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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because they see a business and pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . where ever you. surviving syria's war people in eastern go to longing for safety and basic necessities. along the whole robin you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha
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also coming up polls open in italy in three hours time in the country's general election with migration a central issue. also an anxious wait for german chancellor angela merkel as her rival parties and membership vote coalition which could decide her political future plus. abuse of power sexual harassment that has really led the conversation in the industry throughout the asker campaign season the dark side of hollywood threatens to overshadow the movie world's biggest night of the year the academy awards. welcome to al jazeera syrian government forces continue to bombard the rebel held on place of eastern guten their damascus now these latest pictures published by syrian state news agency appear to show night operations by government fighters and
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activists saying government forces have taken almost complete control of the town. in the last two weeks more than six hundred people have been killed planes have been dropping leaflets telling people to leave the area but residents say that's just not an option reports now from beirut in neighboring lebanon. who are desperate he is just one of about four hundred thousand people trapped in eastern huta which is under attack. he is very ill and poor living in a besieged enclave means medicine and food are hard to find i remember what a lot of the roads here are i am crying and my children are cried because i am unable to buy anything for them my situation is very bad we have no money. and for the past two weeks this is what the people have been facing. airstrikes artillery shelling more than six hundred civilians have already been killed. syrian
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aircraft are dropping leaflets over the besieged rebel held eastern some provide information and what they call safe exit out of the enclave others urge rebels to lay down their arms promising amnesty if they turn themselves in the pro-government alliance has been calling on civilians to leave and blame rebels for using them as human shields. for many especially those involved in opposition activities crossing into government territory is not an option there are no security guarantees and people don't want to leave their homes going to one of the over here russia is a terrorist state and it has carried out the massacres against the people of east and the humanitarian corridor they talk about is aimed at displacing the people and changing the demography of this region. there are voices of defiance from inside the war zone but the suffering is immense it's not clear how long they will be able
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to enjoy your. the syrian national coalition the main opposition body in exile is calling on the united states to enforce a cease fire that was recently adopted by the un security council it also wants washington to stop what it calls russia's monopoly of decision making in syria the us president donald trump discussed syria with germany's chancellor angela merkel and france's president and manuel mccraw they all called on russia to stop bombing eastern and to force the syrian government to stop offensive operations against civilian areas. destroying civilian infrastructure and making the lives of civilians unbearable are part of a military strategy that has worked in the past it's now being applied in eastern huta. beirut. eastern ghouta has been under siege since twenty thirteen residents have been falls to find creative ways to survive when all supply
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lines have been blocked or that they are from sama binge of it and dance the inter the turkey syria border these are alien mushrooms non-native species to east and go to an area just a few kilometers from syria's capital damascus when the siege tightened in two thousand and thirteen food supplies were exhausted quickly one of the answers for growing protein needs was mushrooms after testing they were in poisonous biologists grew spores in the labs they taught people how to up cycle dam better kitchen waste and shot from green so everyone with a small dark room could become a farmer. by last year charity workers say they were producing close to two tons of mushrooms every day. you need the right environment and tools after we succeeded in production it became an independent project to provide the spores for a good time it was difficult for people to go from the staple red rice and meat to mushrooms but when a kilo of salt costs thirty three dollars a kilo of flour costs six dollars and a kilo rice is that eleven dollars
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a kilo hungry people don't have much choice another problem with fuel because it hasn't had electricity for nearly five years they really used all glass to make solar panels as sources of heat and to generate electricity those with a little advance scientific knowledge built a bio gas plant which became a continuous cost effective source for clean energy. is an agricultural region east of damascus so people also grew some food but at the risk of ongoing airstrikes and shelling from the syrian government side however these were small projects which couldn't get it to the needs of almost four hundred thousand residents of east good for most of the supplies came through a lucrative war trade via tunnels and government checkpoints this war economy and extortion like tax pushed prices multiple times to what they are on the other side of damascus we have seen misses his home in a good after escaping the siege he runs a charity which helped to fund training and set up new projects he feels abandoned
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by the un and others who he says should be doing more than just advocacy they are calling they are begging they are wishing but they don't do any serious things to to to what have been in this area. which is maybe the worst the worst season in the last one hundred eighty of. since the one nine hundred february onslaught many of the projects have been destroyed in the relentless bombardment people say it's been a tough life under siege but they will not give up their lands to what they see is an army of iranian militias and russian soldiers and if given the chance they want to rebuild what's been destroyed with or without any outside help some of a job a delta syria by the un to be at the turkey syria border or to africa now or at least seventy nine people have died in the latest into ethnic violence in the democratic republic of congo dozens of people were killed in the village of mass
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a the province that we toured a young friday more attacks have been reported in three nearby villages on saturday at least two hundred thousand people have fled the area in recent months to escape the violence paul brennan reports witnesses said the ethnic lendu militia went from house to house hacking people to death with machetes and burning the buildings afterwards the victims came from the majority ethnic haim a group and the number of fatalities makes this the most deadly attack in the recent uptick in violence between them footage from as a shows some villages looking shocked others appearing vengeful and angry the a cheery region was already blighted by food shortages and now this. people are dying here and there is nobody to bury the bodies and the children are also dying of hunger there is no supervision we're worried we want peace to return among the population so that everyone can go back to their homes and we can be safe. but
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soldiers are thin on the ground despite the reassurances of the army or something you will see why we are here with official instructions from the president to see what is going on and see how to resolve the situation. the violence in the province of authority has forced two hundred thousand people to flee their homes and the town a visit by the provincial governor did little to reassure some of them. the hima and lendu are longstanding enemies and outbreaks of low level violence have been common but not on such a scale is this paul brennan al-jazeera palestine's health ministry says a farmer has been shot dead by israeli troops near the gaza border he died while working on his line close to the border fence on saturday according to the israeli military the man was approaching a restricted area and warning shots were first fired into the air the military claims that when the farmer did not stop salcha shot it. top indian the top a rainy and military commander says the islamic republic will not negotiate its
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missile program unless europe and the us dismantle their nuclear weapons tehran says the missile program is forward to terence and it is unrelated to the twenty fifteen nuclear deal which led to the lifting of sanctions iranian officials have previously warned that talks on missiles are off the table after u.s. president donald trump tried to link the defense program to the nuclear agreement. now to europe where polls opened in general election just three hours' time but it could be some time before the country's leadership is decided those single group of pairs of trying to gain the forty percent needed to form a government but the anti establishment five star movement is forecast to be the largest party in the third of his reports from italy lawrence lee looks at the changing shape of italian politics. a rainy monday night in this is cillian city of palermo and they're pushing to get into the theatre the man they've all come to see is the leader of the five star movement what they all have in common is
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a desire to take back political control from people who they believe the failed them is different is not their. organisation so it's made from people everywhere some to make appropriate to do something for itself or for the community for the person and that's exciting for us. in he came just thirty one years old luigi to my old spoke for nearly an hour without notes he didn't mention immigration once the touchstone issue for a right wing looking to turn working class italians against refugees but he mocked endlessly the corruption of mainstream politics which he said made italy and international joke. it's we had berlusconi from one side and bronzy from the other they stole the future from my generation. i can't understand how
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they dared to show their faces and promise to change things when they had twenty years in government and didn't do anything the whole point was about transparency the message that italy needs a totally new politics in all its the many of five star policies are still written on the level of bullet points and like a lot of detail but none the less are all these people what this party represents is the basic out for a. corrupt and useless political that's a low looks like being enough for that five the biggest party in this election. five star has been on a journey no longer the sheltie populism of the found a better grillo no longer do they wanted to lead to leave the euro or the european union but they still insist they will never do coalition deals with the other parties they despise instead five-star now demands
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a totally green economy funded by publicly owned investment bank which organize the universal basic income for the poor in chaotic cities like rome these ideas look incredibly difficult to achieve but it seems less important than the facts that they say the most all. meant sort of. they are. consensus and from every part of political market so this kind of list of desires to some extent is a really wonderful but there is it a lot of problems. translation in policies. at the final rally in rome the crowd numbered several thousands of italian public is understandably cynical about politics and many complain the five star won't be any different to the rest of. their leaders are urging against apathy though if they
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want to govern alone and only the backing of hundreds of thousands of undecided voters to give them any chance lawrence lee al jazeera in italy well still ahead here on al-jazeera. i really want to study no education is youth us i just want to go to school be immense challenges facing nigerian children who just want to education. plus stopping the next pandemic scientists hope the secret is inside tropical bats found flying in the skies of thailand do stay with us. welcome back and i will look at weather conditions right across the americas in north america this low pressure system which had brought severe weather across the northeastern part of the u.s. into canada that's clearing away so bright a conditions for the eastern seaboard but we have this system movie across some
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parts of the rockies through into the northern plains but it's going to develop as we head on into monday some quite significant snowfall expected here some rain further towards the south fine conditions for the southwest meanwhile across the eastern seaboard weather conditions much they should remain dry and relatively fine but just six as a high in new york city down into the caribbean lovely weather conditions brisk winds plenty of sunshine showers few and far between parts of a bit cooler than that has been in recent days with a change in wind direction and then as we head on through into monday not much change expected the same really goes up through much of central america a lot of sunshine in rome fine conditions across the whole of mexico with highs of twenty six in mexico city as we head down into south america plenty of showers across the amazon basin further south of seattle some rain a face in parts of power why that seems to be fairly light and just a few showers are likely for rio de janeiro further towards the south it should be fine for bonus areas but temperatures falling here little bit as the wind picks up
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from the south. on counting the cost the italian job what the next government has to do when it comes to the economy the first draft break the treaty gets a frosty reception in the u.k. plus we'll explain what five g.'s all about and if it even matters counting the cost at this time.
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welcome back you're watching obviously i'm so ho rob a reminder of our top news stories syrian government forces continue to bombard the rebel held on plate of eastern damascus latest pictures from syria's state news agency appeared to show. by government troops activists say government forces have taken almost complete control of the town of shea. also at least seventy nine people have been killed in the latest into ethnic violence in the democratic republic of congo dozens of people were killed in the village of say on friday or attacked sort of ported in three nearby villages on saturday and the polls opened in italy's general election of just under three hours it could be some time before the peace leadership is decided this it will party appears to be trying to gain that the forty percent required to form a government. while staying on the political feet a vote counting is underway in germany in the balance of social democratic party
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members to decide for or against a drug a new coalition led by chancellor angela merkel now hundreds of thousands. the s.p.d. members cast their ballots on saturday five months after the country's general election and painstaking talks heart forgive you government and vote by party members might force new national elections that could spell big political difficulties for merkel the most powerful politician dominic cain has more from. thursday night in leipzig and for the social democrats the hot topic is coalition across germany the party members are deciding if they want to work with anger medical's christian democrats again. young members like benyamin are clear. because of this one. there's no grand vision in the scrum coalition and i think we can only develop as an opposition party i think it's not logical that the election losers build the new government contrast that with the views of older members like
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christoph yaps he's proud of his fifty years as a social democrat and says pragmatism is important i was also. a list i think i'm a realist i don't want germany to become insignificant in europe we need to contribute in a way that makes our continent grow together and we can only do that with a government here that has a stable majority certainly that's the view of the party machine reaching this point has already cost the leader martin shirts his job his designated successor and their knowledge has tried hard to gain support for the deal which many members feel is one of the head not the heart kevin out has led the campaign against another grand coalition and has encouraged thousands of people to join the party to vote it down vanish that's part. we've been in a grand coalition for four years and our election performances keep getting weaker
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so when we've just had our worst ever result it's time to ask if this is the right way to make our party strong again. the only opinion poll taken of the party membership so far suggests a small yes vote at the same time the party's popularity is lower now than in september's elections of the parties torn in the membership is torn people are insecure or what actually would help the s.p.d. to survive. all of which brings us back to sunday's vote a yes will mean angle america remains as chancellor but with leading social democrats in important cabinet posts a no will mean she probably remains as chancellor but with no majority in parliament no social democrats in cabinet and facing the possibility of new elections down the line dominic cain al-jazeera berlin. now it's election season in russia too but where they will certain outcome in store then in italy or
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germany president vladimir putin address supporters in moscow in an election campaign is expected to easily win for a fourth term in the kremlin jonah hole has the latest from that rally in moscow people have turned up two weeks before the presidential election in support of just one man hoping to see him here in fact it is of course blood in me uprooted the what is it we want to support of president will vote for him that's payment. for a better future. he's. such sports it's like a sport there is one theater and then there are outsiders the challenges that said you can compare it with a sports race and here we are at the olympic stadium it was the. after eighteen years in power putin is going for another six year term constitutionally possibly his last but the result isn't really in much doubt there is a field of seven candidates running against him but it's more about
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a picture of democracy just as his critics might say this is a picture of his support and here he is now president putin making his way onto the stage thank you dilip nationalist let's just get a little you want to make our country bright forward looking into the future because ancestors lived here we live here our children live here and our children unlike when children will live here. the opinion polls presumably don't lie president putin's popularity ratings consistently at the moment around about seventy of a center right. the promises he made in his speech to parliament a few days ago not just economic growth but fossil technological advances in the years to come and the promise to restore russia to its rightful place as a nuclear military superpower writes our eyes with the united states that we're not played extremely well with people in far corners of this country who are many can simply not imagine another leader who are able to achieve all that we have who are so whole culture zero. scientists in thailand are working on research they hope
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will come back the next a virus pandemic the testing of fruit bats and pigs as well as humans this way they are reports from chonburi ha ha ha the daytime sleep patterns of these fruit bats have been sending thousands into the afternoon sky but the commotion is for a good cause they're being woken so some can be caught temporarily in the name of health and science samples are taken from the bats to try to discover more about the many viruses they carry and how and when they can be passed on to domestic or farm animals and ultimately to humans we know that some of the last happy seasonal season are. so that mean. we really know how this pia other year. highest list. the research is part of the global initiative to try to build a protocol and model of how to prevent or contain
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a major outbreak recent examples in other parts of the world of viruses being transmitted from animals to humans include ebola mers and saz one of the main focuses of this research is need a virus which is common in this variety of fruitbat the virus was first discovered across the border in malaysia twenty years ago when an outbreak killed more than one hundred people. in that case the virus was transmitted from bats to pigs to humans something that could happen here in thailand chonburi province surrounding the bat colony are several pig farms researchers conduct tests on the animals and educate farmers about what to look out for if for example an animal eats something that was dropped by a bat infected with a virus that. i've changed to better farming practices and i've learned more about diseases and how to detect them before my pigs got diarrhea and anthrax i didn't know how to treat them but now i know. as well as researching the behavior of known
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viruses the thais scientists have also found at least two new ones that information will now go into a database for scientists around the world to access they believe their research and discoveries will see them better equipped to manage the next dark break of a virus originating from the humble fruitbat wayne hay al jazeera chonburi thailand the medical charity doctors without borders has suspended all work in the northern nigerian tired of ran after an attack by suspected baka harrumph fighters at least three aide workers and security personnel were killed in the raid on thursday night and nurses also reported missing doctors without borders has evacuated twenty two local and foreign staff the town is home to a military base in a camp for more than fifty thousand internally displaced people and the abduction of one hundred ten schoolgirls in northern nigeria last month has again highlighted the challenges facing millions of children trying to get an education other
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problems are corruption and resistance from parents and with interest travelled to sokoto to look out the solutions. of the dusty streets into a classroom i desire is finally get your education. ten thousand other goals should have a chance to pursue our dream of becoming a doctor thanks to a government funding scheme. our grandmother says the fact the new ideas as a school has also used their waters so hoping exposes girls like her to a lot of dangers like rape getting knocked down by vehicles she safe and better off here in school. where the united nations children's fund launched a twitter cash assistance program imprinted fourteen and roman for girls and schools and supporters state rose from twelve to fourteen percent. the state government wants to encourage as many goes as it can providing parents with forty one dollars every year to keep that voters in the classroom they feel comfortable
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and only willing to release them to go to school so we with that work if it is for the peculiarly benefit that you're getting from the proceeds of hawking by these girls release them to us let them go to class every month we'll give you this much but critics say corrupt local education administrators sabotage the implementation of the first program and fear the new one will also feel that isn't people who operate in on the system so you never succeed. you have to get a read of this people and under do poorly is. education. at fourteen in the saber muhammad hawks spices in the streets but still hopes one day pop aarons will allow her to get an education. i don't know why they
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don't want me to get school i really want to study no education is useless i just want to go to school for parents the priority is to save enough money from hawking before she is married. it's estimated ten million children of school age are still roaming the streets of baghdad alone facing education it's three decades of official corruption have had a devastating effect on public schools parents who can't afford to take their kids at fancy private schools. but only a few can especially here in a region with one of the highest rates of poverty in nigeria i met edris al jazeera so cool too. now the oscars got underway on sunday i was the entertainment industry faces a big cultural shift to me to come pay the great sexual harassment and equal pay between men and women and calls for greater diversity have rocked hollywood rebels reports on how these issues mind impacts of the business because seventy of the
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year. it's hollywood ready for its big need a new study casts harsh light on a lack of rachel in gender diversity in the film industry michael tran helped write the twenty eight team hollywood diversity report on most arenas that we look at you know writers directors actors and cetera you would have to you know double or triple the numbers of women and minorities in those fields to get a proportional representation with the u.s. population the numbers are not news to industry insiders but may surprise the movie going public accustom to hollywood some promoted image hollywood does think of itself as a liberal place as a progressive place and that's an important thing to believe in those values but we're here to provide the data to make sure that that hollywood lives up to the values that it purports the entertainment industry is in the throes of a cultural revolution in this year's award season hollywood professionals are talking less about the films that have been nominated and more about sexual
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harassment lack of diversity and an equal pay for women in the movie industry it really has consistently been since the beginning of october and all the revelations about harvey weinstein and others in hollywood abuse of power sexual harassment that has really led the conversation in the industry throughout the oscar campaign season the time's up and me two movements are broken the culture of silence complicity and enabling that lasted for so long you've heard a lot of stars and some agents and others involved in the industry commenting on exactly how much they did or didn't know it different times in a way because the respond. stability and some level of enabling was so widespread across the industry on the eve of its annual celebration hollywood finds itself with little to celebrate rob reynolds al-jazeera was sensuous.
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you're watching all just there i'm still robin these are our top news stories syrian government forces continue to bombard the rebel held on klav in eastern guta near damascus these latest pictures published by syria's state news agency appear to show night operations by government fighters and activists say government forces have taken almost complete control of the town of wiener in the last two weeks more than six hundred people have been killed. also at least seventy nine people are being killed in the latest violence in the democratic republic of congo dozens of people were killed in the village of masses a friday more attacks were reported in three nearby villages on saturday palestine's health ministry says a farmer has been shot dead by israeli troops near the gaza border he died while working on his line close to the border fence on saturday according to the israeli military the man was approaching a restricted area and warning shots were first fired into the air the military
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claims that when the farmer did not stop soldiers shot at him. but operated a military commander says the islamic republic will not negotiate its missile program unless europe and the u.s. does not delayed nuclear weapons to iran says the missile program is for the terrorists and that it is related to the twenty fifteen nuclear deal which led to the lifting of sanctions. polls open in italy just under three hours from now but it could be some time before the country's leadership is decided those single party appears to be on track to gain forty percent required to form a government and vote counting is underway in germany in a ballot of social democratic party members to decide to for or against a coalition with chancellor angela merkel if they vote yes the new coalition will take office in about four months and no vote by force of you national elections those were the headlines here on al-jazeera back with more news in thirty minutes
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next hour as ever it's counting the cost to stay with us. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the wound. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. hasn't seeker this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week we'll look at how italy's fragile economic recovery could be at risk of melting away at if the next government fails to address some key issues stealing for a global trade war us president donald trump and now it's meant to.


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