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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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perception. documentary. from around the globe. felix journalism. debates and discussion there's a lot of misunderstanding and distortion even the only argument i find against that is all. history. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. u.s. president dog trump val's to keep up the pressure and sanctions on north korea despite plans to meet its leader. i'm sam is a than this is al jazeera live from the house so coming up we meet the families in
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northern syria caught in the middle of fighting between turkish forces and kurdish fighters. this does stops here. a show of unity kenya's president and main opposition leader puts aside their differences to heal the country's political divisions. pharmaceutical exactly of one of the most hated man in america finds out his fate for defrauding investors. donald trump says a deal between the u.s. and north korea on its nuclear program is very much in the making and the tweet he says if completed the agreement will be quote a very good one for the world the white house says there will be no preconditions to trump meeting the leader kim jong il trump spoke earlier with chinese leader xi jinping by phone both agreed to continue sanctions until north korea takes steps to
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end its nuclear program trump plans to meet kim by in may mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . it appeared that the u.s. had introduced new preconditions when the press secretary said that the meeting would not take place unless north korea provided strong guarantees and took strong steps to indicate the authenticity of its position however subsequently administration officials said that mr sanders was not introducing new preconditions they said she was indeed emphasizing the consequences should north korea continue or resume nuclear or missile testing or interfere with the joint military exercises taking place between the u.s. and south korea but this confusion underscores the developments that have occurred with president trump leaping headfirst into a potential face to face negotiation many expressing concern that negotiations such
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as these begin from the bottom up that the face to face meeting between leaders comes at the end of a process not at the very beginning in addition some experts point out the north koreans have had decades of negotiating deals with various states the trumpet ministration new to the game they going to be at a disadvantage in any negotiation with the north koreans should it take place from the very beginning now ariel cohen is a senior fellow at the atlantic council a part of political policy think tank he says there are two possible reasons why north korea is asked to meet dan trump. clearly north korea is not asking for this meeting because it's doing well it's not the hundreds of thousands of north korean workers which were earning money for the regime almost like a slave labor throughout europe in the middle east are being kicked out the
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sanctions are getting tighter china is participating so the regime is hurting and that's why most probably they're asking for negotiations of course there's another explanation and that is that. it's just grabbing time to launch yet another more powerful missile with a more powerful bomb so the regime should be giving concessions to the trumpet ministration such as shutting down its nuclear weapons program five civilians have been killed in attacks by syrian government forces in parts of east of the vault on friday and they'd convoy crossed into the rebel held enclave bringing much needed food despite heavy fighting close to relief workers the delivery includes supplies that didn't reach the area on monday when a convoy retreated because of renewed violence the syrian rebel group army of islam has agreed to release fight is being held as prisoners in the east in the halter syrian state television showed thirteen fighters from the group formerly known as
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and also front and their families starting to leave the rebel group says the decision was made after consulting the u.n. and international parties it's not clear if the deal will lead to a wider evacuation of fighters from other groups or civilians turkey's president or edge of tiber to do and says its troops will soon end to the northern syrian town of after the. thank you it's a tree surrounded at three and i think season control of the keys neighboring town of genderless turkey and allied syrian rebels are trying to push kurdish fighters from the area are just syria's alan fisher has been with turkish troops inside syria and a lot southwest of genderless. we drove into syria with the turkish army escort they decided where we would go the destination the village of dead one of the first retaken from kodesh militia by the free syrian army supported by the turks in the operation and all of branch sitting in the shade the children waited for the truck
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to distribute its boxes to date here has been the scene for a while in a small building a makeshift doctor's office treating a lot of minor injuries anything serious in the transfer to turkey for further treatment. for some who knew nothing but war. it's a new and frightening experience. then it was time to hand out the aid but i am an animal family's name was called and someone stepped forward some merely tall enough to carry it home the people are standing here waiting patiently for the aid to be handed out that is they say they're waiting long enough for the aid to rival but they don't mind waiting that little bit longer. each box is all in sugar and flour and sanitary products enough to last the family three weeks one. hundred of them an hour since the f.s.a. came we are receiving aid it is enough for us it's enough six years we lived under the y.p. no one the aid material should be
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a little bit more because of the number of people here and the number of people in those families some of them received aid but one or two boxes are not enough for one family because they're all gathered in one house the turkish red crescent says it's doing what you can with what it has. up to but we came to the area yesterday. and assess the needs of the village residents who are prepared food and hygenic material for everyone. every so often the ground shakes at the sound of artillery fire the big guns pointed so in support of the ongoing military operation the children told me they don't like the noise they may have grown up with the war but it's something they will never get used to. alan fischer al-jazeera their balut northern city of. kenya's president and main opposition leader have promised to begin a process of reconciliation they met for the first time since last year's disputed election which was followed by violence catherine sawyer reports. a
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surprise public show of unity that has caught many of their supporters off god president to who we are as an opposition leader. have agreed to bury their political hatchet after two acrimonious presidential elections last year that led to the deaths of many people i'm walk swearing in as the people's president his refusal to recognize the leg of king at his presidency and the government's reaction to what swearing in cracking down on the media and opposition now the two say all that is behind them we have can. understand and i understanding this. is great. and any one individual and that's what this country became to get the leaders must come together you guys must be able to discuss their defenses you guys must be able
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to be really an open he what is our country what. is the reason and the. ethnic divisions and situations and we see a constituency many opposition supporters want to know what really was discussed behind closed electra justice that the guy has been so passionate about the credibility of the presidential election and what about justice to the many people who died in the election. is that what he and the president have done is provide leadership not duking ins agreed on the other use of the differences and all of the . millions of our children continued to be born and mounted into these differences people are dying out of these differences my brother. and less certain of them come together today to see
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this descent stuff here this meeting appears to have been positive times to coincide with the visit of the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson the u.s. has been critical of both sides and how they've handled the political situation. and hops want to show that all is well now they want to move the country forward and help heal up make the. t.v.'s on met the president when he arrived we shared our concerns. and our discussions with the president about the importance of democratic institutions and kenya is a leading democracy and africa we believe that there are actions that need to be taken in kenya and that they need a correction or nationals like shutting down t.v. stations and threaten him independence of the courts they also discussed economic ties between the u.s. and kenya and the fight against terrorism in the region catherine saw al jazeera
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nairobi kenya. russia's foreign minister has wrapped up his five day tour of africa in ethiopia confirmed moscow's support for africa to have a seat at the un security council also visited angola and mozambique zimbabwe and libya his visit coincided with a trip to the region by the u.s. counterpart rex tillerson a former u.s. drug company executive once dubbed america's most hated man has been jailed for seven years for fraud martin squarely became notorious for massively increasing the price of a lifesaving drug used to treat hiv aids kristen salumi has more from new york. martin scrawly apologized to investors and admitted he'd made mistakes as he sobbed and pleaded for leniency but his own attorney admitted sometimes he wanted to punch his client in the face for convicted of lying to raise money and then again to cover his losses the hedge fund manager was already famous when he was arrested for
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securities fraud for raising the price of a life saving aids drugs five thousand percent and then smirking his way through a hearing when called to account by congress it's not funny mr truly people are dying and they're getting sicker and sicker it's more the fact that he and tag and eyes journalists and mocked authorities on social media during the trial did not endear him to the judge she revoked his bail after scrawly offered his facebook followers money for a snippet of hillary clinton's hair john zack is a former federal prosecutor who now works for new york law firm boies schiller flexner to sort of engage in that kind of conduct while your in a criminal trial is a bad idea because you once you get to sentencing you basically have an audience of one the judge and the judge is going to be looking at him and trying to evaluate what kind of person he is squarely who has been teaching inmates math in prison insisted he's a good person i've learned
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a harsh lesson he said in his sentencing letter a trial in six months in maximum security has been a frightening wake up call i now understand i need to change hearts crowley's attorney argued he deserved eighteen months in jail or less but the judge handed down a seven year sentence she also forfeited seven million dollars plus of the man's assets including a rare would tang clan album that martin scrawly once bragged about paying two million dollars for kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. well still ahead on al-jazeera caving into pressure florida's governor signs off on age restrictions for gun purchases plus. i'm a clot reporting from an expedition in antarctica on the effort to turn the power of the remote weddell sea to the largest protected area on.
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hello there we're going to take a look at weather conditions across the americas this time we've lost most of the snow as a result of that nor'easter still a little bit higher across the eastern parts of canada but a lot model weather pushing in towards new york and washington and washington d.c. seen highs of ten degrees further towards the south though we've got an area of low pressure given the risk of some heavy rain that's going to moving further south into georgia and on its northern edge we're going to see some significant snowfall developing once again stage we're looking at the fine conditions for the pacific northwest but further south we could well see some rain effect in san francisco at times with some snow it's higher elevations down into central parts of america is looking pretty good here at the moment one of two showers as you'd expect but really most places seeing lots of sunshine and the same goes for the caribbean islands for the most part a few showers around but i think for most of the anons the days ago we dominated by warm sunshine the highs for the round about thirty mark heading into south america
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plenty of showers around the eastern part of brazil at the moment extending toward southern areas with rio still seeing some showers at seventy ascension in paraguay should be largely dry and further towards the south around the river plate it should be dry for both by this area and also montevideo fine conditions are likely in santiago there's a move the forecast on twenty four hours just a chance of wanted to showers in argentina. as poverty and desperation sweep across ruhi just settlements women and girls are being bought and sold and given away you know refugee camps one on one east investigates yet another dark sign of the crisis at this time on al jazeera and this is different but there is one thing for someone it's very rare. it's how you approach it and. i'm just.
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watching i'll just here a time to recap our headlines now donald trump says the deal between the u.s. and north korea on its nuclear program is very much in the making and will be good for the world the president's tweet comes as the white house says will be no preconditions for a meeting with north korean leader kim jong un expect to be held within two months five civilians have been killed in attacks by syrian government forces on parts of eastern the water on friday in a convoy crossed into the rebel held enclave delivering desperately needed food despite heavy fighting close to relief workers kenya's frozen and main opposition leader promised to begin
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a process of reconciliation the pair held talks for the first time since last year's disputed election u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is visiting nairobi and welcomed the move. government has entered a veteran's home and taken hostages in the u.s. state of california police in the young fellow exchanged fire with a man they say is holding three people captive veterans home is the largest in the united states houses more than a thousand elderly and disabled residents. well the national rifle association is filed a lawsuit challenging new gun control laws in the state of florida branding them unconstitutional the move comes just hours after floor of the governor signed the bill increasing the minimum age for buying far arms to twenty one it follows weeks of campaigning by survivors of last month's parks and high school shooting in which seventeen people died also paves the way for some school stuff to be.
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i mean remember and i was in a remember when i became governor i'm going to be an interim member when i'm not governor i'm sure there's an array members that agree with the bills and they don't agree with this bill. the you know but the way that i think about it i'm going to do what i think are common sense solutions commonsense things that the father is a grandfather the governor is is we need to have offers for schools we need to harden or we need more mental health counseling we need to make sure people that are going to do harm and think about we know we the people talking i mean we know we know they're out there talking we need to do something about it and and we need to take all these all of us everybody needs to take this seriously when somebody is threatening people holiday co-chairwoman of women against gun violence she says the n.r.a. could use the new florida law is to push its agenda for getting more guns into schools. we're very concerned about this law being passed because of course it has a kickback in it for the n.r.a. in that they want to arm school personnel so i don't know exactly what they mean by
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that is that the lunch lady is at the coaches either way in a state where stand your ground is legal that means that if any of this school of the school personnel is says that they feel threatened by a student they can shoot to kill and legally get away with murder what we've seen in america before with our youth movements is that like during the vietnam war these young kids were seeing their friends come home in caskets and they said enough and now they're seeing their friends being carried out of their schools in body bags and whereas the rest of us in america not me personally but many people have sort of this this cycle of learned helplessness we've seen the mass shootings the thoughts and prayers. the got the call for new gun laws and then nothing happens and we just sort of gotten used to the fact that the n.r.a.
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gets to control everything and dictate policy from the white house but now these students are saying they don't have a learned helplessness response they're seeing this their friends are being gunned down and they're saying no we're not going to take it we're going to change this we're the future we're tomorrow and we're going to make this happen. the u.n. has one two million children are at risk of dying of starvation in a democratic republic of congo aid agencies say years of conflict and instability of created one of the world's most complex humanitarian crises and it's getting worse when the hawk starr reports. this child is part of a great humanitarian crisis one of two million children at risk of dying from mt nutrition in the castle region in the democratic republic of congo. intercommunal conflicts have been escalating here since two thousand and sixteen similar violence across the country has led to more than four point five million people internally
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displaced that's nearly half of the country's population. the humanitarian community has launched its largest ever appeals the democratic republic of congo asking for nearly one point seven billion dollars to two million kids suffering from acute severe malnutrition who are at risk. of dying of what is what is clear is you're looking at numbers of this magnitude you know the urgent see couldn't be couldn't be greater the world food program emphasized the need for urgent assistance in the cast a region alone three point two million people are severely hungry that one in four people. malnourished children at risk of dying three hundred thousand at risk of dying just think of that three hundred thousand little kids. the u.n. humanitarian chief plans to visit castro next month to raise awareness the drama of the democratic republic of the congo is falling in the shadows of the horrific wars
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in syria and in yemen. the congo has become completely neglected and forgotten as a mega crisis indeed hundreds of thousands of children may starve to death the humanitarian community. is holding its first ever democratic republic of congo during a conference in geneva in april. the u.n. suman rights chief has suggested the philippine president should seek psychiatric evaluation say there are that has sainz comments come after the bigger details government follow the court petition it seeks to get a un rougher turn and several other high profile people declared terrorists are accused of being part of a communist group wanting to overthrow the government this is of course unacceptable for a special operator. acting on behalf of the international community whose
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expertise is sort by the human rights council to be treated in this were. hooper and i expect the human rights council to respond accordingly and really makes one believe that the president of the philippines needs to submit himself to some sort of psychiatric evaluation this sort of this this sort of common reading is unacceptable to me that and that has more now from minute or two. when president through the good the churchill was sworn in in two thousand and sixteen he promised so usher in a new era of peace between the philippine government and members of the communist party of the philippines he promised to end a five year conflict in the country he released members of the communist movement and even appointed some of them within his cabinet but months of attempts and failure at negotiations and skirmishes between the philippine army and members of
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the armed wing called the new people's army has led to this deterrent to says the new people's army together with some other members of the national democratic front he says are there and this intended to destroy quote unquote his country and so the department of justice has submitted to a court a list of what it seeks to tag as terrorists this includes members of the new people's army but it also includes activists former priests and former politicians and even members of the united nations human rights organisations and it is something that they say is deeply dangerous they say president of the good that there jazz the makings of a dictator and they say that using the word terrorist is irresponsible malicious and downright dangerous police in sri lanka are investigating whether the suspected leaders of this week's wave of violence against muslims of foreign funding two people died and more than sixty were arrested in attacks on mosques and muslim
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owned businesses in the central region of can the calm is now returned but the shops are reopened it has been the smith reports country's economy has taken a hit. candy's temple of the tooth is up there on the must see list of tourists coming to sri lanka. millions are drawn to the island serenity and natural beauty but that image is taken a hit after the attacks by sinhalese nationalists on the minority muslim community in candy we had to pass the area which was under curfew and so we had to go to the police to get a special permit to go through and that was quite exhausting and annoying also we had like to do a detour which was three hours longer than sixty of them lead us back to a member or two so we saw destroyed things destroyed listening so i'm. so focused on those. prime minister knows the violence has impacted his country's image that by these unwise acts carried out by
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a small group have done great social and financial damage to the country tourists were greatly in can we missed and this has dealt a blow to the tourist industry. government assessors are now drawing up lists of businesses that are to be compensated many muslim families have seen a lifetime's work go up in flames after their properties were attacked. but the curfew imposed has meant lost income for almost every large and small business in kandy which have to close as the security forces try to contain the violence nothing really doing something valuable is indeed for these players and for the salaries. in the water every day. and they're going through this to really feel like. you know now is the only way to live. eighty percent of tourists who come to sri lanka include candy on their itinerary the government is very sensitive to threats to tourists of tourism more than two million foreign visitors to sri lanka last year bringing in more than three point
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two billion dollars in foreign exchange so while the authorities were very quick to put out a warning telling foreigners not to come to candy when trouble flared as soon as calm returned that warning was just as quickly drawn. a national state of emergency is in place until monday and there's still an overnight curfew the authorities are hoping the worst is now over bernard smith al-jazeera candy. the way they'll see in antarctica is the coldest on the planet but it's home to an extraordinary and co system boasting an estimated fourteen thousand species from killer whales to starfish well now there's a proposal to cern these rich waters into the largest wildlife sanctuary on earth one of al-jazeera a series on the weddell sea vironment and it's in a closet joined a greenpeace expedition vessel making its way through the sanctuary. it's a city near the end of the maritime history. in the main
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square in punta arenas but none miguel and looked out towards where you go across the strait that day from scott shackleton this is where famous antarctic expeditions came and sometimes returned and today it's home to the chilean. signatory to a very important treaty preserving the integrity of the antarctic continent works as a kind of international co-operative as you walk into the chilean and talk to institute you're presented with a map of the continent incredibly rich in resources from copper to oil to gold and a lot of nations would like to get their hands on that but they called because of the antarctic treaty which was signed back in one nine hundred fifty nine to ensure in the interest of all mankind that shall continue forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene object of international discord and so far. as the principle of spirit of cooperation in
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a really if you don't compare it maybe you can be or can do anything because this is an extreme. with extreme conditions. right as to king george island on the fringes of antarctica it's well below zero and the tourists off the cruise ships are on their way home. you know if you're dialing and here we made it seem like landing on. this is where the world's geography is turned upside down where russia neighbors chile along side it does not the nation's research stations it is the antarctic treaty in action. survival suits are on for the trip from shore to ship. on board way quickly on our way south bound for the site of the proposed ocean
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sanctuary an isolated wilderness of sea and ice home to an astonishing erev life campaign sort of for the wealthy marine protected area proposal by the german government backed by the e.u. and that sort of starts about sixty four degrees described by everyone who goes there is pretty inhospitable i think that's the feeling we're going to have as we round this corner the greenpeace expedition is taking in scientific studies of the ocean floor as well as an exploration of this remote outpost how far we get will depend on whether ice conditions and a good deal of luck nic long al-jazeera antarctica. let's take you through some of the headlines here in al-jazeera now donald trump says a deal between the u.s. and north korea on its nuclear program is very much in the making and will be good
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for the world the white house has ruled out any preconditions for a meeting between the president and north korean leader kim jong il and they're expected to meet by may as more from washington d.c. . experts point out the north koreans have had decades of negotiating deals with various states the trumpet ministration new to the game they going to be at a disadvantage in any negotiation with the north koreans should it take place from the very beginning five civilians have been killed in attacks by syrian government forces on parts of eastern the halter and made convoy crossed into the rebel held enclave delivering desperately needed food despite heavy fighting close to relief workers kenya's president and main opposition leader have promised to begin a process of reconciliation the pair talks for the first time since last year's disputed election. the national rifle association has filed a lawsuit challenging new gun control laws in florida saying they're
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unconstitutional the country's largest gun lobby group is upset the governor signed the bill increasing the minimum age for buying firearms to twenty one the move follows weeks of campaigning by survivors of last month's part and high school shooting which killed seventeen people former u.s. drug company executive once dubbed america's most hated man has been jailed for seven years for fraud martin scrawly became notorious for massively increasing the price of a life saving drug the u.n. as one two million children are suffering from severe malnutrition in the democratic republic of congo aid agencies say three hundred thousand children are at risk of dying from starvation in the region the un's human rights chief has suggested the philippine president should seek psychiatric evaluation last month through the bigger the target his government far the court petition accusing un rapper to of being part of
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a communist rebel group those are your headlines the news continues after one a while you stay with us here. i mean this was different artists and whether someone was going for some of these various discovery meters i think it's how you approach and vision and after that is a certain way of doing a two hundred five and inject a story and fly out. with hundreds of thousands of real hinge a muslims escape the military crackdown in mean. most of them women and girls clean violence and. the hope to find refuge in bangladesh instead.


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