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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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too often on the streets. are victims but a new force. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. is a challenge and so is life behind the badge. at this time. of a cease fire and serious eastern goods after violations on the first day. and
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this is al jazeera live from the house coming up. to the u.n. report shows new links between north korea and syria's chemical weapons program. three months after his visit to side arabia led to a political crisis back home lebanon's prime minister is back in riyadh. and more than two million cars are recalled in australia and the latest development in the scandal of unsafe air bags. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has blamed syrian rebels for blocking access into the area of eastern good to russia's pause in fighting is in effect for a second day the first attempt on tuesday failed to stop the onslaught with at least thirteen killed in fighting love rove says russia and its syrian allies have established humanitarian. it was for people to flee but gribble shelling is
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blocking the path out the u.n. says the chief says five hour window is too short to evacuate people send in a to some a binge of aid is in the take he should have gazan top near the syrian border and i'm wondering what you're hearing about today if people are moving out if they're being most successful in getting aid in. we've been speaking to people on the ground jane in eastern guta and they've been telling us that there is some rest bite people have been able to come out of these shelters to try and gather as much as they can in this five hour window from nine am to two pm in the in the morning they're also telling us about how difficult it is to get things in eastern water now because of this eleven days of relentless bombardment one activist just told us that the price of bread has gone up by a hundred times it's a hundred times more expensive a piece of bread that it cost a few kilometers away in damascus so it gives you an idea of how people are coping
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in besieged it has already been busy since two thousand and thirteen and after this campaign which targeted everything including food warehouses with food over ground there are there is reports that the prices have gone up and the food material as well as other necessary items are not in the abundant supply as they were previously so people have been telling us that they're using this rest by to try and gather as much as they can because they have to spend the night in underground shelters because they're gathering things that they can burn because there is no running electricity or running water and also trying to stock up before this two o'clock before the time reaches when the cease fire and and what are the expectations after the five window closes does the fighting continue until everybody has been cleared out to the russians and syrians want to kill us. in. and what has been happening since yesterday is before the nine o'clock pause
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comes into effect you hear reports of mortars and air strikes happening in eastern rooted happen all last night after two o'clock as well these these attacks have continued and this crossing that the russian foreign minister was talking about the route for the crossing where people are apparent be allowed to leave is empty from what we can see and state media they've shown pictures live from this location where nobody is coming out they're blaming it on rebel forces but people in eastern route are saying that they just do not trust this crossing they don't know where will they go they have no idea who is going to meet them and who's going to provide them security because you have to bear in mind that the few people who were evacuated in december doctors have been telling us that they're still being treated as hostages right asama let's leave it there thank you. u.n. experts are accusing north korea of supplying the syrian government with items to create ballistic missiles and chemical weapons the leaked report is expected to be
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publicly released next month and outlines pyongyang's dealings with syria over the past ten years the supply of these items would breach in sanctions syrian government has been accused of using chemical weapons the report also says north korea sent ballistic missile systems to me in march so i won't cause managing editor at korea exposé he says the u.s. is likely to use the revelation to push for more sanctions on north korea. i think we can certainly expect that given what has been going on with washington for the last several weeks you know that there has been a lympics going on here in south korea and the government here has been really trying to use that as an opportunity to bring about engagement and dialogue with north korea and this is something that washington at least officially has been very adamantly opposed to and right now oh i think america really has gained crucial
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leverage in arguing that there need to be more sanctions in effect us announced last week what it called the heavy sanctions ever against north korea and now it is in a critical position to say that even these sanctions are not working and if we are to trust what donald trump has said he has promised what he called face true against north korea and it's difficult and rather frightening to think what and i didn't actually mean in myanmar to imprisoned reuters journalists who appeared in court for another hearing protested their innocence and called for press freedom they were arrested in december in charge of the illegal possession of state secrets that had been covering the violence against for hang a muslims in rakhine state the u.n. is calling for the immediate release. of the we were arrested while covering the news we covered the mass great story as you know on sun suchi says it's new that the military has admitted to what had happened nobody recognizes that we were the
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first ones to shed light on that fact you know if you go to the government needs to get the right information the media has to be able to travel to cover and to write news freely not only about the rock current situation but in all issues. when robertson is chief editor of the asian review she thinks there is a growing trend throughout asia of governments ignoring press freedoms. it's a very strange kind of coincidence and a convergence of. around the region and we saying crackdowns big crackdowns in cambodia vietnam the philippines and of course myanmar and to a lesser extent in thailand where there is a military regime and very strict placing a place a magistrate rule so this is all happening at the same time is there a patent are the reasons that are common i think that one thing that's really clear
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from watching myanmar is a growing resentment at what's perceived to be western. western interference western lecturing and as we all know the response of the officials in myanmar to reporting on the reclined crisis has been extremely hostile but again it's similar rhetoric we're seeing from hussein in cambodia in the philippines list so the vietnamese but still they greatly resenting western interest interference lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has returned to saudi arabia for the first time since he abruptly quit during a visit to riyadh last year in november hariri made a televised address from saudi arabia announcing his resignation a day after arriving in the country lebanese officials accused riyadh of forcing him to step down and put him under house arrest of the government this reraise
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resignation plunged lebanon into regional and political crisis between saudi arabia and iran who are very returned home weeks later after french intervention and withdrew his resignation his government has since reaffirmed its policy of staying out of conflicts in arab countries and what is monitoring the visit from beirut. parties press office insisting that. he is in riyadh he did not request this meeting he is responding to an invitation really have been strained not just between the saudi leadership but between lebanon and saudi arabia since the shock resignation from the saudi capital on and of ember for in the bizarre sequence of events that followed many in lebanon including the president accused saudi arabia of holding the prime minister hostage and since then the prime minister has withdrawn his resignation but. the relationship has not been the same for example have used to visit saudi arabia more often and you know saudi officials used to visit beirut so the first time
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a saudi official delegation arrived was on monday and now how do you do in saudi arabia sources saying that they hope to open a new phase in the relationship the timing is quite interesting just a few months before parliamentary elections in may saudi arabia lost a lot was their man in lebanon and if they want to maintain influence in this country they're going to need him because he is the most popular sunni leader in lebanon we have to remember this is a sectarian. system of government is based on sectarianism so saudi arabia miscalculated in the past maybe trying to you know trying to reverse the losses following this resignation and the whole affair around the but it is still too early to say whether the relationship is back on track assured his government has ordered the recall of more than two million cars were made by the japanese firm to kata it's not satisfied with the results of voluntary recalls carried out by vehicle manufacturers last year faulty to cut airbags have been linked to at least twenty three deaths around the world and it with the latest from sydney. this is
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affecting dozens of cars and manufacturers including european brands that weren't affected by voluntary recall last year the issue with a cost to airbags is that it can deteriorate causing it to explode and sending. no and metal shards into the faces of the occupants of a car it's already been linked to about twenty deaths and about two hundred thirty injuries globally and this is prompted the recall of about one hundred million cars rolled why'd he in australia about two point three million cars will be affected by the recall that's about one in five cars driving on a strain on roads and comes just as to cause her reached a six hundred fifty million dollars settlement in the united states although there are concerns about whether or not it will be able to pay due to bankruptcy problems
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employees and general motors in south korea are demanding the government protect their jobs they've already voted to go on strike if the u.s. carmakers decides to pull out of the country the company suspended pay talks earlier this month and revealed it would shut one of its factories still deciding what will happen to the three remaining plants general motors employs around sixteen thousand people in south korea. still ahead on al-jazeera. but really what the afghan president's olive branch to the taliban is a government move towards ending more than sixteen years of conflict and. i'm catherine sawyer in bria central african republic a town that is controlled by one of the largest rebel movements in the country i'll be telling you why they are here despite the presence of u.n. peacekeepers.
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we've got weather systems going up to make their way across the korean peninsula easing over towards japan big massive cloud mass little area of low pressure developing here that's going to introduce a very wet and windy weather. some wintry weather for a time too as it makes its way across the sea of japan big downpours that it's in northern parts of honshu easing up into her car that was some snow for her kyra nineteen celsius in tokyo so at least the rain is going to be on the warm side it'll turn a little cold as we go on through friday wintry showers continues in northern parts of japan but further south it will brighten up and it won't be too bad at all we got up to around four celsius across the korean peninsula now just some wet weather coming into central parts of china by the states with a bit of wet weather in place here as we go on through thursday warm southerly winds in hong kong temperatures at around twenty five degrees celsius further north that rain will intensify as we go on into friday but for southern parts of china it
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will stay lousy fine if i was into spells of sunshine me well it's sunshine and showers across southeast asia not too bad into the philippines wanted to show was easing towards a loose on as we go through thursday heavier showers across central parts where i like to see further flooding for a good part of these. forced to be displaced by their governments in one nine hundred twenty three. it was very about the greek and turkish villagers returning to their own distinction really to . reconnect with the past they thought they'd lost. people shouldn't be forced to move from the land of the borders which are. great population exchange at this time.
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let me take you to our top story russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has blamed syrian rebels for blocking aid access into the rebel held area of eastern russia ordered a pause in the fighting which is in effect for a second day the first attempt on tuesday failed to stop the onslaught with at least thirteen killed. in myanmar two imprisoned royce's journalists who appeared in court for another hearing protested their innocence and called for press freedom they were a student december and charged with illegal possession of state secrets they've been covering the violence against range of muslims. australia's government has
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ordered the recall of more than two million cars with airbags made by the japanese firm kotter it's not satisfied with the results of voluntary recalls carried out last year faulty to cut the air bags have been linked to at least twenty three deaths worldwide afghanistan's president has offered to recognise the taliban as a legitimate political group as part of negotiations aimed at ending of the more than sixteen years of war he was speaking at a meeting of nations trying to build a framework for peace talks but he reiterated that the group needs to recognise his government tony burke is more from kabul. so there are encouraging signs coming out of this process president danny said some very encouraging things which making people think that things are moving in the right direction his offer to recognize the taliban as a political party is one also his offer for the taliban to open an office in kabul moving it from doha is another and then he can operate with impunity so there are
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encouraging signs also encouraging signs from the taliban in recent weeks that they are not really opposing the constitution any longer including women's rights suggesting they want to talk their open letter to the americans for example where they say they would like to have direct talks it's all moving in the right direction there are stumbling blocks however the fact that the taliban have always viewed the afghan government as a puppet of the americans they've always insisted that they must deal directly with the americans but president garvey made it quite clear that the afghans will have to be included the americans always say that they will have to include the afghan government so they're asked on sticking points but some are some encouraging signs now this kabul process conference which is lasting wednesday and thursday is shoring up regional and international support for the peace process and very importantly it includes pakistan pakistan is seeing being seen as essential to this whole process and with them onboard perhaps it's going to be a speedier time everyone agrees that this war cannot be won militarily the
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americans have increased firepower they're bombing more from the air now the taliban on the ground using more suicide bombers but nobody can win this conventional war it has to be won and done at the negotiating table everyone here is hopeful that we're heading towards that situation but of christianity's holiest sites in jerusalem has reopened three days after its leaders close it protests against israeli tax measures the church of the holy sepulcher is believed by many to be the site of the chris affection and resurrection of jesus christ in one year penned after the local mayor suspended a plan to make churches pay. back taxes on their assets have a force that has this update from occupied east jerusalem. well here in the square outside the church of the holy sepulcher things seem to be back to normal tourists and pilgrims they've been flocking over the last three days not able to get in through those giant wooden doors now they are able to get in to this most important
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christian holy site however behind the scenes there is still some uncertainty what has been struck as an interim deal which is allowed the jerusalem municipality to suspend for now its attempts to collect back taxes from the three churches involved the armenian greek orthodox and roman catholic churches it's also allowed for the suspension of any proposed legislation which would see the israeli government have the ability to claim land seize land which the church had sold to private investors that is something that the church says is discriminatory along with the attempt to claim taxes from what it says should be tax exempt properties in and around jerusalem for the tourists for the pilgrims this of course is a very happy day it's worse than the important for us and they quit impression for us because we did three days to come in and we have no chance to call there and it was very impressive for us it was an hour or two and i actually
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thought we may not get to come and so now i think it really joyous the price to be able to come in here so christians once again have access to sites such as this the slab where jesus said to have been prepared for burial the question now is how this is resolved the plan is for a committee which includes ministers the jews from his party and others to try to come sign some kind of long term agreement as to how to solve the divisions that still exist between the church in your forty's there are some voices that question whether that gives too much power in the long term to israeli authorities while in the short term it does seem that they've backed down the standoff has been resolved the differences that created it have yet to be. then as well as economic crisis is fueling mass migration into neighboring countries hundreds of thousands of people have gone to colombia and many others are heading south to brazil. that is on the reports on what the u.n. calls a refugee crisis. in a makeshift encampment in the center of town hundreds of venezuelans who have
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crusted to brazil in search of what they can't find it home food jobs and maybe a better life this is a city of both of these to brazil on the border within a swale and that's where we find one thousand year old thomas prieto and his wife sees that it for them and their newborn baby sent ya go home is now a tent in spite of the conditions they're hopeful. it's better here than in venezuela at least here we can eat here we have possibilities you can find food and people try to help us she is only twenty one years old having to make decisions based on survival for her family but. we came here to try and find a better future for our child and find. in the last few weeks about a thousand venezuelans have been arriving here every day after a tough journey across the border many are hungry. when
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a truck carrying food arrives in the park the desperation is evident. on the other side of town the gymnasium has been turned into a rudimentary shelter for six hundred people the conditions are prison like italy to washrooms the first thing many venezuelans do when they reach brazil is try to get a job it's the first step in trying to earn money to support their families but to work in brazil you need a permit and the process of getting one used to take weeks but now it's taking months because there are so many people in the work. they come to the police headquarters to begin the process easily in a plaza was forced to come here by herself to try to find work to support her three kids back home you know while there are no options and then as well an option is only to leave. the mayor of both the east this is the city is doing all it can but is one of brazil's smallest and poorest state capitals struggling. vista is
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offering all services we have to venezuelans because the city of only three hundred fifty thousand residents we don't have the capability either financial or through infrastructure to deal with a situation like this. as more people arrive the strain on resources is likely to build but brazil at least for the time being does not plan to close its border with been a swell and if it does it would extinguish something else these people say is also in short supply back home and that is hope gabriel's oddo. bo a beast of brazil fighting in central african republic between muslim and christian groups has forced more than a million people from their homes and half the population need humanitarian aid the conflict is not spreading to areas that were once considered peaceful in the first of a three part series catherine soy went to a diamond rich region in the northeast that's controlled by one of the largest rebel movements has exclusive report from brit.
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yes rebel gunmen make sure that everyone entering bria is unarmed and don't belong to rival groups the checkpoint is controlled by the popular front for their own essence of the central african republic the f. p.r.c.'s one of the largest factions of what was a mostly muslim group called seleka the town is an important supply routes and has the largest diamond mines in the country. so we are all abundant we are not bundy it's all militia. organized we have structures we're not so just get out of line we deal with them when i see one commits a crime we have a judicial system to deal with that. business is a town center which is only now coming back to life after armed groups which had previously quite exhausted began fighting just over
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a year ago this is the main markets in which. they keep people here say. they talk sis and support them and the arrangement that seems to be working. at one end of town and right on the doorstep of the un peacekeepers base is accomplished placed people. more than seventy thousand people in brianna have been forced to flee their homes the un says this kompas been infiltrated by gunmen from . a largely christian group in the competent high that. during the fighting to block a woman sure that a good ear safely. out of the ones who protected us where they are not in the company more what you see in bria plays out in many other towns and villages across the country people who are living together have now created their own religious and ethnic boundaries. binoy need leaves on the christian side of town he says he can
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go to the muslim dominated market during the day but has to return before nightfall . even at night i don't sleep. afraid that people might come and kill me i always have to be prepared to run. most of the countries controlled by armed groups often fighting over men drawls cattle and trade routes forging an easy alliances and then violently breaking up un peacekeepers in the central african republic are overwhelmed and caught up in all this central african such as who are just trying to stay alive catherine soy al-jazeera bria central african republic the unrest began when the muslim majority seleka rebels overran many parts of the country in twenty thirteen france it was christian was forced from power a group of mostly christian militias called the antibiotic or rose up to counter
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the seleka in twenty fourteen the un began the peacekeeping mission to protect civilians but a struggle to restore order despite having more than ten thousand peacekeepers on the ground leonard doyle is with the international organization for migration he says there is a threat to neighboring countries if the crisis continues. there needs to be more international support and international humanitarian response worldwide as is now so so so overstretched that many very deserving countries like central african republic tend to get overlooked and that is why the united nations has made an appeal for about five hundred fifty sixty million dollars last week in order to refocus attention and to get the resources that's what it needs at the end of the day resources for peace building resources for conciliation and resources to help rebuild the country and the structures of the country and rebuild trust between the communities because at the end of the day if they keep going in the direction that
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they started to go again the the consequences could be tragic not just for central african republic but for all the countries around the. public hearings have started into a trust that is committed in zimbabwe more than thirty years ago during the rule of robert mugabe it's claimed the former president ordered the deaths of people he believed were trying to depose him but as her macassar reports from the town of. many many feel the hearings are a waste of time. this public hearing was meant to encourage people to talk about atrocities committed in matter bill and the one nine hundred eighty s. but some here feel the national peace and reconciliation commission set up by zimbabwe's government is a waste of time as. president emerson when and i was in charge of internal security during the massacres with thousands of people were killed allegedly by forces loyal to robert mugabe the former president people from this area mainly material and in
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millions nice to see the very guy. took part in those atrocities being arrested can to courts you are saying that most of them are still alive they are still very very in the government so unlike saying if justice is to be done those people should be arrested. soon after independence from britain in one nine hundred eighty mg i believe some of the barbarians were plotting to overthrow him he accused some communities of working with and hiding his enemies he called dissidents. some. wants an apology he made loads even one of the station aspirants they are these hearings and they don't trust the government those who want the hearings to continue so they can get answers are frustrated these three came from an area called troll or chill they say soldiers came to their village in one nine hundred eighty three looking for dissidents. it's
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difficult to talk about what happened they killed my husband then they've beaten raped me it's very painful. the group around the massacres and other atrocities top part of families some people still don't know where their loved ones are buried what is it that can discount. unless we you. what is. what is. what may. be called the massacre is a moment of madness but he never apologized to give misson healing to be a long slow and painful journey for those desperate for answers how to meet us al jazeera zimbabwe. i'm jane doesn't wear the headlines on al-jazeera russia's foreign minister sergei
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lavrov has blamed syrian rebels for blocking aid access into the rebel held area of eastern go to russia ordered the cease fire which is in effect for a second day the first attempt on tuesday failed to stop the onslaught with at least thirteen killed here and experts are accusing north korea of supplying the syrian government with items to create ballistic missiles and chemical weapons the leaked report is expected to be publicly released next month and affluence pyongyang's dealings with syria over the past ten years the supply of these items of breach and sanctions the syrian government has been accused of using chemical weapons report also says north korea sent ballistic missile systems. to imprison royce's journalist who appeared in court for another hearing protested their innocence and called for press freedom they were arrested in december and charged with legal possession of state secrets and we covering the violence against
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muslims and what kind states in the un is calling for the immediate release. evidence prime minister saad hariri has returned to saudi arabia three months after announcing his sudden resignation during a trip to riyadh officials accuse saudi arabia of forcing him to quit putting him under house arrest we had has denied this returned home weeks later of the french intervention and withdrew his resignation afghanistan's president has ordered offered to recognize the taliban as a legitimate political group as part of negotiations aimed at ending more than sixteen years of war and he was speaking at a meeting of diplomats trying to build a framework for peace talks but he reiterated that the group needs to recognize his government australia's government has ordered the recall of more than two million cars with airbags made from the japanese firm to carter is not satisfied with the results of voluntary recalls carried out last year faulty carter airbags have been linked to at least twenty three deaths worldwide those are the headlines the news
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continues on al-jazeera but first it is inside story. a taxing question in israel for the holiest church in christianity of the church of the holy city. has closed schools is a tax dispute the reason for the old most precedents of protest or is it because the christian presence in the hottest city is watts and this is inside story.


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