them to support their families so all even if there is a ban i think that many filipinos as they've done in the past will defy this and go there and we all involve less thank you very much indeed for children to. the students of families affected by florida school shooting have shared their anger the sadness and their frustration at a meeting with the u.s. president donald trump hurt their pleas for reform and has responded with ideas of his own including teaches i did joe castro reports from washington. a meeting with the president dominated by emotions and raw pain i'm very angry that
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this happened because it keeps happening nine eleven happened once and they fix everything how many schools how many children have to get shot that stops here with the said ministration and me this man's daughter was shot nine times at stillman douglas high school in florida last week this student lost his friend i turned eighteen the day after or got to the news that my best friend was gone. and i don't understand why i could still go in a store and buy a weapon of war described as a listening session by the white house trump joined by his vice president and secretary of education said all ideas to prevent future school shootings are on the table that includes arming teachers an attack has lasted on average
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about three minutes it takes five to eight minutes for responders for the police to come in so the tack is of if you had a teacher with who was adept at firearms. they could very well and the very quickly the students and parents invited to meet the president were handpicked by the administration some said security and better mental health should be main priority . but outside the white house students who continued their protest wednesday were united in their opposition to guns we will continue to try to get legislation until congress listens to what the white house. trump said during his meeting with shooting survivors that this was no longer the time for just talk as in the past but elected by a pro-gun base and backed by the powerful gun lobby it remains to be seen just
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health far trouble go to bring meaningful reform heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators of shut down the center of this capitol protests as well the president rushed crystal certain measures today suppose. the funds are all going off site is completely blocked by thousands of people that are gathered to protest against the government president of. station i've been told by a labor union leader the most powerful labor union leader in the country. he's the leader of the truck drivers union that has around two hundred thousand affiliates and the reason why he's so powerful is because people are told almost everything that runs on will the country from grain trucks to the mail among others things. i know at this point is being investigated by the justice system option and for the
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government the demonstration is a way off for that. again based accusation back on this investigation however we have been talking to many of the people that have come here and they're saying that they're not here to defend madonna but they're here to protest against the government. what i need to be really worried about the economic situation about double digit inflation and the recent hike and you tell it is everything that can take it to heart. at least forty four people have been killed when a double decker bus plunged into a ravine in southern peru it ran off the road in out a keeper and fell a hundred meters down a cliff the emergency services had to pull bodies up long stretches around two dozen people were injured. there some nations in west africa including senegal guinea ivory coast and gonna a booming and much of this is being field but freedom of movement in cross border trade as nicholas hawke ripples from the. chicken is
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a laborer for good. she stealin gumline engine here from congo an alfa jello a mason from guinea all over working on this construction site building new office blocks and city girls growing capital. this is no shit toll it's the land of opportunity. every week i send money back to my mom and my little sister. to school thanks to what i said. after having left my family behind i have no regrets to have children senegal i feel comfortable with people who are black africans like me i'll take that any time over being with white people and so far away from my family economist at the international monetary fund see a surge in economic growth in west africa take a look at these numbers across eighteen countries the pros domestic product is a five percent africa sleeping lion economies are now roaring ahead with gonna predicted to grow at nine percent good deval and so they go at seven percent. if
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you're gonna get me now the u.s. president they call it a shit hole the united states invested sixty five billion dollars in african countries in two thousand and sixteen and that number is expected to rise in two thousand and eighteen while many europeans in north america still view the continent as poor war torn and desolate african see more opportunities at home than outside the consulate. so west africans are on the move and there are seven times more likely to move within west african countries then go to europe or north america. for the past forty years fifteen countries in west africa if we allow the free movement of people and goods within its borders migrants from the region sent thirty three billion dollars to their loved ones last year the problem we have enough is not a problem of money there's a lack of organization those people leaving their countries to grow abroad those
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are the champions those are the rules because even though if you and this is a sprint position think about it are many people would say i'm going to now go across the entire. to go to look for something that other african migrants to europe send more money home than those from within the region. most west africans are moving closer to home for. opportunities are here and this is where they want to build their lives. because hawk out is iraq to car. traverse a take a look at the top stories here it out his era and the sea international's report on global human rights says twenty seventeen was one of the darkest years in recent history the report details conditions in one hundred fifty nine countries and it
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says he'll forces in miramar have created the worst human rights crisis for decades in southeast asia. the un security council is expected to vote on a resolution in the coming days which would demand a ceasefire in the syrian rebel held on klav of eastern ghouta more than three hundred people have been killed in government strikes this week syria's ally russia has denied involvement dozens of schoolgirls a fifth missing in northeastern nigeria after a bottle harami attack on their school there are conflicting reports that some girls have been found and rescued in your base state a filipino delegation is on its way to kuwait to discuss the condition of its workers after the death of a filipino maint joanna dema fairly says body was found inside a freezer in a kuwaiti apartment last month hundreds of filipino workers are being repatriated under the order of president rodriguez the teti own three hundred workers arrived
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in manila on wednesday and more than two thousand thought of returned home this one students and families affected by school shootings have shared their frustration at a meeting with the u.s. president donald trump heard their stories and pleas to tighten gun laws he responded with some ideas of his own including arming teachers. there's been a suicide attack of the united states embassy in montenegro's capital the attacker through an explosive device before blowing himself up outside the building in port . the rafah border crossing between egypt and gaza has closed just a day after it was reopened people who were on waiting lists to leave gaza were allowed to pass through on wednesday tens of thousands of antigovernment protests as a shop down the center of this capital by the cyrus they're demonstrating against president mcchrystal sterett he mentions. ok these are the very latest headlines from us here
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at al-jazeera you are up to date in about thirty minutes or so elizabeth will be here with news coming up next here and there it's people in. the. east and the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. a devastating landslide. killed over a thousand people a terrible blow to a country that still bears the scars of the civil war and. initially three grains. were thought to be the cause but then other stories emerged of.


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