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tv   Grafitti Taxi  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2018 9:56am-10:01am +03

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the winds dying down here in qatar twenty nine celsius on tuesday picking up to thirty one sky one through wednesday a gentle breeze of the states are really will feel very nice as we go on through into the middle part of this week not to bad too across southern africa a little more cloud pushing towards the western cape town of the great rainfall i'm afraid the eastern cape charles of wanted to show us here but the wet weather into central and northern parts of mozambique and a good part of tanzania. a global economic superpower that's underperformed in the world of football one on one east explores how china is now spending billions in its quest to conquer the beautiful game. at this time an al-jazeera.
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culture they've been here since i've been serving them. i like the color of the content i will add ten tonight will. be the only country that got. to grow up pretty good and public transport actually designed it's something we take bridle of the need to walk around you see something beautiful in the street the name. means three the first time they are introduced you know status and so you just call them are tied to their very entertaining people really invest in my back to. my job
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distribution is that you know i've got to clean up. o.p.p.r. . well actually i couldn't do that. because bain pictures it's a posh from as in i enjoy creating something of my own. i like doing a job on standing up looking at it and think that's something beautiful and i like creating facts. and also want to keep myself busy. so it's quite challenging because. somebody giving you all know the design they're expecting a lot from me so they expect and when you do that and this guy goes out there must bring back mine because they're using money to design. piece of music and. i think one of the most beautiful things that especially now in town and that's what you know you just witness it through to fifty i don't think any other anything
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on this for want to talk about fifty eight think of an area where people into people who play into new things what is currently happening in the night and people the government wants something uniform like the white ones or everything has a yellow stripe but they don't like. it's something you know the young people are all become the sting of the trees by killing the ending to killing a former employee of such a thing give us a chance to what we can be some people who are living funny movies because we're doing a government that was pushing that away from the india thing that maybe they're causing an accident of which you don't understand. how much of the day but you said you have a small card for you yes i've got to go to the speedo more traffic behind me i mean
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how to cause i'm cutting so i have to have to look like this. when i walk on the street. i see. signs. proud of it up real good when i'm walking on the streets and to drive on the lights all can be all that really. doing i love. that's what keeps me cool. the united states joins britain in accusing russia of poisoning a former spy in the u.k. and says they'll be consequences.


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