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tv   The Boy Who Started The Syrian War  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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from around the globe. it was a big sound like the plane coming down. let's listen. debates and discussion there's a lot of misunderstanding and distortion isn't the only argument i find against that is all according to history. see the world so much respect to al jazeera. and i have a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera syrian government forces appear to be making further invalids into the rebel held territory of eastern goat that they now reportedly control more than half of the opposition area and have splintered what's left in rebel hands and to three separate pockets rebel groups
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have a porsche be considering an evacuation deal mariana holland has more for three weeks the syrian army's bombs have fallen on eastern good while its troops have moved in and to rebuild here a tree. that was sort of on the other for all but some of the syrian arab army continue their operations in eastern guta successfully day by day other areas in vast spaces of eastern ghouta are secured. and the last week rebel held territory shrank and split into what syrian state media saying the army had completely surrounded the town of duma now those same government forces have reported the way even further into opposition territory splintering the rebel held territory into three. the bombardment has been relentless and indiscriminate monitors and activists say more than eleven hundred people have died since the government offensive began the syrian civil defense accuses government forces of using
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chlorine gas phosphorous bombs and napalm u.s. defense secretary james mattis wants syria against using chemical weapons situation here in eastern good very very powerful and miserable. another rebel held area feeling the bite of syrian government advances is edlund the largest chunk of syrian territory currently held by the opposition this footage shows russian and syrian government gets striking the central bank in adlib city syrian government supporters sit it was the command center for the group in charge of it hyatt studied al shan an opposition tweet described it as the base for a syrian risk you teens many areas in the province of being targeted al-jazeera arabic scurrah spondon to adam abou her same witness the bombardment of the town have been nice and. were being at the among their targets where these residential areas several people were killed others wounded civil defense units have been
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trying to get people out from underneath the rubble there have been global calls for cease fire in syria but syria and russia have paid little mind to the outcry it's a familiar government strategy and intense unrelenting bombardment designed to weaken and ultimately divide the rebel held region and this strategy appears to be working but at an enormous human cost million hand al-jazeera. well also in syria kurdish fighters have called on civilians to volunteer to form a human shield around the city of three and as turkish forces advance al-jazeera has heard reports that womans and community groups have responded to the calls turkish troops and free syrian army fighters have surrounded the fleeing and warn them and to. egypt has extended the detention of al jazeera journalist mark with hussein by another forty five days the egyptian national was arrested while on vacation in december two thousand and sixteen hussein's accused of incitement
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against state institutions and broadcasting false news with the aim of spreading chaos he has lawyers and al-jazeera strongly deny the allegations this is the twelfth time his detention has been extended he is yet to be charged colombia's right wing political parties have performed strongly and congressional elections the groups are critical of the two thousand and sixteen peace deal with fox rebels the election for the debut of fog as a political party. china's ruling communist party has paved the way for xi jinping to remain in office and definitely as a voter to abolish term limits for the president and vice president and investigations underway into why a helicopter crashed in new york's east river the crash was caught on camera by a passer by at least two people were killed while three others are in a critical condition and hospital police say the pilot managed to free himself and was rescued by a tugboat the helicopter had been chartered for
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a photo shoot those are the headlines on al-jazeera the boy who started the syrian war is coming up next thank you very much for watching. another day another hit and run mission for the free syrian army in the southern city of. homs. yes.
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it's classic urban guerrilla warfare and no one knows the streets better than those who played here whose children. these men all grew up in but this is no game and if the government troops pinpoint them they're dead. because i. should have a close look. it's not. just something just because. it is here in this city that the uprising against bashar al assad began. among these fighters is a young man who bears a unique and unintended responsibility his name is see
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a snake. on the lot of other modern animals in what. was it. was just fourteen when he sprayed antigovernment slogans on this school wall in that. it was february two thousand and eleven and he could never have imagined the consequences. well over half a million people have been killed in syria since the start of the war. malawi as home city has been ravaged by street fighting shelling barrel bombing the war has
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created scars that may never heal. the so-called arab spring at rallies popular sentiment across the middle east tunisia egypt libya yemen and many more so millions of people take to the streets. people protesting dictatorship and demanding democratic freedoms. but now while he is graffiti was more a mischievous act of youthful defiance. muscle force. a man a. lot of knowledge about what. kind of my dad and
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what i thought. of them the most. about your men and shut the door let's about on the most. of the hour. with a look at the toys. in the month look like a loon and. his father's fears were well founded. malawi his three accomplices were rounded up by the police together with a dozen other suspects. the full. dragged out of bed in a dawn raid he was driven away in handcuffs his family had no idea where he was being taken but knew of the syrian authorities reputation for brutality. madhu for abboud was an accountant for twenty years until the uprising. but when
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jani you booked him condemned you know a lot of that in there as our mother did that come to us and thought that if the new law. and them got. a new. some oxygen. they have somebody. to look at. that they've got a. problem which one out of one of the public data going to be going on a little slow head kind of going to look a little to. me to be there to help us live on i'm going to. get them to themselves think of how many. well some of them a hundred. was a gymnast would you want to have that idea you home. or could you be out of place at that event and that will help and i would not wonder. about that garbo. link
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kind of got a lot of that photo how. my you can the way you would if i think i live it goes with the whole. fellow. well met the t. that all. the. don't feel. a little it would have. come with. your. mom's a lot of but it was established on the south along with the mother with the looking all your me and laughed at that. when their fathers tried to find out what had become of the boys they were told forget those children go home and make some more if you can't manage send us your women and we'll make more for you. honey you know who are much money can win this. although i can use that to the. and that is there for
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a ship of. that fearing for the boys safety after a month in police custody thousands began taking to the streets demanding their return. and i'm going to be that i have no one who nicely shot of a lot. stronger than that and know how. clueless idiot confronted without us alluded to in on the could. canonic another acknowledges you know good men are going to not hear no and years you are not going to understand that and you know just when it was. around two thirty. the police began treating the demonstration as a rite. aid and this formed barricades fire tear gas and water cannons. the
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crowd filled back but didn't disperse. soon after that special forces were helicoptered in from damascus with orders to quell the riot at all costs. just after four pm and that friday they opened fire on the crowd. got another call. along with another man's and then the lot of a lot of jamaat as nana assault luck of if you. see just how cool she had a function here that he should have been away all. the. functions of a. clue thousands of the photos. let the kid out of the
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us the model the minute we get ourselves. some of columbia to a jail it had enough on. the bottom and so on the. so how can i have had enough fun. next day with feelings running high the burial of the two men security forces again opened fire. did several mourners killed a child. anyone with gunshot wounds would be arrested if they went to the hospital so the a lamar the mosque the oldest in the city became
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a first aid station. was. told. but in the early hours of twenty third march security forces stormed the mosque seven were shot dead including a doctor i did go to with me a little bit of them i mean how. do you live i mean i was. outraged but all the killing thousands more flooded into the city from the outlying districts. sensing things were getting beyond their control the authorities released the boys from custody. but the sight of the battered faces incensed the crowd again. of. the law or was that a. little. while ago. of manifold fire.
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most of them open. with more than a john they got a meal but only. as mark on this island. now holds the walls of the model of it. a noisy throng of thousands the crowd assumed safety in numbers but the security forces declared a breach of public order and opened fire on the demonstrators. her your am. i.
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left mobile phones and the internet meant the entire nation saw what was happening . syrians were dying online. problems talk on. whole blowhole. that were. the. protest spread from the south to latakia damascus homes bunya us hama. north to aleppo and east. this was no longer a protest over the arrest of some young boys did become an uprising and i am going to learn your car going to see it to see. when not i'm not. going to see investing in. iraq and iran can come stosh else i want to scream in.
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models first recruits was his brother more tough doing any of that his shots. the one. article. a while wanted to have a gun and then move on then milan on the follow heavy gunfire going to. the brothers village of nyima on the eastern outskirts of daraa had a reputation for defiance and a show of force the government troops blasted their way in. the lead for that old song thought shellshock you know the full calm look also of. the humming jewish in the now you know i'm on the job a sledge i i'm out of but i'm a block not a thief initial efforts are not about luck i'm not a lush white jacking man as an up off place. coming up with
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a good. american gun paving the way they are and the knock on the cellular. telephone or first of all welcome. model if the accountant became a roof the warrior. like most of his men he'd completed national service as a young man he'd been trained as a fighter pilot. in the day or two more and more dishes truly and i thought i said of my father one of the just a story he agreed joe you saw the money in.
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but he would now be using his military experience to fight for what became the free syrian army against his own government. no fog in the morning i'm going to the not going to do i don't get here is a good. walk on the. ground . well small militias were confronting a military goliath the demonstrations went on. bigger angrier crowds took to the streets. and women soon joined the protests. around one hundred in their place own instead of going into the hall of had now the hold of. so it on the bus. but he warned us. that the whole community. sell his weapon was the internet she called attention to the struggle raising
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awareness across syria and beyond. now syrians who live abroad could see events taking place in their homeland. i think yes i've. heard the way. america wandered around a monitor. i kind of thought that but i do want funny with that emily. and see what i do and it will be. like many other syrians returning from abroad a book side brought back skills in short supply at home and. using his engineering knowledge he turned a remote farm building outside into a factory making bombs mines and rockets.
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there's no sophisticated technology here just the kind of industrial plant that any small engineering company might use. and. this is t.n.t. reclaimed from government bombs that dropped them but failed to explode. making bombs is dangerous work. it's all highly toxic and the side effects can be painful. and.
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just plain lying in a war that is seen government forces massively outgunned the opposition the rebels and have had to improvise to survive. the. very lives things. somehow alongside the rockets and bombs. there is a living breathing community where ordinary people do ordinary things. come to. mind yourself. yeah sure myself and then and enough that i'm your man thought out but above you down on this that's a lot of except out of the vienna my fist and i'm
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a size and i'm of the novel's up mo. but sometimes it's worse than a missile or even a barrel bomb. a shipping container loaded with explosives and dropped from a helicopter creates carnage in a residential area. and how you set us up in a. m twelve a day that i don't know about but that is where a lot of. the a lot one night at what i did up but. through the seven hundred odd. how you can even. look at it. as you. can they get these things and think. oh my god that.
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turns out. on bin i got a dog. a judge on the cell phone call them with a with our shout i want you know about. that i'm going to have that don't but if you got them but no doubt the young man. in rebel held areas children longer among the ruins to selvedge anything that might be useful. state schools like the one mall we attended had been closed for years but small underground schools have risen from the ashes. and i mean i thought i would have been there but the had some of the best yet i did. it for sure not how to win the another how them in a home nothing from the bonaduce. other stuff and i would in new york the fun we found the best the mother some of us it. doesn't come on often i met
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him noticed how he thought him out everyone nothing. all. i. can she. had them and. us but that. was said to be nice. to see you focus your no more funding. and has some of sharma's father and the good woman have all my. shine there now i love you how did you. know i'm from the nothing i said. a man believes passionately in the role of women in the revolution. and then hold on to both the. number and. protocol on a bomb on
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a bus to. sully the internet activist also took on a practical role with children she became a civil defense trainer teaching survival techniques. at least fifty thousand children have been killed in syria since the uprising began. a limited calling to go to others live a shadow. of fear cause of death but a friendly at the one in the job shift i'm going to go dawgs. i think once a couple. well then mr didn't. examine them but. it was sort of cause for clear oarfish mike i'm going to come before you. but a fairly ok carol. only a thought for how the. how do you. handle that in the flat in the film in.
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this admittedly. the saucer crossover and then never thought. of that as much for dead at this and too cold out there meadow young to jump to the sasha but then physicians are not going. to heaven get it. this. way you think that if they do not move up to the lesson the children make their way home with a leaflet and a little more awareness. in truth though there's little defense against a barrel or container bomb. the military often talk about smart weapons and surgical strikes. that's not what's being used here.
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bombs dropped on killed women children old people anyone. you know it was. clear. that. even the boy whose actions started it all would lose his own father. natural capital the capital which nature created. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes a new interest buying landscapes protecting landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do
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that because they see a business in pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . swear every single it's. how all of this of a problem and hala the headlines on al-jazeera. syrian government forces have made further inroads into the rebel held territory of eastern guth or they now reportedly control more than half of the opposition area and have splintered what's left in rebel hands into three separate pockets rebel groups are reportedly
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considering an evacuation deal with the government but why as most of the in lives and eastern go there and he says the situation is dire. i don't see any. resume i see the russian airplanes and militias of iranian and. known. army coming to is to. yesterday there was civilians. and we don't know anything about them. unfortunately the situation here in eastern good very very awful and miserable well also in syria kurdish fighters have called on civilian volunteers to form a human shield around the city of rain as turkish forces advance al-jazeera has heard reports that woman's and community groups have responded to the calls turkish
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troops and free syrian army fighters have surrounded a fleeing and warm they'll enter so. egypt has extended the detention of al jazeera journalists much more hussein by another forty five days the gyptian national was arrested while on vacation in december two thousand and sixteen hussein's accused of incitement against state institutions and broadcasting false news with the aim of spreading chaos he his lawyers and al-jazeera strongly deny the allegations this is the twelfth time his detention has been extended the same is yet to be charged. and investigations underway into why a helicopter crashed in new york's east river the crash was caught on camera by a possible at least two people were killed while three are in a critical condition in hospital the helicopter had been chartered for a photo shoot and colombia's right when political parties have performed strongly and congressional elections the groups are critical of the two thousand and sixteen peace deal with fox rebels the elections also saw the debut of fog as
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a political party the boy who started the syrian war continues next thank you very much for watching.
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the boy who's on waiting action sparked the civil war lost the most important person in his life.
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why and along with a. lot of time. but his dreams were shattered by the war and when his father was killed the family was plunged into poverty. saw me one option open to. a social movement is used up all my good. for that the know she. is you longing for. just four weeks after joining the f.s.a. while he was shot and wounded in the leg. treated
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initially by rebel field medics he didn't meet the impulsive and dangerous decision to sneak into government territory to recover in the home of an old school friend. mary. i'm up with. it dylan. deal with the emotion. philip. you know when you'll meet them at the bar. well and. the lot of what the. well the future seems lost for so many families here find comfort in bracing the past. and the past is so rich that even the romans can be considered late comers.
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but the more recent history of syria is one of silence survival for the majority sunni population. in the years leading up to the revolution even small children would fights to hold their tongues. and i'm sure that. the faith i have. had the sin of that awesome and fourteen what had it today you can. shout out has been through has been about who has been the. death. of the hotter than a third. in the mud this is the formula of one. that had the plan in jazz that. said.
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i think there's something about a certain. time i must say in our country i'm about to get on the mend. we have short so. you're going to sit on sat. nothing but me and the gentleman has in the car. that hit with a hit tell us. about a people to talk about. but these freedoms have come at a terrible cost. for your doesn't work. so why do you know what i need for you. to do some computer. how will the phone commons or will it have a commission sure yet if. you insert in the q.
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and a just for a. war it is right on their doorstep the engineer flanked by a guard detail came a long way from the body where he'd lived most of his life. now back in daraa where he was born his home city has become a concrete skeleton. so for the thought of all the cab all the marbles and the tea which others can handle or jewels got upset all especially. her not all of them but he didn't have enough to want to move all. of us up to speed up getting home by.
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their subtle to help us walk the probably end of the call bob told. him not too often on the other night over the nasiriya. snipers lurk on the rooftops of broken buildings. movement on the streets or even indoors near a window often means instant death. but also. the cold when i'm not on a ship. i'm not but what if one of the celibates off the ships. badly damaged i would back it up to have a soft enough back. up to the done the job. done to push that
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and go to give up i'm not going to. bloody when a doctor showed up a. couple. born and asked to write. a book dreams of building a disneyland type fun park for children in the future. at a time he prays when rockets are no longer needed for the now the reservoir that you buy them a bottle of om. i can tell you the number of nuts with it. but . it's a nominal. and apparently casual encounter turns out to be
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a security checkpoint. that a lot of. fun a father would absolutely should do so with that market if there's a sort of not a soul to go in for that will put it up at once was it that there's you know about it and that imposes a lot of that some of. them down an awfully you know billion wonders and it was laden with them. going to say look. you're going to about them but i want it. known they want. it to show us. it was. monday night up with the c.e.o. of a sort of it become public to them. bob i'm one of them we have a whole lot of a but he had off at idle. the
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pump to set up. the development of the mouth of it to get. the content what parts and what parts of. a to bet with one. of them appeared to feel the sting of enough . what the puzzle or the. this is one of many arms dumps a small arsenal not known all but the us now on a pick up anonymous not going to have him to share the office and. they're making weapons from old scrap metal. that are produced. back in town. and his men take a moment to consider the meaning of the struggle. just.
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why that. isn't there any sense enough to do that exemption on. a number that's not such that it's long did in the book that it just will but it isn't going to get. he's. going to get the heaviest stuff and. that has a lot of it he said. that would be about a story you get a lot of it of you're the one. that said. oh he'll no futa for me that means in the dark about those who are going to be at the. play funny that that you really think that you don't like police the. police yesterday hot enough. for now a book size a good present work to do so he said intelligence reports of an imminent attack
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from a nearby government garrison. he decides to strike first. will be the most good i've got coming. from the moment they take to the road they're at risk. the syrian air force has total control of the skies. but the rebels see a window of opportunity. for how to do. a book a site calculates they have nineteen minutes between surveillance flights to travel set up fire the rocket and get out of the area before the spotted from the air. but. no g.p.s.
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guidance here they use protractor spirit level and fuel to light. accuracy is a matter of life and death when firing a five hundred kilo ball almost two kilometers. manhandling the missile into position the whole team makes the final push taking care not to disturb the trajectory. we're not gonna. have no idea is that if it is your model that. vietnam for the for now you know has done since when are you the one bit it should be. after a swift final checks the order is given to stand well clear.
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seventeen minutes have elapsed since the last aircraft passed overhead. the rebels have two minutes to get clear and hide their truck i i i i. even through the worst days of war people insist that life must go on. the mother. they still fall in love and marry. they dream of the future but the present is never far away.
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as it turns out model of abode has very little future to look forward to. in a desperate irony with the death and destruction of war all around him he has terminal cancer. he's leading a force three hundred strong but the men know nothing of more of condition. for this former accountant his first duty of the day is so vigilance. and. awful lot. about. how did. it end up the. government forces are just five hundred meters away there are snipers concealed
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from sight amongst the buildings still standing. and. the slightest glint of sunlight off binoculars could alert one of those snipers or even an artillery unit he seen enough time to brief his men. back at base maarouf meets with a handful of his men including more of his brother and second in command.
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here they take delivery of communications equipment. it's as vital as bullets. small bands of guerrilla fighters can result only. just in on me through coordination. led. the city and. the explosion is only one block away the start of a battle that will continue for three months. not all that good. does a lot of what. the alarm is raised in vehicles brought under cover and forces ready for combat.
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but. when the signal is given that men are pitched into battle. fighting rages in our camera captures just a little of the intensity. of
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the. in the heat of battle a regime sniper appears in a doorway just long enough to give himself away.
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he's been spotted by a rebel commander in a captured syrian army tank. three months of intensive fighting so little territorial movement but both sides suffered heavy casualties. over one hundred f. a c. fighters were killed seven of them from our roofs unit down on that. roof in cells died in the closing stages. from cancer. he'd always refused to go abroad for medical care preferred to remain with his men
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until the very last days when he was taken to jordan. and i think i was just a couple on a model. doesn't know when to walk. or for the meal from home. a lot of our dogs had. a lot of island but when the one you just got off of. to thailand a lot of clout had been a bit of a little. as
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for more whose unwitting actions ignited this war he suffered another loss. his best friend amar who joined the f.s.a. on the same day he did is buried at the edge of town. but was a noble thought. problem of a little. does population hogged in the course of the war killed wounded slept i am told the hand if it unleashed on fellow dash will come in and. then have an acute interest so latina the unselfishness of that. frog time honored the man on the show for around him on the phone on a puppy or. out
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a bike upon the african or have seen our car or knock on a man with the money for. the very claim can come out of the country who we don't like the character i mean. the common non-country having mass rally number even as we entered into one off for. an hour what arcanum that invented enough. charm. and meanwhile we are. inevitably he now questions his own actions. no i wasn't walk on earth was unwinnable. under the rug. on the whole for no ice and i know and more worth a little of all of the real work that i was told. there was no immersion localise novels no hits all of us all with us it was all. a lot of them.
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amid all the fighting and dying the street protests in daraa continued back. in towns and cities all across the country on both sides of the divide the only dreamt of peace. the one certainty is that syria is changed forever. in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from their family by the most terrible thing in syria. this has been the invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship you know. sometimes the talk you can do better to die for you to be able to talk to. the disappeared of syria but this time on al-jazeera.
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hello there this is a fair amount of rain over parts of the middle east at the moment the satellite picture showing all the cloud that's marching its way towards the east and some of the wetness of the weather has been over possible ghana stand three times you can stand on up into kazakstan lots of rain here and a fair amount of snow to another system is following behind it that i'm sort of joins together really as we head through choose day more of a thing to see some wet weather and some wintery weather to towards the west well dry for now in beirut but we do have another weather system that's pushing its way in three turkey so things here will be a little bit wet blustery during the day before the towards the south and there's a little bit of cloud just sinking its way through parts of the arabian peninsula but it's not really bringing any wet weather really to speak of what it is doing is it's changing the wind direction so our maximum temperature will be around twenty
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nine degrees on choose day the could be a fair amount of dust at and with an increase in the wind it will fail and has to wait fresher than it has been recently found towards the southern parts of africa and here most of our wet weather is in the northern parts of still stretching down through parts of them bob way and into parts of madagascar so plenty of showers across this region to the south of all of that plenty of dry weather to be found here just in the east this just the chance of one or two showers. what makes this moment this era we're living for the show unique this is really an attack on the truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding the distortion isn't of what free speech is supposed to be about but context is hugely important. to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provoke the thought of it as people do setting the stage
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for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. attacks leave dozens more dead and syria's. al-jazeera live from doha also coming up and may just set.


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