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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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sponsored by race. true confessions of a big money or a cynical example of communist propaganda and. i want to do it. in twenty ten al-jazeera access to north korea to investigate the alleged use of biological warfare by the us during the korean war rewind revisits dirty little secrets this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news you from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. it's time to stop these hell on earth.
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calls for an end to attacks on the rebel held syrian district of. south korean protesters rallied against the north as pressure builds for concessions from washington and pyongyang for direct talks. on the brink of famine more than half of south sudan's people are worried about where their next meal is coming from plus. reviving an industry crippled by civil war the first tunnel film made in sri lanka in four decades it's the scream. opposition medics in syria say a child has died than a dozen more being treated after another suspected chlorine gas attack witnesses reported smelling the gas after an explosion in the rebel held area of eastern guta at least twenty three people have been killed in fighting there on monday despite
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a u.n. security council resolution calling for a ceasefire say mahato reports from beirut. one of the front lines in eastern opposition fighters say they are rebelling attempts by pro syrian government forces to storm the besieged enclave. rebel say they killed dozens of soldiers the ground offensive began on sunday just hours after the u.n. security council agreed to a cease fire throughout. and since then there has been no letup in the war the intensity of the airstrikes and the shelling appears to have dropped when compared to the relentless bombing campaign during the first week of the assault but civilians continue to die those who are able to find underground shelter avoid going outside more than five hundred people have already been killed children and women among them. give me patience to face this
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tragedy my children are scattered here and there my son lost three kids such awful memories. i lost my house six days ago i have nothing at all i have been here for. there's no food and water. chlorine gas has also reportedly been used activists and medics a victim suffered breathing problems i don't know. today we have more than thirty dead dozens of launching of chemical weapons they bombard us with chlorine sarin and other gases from iran and we don't know what they are. in common they don't care about un council decisions they still use chemical weapons against us pro-government forces have been accused of using chemical weapons in the past especially when they want to clear an area to allow their forces to advance the syrian government. using a loophole in the un security council cease fire resolution to the military
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campaign. by what they call terrorists. there are. two russian sponsored talks. but there are also a few hundred. fighters groups previously. the opposition. fighters are ready to leave but the pro-government alliance wants. to surrender there are thousands. and between three hundred to four hundred thousand civilians says the u.n. . be with. the airstrikes have been going through this for the past week no water. but the fighters and their families are also the people. surrendering. placement to another.
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area and never returning home. he told us about the worsening situation there. now. forty eight hours after. you and agreement about that. there was. not. even for anyone. that me but you. didn't come out from the basement for a week they have to get some food for their families get some help. and tell now they cannot go out the basement when you hear a new hearing about people from good. will they have to go
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out to get food for their. children although they. do. say that. the u.n. secretary general has used his opening address to the human rights council to call for an immediate cease fire in eastern due to the high level discussions are being held in geneva over the next two weeks the war in syria took center stage on the first day eastern goods cannot wait it's high time to stop these hills on homes and i remind all parties of their absolute obligation an international humanitarian and human rights law to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure at all times. and similarly efforts to come back standard reason do not supercede these obligations are to zero as david chaytor has more now from geneva. what marked out the opening speeches of this session was the
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sense very much of frustration and anger from the united nations secretary general now the terrorist said that there are a very long list of human rights abuses on the seventieth anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights he doesn't know where to start when he looks across the globe and looks across well but he did start on eastern terrorists called that a hell on earth but he also pointed out the the situation for the in myanmar and and also he is going to develop perhaps more evidence on southern sudan almost being forgotten by the international media where there are also serious human rights abuses but perhaps the most important point was made by the human rights commission in his valedictory speeches last speech here in geneva and which he said that he wanted to be blunt he wanted to attack the whole system what he called the
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punishers veto system in the security council is being used very much by russia in syria and that is allowed the killing and the maiming and the gassing to continue of the seven years of that conflict and so they are saying that must change the united nations must change its own order if they hope to impose a stop human rights abuses and conflict across the world. were joining us on skype from damascus is such at maliki's the syria country representative for the un's refugee agency mr malik let's talk first about the u.n. cease fire resolution people must have hope that the violence will stop but they've had their hopes dashed haven't they as the bombs have just kept falling. well we obviously are going to be all its security guards and religious laws. now the mission is to make sure that the planning stops. it has and some of the areas and
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it's it's also the people in prison or get you know three million people in this is an illusion got worse here and in many areas which we would like to see the break and stop the images we're seeing on our screens mr malik horrific to say the least particularly of the latest chlorine gas attack just bring us up to date with what you've been hearing and seeing on the ground there in eastern guta well might of course feel very close to at least that we can actually reduce litigation against here and sometimes see these are not calm in a sense that this fighting is going on. it means all out there should be a just a few weeks ago revenge internet so far so. there is so people are suffering tremendously. hungry. traumatized of course they're looking for in your children can bring cars and we can deliver assistance with. the
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u.n. secretary general annan the u.n. high commissioner for human rights both spoke in geneva today expressing their anger their frustration at the continued bombing the continued violence and abuse against the people of eastern guta at this stage what more can the un's agencies actually do. we'll give you the press treated well all these occasions where we want to go in and provide help and we're not able to go in because the planning continues yes this resolution is there but he now wants all parties to this crisis to get together to start fighting and all those windows on these groups from inside out from our state city and to encounter to give. pause and jobs that we can go in simply remember we don't go in with. enough in our own private between those with the understanding that we're going to be protected and everything gaijin including inside. and out freedom of the places and we need to have those
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assurances there are stuff we can go into that were let me get a final thought from you i mean it's hard for us to even start to imagine how people are managing to survive under these horrific conditions how are people surviving with no food no water no medicines extremely large extremely to recondition in their. hungry they call and they're living in basements there are many who are living in skeleton buildings there's no heating there's no winter clothing it's extremely cold of here and a bathroom that it's their insecurity that is there that the trauma that they're there had been looking forward to it peaceful break in there if you were going to go and we just in damascus we're minutes away from those places to be able to go in and deliver real results that we have supplied the apology is on standby we just need this all the planning to start between these groups and to begin to go in and deliver such as malik from the un's refugee agency thank you for sharing your time
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with us. the french president among your macro has told his turkish counterpart that a u.n. cease fire across syria must also apply to the northern african region turkey launched an offensive against the kurdish y p g in a free in last month ankara considers the y.p. g to be a terrorist group on a monday deployed further special forces to the region turkey earlier welcome the un resolution but said it would not affect its campaign in a free. well during the human rights council meeting in geneva the un secretary general also addressed the plight of me and miles range of muslims on your good terrorist wants full humanitarian access to rakhine state. are one of the most this could mean a t.v. against what you asians in the world and there has even was even before the crisis of the past year the private of nationality they have been subjected to extreme brutality by military forces and others and cast out of their own country
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in a clear example of ethnic cleansing there and that a siege is a group simply for the. three nobel peace prize winners have called on their fellow laureate unsung suchi to speak out about violence against range of muslims warning she risks prosecution for genocide the laureates are visiting range in camps in bangladesh they've told in myanmar leader to wake up to the atrocities facing the refugees mean martyrs not recognize the range as an ethnic group and as blame violence in rakhine state and subsequently crackdowns on those they call terrorists a yemeni government minister is accusing the united arab emirates of trying to fragment the country by creating regional and tribal armies in the south salah our job is warning that al qaeda is exploiting the internal conflict the accusation follows the launch of an offensive led by elite forces targeting al qaeda linked groups in yemen reports. on the lookout for al qaeda
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fighters belong to the united arab emirates elite forces they began patrolling the streets of the district in eastern yemen on monday as part of operation decisive sword that initiative by the saudi led coalition which includes the u.a.e. to clear areas considered to be al qaeda strongholds at this media briefing a minister belonging to the internationally recognized government led by president . agreed the armed groups reach was spreading but also criticized the u.a.e. accusing it of trying to fragment yemen by creating what he described as separate regional and tribal armies. the situation is very bad in all liberated areas particularly those in the south where there are tribal. and supported by the united arab emirates there are also provincial ami's and there are gangs it is spreading there in large parts of the governor it has never been as
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present as it is right now. yemen has suffered almost three years of civil war the saudi led coalition is fighting iranian backed rebels who control large parts of the country the yemeni government now based in the southern port city of aden is on the coalition's airpower which is why criticisms of the u.a.e. by ministers i was surprised. there's no question that a significant presence on the ground in yemen they're part of the saudi led coalition probably the second most important partner. i think generally speaking they continue a significant amount of popular support and if you look at what the. terrorist groups like. with some of the groups that. has been speaking about these groups have actually played a major role in pushing out of key areas. since the war began at least ten thousand
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yemenis have been killed the economy crippled and millions face famine and disease the u.n. says nearly all twenty five million people need some form of humanitarian assistance with close to half of the population. support as the fighting is about to enter its fourth year if you have much hope of improvement anytime soon. but two more to come here on the news hour including we'll tell you who's replacing australia's embattled politician barnaby joyce was forced to step down as deputy pm amid sexual harassment allegations. and the u.k.'s opposition leader changes course as the outlines his brags that policies. and sport is back far away here with the details coming up later. now south korea's pushing for both the u.s.
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and north korea to compromise so that direct talks can go ahead soon but the white house remains resolute that any meeting must lead to pyongyang ending its nuclear program a north korean general visiting south korea has repeatedly expressed his country's readiness for discussions with the u.s. . presence has been met by protests and so many blame the general for the deaths of dozens of south korean sailors in twenty ten red mcbride has more from the protests . continuing protests in seoul at the presence of general kim young child on south korean soil a man that many people here blame for the attack in twenty ten that sank a south korean warship with the loss of nearly fifty lives the north koreans have denied they were never involved but people here believe it's an evidence that the north korea can never be trusted under the current leadership but it is true to say that all of the people here share the same kind of optimism of many people in south korea after the build up of goodwill over these olympic games the talks though
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continue between the visiting north korean delegation and their south korean counterparts according to moon jae in the south korean president it is the only way forward to try and deescalate tensions here looking for the ultimate denuclearization of north korea but in the background is the united states concerned that this is a continuing charm offensive by north korea and that the south koreans are being beguiled the united states and also many protesters here believe that north korea has not changed despite all the smiles and that now is the time for a united front against what they believe is still a potentially very dangerous adversary the number of people in south sudan who don't know where their next meal is coming from has risen to an alarming level the u.n. says more than five million people or about half the population are now entirely dependent on handouts years of conflict have led to what the u.s.
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has called a manmade famine has made. half of south sudan some five million people of facing malnutrition and even starvation this map shows how hard it is to get food in south sudan people in yellow areas can find just enough food to survive or into areas represent a crisis phase where many people malnourished and red areas are one stage more severe where there are high levels of malnutrition and people at risk of starvation in january one million people in the raid areas a forty percent increase on the same time last year and this is the u.n. forecast for the middle of the the orange and the raid areas grow to include areas with seven million people living what is in these met some estimates for what the u.n. calls catastrophe areas where there could be widespread starvation from zero in january
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one hundred and fifty five thousand people will fall under the category within the next six months south sudan had only just experienced a famine last year was the first to be declared in any country since twenty eleven the struggle to find enough food since of war broke out and twenty through saying a quarter of the population is displaced food prices have soared and fighting has prevented many farmers from planting and harvesting their crops nigeria has sent exam force to search for more than one hundred girls are missing after a boko haram attacked gunman targeted a school in the northeastern your state last week one hundred ten of the school's nine hundred students remain unaccounted for president more moderate bihari called the abduction a national disaster. australia has a new deputy prime minister after weeks of mounting pressure forced barnaby joyce to quit he's been replaced by veterans affairs minister michael mccormack the conservative joyce campaigned on family values and came under fire when it was
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revealed he had an extramarital affair with his press secretary he also faces a sexual harassment complaint. has moved from sydney. where the government is now hoping that it can move on from the toxicity and the sniping back and forth between the two parties who make up the governing coalition you've got to remember that the coalition is the most successful political arrangement in a strange post-war period and neither side wanted to see that arrangement derailed the prime minister malcolm turnbull had been calling barnaby joyce is affair with a former staffer a shocking error of judgment barnaby joyce retaliated calling his comments inept so that relationship really deteriorated but now they're hoping for a fresh start with the election both mark mccormack nationals leader and deputy leader of the country he says that he wants to focus on uniting his team and on
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building teamwork and on really bringing back the focus to governing in keeping the opposition labor party out of government who have been really enjoying the spectacle of the last three weeks the u.k.'s opposition leader jeremy corbyn has set out his approach to briggs it in a speech the labor party leader to britain being in a permanent customs union with the e.u. said the move would avoid the need for a hard border in northern ireland under-insured free flowing trade for business policy could lead to labor siding with conservative backbenchers to defeat the prime minister to resume a briggs it strategy we live in the european union but we're still working with european partners in the economic interests of this country. when forty four percent of our exports are to the e.u. countries and fifty percent of our imports come from the you that it's in both our interests both our interests for that trade to remain tariff free well our
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jersey has been in barbers in coventry where corbin gave that speech maybe him so what more has germany corben been saying and how important was this speech. well daryn i think most people will tell you that it was fairly important because of the pressure that mr cosby has been under from some of his own members of parliament but also from business leaders to to show distinctly different approach from the government in terms of post bricks it trade deals or trade relations with the european union you heard him talk about the importance of keeping close ties economically with the e.u. he warned against trying to hold trying to hope for free trade deals with the u.s. with china saying that that would lead to a weakening of environmental protections of workers' rights things like that but one of the stronger least one of the most positive reactions to the speech has actually come from the confederation of british industry quite surprising they say
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he's come he's come and see his commitment rather to a customs union will put jobs in living standards first by remaining in a close economic relationship with the e.u. it will help to grow trade without accepting freedom of movement or payments to the e.u. so it's almost something that jeremy corbyn could have put into his own speech saying this is why i'm prepared to shift to now say we want to stay in a customs union virtually the same as what we have at the moment but not commit to the single market membership britain has at the moment because that would commit to freedom of movement for goods but also for workers something that many leave voters didn't want to see and let me in how much could the speech increase the likelihood perhaps of the rebels joining labor m.p.'s to win a vote in parliament committing britain to a customs union. i think it greatly increases that prospect it does give her those labor m.p.'s who who are strongly
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pro remain to keep pushing for closer ties it also adds to the momentum there is a growing number of conservative m.p.'s who are willing to back an amendment to the a forthcoming trade bill part of britain leaving the e.u. to insist on staying in the customs union beyond that though it could in the words of one of the local m.p.'s if it could down the line lead to a vote of confidence in the government many political analysts see this just as much or as an outlining of. economic strategy as a push for a general election labor did come close in twenty seventeen of course many of the votes that they won were from pro remain voters so it's very tricky as a topic and in places like coventry where most people voted for leave labor says that it still has to keep those voters in mind but i think nationally this will have gone down fairly well now deemed thank you are just bring you more
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now on the range of muslims forced from their homes in me and mob because of violence three nobel peace laureate sa currently visiting the refugees and camps in bangladesh a married mcguire's one of the laureates visiting cox's bazaar she joins us live now from there right now many of these ranger muslim women who you have met or will be meeting have experienced perhaps unspeakable horrors many have been raped and tortured and seen friends family and loved ones killed what's your initial assessment about these women you've met and what stories briefly have they been telling you. well we've heard the most horrific stories we all actually don't find it hard to believe that one human person could do it on another person especially in women and children but this is a case of genocide of the very hand of people one story was a woman if only two and three the soldiers commenced her home they killed her husband in front of her they took her with their child to leak and the burmese
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soldiers threw the child of six months into the lead child was trying they took her bike they put her down in the grind for army soldiers held or done in another for me so i'm sure we've paid is really ripped or they took her eyes and they fit her and faded thinking she was there someone saved her and brought her here to stay for the night this is only one this is actually appears a war case this is the key is happening just so many people that it must have some kind of burmese government authority because you could not get so many people react and there are homes destroyed and there are by their villages burnt so we really believe that the burmese government know one of this happening that their soldiers are behaving as if there is they don't have to be a kind of movie and they want to and the tragedy is they're doing this a long time and the the international community has now for held him accountable
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they have to hold him accountable to stop this your visiting bangladesh along with two other female the story tell us a bit more briefly about the not valid women's initiative and how this initiative will help or hinder women on the ground. well it will help or hinder women because they know that somebody is listening because they know that somebody is conveying there or there are stories which are true this is genocidal rape charge murder. people and the world has to do something to stop but so that's what but also we want to take the brummies government to the international c three to make them trying to build for them must occur reading the people who are but armies of people who they have never been given recognition they have been i was only actually groups in burma they have been for
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human rights they actually removed the identity of the hands of people and took away their day was not enough to kill them they had to actually take away their example and i am not it's not right. let me get a final thought from you before you go i mean many leading politicians diplomats have gone before you to tour the area and many tell perhaps the same story about the full extent of the horror and the abuses that they've been accepted as you say by me and muslim who doesn't like you do you think your visit is likely to bring about any political pressure on me and most leaders. well i would like to go to burma the nobel women have asked many times to went to burma and they won't give us permission but i would like to go into burma just visit our sister aria to ask our sister laureate to go to the villages where these people and they're mostly been slopping been destroyed the evidence of g.l.'s side is being well covered as
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we speak and i would like things easy to pump the house to the villages of the road and of people. i actually had knowledge there human beings have a right to left right mcguire thank you thank you thank you very much in writing to be massacred mikaela like this indeed thank you very much indeed for your time we have to leave it there but thank you for sharing your stories with us here on al-jazeera. all right time for the weather now here's richard with news of the extreme cold seeping across much of europe richard it's amazing daryn take a look at the weather map behind me and the blues really just sweeping across the whole of europe at the moment those are temperatures early on the smalling across the region but when you've got the cold air coming here you think well where's all the warm air gone well the answer is gone a long way up towards the north so if you move up towards the north pole in recent days we've seen the temperature at the north pole itself above freezing accounts for some of those ice extent on record in the month of january across the arctic
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ocean temperatures a plus six on the far north of green and right in the heart the founts of the arctic region and temperatures sustain there for more than twenty four hours in contrast up with temperatures below freezing in places such as rome this morning where as you take a look at more northern parts of europe but cold air still sweeps in big negative double digits there across many areas you see the wind arrows close together indicated some really significant wind chills here pushing all the way towards the u.k. over the next twenty four to forty eight hours and the situation across more southern parts here is complicated by this frontal system which has been giving some very heavy snowfall across parts of croatia bosnia you see really blizzard like conditions i think for some areas that's going to continue in the forecast see the extent of the snow it's been building up but more heavy snow to come across this region over the whole of europe more cold weather at least until the end of the week. thank you so much richard still ahead here on al-jazeera preventing an
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environmental disaster moves to stop child from drying up. and we're live in what's called the world's largest phone show in barcelona where five g. advances are stealing the spotlight. and its borders focus now shifts to the next winter games in beijing china's government tries to create public interest in winter sport details coming up more in the states. facing reality growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter while ease activists in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. on counting the cost how corrupt is your country transparency international has the latest global rankings venezuela makes history by launching a crypto currency can south africa plug
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a hole in its finances as cape town faces a water shortage counting the cost at this time. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera opposition medics and seriously. child as die than a dozen more being treated after another suspected chlorine gas attack witnesses
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reported smelling the gas after an explosion in the rebel held eastern ghouta the u.n. secretary general has described the situation there as hell on earth. three nobel peace prize winners of call on their fellow laureate aung sang suu kyi to speak out about violence against range of muslims their warning me and she risks prosecution for genocide visiting ranger refugee camps in bangladesh. and south korea is pushing for both the u.s. and north korea to compromise so the talks can go ahead a north korean general has repeatedly expressed his country's readiness to meet the united states in young child's presence has been met by protests in seoul. now israeli security forces have arrested nineteen palestinians in the occupied west bank half of the arrests took place in the village northeast of ramallah about six and a half thousand palestinians are in israeli prisons more than four hundred without charge and
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a general strike is taking place in gaza has been called by the public employees union stratford now explains government workers are still not being paid despite rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah reaching a deal last year. there are hundreds of schools and government fusions right across gaza like this one that are closed today let's give you some background to this story in two thousand and seven when how must took control from fatah in the gaza strip they recruited tens of thousands of the boy now in october last year ten years later a reconciliation deal was signed between hamas and fatah in cairo with the aim of eventually setting up a unity government that the implementation of that deal seemingly remains schools the status of the people that work in institutions like this remains vague and they have barely been played since october. muscular in my left we need
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a fair and just tell you should we want to be integrated into the official policy me an alternative system we want to live in dignity we want to be recognized as a state employees we have done our duty we now want our rights. because this strike isn't just about wages it shows just how frustrated indeed angry palestinians here in gaza are having endured what would take years of israel's land a would feed off in the fact that the rough a crossing with egypt in the south has also been closed around for years now it also highlights the deep rift between fatah and hamas and it shows just how difficult the implementation of this reconciliation deal is proving to be. at al-jazeera. can't oz foreign minister has called on the un human rights council to put an end to the blockade on his country by its neighbors saudi arabia egypt rain
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and the u.a.e. all cut ties with qatar last june. he says the council must act the victims should be compensated. the peril of the us dollar to walk around at a better than a report by the un shows there are great and violent violations of human rights by the blockading countries against our citizens and residents i call on the council to shoulder the responsibility and one can putting an end to the violations of human rights those responsible must be held accountable and victims must be compensated. the u.n. is calling for an investigation after security forces in the democratic republic of congo opened fire on protesters three people were killed and dozens of others injured in violence across the country that gathered after sunday church services calling for the president to resign peter shop reports. the catholic church has been at the forefront of demonstrations calling on the congress president joseph kabila to stand down. and after morning service on sunday protesters took to the
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streets again. since december more than a dozen people have been killed by security forces in protest like these and today there was an all too familiar response by police. tear gas quickly followed by gunfire was enough for you candy was shot dead before the march started. his body taken to a nearby hospital but. two others were seriously injured one of them a student serge moca a washington george i'm not protesting by accident or in vain and not because i don't know why i'm protesting but protesting today i was just claiming my right and this is what happened to me. organizers said the protesters no longer believed in the political will of current leaders to ensure a peaceful transition of power if kept bill is forced to stand down that he's get there is killing here is kabila condemning them he's not condemning the metol we
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will not end these protests we will maintain our fight and we would go up to the end with this fight. as with previous protest marches internet data and messaging services were cut across the congo the more you want. it but the opposition message is getting out. in the shooting by the security forces is for the stoking up anger to shop al-jazeera. now african leaders are gathering in the nigerian capital to address the urgent needs of about seventeen million people who depend on the lake chad the u.n. has warned that food insecurity and malnutrition have reached critical levels as the lake continues to shrink the honey reports. there was a time when the city of both on an island surrounded by the waters of lake chad but over the past few decades life has dramatically changed. there was an island in the
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middle of the lake now we have ten kilometers away since one thousand nine hundred sixty six the lakes water has been receding it continues to dry up in the one nine hundred seventy s. every year more and more the lake is getting further away from us. both so used to be thriving people lived on fishing farming and herding it was considered the warehouse of the defense region where the borders of coming room child nigeria and niger meet now it's a desolate city where people barely survive lake chad has shrunk by eighty percent over the past twenty five years and continues to recede. owns a red pepper farm known here as manga gold is very popular in both niger and nigeria business used to be good. because the chad lake is the backbone of the economy in this region people were self-sufficient and now we're facing dire problems and we need help you if the lake dries up people will die out of hunger
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the area has been sealed for two years as a result of the war against boko haram. with the absence of rainfall in a drought prone region west african countries are looking for options to save the lake including transferring water from other sources but that needs funding and security both unavailable at the moment the rise in poverty has led to an increase in the popularity of boko haram in many places the armed group has become the only employer feeding on a widespread feeling of hopelessness specially among young people. many of the flora and fauna species are now extinct people have lost their livelihoods and are now desperate this enables some of the terrorist groups to attract the lake's residents to join their ranks and secure a source of income now the lack of security is hindering all efforts to save the lake who are working on many fronts but we need time. but time is running out.
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and say the humanitarian crisis around the lake is among the most severe in the world about ten point seven million people are in urgent need of assistance or else will soon face famine people who have stayed here from generation to generation now left to wonder for how much longer will they be able to live on the land of their ancestors without that homey. well the age of five g. internet is here and across the globe have gathered in barcelona to be the first to find out about it the twenty eighteen mobile world congress has kicked off with details about how fast five g. networks among the most anticipated announcements the event showcases the latest products and technologies in the mobile industry more than one hundred thousand delegates from two hundred eight countries are expected to attend charlie angela joins us live now from the spanish city charlie this is a huge mobile phone trade fair and all eyes of course will be on the new five g. offerings. yes it's strange because even though mobile is in the title of the fair
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the launch of the new galaxy s nine phone has taken a bit of a backseat in the six thousand c.e.o.'s and government representatives from one hundred eighty countries are really here to discuss policy and regulation for that new five g. network that we talked about and with me here is michael oher a he's from the g s m a which is the in is industry representatives for the mobile industry and tell me a little bit about what we can expect from five g. and when so i think there's three big trends i would say at our show five g. is one internet of things is the second where we're embedding mobile in every device in our lives and then the third is artificial intelligence and we see an era which we would call intelligent conduct over the war everything is connected and we're applying amazing intelligence to create these new services of the future so we're still a few years off though from five g. which will mean four g. gets one hundred times ten times faster is that right how many years until we can
4:44 pm
be carrying in our pocket so five g. will have about one point two billion connections by twenty twenty five so initially it will be a developing market play you'll have it in big cities but we still have a lot of work to do on four g. networks operators are investing around about five hundred billion over the next three years rolling out four g. broadband technology and what about cost i've seen estimates of. three hundred billion dollars to cover the u.s. alone what does this mean for the global digital divide there are still many people around the world who don't have access to mobile phones and internet is five g. going to increase that disparity i think you think about the digital divide there are about three point three billion people today who have internet access so we have a lot of work to do to get more people connected i think dot work will be on three g. and actually four g. and the investment will go in there to make that happen five g. will be more of play for big cities offering those amazing high bandwidth services
4:45 pm
without low latency so that will be the initial deployment. fantastic and internet of things known as i eighty here was seeing it everywhere if you can explain a little bit about that to the people who might already have it in their homes and yet don't know i think the key with internet of things is embedding mobile in every device in your life an example i was using this morning was a walking cane for the blind why it was really compelling is that they can obviously detect where you're walking and gives you talk tiles feedback but it also feeds directly into your ear and can tell a blind person that their boss is arriving at the bus stop and they need to get off at that stop so it's really creating a connected experience for people by embedding mobile and every device the other thing i'm seeing a lot of buzz around is driverless cars the stands with those cars as was being beautiful incredibly busy can you tell me how far away are we from seeing drivers cars on the road so i think a couple of years probably before we see widespread the points five g.
4:46 pm
is an important part of the conversation because these cars have to react very quickly you need five g. latency so five by one milli second so it can be very very quick decisions we really need to start seeing five g. rolling out before you have huge adoption of driverless cars so much so that's a little bit of a taste of what we've been seeing so far the mobile world congress and we're going to be having more free votes getting. follow the sports.
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welcome back now police. say the bollywood superstar. drowned in a bathtub. the fifty four year old died suddenly while attending a family wedding on saturday. and almost three hundred films and multiple indian languages and a korea spawning fifty years. producers of the first film to be made in sri lanka more than forty years hope it's the start of a homemade revival tunnels normally watch movies made in india because the local industries been crippled by decades of war and lack of experience movie makers reports from. with an original script a team comprising amateurs then professionals and a dream to take on a multi-million dollar industry. called molly king's is the first full length
4:49 pm
tamil film to be made locally in more than four decades i had made a conscious decision not to you know not to get any indian technicians or anyone in this movie just to prove a point. i only went for sound mixing in and apart from that everything else has been done here and that's not been done before either in the film ratnam plays a cash strapped london expectorate who travels here to attend a wedding to save money the family stays with relatives who have problems of their own the ensuing attempts to solve those problems produce hilarious results. the film which the director describes as a dark comedy is refreshing lee candid about some aspects of sri lanka's tamil community got inspired by mr. court where he says life is a tragedy but a comedy in long shot and i thought that was apt for me personally and also the life of my community so i thought. the film premiere was
4:50 pm
a hive of excitement as the community celebrated the achievement initial reaction as many streamed out of the screening was positive i enjoyed very much and i hope that there's a bright future for the movies in st argo this is all more we buy our people for us some great more because of the lack of industry professionals the director had to use more than eighty percent of crew from well established and prolific single movie makers in sri lanka for years tamil film goers in sri lanka have watched south indian firms adored its actors sung its songs and adopted its fashions breaking into an industry dominated for so long by south indian cinema is no easy task but the team behind kamali kings seem determined to take on that challenge one of the main challenges is to create a unique style for sure one can time the cinema every year to establish oh and i
4:51 pm
did. in terms of your job you have done but in cinema we haven't actually takes a long time to get to cast. kings will be different things to different people but the director says it's a first step to finding an identity for sri lankan tamils cinema one that he hopes inspires others to contribute to its revival been a philanderer as al-jazeera colombo. all the time for the sport as far as here there and thank you so much with the olympics and kyung chang now over the focus has turned to the house and the next winter games beijing in two thousand and twenty two will become the first city to host both the summer and winter olympics china though is still trying to get its population into winter sports brown reports from chong li in northeast china china is a nation of production lines and here's another novice skiers children mostly going through their paces on slopes partially covered in artificial snow the ski run is
4:52 pm
in the chong lead to strict with some of the events in two thousand and twenty two will take place to begin is include funk show high whose father brought her here from their home eight hours drive away. i really like skiing i enjoy the fast speed when i go dallas slope it's so exciting and so much fun that phone will cost her father almost eight hundred dollars for two days including accommodation but it's worth it he says. it can be expensive if you want you really good at it but for some short term fun it's affordable these skiers won't be in china's next squad for two thousand and twenty two but they are helping raise the profile of winter sports where a lympics success for the chinese remains elusive. not so long ago skiing was regarded as a decadent unaffordable western pastime but among china's growing middle class the
4:53 pm
sport is becoming more popular encouraged to take to the slopes by the country's president president xi jinping has set a lofty goal for three hundred million more people to take up winter sports according to government figures the number of enthusiastic in two thousand and sixteen was less than eleven million. to help make skiing more accessible to the masses hundreds more resorts are being built the approach of the winter games is helping transform areas like chumley when a host spends half his day working down a nearby mine the rest managing a ski rental shop he's had more than ten thousand customers since the season began four months ago. the government now considers winter sports important industry investors also see opportunities ski resorts in this area now generate more tax revenue than the gold mines. just under half the venue's the two thousand and
4:54 pm
twenty two are in the capital they include several used in the two thousand and eight summit games that have been repurposed for winter events and unlike two thousand and eight chinese a limb pick officials may feel they have less to prove now than they did then adrian brown al-jazeera incheon lee northeast china pep guardiola has won his first bit of silverware as manchester city boss then is on course to complete a trophy trouble with season so he defeated ourselves three mail in sunday's english league cup final club record score thirty where scored his first city goal in the animation final captain vincent kompany double the lead in the second half and devin silva wrapped up the win city are also top of the english premier league and still in the champions league it's a special you know said he'd been seen and in the lead scored three goals. and they help us to understand what this means in the club because like they won titles we
4:55 pm
put they put us pressure to continue to entice us eve were able to win more titles and defeats are the people who's coming here and they have to know he has to entitle us and that's why it's so so important. manchester united moved back to second spot in the english premier league after willie and fired chelsea into the lead romelu lukaku and jesse lingard struck to ensure a two one win for jos a marine ales man at old trafford who found the balance in the second office in the team more solids the team felt more comfortable to. to go . into attacking the areas and of course without creating lot of chances because against chance events that's not possible we create a few. and this quarter of a new ball that i think we. were bron james says cleveland cavaliers side are in transition following sunday's defeat against the san antonio spurs the cows have
4:56 pm
lost two out of three games since the all-star break having overhauled their roster on trade deadline day with six departures and four signings. and have been through just so. you know it's going to be a transition period and we should like i say we you know played exceptionally well there were some days where we could have played better but one thing about i don't fault the for not tonight the washington war effort is that. the new orleans pelicans bad their fifth when in a row bidding them a walking box star man actually davis had twenty seven points through holliday top scoring with thirty six in the hundred and twenty three to one hundred and one over time when they've now got a six pack record in the west. and tiger woods says his expectations have gone up after finishing twelfth of the honda classic in florida fellow american justin thomas beat new lists in a playoff to win the title on sunday at the second one of the season for the twenty four year old woods was the briefly within striking distance of the leader at one
4:57 pm
point but a double bogey on the fifteenth ended any outside chance of victory still the fourteen time major winner was happy with his performance. each and every time i have come out to terminus i'm getting the field around faster and i've been away from the term of golf for so so long that sort of feel them around so you can certainly get into my front porch her feel the pace feel the shots and get a better sense of it and the more play time because the better i get out. and the greatest sprinter of all time the same bowl to set for a major career move the eight time olympic champion who was in south africa last month and trained with local side mamelodi sundowns says he's signed for a football team and will release more details on should stay out just signed for was to find no one to use it for the summer ever. and that's
4:58 pm
all your support for now i'll have more later but for now it's back to you darren fara thank you very much and that's it form from me for this news be back in a minute with more news on the. concept. of. travel often. by trying to board tubes and local forests the problem global. books of owning. land long valleys and scotland's. live for adventure. discover it. because faraway places close to the thing going since together with cats are always.
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the first century. where every. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming
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young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems their challenging systems and shaping new one it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time. struggling to brave doctors accuse syrian government forces of another chlorine gas attack. we'll give you breastfeeding. and you'll be able to go.


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