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tv   Grafitti Taxi  Al Jazeera  March 9, 2018 9:56am-10:01am +03

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on the other side the potential is also looking pretty warm there from mecca of thirty six degrees just a bit of cloud across northern parts of saudi arabia heading down into southern parts of africa we've got fine weather conditions across much of south africa just a chance of a share in the eastern cape threw up into mozambique looking fine across much of botswana from namibia to plenty of sunshine here we're looking at highs of thirty one in winter. just. saying. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for our hole in the media opinion by listening at this time on al-jazeera.
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is proud to have been there since i've been covering the war. it's. kind of the content i too like. you're the only country that got. to grow up pretty good and public transport actually designed it's something we took bridle of the need to walk around you see something beautiful in the street the mame. means three the first time they were introduced to sense so you just call them are tied to their very entertaining people really invest in. my job distribution is that you know i've got to clean up. o.p.p.r.
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. well actually i could do that. because. it's a partial. enjoy creating something of my own. i like doing a job on standing up looking at the done thing that's something beautiful and i like creating felt. and also want to keep myself busy. so it's quite challenging because. somebody giving you all know the design they're expecting a lot from me so they expect and when you do that and this guy goes out they must bring back mine because they're using money to design. it's the music and. i think one of the most beautiful things that especially now in town and that's what you know you just witness it through to fifty i don't know any other anything on this for i want to talk about fifty eight think of an area where people into
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people good people into new things what is currently happening in the night and people the government wants something uniform like the white ones or everything has a yellow stripe but they don't like. it's something the young people are called become the sting of the trees so by killing you bending to killing a former employee in such a thing give us a challenge see what we can be some people who are living funny movies because we're doing a government that was pushing the away from these things that maybe they're causing us to do of which we don't understand. how much of the day but you said you have a tough one for you yes i've got to go to the speedo more traffic behind me i mean how do cause i'm cutting so i have to have to look but. when i walk down the
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street. i see. signs. proud of it up real good when i'm walking on the streets and to drive on the lights all can be all that really. doing i love. that's what keeps me cool. after months of bitter exchanges the u.s. president except son offered to meet the north korean leader for talks. on this is al jazeera live from doha also coming.


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