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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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the nature news as it breaks. is a sense of renewed hope with the president enjoys quite a deal with details coverage they are dodging distractions that appear to be hurting president trump's ability to manage the mideast peace crisis from around the world over one hundred thirty one thousand people are registered in the south korean database for separated families. the second day of a russian sponsored ceasefire ends in syria with little evidence of things have changed on the ground. but i'm daryn jordan this is not zero live from doha also coming up a link to an airport shows new links between north korea and syria's chemical
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weapons program. lebanon's prime minister is in riyadh three months after his last visit there led to a political crisis back home. two weeks after a gunman opened fire at a school in florida killing seventeen people students head back to class. a ceasefire in syria's rebel held area of eastern ghouta has ended been reports of sporadic shelling on the second day of the pause in the fighting russia's foreign minister said planes syrian rebels for blocking access into the area offices at a syrian controlled camp during the five polls but russia's military says rebel shelling prevented people from leaving. because the people of syria face a direct humanitarian crisis un security council resolution two four zero one has established a framework for all. parties to agree upon conditions to elevate the plight of
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civilians throughout the country russia together with the syrian government have already announced the establishment of humanitarian corridors in eastern guta now it is the tent of the militants and their sponsors to act as the militants entrenched there continue the shelling of damascus blocking deliveries and the evacuation of those wishing to leave some of binge of eight is in the turkish city of gaziantep near the syrian border sama so it's day two of these five hour cease fires in eastern due to talk us through what happened today. in the last few minutes deborah never heard that at least nine people have been killed in eastern rule to three of those who died in the city of duma were injured in yesterday's bombardment so it's been more of the same on day two of this proposed ceasefire and truce heard from people on the ground that there was some arrest by doing those five hours but before and after there has been fighting which has been ongoing and nonstop people from duma have been reporting
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a number of air strikes and other parts of the eastern who have been reporting shelling as well as rocket strikes in the media area which is on the eastern outskirts where the government forces have been trying to make gains we've been hearing reports that they have captured at least one factory or one cement factory closer to the front line in cheerful near and they are saying pro-government media is saying that they are closer to breaching the defense line of. rebel fighters who are operating in eastern guta on the humanitarian front the situation remains really grim and desperate one activist just told me that the price of bread is about one hundred times what it is a few kilometers away in eastern damascus people have been waiting on humanitarian aid as well as medical supplies which are fast running out and a list of eighty five people has been given by the aid workers in eastern ruther to the united nations to try and evacuate these people who need. medical evacuations.
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thank you. u.n. experts are accusing north korea of supplying the syrian government with items to create ballistic missiles and chemical weapons the reports expected to be publicly released next month and outlines north korea's dealings with syria over the past ten years the supply of such items with breach u.n. sanctions the syrian government's been accused of using chemical weapons and the report also says north korea sent ballistic missile systems to me and graham on weber's a research fellow at nanyang technological university he says the u.s. is likely to use the revelation to push for more sanctions on north korea. this was in the cards somewhat if you recall last month the central intelligence agency director michael pirro actually made remarks in public in washington d.c. suggesting that he wouldn't be surprised if the north korean regime would start selling its nuclear weapons technology in this arctic knology and wherewithal in order to generate cash in light of the fact that the current sanctions regime is
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really hitting john young extremely hard that it has to subsist so it's selling these sort of items would be quite lucrative in certain quarters of the world and clearly that the usual suspects have sprung up this is likely to dampen the mood i mean there's been a unprecedented euphoric high over the last few weeks in light of the approach mount if you like between north and the south and everyone's turn to this new hope that the crisis in the an insular could be resolved a lot sooner than we thought but now with this report coming out of the gains traction in this compelling evidence will clearly lead. administration for one and other countries in the world to start ratchet it ratcheting it up against north korea and treating north korea with the usual suspicion it's earned over the last few years that into mind it's and if arius. speak of weapons testing missile and
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nuclear lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has returned to saudi arabia three months after announcing his sudden resignation during a trip to riyadh i remember with the saudis king solomon in the capital amman also hold talks with crown prince mohammed bin salman. well it's the first time there is visited saudi arabia since november when he made that televised address announcing he was stepping down lebanese officials accuse forcing her to quit and putting him under house arrest. denied this her recent nation plunge lebanon into a regional political crisis between saudi arabia and iran well he returned home weeks later after a french intervention and withdrew his resignation as government and since reaffirmed its policy of staying out of conflicts and arab countries senegal is among the visit from beirut. press office insisting that. he is in riyadh he did not request this meeting he is responding to an invitation really
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have been strained not just between me and the saudi leadership but between lebanon and saudi arabia since shock resignation from the saudi capital on and of them before and the bizarre sequence of events that followed many in lebanon including the president accused saudi arabia of holding the prime minister hostage and since then the prime minister has withdrawn his resignation but. the relationship has not been the same for example have used to visit saudi arabia more often and you know saudi officials used to visit beirut so the first time a saudi official delegation arrived was on monday and now how in saudi arabia sources saying that they hope to open a new phase in the relationship the timing is quite interesting just a few months before parliamentary elections in may saudi arabia lost a lot there man in lebanon and if they want to maintain influence in this country they're going to need him because he is the most popular sunni leader in lebanon we have to remember this is a sectarian. system of government is based on sectarianism so saudi arabia
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miscalculated in the past maybe trying to you know trying to reverse the losses following this resignation and the whole affair around a bit it is still too early to say whether the relationship is back on track. classes or resume for the first time at a florida. high school says a shooting that left seventeen people dead earlier this month students will be attending a half day to the school until further notice that follows an orientation for teachers students and their family members on sunday three storey building where the shooting took place has been closed indefinitely and will likely be torn down and the gallagher joins us live now from part and he says the first day back since the shooting was the atmosphere like and how the students feeling. well it's exactly two weeks since fourteen students and three teachers were killed at the school here so obviously a fairly tense atmosphere a difficult process for many of these students going through those gates once again
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but the principal here saying this is not a day for teaching this is a day for healing telling the students not to bring their backpacks inside the school there will be grief counselors to talk to students that need any help because of course going back to a scene like this such a horrific scene could really trigger some posttraumatic stress in many of the students but they of course have not just been sitting idle over the past couple of weeks many of them taking to the state capitol taking to the streets in protest to try and change gun rights this has been a generation of children that are really carrying forward a new movement in this country to try and change or at least address gun laws which haven't been addressed in past years and if so what about progress then towards gun reform has there been any movement. well florida's governor rick scott has said he wants to put a proposal or a series of proposals together fairly fast you know he's feeling the pressure of what's happened here he's been hearing the voices of the students so they're
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proposing raising the minimum age for buying an assault rifle up to twenty one but they're also at the same time proposing legislation that would enable teachers to become trained he's also talking about increasing security in schools and putting more funding into mental health but of course the students here really don't want to see teachers armed they don't really want to have to go through schools that have more security they want simple things like assault rifle. they are continuing to protest despite what they've been through over the past two weeks and in fact in march they will be in washington d.c. to continue getting their voices heard. to come here in al-jazeera including we'll tell you about the afghan president's own promise to the taliban as the government tries to end a sixteen year conflict plus i'm kathleen sawyer in korea central africa to populate a town that is controlled by one of the largest level movements in the country i'll
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be telling you why they are here despite the efforts of u.n. peacekeepers. hello we've got a good push of warm air across much of southern china twenty five celsius there in hong kong with those southerly winds little bit of wet weather just into central parts we'll see temperatures in chengdu around twenty two celsius not too bad here but there's that rain and that will sink a little further south as we go through friday similar temperatures twenty three for john due and also for hong kong a little more cloud coming through for friday but the main feature you notice is the heavy rain which will push across towards shanghai tosses some rather lively showers also pushing their way to warsaw ranker over the next dose or seen a few showers on and off from time to time much of india on the other hand looking five and dry some pleasant sunshine coming through but notice up towards the far
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northwest little more cloud coming in here some rain some snow over the higher ground and that will be the situation as we go on into friday the wintry mix just not in a little further east which in the process thirty three celsius in new delhi thirty seven celsius therefore not poor now will be a little while before we see those kind of temperatures across the region potentially but there is some heat around twenty five celsius in doha that's not too bad twenty seven there for abu dhabi as we go on through thursday by friday is a tad colder here twenty three doha looking fine and dry at twenty six. the scene for us when they're online what is american sign in your mind that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is
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a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories been reports of sporadic shelling during a pause in the fighting in eastern kentucky. all of us now in that for a second day. that a syrian controlled camp on the edge of the rebel held on place but no one was seen leaving. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has returned to saudi arabia three months off announcing his sudden resignation during a trip to riyadh i remember with saudi's king solomon in the capital ahmed also
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talks with crown prince muhammad and sell. his a resume for the first time at a florida high school since the shooting that left seventeen people dead earlier this month students will be attending off days in the school until further notice the three story building where the shooting took place has been closed indefinitely . afghanistan's president has offered to recognize the taliban as a legitimate political group as part of talks aimed at ending the more than sixteen years of war. was speaking at a meeting of nations trying to build a framework for peace talks but he reiterated that the group also needs to recognize its government proposed releasing prisoners and. viewing the constitution officials from twenty five countries the e.u. and nato a meeting as part of the kabul process in the afghan capital. we are making this offer without any preconditions in order to lead to a peace agreement i call on television and their leadership today the decision is
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in your hands except peace a dignified peace come together to safeguard the country which has been the result of sacrifices and struggle tony berkeley has more now from the afghan capital. so there are encouraging signs coming out of this process president danny said some very encouraging things which making people think that things are moving in the right direction his offer to recognize the taliban as a political party is one also his offer for the taliban to open an office in kabul moving it from doha is another and then he can operate with impunity so there are encouraging signs also encouraging signs from the taliban in recent weeks that they are not really opposing the constitution any longer including women's rights suggesting they want to talk their open letter to the americans for example where they say they would like to have direct talks it's all moving in the right direction there are stumbling blocks however the fact that the taliban have always viewed the afghan government as a puppet of the americans they've always insisted that they must deal directly with
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the americans but president garvey made it quite clear that the afghans will have to be included the americans always say that they will have to include the afghan government so they're asked on sticking points but some are some encouraging signs now this kabul process conference which is lasting wednesday and thursday is shoring up regional and international support for the peace process and very importantly it includes pakistan pakistan is seeing being seen as essential to this whole process and with them onboard perhaps it's going to be a speedier time everyone agrees that this war cannot be won militarily the americans have increased firepower they're bombing more from the air now the taliban on the ground using more suicide bombers but nobody can win this conventional war it has to be won and done at the negotiating table everyone here is hopeful that we're heading towards that situation. now the head of the army in sudan has been replaced and a shake up of the defense establishment president omar bashir all that
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a series of new senior appointments in the armed forces bashir replaced as head of security earlier this month he also announced more than eighty that the prisoners would be released well let's talk to ali verges a visiting research at the united states institute of peace he joins us from washington d.c. . has named the new chief of staff as well as leaders of the ground naval and air forces what do you think is behind this major reshuffle well there and i think we first have to ask what hasn't changed and the fact is the military is very much at the apex of sudanese politics the president omar bashir very much military man the first vice president is also from the army and so while there have been changes elsewhere i don't think we can conclude too much at this stage that said general arduin the chief of staff of the army played an important role in the ongoing peace talks for south kordofan so his departure may change the government's delegation there but in terms of the other positions it's too early to say really
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yeah i mean the military spokesman called the changes all part of routine work but i mean how common is it to make such major changes in the military when every three or four years sudan has gone through a rotation and they've managed to do that fairly routinely and so a change in sudan of the military leadership here isn't perhaps as consequential as the change we've seen in saudi arabia in recent days where again the defense establishment was was changed to consider though in sudan the irregular forces are also very important and those haven't changed the leadership there hasn't changed at all so in a way this is an institutional move yeah and it comes just a week after he fired his head of security for the to be linked or is that all part of the change. well this is where it is more consequential on the return of gosch as the director of the national intelligence and security service means a lot more and perhaps it does suggest within the ruling establishment
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a need to return to or an attempt to return to all leadership and we've seen that in other sectors as well so it's important to see the change in the intelligence service might not be as consequential as the change in the military but certainly it does matter and it does suggest the government is looking for alternatives just a final thought from you i mean these changes come just weeks after a violent protests in parts of the country over a hike in food prices is that significant as well well sudan is definitely facing economic crisis inflation rising prices falling foreign currency reserves it's facing a governance crisis and that's clear from the recent machinations within the ruling party and by attempts to suppress the protests so it's very clear that there's a lot going on in the government in the regime and they're finding very few answers
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and so why be cautious to connect the military changes to any of those larger developments we've got to see the bigger picture here that sudan does have a feeling economy failing political structure and no clear answers for how to get out of it ali verjee thank you for talking to us. now fighting in central african republic between muslim and christian groups has forced more than a million people from their homes and more than two million that's half the population need humanitarian aid but a conflict is now spreading to areas or once considered peaceful and the first of all three part series al-jazeera is catherine sawyer went to a diamond rich region of east that's controlled by one of the largest rebel groups here's her exclusive report from brazil. where you can see. rebel gunmen make sure that everyone entering bria is unarmed and don't belong to rival groups the checkpoint is controlled by the popular front for their innocence
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of the central african republic the f. p.r.c.'s one of the largest factions of what was a mostly muslim group called. the town is an important supply routes and has the largest diamond mines in the country. we are not. we have structures we're not so just get out of line we deal with them when i see one commits a crime we have a judicial system to deal with that. business is a town center which is only now coming back to life after the groups which had previously craigslist it began fighting just over a year ago this is the main markets. they keep people here they plan expect them to pay taxes and support them and the arrangement that seems to be working for now. at one end of town and right on the doorstep of a u.n.
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peacekeepers base his accomplice placed people all a christian more than seventy thousand people in brianna have been forced to flee their homes the u.n. says this kompas been infiltrated by gunmen from. a largely christian group in the competition i that. during the fighting. sure that a good year safely out of the ones who protected us in the company more what you see in bria plays out in many other towns and villages across the country people who are living together have now created their own religious and ethnic boundaries binoy lives on the christian side of town he says he can go to the muslim dominated market during the day but has to return before nightfall. even at night i don't sleep. afraid that people might come and kill me i always have to be prepared
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to run. most of the countries controlled by armed groups often fighting over men drawls cattle and trade routes forging an easy alliances and then violently breaking up un peacekeepers in the central african republic are overwhelmed and caught up in all this central african such as who are just trying to stay alive catherine saw al-jazeera bria central african republic. one of christianity's holiest sites in jerusalem has reopened three days after its leaders closed it in protest against israeli tax measures the church of the holy sepulcher is believed by many to be the site of the crucifixion and resurrection of jesus christ are a force that has more from occupied east jerusalem. but here in the square outside the church of the holy sepulcher things seem to be back to normal tourists and pilgrims they've been flocking over the last three days not able to get in through those giant wooden doors now they are able to get in to this most important christian holy site however behind the scenes there is still some uncertainty what
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has been struck is an interim deal which is allowed the jerusalem municipality to suspend for now its attempts to collect back taxes from the three churches involved the armenian greek orthodox and roman catholic churches it's also allowed for the suspension of any proposed legislation which would see the israeli government have the ability to claim land seize land which the church had sold to private investors that is something that the church says is discriminatory along with the attempts to claim taxes from what it says should be tax exempt properties in and around jerusalem for the tourists for the pilgrims this of course is a very happy day it was very important for us and they quit impression for us because we didn't see days to come in and we have no chance to call there and it was very impressive for us it was an hour or two and i actually thought we may not get to come and so now i think it really joyous the price to be
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able to come in here so christians once again have access to sites such as this the slab where jesus said to have been prepared for burial the question now is how this is resolved the plan is for a committee which includes ministers the jewish in his party and others to try to come science some kind of long term agreement as to how to solve the divisions that still exist between the church in your forty's there are some voices that question whether that gives too much power in the long. term two israeli authorities well in the short term it does seem that they've backed down the standoff has been resolved the differences that created it have yet to be. australia's government has ordered the recall of more than two million cars with airbags made by the japanese firm takata it says it's not satisfied with the results of voluntary recalls carried out by vehicle manufacturers last year forty to airbags have been linked to at least twenty three deaths around the world as the latest from sydney. this is affecting dozens of car manufacturers including european brands that weren't affected by
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voluntary recall last year the issue with a car airbags is that it can deteriorate causing it to explode and sending shrapnel and metal shards into the faces of the occupants of a car it's already been linked to about twenty deaths and about two hundred thirty injuries globally and this is prompted the recall of about one hundred million cars rolled why'd he in australia about two point three million cars will be affected by the recall that's about one in five cars driving on a strain roads becomes just as to cause her rates a six hundred fifty million dollars settlement in the united states although there are concerns about whether or not you'll be able to pay due to bankruptcy problems the british government has rejected an e.u. proposal for the northern ireland border after it leaves the european union next year chief negotiator michele bachmann has unveiled the first draft text of the
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blocks legal agreement with bali addressed the phony issue of the future of northern ireland saying it could stay in the customs union with the e.u. after briggs it london says it cannot accept any measure that would create a hard border between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. . do you keep committed to proposing specific solutions to address. and. we look forward to receiving these proposals to maintain food. of the internal market and a customs union which now all. corporation all. of the protection of the tragic. he sees the buck stops that we have to put to do with drool agreement. the u.n. special envoy to yemen has briefed the security council for the last time before he
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leaves the job it's mellowed criticized international players involved in the conflict meanwhile the humanitarian crisis seems to get worse by the day mohammad john june reports on what cancer patients are more risk than ever before. there's nothing more important than providing whatever comfort he can i knew i don't have a lot of i'm scared for my children they're my life they're the seeds of my soul every day i do my best to help them. the worried father holds their hands while taking the pretreatment to the national on college the center in yemen's capital sana'a is eight year old son a crime suffers from lymphoma while his seven year old daughter as john has a brain tumor they wait in a room in which bright colors fail to mask the kind of darkness the young should never have to contend with. other children are clearly paned. life was extremely difficult for cancer patients in yemen even before the three year old war
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which has devastated hospitals and the health care system the center's director says government payments have stopped it used to provide twelve million dollars a year we need to have no consideration dying to. limited or. even limited or. difficult to plan what they can or. the world health organization is in the process of providing the center with two point five million dollars an amount that would be sufficient for approximately thirty thousand patients but that money is a fraction of what's needed what is happening is also because of the lack of resources the people are not paid the professionals are not paid as professionals on the state and the to qualify to colleges what required to take as a faces they leave the country or they seek for four other opportunities doctors examined as john and a crumb
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a routine they become accustomed to but despite the care but that he is still concerned. they're not able to get proper health care they're not able to get supplies into yemen because of the siege and prices going up there's a shortage of medicines in the chiba medical centers now you have to buy the medicine to treat humans and fewer available. a father anguished but determined no matter the war no matter the shortages clinging to hope for himself and his children. for a chance a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera reports of sporadic shelling during russia's pause in the fighting in eastern due to the five hour pause has now ended for a second day ambulance officers were parked at a syrian controlled camp on the edge of the rebel held on clay but no one was seen leaving the russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov is blaming syrian rebels are
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blocking aid access into the area. is the people of syria face a direct humanitarian crisis un security council resolution two four zero one has established a framework for all parties to agree upon conditions to elevate the plight of civilians throughout the country russia together with the syrian government have already announced the establishment of humanitarian corridors in eastern guta now it is the turn of the militants and their sponsors to act the militants entrenched they continue the shelling of damascus blocking aid deliveries and the evacuation of those wishing to leave lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has returned to saudi arabia three months in his sudden resignation during a trip to riyadh really met with saudi's king solomon in the capital and would also hold talks were crowned prince mohammed bin solomon the florida high school which was a site of a shooting two weeks ago has reopened seventeen people were killed when a former student opened fire at people's will be attending hard days at the school
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until further notice. afghanistan's president has offered to recognize the taliban as a legitimate political group as part of talks and ending the more than sixteen years of war. and he was speaking at a meeting of diplomats trying to build a framework for peace talks but he reiterated that the group also needs to recognize his government australia's government has the recall of more than two million cars with airbags made by the japanese. it says it's not satisfied with the results of recalls carried out by a vehicle manufacturers last year. to air bags have been linked to at least twenty three deaths around the world employees at general motors in south korea demanding the government protect. to go on strike if the u.s. decided to pull out of the country the company suspended pay talks earlier this month field that would shut down one of its factories. well
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those are the headlines the news continues here on. the stream of watching. people. on the ground. today. africa's most. if you're watching us live. on twitter send us your questions and i'll do my.


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