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has become organized enough and active enough to believe. assuming the ideas of good will kill people are more vulnerable suckle of poison this time on al jazeera . hello i'm barbara sarah this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes the race to save a child rescued from the rubble as syrian government forces launch new attacks on
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rebel held these just hours after the u.n. approval cease fire. as the winter olympics close in south korea a north korean delegation there says it's ready to open talks with the u.s. over its nuclear program. the holiest site in christianity is closed off in protest against so-called discrimination by the israeli government. and i'm tatiana. with all your sports now with no russian flag at the winter olympics closing ceremony for russia's games ended on a cold night in the men's right hockey final inbox and more later in the park at. least twenty people have been killed in syria and russian airstrikes in the rebel held area of eastern huta this video is said to show the aftermath of one of the
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strikes in the town of duma rescue workers are taking a child found the trapped in the rubble to hospital syrian government troops launched a new ground and they are offensive on who just hours after the u.n. security council adopted a resolution demanding a ceasefire well eastern who to encompass is the eastern suburbs of damascus from here rebel mortar fire can reach the center of the city so control of the area is a government priority to rebel groups hostile to each other control different sections of the enclave along with several smaller groups the government forces have tried to enter by using their homes to damascus highway and also point out harassed al-jazeera correspondent mohamed al jazeera a every is inside eastern. the. russian and syrian government warplanes have been stopped targeting the residential areas of east we can hear they're flying over us to target the different districts
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and towns people stuck here are very scared the syrian regime forces have attacked eastern due to from several different fronts with the aim of advancing its control of parts of the area the opposition says the fighting is ongoing involved and twenty syrian regime forces have been killed while another group of them has been captured in the fighting is happening even after the un security council's decision to demand a cease fire that would have led aid and assistance to reach the people of east. well a little earlier i spoke to our senior political analyst. he began by telling me why there's been a lack of intervention even diplomatically in eastern huta by western governments this in fact started with the obama administration since two thousand and thirteen when secretary kerry got involved the russian position was clear that we are for bashar assad and the military. dictatorship in damascus but who's the united states for the us says how was uncomfortable with
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a member of the group sort. radical. but eventually what they did they moved from putting together what they called the syrian national council into the coalition for syria and that was helped by the united states within the coalition there were islamist groups like for example just in fact a couple of the latest rounds in geneva we're led by who is actually the commander of. this stuff so there was a bit of an issue usually who controls what within the opposition but what we know for sure is that throughout the seven years because of western lack of enthusiasm if you will for the question of syria because of russian support for assad a position in syria was radicalized a position in syria was. what begin in the beginning as a liberal democratic peaceful movement in two thousand and eleven with time because
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of the repression because of the bombardment because of the start of vision because of the displacement and the killings a lot of the opposition become more and more radicalized and it's demise you know it's easy to criticize the international community criticize the united nations and say they never do they never effectively can act and then we see the resolution that was passed on saturday incredibly watered down and in a way you could see russia saying well this isn't a war syria saying this isn't in breach of the resolution because we didn't say mediately and because they consider these groups terrorists so in light of that where does the u.n. go now beyond the strong words that in fairness we have heard. i'm not sure where or majority got the idea that it's easy to criticize the international community i think a lot of people do a little bit that way. but that's really what happened this week what happed what i you know observant of what's happened this at the united this week what we witnessed at the united nations this week is thought that hypocrisy by two notable spokespersons slash diplomats seamy of russia nick
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e of the united states but the hypocrisy was incredible use of the two world superpowers who basically hold the united nations security council hostage hence the united nations hence the international community hostage to their will and what the spork and their exchange healy halley for example on israel and palestine the next day flip flopping on the question then on syria and of course vasili representing russia defending the dictatorship in syria and the war crimes committed in syria witnessing that and then witnessing their problems meaning immediate or eventually why immediate eventual because of a silly hence russia slash bashar al assad one to take their time to finish out to finish the guta to finish the opposition there so what we have now is three layers under lead of diplomacy we do have hypocrisy and even if they do come with the resolutions there is no will to implement those resolutions and then we have the
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security on the ground but shadow assad and his forces backed by iran and russia want to finish off the opposition third layer hence a huge humanitarian crisis that continues to unravel in syria for now seventh year . now the winter games have wrapped up in south korea after seventeen days of sporting action and the political breakthroughs yes the closing ceremony a north korean general sat just meters from u.s. president donald trump's daughter ivanka the general said his country is willing to open talks with the u.s. at the second i reports now from. some protesters at the border and the stadium too uncomfortable questions asked by reporters all over it was a controversial arrival at the closing ceremony of the winter olympics for the north korean delegation. some south koreans are angry about the delegation leader general
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kimmitt young is thought to be behind attacks against the south including the sinking of a warship in twenty ten that killed forty six sailors know. president of korea is true and simple that is doing north korea the hero. is wrong to protest. no president and the. south korean president in use the games to reboot intercalary and relationships with. the so-called peace olympics included a joint women's hockey team athlete celebrating korean nationalism by marching under a unified flag as well as a visit by kim yo job the sister of the north korean leader she arrived with an invite for mood to visit yeah. it's a two hour test it was
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a good olympics we were so concerned about it last year but it went so well many north koreans came in i wish this could lead to unification i thought it was interesting it was an honor for us to host it i really enjoyed it. even the choice of olympic. venue's was symbolic gang one province is divided between the north and south. if the tension continues then tourists don't come so peace is very important to our economy north korea participated in the olympics and this has become a basis for establishing a base here and that means a lot to us. for the russians the games and did as they began marching without their flag two of their athletes were disqualified after testing positive for banned drugs four years on from the sochi doping scandal russians were only allowed to compete under an olympic flag as all athletes return home the question here is what happens after the olympics. the u.s.
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announced its toughest package of sanctions against north korea on friday with the hope it will pressure the country to denuclearize whether that will work when other sanctions have failed remains to be seen and there's no word yet on when president moon might travel to the north if he does he'll become the first south korean president to meet kim jong un since he became leader seven years ago natasha going to zero on south korea before this we're joined by diane estabrook from live with us from washington d.c. so they added that we see this offer now from the north koreans what's been the official u.s. response to it. well barbara suffice it to say that this these proposed talks are being met with a bit of skepticism here in washington both the state department and the white house released statements
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a little while ago saying that they are steadfast in calling for the complete denuclearization of north korea the white house one little farther saying you know we're looking at this as being is this a step in that direction they're not sure and i think part of the skepticism stems from the fact that when north korean made this proposal it didn't say if there were any preconditions to these talks and again you know the timing of this is very interested interesting as natasha pointed out in her package this comes a couple of days after the united states imposed even tougher sanctions on north korea so there's some speculation here in washington that maybe these sanctions are having an impact and this is a way for north korea to maybe get out from under them a bit by proposing these talks they n.-s. the book with the latest from washington d.c. diane thank you. church leaders in occupied east jerusalem have closed the holiest
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site in christianity in response to what they call discrimination by the israeli government manager is of the church of the holy sepulture believed to be the crucifixion and resurrection site of jesus christ are angry at proposed tax plans have a force that has no. the chance to experience sunday mass at the place where they believe christ rose from the dead draws pilgrims from around the world to the church of the holy sepulcher but this sunday the greek orthodox armenian and catholic churches which jointly run the site announced its abrupt closure protesting against measures which they say would constrain their rights over church property is that in mind. offer loans office in that range which we're in now. in europe. this is the about the and unprecedented attack against christians in their holy land.
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levi only most basic. and some of the right the church leaders say they face a twin attack first in the shape of a demand by jerusalem city government what it says is more than one hundred eighty million dollars in back taxes and secondly from proposed legislation which would seize retroactively for the state church land sold to private companies or sundays in the square outside the church of the holy sepulcher always thronged with tourists and christian pilgrims many of whom are travelled a long way to see this most important holy site it's always an atmosphere of emotion today the chief atmosphere though is one of disappointment the belief that jesus christ died and if you was buried here we would have liked just to go there and have the east turning point this you you know that would we be able to understand it better you know i don't know the sides of the parties involved but you know it certainly is going to get the public attention to do this and hopefully it drives a quicker conclusion the christian patriarchates only large areas of often prime
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real estate in and around jerusalem much of it at least to the state palestinians have criticized the greek orthodox patriarch the selling property inside the old city the jewish settler groups and others jerusalem's municipal leaders say only properties being used for religious activities should be tax exempt not those rented commercially they've already frozen about nine million dollars in assets of the greek orthodox church we're talking about other places that the church own fetch as hotel and they have been exempt wrongly from paying city taxes for years and years and years and the mare at the moment is trying to correct a wrong that was done that affects us through some method and every single day and ministerial discussion on the bill to allow seizure of already sold church land has been postponed to next week the author of the propose. as law says it's designed to protect the rights of those living on the land from often anonymous offshore entities church leaders say their long established rights are being trampled in
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what they call an attempt to weaken the christian presence in jerusalem ari force at al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. still to come on the program a story days of saudi led air strikes leave civilians dead and this place in the yemeni city of. one person is killed in others are injured in anti-government protests in the democratic republic of congo and we'll hear from the golden girl of the olympics after her precedented ski and snowboard that's coming up in sports. but first hundreds of continue to pour over the medium our border into bangladesh six months after a military crackdown sparked the refugee crisis about seven hundred thousand people have fled since all this half of them children there are now living in makeshift
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camps where their lives are at risk from child trafficking and disease al-jazeera has revisited these camps in bangladesh and spoken to some of the people we first met when the exodus began shelob ellis tells their stories. six months ago as you said vocal my identified as a nine year old. your refugee one of six hundred eighty eight thousand who streamed across to me m r bangladesh border fleeing what they call a targeted campaign to wipe them out we first met her in december she'd been shot three times in the leg arm and armpit by a soldier at close range. she says she's still in pain and has decided she won't go back. and. they kill my father killed my mother i feel scared i don't want to go back to me in ma they were bombing houses sitting them on fire pulling people out from their homes and shooting them torturing me and i'm
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scared to see all their long ones in one and i still feel like dying a fireman that those days. they raped our women and you can see what they did to this child there are thousands of his here recovering from different weapons of war these two sisters say myanmar soldiers tied them to trees and raped them their mother father and three siblings were locked inside their home which was they insist our lives not much has changed since we first met the teenage girls in january they care and crucible long camp got them you know cabs although bright and colorful the girls say they are main cloaked in darkness of the day is an image and we can't go back to burma if we are asked to we don't have parents brothers and sisters no house to live there where should we live their wounds have healed but their nerves are frayed they fidget constantly they say they need help
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but they are too proud to big. pride motivates many to carry on muhammad all haasan is eighteen years old he's in studio on his feet he says he was shot three times by soldiers twice in the back once in the chest he lived by playing date. when i came here i became paralyzed couldn't walk move couldn't even move my hands after taking medicine i can now move and walk but still very much in pain. his wounds have healed well since we met him in october at this point he knew two of his brothers had been shot and killed he has since learned eighteen family members died in the crackdown. muhammad rule and others are considering their future in november abdul fi showed us his half's right across the border the bangladesh government's agreed to repatriate the revenger but six months on they refused to
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return. they want a guarantee of safety compensation for the destroyed villages and citizenship something they've been denied for thirty five years. we want to tell the world of we want to live like human beings we want to educate our children and we want to live a peaceful life with our families we asked the world to provide justice for all. myanmar's government continues to deflect accusations of ethnic cleansing and even genocide justice for the revenger is hard to come by. i have no father no mother and so much pain if i have to go out to collect firewood it's so painful. those who survived the crackdown in the camps live with scars on their bodies and in their minds charlotte ballasts al-jazeera three days of air strikes have pounded a rebel held port in western yemen displacing thousands of people who are already
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in need of aid many who the fighters have reportedly been killed by the saudi led coalition attacks on hold day that m.p.'s reports. one of the saudi led air strikes spared little here who data is the strategically important port city in western yemen saudi warplanes have repeatedly targeted surrounding neighborhood since thursday reportedly killing dozens of who the fighters and civilians before the start of the civil war nearly three years ago who data port handled around seventy percent of yemen's imports including critically needed food and humanitarian supplies since then it's become one of the most complex front lines controlled by who the rebels it is either being bombed or blockaded by the saudi coalition but it recent months the u.s. government which backs the saudi led bombing campaign against the iranian backed who these has sent cranes to the data to replace those destroyed in airstrikes all part of efforts to increase the amount of aid into yemen but help is only trickling
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in while yemenis suffer what the united nations described as the world's worst humanitarian crisis at this camp for the internally displaced on the outskirts of who data few have received any kind of help. and i have four kids and i don't know what to do to feed them i have nothing and can do nothing we don't have furniture we don't have beds wouldn't have blankets we have nothing the u.n. says nearly all of yemen's twenty five million people need some form of humanitarian assistance with close to half of the population in acute need of support. the numbers of displaced people are increasing day by day here and who dated there are more than twenty one thousand displaced we urge the government and politicians and aid organizations to do more to help displaced people who are living in misery their numbers are increasing and the aid doesn't reach them quickly enough there is a severe shortage of food and the prices of goods here are very high since the war
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began more than ten thousand people have been killed and yemen's economy crippled with the fighting showing little sign of slowing humanitarian crisis is only getting worse in al-jazeera. and egyptian court has frozen the assets of a prominent opposition figure accused of having contact with the outlawed muslim brotherhood the former presidential candidate the abdel moneim aboul fotouh was arrested ten days ago he appeared on al-jazeera earlier this month have offered to is a staunch critic of president that the father is sisi and called for a boycott of next month's presidential election. nigeria's government says one hundred ten girls remain unaccounted for after an attack by the armed group boko haram in the country's north east gunmen overran a school in the town of last monday the jury's information minister says additional police and security officers have been deployed to two schools the air force has
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been called in to help search for the girls. security forces in the democratic republic of congo have shot that an anti-government protests there and injured several others in the latest in a series of church led marches calling on president joseph kabila to step down peter sharp reports. the catholic church has been at the forefront of demonstrations calling on the congress president joseph kabila to stand down. and after morning service on sunday protesters took to the streets again. since december more than a dozen people have been killed by security forces in protest like these and today there was an all too familiar response by police. tear gas quickly followed by gunfire was heard for you know candy was shot dead before the march started. his body taken to a nearby hospital. two others were seriously injured one of them
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a student serge moca a washington george i'm not protesting by accident or in vain and not because i don't know why i'm protesting by protesting today i was just claiming my right and this is what happened to me. organizers said the protesters no longer believed in the political will of current leaders to ensure a peaceful transition of power if capital is forced to stand down i mean is get there is killing here is kabila condemning them and he's not condemning them a tall we will not end these protests we will maintain our fight and we will go up to the end with this fight. as with previous protest marches internet mobile data and messaging services were cut across the congo was what you want. but the opposition message is getting out. and the shooting by the security forces is further stoking up anger peter shop al jazeera. the north american free
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trade agreement has been in the headlines lately with u.s. president donald trump threatening to pull out of the agreement but while economists' has praised the economic growth brought about by the trade deal between the u.s. canada and mexico health care workers in mexico say the pact has had disastrous consequences they have a grocer has more now from mexico city. like many mexicans these days beyond a what does for stop on her way to work is here a convenience store workers are sweet and yogurt cookies and a jello cup make for a breakfast on the go it's a trend the thirty year old teacher says is impacting her health and that of her colleagues and students. there are more children who are overweight who have diabetes and hypertension i see too many students too many families with poor nutrition we don't know how to eat properly. mexicans are hocked on junk food and
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the impact has been devastating over the past twenty five years obesity rates have tripled and diabetes is now the leading cause of death in the country eating habits in mexico began to change in the one nine hundred eighty s. because of an increase in foreign investment but this transformation really took off ten years later with the signing of nafta the north american free trade agreement. health experts say mexico became a dumping ground for cheap low nutrient highly processed foods from the united states causing diets here to mirror those of their northern neighbors those of that . all the mass of all the damage we see in our society today is caused by the consumption of high fructose corn syrup process it's sugary drinks and it's all connected with the industry's ation of food in mexico the money route explains the causes of the beastly perfect. beyond these mother loose mother has witnessed this change firsthand. she says persuading her family to eat traditional
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food like tortillas is an uphill battle. these days most young women don't like to cook they prefer the ease of buying kentucky fried chicken instead of making rice and beans instead of making lemonade they buy another soft drink the changes have been bad without government intervention mexico's health crisis is expected to get worse advocates say future trade agreements should take health into account protecting the very people they're supposed to help david mercer mexico city. still to come here on the former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi addresses a rally party gathers momentum ahead of next weekend's elections plus. one of india's biggest movie stars. suddenly.
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the most successful winter olympians of all time. hello this late winter rain has been falling in the middle east the spirit's largest far and wide now and funnels the turkmenistan as far south as miller saudi arabia a typical figure from iran is about forty six millimeters i say typical it tails off we go further south it's more like to be concentrated further north of the last moving eastwards so the full cost of monday's rain in afghanistan maybe a bit in pakistan rain stretching up turkmenistan as well the temperature above freezing by a long way nadal mati in baku got posse levon and the next systems already lined up to bring rain through iraq and a fairly windy day on the coastal event eighteen in beirut breeze and bright i
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would suggest is the two words to use if anything the rain is still there on tuesday in iraq in syria but the sun has replaced the bright weather in beirut still a bit of a breeze there more rain a bit of snow for the higher ground in turkey but it's dried out through mostly round except for that western border area to the sas more rain is coming yes there's already been it looks like monday will probably be dry was always a hint with cloud around you might see something out of the sky but it seems far more like the right time to get to tuesday that once more rain will be felt in kuwait bahrain qatar and eventually beyond out in the u.a.e. . the scene for us where there online what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that the choosing
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between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. discover a willful would winning programming from around the world. certainly should challenge your perception if you were to design a propaganda system you could not build a better plan then first of all full documentary debate and discussion this country that was once the the wealthiest in the region what went wrong how did we get to this point al-jazeera.
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reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera syrian government forces have launched a new ground and their offensive against rebel held eastern quarter despite the u.n. security council calling for a cease fire as the winter olympics ending pyong chatting an envoy from north korea has said his country is ready to hold talks with the u.s. about its nuclear program christian leaders in east jerusalem aboard the closure of the church of the holy several girls were christians believe jesus was crucified and buried they say it's in protest that new israeli attacks and policies which they're calling an unprecedented attack on christians in the holding land. former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi has addressed the round a thousand supporters at a rally in milan ahead of next weekend's elections he's hoping that his party force
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a tahlia could win enough votes to form a right wing coalition government and even though he is banned from holding public office but let's go and he will play a pivotal role in the makeup of the next government a son a year ago and now reports. this is not an apparition of elections past but the return of the great survivor of italian politics despite the scandals the humiliation political defeats and a conviction for tax fraud anyone who gambled on never. again might feel shortchanged but not the process faithful in a feature in milan to hear his message. yesterday i read a quote from. former u.s. president reagan which says they told me that politics is historically the second activity of man and i thought it was very very close to the first activity with therefore need to be respectable in politics. for his supporters it was the one and
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only chance to see him campaigning and. even if it's for what he's already done for us he has my support then you know all of that he's a miracle of the tour he has so much energy it comes from his desire to see her risk on tree maybe eighty one years old she may have only just had open heart surgery last year but it seems no better story is back and it's a very volatile political stage he is being seen as a safe pair of hands but he is barred from political office because of his tax fraud conviction but in the event of election victory he would have the power to nominate a substitute while the veteran politician has a colorful past in comparison to today's politicians ranging from the populist to the neo fascist badly scorning is relatively a less controversial figure he remains pro european union a reassuring quality for brussels. despite the fact that one of his political
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allies is the anti immigrant anti e.u. leggo party for so italia is seen as a force to keep the far right in check this could be better to scorn his final comeback his political career has been declared dead several times before but so far that hasn't stopped him hanging on to power so al-jazeera. several thousand people have rallied in central moscow in honor of slain opposition leader boris nemtsov demonstrations are being held all over the country ahead of the third anniversary of his death. was a vocal critic of president vladimir putin and was shot on a moscow bridge overlooking the kremlin in two thousand and fifty many of members of supporters accuse the russian government of ordering his killing. kosovo's prime minister is promising to revive one of the region's largest companies to help fight youth unemployment is plan is far from straightforward though because neighboring
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serbia says it owns the mining company temperature anderson's reports now from attributes. trap share used to be one of the former yugoslavia is biggest companies mining plentiful minerals with good profits and thousands of jobs kosovo's war changed that you don't have to look far to see damaged buildings and the conflict two decades ago decimated this business now the few miners who remain a part of a dysfunctional company that's cut into these a kosovar albanian miles and we've recently been celebrating their country's tenth anniversary of independence not far away is the other half of trip run by the minority cause of all serbs they're more likely to listen to serbia's government than their senior management at the firm's headquarters on the south side of mitchell pizza leave. that to your need to live according to the law traps should
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be governed by warm single executive management and should be unified as we stand now neither us nor they can be developed it shouldn't be divided more than twenty two thousand people work for this company two decades ago before the war now are fewer than two and a half files and are on the payroll the management say that if the political problems with serbia could be worked out they could make this company the biggest employer in kosovo once again. but the issue is the need for a major investment the technology for lead and zinc processing needs bringing into the twenty first century and that's only one area that needs attention elsewhere whole factories and replacing it was in twenty sixteen that cars of oz government nationalized traps to save it from bankruptcy now the prime minister says investment is on its way economy and investors find their way always not to ward
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off the fact that this will not happen given a short. yes yes it's already in a process will not take months of weeks to be ready for a partner but the company's management is skeptical the serbian government accused kosovo of theft when trip she was nationalized half of the workforce is cause of all serb so even if the investment arrives the politics could destroy any hope of profits and jobs andrew simmons al-jazeera michel it's a cause of the president's vision ping could be reelected as china's leader in two thousand and twenty three under a proposal the ruling party has put forward the communist party wants to change the constitution to remove term limits for chinese leaders the vice president would also be allowed to serve for longer than the current two term limit the party elected president paying as its head for another five years last october figure
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palin has more from hong kong. well there was much speculation he would be angling to stay beyond the next five years back in october when he was addressing the chinese people's congress he laid out a vision of thirty years and a very ambitious vision of china's development both socially infrastructure advice and financially now this has to has to go through a parliament but it's inconceivable that this will be blocked in any way as parliament this tactic politicians that are loyal to the ruling establishment paying well now if this goes ahead be china's most powerful modern day leader as he's also the leader of the military he will become a cult of personality many fear much like mao tse-tung was during his thirty tenure thirty year tenure which ended in one thousand nine hundred seventy six now there's also concern that under his rule china will see many of their human rights or many
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of their rights squeezed even more under his tenure so far we have seen china turn into more of a surveillance state descend very quickly crushed it's also of great concern to the people of hong kong as unders easing things rule we've seen the biggest blows to hong kong's democracy movement people here are now concerned about how he will or whether he will continue to treat hong kong as a special in ministry to a region separate from the rest of china. a major u.a.e. based port operator has filed legal action against djibouti after the african nation seized control of a container terminal to put his government claims and the russian officials for failing to resolve a contractual dispute which it says was harming the country's sovereignty and economic independence one hundred fall has the story. the contract signed in two thousand and six for d.p. world to operate the drala container terminal in the port of djibouti was meant to
9:40 pm
last for thirty years but in two thousand and fourteen launched a lawsuit against d.p. world accusing it of bribing a former port director to secure favorable terms then on thursday the government terminated the contract. because we're surprised the contract is so unfair and detrimental to our rights and our national sovereignty and that so many years after signing it when we asked about the need to enlarge the ports and build new ones we were told we had no right to do that dubai is infuriated and has described the move as oppressive and cynical and as an illegal seizure designed to force the dubai ports world to renegotiate the terms of the concession d.p. world is seeking international arbitration djibouti says the decision is final republic of djibouti upright it's a right this is a business this is the politics. there to ten percent. would be.
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any way that we were ready to sell it. so why don't they don't sell to us but behind the dispute there was fierce international competition to control the red sea the port of djibouti is considered one of the most coveted pieces of real estate in the horn of africa strategically located on the state of baghdad meant that the shipping lanes link the indian ocean to the red sea channeling more than half a cargo between europe and asia djibouti is also close to regional conflict zones including yemen somalia and sudan as well as the swiss canal because of its strategically important position the united states chose debility to set up its first permanent military base in africa more than a dozen drone flights are operated daily from camplin one year as well as training and planning for security operations across the region. france also has a military base in djibouti and china set up its first major military base overseas there japan italy spain saudi arabia station troops there as well ironically the
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country more dependent for its economic survival on djibouti has no military presence landlocked a few open receives eighty percent of its imports from the port china is building an additional port for judy and it has recently built a much needed railway line for the transportation of passengers and goods between ethiopia and djibouti the decades long border dispute between djibouti and there it's really made ethiopia's interest in closer ties with judy more important reports suggest that relations between djibouti and the united arab emirates soured after the u.a.e. started military cooperation with eritrea. a desire. celebrities politicians and millions of fans are paying tribute the celebrated indian actress sridevi who died suddenly at the age of fifty four a former child star she broke the male domination of bollywood and became one of
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india's biggest stars and holland has more. she stepped into bollywood at a time when the industry was largely a male domain. tree davey's performance in this eighty's blockbuster mr india turned hits and redefined the place of female actresses and bollywood for river. a i am. film critics described here as a show stealer mr india became a cult classic and suddenly sridevi was filling cinemas the week it was the occasion to it was a. comic genius through the crowd actually the opening was a anything but it was his skill and beauty as a dancer that truly captivated audiences thank god not only
9:44 pm
was she started out as a child actress in southern india. and went on to appear in more than one hundred films. making a few like many actresses of her generation she went by one name tree davey but unlike of the leading women she quickly overtook him my old costars to become the box office draw card it paved the way for today's bollywood stars to seamlessly make the move from bollywood to hollywood's themselves who want to forget. the family says she suffered a heart. concession day while attending a wedding in dubai here instagram account received tens of thousands of messages and bollywood fans in india and abroad took to social media to express their condolences among them bollywood actress priyanka chopra and didn't do as prime
9:45 pm
minister narendra modi many in india was shocked at his sudden death. level to which he rose i didn't at that particular time for females to come to that level was a little difficult was the first news flash on my floor mean everybody at my home was very sad. she stopped acting after him marriage to film producer bernie cup poor but made a successful comeback in two thousand and twelve with the hit movie english vinglish. but many will feel sridevi slight was cut too short. but we're joined now by rachel dwyer who is a professor of indian cultures and cinema at so us university of london thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera was she was obviously incredibly talented
9:46 pm
incredibly beautiful but what do you think made sure there was so special i think it was her visit to the tea that she was really in or around i mean she was by no means just a very beautiful face and in a very thick the fake that she could do comedy see could don she could do everything in hindi film heroine needs to do a more i guess it's the more though that may be the focus is on her because she's sort of changed the female role within bollywood and became more highly paid than than her male costars a would you think her impact has been on indian society beyond just the image of a film star i think it's hard to say i mean today when the news last night rather when the news came out i mean the feeling of grief the outpouring of. in shock over her shows how important she was beyond cinema and the idea that this woman who with this great beauty who didn't always have the easiest life came into cinema and just took it on her own terms you know somebody who in real life with this gentle quiet
9:47 pm
woman who could play this vibrant creature who you know once the lights came on she's turned into a diva because you actually met her and i knew i did and she was delightful charming you know off of me t.v. i mean just like any other a very nice polite were then as you mentioned she turned into a vibrant figure up on screen and again i mean when she started becoming a huge star and how different was the image that she was portraying on screen of women compared to what had come before and she played very very wide mixture of roles i mean she played things like she played a woman who transformed herself into a snake in order for the snake to transforms itself into a woman perhaps to avenge the murders husband she played a role for she played mother and daughter roles in the film to give her feeling across the generations and she played women who were often very tough fighting intelligent and they women who would take on situations i mean perhaps in
9:48 pm
a most famous film fight mr india she plays a reporter who has to go undercover and to do that she turns into a nightclub singer and gets the secrets from the villain she pays a woman to carolyn why she's beautiful and that image that she had of being a woman who was so beautiful and lovely and yet all through to have a very strong personality part of it i mean i mean the amazing thing about her is that actually she was in film for six decades because she started as a very young child then i checked on twitter she's got one and a half million followers more or less the only reason that slightly surprises me is because one would have thought that her viewership of fans would be slightly older perhaps not on twitter but she obviously has a relevant a current following right now as well so she was still very relevant indian culture now. she was i think she was an iconic figure i mean you know you just have to see that face the smile the way that she really set a style of performance i think for all who came after her and when she came back in two thousand and twelve in her film english vinglish where she played
9:49 pm
a housewife who felt disempowered by not speaking english and lent english to find her place in her family and in the world i think many people felt that it was partly about her and they felt it was all through partly about them that in some ways even though she were a thief you put glamorous figure she still could be your sister your best friend somebody you actually knew you know she loves to be missed by a lot of people rachel dwyer from a so s. university of london thank you thank you. now still to come on the al-jazeera news hour manchester united host chelsea in football's english premier league tatiana is going to have all the details in sport. the way we communicate is what defines us. in ways has been. as innovation in technology continues to shape our. content creation
9:50 pm
and distribution utilizing cloud technology and artificial intelligence. the future that's never seemed closer and danced. and what lives beyond the horizon. taken to. the future of media. limited abilities. this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. we.
9:51 pm
have to get all the sports news now here is that yeah. thank you very much barbara the president of the international olympic committee has hinted that russia's suspension from lympics family could be lifted through in the us despite two russian athletes testing positive for drugs at the winter olympics russia's competitors had hoped they would be allowed to march with that country's flag at the closing ceremony in earlier on but the i.o.c. executive committee declined because of those failed tests although president thomas fox suggested russia won't be out in the cold for much longer what it means for good faith is. this was hugely disappointing. in addition to other considerations related to the i was
9:52 pm
he of even for the scenery leave the this is best for lucy. the suspension of the r.c. response either believe it was the only response to this yes you prefer that there are only. violations by members of the. despite the disappointment of not being able to raise their flag russia's olympics ended in a golden moment in the men's ice hockey decide to as they beat germany and i dramatic final the olympic athletes from russia came back from a fall down to equalize three three with fifty six seconds left in regulation time forcing the game in to overtime. as of then scored the sudden death ball to secure a first gold in men's hockey for a russian team since nineteen ninety two although that could be more trouble for
9:53 pm
russia's delegation as the victorious hockey team has sung their national anthem over the top of the olympic count them during the medal ceremony the russian on the must also band along with the flag germany did win the four man bobsled the fourteenth gold of these olympics and it was a second gold medal for pilar francesco friedrich who also won the two man event is just the second man in thirty years to win both disciplines in the same game as meanwhile there was a tie for the sofa metal between the second german sled and south korea. the host also got a silver medal in women's curling losing to sweden in the final the swedes won eight three for their third olympic title curling has experienced a huge boost in popularity in south korea during these games the team is school friends who've been dubbed the garlic girls as they come from a rural garlic growing region. and in the final event of the olympics in her final
9:54 pm
race norway's cross country skiing star mary be irgun further added to her legacy she won the fifteenth medal of her career and fifth of these games in the thirty kilometer must start the thirty seven year old had already become the most decorated winter olympian of all time. and with no way confirmed their place at the top of the final medal table thirty nine medals is a record for any nation to win to games to more than the united states one in vancouver eight years ago they finished with fourteen golds the same as germany in second place both matching the best ever gold medal haul that by calendar in two thousand and ten colors or the u.s. and the netherlands round out the top five with host south korea finishing seventh . double olympic gold medalist estella death squad carried the flag for the czech republic at the closing ceremony the twenty two year old grabbed an unprecedented
9:55 pm
double when she won skiing super g. and snowboarding parallel giant slalom is the first time an athlete has won cold in skiing and snowboarding at an olympics and she shared the secret to her success. i'm having fun and that allows me to do what i love without pressure because. my biggest call should be always to enjoy the run to have the best run able not to win the gold medals although i want to win all the gold medals but the first thing is just do. whatever learned and have fun with it you consider yourself a role model now for other. better know. guardiola has won his first trophy as manchester city both city defeated arsenal three nil in sunday's english league cup final club record score thirty over grier
9:56 pm
scored his first city goal in a major cup final captain vincent kompany doubled the lead in the second half and david silva wrapped up the resoundingly win earlier in the english premier league manchester united moved back to second spot after william fired chelsea into the lead to remember the car and jesselyn god struck to ensure a two one win for jones a marine his men at old trafford cycling now and hundred vallverdu claimed the final stage of the abu dhabi talk and with it the title it was bad news for world champion time trial as tom de lay off to suffering a mechanical problem and thought they had another breakage on sunday leaving him fuming so it was down to the spaniard who went head to head with miguel and how low pairs in the final climb of the one hundred ninety nine kilometer stage the thirty seven year old out sprint to the colombian lopez to the factory. so twenty eighteen has come to an end and we want to leave you with some of the
9:57 pm
best images from the twenty eighteen winter games i'll have more sport feel a to. be much. really much my .
9:58 pm
the end of the winter olympics and that is it for this and news hour stay with us though julie macdonald is going to be here in just a few minutes with more of the things that's been watched by. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter is activists to live in
9:59 pm
jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. the nature news as it breaks they is a sense of her new toast with the president enjoys why is it he'll with details coverage they are dodging distractions that appear to be hurting president trump's ability to manage the mideast peace crisis from around the world over one hundred thirty one thousand people are registered in a south korean database for separated families. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the u.s. . study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it we're not know what you speak it would be very her and her ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the
10:00 pm
american mind at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are. another child casualty in syria as the kuta bombardment continues despite a u.n. cease fire resolution. of action in mcdonald this is al jazeera live from london also coming up.


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