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tv   Innovate Africa 2014 Ep 5  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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on to terrorism forces as well as the residence of agents former governor ospital officials say three of the dead the soldiers and three civilians. nigeria's president is deploying extra soldiers to search for more than one hundred girls kidnapped from their school in the town of. he says the abduction by boko haram is a national disaster parents of the missing girls plan to join the bring back our girls campaign launched after the armed group had not more than two hundred seventy schoolgirls in two thousand and fourteen leftist protesters in the italian city of milan have fought with police while trying to disrupt a far right rally several other demonstrations in support and against anti immigrant parties have also taken place around italy head of next weekend's election. and the united nations has removed a police unit from a base in south sudan amid allegations of sexual exploitation of women in a protection of civilians camp forty six police officers were recalled from the
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wild camp and confined to base after the complaints came to light and of aid to africa is next more news from doha after that. facing realities growing up when did you realise that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter what is activists to live in jail just because he expressed himself hear their story on top to al-jazeera at this time. this is innovate africa a series highlighting innovation and creativity across a continent that's on the rise today how africa's forging new paths in the world of entertainment. puppets and politics topical comedy a new smartphone book. african superheroes on the rise in gaming i just love it i don't know because. it's virtually
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unlimited and a new music platform featuring award winning african tower. here in africa technology and the digital revolution are opening doors for homegrown talent in today's program we meet people who are taking african inspired ideas and creativity to a global audience i travel to ghana to meet a young man who is not only building a new industry but putting african superheroes the spotlight. the players.
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the gaming industry is driven by sophisticated technology billions of dollars and more recently the excess ability of mobile devices. here in gaza as capital city a crock a young company called lady odds has identified a new opportunity in game design by creating a uniquely african superhero universe. policing this is in. the gaming industry in the us is a big movie and the music industry combine. the whole focus of the companies to fill in the vacuum in africa to the game in industry in africa all come to the office as a team i'm going to talk army archerd to news and lead artist and he bring our
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superheroes like our vision and into sketch we are trying to make it tight it's africa culture does bring in all the characters together to form a set and superhero cockles like that brings us. i was very young. so we grew. denies all i thought i was going. to make fun to see what this is sort of cycles so this was the best comic i need to give i was always trying to copy. western life something that i think that will get me thinking when i said to growing up that we could make. superheroes with our. africa
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video game where it's back to fighting game oh so you would have a combination of sort of modern day five to act is in mind with the ancient one yeah yeah. so we have. people who are fucked. just like a man see so we have greedy presidents and villains who sell any second to this occupation you can pay some of that. i went out last sunday movie in mythology just because i love thought in that i'm vain just so i'm seeing people right looking at google being like wow this guy has a really cool powers well where did he come from then become go and read we keep on . and know that this guy is a villain actually. he's a pirate somalia pirates you do captain america was created at the time of war people needed supplies used to clean so you also want to do with god you want to
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see bottom on giving a call to. a muncie hey help me save to go see my new. one of the lead characters of africa's legends is a man thing based on a character from tim in the college and. he wanting to be a boy and i'm nancy who is like i'm. how old one look it's been in the true spider but i'm assuming spiders to spot and we know he was a trickster and nancy did this and this and that so don't become a monster. this is the game they've gone only on if you read the announcer call me you'll see the parts of the craft of the
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foremost awful forces on earth keva how you've actually taken what the myths and the stories am tied that into the game action so my goal is python as lying down there i have to. pick up all my webs. enough to tie him down. so if you go to the place google africa's legends and you will see that this fall everyone has bets on the form just for winning games. played games people play games but they are not psyched to local content the state is quite difficult so. it quite difficult. we have to build those games to make people excited about. the press.
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a key goal of the emerging gaming industry in africa is skills sharing. internship program is growing young game is into design is. kevin had an interesting story he parked a nintendo d.s. . he didn't he doesn't have a computer and laptop but he had produced stories and he did. the nintendo d.s. use what you have to a disposal to. he's done. stuff like he has. many of the. old and he writes stories design crap there's all this passion. no
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evacuation in my generation this is just amazing and what is it that you like about the kind of storytelling and and capturing african stories that they're doing it need to have. stuff mixed up i really want to see what it's all become like good and some things i'm not sure what to expect but like i just love it i do not just love it. so we seem. to be the future because you see the game in the us to the future of our food and we've been yes it's a strong wind but i want to be walking on the street and see a kid who can on a phone all on my part and that's not in the game. a local game that will be my greatest fulfillment. of.
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government control of the media has long been a feature of life in many parts of africa but today information technology is offering new platforms with censorship can no longer stand in the way. in many parts of africa expressing opinions about governments and politicians is a risk. in swaziland a newspaper editor and reporter have recently been jailed for criticizing the kingdom's chief justice and in ethiopia bloggers have been arrested and accused of using social media to create instability in the country. but as access to the internet increases and information is more freely available digital platforms are becoming soap boxes for thousands of young africans. who need media is a company branding this way. innovation. they have created
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africa's first video on demand platform. t.v. is a web and mobile distribution platform for high quality pan african videos young politically aware mobile phone uses now have access to material banned from broadcast content like the controversial x. y. z. show is now available to anyone with a mobile phone and tonight's. a follow up interview with the commander in chief is of the kenya defense forces and he's also the president of the people of kenya ma a real brother from another mother. ark see see. what no no no no no no being at this you lead as commander in chief of obamacare does try to seem to follow you everywhere sir i hope they don't follow you to the big this week plus or that. one of you know. x. y. z.
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and show produced by bonnie at their studios in nairobi kenya is daring political satire often forbidding across most of africa level you need to go a lot doesn't it with all the shows aim is to provide an african audience with homegrown humor playing on local issues featuring carrot is that they can relate to threats that's what happened when we were dealing with the canals very seriously or i hope so indeed the police are working hard to keep you safe but the police are shooting people dead for example in nairobi we have a shoot to kill order you know to be on its gaff if it is a shooting suspect bloods. we're here at the go down our center and i'll be speaking to the founders of the x.y.z. show and hopefully meeting some of the famous puppets to. keep the peace going on the ground. i'm sitting here more here because you
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know. that satirical shows like this one have been banned from the airwaves in many african countries like the x. y. z. it showed bypasses the gatekeeping as it's freely available on any mobile device it's also africa's first political satire program featuring a life sized latex puppet. so these are some of your heel character creations. got home one is the most well known newspaper cartoonist in east africa three years his biting satire has provided political commentary and entertainment for an eager kenyan audience his cartoons with the inspiration for the x. y. z. so what is it about satire that appeals to you. you know you come discuss very serious issues. especially in this part of the world where certain subjects. are off limits. they are no more goal
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is getting you guys over there but the whole my supposed to do was don't have a cure plus this are just really kicking my ass and it. was one of those and working towards. you know something about genetics and i see this one is barack obama and obviously in the american system they're very very used to satire takes all kinds of different forms but even within that system people still get into hot water about how they represent their leaders and the things that they say have you ever had to deal with a situation where others felt that perhaps you went too far with you know threats you know. for some politicians for attending to take us to court what we do is not about right and wrong it's about provoking a debate about discussing serious issues. hopefully we can make people think which character did you work on and you really felt like this was this was your
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favorite mugabe has always been fun to do or. provides plenty of. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe is a regular feature on the show his multiple trips to singapore for mystery medical checkups have often provided working material for x.y.z. i have this shop. tell you my. every time. i mentioned the shoes and the sea i feel is sharp he need my you know a. good a very good boy style and you see very. strictly design. you know what they say about big feet. do men with big feet should definitely run for there.
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are so many old you are the voice of the big guy himself president goodluck jonathan from nigeria how does it feel to be the voice of the president since one of those things you know. it's one of those things you probably get to do once in your life and it's it's fun now mr president i don't know if you seem x y z but how do you feel and how does being be a big personally i enjoy. my wife enjoys it as well since it's something that i. look forward to in fact. if. i'm looking at. is the co-founder of the new t.v.
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i would say your process for god is really an explosion of the media space of television of online beauty. so it's a very exciting place to be definitely on the industry that's on the rights to the x. why is it show now has ten million online feelings when broadcasters refused to buy the show it was new guy who teamed up with gado to get it out there without the help of traditional group cost channels my. deal wasn't what customers are not ready to pay for it in this market we will finance it in different way and it will go no crew or money from foundations and donors might be interested in a show that will talk about corruption and democracy in governance there's obviously the most explosion across africa that means everybody has a cell phone people now want content anywhere at any time on any device that they choose done ten seasons of the show so we're on television we're on radio we're in buses we've done to be d.'s and obviously we're online on t.v.
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as well thank you for visiting is to do is to hearten the best of the cost and we welcome you friends from china you are studying dry correct not if you me you nothing is off limits x.y.z. did the massive influx of chinese investment in africa is a rich source of material we have so he said. coconut trees ok. it says how could you not have the artistic beautiful how much money just five hundred sheeting so. much maybe you don't always know for making me the discount been there for you . four hundred twenty five don't owe much to my own chinese for oh look i show you i got the chinese meal got the little goat that's also a target. with the help of platforms like this one in large parts of africa politics is fast rising up the agenda of young people who no longer feel the need to stick here since to political subject.
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to. be increasing popularity of the ex-wives it show is a sign of a true continental shift. well. i i i i i i do how many african music does africans actually vinyl records may be prized connectors items but some things from the vinyl era a best left in the past it was a time when many african musicians were exploited by record companies and didn't receive the money all recognition they deserve musicians and composers were paid
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minimum fees which often included the rights to their songs but even in the new digital world of online content sharing and use it downloads many artists are still losing out piracy is getting in the way of african musicians being paid their dues you know. it's best not something they just like this for a company called spice that is trying to change that. i. was a good. example of that and this is the kind of thing that you talk about we need to try and create something like this for all of the artists that spice have just launched an app called easy. ziggy is a growing online collection of popular music that can be accessed via any mobile device once the user has signed up and created a profile they can stream and listen to the music for free the files are encrypted so that they cannot be used outside of them cd construct. the app can share to
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facebook twitter e-mail s.m.s. and the u.r.l. can be copied so users can share their favorite tracks and artistically and that's why perhaps you could take a digital i ruin the guy is the c.e.o. of spice and the cd project leader was. and is a service that is focused on african continent spy. as a mobile value added service company at least in africa is primarily an entertainment value or service company content is therefore the most important element of what we offer to it to the consumers and within content music surely is the largest piece. you're quite in touch with how the current consumer likes to buy new listen to music how do you think that this has changed from say ten years ago consumption of
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music more and more is happening on digital platforms these days what we believe is that streaming is going to be the biggest format in which people will consume music even in africa. people want music anytime anywhere using any device which is with them phone tablet or even their own laptop services like they offer that capability to the consumer because the content is actually stored in the cloud and it is not dependent on the capability of your device or the capacity of your device. to minimize. there are no borders to a two and a half and the artist gets visibility across borders not just within africa but even beyond that many of the artists we have a direct relationship with them almost eight hundred artists are signed directly to our company with a cease fire see as you already know is fairly rampant across sub-saharan africa the artists they just console themselves that fine if ten thousand c.d.'s of my
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song are getting distributed at least my face my name is spreading across and then it helps them to become more and more popular when they want to do shows but that's not the way it is supposed to be they are supposed to be making money from every play of the song that they work very hard to create. ok that unfortunately is not happening so when you are downloading the song using the app it does not actually download to your device it is downloading to the music and violent it's an encrypted kind of data that has come to you and it can only be played as long as you're a distraction is valid. one of the most popular artists is time in platinum a bangle flavor or terms and in hip hop artist he's also the bass and you know my.
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thank you. that was awesome so dam and what do you think of the tanzanian music scene at the moment i'm excited to go right now just don't go to sleep you know music obamacare longer flavor like nobody's business you're in south africa tonight for the channel awards can you tell us how you nominated what are you going to be doing at the awards festival i have four nominations it's a big night for you telling and telling are you feeling nervous how are you feeling about never a second. i'm so excited also so i can away because there's people been waiting for me and i believe in what. you know good thing about africa we go oh so if you believe in yourself if you walk we can get there and i believe in god we go our own test we got something that if anybody here that if it. could. you know you just.
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send us. and huge issues for musicians around the world in africa particularly is piracy i want to. use more painful was somebody download your song and send it to somebody else. so one thing a bombs a kid somebody download your music. and you get no chance to send it to somebody else so you have to go to his if your first nearly up to it just going to just sit on music you have to write from that. finally with the arrival of african artists made last be able to keep control of the rights to the music they've made popular across the world the. next time innovate africa how african scientists
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a fast track in the continent's future. looking to the stars to improve lives on the ground personal stuff is on the coronal clicked on the one who has information about true quote kitchen and african scientists manipulating cells with light in some of the way better i do mean that ten science into the science fiction. and a new innovation to bring low cost internet to the remotest parts of africa. next time innovate africa. march on al-jazeera. with all potential challengers out of the way. egypt's president abdel fattah el-sisi is poised for a second term in power. a series of short passing stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds as president putin dominates the russian political scene his reelection becomes more apparent we assess what direction russia might take.
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with media trends constantly changing listening post analyzes how the news is being covered. and as more people are around the world struggle to find clean drinking water leaders and researchers gather in brazil to address a critical issue march on al-jazeera. and analysis the biggest ever on democracy in decades activists in seats of government we didn't want to be part of this institution and all we really didn't want technologically challenging politics and implementing direct democracy open source code to use the free for one to look we are innovators we are activists we are replicate. madrid at this time and i'm just you know the way we communicate is what defines us. it always has been. as innovation in technology continues to shape our lives.
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pioneering content creation and distribution utilizing cloud technology and artificial intelligence. the future that's never seemed closer than it does today. and what lies beyond the horizon. will take us to our frontiers the future of media leaders' summit. limitless possibilities. this is al jazeera. hello i'm laura kyle this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes two men.


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