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serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. on counting the cost the italian job what the next government has to do when it comes to the economy the first drop rates it gets a frosty reception in the u.k. plus we'll explain what five g.'s all about and if it even matches counting the cost at this time. twenty eight killed and fifty others wounded in coordinated attacks and bikini capital the french embassy and the army headquarters are targeted. and though i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up the
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u.n. imagery which shows the bombardment of eastern ghouta is getting worse despite a so-called cease fire ordered russia. troops to its border with bangladesh triggering fears it plans to expel thousands of refugees living in no man's land and the british prime minister treason may have met saying pay won't get everything it wants when it comes to bracks it. is to begin a fast so where is twenty eight people have been killed in coordinated attacks on the military headquarters and the french embassy in the capital work at duke who witnesses say the mosque attackers used guns and explosives during the assault. has mall. plumes of smoke rising above booking a fast says capital the third major assault on a walker dugu in two years. this latest attack conducted by
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islamic extremist fighters according to the book government coordinated and well planned the targets the army headquarters and the french embassy. seven soldiers were killed at that when a tree h.q. several of those wounded eight attackers were killed by the armed forces but it's not known if there were more people involved witnesses said the attackers had arrived in a pickup truck and started shooting off the shouting allahu akbar they set fire to the truck and continued to shoot their video we did hear there there were a lot of shots fired damage everywhere two policemen went by and near the army headquarters there was a car with around four to six people they fired there was an explosion we saw a lot of shots fired a lot of smoke and then people started running back in a fast says the cation in the sun so hard has made it a target for groups of fighters who operate in the region tens of thousands of
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people have fled the area because of frequent attacks. last year an al qaeda affiliated group attacked a turkish restaurant in a market killing nineteen people in two thousand and sixteen thirty people died in another assault in a hotel and restaurant in the city the region was once a french colony france now has four thousand troops in the sahara region supporting the armed forces in five countries that the attack is the latest against the country's security forces in a region where violence has increased in recent years. al-jazeera. the un's human rights chief says as strikes olympus each syrian neighborhood of east and go to probably amount to war crimes and should be prosecuted at least twenty two civilians have reportedly been killed as government forces reach more ground from rebel fighters on friday osama bin laden ports from neighboring turkey . makeshift clinics in eastern who have been filling up with the wounded most of
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the civilian casualties are women and children. are waiting for the civilians to receive aid so we can preserve their lives we are waiting for reaction from the world. that wait for the world to help stop the attacks and has gone on for years and since the government's latest offensive began last month morgues have run out of space for the dead. instead of receiving worshipers on friday this mosque god bombs people here say syrians iranians and russians are mocking the united nations and the security council since again anima cease fire resolution on saturday there have been hundreds of attacks in eastern huta. but this mosque was here to praise god there were no weapons or cannon here the regime bombed it ten minutes before the ceasefire why are you the world silent on these war crimes those allegations have echoed at the human rights council the un human rights chief says the syrian regime and its allies are potentially carrying out crimes against humanity
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civilians are being pounded into submission or death and the perpetrators of these crimes must know that they are being identified das years are being built up with a view to the prosecution and that they will be held accountable for what they have done syria must be referred to the international criminal court attempts to see what justice and share these criminals are disgraceful day five of the five hour pause in fighting was no different from previous days with more airstrikes and shelling close to seven hundred people have been killed in the relentless bombardment the choices for nearly four hundred thousand people are to starve surrender or die. in addition to the attacks on residential areas level positions on the front lines. under heavy bombardment usual islam until after
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ramadan fighters have been holding meetings with families to assure them they are not going to retreat we are still dr in eastern huta about the potential crimes against humanity remarks and he replied with a question has a road drawn another red line and said never again he asked because the assad government's attacks on civilians have become more brazen strong words from the u.n. humanitarian chief but like other statements and resolutions they remain just that words with no action. because young in the turkey syria border well the u.n. has really satellite images of areas of eastern go to shame the destruction in the space of a week i know. from the u.n. operational satellite applications program based in geneva he told me earlier duma is the west. well these images shows us that there has been increased and heavy bombardment in using guta and in particular in
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dumas that we animal is based on a satellite image taken this morning compared to an image taken on the twenty third oh the temporary so what we observe in the imagery is continued. to continue shelling and continue damage to infrastructure in doing this difficulties in duma it can be sometimes difficult to distinguish between residential areas businesses etc but we do observe damage to a large number of different types of buildings including what seems to be residential areas so it's quite widespread damage that the observer including you know damage to infrastructure is where our service roads in areas that cetera we see certain areas where there's severe damage we could go all the areas where there's no damage that we can see in the satellite images certain areas that are also out of that state but what red damage but there are definitely areas that
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the sea had been heavily affected. and finest of countries around the world and value to a caliphate if us president donald trump follows through with a promise to impose tariffs on foreign stale and out of many of the many accusing trump of starting a global trade war algis areas can really help get reports from washington. it's a move targeting china and the lesser quality steel u.s. president donald trump says is flooding the american market foreign steel brought into the united states will be slapped with an additional fee of twenty five percent ten percent on aluminum all purported to protect u.s. jobs to bring steel back it was a major campaign promise to steel and aluminum workers in states like pennsylvania and michigan and helped trump win the white house and well trump has singled out
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china it isn't even in the top ten among steel exports to the united states according to the u.s. commerce department it's canada that ranks number one as sixteen percent of all exports to the u.s. well china is that number eleven responsible for less than two percent of the steel imported into the united states may find that the u.s. adopting anti-dumping anti subsidy tariffs in hundreds of cases of imported steel and aluminum products is to protect their domestic products of all countries imitate the u.s. approach then this would have a serious impact on the global trade order fears of a global trade war have sent world financial markets into uncertainty and on twitter trump defended his position arguing the trade wars are good and easy to win that trade war appears underway canada mexico china australia brazil and the european union are all threatening retaliatory measures against u.s.
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products do not sit idly while our industries which were done for measures that put thousands of european jobs at risk the e.u. he reacted firmly commensurately to defend our interests in imposition of a tariff like this. thing other than distort trite and ultimately we believe will lead to a loss of jobs one of europe's largest appliance manufacturers electrolux says as a result. of trump's announcement it is delaying an investment of more than two hundred fifty million dollars in the us state of tennessee it appears that trump's tariffs designed to save american jobs in the it does trail sector now putting other u.s. jobs at risk kimberly health at al-jazeera washington. has killed eleven people including three u.n. aid workers in northeast nigeria this happened in the remote town of run near the
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border with cameroon outside account housing fifty five thousand people displaced by the conflict one hundred valhall from. suspected book home fighters according to the reports we have used the darkness of the night to mount this brazen attack late on thursday they used a truck mounted with guns and also rocket propelled grenades to overpower paused guarding a camp for the internally displaced people these compounds about fifty five thousand people victims of the war that has been going on now still going on between the government and book homs fighters. the u.n. has confirmed the killing of three aid workers two of them work for the international organization for migration and one a medical doctor with. unicef also a female nurse is missing and there were reports of out of four aid worker who was either killed or injured or saw the security report from the side of the government
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has confirmed the killing of four soldiers and four policemen without giving any details about whether civilians were more civilians were wounded or killed in this attack. we are as army is being accused of bullying and intimidating rango refugees in the no man's land between his border with bangladesh al jazeera has spoken to witnesses who say the trips five slingshots and three bottles are refugees some even try to climb a fence into bangladeshi territory with russia's told me with georgia's forces from the shared border where thousands of rango have sought refuge in iran khan has more . range of muslims fleeing me on my face harassment the troops that pushed them out back making it very clear they want their engine gone for good this woman shows a suitcase which she says was hit by ricocheting bullets fired into the camp al-jazeera producer tom vitale spoke to those who fled from the army troops there
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said they were intimidated by them they were using bullhorn and mikes warning them to get out of this area through the storm had them call bottles and right using even sling shot at some point some of the troops even tried to climb the friends into the no man's land to intimidate them but where stopped and warned by the buying of there's a broader god. bangladesh is protesting the deployment of troops along the border and says it's highly irregular it prompted bangladesh to summon me. and demand the troops be pulled back as. they came at around ten am brought in seven trucks with two ladders in each vehicle a total of fourteen and they tried to cross the barbed wire fences to forcefully destroy our camp. this area is widely referred to as no man's land the week's myanmar soldiers have up their patrols of the border fence. and use loud hylas to order the estimated six thousand ranger to leave but hundreds of the
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refugees have already given into the soldiers orders and crossed into bangladesh. it's been six months since almost seven hundred thousand range of muslims fled a military crackdown in myanmar as a rocking state united nations called it a textbook example of ethnic cleansing refugees spoke of systematic murder sexual violence and arson but the government insists it was simply defending itself after attacks from. myanmar reportedly claim some of those range of fighters are hiding within the border camp at agency is meanwhile helping refugees prepare as best they can for the coming that monsoon season one assessment says more than one hundred thousand people could be affected by floods and landslides the diplomatic route the troop movement to the border now threatens a controversial deal to send their injured refugees back to myanmar many will be questioning whether it will ever really be safe to go back to me on the imran khan
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i was there so i have for you on the program going to be live in actually as candidates make a last ditch effort to win over voters ahead of sunday's election. and why these russian states that were once home to royalty could soon be lost forever. hello it may not feel like it but the worst is nearly over storm ammar is blowing out is this thing you hear of the british isles so the visit has gone from ireland but it's still an area of low pressure still driving moisture into cold air so there's more snow to come it stretches dance to the western side of europe they look at the temperatures here they're all positive this is the cold bit here vienna right up to stockholm east to moscow cyrus of bucharest is much woman this is much
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this is rain freezing rain admittedly for some for example down albania but generally speaking as a warming trend now given around the edges is still plenty steady company ukraine and belarus western russia by daylight hours the snow should have stopped falling for the most part for the british isles still there in france and probably the swiss alps the french alps and the italian alps as well or even lower ground yet even the pope valley sea level in this league now that should mostly have gone by the time you get to sunday the white patches of snow showers in the british isles the thames has risen a bit too modest to book arrest still plus eleven lanka and the snow is cold to moscow still a bit tucked back into ukraine but it's not as cold. true confessions more. or
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a cynical example of communist propaganda and we need to put it in the big backyard . i want to do it. in twenty turn al-jazeera access to north korea to investigate b. alleged use of biological warfare by the us during the korean war rewind revisits dirty little secrets this time on al jazeera. welcome back you with al-jazeera a recap of the day's top stories now there are reports that as many as twenty eight people have been killed and dozens more wounded in coordinated attacks on the
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military headquarters and the french embassy in became a fast as capital what to do good the united nations as well as satellite images from the from last week which showed major damage to parts of eastern ghouta despite a cease fire at least twenty two civilians have reportedly been killed as government forces we took more ground for rebel fighters on friday. stock markets around the world a tumbling in response to u.s. president donald trump's plans to impose heavy tariffs on imported steel and alan many i'm. at the i.m.f. and several world leaders have condemned them. britain's prime minister has laid out more details on what kind of trading relationship the u.k. will have with the european union once it withdraws from the block to reason may has been under pressure to spell out exactly how she'll avoid a hard order an island while also satisfying the demands of competing factions in her own policy barco reports. a rallying cry for brakes it from the british prime minister to resume
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a fourth major speech on britain's departure from the e.u. in which he set out the government's vision on future trade ties with europe this is a negotiation and neither of us can have exactly what we want but i am confident that we can reach agreement we both want good access to each other's markets we want competition between us to be fair and open and we want reliable transparent means of verifying we are meeting our commitments and resolving disputes may suggest that the u.k. would mirror some easy rules and break away from others to ensure a continuation of frictionless trade with the e.u. she suggested setting up a system to mutually recognise each other's goods and services but is all this complexity really worth it and rest it the answer is no we won't think again on bret's it the british people voted for brics it and i think it is incumbent on their politicians to deliver on the decision that we asked them to take the british
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prime minister has been accused over very good on workable proposals by the european union and of being paralyzed by divisions within her own political party she's hoping that this key speech restore some credibility in her ability to deliver. but before negotiations can move forward outstanding issues need resolving including what's going to happen here on the border between northern ireland a part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland and e.u. member to reason may said the border will remain open promising a combination of new technology and trust to keep goods and people moving without a hard border. text counting their legal commitments on wednesday the ease chief negotiator michel barnier said northern ireland should remain part of a customs territory with the e.u. after brics it. to reason maces any e.u. attempt to effectively an extent region will never happen she now has to provide
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more detail on how her high tech plan will work prime the u.k. and e.u. also can't agree on what's going to happen immediately after breaks it during the two year transition period the e.u. wants its courts to have the final say in any disputes of. that time to have the same rights as those arriving before brick set to resume a switch to the planned. these and other issues need to be resolved before the e.u. summit on march the twenty second without any progress trade remains off the table negotiations. al-jazeera london. now it's the final day for italian politicians to win over voters ahead of this weekend's parliamentary election expected to be one of the most polarizing in years before polls were blacked out two weeks ago pollsters predicted a hung parliament with former prime minister silvio berlusconi's alliance of center right groups expected to emerge as the largest bloc but with not enough seats to
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govern alone while the anti establishment five star movement led by louis chidi myo looks certain to gain the largest single party vote these are live pictures from the party's final campaign rally where nadine barber has been watching all these developments and so nadine give us a flavor of what we've been hearing from the party's leaders and of course their prospects of becoming the single biggest party in sunday's election. well merriam you'll probably be hearing the voice of better grillo the man who co-founded the party he's now handed over the leadership to thirty one year old luigi. he's still very influential within the party originally they were seen as outsiders very savvy on the internet but they were criticized for not having a coherent program now they have shifted somewhat towards the center ground by rowing back home you're a skeptic policies they did have like a referendum promised on the euro currency they are as you said the largest single
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party they were twenty eight percent in the latest polls but around ten percent ahead of them was this sense of right coalition led by the surprising comeback figure of silvio berlusconi former prime minister his party for talia and two other parties which are notable for their hard line on immigration but certain policy a topic which luigi dimaio has gone to great lengths to appear softer on because his party needs support from the right and from the left they're doing their doing very well amongst our employed young italians of which there are millions they need to win marginal seats in the south if they are to take a majority in parliament most predictions say they won't do that on their own they'll need partners but they say that different they won't form coalitions so it's hard to predict what will happen on sunday in israel thank you very much indeed with the latest from rome. now from mandela foundation has asked
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a court in south africa to banqueting a test displays of the country's old flag foundation displaying a flag constitutes hate speech and racial discrimination reports from janice back. the symbol of the apartheid era government of africa's old flag is controversial and to many deeply offensive here members of the white supremacist a.w.b. party held at the funeral of their leader in twenty ten the nelson mandela foundation has asked a court to ban the church's displays of it the flag is synonymous with a part of it and to have it displayed is really it's a celebration of the apartheid crime against humanity and humiliation of its victims it's unambiguously. expression that denies the human dignity of those who suffered under apartheid and particularly black people.
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term flag was designed at the end of apartheid the rainbow nation here at the twenty ten world cup it was impressed the old one they were to be seen. not everyone agrees the old one should be banned after a forum is an organization that represents afrikaners who are among south africa's white minority its deputy c.e.o. told us the organizations against anyone trying the flag but says it should not be banned if someone stands somewhere wearing the old south african flag that's not it it's offensive it's not hate speech if that person waved the flag and says let's go unheard black people then it had speech. the petition to ban the flag will be presented to the equality court which sits in here opponents will also be able to make their case and if the nelson mandela foundation succeeds in the flag is banned anyone who flies it thereafter could face a penalty this on likely to ever amount to more than a fine this couple were both born after the end of apartheid the whole.
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i mean it's. been here. but after we explained i think it's often some people who should be i mean after all it is in. other people in our country it's a free country you see everyone it's will come here so i think you can still have it. where you come from. it is rare for the flag to be shown in public but the nelson mandela foundation wants that to end once and for all malcolm webb al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. well if any here at this will come as no surprise the region is in the grip of a deep freeze blizzards are continuing to batter the u.k. in ireland a new system storm has forced dublin airport to close twenty four thousand homes and businesses are without power across island while in person the army has been
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called in to help rescue hundreds of drivers stuck in the snow it's freezing in italy as well where there's been widespread snow including in venice making for a less than ideal conditions if you fancy a ride in one of the city's famous gondolas. now thousands of the world's most beautiful stately homes are crumbling the victims of russia's turbulent political history the hours to craddock estates were nationalized after the one nine hundred seventeen revolution but of fallen into disrepair in the quarter of a century since the collapse of the soviet union or a child's report on whether anything can be done to save them. silence and snowflakes inhabit a grave and over now but before its current desolation this grand estates thirty kilometers northeast of moscow was home to royalty and rich merchants tuberculosis patients and finally soviet science students such
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a history should make this place special but across russia eight to ten thousand estates a quietly crumbling to dust says this conservationist what. most of these things are in the horrible condition where someone could put money in for many years with an unclear idea how they'd take it back and you'd have to work hard on it and you bought the movies i shall think like great never most estates are formerly owned by the state the communist seeds them are after the one nine hundred seventeen revolution and in the years following the u.s.s.r. as collapse very few have passed back into private hands. one of the handful of success stories is so redneck over when we visited it was hosting boisterous maslin it's a festivities the slavic celebration of winter's imminent demise have zero and there's a hurdle going to her. over crown like a state where the life me koreans are one in the right circumstances well or like
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my tug of war efforts restoring said nick over wasn't easy but his new custody in this did at least when now they host weddings film crews charge admission to the grounds and the profits help restore other bits of the estates mccullum and solve the namesake and relative of one of russia's most famous nineteenth century poets calls himself a romantic but he believes this and wealth on necessary attributes for taking on such a project. and a state is how russian person understands what heaven on earth should look like it represents the philosophy in the soul of a russian man today this is being just. reuter that's why it's important to restore not just one or two a state but the entire culture of all the greatest poets writers and philosophers were raised among this beauty of. macarthur is now working with other owners and the governments to nurture and estates tourist
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industry and simplify many tax and regulate re complexities that person vest is off for grabs me of or perhaps it's already too late it's been more than a hundred winters since this place was lost a family home perhaps thirty or so since it was last used to tall and if someone can be found to show the love and warmth that it deserves then who knows how many more winters it has before it finally vary by the snow or retellings al-jazeera moscow region was much more in everything we're covering right here comment analysis and video on demand al jazeera dot com is the address. a quick recap of the top stories this hour there are reports that as many as twenty eight people have been killed in coordinated attacks on the military headquarters and the french embassy and became a fast as capital waka do dozens of others a said to have been wounded witnesses say the mass attackers used guns and
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explosives in the assault a government spokesman says several of the gunmen have been killed. did you know we did hear that there were lots of shots fired in damage everywhere to police. headquarters at least four people were inside a car they fired there was an explosion we saw a lot of shots fired and a lot of smoke and then people started running. a growing number of countries and economic leaders are condemning u.s. president on all trump's plans to impose heavy tariffs on imported steel and alan minium stock markets have tumbled in response to the plan japan's nikkei index finished down two and a half percent on friday european markets also were down without a minium and automotive companies particularly hard hit britain's prime minister to resign may as well in the access to the e.u. single market will be reduced in a speech in london outlining her vision for the next stage of brecht's it negotiations focusing on trade may also refuted e.u. accusations that the u.k.
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is trying to cherry pick the most favorable of its rules whilst dropping the ones they don't like the e.u. chief negotiator says he welcomes the clarity from the prime minister. bangladesh's told me on march withdraw its troops from the order an area widely referred to as no man's land where thousands of rangar are seeking refuge myanmar's been telling the refugees to leave the area for weeks and since thursday troop numbers that have multiplied and politicians in italy in making their final pitch to win over voters ahead of this weekend's parliamentary election before polls were blacked out two weeks ago pollsters predicted a hung parliament with former prime minister silvio berlusconi's alliance of center right groups expected to emerge as the largest bloc with not enough seats to govern alone we're up to date with all of our top stories up front is coming up next on al-jazeera i'll be back with more news at the top of the next hour in about twenty
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five minutes time and of course as always our web site which is their dot com. it's coming up to nearly six months since puerto rico was battered by hurricane maria yet nearly half a million americans there are still without power and reported suicides have jumped more than fifty percent has president donald trump abandon the island one of his biggest critics mayor of common nearly cruise also on the show jacob zuma was forced to stand down as president of south africa last month i'll talk to his nemesis the anti corruption czar. about his fall from power and the future of the n .


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