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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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an act of youthful defiance. your turn next door also in the school will be arrested near to home with four in the morning will be electric shock treatment was the worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle without and that was the beginning of beyond strong in syria. the boy who started the syrian war this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello there oracle this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes and humanitarian aid convoys forced to turn back from the syrian enclave of east and as shelling continues. former russian spy is in the u.k.
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hospital after reportedly being exposed to an unknown substance. leaked e-mails a u.a.e. linked businessman and the suspected plan to get america's top diplomat fired we'll have details in a live report. on this no clear winner in its these elections so who will govern leaders of both the anti establishment policies say they are ready. an aid convoy has been forced to retreat from syria's besieged eastern goose a region because of an escalation and fighting the red cross says aid workers a safe and most of the forty trucks have been unloaded the world health organization says around seventy percent of medical supplies were blocked by the government monday is a delivery was the first since mid february seven hundred. have been killed and.
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since the government intensified its offensive there more than two weeks ago so hard to report and a warning you may find some of the images disturbing. it's the first time aid has entered the rebel controlled enclave of eastern huta since the latest offensive began just over two weeks ago but world health organization officials say seventy percent of what was loaded on the trucks was removed during inspection it's not the first time syrian government officials have prevented trauma kids and surgical supplies from reaching besieged areas they have been systematically removed from aid convoys in the past to prevent rebel fighters being treated. but such life saving medical equipment is what is urgently needed medics say they are struggling according to the united nations up to one thousand civilians some of them critically ill need to be evacuated to receive proper treatment already
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a few thousand people have been injured in the airstrikes and the toll continues to rise. we were sleeping when my cousin came and told us my sister's husband was killed god bless him then the warplanes hit nearby my cousin my mother and father and two of my siblings were injured two of my other siblings are safe because they were in the underground shelter. on the ground a pro-government forces are advancing on several fronts taking territory in recent days mainly farms and villages in the east forcing many people to flee to the western parts of the enclave there spite international criticism and outrage the syrian president bashar assad promised to continue the offensive until eastern recaptured the government says it is fighting what it calls terrorists and it blames rebels for holding civilians as human shields the people in eastern would
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say the government wants to depopulate the area. they are wrapping children killed in the bombardment with u.n. aid bags to show their anger over the organizations inability to help them others had a message to the syrian government backer russia. putin wants to displays the people of eastern you have no business here neither does your head that you shouldn't be opening recorded doors for us to leave you should just stop getting us we were remain steadfast and no one can force us to leave our land god willing. the united nations says it has permission to deliver supplies enough for seventy thousand people in the next few days but it is estimated up to four hundred thousand people are in eastern huta an area that has been under siege for four years an area that doesn't receive aid regularly whatever aid does reach those trapped inside will help but it is far from enough. beirut and it's almost
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a spokeswoman for the united nations office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs and syria she says there's still hope medical supplies will get. convoy still contains nutrition supplies somehow supplies along with food for over twenty seven thousand people in need so this is of course we are extremely disappointed that many of my saving health supply were not allowed to be loaded but we also have a follow up conway on thursday and we hope that we those medical supplies will be able to be loaded. in the rest of and the rest of the supplies that are destined for duma as we had said earlier the full package is for somebody about the people in need in dumas but this is far from enough we haven't been able to reach these on a regular basis the last time was on the fourteenth of february and before that had been over some of the days that we had not been able to beach we continued to
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deliver assistance to millions of people a month in all areas and wherever we have access you know we're ready to provide the full the full package of humanitarian assistance to people in need this includes things like food medicine water and sanitation supplies and shelter items these are people don't need just you know certain types of things they need many types of things and the other thing in addition to supplies is that we need regular absence so that we can assess what the situation is on the ground and that we can better inform the type of the systems that we're bringing in former russian spy was admitted to hospital after reportedly being exposed to an unknown substance sixty six year old a scrap old woman in her thirty's or both critically ill in intensive care and found unconscious on a bench at a shopping center in the town of seoul free cripple have been living in the u.k. since two thousand and ten this has not been declared as a counterterrorism incident and we would urge people not to speculate however i
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must emphasize that we retain an open mind and we continue to review this position . we have access to a wide range of specialist resources and services that are helping us to understand what we are or aren't dealing with at this time the focus at this moment in trying to establish what has caused these people to become critically ill and we are working with partners to prioritize this diagnosis and ensure that they receive the most appropriate and timely treatment plans that has more. police here are calling this a major incident and the two individuals are in critical condition in intensive care where hospital workers are working on diagnosing and treating them as quickly as possible the sixty six year old man has been identified as. a russian national and former colonel in the russian military intelligence who in two thousand and six was convicted on charges of espionage and jailed for thirteen years it seems that he
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had been supplying u.k. intelligence service m i six with the identity of undercover russian agents operating in europe but in twenty ten he was released as part of a spy swap deal orchestrated with the united states he was flown to the u.k. and is since been living here probably keeping a low profile and given a new identity by m i six or this use of an unknown known substance does remind us of the case of alexander litvinenko a former russian spy turned british citizen who in two thousand and six was poisoned here in london it turns out he had been exposed to radioactive polonium he became gravely ill and died three weeks later not before accusing president putin of his murder a government inquiry take that took place under the u.k. authority found that president putin had probably sanctioned the murder of
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alexander litvinenko and that incident led to a souring of relations between russia and u.k. obviously this incident it's too early to tell if we're looking at something similar but the speculation is that there's president donald trump is considering attending the opening of the american embassy in jerusalem in may it's a controversial move that could further inflame tensions over peace negotiations with palestine trump has been holding talks with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house their fifth meeting this year and the year could be held at reports. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and u.s. president donald trump smiled broadly in their white house meeting despite both being embroiled in scandal netanyahu wasted no time turning the attention to the u.s. president for his decision to recognize drew slim as israel's capital disapproves of this be remembered by our people throughout the region netanyahu is in
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washington in advance of his address on tuesday before the largest israeli lobby group in the us a pack but netanyahu made it clear he was also seeking u.s. support for what he sees as israel's greatest security challenge the two cops. were . iran. has not given up its nuclear ambitions it is came out of the nuclear deal and rich both netanyahu and trump have made no secret of their loathing of the twenty fifteen agreement agreed on by the u.s. and the other world powers with iran to limit tehran's nuclear program both believe the agreements duration is too short and is weakened by the fact it does not address iran's ballistic missile program. is also shared concern over what they believe is iran's rising influence and a desire for a permanent presence in syria israelis want more support against iraq.
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talk big against iran. very very little the u.s. president has also talked about striking a peace deal between the israelis and palestinians. trumps jerusalem declaration in december infuriated palestinian leaders they're now calling on the international community to negotiate a deal not the u.s. a point the president seems to have ignored the palestinians i think you are wanting to come back to the table for a very bad. if they don't you don't have peace if you don't have peace if they don't you don't have peace and that's a possibility also i'm not saying it's going to happen indeed donald trump's mideast peace efforts are almost nonexistent still he said on monday he may now himself go to israel to open the new u.s. embassy in jerusalem can really help get al-jazeera washington.
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says trump is sending mixed signals. it's either deception or delusion i can't see a third explanation to what president obama has said because number one everyone in the region everyone in the world with the exception of what the mullah thinks that this is such a horrible idea it's it's illegal according to so many and it would definitely escalate and in danger. the security within the region and would certainly not lead to peace the other thing that is kind of midsomer rising is that when trump recognizes jerusalem as a city as a couple of israel the american diplomat said this does not change anything still the final status of jerusalem is up to the parties the negotiating yet he once again just told us that he took it off the table that it's no longer an issue of
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discussion so which is it is it an issue of discussion or is it no longer to discussion and last point i mean if it's just as simple as to stick it out why don't we take the nuclear issue out of the iranian american. relations and this where they would have peace. the b.b.c. has obtained leaks e-mails that suggest a businessman with links to the united arab emirates try to convince the u.s. president to sack his secretary of state report found elliot brody a major fundraiser wanted rex tillerson out for not supporting the u.s. against qatar in the current blockade according to the e-mails brody advised trump to continue his support for the u.a.e. and saudi arabia and warned him against getting involved with qatar it also told trump to fire terrorism at a politically convenient time as it has repeatedly criticized the air sea and land blockade saudi arabia bahrain and egypt imposed on cast are nine months ago this latest revelation comes at
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a time when another white house regular adviser george nader is reportedly being questioned in the ongoing probe into trump's two thousand and sixteen election campaign roslyn jordan is following this story first he joins us live from washington so wasn't ters the extent of the significance of these revelations. well in any situation where there is a special counsel or a special investigator looking into allegations of government wrongdoing the danger for those who say that they might be the target of these investigations is that the goal of the investigation starts to expand and that is what apparently what is happening in the case of the special counsel robert muller he was brought in to look at whether or not russia tried to influence the outcome of the two thousand and sixteen presidential election but now it is going into areas such as the finances of the president donald trump it's going into these areas of people
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coming to the administration on behalf of other governments that have their own foreign policy agenda and the mission of these people largely is to try to persuade the trumpet ministration to see it the way of other countries and that seems to be what's happening in this case how much outside influence how much foreign influence has there been on the campaign of donald trump and now on the presidency of donald trump and were these efforts to try to use their influence in any way illegal that makes this a much more serious case than it already was indeed oh what's all this say then about the status of u.s. foreign policy. well certainly when you look back over the past year and month or so of donald trump's presidency so many things that have been considered basically assumed foreign policy on washington's part have been up and it the
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decision for example to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel when for more than thirty years the u.s. policy had been the same as that of the united nations and of the international community writ large that the status of jerusalem needed to be negotiated between the israelis and the palestinians and not in be taken up as you know a de facto situation by the u.s. as some of the critics have alleged it's a question of whether the u.s. is support for the security situation in the gulf region is actually comprehensible it's a question of whether the u.s. actually believes in the viability of nato all of these issues have been called into question in the past thirteen months and certainly it's not too far afield to was soon or to predict that future u.s. presidents will spend a lot of time trying to repair relations and trying to clarify exactly what the
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u.s. position is on this foreign policy issue or that one there are a lot of things have been really confused in the past year it now seems because of active and outside law being carried out not just by foreign governments but by u.s. persons acting on these foreign governments behalf and ok doesn't believe that thanks for joining us there from washington d.c. spain now to mohamed is a professor of conflict resolution at george mason university joins us now here in the studio great to have you with us just to what extent is this business as usual for u.s. foreign policy i mean how unusual these kind of revelations was this newly. showcase and you element here of the mind. in a bulldog while trying to hustle some influence in washington one it seems that the amount of is invested so much if we remember the all that leaks of the there
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investor in washington the table back and doing good is now this overconfidence that they can have their way into the us administration and to the extent that. they were trying to get a bit of their lives in because of his position toward the gulf crisis at the same time what is a lot of mean here is not an act of regular or natural law being that is part of the game in washington but it's rather you have two agents. it's broidery and neither who was trying to establish a direct link between trump and mohammed have been is a need some more in new york or a new do so this is not a fish an official line of diplomacy a small of a shadow or weekend of connection so we are still looking at the top of the iceberg
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and i think what is insulting here is how someone as a low beast was pushing. out and i think maybe a bill that we would feel proud of the but i think this is a shame on embarrassment on the what he didn't succeed didn't he didn't succeed but i think the original narrative. of leaving or exist in the administration was a high back in. december to extend their son was asked several times and he denied that so this is not just kind of talk on our side but it's it's part of the official narrative that became or it could have become a crisis within the administration how embarrassed you think the u.a.e. is going to be by these revelations is it going to be embarrassed enough to backtrack on some of its perm policy especially in the middle east when it comes to
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the blockade for instance against cattle i don't perceive this as a true and embarrassment for the mothers because when you are in bed in your real politic or power politics framework you are always pushing your luck so the maybe differ would argue that they have. it's reached a level that nor that of god governments have reached before i think the real embarrassment is now how trump will explain this process and how he will counter this act of an immoderate to make an ism that has become very engaged very influential within the close circle. and matters and others and i think yeah and i think the answer of that was apparent to the amount of this was the appearance of matter is there in the strategic dialogue with qatar is three or
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four weeks ago we've got might have been solomon the saudi crown prince heading to the u.s. in a matter of days this is of the going to be on the agenda that the talks did we're going to see any movement in the story when what we should expect now is whether mohammed been sort of man will introduce himself or will position himself as a certain kind of. someone who is who is the guy the in saudi arabia and trying to reshape the u.s. ship or he will be seen as an extension of his mentor mohammed and say so the connection between the two gentleman is now kind of will be huge in terms of identifying what some of the men can do alone versus what he has to do or deal with or he can sort of do with paper if you read the same edition ship with up with the certainly every move is going to come under close scrutiny from here on end thanks very much behind the car for coming in. i hear on the news hour including
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south korean delegation meeting north korean leader kim jong un is the first high profile visit from seoul in eleven years. the u.s. aircraft carrier which is on a symbolic visit to vietnam but it's also carrying a message to china. and british parliamentary report finds that former tour de france champion bradley wiggins and his team used performance enhancing drugs within the anti doping rules. a surge in support for populist and far right parties in sunday's election has left political deadlock skeptic league policy as the best performer amongst a dominant right wing coalition which is the goal thirty seven percent of the vote but the strongest single party result went to another part of this movement five
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star as the reports from rome. just five years after they first got into parliament the five star movement the anti politicians party and the clear individual winners in italy's general election after a campaign that saw them valve's to fight corruption their vote share was more than ten points ahead of any other single party. or a political force that represents an entire nation we can't say it is the same for the others which instead a more geographically based this is very important because representing the entire nation yes it protects us unavoidably towards governing the country towards governing italy. but to form a government they'd have to betray their promise not to go into a coalition. formally the northern league led by matteo salvini also appended the established order with its hardline anti immigrant euro skeptic policies it would be the biggest player in a right wing coalition led by former premier silvio berlusconi but that group still
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falls short of being able to form a majority. salvini though insists the result is proof that italians fed up with the status quo juvekar. i read in brussels that some people are worried they are wrong european people with the italian vote have taken a step forward towards liberation encloses in cages which are bringing hunger job uncertainty and insecurity. one of the clearest outcomes of the five years in power the center left democratic party's popularity has slumped and on monday matteo renzi stepped down as party leader. but they are still the second biggest party in the absence of any other solution they might stay on in government until another voting system and elections are organized to head the referendum in the last. to change an institutional system and these are three of them so now we will see
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for example water. pipes the move they want to do on these things because in the past they were it gays but now we are there we know about without the numbers meanwhile silvio berlusconi who had looked like the king maker in an extraordinary political comeback seems a diminished figure it's clear that many italians sent a message in this election that they were unhappy with the state of politics here what's not clear is he's going to be in power in the short term and italy has a history of governments that don't last long in the next one may be no difference between barber al-jazeera wrote as we said results so far at the center right coalition around thirty seven percent of the votes eighteen percent of that for the anti immigrant right wing likud party and establishment five star movement is the biggest party has some thirty two percent on the census coalition languishes behind on twenty three percent now between the five stars and the league of the fifty
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percent needed to govern its leaves both have called for greater spending on welfare of a generation of deficit rules and a crackdown on illegal immigration. during the campaign the five star movement ruled out joining a coalition that leaves thirty one year old luigi de mayo now says it's open to talks. and gemma monet is a lecture involved in european history at royal holloway university of london and a specialist on far right politics in europe expects the five star movement will betray its campaign promise and form a coalition by aligning with the center left well it depends if friends result of the game because he resigned but still resign but without resigning really so i want to wait and there's a new government taking place you frenzies really out of the game that is forty is pushing him out some ways i think that the five star movement with good part of it will try to. a majority with the center left and the left at large because i think
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that for them is much better to be alone with the same left rather than with the north because it would be extra very extreme such a coalition and the thing that it does not necessarily work in favor of the five star the five star movement in a strange movement them in news like there are many people there are different souls within it so you have left these people and also right wing people naturally some of them would like to be on our side the other on the other side but their movement as no majority you know is going to say media is reporting need to kim jong un wants to advance relations with south korea after meeting officials at a banquet dinner says kim jong un discussed easing military tensions on the korean peninsula as well as increasing dialogue with the south a high level south korean delegation is in pyongyang for two days of talks focused on a verse a nuclear conflict but macbride has more from seoul. from seoul with smiles
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south korea's delegation heads north hoping to build on the goodwill momentum generated at the winter olympics when a high level north korean delegation attended the games as guests of south korean president moon j.n. jiang sister of north korean leader kim jong un hand delivered the invitation to visit pyongyang from her brother south korea hopes this will be more than just a courtesy call from time to most of all i will deliver president moon's firm will and resolve to achieve the denuclearization on the korean peninsula and create true and permanent peace even before the delegates left on their controversial trip it wasn't clear they would meet with the north korean leader but soon after their arrival they were hosted to a dinner that fact along with the seniority of the officials who welcomed the south koreans and their accommodation in an official guest house shows the importance
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north korea places on this trip according to seoul meetings between north and south are rare. summit talks were held in two thousand at the height of the so-called sunshine policy period that brought the two koreas closer together then again in two thousand and seven but with north korea's missile development a nuclear program increasing in pace in recent years relations slumped to their lowest and most dangerous point for decades. for many people in south korea just holding talks is a welcome change to the hostile rhetoric of the recent past but without a commitment from north korea that it's willing even to discuss giving up its nuclear arsenal many conservative groups have condemned these talks as meaningless past this visit is meant to lead to more talks between the two koreas that is certainly achievable it's fun less certain this mission can jumpstart talks between
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north korea and a skeptical united states they want a meeting to lead to denuclearization to north korea giving up its nuclear weapons and north korea has no intention of doing that so there's no likelihood that the united states and north korea would be meeting as a result of this this visit could prove in the long turn either to be important in the search for a negotiated solution all right another false start in dealing with the north korean crisis of macbride al-jazeera seoul. has hair on al-jazeera refugees who survived a minute to crack down a man mom must now face a new as monsoon season after a chance. and the european champions league hots up with teams eyeing places in the quarterfinals tatiana have more later.
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hello there another storm is lumbering its way across north america you can see it on the satellite picture is this bright white area of cloud here gradually edging its way eastward still developing as it does so and it's giving us some heavy outbreaks of rain in the south and snow in the north and so much snow is very heavy and accompanied by some pretty strong winds giving us blizzard conditions and that system will continue its journey eastwards as we head through the next few days but it will be breaking up a little bit as it does say so for us in the northeastern part of the u.s. on the eastern parts of canada on wednesday we'll see some outbreaks of snow but they won't be quite as extreme as those that we've seen over the past few days meanwhile further west and here it's a lot quieter now so for wednesday we'll see a top temperature in seattle of around ten degrees i should feel fairly pleasant in the sunshine as well it's also going to be pleasant in the sunshine a bit further south as well plenty of sunshine with this at the moment not a great deal of wet weather at all in fact that's the way things are going to stay even as we head into wednesday i think wednesday we'll just see
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a few more outbreaks of rain in the eastern parts of mexico there even further towards the south there's plenty of showers over south america some of them very very heavy particularly though those in the northern parts of argentina and stretching their way into bolivia this is a region we have seen flooding in recent days and it looks like the showers on tuesday wednesday could be heavy. with. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them to undersell for it but i didn't have the heart to do and he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. holding them here is that all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because you need to if i could just find a think about i could bury him bone hunter at this time on al jazeera.
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al jazeera. where ever you are. again you're watching our jazeera has a reminder of our top stories this hour an aid convoy has been forced to retreat from syria's besieged region because of an escalation in fighting red cross says
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aid workers safe and most of the forty trucks have been uploaded unloaded the world health organization says around seventy percent of medical supplies were blocked by the government. former russian spy is. being exposed to an unknown substance. cripple and a woman in her thirty's or both critically ill and intensive care. in two thousand and ten. a new evidence has emerged jesting a businessman with links to the united arab emirates try to convince the us president to sack the american secretary of state e-mails obtained by the b.b.c. found elliot brody a major fundraiser wanted rex out for not supporting the blockade against. aid agencies say tens of thousands of refugees are at risk of death or serious injury and seasonal monsoon rains fall on their camps in bangladesh they were in
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the areas where there are n.g.o.s staying completely inadequate and the refugees need urgently housing furnace smith reports johnny is doing what he come to try and strengthen his home against the monsoon rains that will soon endure refugee camp. but really there's not much you can do to stop being swept into the canal a few meters below. right the bottom of the hill so this place could be easily washed away is also a risk of mudslides a might be able to rebuild the heart but i'm more afraid of my family being killed by storms and floodwater. ranges started running for me and my last august and around seven hundred thousand and it up in these camps in bangladesh conditions are squalid and the people living in these homes built on steep terraces will have little chance against a rental rain that will turn everything to mind. ideally we would like to evacuate
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many people from the sites but that depends on the saleable land which we don't have so we are extremely concerned and the steps we're taking are only mitigating steps we're not claiming it will help everybody and we are worried about the future very words indeed the u.n. says around one hundred thousand refugees here could be in grave danger from landslides and floods and the ranger come from a part of me and where they have no experience of how to manage extreme weather. but about the. money because. there's some engineering work going on a can now is being cleared to make way for the rainwater retaining walls are being built pathways reinforced but it's going to be hard work to withstand the destructive force of monsoon downpours which are on the way bernard smith.
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china's parliament is poised to approve measures that will allow president xi jinping to wield power and definitely this move would reverse constitutional changes made by former leader then shopping designed to prevent a repeat of the excesses of the cultural revolution our china correspondent brown has more from beijing. tiananmen square has been the setting for some of the most of fining moments in recent chinese history not all of them peaceful now a new political drama is unfolding this carefully choreographed gathering involves almost three thousand delegates and almost as many journalists like parliament the media in china is controlled by the party offering uniform coverage of the national people's congress normally last for ten days but this year it's being extended by five days possibly to give delegates more time to discuss proposed changes to china's constitution which could mean she paying being president for life the issue
2:38 am
is overshadowing this congress but most delegates we spoke to didn't want to talk about it i don't want to discuss it i asked them he said. and no comment from him either party discipline though would ensure the amendment is passed that. those capable people should stay in their posts as long as possible. to their decision is made by the party as a delegate i fully support it. the decisions made here will affect almost a fifth of humanity premier league chang presented his annual work report with his boss seated just a few rows behind him. he said the communist party not the country had faced an extremely complex environment both at home and abroad in his forty five page
2:39 am
address he mentioned she jingping eighteen times when you know. that we were rarely even closer around the party central committee was calmer xi jinping is call hold high the banner of socialism with chinese characteristics and follow the guidelines xi jinping saw on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era the premier presented a vision of a vibrant growing economy but in language often reminiscent of the mouse. and there was one overriding message china will be great again so long as she pings at the helm adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. united states has sent his largest military force to vietnam since the end of the war in one nine hundred seventy five aircraft carrier col then son and two other ships are dropped anchor off the coast of downline where u.s. troops first landed in one thousand nine hundred eighty five when the us navy is describing as a routine port stop has been seen as
2:40 am
a direct signal to china to curb its activities in the south china sea why it has been aboard and reports from down. the last time the united states military had such a sizable presence in vietnamese waters they were waging war. now welcoming the old enemy aboard and selling them souvenirs. the visit to the city of done by the aircraft carrier calvin sinan support ships is a powerful symbol that relations between the former foes have been transformed if this is a very different from what we've. heard to do in the region dunning holds some bad memories for the u.s. military combat troops came ashore here fifty three years ago this week to begin their campaign to try to help south vietnam defeat the communist north they failed and a previously divided country was unified under communist rule which remains today. a huge warship back in vietnam may be uncomfortable for some but others believe
2:41 am
it's a positive step and then the war is over the past is the past and the future is opening up for after twenty one years of normalized relationship between our two countries the situation is getting better that's been helped by a common interest china and its increasingly assertive role in the region the ship is anchored in downing bay which then becomes the south china sea where vietnam and other countries are locked in territorial disputes with china and to a large extent that seems to be what this deployment is about china is accused of building military bases in runways for warplanes on islands and reefs while the u.s. wants to ensure freedom of navigation in the south china sea it's found a strategic ally in vietnam vietnam has had historically a very contentious relationship with the chinese that has been exacerbated in recent years by what's happening in the south china sea. in vietnam is looking for the united states for backup for political backup for military backup in the event
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there is a conflict or crisis in the south china sea the us navy says chinese ships have been seen on this deployment but everyone is abiding by the rules that hasn't always been the case which is created a situation that's helped bring the united states and vietnam closer together wayne hay al jazeera donating vietnam a seventh round of talks on the north american free trade agreement have ended in mexico city with little progress being made to renegotiate the pact and boys from the u.s. canada and mexico discuss president transfer of tariffs on steel an element imports trump assented he may waive the duties for calendar mexico but only if they can see the ground and then after talks. we are renegotiating nafta as i said i would and if we don't make a deal terminate nafta but if i do make a deal which is fair to the workers and to the american people that would be i would imagine one of the points that will go sure there will be tariffs on steel
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for canada and for mexico thousands of teachers have gone on a forty eight hour strike in argentina watching two wars the country's ministry of education protesters want the government to give the more supplies open new schools and increase teachers' salaries to compensate argentina's high inflation rate as an event marking the start of classes present. admitted the public education system faces huge challenges social spending cuts because he doesn't want wages above the inflation target of fifteen percent for this yeah. of course and he has refused to release two greek soldiers who were detained last week they say they accidentally crossed the border into turkey on patrol in heavy snow and fog soldiers reportedly took pictures of the area to send to their superiors the turkish court has accused them of espionage russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov is set to meet his u.s. counterpart rex tillerson during his five day africa tour will visit five different
2:44 am
countries including ethiopia but he'll sit down with the american secretary of state it comes a time when russia's trade on the constant of africa is on the rise roy chalons has more from moscow. will be plenty of this in the coming days russia's foreign minister shaking hands in africa the message he wants to convey is that russia has returned to the confidence. sergey lavrov africa tour takes him to five countries in five days angola on monday then it's off to namibia for tuesday wednesday it's mozambique neighboring zimbabwe on thursday finally on friday he's due to head north to ethiopia in the horn of africa is russia's interest in africa has been building for a while president vladimir putin and prime minister dmitry medvedev have visited in recent years the diplomatic push carries faint echoes of former times when the
2:45 am
u.s.s.r. contested western influence by supporting marxist guerrillas fighting against colonial rulers such as in mozambique but when the soviet union dissolved so too did russia's influence far from home of robb's africa tour coincides with a similar visit by u.s. state secretary rex tillerson they'll overlap in ethiopia and russia's foreign ministry has suggested a meeting there if gainey current was a soviet and russian ambassador in africa he thinks the confidence is increasingly interesting for many global powers. then when you know this is a very important period in the history of africa and international relations african influence in world politics and economics is growing in the past fifteen years african g.d.p. has doubled without africa none of the global issues of our century can be solved russia's trade with africa is growing it was fourteen point five billion dollars in two thousand and sixteen but that's dwarfed by the e.u.
2:46 am
use africa trade which amounts to thirty three billion dollars that's beaten by the u.s.a.'s with forty nine billion dollars in trade but the country this develops the highest spending relationship with africa is china on one hundred forty nine billion dollars russia no longer has the ideology with which to woo developing countries like it could with soviet socialism moscow is trying to make up for lost time with africa it's hoping that trades defense natural resources and energy can win back some of the partners they lost when it's soviet superpower status collapsed. al-jazeera moscow. campaigning in sierra leone's general elections has close ahead of wednesday's vote and aides of sixteen political parties are battling to save president ernest bai koroma i want interest reports. like many are life is hard for. you need to look for a city to power his troops and repair
2:47 am
a broken electronics energy shortages across the country over the last six months left to address to loss of earnings because there are fewer jobs to do. because things are what's going on i suppose to get i told myself. what i used to manage myself because i'm doing says business i've now got two complaints. is only one of two million cetera luminance will still have jobs. they say many promises were made during previous elections but not much was done those same plagiarists were repeated this year. the election campaigns are colorful and also eventful but pockets of campaign related clashes have stopped fears of a violent past something the election umpire say may reoccur to force the challenges in italy and one of them is. i mean possibility of.
2:48 am
the candidates last sixteen or don't want testing for president and what he's saying back to you when the elections when you are only one party one candidate that would mean the presidential elections a candidate needs fifty five percent of the vote to we outright but with three main contenders that include the anointed candidate of the company president a former u.n. official and an ex-military ruler many here expect a round of sixteen political parties are fielding candidates for president there are also parliamentary mayoral and council elections all on the same day. after more than half a century of quality come independence providing basics such as water electricity roads education and health care remain the growing and things in this election as in many african countries corruption can greatly impact on the delivery of such services whoever gets elected in west us won't well also have to contend with high
2:49 am
rate of unemployment and poverty in a country that is emerging from war and a devastating outbreak of ebola disease. but cameron many of his compatriots don't expect much to change even with a new government in place obviously these al-jazeera feature. afterwards from paris's live music and are on display in iran for the first time and a cultural exchange between the two countries. exhibit more than fifty over the next four months among. the. what happened when the gulf crisis the football fields of the champions league.
2:50 am
2:51 am
thank you very much cycling is under the doping spotlight again a long awaited report by british members of parliament suggest the form a tour de france champion bradley wiggins and his team exploited an anti doping loophole to take performance enhancing drugs has more from london he is one of the most successful and celebrated figures in the history of british sport but bradley wiggins and his former cycling team have effectively been accused u.k. parliament of cheating this question by the ethics of the use of medicines
2:52 am
particularly medicines are being used not primary to treat medical need but couldn't hold performance as well and what we're recommending from the report is that this grey area should be cleared up at the center of allegations is the mystery contents of a package delivered to work in june the criteria did offer in a race in two thousand and eleven claimed by team sky to contain the decongestant for asthma and allergies the report says a year later he used an anti inflammatory performance in harnessing drug to prepare for the biggest race in cycling the tour de france she won it wasn't performance dancing in the sense that for me it was a case of i had this problem i'd have asked metaxa i'd have. problems with breeding that flared up through pollen season and this was a case of it was an anti-inflammatory drug that was taken in order to prevent that happening so i could compete on the same level as i'd compete with my rivals so this wasn't a drug that was this was a medication that was abused in order to gain an advantage team sky also says it
2:53 am
strongly refutes the reports claim that their medication was to enhance performance but it's another clear contradiction of the ethic set out by team principal. that they'd have zero tolerance to doping another british olympic hero long distance champion my farah is accused by the reports of using a supplement for the twenty forty nine the mouth and that was legal but not recorded on his records there's a spotlight on the doctors involved in the opportunity to very use these. powerful drugs is given you know if you like as a privilege those medical professionals so they do have a responsibility the prospects of those accused of cheating is slim and this was careful and sophisticated manipulation of the government. reputational but these were people held up as heroes on the trusted them on their sports is diminishing by the di. football club hosted saudi arabia's
2:54 am
al actually in the group stage if the asian champions league on monday it marks the first time a team from a blockading country visited qatar for a tournament since the gulf crisis began in june far s. now reports. a team from saudi arabia in caps hard to play a match with the saudis continuing to impose a blockade on cats our football is breaking through when nothing else is teams from united arab emirates another of the four countries which cut diplomatic relations last june had been drawn against sides from cats are in the continent's top club football competition the asian champions league alley are the first saudi club to play in cats are since the dispute began this group fixture as a home game for cattery team around the saudi and amorality football associations want it back just like this move to neutral venue a demand that was rejected by the region governing body asian football
2:55 am
confederation. capped r.'s twenty twenty two world cup organizers have urged the blockading nations to allow their people to play a full part in what will be the region's biggest ever sporting events. star player is wesley schneider who's played in a world cup final the milan darby and in el classico for around madrid against barcelona the most capped player in dutch history says politics shouldn't be allowed to interfere with football. i still love love football every day i'm still driving here with a lot of joy because i still love the game and. i think we we shouldn't think about any political things we just have to be focused on what we are doing on the pitch and nothing on from the site. team members were less keen to talk refusing to comment on a media conference when al-jazeera asked if the team was happy to be in cats are no
2:56 am
answer for this question because it's not. as chairman is hopeful the asian champions league games can play a role in easing tensions between the neighbors i'll graf i have already played a game in the emirates and three more cattery clubs are involved in boycott busting fixtures we should not politics to the sport and i'm sure sport is the best thing that can bring the youth. close up together and i'm sure the players they keep all those things behind them that they get a late equaliser for all garages saw this game finish in a suitably diplomatic one one draw both teams are in with a good chance of reaching the knockout rounds how do you feel about the result today. on this night the saudi players were happy to allow their football to do their talking. sorry al-jazeera doha. liverpool are in pole
2:57 am
position of their champion the last sixteen tie against f.c. porter they take a five nil first leg lead into the second leg at home around madrid also in a good position although not as commanding the nadine's the dance man of three went up against paris sandra man the second leg on choose day is in paris and the home team will have to turn things around without a star striker neymar it was a celebrity of one it's the first time in the recent history of p.s.g. in the champions league that in a big important game in the knockout phase of the tournament we play the second leg at home that's why we will work hard and we will aim to win on tuesday to change the recent history of years gee australia are one up in their four match cricket test series against south africa after completing a resoundingly one hundred eighteen run when in durban the match though was marred by an unsavory incident after the match with warner and quinten de kock had an altercation and earlier during play nathan lyon dropped the ball on top of a.b.
2:58 am
de villiers who was on the ground off the diving line has been fined and has also apologized to develop and so the ball for now more later that however is very much and that's it for me as well oracle for this news hour but i will be back in just a moment with more of the day's news. to.
2:59 am
the carter center. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our own lives in taking these roads. saving lives is a dangerous job as a vaccine so it's only good twenty four hours there are patients waiting for these mothers who must be in pain lives earth risk a week ago one of the gang stops some vehicles on the road at that can it would
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work for them risking it all guinea at this time on al jazeera as poverty and desperation sweep across ruhi just settlements women and girls are being bought and sold and given away you know refugee camps one on one east investigates yet another dark side of the rohingya crisis at this time on al-jazeera. humanitarian aid convoys force a ton from the syrian and. continues.


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