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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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we don't want technologically challenging politics and implementing iraq democracy our focus source code of freedom for one to look we are innovators we are activists we are. talking the truth at this time and i'm just you know new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. russia's president orders a humanitarian corridor in eastern cotto where a u.n. cease fire has failed to stop attacks. on them julie went on all this is live from london also coming up warnings that famine could return to size sudan where more than half the population is dependent
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on food handouts plus. you know right the free market like. an emotional appeal a song sung city's fellow female nobel peace laureates visits bangladesh to meet refugees. in hopes of a homemade revival is the first time a film made in sri lanka in more than forty years hits the screen. russia's president vladimir putin has ordered a daily cease fire in the east and in syria and a humanitarian corridor to allow civilians to leave as defense minister says the ceasefire would run from nine am until two pm twenty six people were killed on monday in the rebel held on cave near damascus despite a u.n. resolution calling for a truce across the come. want to say one government airstrike killed
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a family of nine on sunday syrian troops launched a grand assault entering the through three towns arrest. we hear and chef food media that last time has reportedly been attacked using chlorine gas well some of the joins us now from on turkey's southern border with syria hi there salma so the cease fire how effective can these humanitarian pauses in the in the fighting how effective can they be because we've seen this pattern before haven't we. absolutely this is not the first time and there aren't really high hopes about what they will be able to achieve in the last few minutes we've heard from the free syrian army is affiliated inside eastern or to jaish al islam the one of the strongest groups with a few thousand fighters inside eastern with the thing they did do not think that this russian plan is a commitment to the united nations security council this is the same group which
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announce that they will abide by a cease fire and will hold all those activities all fighting and wait until the humanitarian aid is delivered to the people but from what we've gathered in this humanitarian cease fire that has been proposed by the russian president vladimir putin there will be a pause to allow people to leave it does not talk about how it will allow aid to enter and this is an area which is home to nearly four hundred thousand people and has been besieged for years so they are desperately in need of aid and as you mentioned this is not the first time that an aid or humanitarian pause is coming into effect and people will not really trusted because they have to say you have to imagine the people who have to travel from this area which has been besieged by the same forces into the homes of those forces which are saying now we will not kill you at all some of what's been happening on the ground what's the latest that we know. well on the ground there have been. more attacks
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nearly thirty attacks documented by the civil defense activists. people on the ground will be telling us about the intensity of the bombardment has been in the last couple of days as compared to what it was a few days ago but that does not mean that the air raids the shelling or the attacks have stopped there's also the ground incursion that has been happening in the last twenty four forces have been trying to push rebel defenses and to the city of eastern more colleagues in a report. one of the front lines in eastern opposition fighters say they are rebelling attempts by pro syrian government forces to storm the besieged enclave. rebel saying they killed dozens of soldiers the ground offensive began on sunday just hours after the u.n. security council agreed to a cease fire throughout. since then there has been no letup
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in the war the intensity of the airstrikes and the shelling appears to have dropped when compared to the relentless bombing campaign during the first week of the assault but civilians continue to die those who are able to find underground shelter avoid going outside more than five hundred people have already been killed children and women among them. refers to the any god give me patience to face this tragedy my children are scattered here and there my son lost three kids such awful memories imo i am blind i lost my house six days ago i have nothing at all i have been here for six days there's no food and water are living in tal. chlorine gas has also reportedly been used activists and medics a victim suffered breathing problems and i'm not sure today we have more than thirty dead does. the launching of chemical weapons.
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we don't know what they. don't care about council decisions they still use chemical weapons against us pro-government forces have been accused of using chemical weapons in the past especially when they want to clear an area to allow their forces to. the syrian government. military. they call terrorists. groups. and. they have sent representatives to russian sponsored talks. but there are also a few hundred. fighters belonging to a group previously. the opposition. fighters are ready to leave but the pro-government alliance wants all rebel factions to
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surrender there are thousands of fighters in eastern and between three hundred to four hundred thousand civilians says the u.n. . be with us where's the ceasefire the airstrikes haven't stopped we've been going through this for the past week no food no water. the people who are being held hostage but the fighters and their families are also the people. surrendering. placement to another. area and never returning home. and that is the biggest concern. you see. people think that. they're. prepared to take them they don't think they can go. inside. damascus which is the capital. where fighting continues between. some of the. well there we need to tack on go to
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the we need to tackle on goes have follows major disagreement at the u.n. security council over how a ceasefire would be implementable let's go live to our diplomatic editor james bases at the u.n. in new york hi there james how have all these developments currently playing out in eastern guta faired at the u.n. well they're just adding to the divisions around the security council table which is spilling over into other agenda items certainly with regard to syria most members of the security council thought their resolution was pretty clear for a ceasefire without delay taking place across syria and particularly aimed to help the people of eastern ghouta that though has not happened for now and i think some members of the security council are even more concerned and possibly angry too
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because of the recent announcement by the russian president president putin that perhaps there can be a poor's for five hours a day the u.s. sorry the u.k. acting ambassador jonathan allen said that shows of russia's prepared to implement a pause of five hours a day it could implement what the security council asked for which is a ceasefire the last twenty four hours a day goes on for at least thirty days and he described what russia was doing as not in the spirit of the security council resolution in fact in breach of the security council resolution he said it was cynical games. and james the united nations security council will also soon full on yemen just tell us a little but those discussions. well those are being affected to an extent i think by syria certainly there isn't much goodwill going around after those
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marathon negotiations on syria marathon negotiations with russia some as i just said believe russia has not actually complied with what they eventually agreed on in the security council on saturday there's also another element to the conflict in syria which of course the role of iran you heard ambassador halley mention that when they finally passed the security council resolution on saturday all that is also present with regard to the discussions on yemen with regard to yemen the sanctions on yemen is supposed to expire at midnight tonight the security council needs to renew them it needs to come up with a new resolution the u.k. supported by the u.s. have come up with a renewal resolution but it includes language about iran attacking iran russia is not happy about that we understand some other members are not happy about that so russia's but for its own version of a u.n. security council resolution they were going to vote on these two two hours ago i
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think no one wanted a showdown between these conflicting resolutions so they've gone away for further negotiations the clock though is ticking those sanctions in yemen they will completely expire midnight new york time if they don't come up with a renewal resolution of some sort to space there with the latest from the u.n. james thank you well earlier the u.n. secretary general used his opening address of the human rights council to call for an immediate cease fire any so now the war in syria took center stage on that first day of high level discussions which are being held over the next four weeks david tate has more from geneva. the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrace used his opening address to demand the immediate implementation of the cease fire in syria as the news came in of continued government attacks against the rebel held suburb of damascus eastern good cannot wait it's high time to stop these health on her death
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and that remind all parties of their absolute obligation an international humanitarian and human rights law to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure at all times and similarly efforts to combat terrorism do not supersede these obligations like the outgoing human rights high commissioner for the u.n. is saying that he wished to be blunt about where the blame for what he called the slaughter houses really lay the responsibility for the continuation of so much pain lies with the five permanent members of the u.n. security council. so long as the veto is used by them to block any unity of action when it is needed the most when it could reduce the extreme suffering of innocent people then it is they the permanent members who must answer
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before the victims reforms to the system already being backed by two out of the five permanent members by france and the united kingdom the high commissioner said it is time for the love of mercy for russia china and the united states to join them and stop the punishers use of the veto as the world celebrates the seventieth anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights the high commissioner said it was the worst offenders disregard and contempt for human rights which will be the eventual undoing of us all david chaytor al-jazeera geneva french president manuel mccall has told his turkish counterpart that the u.n. call for a cease fire across syria must also apply to the a friendly jim turkey launched an offensive against the kurdish y p g there last month and considers the y.p. g. terrorists and deployed further special forces to us one day on sunday turkey welcomed the un resolution calling for the ceasefire but said it wouldn't affect
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its campaign in a free. still to come on al-jazeera we'll tell you what's prompted this protest in the south korean capital seoul. and as president state governors to discuss school safety the u.s. supreme court may blow over his plans for the dream is all that and more when we come back. welcome back across the levant and western parts of asia still unsettled pictures massive cloud bring it's a most of rain indeed a high elevation some snow but it should largely clear away as we head through into choose day we've got to be fine conditions around the caspian sea further towards the west and still we still want some rain across northern parts of iraq the eastern side of the mediterranean weather conditions fairly quiet nothing special
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here temperatures eighteen degrees there in beirut you see some more rain moving across western parts of turkey then into robin pincher we've got to the risk of rain here in qatar during the course of choose day so just twenty three is a high into how but that could well be some heavy showers and i think through wednesday will find that risk of showers extending across the other gulf states too on the other side of the potential should be fine with highs of thirty four expected in mecca let's head across into southern parts of africa where it's looking quite lively in places that moment you see a massive cloud all way down through zambia through. and through towards mozambique and here would like to see further showers during the course of choose day heading south of through botswana we've lost most of the showers here fine across much of south africa twenty two in capetown and should be quite a warm present there in durban with highs of twenty eight.
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our mind of our top stories here on al-jazeera russia's president has ordered a daily cease fire in syria's eastern ghouta and the humanitarian corridor so
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civilians can leave at least twenty six people were killed on monday in the rebel held a. u.n. agencies it's a war displacement and economic crisis of food insecurity inside sudan to unprecedented levels. three nobel peace prize winners have visited refugee camps in bangladesh and are appealing to aung sang suu kyi to speak out about violence against the hinge of muslims. u.n. agencies say food insecurity and says sudan has reached unprecedented levels more than sixty percent of the population is not at risk of starvation by july displacement due to ongoing violence and a weak economy has contributed to the crisis people morgan reports from the capital juba. barely able to stand and too sick to eat that's what john told the doctors when she brought in her two year old son going for a checkup but she cannot hide her grief when asked why he was in that condition.
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we have no food in the house i plan to basic grains but that's not enough and we can't afford to buy food from the market every day sometimes we eat one meal sometimes we don't eat dr say getting his money and he's not alone the u.n. children's organization unicef says more than one point three million children are at risk of being malnourished by july if not given assistance ok my son philip is one of them. i brought my child here because he hasn't gotten proper food for so long that the little food we do get he can't eat it and we can't afford regular meals africa's standards nation has been at war for more than four years in fighting between rival groups has claimed thousands of lives and displaced a quarter of the twelve million population it's also resulted in what the u.n. calls an unprecedented level of food insecurity as much as it is hard for those here in the capital juba to get food and the situation is worse for millions of
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others around the country who have no access to markets and rely on aid to survive that total is rising the u.n. says six point three million or fifty seven percent of the population is a trick of starvation by april and the u.n. says one hundred fifty five thousand people are at risk of being classified as an catastrophic things of food insecurity by july. it is serious and that is why we are seeing a less drastic measures to can by the unitarian activists in this situation is likely to fall from last year. we have an increase of food insecurity food insecurity forty forty percent so if you compare love year with year is noted you bet. but the un says without an end to the conflict it will be hard to fight against the hunger as long as you have the conceit continuing people will not feel secure in their own being and where they are and without that you don't have them actually producing food and actually contributing to the food needs of what our
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imperatives are as you might a lactase is to look at now the people who are in need and make sure we get the resources to provide them the assistance that any needs that keep increasing day by day with adults and children at risk of starving to death and there are millions of people morgan alter there are. three female nobel peace prize winners have called on. to speak out about violence against range of muslims in the in line warning that she risks prosecution for genocide and women are visiting re-injure refugee camps in bangladesh have told their federal laureate to wake up to the atrocities face of a minority group in law doesn't recognize the right has blamed violence in the kinds states on terrorists. this is genocidal really a charger margaret of the earth and the people and the word has to do something to stop but so that's was a loser but also we want to take the burmese government to the international
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c.c. to me exam a pint bottle but i would like to go into burma does this with our sister aria to ask our sister laureate to go to the villages where these people and mostly been sloppiness and destroyed the evidence of genocide is being well covered as we speak and i would like things to see they're pumping us to the villages of literal go of people. i actually had knowledge there you never read the letters before i flew from no right to be massacred me killed like this the u.s. supreme court has dealt a blow to president insisting that he must keep the protections he's trying to end for immigrants both in the u.s. illegally as children let's get more from our white house correspondent kimberly how can either kimble a so the protections stay at least for now. that's right the president was speaking to a group of governors here at the white house reacting to that ruling. was in
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a ruling in fact what happened was that the supreme court essentially said we're not going to hear this case that is certainly disappointing to donald trump and he expressed that disappointment in essence what we have are two rulings at the federal court level that have said that those deferred action for childhood arrivals programs protections put in place by barack obama for those children who are now adults brought to the united states illegally by their parents that those protections the president tried to end that simply the federal court said that you can't do that so the term administration tried to go to the supreme court and see if it would have a more favorable ruling there in essence the supreme court has said we're not going to hear the case and it has to work its way through the appeals process in those federal courts what this means is it's a victory for those you know hundreds of thousands of people that are protected by dokka essentially the program was phasing out under orders by donald trump about
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march fifth was the deadline and what this means is those protections remain in place until the courts have another ruling or congress takes this up and issues permanent protections kimberly presidential it's also been meeting governors house and the from around the u.s. and its school safety that they're talking about. right what to do in the wake of the florida school shooting that has really gripped this country in a way that we've not seen with regard to school shootings in the past there has been a powerful student movement that has emerged as a result that is demanding protections so that this kind of tragedy may be prevented and so far there's been sort of a tepid response from the u.s. congress given the fact that it wasn't in session and the house itself is only going to be in session for one day this week so many people are feeling hopeful that their particular state may in fact put in place some of the legislation
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they're looking for and when you look at the system of government in the united states it favors strong states rights versus a strong federal government this is exactly where we could see this type of legislation and certainly this is something that the president himself supports he was speaking to those governors and in fact said that he had been meeting with the national rifle association top members over the weekend that he says there is some support for some of his ideas which include age restrictions also one of the other things that the president is favoring is a banning of so-called bump spots that is not something that the n.r.a. has been supportive of but overall the president feels that there is some momentum to try and bring about some change to limit gun violence and certainly this is something that the president says he's heavily invested in cuba how could the life from the white house can be thank you. south korea is pushing for both the u.s. and north korea to compromise as a wreck talks can go ahead soon but the white house remains resolute that any
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meeting must mean to pyongyang ending its nuclear program and also queen general visiting south korea has repeated thinks press countries readiness for discussions with the u.s. chills presence has been met by protests and so. many people blame the north korean general for the sinking in two thousand and ten of a south korean naval ship as great explains. continuing protests in seoul that the presence of general kim young child on south korean soil a man that many people here blame for the attack in twenty ten that sank a south korean warship with the loss of nearly fifty lives the north koreans have denied they were never involved but people here believe it's evidence that the north korea can never be trusted under the current leadership but it is true to say the goal of the people here share the same kind of optimism of many people in south korea after the build up of goodwill over these olympic games the talks though
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continue between the visiting north korean delegation and their south korean counterparts according to moon jay in the south korean president it is the only way forward to try and do you escalate tensions here looking for the ultimate denuclearization of north korea but in the background is the united states concerned that this is a continuing charm offensive by north korea and that the south koreans are being beguiled the united states and also many protesters here believe that north korea has not changed despite all the smiles and that now is the time for a united front against what they believe is still a potentially very dangerous adversary. israeli forces have arrested one thousand palestinians in the occupied west bank half of the u.s. took place in the now be sadder milledge that's northeast of ramallah they included a palestinian teenager who was shot in the head with
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a rubber coated steel bullets last december israeli security forces say the arrest reduce an increase in violence in the area. large areas of europe are being hit by freezing winter weather as strong winds are bringing cold air west from siberia the first major capital city in its path as moscow which is suffering its lowest temperatures of the year and that's with the start of spring supposedly just weeks away well it's now dropped to minus twenty degrees celsius in the russian capital producers of the first tamil film to be made in sri lanka in more than forty years hope it's the start of a homemade revival tunnels normally watch movies made in india because the local industry has been crippled by decades of war and lack of experienced movie makers and elfin and this reports from cologne. with an original script a team comprising the amateurs than professionals and
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a dream to take on a multi-billion dollar industry. called mali kings is the first full length tamil film to be made locally in more than four decades i had made a conscious decision not to you know not to get any indian technicians or anyone involved in this movie just to prove a point. i only went for sound mixing in and apart from that everything else has been done here and that's not been done before either in the film ratnam plays a cash strapped london expectorate who travels here to attend the wedding to save money the family stays with relatives who have problems of their on the ensuing attempts to solve those problems produce hilarious results. the firm which the director describes as a dark comedy is refreshing lee candid about some aspects of sri lanka's tamil community got inspired by the style supreme court court where he says life is
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a tragedy in close up but a comedy in long shot and i thought that was apt for me personally and also the lives of my community so i thought do a comedy and laugh at the film premiere was a hive of excitement as the community celebrated the achievement initial reaction as many streamed out of the screening was positive i enjoyed very much and i hope that does the right future for demi moore is usually like that this is all more me by all people far less some great movie because of the lack of industry professionals the director had to use more than eighty percent of crew from well established and prolific single movie makers in sri lanka for years tamil film goers in sri lanka have watched south indian the adored its actors sung its songs and adopted its fashions breaking into an industry dominated for so long by south indian cinema is no easy task but the team behind kamali kings seem determined to
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take on that challenge one of the main challenges is to create a unique style for sure one can time the cinema every year you get to establish oh and i did you. in terms of your job you have done but in cinema we haven't actually takes a long time to get to cast. kings will be different things to different people but the director says it's a first step to finding an identity for sri lankan tamils cinema one that he hopes inspires others to contribute to its revival in a philanderer as al-jazeera colombo. the headlines current here and around to see what russia's present. latimeria putin has ordered a daily cease fire in eastern huta in syria on a humanitarian corridor to a lot of civilians out well at least twenty six people were killed on monday in a rebel held on claim east of damascus despite a u.n.
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resolution calling for a nationwide truce on sunday syrian troops launched a ground assault entering the on trade through three nearby towns meanwhile in one of those towns a child was killed and several others experience breathing difficulties after a suspected chlorine gas attack witnesses reported smelling the gas after an explosion in eastern guta now the syrian government has denied using chemical weapons during the war but the u.n. secretary general has used his opening address at the human rights council to call for an immediate ceasefire in the area he is then good cannot wait it's time to stop these hell on earth and that remind all parties of their absolute obligation i mean it's rational humanitarian and human rights law to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure at all times and similarly efforts to combat terrorism do not supersede these obligations here an agency say
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war displacement of an economic crisis of push food insecurity inside siddha to unprecedented levels with more than sixty percent of the population at risk of starvation and july three nobel peace prize winners have called on their fellow laureate aung sang suu kyi to speak out about violence against her him jim islams warning she risks prosecution for genocide women are visiting refugee camps in bangladesh and they've told me in my leader to wake up to the atrocities facing the way him neymar does not recognize the range as an ethnic group that has blamed violence in rakhine state on terrorists. yes supreme court has dealt a blow to president donald trump insisting he must keep the protections he's trying to and immigrants cross into the u.s. illegally as children the trumpet ministration was trying to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals by dhaka by march the fifth those are card headlines
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come to the cost is next. raising awareness of the plight of the way we just laureates visit a refugee camp in bangladesh to hear all the suffering let's hone does the visits help the muslim minority that is it's embarrassing fold in moscow nobel laureate own son said she this is inside story.


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