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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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india's. capital the capital which makes you creative. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes a new interest. protecting landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because they see a business crossing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. russia offers safe passage out of the sea. fighters and their families.
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sami this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up high hopes for a summit between north and south korea after the apparent success of talks in pyongyang ethnic violence escalates in the democratic republic of congo is the displacement of tens of thousands of people continues. when you look into the lives of people living in poverty in china what the government is doing about it. russia's military has offered to guarantee safe passage out of syria's eastern halter for rebel fighters and their families russia's backing a syrian government offensive in the rebel held district which saw at least eighty people killed on monday it was the deadliest day since the u.n. adopted a cease fire resolution and russia ordered a daily pause in fighting force was supposed to allow people to leave that hasn't happened. so in a holder joins us now live. in beirut in neighboring lebanon so are people taking
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advantage of this russian offer. well the russian military telling the rebels that you can leave with your family we're going to guarantee your safety there are reports from reuters saying that the syrian rebel spokesman said that russia is only interested in escalating the situation and in force this placement not directly addressing the offer but what we understand is that the rebels are not going to accept this at least for the time being they're not under enough pressure if if that's the right way to put it because we have to remember in aleppo during the fight for aleppo it was only when the rebels were surrounded in three small enclaves that they said fine we will surrender we will lay down our arms and we are leaving but clearly russia trying to tell the people of eastern that the rebels are holding hostages in one way or another telling them that the rebels have the key to end this conflict if they decide to leave i was saying time we had attempted
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a deliveries didn't exactly go according to plan where does that stand now. well yes for the first time yesterday aid to reach the people of eastern hooked up at the aid was far from enough before those that convoy entered eastern with the government removed life saving supplies trauma kits surgical supplies this is what medics need to treat the few thousand people who have been injured in this ongoing bombing campaign and it's not just that when the convoy reached the main town inside eastern huta they were not able to offload ten trucks ten trucks full of supplies because of the shelling and now the international committee of the red cross saying it's going to hold to its operations in eastern because of the violence so the aid that was a positive step according to the i.c.r.c. but definitely not enough we have to remember eastern is a besieged enclave and aid does not enter the enclave of regular. where does
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the funny thing stand how long can the rebels hold out there in the. well it's the enclave is approximately one hundred ten square kilometers what we understand is that the pro-government alliance has taken approximately thirty percent of that territory basically in the east and the eastern side an area which is basically farmland small towns fighting of course will be different inside built up areas but the government's tactic is to isolate the different areas especially the main population centers stuff they want to isolate that area duma mystery and once they do that they're going to cut the rebel supply lines cut the enclave in half and put more pressure on the rebels to force a surrender it is clear from the start that the pro-government alliance launched this bombing campaign over two weeks ago to recapture eastern ghouta they've made that clear in their words in their actions and they're not willing to compromise but it would be there for now thanks so much there in the hold of now let's take you some live pictures we're going to bring in any moment now there we go that is
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a plane arriving back in seoul it's come from north korea where you remember there was that high level south korean high level delegation that went over to the north to have talks we came to the leader of north korea head of the security office of south korea was there too in which in that meeting the north korean leader said he wanted to take relations food with a self north korean state media is saying that kim wants to advance those relations and ease military tension with the south he's hosted a south korean envoy to see the plane that south korean delegation was in the north for two days focused on trying to avert a nuclear war. has more from seoul. one of the biggest achievements of this mission will be seen as the agreement that has apparently been reached moving forward towards a summit involving president of south korea that was one of the main read. as for
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sending the delegation north the announcement that an agreement has apparently been reached came at a banquet hosted by kim jong un and his wife that in itself was seen as a landmark the first time that kim has met officials from south korea we're still waiting to get more details on what a summit will look like but there is a lot at stake given the advancement of north korea on its missile and nuclear program and one j.n. of south korea says that all of this is a and denuclearizing the north korean peninsula but critics have argued that north korea seems to be so close to gaining a long range nuclear missile that it is almost inconceivable that it would concede anything on the nuclear front the other reason for this mission to take place is to advance a possible dialogue between north korea and the united states so far on that front
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we have heard nothing. aid agencies say tens of thousands of people have been displaced by ethnic violence in the democratic republic of congo at least seventy nine people were killed in recent days when fighting broke out between rival tribes in northern neutrally province shallop ballasts reports. a two day march every step taking these homemade tribes people further away from their enemies the lender's tribal violence has pushed tens of thousands to leave the villages seeking safety in the provincial capital witnesses say six villagers who are raised by the rival lendu tribe over the weekend they say linders went house to house killing him is before burning their homes unicef says more than forty six thousand children are on the run. it could be going up lenders are chasing us from our village with their arrows and guns machetes and deadly weapons if you're not able to run they kill you
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many people weren't killed i'm only alive because i was able to run away we left so many dead bodies in the bush where we were hiding. now they are hiding in borneo next to the main hospital more than sixty thousand people have set up camp here in less than a month many more a sleeping with host families in the town and sheltering in schools and churches over two years some two hundred thousand people have fled their homes scared of lendu hema clashes. don't see peace in our region or even in the presence of the government we don't feel safe because we are suffering and dying from insecurity as women we don't have peace at all this is however by leaving everything behind burned by the militias. haim are our cattle herders lynda's of farmers the long standing in amaze who often fight over who owns what land they first clashed in one thousand nine hundred ninety two before it is still a ship with tens of thousands killed in the early to thousands the conflicts amid
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on but this is an escalation not seen in years. d.-r. sees a minister of the interior visited the area on monday he said to provide solutions to the upsurge and insecurity the hey me you store trust the government they say the army has lift the front line leaving borneo vulnerable to attack. they want guns to defend themselves all they have is bamboo. charlotte dallas al jazeera. a senior u.n. official says mir mas ethnic cleansing of ring of muslims is continuing assistant secretary general for human rights under gilmore says tactics have changed from mass killings and rape to for starvation he was visiting refugee camps in bangladesh where nearly seven hundred thousand have been seeking refuge since the military crackdown began in august. the chinese government wants to get ten million people out of poverty this year most of the country's thirteen million poor live in
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rural areas now they're being encouraged to move to the big cities any city except beijing adrian brown reports from the capital. the youth zone you is having a good afternoon he reckons ill have made around ten dollars by the end of it he collects discarded clothes plastic and scrap metal anything he can sell to recyclers. you shows me his home a room measuring just over five square metres in the rent one hundred dollars a month to economize the electric heater stays off which means it's as cold inside as out a dangerous mesh of exposed wiring loops around the room he washes outside which is also a public toilet. my father had to share this but it was me last the sama my children also visited five of us have to live in this tiny room some of us have to
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sit on the floor. magine five people squeeze in this room. he came to beijing almost ten years ago because there was no work in his home province of chandon his wife two daughters and a son all in other cities he see them just once a year. so i first daughter and my second daughter a both in college now the reason i'm working here is to save money for their education last the chinese new year i didn't go home because i didn't have enough money. he's not bitter about his life and accept it's his choice to live this way. poverty in china is defined as anyone living on around three hundred sixty u.s. dollars a year you makes twelve times that but in beijing costs are much higher than elsewhere . his future though is now uncertain in recent weeks the homes of tens of
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thousands of migrant workers have been demolished on the grounds they violated safety codes for years china's rural poor have been encouraged to move into the big cities but here in beijing officials now want to cap the population of twenty three million and that's why so many migrant workers are being forced to leave kneel on the wheel i don't have any pension or medical care when i have to look after myself or with no one really cares about you to be honest and never thought about my future china's economic transformation has for now passed him by down the road there's a new shopping mall and apartment complex aimed at beijing's permanent residence a world that you is unlikely to ever know a dream brown al-jazeera beijing. and from urban poverty to rural
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poverty in the second of two reports in our series age of brown reports from shan't she province in northwest china that's where some farmers are surviving by borrowing into the clay hillsides that's wednesday from zero seven hundred g.m.t. right here on al-jazeera. still ahead of al-jazeera a cold war style mystery is a former russian spy lies critically ill in a british hospital. and we look at a new government strategy in afghanistan to help educate children for a better future. for the heavy downpours continue across a good path of southeast asia sees a very heavy rain into malaysia eighty millimeters here twenty four hours what's
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the weather will tend to a just way a little further west which as we go on through the next day i would say but many places still seeing pockets of a very heavy rain the usual heat of the day showers big downpours there into indonesia java still looking very just to count to thirty two celsius here and we see that wetter weather nothing a little further south as as we go on through thursday chance of some showers too by this date making their way into that eastern side of the philippines meanwhile the showers continue across northern parts of australia plenty of cloud up around the gulf of carpentaria queensland really has been in the mix recently these interior areas of the state seen some welcome rainfall huge amounts for some in fact winton two hundred twenty eight millimeters of rain in just the last three days that's more than we've had in the previous twelve months so huge downpours here there has been widespread flooding for the showers into much of queensland as we go on through our way to say yeah lonely eastern coast down towards the sunshine coast the gulf coast it's not too bad the west weather walnuts
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a little further west which as we go on through thursday is fine and dry to the south and not too bad for the west. they watch us. they gather evidence but so can we. an american cyber activist develops and used in brazil to monitor the police. we have more cameras than they do because the people a bigger brother. revel beaks. this time on and just see it up.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder now of our top stories rebels in syria's eastern the halter have rejected a russian offer of safe passage accusing moscow of force displacement russia's backing a syrian government offensive in the rebel held district which saw at least eighty people killed on monday. a high level south korean delegation has returned from pyongyang where they met north korean leader kim jong il and state media says kim wants to advance relations in east military tensions with the south. aid agencies say tens of thousands of people have been displaced by i think violence in the democratic republic of congo at least seventy nine people were killed in recent days and fighting between rival tribes more than a touring province. counterterrorism police in britain are investigating the suspected poisoning of a former russian spy script hour and
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a woman in their thirty's are inexpensive care after exposure to an unknown substance sixty six year old has been living in the u.k. for the past eight years after being freed from a prison in a russian spy swap deal or they were found unconscious at a shopping center in salisbury and taken to hospital our correspondent needs parker is there. the sixty six year old former russian intelligence colonel surrogate's cripple and the thirty three year old woman who was with him at the time in which they were found unconscious on a park bench in the center of souls bree were both brought here for specialist treatment solsbury district hospital they were said to be receiving treatment in an intensive care unit although overnight we've heard no news of any change having gone inside the hospital this morning there is absolutely no police presence here whatsoever we are expecting updates from police a little later on and never simply in a situation where
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a former russian spy is exposed to an unknown a named contaminant it does draw speculation and of course parallels are being made between the poisoning of alexander litvinenko the former f.s.b. officer back in two thousand and ten who claim that he been poisoned by a radioactive substance polonium two ten under the orders of the kremlin and president vladimir putin the police here are asking the media and the public not to draw their own conclusions from what has happened here they say there is no public risk of contamination there have been sites of specialist offices in biohazard suits in the center of the city around the park bench where the two individuals were found i am here in the hospital but the situation now is very calm there appears to be no risk to the public although one restaurant in the center of songs of three did close its doors and they said that they were shutting as
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a precaution more information those expected as the day progresses. the u.s. secretary of state is set to begin his first official five day trip to africa rex tillerson is due in chad djibouti ethiopia kenya and nigeria and is expected to meet russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov who's on a similar mission rory chances more from moscow. and more they'll be plenty of this in the coming days russia's foreign minister shaking hands in africa the message he wants to convey is that russia has returns to the continent sergey lavrov africa tour takes him to five countries in five days angola on monday then it's off to namibia for tuesday wednesday it's mozambique neighboring zimbabwe on thursday finally on friday he's due to head north to ethiopia in the horn of africa russia's interest in africa has been building for a while president vladimir putin and prime minister dmitry medvedev have visited in
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recent years the diplomatic push carries faint echoes of former times when the u.s.s.r. contested western influence by supporting marxist guerrillas fighting against colonial rulers such as in mozambique but when the soviet union dissolved so too did russia's influence far from home lavrov africa tour coincides with a similar visit by u.s. state secretary rex tillerson they'll overlap in ethiopia and russia's foreign ministry has suggested a meeting where you have guinea currently as of was a soviet and russian ambassador in africa he thinks the confidence is increasingly interesting for many global powers. this is a very important period in the history of africa and international relations african influence in world politics and economics is growing in the past fifteen years african g.d.p. has doubled without africa none of the global issues of our century can be solved
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russia's trade with africa is growing it was fourteen point five billion dollars in two thousand and sixteen but that's dwarfed by the e.u. use africa trade which amounts to thirty three billion dollars that's beaten by the u.s.a.'s with forty nine billion dollars in trade but the country this develops the highest spending relationship with africa is china on one hundred forty nine billion dollars russia no longer has the ideology with which to woo developing countries like it could with soviet socialism moscow is trying to make up for lost time with africa it's hoping that trades defense natural resources and energy can win back some of the partners it lost when it soviet superpower status collapsed will reach alan's al-jazeera moscow. meanwhile evidence has emerged suggesting a businessman with links to the united arab emirates tried to convince the u.s. president to send carex to listen leaked e-mails obtained by the b.b.c.
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found elliot brody a major fundraiser wanted to listen outside not supporting the u.a.e. backed blockade against president jordan has more. u.s. citizens have the constitutional right to lobby the government but they have to obey the law when they do so on behalf of another country. news reports say the special counsel for the russia investigation robert muller has expanded his work to include those who may be lobbying on behalf of the united arab emirates the new york times says muller has already interviewed this man businessman george nader about his ties to the iraqi government and his meetings with white house officials the news reports also say nader knows another u.s. businessman elliott brody brody too has u.a.e. ties according to the b.b.c. broidery reportedly lobbied to president donald trump in october to support the
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blockade against qatar to hold secret talks with the crown prince and to fire secretary of state rex tillerson because he opposed the blockade to be clear there is no indication moller is investigating broidery. analysts find interesting is the extent of the influence the emirates hold inside washington it's the. investment so much good is now this over confidence of the deacon to have their way into the u.s. administration and to the extent that. they were trying to get to the head of some because of his position toward the gulf crisis at the same time what is a lot of is not an act of regular or natural role being inducted. part of the game in washington but it's rather you have two agents any hopes. and george made that hole or trying to establish
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a diabetic between trump and mohammed have been is a. there's also the question of whether the president's initial support for the blockade was in any way influenced by his son in law jarrett cushion or news reports say a few weeks before the blockade began a family business tried and failed to get a business loan from a car to reinvest or all this comes as it becomes clear muller is investigating the communications of everyone close to the president and wants trump's communications to on monday one of those former aides repeatedly turned up on american television to say he would not comply with out so we would take it what they want i think it would be funny if they arrested me thank you very much we nunberg runs the risk of being jailed if he doesn't cooperate a fact that can't be ignored as the moeller investigation grows beyond the russia
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question and into other countries as well rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington. is the middle east studies program coordinator at the university of oklahoma he says the leak is an indication of further disarray within the trumping ministration . and not only is muhammad and someone going to washington but also another trump central player jared questionnaire the son in law has recently had his security clearance downgraded and of course it's thought that he has also because he is so close with mohammed bin someone and also had good relations with the u.a.e. been another person who has been whispering anti qatar things in president trump's ear and i and fortunately again you know this blockade now and the actions of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. has lasted about nine months and president trump although recently has made some
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more conciliatory gestures does not seem willing at the moment to put pressure on all of the parties particularly saudi arabia in the u.a.e. to find some reconciliation or resolution whereas someone sitting here in the united states watching this administration on a daily basis it is incredibly chaotic even in you know non believable amount of disarray seeming to be unusable chairs of individuals occupying positions and then of course either forced out were chased out of office because of scandal so this is you know to put it kind of mildly a very unusual american administration and i would say an incompetent one with regards to middle east and many other matters. sri lanka's declared attend a state of emergency to dampen days of violence between muslims and buddhists the military with a ploy to candy and they've imposed a curfew off the muslim owned businesses and homes were damaged in riots the unrest was spotted by the death of a buddhist man last week. zimbabwe has banned imports of processed meat from south
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africa following a listeria outbreak there the world health organization says the problem is the largest of recorded history with at least one hundred eighty deaths in the past year. in mozambique of already stopped bringing in the. audits from south africa. thousands of teachers have gone on a forty eight hour strike in argentina on the first day of school they march towards the education ministry to demand better salaries new schools more resources present years off of the fifteen percent pay rise for teachers say that's not enough and doesn't keep pace with inflation. the afghan president has launched a new strategy to get young people into work unemployment stands at more than forty percent most young people don't get an education either but a steady birth they found out the president's plan poses new dangers. there's an army of desperate street kids selling whatever they can in
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a daily battle for survival it's not just the bombs and bullets that kill in afghanistan but poverty and hunger too the young work wherever they can mostly for a pittance there are hundreds of thousands of them most with no hope of an education these children at the internationally supported orphanage in kabul are more fortunate they are a mix of street kids often and those abandoned by desperate parents afghanistan is officially one of the worst countries to be born and it has high infant and child mortality rates it has high rates of child sexual and physical abuse but it has one of the lowest literacy rates in the developing world. it's estimated more than six million children don't go to school yet education brings hope and i ended up that shell i want to be a doctor in the future so i can help people in afghanistan. all i want to be a policeman so i can kill i still serve the country i arrest the eaves and stop
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suicide bombers. their chances are slim forty percent of young afghans are unemployed what jobs there are tend to be obtained through nepotism or bribes it's led to an exodus of the country's educated elite a trend president garny is trying to reverse with a new strategy simply put it's aimed at replacing the old with the new he started a youth parliament offering them a bigger role in the future the young know of this they are really educated and door open minded and they have very good idea that they can build this county had again toward peace and a sustainable prosperity and peace and in. the clear out of the old has also hit the security forces many senior officers have enjoyed cushy positions and high salaries up to the age of seventy and beyond hundreds have now been sacked as part of the u.s. backed initiative. chuckle carm was
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a colonel in intelligence and says he risked his life many times in a forty year career he's angry at being thrown out with a small pension and warns of potentially dangerous consequences why because most of the dialogue with our work for the government has been honest however there's a possibility that some could be recruited by the enemy for money because of our knowledge of the government that could help the opposition. for the seventy thousand street kids and under-age workers of kabul their only aim is to get enough every day to eat elsewhere it would be a tragedy here it is what passes for normality it's all afghanistan's children know and they make the best of what they've got. tony burke al-jazeera kabul. and let's take you through some of the headlines here in algeria now rebels in
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syria's eastern alter have rejected a russian offer of safe passage accusing moscow of force displacement russia's backing a syrian government offensive in the rebel held district which saw at least eighty people killed on monday it was the deadliest day since the u.n. adopted a cease fire resolution and russia ordered a daily pause in fighting you see. if you do not wish to let the civilians leave the held areas we are ready to guarantee safe passage from eastern for you and your families will be enough transport provided and security will be guaranteed along the whole route sort of vision of the call upon the leaders of all illegal armed groups to make everything possible to release the civilians from suffering as soon as possible and secure unobstructed delivery of humanitarian aid to east including those. a high level south korean delegation has returned from pyongyang where they met north korean leader kim jong il on state media says kim wants to advance relations and tension with the south the talks are focused on averting nuclear war
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. aid agencies say tens of thousands of people have been displaced by ethnic violence in the democratic republic of congo at least seventy nine people were killed in recent days and fighting between rival tribes in northern province. senior u.n. official says meehan mars ethnic cleansing of ring of muslims is continuing u.n. assistant secretary general for human rights sandra gilmore says tactics have changed from mass killing and rape to for starvation he was visiting refugee camps in bangladesh where nearly seven hundred thousand ring are seeking refuge. counter-terrorism police in britain are investigating this is spate did poisoning of a former russian spy. woman in her thirty's are in intensive care after exposure to an unknown substance they were found unconscious at a shopping center in salzburg. sure lanka's declare the ten day state of emergency to dampen days of violence between muslims and buddhists the military would
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deployed to candia the curfew imposed after most of the moment homes and businesses were damaged in riots. it's rebel geeks now stay with us. ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a slow news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera digital technology and this intimacy. and even longer nine. billion t.c.g. billions of calculations. it seems interest companies need and. in which. increased and tracked and intended. that is convenience profit and.


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