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you have a boyfriend. you feel unsafe threatened think about how to react what do i do if this gets. a new service it's. only. been twenty. and. here it is. welcome to the new straits a test of europe's appetite for populist movement. of the polls to elect a new parliament the outcome is highly unpredictable but with immigration
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dominating the campaign especially on social media there is concern in some european capitals that. major gains will have a live report from rome. also on the brits no way out of. a syrian government forces gained ground in the. damascus civilians trying to escape have no way to go and they're running out of food because still. despite a russian. fighting or hear from the white group. and it's not just russia or anymore the investigation into foreign interference in the twenty six u.s. election is the new york times says an advisor to the united arab emirates has been questioned by special counsel and explore what this means for president donald trump. the red carpet is rolled out for hollywood's biggest. right and that's the
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oscars and a major topic this year as it wasn't twenty seventeen is female empowerment but looking at the conversation online next to us throughout the show using hashtags. to. it with the news great live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com voting is underway in one of italy's most unpredictable and divisive parliamentary elections in years the results will be closely watched by europe's leaders to see if the continent's third largest economy yields to a populist far right and euro skeptic rhetoric the anti-establishment five star movement the ruling democratic party and former prime minister silvio berlusconi's center right coalition old say they will win but no one party's expected to win the
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forty percent necessary to govern alone there are several more hours left before the polls close and the final outcome might not be clear for some time let's take a closer look at the big issues that have dominated it sleazy elections immigration has been a major campaign theme in a country which has been a heart of europe's migration crisis lightwing parties have been promising to deport some six hundred thousand refugees and migrants if they win and then there's the economy which has been growing slowly with mounting national debt unemployment is at ten point eight percent one of the highest in europe and that's been one of the biggest concerns among young voters let's bring in there is lawrence lee who is covering these elections for us from rome lawrence it'll be some time before the polls close talk us through what we're likely to expect the possible scenarios in this italian election. but whether a several really the it looks unlikely that the five star movement that you
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mentioned can form a government since the logic of their own argument is they've come form a coalition and if you don't form a coalition air then you can't go into government so unless they get another twelve percent on top of where the poll projections were then they're going to remain in opposition and so that means that the grouping most likely and they're currently on about thirty seven or thirty eight percent in the polls so not far off is hold right grouping of parties led by the league to be the northern league brothers of italy these sorts of groups which openly call for the mass deportation of refugees and undocumented migrants and you know some of these people you see them interviewed and people say well how are you going to do it and they say we're going to put them in boats and we're going to take them to libya and one group even started talking about building aqueducts in libya as well and it is like a for some of these people almost sounds like the roman empire still exists and
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didos the queen of carthage and but even if it sounds crazy and undoable it really really has a resonance with people who are really fed up with the european union here and the way in which the refugee reception crisis been managed and desperately worried about the economy and think the refugees are a burden and that's where their support base is coming from and of course is supported entirely by the fact of the men of the center that coalition is none other than silvio berlusconi yes and surprisingly despite being barred from office because of his criminal record the former prime minister berlusconi is still in the picture or in saying could pay a major role in deciding the next government explain this to us. yeah and we saw him in the news conference the other day just right in the middle of this group of hard right wingers would he have their hand here the hands on they're all i'm saying he was conducting them like he's on a conducting an orchestra and he's insisting that this is the only group that he will do business with and he talks about mass deportations as well even if it
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sounds bizarre to the outside world of the man who got involved in all these sex parties in criminality can make a comeback it does seem such as the state of politics here is many italians have been prepared to forgive him and even more extraordinary thing potentially is that if you look at the political landscape here and the polar states of the center left the fact that these hard right policies are seen by the european elites as a very major threat someone like berlusconi to brussels actually seems like a pretty safe pair of hands he said his choice of prime minister would be this guy who's the head of the european parliament and a very very very well known figure inside brussels and so for whatever you think of berlusconi's reputation and as amazing as it sounds the european union would see him as being a kingmaker is actually quite a reasonable thing and it may be given the sort of person is that if in the event that they don't get enough of the far right bloc he could turn to the center left and try and do a coalition with them that would be a huge show of relief for people in brussels very interesting to see what happens
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in the next few hours and the next few days in history lawrence lee live for us from a very very me rome there and you know italian politicians and campaign is have been using social media a lot to communicate with voters but many of them have been worried about fake news mahmoud our social media producer is here to tell us more about this radio. now its latest prime minister has warned about online influence in the election campaign saying that it could affect public opinion or facebook is used by more than twenty million people in italy and it's played a central role in the election campaign to promote a political message and also spread fake news let's closers. in the cases that we've seen online maria elena bushy has been a recent target she was it was alleged that she and other colleagues attended a funeral of a mafia boss called toto lena now this picture from november twenty seven thousand has been shed thousands of times with the caption look who was there to say one
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last goodbye to total reno well in actual fact she actually attended a funeral for a nigerian immigrant who was killed in a racist attack in july twenty sixth in has described this mean as an abomination implying that this was a set up by supporters linked to the five star movement however there has been no evidence so far to suggest that this post was connected to the party and then you have laudable greeny she is the current president of the lower house in parliament and she's become a target of such a mystic insults and also a range of scandals involving her relatives now in twenty sixteen a hoax website called nazi own a published a photo of the american actress kristen mehta claiming that she was laura's sister and she was responsible for managing three hundred forty apartments for migrants now bouldering he responded by saying that her sister died years ago jude to
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illness and never dealt with migrants. and then you have the wife of the former prime minister and democratic leader matteo renzi and she's getting a lot of attention for this video that's gone viral francesco torricelli and you have on the dawn's early two politicians affiliated with the fratelli italia party a film the kucing renzi is wife of using free parking privileges in florence including what they say is evidence from the road permits office renzi has denied these claims saying that he rented a parking garridge and paid like everyone else now. there's a range of projects right now it's actually helped spot fake accounts the telling government for example has set up this online portal which encourages the public to report fake content and facebook as well has launched a program to counter false narratives with the independent fact checking
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organization called police to ca they aim is to review the accuracy of a story online and if a story is false facebook will then show that analysis written by the fact checker and then place it in the uses news feed and people also be getting notifications if something they posted is fake and the platform hopes in general to track fake stories as well as pictures and also stop people from making money from advertising connected to fake news however it does remain to be seen if these prevention methods will actually work and what impact if any fake news will have on the voting outcome now this tweet from asked if fake news is actually new always simply more alerts to cases of poor quality tabloid journalism let us know what you think click for the season the hash tag a to news word thank you very much for that while it may be some time before we know what the next italian government will look like germany will finally have a new coalition government after
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a nearly six month political deadlock chancellor angela merkel is set to form her fourth government after the opposition social democrats voted in favor of entering a coalition with merkel's conservatives dominic cain has this update from berlin. now that we have the certainty that there will be another coalition government the question will be what sort of policies it will bring forward certainly from the social democrats point of view they're now going to be in control of the finance ministry and the foreign ministry that's important because when they were negotiating this deal they made europe a very key plank of policy that they wanted to see their agenda brought forward and their agenda certainly the agenda of the formally the martin chilton negotiated the deal was to see a deepening of the relationship with the e.u. and more powers given to the e.u. attic the supranational level as it were so that's one to watch out for from the christian democrats point of view well they've surrendered the finance ministry that's the ministry which decides budgets that gone but one thing the angular
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merkel has done is to try to renew her party in government so into the cabinet come faces and people who haven't had a great deal of ministerial experience until now one to watch out for will be the new incoming health minister yet barneys thirty's who had been a critic of angular machall and then one final point to make is there may be a toughening to an extent regarding immigration because the allies wrangle americal from the very the christian social union well they will now control the interior ministry and from their point of view they want to see more immigration control brought in to reduce the numbers of people coming to germany claiming asylum. now what happens politically in germany and italy is being closely watching the rest of europe especially in brussels that speak to peter gagan about this he's a journalist and writer on european politics and joins us via skype from glasgow thank you very much for your time peter my imagine there are breathing
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a sigh of relief in brussels today after the agreement on the german coalition government because they'll be continuity there and merkel will still be at the helm but how much concern do you think there is about what might happen in italy the far right seems closer to being in government than any of the far right party in recent european elections it's been some concern of late by what would happen in germany we've seen today there's quite a strong mandate from the s.p.d. supporters when to go home and it looks like joining the government from extreme views diet is stable and so respects initially is in a place where it often is well germany and actually have a long history of coalition governments initiated a tendency to be a bit more fractures and to fall apart more easily and more readily than you do in germany what we're looking at going into this entire election is a real prospect of another coalition government but it's a question to what our government will look like you have what you mention there to research and write quite a populist rage you the center left party to release point rudderless the democratic party they're really running out of ideas and you have this kind of
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defining serve even to a populist person to decide that so so there is some probably concern and roses but this is the more where in general your opinion has been the floor what issues they have how to deal with this kind of question at times an arcade question particularly time in govan so in some ways this isn't quite as noble or unusual as it was a prospect of no real government in germany was right it looks like all the hard right parties in europe are coming together in a way backed by people like steve van and whom we saw in italy the politics of the european union's eastern french are coming to western europe correspondent norns he was telling us what does this say about where the traditional parties in europe are headed. it does something to society something in us if you look at the time the election has been very much framed by immigration are quite well seen previously as quite. far right conversations around emigration we had a solution deficit africans we've had
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a lot of quite inflammatory language being used by immigration and this is not for the first time it will encourage the dominant discourse crawl suppose the spectrum initially we were even saying that the democratic party leaders denson extent to which these issues which previously were fringe are now becoming more more significant have you seen that in germany as well with the rise of the end of the f.t. we're seeing is it to some extent immigrant bret's it's certainly what happened in recent years with the migration crisis is having a huge knock on effect in europe and all this what that's going to look like that's going to a friend paul refrain politics is poison certain at the moment it's a life of european union is going to change greatly in the short term over just what we could see more or fluid on very uncertain election results in places like they actually but also potentially france and germany or europe it seems peter it took months for germany to get a coalition government and it may be a while before italy has one if there is a hung parliament in italy and no government may have a week so months event how damaging would that be for the european union you think
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you know how will the political uncertainty affect europe spawn a seize on migration for instance because we know that germany and italy steer the conversation in brussels about immigration and migration in the block. i think terms of politics or home current situation actually isn't going to hugely assess what goes on if you go back to the financial crisis base of your opinion kitty telling goldman direction introduced new technocratic government under ariel monkey they have a tendency initially to talk a lot of your skepticism to talk very talk politically but then when it comes to be don't see much change is the struggle to get much traction but you're right as well go around the migrant issue issues very much the most exposed her to your when it comes migration we see a lot of people traveling to michigan lot of people in certain places like germany and michigan and look when it came tradition in china look so how initially reacts to migration what they do what her home italian policy change will obviously affect
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the rest european union what are your opinion european conservatives feelings of internal thank you very much for your thoughts on this very good to hear your views peter gagan joining us there from glasgow on the news great and don't forget we've got a special page up on the tiny elections on al-jazeera dot com all about the candidates the issues and of course the results when they start to come in later today we had extensive coverage online and on air throughout the evening here on al-jazeera i was getting a lot of comments on these italian elections and you know the migration and immigration issue being at the center of the campaign a comment here from one of our viewers on facebook live dave who says no matter who wins the tile you need lection nothing will really change the people will still have no liberty to vote on all government and the government will do what it wants to do another comment on fake news during the campaign any time an election comment from downing on facebook says fake news is usually manufactured by the government
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to control and rule the people send us more of your comments and questions on this and other stories we're covering on the great today all the way to connect with us on your screen right now don't forget he's a hashtag a genius great. moving on to other news now in french president emanuel mccoy's urging iran to pressure syria to hold its military offensive in eastern go to the united nations is describing the military on sought as unacceptable collective punishment hundreds of men women and children have no way out syrian government forces encircled the rebel enclave and stuck for yet another day waiting to enter a forty eight trucks with lifesaving supplies that's despite russia's assurances of a five hour humanitarian pause aid agencies say that window is not enough to help four hundred thousand people who are trapped or has our report from beirut in neighboring lebanon. pro-government forces are advancing inside eastern huta since friday at least one quarter of the one hundred and ten square kilometer enclaves
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they are moving in from the eastern side forcing people to pack whatever they can and move to other areas away from the front lines people are seeking shelter in towns closer to the center displacement is adding to their suffering the ground offensive began just over a week ago the territory taken is not heavily populated it's mainly farmlands which are hard to defend pro-government forces want to control to do mushy funny a road which would cut rebel supply lines cut off the main town of duma and split the opposition held pocket in half. the assault is not just from the ground airstrikes and shelling are targeting towns throughout the besieged rebel stronghold the bombing may have lessened since the five hour daily pause in the fighting ordered by the russian government came into effect on tuesday but
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civilians continue to be killed. it's one of the deadliest offensives in the almost eight year conflict the death toll is now more than six hundred fifty. rebels have been retaliated by firing mortars into the syrian capital killing almost thirty people in the past two weeks the ability of the opposition to threaten damascus is one of the reasons why the pro-government alliance wants to recapture eastern huta it is the last major opposition controlled area close to the government seat of power if pro-government forces take it then there will be only one small pocket of territory south of the capital out of the government's control and the pro-government alliance is making it clear not only in its words but in its actions that it is not ready to compromise and it is pushing for a military victory despite pleas from humanitarian organizations aid hasn't reached the almost four hundred thousand people believed to be in eastern huta the united
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nations was hoping to deliver food and medical supplies on sunday now it says that won't happen this isn't the first time restricting humanitarian access to a besieged population has been used as a weapon of war. senator beirut or let's find out more about the situation inside eastern ghouta nine speak to fear as abdullah is a member of the white helmets rescue group and joins us from eastern guta thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us tell us about the current situation where you are the russians had said they would allow for a five hour pause in attacks on eastern ghouta to allow aid in has that happened at all. marshall if nothing from what russian happened the situation is somewhat as it still bothers there are condition today over twenty airstrikes by russian where. head has the city of our seventy drunk
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agronomist our eyes were had had a city we have six martyrs and duma city today is your chance still just like what it was before through sorties boyer today with a ceasefire between condition because we are not really living through with this. situation still but it isn't what as the besieged no. where opened or nothing entered it's a lot of old we read reports the fear i sat civilians are fleeing eastern guta as government troops advance further into the enclave we've heard reports that the government troops have now recaptured about twenty twenty percent or twenty five percent of eastern ghouta the civilians who are reportedly fleeing where are they going actually no nonoy out of is the mortar no one get out of them over so far. some civilians just.
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run away from the areas. near the frontline and no one at all get out from the water so far and everyone tries to do to be close one of the front line he will be shot by the numbers of the syrian government so no one is getting out no aid is going in. what are people doing no no vite how how are people able to survive when there is little food it seems and they can't go anywhere. yeah yeah absolutely people. and their vestments and their their homes and the streets. most of the cities are empty because of the massive showing the massive air strikes people. don't get away from their homes. oh ferrous you feel that the situation in eastern guta today is worse than it was at
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the beginning of the siege for five years ago yeah and now now. it's the more. serious and the most wars you wish in since the beginning of this huge thank you so very much for speaking to us here as abdullah from the white helmets rescue group speaking to us a from inside eastern ghouta that rebel held enclave that's been under syrian government seats for more than five years now now we've heard about the humanitarian situation if explore what's been happening militarily now in eastern guta a bit further joining us now on the news great is hassani gary who is a professor of international relations and security issues couples universities via skype from muscat in oman thank you very much for your time sir does it surprise you that after two weeks of nonstop bombing and shelling of eastern ghouta and a ground offensive that began
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a week ago syrian government forces have only managed to take we understand twenty four twenty five percent of eastern goto what does this suggest about the battle. i know my. initial stages all any fancy of. the program they have to identify exactly restrung day to. get more you can see the bombardment by russian. government forces. speedy access to mark a series by pro-government forces and consequent to the more disaster for the civilians so these days yes it's understandable that we've been seeing the. next few days reached. forward to the pressure of.
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this event you know more press that hearing of just nod from one of the rebel groups inside eastern ghouta shall islam that therefore to find their positions they have to confront the government now we know what the syrian government forces have been doing to try and recapture territory in this rebel held enclave they've been bombing visit ground offensive on the way but what about the other side what about the rebels they seem to be putting up a very tough fight how are they able to do this in your view. obviously for them this is a question all but. basically the existential question for them for the rabbit despite all the problems that they go through very very intensive bombing by did russia and they continue to do this but the problem is we are talking about and today we are talking about it more or less. on defend it as a. consequence. more than all that destruction by russians and consequently
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there but won't have any other choice but to fight for that i found that i thought this family did. all commit the i believe that they've usually these benefit because you can't they cannot create the match our all. russians. and forces if as you say the rebels do lose eastern ghouta what do you think that will mean for the other side the government side and also for the widest syrian conflict. forces did because they've become more confident and consequently even see. progress. in this part for the. government forces. for the for them it's a question is really if you look at the map you see that the territory. pointing at this point they are surrounded by development take thirty eight. point four.
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place for two to take refuge to and consequently. much more. kidding the consequence. of this. in few weeks in favor of the. government forces because again the. two parties have the government for russians. and. thank you very much for sharing your views with us haasan yari from sort on kabbalist university joining us on the news great from moscow. as we've reported eastern go to has been besieged for five years now and the syrians living there have been forced to find new ways to survive osama bin job it has this report from guys going to syria to people does the
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alien mushrooms non-native species. in a new just a few kilometers from syria's capital damascus when the siege tightened in two thousand and thirteen food supplies were exhausted quickly one of the answers to growing protein needs was mushrooms after testing they weren't poisonous biologists grew spores in the labs they taught people how to upcycling them better for kitchen waste and shock from grain so everyone with a small dog could become a farmer. by last year charity workers say they were producing close to two tons of mushrooms every day. you need the right environment and tools after we succeeded in production it became an independent project to provide the spores for good it was difficult for people to go from the staple red rice and meat to mushrooms but when a kilo of salt costs thirty three dollars a kilo of flour costs six dollars and a kilo rice is that eleven dollars a kilo hungry people don't have much choice another problem with fuel because who
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hasn't had electricity for nearly five years they really used all glass to make solar panels as sources of heat and to generate electricity those with a little advance scientific knowledge built a bio gas plant which became a continuous cost effective source for clean energy. is an agricultural region east of damascus so people also grew some food but at the risk of ongoing airstrikes and shelling from the syrian government side however these were small projects which couldn't get it to the needs of almost four hundred thousand residents of east good for most of the supplies through a lucrative war trade via tunnels and government checkpoints this war economy and extortion like tax pushed prices multiple times to what they are on the other side of damascus. we have seen misses his home in the water after escaping the siege he runs a charity which helped to fund training and set up new projects he feels abandoned by the un and others who he says should be doing more than just advocacy they are
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calling big think they are wishing but they don't do any serious things. happening in this area. which is maybe the worst the worst season and in the last one hundred. since the one nine hundred february onslaught many of the projects have been destroyed in the relentless bombardment people say it's been a tough life under siege but they will not give up their lands to what they see is an army of iranian militias and russian soldiers and if given the chance they want to rebuild what's been destroyed with or without any outside help some of the job it out of iraq on top of the turkey syria border this ng is great on al jazeera if you're watching us on facebook live coming up next a story about how miss la fell and the refugees were caught in both to the delight of the italians still ahead on the great saudi arabia's monod been salman is
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heading to egypt for his first foreign trip since becoming crown prince a look at what signal the sex. hello there we think plenty of cloud march its way across the middle east at the moment we're seeing plenty of it in the northern part of a map mostly b.c. the next system is working its way across turkey at the moment that's in the bringing us some rain mostly to the northern parts of amounts through parts of armenia and off into georgia we're seeing some snow rain in the system but it will be picking up as we head through into choose days as some heavy outbreaks making their way through parts of turkey as well and maybe just one or two showers through the northern parts of iraq and into iran to the south of all of that no major problems for us it looks like to a city where we're getting to around twenty six degrees and here in doha we'll be getting to around twenty nine or thirty over the next few days there is this area
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of cloud and just to the north of us imagine just squeeze out one or two showers but it shouldn't bring us anything too significant now bit further towards the south and we've been watching a cycling hair is just to the east of madagascar is running down the eastern coast looks like the eye of the storm will make landfall which is good because it's intensifying very rapidly but it's still given us a lot of reading rain along that yeast and coast and there's plenty more still to come so very heavy downpours here and then the what weather stretches all the way across the further towards the west as well so we're also seeing a very heavy downpours in parts of mozambique and tanzania as well. a survivor of a genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but it didn't come to heart and he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. holding them here is due to all. you
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know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because you need to if i could just find a think about i could bury him. into at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of all would winning programming from around the world. to make it challenge your perceptions if you were to design a propaganda system you could not build a better plan than facebook all full documenters debates and discussions this country that was once that the wealthiest in the region what went wrong how did we get to this point alger's real.
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and. i am al jazeera and the stories you are looking out on our web site al jazeera dot com at number one there which is in the case worse for some time now on al-jazeera syria's civil war and the developing say syria's civil war explain from the beginning trending at number two i wish i can go back to north korea for a day an interesting opinion piece for someone who lives in soccer a north korean who wants to go back to north korea and then also trending the
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syrian civil war u.n. the united nations saying that's what's happening in eastern guta right now is collective punishment and it is unacceptable all those stories and much more on our site al jazeera dot com. with the news great on al-jazeera and we've got people watching today from malaysia ethiopia and here in qatar thank you so much for a company don't forget would love to hear from you on all the stories we're covering on the great today whether you have questions or comments we're on facebook at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera on twitter our handle is at english you can use hashtag age and use great of course we're also on whatsapp or telegram at plus sign seven four five a one trick or one four nine nod to the u.s. an investigation into russian interference in the election of donald trump has reportedly been widened to include the united arab emirates the new york times says an advisor to the u.a.e. crown prince has been questioned special counsel robert mueller wants to know.
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whether george nader attempted to buy political influence and the new york times says nato was a regular visitor to the white house in twenty seventeen special counsel robert mueller as team reportedly pressed him for information about possible iraqi financial support to trump's campaign team in return for political influence since coming to office the us president has forged a closer relationship with the u.a.e. and saudi arabia last june trump initially backed a u.a.e. and saudi that brocade against kata though now he has been calling for reproach mom between the two sides let's speak to bruce fein about this he's a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general and is live from washington very good to have you on the news great again bruce so what do you make of miller's team reportedly questioning this advisor to the crown prince what does it say about where this special counsel investigation is heading well it means that there may not only be direct but indirect efforts by foreign governments to influence the outcome of the
6:38 pm
election there are been stories that some time in the united arab emirates was to be a back channel between communications with the trump people in russia so this is not necessarily unusual there could be a front if you will acting on behalf of russia right but it indicates you know the the extent of the foreign efforts to influence is quite enormous here and the hazards of having the international business ties that mr trump and his family have well attempting to run a government but bruce is it unusual that foreign government would want to launch be or influence a u.s. administration in this case the trumpet ministration it is it illegal that they would do that. well it's not necessarily illegal when a foreign government does try to influence if they're working through third party is the third party s to register under the foreign agents registration act and has to disclose to the public that when they speak that they're acting on behalf of
6:39 pm
a foreign government that doesn't seem to happen in this particular case and obviously whenever you have a foreign government attempting to influence which is natural the united states attempts to influence other countries as well you always have the issue of divided loyalties after all the president is elected to represent the interests of the united states and the fact that you have so many foreign countries and implicated here and i want to say it's not unique to the trumpet ministration this happened as well under the obama administration when hillary clinton was secretary of state with the clinton foundation had all sorts of foreign governments falling over themselves to give money to the clinton foundation so those the jeopardy of trying to mix government and business but the fact that you have these governments making the effort shows they think that there's a possibility of succeeding otherwise they wouldn't be wasting their time so what would be what would the special counsel and his team be looking for right now are they looking for some sort of smoking gun. some sort of proof that that there is
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international insurance on the trumpet ministration what would they be looking for . that's exactly what what would be the effort to try to associate a foreign government the united arab emirates with the campaign or the aftermath with attempting without proper disclosures to influence the foreign policy of the united states favorable to the united arab emirates whether it's in return for getting special business deals or making the loans from their their sovereign fund or something like that something that may be less than a quid pro quo but looks like there is some kind of understanding between the foreign government and the united states that the interest of the foreign government would not would supersede that of the united states itself and that is a is a very very huge problem and we encounter that also with the problems that mr trump has with the so-called the mall humans cause he's got businesses that make money off of foreign governments patronizing is hotels or otherwise and that looks like
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it's a payoff and even if it's not true the appearance of impropriety is enormous and it shakes confidence that the american people believe this is not about mr trump in his own personal business as opposed the interest of the united states thank you so much bruce fein for being with us on the news great as always very good to get your insight on this bruce fein joining us from washington d.c. . we want to bring you some live pictures now from egypt as crown prince has just arrived for a three day visit his just landed as you can see on those live pictures it's monod been some months first foreign trip since becoming crown prince of saudi arabia last year he's being greeted there as you can see by egyptian officials at the airport and after meeting the egyptian president abdel fatah in cairo mom had been summoned as you travel to the u.k. and the united states again live pictures of the saudi crown prince's arrival to cairo walking alongside the division president abdel fatah sisi they're now ties
6:42 pm
between egypt and saudi arabia have grown stronger since president came to power saudi arabia has been pumping billions of dollars in aid after sisi toppled the democratically elected leader of egypt amounted morsy in twenty thirteen it's invested twenty seven billion dollars in hundreds of projects in manufacturing and services sectors egypt is also part of the saudi led military coalition in yemen and has been among the for our country's brocade in qatar in the ongoing gulf crisis egypt is also ceding to city to cli important islands on the red sea to saudi arabia despite protests in egypt let's talk to al-jazeera. who joins us now live on the news great hashim we've seen there just now. welcoming mohammed been summoned to cairo it's not a surprise really that n.b.s. would make this first foreign trip as crown prince to egypt is it we know that he
6:43 pm
is the defect to the arabia and his visit. he has a message to send basically that he would like to continue the traditional show of presenting significant political and economic assistance to the. president. that they will continue the same policies which have been at office in the past few basic lee. anti muslim brotherhood all over the world and also backing. the fatah has he so it's i think a very strong political message here what is the saudi arabia getting out of his close ties with egypt they are the two islands of course which has been somewhat of a controversy in egypt itself but what else are the saudis getting out of this relationship you know because saudi arabia has been very concerned about the growing influence of iran therefore for them to be able to contain that if there was they need strong regional players to back them and this explains why they have
6:44 pm
been given significant financial assistance to the fatah has sisi over the last three years the need is also to continue the fight against the rebels yemen there will need in egypt in which egypt hasn't been very enthusiastic about to to get involved in the yemen conflict well that changed out with this visit by n.b.s. myron some of the remaining it remains to be seen definitely the president of the has he seen needs money from saudi arabia of exchange they expecting from him more loyalty and also more assistance when it comes to issues like yemen but the egyptians over the last few years have been saying basically that although the they take into account the fact that saudi arabia has been very helpful they want to maintain a different pathways comes to issues particularly like yemen but also like syria where they believe that it's better to have that in power when the saudis for example say that. they have no say right he is going to the u.k.
6:45 pm
next and also the united states the crown prince of saudi arabia to see first outing as the crown prince on the international stage what signal do you think saudi arabia will be wanting to send to the world with this visit you know for leaders in the u.s. and the u.k. this is quite an interesting moment first of all because mohammed bin sell man. has been behind this is a huge initiative to diversify the economy by his twenty thirty vision they would like to see whether they will have a say they will also discuss military and financial cooperation between the different countries but it also comes against a backdrop of the war in yemen and this is where activists and many leaders have been saying that we need to tell saudi arabia it's time to find a political way out of the quest is and human and stop bombing civilians in the country the u.n. itself has been accusing size of arabia in the past for the atrocities committed
6:46 pm
against civilians in yemen right hashem thank you very much for that we'll continue of course to follow mohammed bin salman foreign trip to egypt in the u.k. and us here on al-jazeera and has a very good profile of the saudi crown prince on our web site al-jazeera dot com m.b.a.'s as his popularly known is seen as pragmatic on domestic issues and keen on aggressively countering iran all on his early life economic reforms is undertaken in that a piece on al-jazeera dot com we're going on now in the red carpet has been rolled out for hollywood's biggest night the oscars on sunday are the first since the need to campaign highlighted sexual harassment and gender pay inequality in hollywood but those aren't the only issues facing the film industry robin always has more from the scientists. it's hollywood ready for its big need a new study casts harsh light on the lack of racial in gender diversity in the film
6:47 pm
industry michael tran helped write the twenty eight thousand hollywood diversity report on most arenas that we look at you know writers directors actors and cetera you would have to you know double or triple the numbers of women and minorities in those fields to get a proportional representation with the u.s. population the numbers are not news to industry insiders but may surprise the movie going public accustom to hollywood some promoted image hollywood does think of itself as a liberal place as a progressive place and that's an important thing to believe in those values but we're here to provide the data to make sure that that hollywood lives up to the values that it purports the entertainment industry is in the throes of a cultural revolution in this year's award season hollywood professionals are talking less about the films that have been nominated and more about sexual harassment lack of diversity and an equal pay for women in the movie industry it really has consistently been since the beginning of october and all the revelations
6:48 pm
about harvey weinstein and others in hollywood abuse of power sexual harassment that has really led the conversation in the industry throughout the oscar campaign season the time's up and me two movements are broken the culture of silence complicity and enabling that lasted for so long you've heard a lot of stars and some agents and others involved in the industry commenting on exactly how much they did or didn't know it different times in a way because the responsibility and some level of enabling was so widespread across the industry on the eve of its annual celebration hollywood finds itself with little to celebrate robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. so hollywood is major issues under the spotlight back with. the compositional mind reader women's issues folly but this conversation about gender is really dominates in there was this season for the second year in
6:49 pm
a row now in the wake of me two am time's up campaigns the importance of female representation has taken center stage in the entertainment industry we're seeing hundreds of thousands of tweets and the discussion just keeps growing online now that she thinks that she's keep thinking about the fact that this is the ninetieth and only five women have been nominated for best director and none have been women of color and on day one has ever won and then sasha adds that the percentage of women nominated in twenty seventeen went from twenty percent last year to just twenty three percent this year and it's still men which decide which women get into the club and why she says that has not changed now men of hollywood have sausage or a new online campaign called osc war of him which challenges men to use their
6:50 pm
privilege and their platform for good use and then siebel says it's we need every man to join in on to end the culture of sexism harassment and abuse and more calls to fight injustice has also been made by advertisers for the ninety thousand new all academy awards many brands are focusing on their messages around female empowerment in new commercials and the spa time device company nest has addressed how men should treat women when it comes to parenting. our steve and i have a minute. tonight's a big night i want to make sure you understand how special syrians yes are so treated with respect of course don't assume being her date means anything more than that. one more thing stephen. half on. a step. and some song is tackling female empowerment this year the company featured do you raise the director of the american drama. and
6:51 pm
also rachel morrison the fast woman ever to be nominated for a best cinematography award so do you think the twenty eighteen oscars represents progress for women in hollywood let us know is the hash tag. thank you very much still ahead on the grades force in the football world after the sudden death of the captain of italian crappier and tina tatiana have all the reaction to six. or the benefit of.
6:52 pm
witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. thank.
6:53 pm
congress course not tatiana's here in the football world in mourning tatiana they are fully thank you tributes have been pouring in from across the football world following the sudden death a few at and t. and a captain and italy defended david asked dawtie his club announced that he died in his sleep on sunday at the age of just that he won a study had been staying in a hotel with his teammates when he passed away they were preparing to face the nation later but that match along with all others in italy it's nice top flight have been passed by and a study joined fit and tina from cardiff gatti in two thousand and six and with cup fourteen times by italy in a professional career spanning twelve years away from the pitch she had become a father for the fast time just two weeks ago of course there's been lots of reaction to the tragic news online the italian league said in italian that they were shocked by asked studies death and that their thoughts are with his family and
6:54 pm
all at fiorentina ac milan were asked what he began his career had this tribute they said a man who loved football on who grew up as a footballer with. the milan and the reaction hasn't just been in italy english premier league club chelsea also tweeted saying everybody at chelsea football club is shocked and saddened at the sudden death of jordan tina kept in davida a story off with his family friends and his team mates at this time. even to skulk people generally g.b. fun has also paid a touching tribute as well writing on his instagram the phone said your little girl is specially disaster no how a father with an over specs a perfect person a great perfect person you're one of the best sporting figures that i came across rest in peace. well this was and while there's also mourning the death of roger bannister the fastest man to run a mile under four minutes who died on sunday at the age of eighty eight the record
6:55 pm
he set in one hundred fifty fourth and shockwave through while the fort lee's home and takes it back to slice. roger bannister of the british one hour recalled how that lines up with five other runners for the rights which ended by making history . it's rare for a sportsman to rate define what the human body can achieve the when roger bannister became the first man to run a mile in one to fill minutes impossible became the myth of the hour together twenty five zero bannister took the lead for the missing back to speed he went on to achieve a bad record of a mile in under five minutes start after my athletes have a factor yet the three minute fifty nine point four second performance on a rainy day in oxford thrust him onto the global stage in one thousand nine hundred fifty four it also became a symbol of britain's emergence from the post-war years and change the perception of a major sports in the era i think that it's second nature if you think thank you ma'am
6:56 pm
the you run it in a free kick you know you think it was a session to find somebody else in the world at seven times the lead it five that. he was right then the record lasted just forty six days a strongly and john landy batted it by a second and the pay would be long time rivals in august of nine hundred fifty four they thank stones at the british empire and commonwealth games in vancouver in a rice that became known as the miracle mile that is to wins by far your was bannister later returned to his medical studies to become a new role in just the decades he saw those four minutes as nothing more than an interlude the delight he successful career but he remained a respected identity in running and would often reflect on his achievements there was this magic about. sabbatical lapse of one minute each and it was just something which caught the public of my generation bannister
6:57 pm
was diagnosed with parkinson's disease in twenty eleven and ultimately it was complications brought on by the neurological disorder the brought his history making life to an end a legacy that already carried for more than six decades will continue even longer delays homan just zero. loss of people paying tribute to bannister online as well the u.k. prime minister to resign may describing him as a great british sporting icon whose achievements were an inspiration to us all he'll be greatly missed the president of the international let it federation is that co added this he said this is a day of great sadness both for our nation and for all of us in there is not a single athlete of my generation who was not inspired by roger and his achievements by on and off the track as always you can get in touch with us using the hashtag a.j. news great or tweet me i'm out i am tatiana i'll be back with more sport at eight
6:58 pm
hundred g.m.t. but for now follow if back to you tatiana i think you very much for that that will do it for today's news great remember to keep in touch with us on social media at all times hash tag a.j. it's great for me for the back to book and the whole news great team here in doha thank you for watching and we'll see you back here at studio fourteen at fifteen hundred g.m.t. to. my. more than forty thousand africans are facing deportation from israel is awarded more than ninety percent of. those refugees so why is. almost zero point one per cent of
6:59 pm
the if it is two of those in danger of being thrown out of the country in which they sold refuge jazeera at this time. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just we all come from different places but it's one that gives us gives us the ability to identify the people who live inside the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. on counting the cost of the italian job what the next government has to do when it comes to the economy the first drop breaks a treaty gets a frosty reception in the u.k. plus we'll explain what five g.'s is all about and if it even matters counting the cost at this time. in
7:00 pm
a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our own lives in taking these roads. saving lives is a dangerous job the vaccine talks on a good twenty four hours there are patients waiting for these mothers who must be in pain life's worth risking their lives a week ago one of the gang stops some vehicles on the road that can deal with what was risking it all guinea at this time on al jazeera. italians head to the polls for an election in which the far right populist politics all set to dominate but a clear winner is unlikely. although i'm seeing some this is al jazeera live from london.


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