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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2018 5:00am-6:00am +03

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an act of youthful defiance. recruit your turn next doctor also in the school will be arrested neutral with four in the morning will be electric shock treatment was the worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle without and that was the beginning of the armed struggle in syria. the boy who started the syrian war this time on al jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. this is zero.
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hello i'm laura kyle this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. it's been here all the. surviving syria's war people in east enders are longing for a safety and basic necessities. italians go to the polls on sunday will tell you how the issue of migration is tearing the vote. us president donald trump high says the threat of a trade war with the euro plus. abuse of power sexual harassment that has really led the conversation in the industry throughout the oscar campaign season the dark side of hollywood threatens to overshadow the industry's biggest night of the economy awards.
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syrian government forces continue to bombard the rebel held and privately east and near damascus. these latest pictures published by syria's state news agency appear to show night operations by government fighters activists say government forces have taken almost complete control of the town of fournier in the last two weeks more than six hundred people have been killed syrian airplanes have been dropping leaflets telling people to leave the area but residents say that's just not an option so hard to reports from beirut and neighboring lebanon what. is desperate he is just one of about four hundred thousand people trapped in eastern huta which is under attack he is very ill and poor living in a besieged enclave means medicine and food are hard to find a member of the little children are i am crying and my children are crying because i am unable to buy anything for them my situation is very bad we have no money and
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for the past two weeks this is what the people have been facing. airstrikes artillery shelling more than six hundred civilians have already been killed syrian aircraft are dropping leaflets over the besieged rebel held eastern huta some provide information and what they call safe exit out of the enclave others urge rebels to lay down their arms promising amnesty if they turn themselves in the pro-government alliance has been calling on civilians to leave and blame rebels for using them as human shields. for many especially those involved in opposition activities crossing into government territory is not an option there are no security guarantees and people don't want to leave their homes only one of the older you russia is a terrorist state and it has carried out massacres against the people of eastern rule the humanitarian corridor they talk about is aimed at displacing the people
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and changing that demography of this region. there are voices of defiance from inside the war zone but the suffering is immense it's not clear how long they will be able to ensure the syrian national coalition the main opposition party in exile is calling on the united states to enforce a cease fire that was recently adopted by the un security council it also wants washington to stop what it calls russia's monopoly of decision making in syria the us president donald trump discussed syria with germany's chancellor angela merkel and france's president and manuel mccraw they all called on russia to stop bombing eastern hooter and to force the syrian government to stop offensive operations against civilian areas. destroying civilian infrastructure and making the lives of civilians unbearable are part of a military strategy that has worked in the past it's now being applied in eastern
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huta. beirut. one airstrike appears to have target his aide workers and. and this footage uploaded to social media rescue team can be seen helping an injured man into the back of an ambulance that an airstrike hits near the vehicle docs without borders has previously voiced concern about the practice so-called practice the so-called double tapping area is hit and then targeted again once aid workers arrive to help the wounded. a single issue has been under siege since two thousand and thirteen presidents have been forced to find creative ways to survive when all supply lines have been blocked more on that now from. turkey syria border . non-native species to eastern interview just a few kilometers from syria's capital damascus when the siege typed in two thousand and thirteen food supplies riggs lost it quickly one of the answers for growing
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protein needs was mushrooms. after testing they weren't poisonous biologists grew spores in the labs they taught people how to up cycle dam better kitchen waste and shock from grains so everyone with a small dark room could become a farmer by last year charity workers say they are producing close to two tons of mushrooms every day i want hasn't had to be you need the right environment and tools after we succeeded in production it became an independent project to provide the spores for a good time it was difficult for people to go from the staple red rice and meat to mushrooms but when a kilo of salt cost thirty three dollars a kilo of flour costs six dollars and a kilo rice is that eleven dollars a kilo hungry people don't have much choice another problem with fuel because hooter hasn't had electricity for nearly five years they re used all glass to make solar panels a source of heat and to generate electricity those with a little advance scientific knowledge built a bio gas plant which became
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a continuous cost effective source for clean energy hooter is an agricultural region east of damascus so people also grew some food but at the risk of ongoing airstrikes and shelling from the syrian government side however these were small projects which couldn't get it to the needs of almost four hundred thousand residents of eastern goods to most of the supplies again through a lucrative war trade via tunnels and government checkpoints this war economy and extortion like tax pushed prices multiple times to what they are on the other side of damascus. we have seen misses his home in the after escaping the siege he runs a charity which helped to fund training and set up a new project he feels abandoned by the un and others who he says should be doing more than just advocacy they are calling there are begging are we seen but they don't do any serious things to do to have been in this area.
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which is maybe the worst the worst season in the last one hundred thirty of it's since the one nine hundred february onslaught many of the projects have been destroyed in the relentless bombardment people say it's been a tough life under siege but they will not give up their lands to what this is an army of iranian militias and russian soldiers and if given the chance they want to rebuild what's been destroyed with or without any outside help some of a job a delta zero by the on top of the turkey syria border the taliban's go to the polls on sunday but it could be some time before the country's leadership is decided single party appears on track to gain the required forty percent to form a government in the third of his reports from lawrence lee looks at the changing shape of italian politics. a rainy monday night in this is silly in the city of palermo and they're pushing to get into the theater the man they've all come to see is the leader of the five star movement what they all have in common is
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a desire to take back political control from people who they believe the failed them is different is not the. organization so it's made to buy from people every bear some. make appropriate to do something for itself or for the community for the parson and that's exciting for us. in he came just thirty one years old luigi demaio spoke for nearly an hour without notes he didn't mention immigration once the touchstone issue for a right wing looking to turn working class italians against refugees but he mocked endlessly the corruption of mainstream politics which he said made it's only an international joke. yes we had better scolding from one side and bronzy from the other they stole the future from my generation. i can't understand how
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they dared to show their faces and promise to change things when they had twenty years in government and didn't do anything the whole point was about transparency the message that italy needs a totally new politics in all it's the man your five star policy that's still written on the level of bullet points and like a lot of detail but none the less all the people what this party represents is the basic out for a. corrupt and useless political class and that's a low looks like being enough for that five the biggest party in this election. five star has been on a journey no longer the sheltie populism of the found a better grillo no longer do they wanted to lead to leave the euro or the european union but they still insist they will never do coalition deals with the other parties they despise instead five-star now demands
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a totally green economy funded by a publicly owned investment bank which organizes the universal basic income for the poor in chaotic cities like rome these ideas look incredibly difficult to achieve but it seems less important than the facts that they say them it's all movement is a sort of. they are. in the try to collect consensus and electors from every part of political market so a discount off list of desires to some extent is a really wonderful but there is it a lot of problems in the possibility of concrete translation in policies. at the final rally in rome the crowd numbered several thousands of italian public is understandably cynical about politics and many complain the five-star won't be any different to the rest of. their leaders are urging in sample though if they want to
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govern alone they'll need the backing of hundreds of thousands of undecided voters to give them any chance lawrence lee al jazeera in italy. at least seventy nine people have died in the latest into the democratic republic of congo paul brennan reports witnesses said the ethnic lendu militia went from house to house hacking people to death with machetes and burning the buildings afterwards the victims came from the majority ethnic haim a group and the number of fatalities makes this the most deadly attack in the recent uptick in violence between them footage from as a shows some villages looking shocked others appearing vengeful and angry the a cheery region was already blighted by food shortages and now this. people are dying here and there is nobody to bury the bodies and the children are also dying of hunger and there is no supervision we worried we want peace to return among the population so that everyone can go back to their homes and we can be safe. but
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soldiers are thin on the ground despite the reassurances of the army something you will see why we are here with official instructions from the president to see what is going on and see how to resolve the situation. the violence in the province of atory has forced two hundred thousand people to flee their homes and the town a visit by the provincial governor did little to reassure some of them to hima and lendu a longstanding enemies that outbreaks of low level violence have been common but not on such a scale is this paul brennan al jazeera. yes present donald trump has stepped up his rhetoric in the growing global trade fight with a threat to increase taxes on european cars comes after the european union want to take for tat tariffs on american products if trump goes through with a plan to put a twenty five percent duty on steel imports australia and canada have also made retaliation threats. trump tweeted if the e.u.
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wants to further increase that already massive tariffs and barriers on u.s. companies doing business there they will simply apply a tax on their cars which for the poor into the us they make it impossible for our cars and or to sell their big trade imbalance between matthys is a professor of political science at cypress college he warns trump's plan could have devastating effects as the last time america impose tariffs that triggered the great depression he doesn't really know what he's talking about because once that began back in the thirty's it just escalated more and more countries put tariffs on their own american products and the whole world went into a great depression and this could happen again you cannot win trade wars easily especially when dealing macro nations like china and germany export a lot of products united states and this is going to cause havoc in the american the an international economy it will cause jobs here it'll cost jobs in europe and even in china and it'll be very bad for working people around the globe it will shrink the world output of economic output as well around not just the united
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states or in china it's going to worldwide phenomenon i don't thing was to try it was really fully qualified or equipped to make these decisions over some experts advise them he doesn't have a middle to be listening to his ex was a problem. plenty more still ahead here on this news hour including police clashing with french activists protesting plans to bury nuclear waste in underground bunkers . and stopping the next pandemic scientists hope the secret is inside tropical bats found flying the skies a time. and the voters made this year's a world cup in russia will get video replays. egypt's top court has validated a deal to transfer to red sea island to saudi arabia agreement was signed when king solomon visited egypt in twenty sixteen to trade between the two countries in the
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red sea terrine and son affair remain largely on occupied. a politically sensitive area well the sea is israel's only gateway for southern ports allowing vital trade connections to southeast asia and president sign the transfer deal in two thousand and sixteen provoked widespread protests across egypt opponents say it amounts to selling off egypt's sovereign territory says he was criticised for handling handing over the islands whilst receiving billions of dollars in aid from saudi arabia. middle east analysts he says that while that everyone agrees with the decision it's important that legal process is followed i believe. it was very important for the. court. and i mean the ruling today's ruling you know proves that. the constitutional court which is the highest judicial body in egypt is really
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part of the routine litany just respond the fact that the way they have egypt did the two of those two in favor of saudi arabia is totally. came in a flagrant way it was a flagrant violation of both the local good gyptian law and the international law again but you know things happen in the unfortunately in and the light of the fact that there's total absence of the mark you see in egypt things happen them . nothing nothing we can do for now to reverse this thing saudi arabia's mom had been set to travel to egypt on sunday it's his first foreign trip since he was named found french is expected to meet egyptian president better after about r.c.c. and later travels on to london and the united states. signs health ministry says
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a farmer has been killed by israeli troops in the gaza border he was shot on thursday was working on his land close to the border fence israeli military says the man was approaching a restricted area and warning shots were first fired into the air but he did not stop soldiers shot him as well as take tougher measures towards people approaching the fence of an explosion injured four soldiers that last month. bahrain says it's arrested one hundred sixty members of what it calls a terrorist network setup and funded by iran's revolutionary guard pictures broadcast on bahraini t.v. allegedly show weapons ammunition and explosives to be used in attacks on government and security forces behind sunni led government regularly uses a run of supporting armed groups inside the shia majority country which iran denies the government has crackdown on dissent says mass protests in twenty eleven books on the farm and for money m. is lecture and politics than slash relations at cambridge university specializing
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in the middle east she says the terrorist network claim is not supported. there is no evidence that we know of is plenty to terrorists and in fact there has been an ongoing this is part of a longer story and there's been ongoing low grade violence all through last year which is what led to the shutdown of the party in the paper for example and there is no evidence that we can. reach at this point that the iranians are actually behind it in the way that the government is saying in bahrain djibouti his government has handed in management of a port seized from the u.a.e. to a state owned company the door lay contain a terminal is considered one of the most coveted places a very let's say in the horn of africa djibouti announced the nationalization of the port last week triggering a furious response from the emirate from mom and dad joe reports and the fallout.
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at this newly nationalized dollar container tunnel in djibouti walker's report for duty until last week they were employees of the u.a.e. on device called which in two thousand and six want a concession to operate the port for thirty years. i am the faults new leadership is working hard to manage and if fallout from the government's takeover and also reassure the workers hand that a new company called orally contain a time you know management company is now in charge on one hundred percent by djibouti you the employees are weakness in the making of history and you are key to our success the government of djibouti seized control of the port saying its contract with d.p. world was damaging the contrary a statement from the office of the president say the agreement was one sided and compromised the sovereignty of the nation the more was a setback for d.p. world stealth to a political on smart and such for ports on the red sea coast but people we talked
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to on the streets a happy about the government's takeover. we support the president's decision the only to back what belongs to us or dubai ports for a sabotage their vote against the booty developing a dark head. we are happy with the departure of dubai ports there is no point catering for the interests of those who don't care about your own. just days after the demotion government console it's an agreement with dubai ports world the company has signed a deal with the breakaway republic of somalia and ethiopia one that gives it the majority stake in the portal but a bit of the most west somalia somali government has described the agreement as illegal. and an affront to its sovereignty. there are concerns here that the nineteen percent think if the appeal was awarded in the better but a port deal could deny djibouti some much needed business despite its small size
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djibouti has become an important player because of its position on the bubble mendip street a crucial shipping lane to europe from the gulf and asia it has been the gateway to lovelock if you appeal for more than two decades with most of the hundred million strong nations exports and imports passing through djibouti officials here have been quick to downplay their agreement of a bit better though with six operational ports and two others under construction they say she butties able and willing to serve the anti african continent and beyond mohammed and all jazeera djibouti. three day visit the. crisis. white house national security council has arrived. refugees. seven hundred thousand of.
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him. can. help the head. people and. response that they have. and. to meet the basic needs of this. population only. a volunteer. to do so and. conditions but i wanted to visit see first to make sure. and. to see their safety their protection and. to resolve this.
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humanitarian catastrophe. and thailand scientists are conducting research they hope will help to prevent or contain the next pandemic attesting fruit bats as well as pigs and humans who live near them to try to find out how viruses are passed on by in hey reports from chonburi ha ha ha ha daytime sleep patterns of these fruit bats have been sending thousands into the afternoon sky but the commotion is for a good cause they're being woken so some can be caught temporarily in the name of health and science samples are taken from the bats to try to discover more about the many viruses they carry and how and when they can be passed on to domestic or farm animals and ultimately to humans we know that some of the wild ass happy seasonal season are. so that mean. we really know this
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period other year. highest. the research is part of the global initiative to try to build a protocol and model of how to prevent or contain a major outbreak recent examples in other parts of the world of viruses being transmitted from animals to humans include ebola and sagas one of the main focuses of this research is need to virus which is common in this variety of fruitbat the virus was first discovered across the border in malaysia twenty years ago when an outbreak killed more than one hundred people. in that case the virus was transmitted from bats to pigs to humans something that could happen here in thailand chonburi province surrounding the bat colony are several pig farms researchers conduct tests on the animals and educate farmers about what to look out for if for example an animal eats something that was dropped by a bat infected with a virus that. i've changed to better farming practices and i've learned more about
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diseases and how to detect them before my pigs got diarrhea and anthrax i didn't know how to treat them but now i know. as well as researching the behavior of known viruses the thais scientists have also found at least two new ones that information will now go into a database for scientists around the world to access they believe their research and discoveries will see them better equipped to manage the next dark break of a virus originating from the humble fruit bats when hey al-jazeera chonburi thailand. father has hair on al-jazeera promises from russia during a rally with thousands of supporters of the upcoming presidential elections here plus zero to go and i thought it would be just for communicating with our family i never anticipated that it would have so many followers or started as a daily instagram message says grandchildren has turned this crowd of father into an internet sensation. and a sports rubber tista sealed his second a.t.p.
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title of the season which will have the details. through tranquil arabian can you. imagine on frequencies in a finnish gondola. hello again quite interesting weather across southern and eastern parts of china with this developing frontal system we also warm air coming up from the. temperatures above average this time if issue there are thirty one degrees but they had through monday we're going to find temperatures falling back to shanghai coming back down to nineteen degrees but still we saw a woman pushing up and it's certainly very warm across much of vietnam there thirty one degrees and annoy and fine conditions extend across the rest of indochina so moving down into southeastern parts of asia i think the northern part of the philippines is good right across the news on the number thirty three degrees for borneo weather conditions not too bad
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a few showers but nothing particularly heavy rain really goes for much of java and bali and further towards the east so the indonesian archipelago a few showers but a good deal of dry bright whether it is pretty decent up through into southern parts of thailand across cambodia and through to vietnam and that continues to head on through into monday so facia then well we've got an area of rain pushing up into northern parts of india. the weather sponsored by cattle race. what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important level right to publish if you choose to be offensive or provocative to people to. setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera.
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this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in that's something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working round the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. again you're watching us there has reminder of our top stories this hour syrian government forces continue to bombard the rebel held and clever beast and go to
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near damascus these latest pictures from syria's state news agency appeared to show night operations by government troops activists say government forces have taken almost complete control of the town of. italians go to the polls on sunday but it could be some time before the country's leadership is decided no single policy appears on track to gain the required forty percent to form a government. and u.s. president donald trump has stepped up his rhetoric and a growing trade fight with a threat to increase taxes on european cars comes off the e.u. warned it would impose tit for tat tariffs on u.s. products at once went ahead with a plan to raise tariffs on steel imports. and al qaeda linked group is claiming it was behind saturday's attack. a french embassy and the army headquarters were targeted leaving sixteen people including eight gunman dead.
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when a taxi packed with explosives drove past was fetching water raman was sorting out his stall and quander was clearing his shop none of them noticed the attackers nor did members of rick enough so armed forces who let the taxi in the attackers enter their headquarters the subsequent explosion sent them and the country into panic at the same time another attack was underway targeting the french embassy and its cultural center friends special forces were deployed after hours of fighting all the attackers were shot dead to montanus about islam was leamy has claimed responsibility for the attack they say it's in retaliation for the bombing by french forces that killed one of the group's leaders in february. sorry sitting in this video on the right was killed in that attack them broken afonso is home to a french military base and has increasingly been targeted by fighters in the south of the market people are returning to work with mixed feelings this is actually
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opening up there i'm not scared i'm not going to let the attacker put me in a state of fear and these are some but it feels uneasy because the reality is brooke you know fastow is in the middle of a security crisis government officials visit the army headquarters the intensity of the explosion shattered the windows of neighboring buildings deborah flew hundreds of meters into the air bullet holes pockmark the building. this is about to be one of the safest and most secure place in this country and yet it's inside this building that most people lost their lives on the prime minister is talking to the troops outside police have cordoned off this area and there are hundreds of people standing there in shock and they have one question how could this attack take place in such secured in safe areas visiting the scene the prime minister described what he called outlook elliptic scenes inside but he tried to reassure the public. that we have to stay united against this war that is being imposed on us i am convinced
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we will win we weren't allowed in the hospital where the injured mostly soldiers are being treated their friends and relatives are worried we're hearing if they will survive there is a sense of despair that bricky to foster has become another front line to an expanding conflict affecting millions of people across the sahara nicholas hawk al jazeera. a vote counting is underway in germany in a balance of social democrat party members decide for or against entering a new coalition with chancellor angela merkel hundreds of thousands of s.p.d. members cast their ballots say five months of the country's general election and painstaking talks about forming a new government a no vote by party members might force new national elections and could spell big political difficulties for. powerful politician.
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thursday night in leipzig and for the social democrats the hot topic is coalition across germany the party members are deciding if they want to work with anger merkel's christian democrats again young members like benyamin girl are clear. because of this one. there's no grand vision in the scrum coalition and i think we can only develop as an opposition party i think it's not logical that the election losers build the new government contrast that with the views of older members like christoph yaps he's proud of his fifty years as a social democrat and says pragmatism is important i was also. a list i think i'm a realist i don't want germany to become insignificant in europe we need to contribute in a way that makes our continent grow together and we can only do that with a government here that has a stable majority certainly that's the view of the party machine reaching this point has already cost the leader martin shirts his job his designated successor
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and their knowledge has tried hard to gain support for the deal which many members feel is one of the head not the heart kevin out has led the campaign against another grand coalition and has encouraged thousands of people to join the party to vote it down various that's pretty high we've been in a grand coalition for four years and our election performances keep getting weaker so when we've just had our worst ever result it's time to ask if this is the right way to make our party strong again. the only opinion poll taken of the party membership so far suggests a small yes vote at the same time the party's popularity is lower now than in september's election of the parties torn in the membership is torn people are in secure what actually would help the s.p.d. to survive. all of which brings us back to sunday's vote
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a yes will mean angular merkel remains as chancellor but with leading social democrats in important cabinet posts and know will mean she probably remains as chancellor but with no majority in parliament no social democrats in cabinet and facing the possibility of new elections down the line dominic cain al-jazeera berlin it's election season in russia as well but with a more certain outcome in store president vladimir putin address thousands of supporters that valley in moscow for an election he's expected to easily when giving him a fourth term in the kremlin to hold reports from moscow. people have turned up two weeks before the presidential election in support of just one man hoping to see him here in fact it is of course blood in me uprooted is the root of those who want to support a president who votes for him that's payment. for bishop feature. stuff
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sports it's like a sport there is one leader and then there are a outsiders the chillun just like that said you can compare it with a sports race and here we are at the olympic stadium was the. after eighteen years in power putin is going for another six year term constitutionally possibly his last but the result isn't really even much doubt there is a field of seven candidates running against him but it's more about a picture of democracy just as his critics might say this is a picture of his support and here he is now president putin making his way onto the stage look at him to deliver she's a little strong you want to make a country brought forward looking into the future because i'm sisters lived here we live here our children live here and our children unlike grandchildren will live here. the opinion polls presumably don't lie president putin's popularity ratings consistently of them i would not around seventy five percent of the crowd turnout of promises he made in his speech to parliament
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a few days ago not just economic growth for financial technological advances in the years to come and a key promise to restore russia to its rightful place as a nuclear and military superpower right our eyes with the united states after going to play big stream really well with people in far corners of this country moving many can simply not imagine another leader who are able to achieve all our group who are going to hold al-jazeera over the last. place in france have used tear gas on protests as opposed to plans to sow nuclear waste era town in the north east from rain david chase harold ford's. the anti nuclear protest has found their progress blocked by the police as they approach the forest site where high level radioactive waste is sheffield to be buried underground bunkers nuclear power supplies seventy nine percent of the energy to the french grid more than any other country in the world most of the demonstrators were wearing face masks to hide
5:39 am
their identities but their message was clear. it's a fight that needs because because nuclear waste comes from all over france from all over europe. we are just starting to go a long battle against the nuclear trash and the ward it represents. the protesters moved into the surrounding fields to try and escape the police blockade but they were driven back repeatedly five families of tear gas. the radioactive waste will be varied five hundred meters underneath each field in a complex stretching for fifteen square kilometers. the first trains carrying their highly hazardous cargo won't start arriving here till twenty twenty five by then it's estimated the project will have cost the french taxpayer around forty billion dollars so far the police tactics have proof for
5:40 am
a successful they've pushed the demonstrators off the field they almost on the brink of the forest but the use of tear gas has driven them back on to the road and now they're surrounded by the police. scientists have been testing the safety of the rock where the waste will be buried for the last ten years it dates back one hundred sixty million years it's hard almost impermeable rock which allows us to store radioactive waste in a safe manner for at least one hundred thousand years for what some you know the police are also trying to make the area impermeable to demonstrators last month they cleared a protest camp set up in the woods above the area. i sit here in front of you very clearly that the state would come back as many times as needed and that was certainly the message being delivered to the demonstrators forced to retreat in the face of overwhelming police power but they promise they will be back.
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al-jazeera. the worst countries in the wild to be a child not according to a new report from unicef says they're seriously concerned about the consistently high levels of chronic malnutrition and violence against children there is mussar explains. the stanley cup son who has a rare neurological disorder when he started to lose feeling in his legs she took him to a doctor but the cost for surgery was in the thousands of dollars and her husband earns less than five dollars a day working in the fields if it weren't for private donations from abroad ellis sale would have lost his ability to walk. when your children are healthy give thanks to god long with them as though all they may have but when they're sick you don't even want to see them lying in bed in pain it's so hard.
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despite having one of the healthiest economies in latin america what a mall it is in terms of wealth one of the most unequal in the region its children particularly in rural indigenous communities often pay the price children in guatemala face a number of serious problems from chronic child malnutrition to extreme poverty gang violence to abuse in their own homes it's one of the reasons why unicef and other organizations of coldwater mol one of the worst countries in the world to be a child. last year forty one girls were killed in a fire at a government run children's home outside the capital guatemala city the tragedy put renewed focus on guatemala's obligation to guarantee the life and integrity of all children. the committee on the rights of the child recently published dozens of recommendations and unicef continues to push for a national system of child protection and more investment in social programs that
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headed up the the on. this generation of children is the largest in history if we don't invest in such a large group of children the country will lose a huge opportunity to develop it could be a disaster luciana is one of the children who are falling through the cracks the thirteen year old started shining shoes full time when he was just seven the little money he earns helps his family survive jim which is. why others behind gumball where i come from people work in the fields growing corn and beans it's hard work there are lots of laborers but there aren't many jobs that's why we came here. the whole of the scieno dreams of working in a bank some day but if the government continues to fail children like him it's likely his dream will also fail david mercer al jazeera sick at the back is what i'm all. brazil's registered their estate has held another round of vaccinations
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against. the number of deaths from the outbreak was a two hundred thirty seven seven hundred people have the disease making it the worst outbreak since the nineteen forty. the oscars get underway on sunday as the entertainment industry faces a big cultural shift and me to campaign highlighting sexual harassment and gender pay inequality and calls for grace diversity have dominated hollywood over the past year but would it lead to a watershed moment at the awards. this hollywood ready for its big need a new study casts harsh light on a lack of rachel in gender diversity in the film industry michael tran helped write the twenty eight team hollywood diversity report on most arenas that we look at you know writers directors actors and cetera you would have to you know double or triple the numbers of women and minorities in those fields to get
5:45 am
a proportional representation with the u.s. population the numbers are not news to industry insiders but may surprise the movie going public accustomed to hollywood some promoted image hollywood does think of itself as a liberal place as a progressive place and that's an important thing to believe in those values but we're here to provide the data to make sure that that hollywood lives up to the values that are purports the entertainment industry is in the throes of a cultural revolution in this year's award season hollywood professionals are talking less about the films that have been nominated and more about sexual harassment lack of diversity and an equal pay for women in the movie industry it really has consistently been since the beginning of october and all the revelations about harvey weinstein and others in hollywood abuse of power sexual harassment that has really led the conversation in the industry throughout the oscar campaign season the time's up and me two movements are broken the culture of silence
5:46 am
complicity in the needling that lasted for so long you've heard a lot of stars and some agents and others involved in the industry commenting on exactly how much they did or didn't know it different times in a way because the responses. and some level of enabling was so widespread across the industry on the eve of its annual celebration hollywood finds itself with little to celebrate robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. so has hair on al-jazeera fresh from winning gold a at the olympics this austrian scale psalms to an appetite so thanks for being here with all the support. but they also get in less than one generation a developing countries and one of the news developing countries in the world we have to be grateful for just a need for new bridge is unfair to the pretty rough and tough men singapore's
5:47 am
founding father created a nation of political dynasty but a family disputes undermining that make you see what's happened to the family and what's happened in singapore's institutions i just don't know what would have caused them all great people in power investigates the house that leap out at this time on al-jazeera and monday put it world on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the your.
5:48 am
time for this has been. thank you very much football's rule makers have unanimously approved the use of video replays in the sport what it means is that this year's world cup in russia will be the first to use the technology to help cut down on refereeing mistakes the video assistant referee or v.a. or will be used to help award goals penalties red guards or in some cases mistaken identity a referee away from the stadium watches the game and has access to all camera angles and lets the on field referee know if there's been an error the system has been used up or confederations cup and the fee for under twenty world cup v.a.r. will also be adopted in spain and is already being used in germany italy and the united states but it has its critics who are concerned about the system disrupting
5:49 am
the flow of the game if it's president though once everyone to see the bigger picture if we can lose one meaning which in any way will be added on after the match or at the end of the match to correct the wrong decision of the referee then i think we have made something good and for this reason i believe that. v.a.r. at the world cup will certainly certainly help. if arab world cup despite teething problems with the technology the a.p.'s global football writer rob harris told us earlier that v.a. aura may also make football safer for players. so it's in sochi this week in russia for out welcome meetings and while there it's going to be an addition of an extension of replays which is in will be able to have
5:50 am
a second doctor in the units and stands and they will be able to sort of assess injuries particularly head impact injuries and check for concussion and relate their diagnosis to the doctor who could be on the pitch or actually attending to the player and this is all intended to actually play out welfare it just shows out features finally embrace same technology after many years of resisting it on the sat yesterday actually that that is to suit the vast at the world cup but i think at the heart of all of it is ensuring the referees and officials using bar are actually experienced and because of the world cup you're not going to want people who are sort of learning on the job christiane or an elder has become the fosters player ever to score three hundred goals in lower league or the only other player to even reach that many goals is of course a leader now mysie but he needed three hundred thirty four league games to reach the number that's forty eight more than ronaldo the portuguese star achieved this
5:51 am
landmark doing real madrid three one victory against the tough a on saturday in the english premier league liverpool have managed to hold on to their third place position in the table after a win over newcastle ahead of the game the enfield club were in danger of finishing up in fourth place by the end of the night and relied on a wind to keep them above rivals tottenham goals from home and soul r. and sania money gave them the victory tottenham had done all they could to go above you're going to collapse men for a short time all in vain though in the end so on young men scoring both goals in a victory against how does feel town but of course there was not going to be him. ok let's go to athletics now ethiopia's middle distance queen gain their body barbara has doubled up on gold medals at the world indoor athletics championships in birmingham the barber won the three thousand meters title on thursday and on saturday she helped to serve the first place in the fifteen hundred meters persons
5:52 am
lorrie moore and see from her son of the netherlands completed the podium in the men's eight hundred meters victory when two adam shot of poland he's time of one minute forty seven point four seven seconds enough to beat american drew window and spain's soul or done it in the men's four hundred meters spain's or scot who see also won gold in a time of forty four point nine two seconds lou guillen santos and pub all must luck completed the podium in the women's four hundred meters courtney gold in a personal best time of fifty point five five seconds she finished ahead of fellow american shaquille wimbley and great britain. do ill in the men's trouble jump first place when two american will place seventeen point four three meters was enough to take gold ahead of brazil's al mir dos santos nelson of portugal was the up in the women's triple jump it was venezuela's unum or office who's marco
5:53 am
fourteen point six three meters was enough to take the gold medal kimberly williams of jamaica was second with spain's an appellate head of food france's kevin meyer is the heptathlon gold medal winner the frenchman finished ahead of canada's damien warner and myself of estonia to take first place and new zealand's thomas welsh took the shot put title four men he's north of twenty two point three one metres enough to finish ahead of germany's david store and thomas stanek of the czech republic. tennis now and roberto about is that good says claim the second a.t.p. title of the season this after winning the dubai tennis championships on saturday the spaniard began the season by claiming the e.s.p. classic title and now it managed a comfortable straight sets win over new car we are all from east to take this one as well six three six three was the school show you. just two weeks ago marcel her
5:54 am
show won a gold medal in the giant slalom at the pyong chan winter games now the austrian skier has picked up where he left off as he returned to world cup action in slovenia on saturday hosier was quickest in the giant slalom beating norwegian rival hillary christofferson victory in the finance committee veins of the season was enough to clinch the giant slalom title twenty eighteen and he stood on the brink of winning an unprecedented seven overall championship. after making history at the winter olympics last month by giving france its first women's gold medal in the twenty six year history of the moguls event at perrin lafont has followed it up with another victory the font won the freestyle skiing moguls world cup eventing i was called japan on saturday she scored eighty three point zero three points beating kung chang solar medalist canadian just kinda for no point america's key to macondo finished. south africa have fought back admirably on the third day of their first cricket test against australia but still have
5:55 am
a lot of hard work ahead the australians began their second innings at the start of play cameron bancroft was the only batsman to pass fifty years morning morkel and cash of maharaj took three wickets each the aussies with two hundred thirteen from an up close of play with a massive lead of four hundred two and that's all the sport for me we'll have another update for you again later. right now on to a story that shows it's never too late to get started on social media a seventy five year old grandpa is living proof he started a small family project in less than three years later he has more than three hundred thousand followers around the world we caught up with him. when. my name is lieutenant i draw pictures for my grandchildren and post them on instagram every day. when we lived in brazil i used to drive my grand kids to and from school then move to south korea all of
5:56 am
a sudden my grandkids were gone and so was my daily driving job i felt very lonely without much to do. when i visited my son who lives in new york i told him about this my son suggested i draw pictures for the grandkids and post them on something called instagram. i dabbled a bit in our school but trying was just a hobby. i had only use a mobile phone to make calls i was at a bit of a loss and put off by social media such as facebook and instagram. my son explained over and over again how to use it but because i'm old i kept forgetting it was a very difficult process for me but eventually i was able to draw a picture photograph it and posted on instagram. i draw a picture of my wife writes a story in korean to go along with him. my son translated into english. my daughter
5:57 am
translates it into portuguese. couldn't because it's in three different languages a lot of people around the world can read it. through this project my wife son daughter and i communicate every day and it has had a positive influence on our family bonding or just. that at first i only thought about what to draw from my grandkids but as i continued lots of people started leaving comments to. my youngest grandson is too young to understand but my two grand kids in middle school feel grateful for the pictures and proud that people know their grandfather draws for them. all that you going i thought he would be just for communicating within our family. i never anticipated that he would have so many followers. now i'm under even more pressure to draw good
5:58 am
pictures. and just a moment with more of the day's news for you. arts . march on al-jazeera. with all potential challengers out of the way egypt's president abdel fattah el-sisi is poised for a second time in power. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human
5:59 am
triumph against the odds as president putin dominates the russian political scene and his reelection becomes more apparent we assess what direction russia might take . with media trends constantly changing listening post analyzes how the news is being covered. and as more people around the world struggle to find clean drinking water leaders and research as governor in brazil to address a critical issue in march on al-jazeera. the capital which makes a creative. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes a new interest buying landscapes protecting landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because they see a business of pricing the planets at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera
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