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it's very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature is a high risk commodity sometimes trampas raised using production drugs. that are not approved for use in us the f.d.a. simply isn't testing and not on the imported market to really find olen things biologic bread to feed take note at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour la you from coming up in the next sixty minutes potential new problems with donald trump up the revelations the fired former f.b.i. deputy director kept notes of their conversations. turkish forces of the allies
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begin the final phase of their offensive against the northern syrian city of a free. the world health organization rolls out a mass vaccination program as a definitive outbreak takes hold in yemen. and out of britain expose nearly two dozen russian diplomats moscow replies and. welcome to the program the political storm surrounding the firing of a senior f.b.i. official is gathering momentum in the us media thing are reporting that under mccabe personal memos on his interactions with president trump and those documents are now with the special counsel investigating the trump campaign's ties with russia socked f.b.i. director james comey has also issued a direct warning to trump tweeting the american people will hear my story very soon and they can judge for themselves. who was honorable and who is not what trump's
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hit back criticized in the media for its apparent sympathy from a k. but also saying coming knew all about the lies and leaks at the f.b.i. and the trump person lawyer has told the daily beast publication that the entire russian investigation led by robert mala should be shut down well it's called as a former assistant secretary defense he says there are unprecedented levels of tension between the white house and the f.b.i. the fact that you fired a director ironically it was colby coming out a week before the election and reopening the investigation into secretary clinton's e-mails that released long the election to trump because before that secretary clinton had been a little bit ahead and then he fires she and the cost the fact that he didn't want him to would investigate that collusion when in fact that the f.b.i. had to do that given all of the evidence that they have about what russia was trying to do with the all action i think if they try to quash
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a smaller investigation it would be like when you nixon fired his special prosecutor i think even the republicans would rebel against that and that would cause an awful lot of problems for president trump because mahler is a republican he has been appointed by republicans to office so it's not a understood question well let's talk to steven rogers he's a member of the donald j. trump for president advisory board he joins us live now from washington d.c. steven rogers should we be surprised that mccabe kept these contemporaneous notes of his meetings with donald trump i mean these are found their way now to the special counsel robert muller what do you think is in those notes and how damaging could they be. well to begin with we wouldn't be surprised because that's what f.b.i. people do they take notes when they're having conversations with people but let's get back to james komi stating that the american people will hear his story because
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this is where it all began we already heard the american people already heard james komi story when he was before the congressional committee. giving them information about hillary clinton if you remember he gave a complete lie injury list of why hillary clinton should be indicted and then he exceeded his authority and recommended she not be indicted that was when he politicized and weaponized the f.b.i. and that was probably the first step towards his downfall ok but now we also get paid same similar situation now it's not so but let me ask you though stephen because a lot of people in the u.s. think that trump is putting the pieces into place to file a robot do you think he'll do that and should he do that one i don't believe he's going to fire robert mueller but i can tell you this there's a lot of pressure on the congress on the attorney general to put an end to this fishing expedition not one shred of evidence has connected the president of the united states when he was
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a candidate and now that he's president any connection to russia there has been no russian collusion that has been uncovered thus far and that's not going to happen because it just isn't there i've been known to present even if i was the mother and i thought occasion that's what the investigation is all about but listen trump tweeted that getting rid of mccabe was a great day for democracy and it would restore confidence among the rank and file of the f.b.i. do you think the f.b.i. would agree with trump's assessment. look i spent thirty eight years of my life in law enforcement i worked with the f.b.i. agents i was a military and intel officer assigned to f.b.i. headquarters i could tell you the agents i've talked to they're glad that the swap is being drained they know those rank and file troops who work so hard know that there are agencies has been tarnished and weaponized and politicized by the upper echelon of that agency and they want him gone yes they're relieved let's let's get some wider thinking here stephen i mean in terms of the republican criticism of
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mccabe it seems to stem from the idea that there's no such thing as a nonpartisan civil servant is that what trump and many republicans actually believe and what's the thinking behind this well i could tell you there's supposed to be nonpartisan investigators but we already know that on the mower investigation team many of those agents lawyers etc who are investigating the president made large contributions to hillary clinton's foundation or campaign in the case of mckay we know his wife was involved with the clinton foundation so you know that the end of the day is the president's right about this though that investigation and those committees have been compromised since day one so they have to be cleaned out and now there's a call for another special counsel and i've said all along you need now the investigators investigated stephen let me get a final thought from you a lot of people outside of the united states look at donald trump on the white
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house and see absolute chaos i mean there's mccabe this komi stormy donnell's dozens of firings at the white house please tell an international audience of people watching al-jazeera something anything that says trump is in control. trump losing control because the economy is booming taxes have been reduced our military strong he's working very very hard work world leaders to bring countries together their country is very very strong and the people in this country so that your international audience understands they look at the russian investigation and all these investigations on the bottom of the peril they're worried about their quality of life and the president is delivering on his promises no chaos in the white house steven rogers thank you for talking to al jazeera now turkish forces have begun their advance inside the northern syrian city of a free and following weeks of fighting it's one of two major battles at opposite ends of the country which have displaced tens of thousands of people well civilians
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have been streaming out of territory now a free man held by kurdish white b.g. fighters as turkish forces and their syrian allies fight their way into the city in southern syria near the capital damascus thousands of left the rebel held areas in eastern due to over the past day and more than one hundred people have been killed in the strikes by government and russian forces in the past forty eight hours and they've captured two more towns and now in control about eighty percent of eastern ghouta from the turkey syria border under simmons now reports. anywhere else in the world they'd be running for their lives but this is syria it's a slow procession the body language of mental exhaustion and fear they may not know what lies ahead of them they've only been able to bring what they can carry but they feel there's no other option but the eastern ghouta. the command of the syrian army urges all civilians to leave the areas under control of the extremist
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organizations through the safe corridor we affirm that we will continue to fulfill our national and constitutional duty to defend the nation until the return of security and stability throughout the country there is no united nations operation here to be mistaken to expect a full ceasefire not far away reports of airstrikes killing more civilians one of several districts zamalka hit again on friday activists had reported in century bombing which russia had denied the head of the main syrian opposition group criticize the un for failure to protect people. from alone we hold the united nations and the security council directly responsible for being silent around these crimes and for failing to take action to prevent these crimes but let us not forget that the syrian regime holds direct responsibility for these crimes along with the countries that continue to stand by it airstrikes are known to often coincide with such operations to evacuate civilians the opposition say it's
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a deliberate ploy to cause more terror and the syrian observatory for human rights says at least thirty civilians died as they attempted to fleeced and go to on saturday in a separate battle civilians caught between the kurdish why p.g. and the turkish backed free syrian army fighting in a friend had been leaving in larger numbers and the turkish military denied attacking the city hospital killing sixteen people on friday it said these pictures were taken on saturday morning showing the building unscathed but the syrian observatory for human rights had shown video of a damaged building it claims is the hospital. as the f.s.a. fighters took control of the prison turkish forces maneuvered the un warned it was deeply along reports of civilian deaths and it was also concerned about reports of kurdish fighters using civilians as human shields and drew simmons al-jazeera
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killers of the turkish syrian border well going to use this is a visiting fellow at the european council on foreign relations he says turkish troops are entering a free from the west i actually confirmed with sources inside a friend that conflict started the turkish troops and turkish support the syrian troops syrian groups have been entering the city from the western front which is a mahmoudiya neighborhood we're actually entering into a particularly violent episode of already a bloody conflict with so tens of thousands of people being displaced which most of them took shelter in the town itself and that they're now being displaced again and they're taking root towards the south they don't want to go back go to towards the turkish captured areas but this regime also doesn't allow them to enter into regime areas so we're actually facing a double human tragedy of civilians trapped inside the city as well as civilians
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trying to flee and who the rebels in yemen say they're prepared to hold talks with saudi arabia to end the three year war that's been reports they've met in secret but both sides are denying this was led to the world's worst humanitarian crisis with more than twenty two million people needing food medicines and other. there was no direct meeting between us and saudi arabia. but when there was a chance for honorable peace there is no problem in having a direct dialogue between us and the saudi government that we're in a war with saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and they're using all their military capabilities on yemen we need such dialogue between parties to stop the war. the world health organization is racing to vaccinate people in yemen against a rapidly spreading outbreak of diphtheria about thirteen hundred people have been infected and more than seventy have died since the disease was first detected six months ago on a hoax to reports. children and desperate parents from a disorganized queue at this medical clinic and some are lining up for potential
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lifesaving vaccination against that their local health workers are in force in the world health organization must vaccination program to counter the rapid spread of the disease across the country they've inoculated over two and a half million children aged between six weeks and fifteen years old there's been a diff the outbreak in yemen since late last year and there are now almost thirteen hundred cases of to syria including more than seventy deaths most governorates most areas of yemen have been affected by this to syria outbreak dip there is a serious bacterial infection that affects the mucous membranes of the throat and nose once infected toxins are released and spread through the bloodstream causing the thick gray coat into the nose throat tongue and blocks away. eighty percent of the sufferers of children and young adults under twenty five years old there is common in many developing countries where sanitation is lacking. these facilities
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here a basic yemen's health system has almost collapsed after nearly three years of war most workers have not been paid this year fairly fifty percent of all health facilities are functioning there's also a devastating cholera outbreak diphtheria outbreak and a cholera outbreak but the symptoms of a failing health system because people are not that's in asia is because they do not have access to safe water because their sanitation supplies been ruined by war all of these are symptoms of a collapsed tell system and this is in true jews of the war and this will only improve once there is peace. peace looks a long way off yemen is engulfed in a war between government forces helped by saudi led coalition against iranian backed who think rebels as the conflict continues so does the suffering of millions of yemenis trapped in a situation the u.n. has called the world's largest humanitarian crisis. a lot more
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so to come here on the news hour including it's election day in russia there isn't much doubt about the result but what it will mean a longer term policy is much less a. testing time is why medics are warning the world's at greater risk of epidemics . and support for the pole in the english premier league details coming up in all the sport without the. british prime minister to resign says she's considering the next steps after moscow announced it would expel twenty three british diplomats the move is in response to the same number of its own diplomats being ordered to leave the u.k. the diplomatic action follows britain's accusation that the kremlin is behind a nerve agent attack on a former russian double agent and his daughter jenna reports from moscow. after days of waiting it took nearly ten minutes for british ambassador laurie bristow to
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be handed russia's written response we gave russia the opportunity to explain help the material soulsby and we asked russia to declare that material that the capability to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons russia did neither therefore we announced certain steps russia today has informed me off the steps that russia will be taking in response about. the decision to remove twenty three british diplomats from russia mirrored u.k. prime minister to resign may's own statement on wednesday expelling twenty three russian diplomats from london the countermeasures didn't stop with the expulsion of british diplomats from the embassy here they were as well what the russians would call asymmetrical measures to match to reason may's promise of looking more closely at the sources of russian money in the u.k. so britain's diplomatic presence in russia will be further reduced by the closure of its consulate in st petersburg russia second city and the operations of the
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government funded british come. cease a charity that promotes british culture abroad the russian government has long suspected it of being a cover for british intelligence it is though in diplomatic speak might be described as a measured response what seems their russia does not want to. refresh wanted to ask then the response to british polish could be the even more severe way with the americans they could exploit more they could cripple actually the british mission and moscow. russia is sending a message that the rhetoric continues but no more serious action in london theresa may chose to double down russia's response doesn't change the facts of the matter the attempted assassination of two people on british soil for which there is no alternative conclusion other than that the russian state was culpable
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the british government may be emboldened by a show of support from allies like france and germany along with new sanctions aimed at russia by the united states russia meanwhile may be looking for ways to calm things down jonah hill al-jazeera moscow. meanwhile u.k. police have contacted several russian exiles with concerns over their safety following the murder of a prominent businessman nicholai discovered was found dead in his home in london last monday the barker reports. the murder investigation into the death of nicholas a glitch coffee is well underway he was body was found here at his home in south west london on monday with what police described as compression wounds to his neck he was due to appear in court earlier on monday to answer a longstanding allegations of fraud that had been brought against him by his former employer russia's national airline araf lot where he'd previously worked as the company's chief financial officer he'd been given political asylum here in the u.k.
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in two thousand and ten after previously serving a five year prison sentence in russia for financial irregularities police are also undoubtedly going to be looking at his links to the russian oligarch boris berezovsky who was a staunch critic of the kremlin and of blood he may have putin he was found dead in mysterious circumstances in two thousand and thirteen and bush coffee his friend and business partner always believed that bearers of ski had been murdered police and the british national domestic intelligence service m i five are now said to be looking at previous cases of other russian exiles here in the u.k. that have died in mysterious circumstances they're said to be reexamining a number of cases including that of the death of boris berezovsky police here though are not linking the death here to the poisoning of a gay and yulia script and song speech just under two weeks ago on that case the
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british prime minister believed that it was in her eyes and equivocally the russian state that was behind the poisoning whereas shortly after the poisoning she'd insinuated that pos. nerve agent manufactured by the state could have got out of the hands of the russian government but now she's focusing her attention directly on the russian government blaming them for that poisoning the investigation there in salzburg he continues the polls have opened in russia's presidential election which is widely expected to hand that i meant putin a fourth term in office and that means he'd lead the country for the next six years according to russia's constitution this is the last time he can but it's unclear who will emerge to replace him largely reports from moscow. whatever you think of him there's no denying that a lot of mir putin has made russia important again here he was in two thousand and four winning a second term as president against
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a field as hopeless as the one this year but then russia's opinion on world affairs didn't count for much but as he said during this campaign people are listening now his own leadership has been designed to guarantee a continued direction for russia down a very definite path making sure there is a voice in the world as loud as that of the united states at home his admirers say his achievements have been enormous. when putin came to power it was hard for us to understand that in our government american advisers were working why were they telling us what to do nobody was talking to russia about solving global problems our country is putin's life and therefore russia's life is our president actions which in recent years made russia's presence felt have been utterly polarizing the annexation of crimea turning the syrian war to the advantage of the asset regime cost russia heavily putin never look comfortable at g eight meetings at the best of
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times now russia is abs western sanctions and the total mismanagement of russia's oil and gas wealth left most of the world's biggest country impoverished while a small clique in moscow grabbed all the money. it is striking how putin's popularity is very often at his strongest in places which is seen almost no material benefits from his nearly twenty years in power you don't you go to show how potent identity politics and nationalism can be and they remain putin strongest cards. and so the people who run russia are coming up against a problem putin is presented as the only man to keep russia great but after this term is time supposed to be up so what who comes next yes if you have to be. ready for that one option is that after twenty twenty four he changes the constitution as they did in kazakhstan and china and he stays on as long as he is capable or in the next two or three years he will pass power on to someone
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acceptable. unless he decides to stay on forever putin will have to use this last term to cement a legacy from the look of it it will lean heavily towards militarism and even greater hostility to the west he's after all what putin does best horsley al-jazeera moscow well let's talk to mark so makovsky he's a senior fellow at the atlantic council's the arranger center he's the former russia country director in the office of the sector of defense for policy at nato he joins us live from washington d.c. so the polls have now opened in russia but how do you think the diplomatic fallout over the u.k. spy scandal and accusations of meddling in western elections will play into the russian domestic political narrative. you know in a way these actions actually help president putin this is not obviously an election whose doubt whose finish is in doubt but president putin is worried about voter
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turnout and he is use this in a way to showcase that he is a russian national leader that is against the west and the voters in russia now see him even more as important to russia's future because russia's more under threat from the accusations from the west and marcos you say nobody's holding their breath over the russian elections we all know that the road just right back into office but with those worsening relations with the west is this logic to embolden putin even more you know i think that this is actually favoring putin and playing in his favor and some would say this is why this attack took place from the russian state is that putin again is trying to showcase and distract the russian people to show that there's an external threat and as a result these things are actually in his favor so you know i think we're going to see more of the same more confrontational tone from russia president obviously that sees this election as a referendum of the last eighteen years many of those years he has pitted himself directly against the west and against russia's external enemies so this in many
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ways does play in his favor and i think it only further embolden him to continue along the path that he's chosen for russian for russia's foreign and domestic policy and how much concern is there about the lack of any credible opposition to run against putin or do russians not really care about that. you know i think there is not open concern but you know the russian people or understanding that their choices are slim in one way i think over the long term they're going to want something different there's no guarantee that the russian people are going to support president putin forever there's already indications that there's concern about corruption in russia and part of mr nirvana's popularity is that it does resonate that there's a a large concentration of the country's wealth in a very small hands of people inside the kremlin but again overwhelmingly many russians do support the president and do support his policies and as a result he's going to win election to become the longest serving russian leaders and it's just it's own
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a final thought from you this may be putin's last term as president but what do we think about him good or bad he has made russia important again that wasn't absolutely and that's the ultimately the people that will be in the voting box in cities across russia today will think has my life gotten better with a lot of your putin is the russian state more stable and is russia more respected around the world than most people can answer the question yes to those and as a result despite popular support for a lot of your putin as well as some frustrations they're going to resoundingly almost in resignation vote for their current president. thank you for talking to al-jazeera. thanks for having me all right lots more so to come here and al-jazeera a new debate over facebook and princie after revelations that data on users found its way to political the search for them. plus an action plan out of africa to try and protect elephants from poachers. and in sport this could be the new start of
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moto g.p. it will tell you there's a pole position for the season a wanna stay with us. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello the rain is now gathering over some parts of southeastern china you can see it very clearly on the charts this huge mass of blue here it's all our heavy rain and it's gradually sinking its way south with as it does so it is dragging down the temperatures a bit so for shanghai on monday i don't think we'll get above around fourteen or fifteen degrees so a bit cooler than it has been recently and we had a bit further towards the south and for many of us here this fine dry weather to be found just a handful of showers there over parts of the philippines the wetter weather has really been here over the southern parts of borneo and into java but even here it
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looks like the weather is breaking up over the next few days so see if sunday it will be rather wet but then the showers break up more and more of us will see some drawing weather over towards india and here the wettest weather has been in the south you see this bright white area of cloud certainly given us some lively downpours the rest of it is edging away towards the east so i think this east coast will be more or less dry as we head through sunday and monday but still there's showers lingering in the southern part so shine i could catch one or two elsewhere it looks like is just getting pretty hot now with not poor her there around thirty six degrees of course in new delhi will be up thirty four towards the west here in doha and all the wind will make sure it's too hot it's twenty eight. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists people in power investigates how the us supplies soviet style weapons to its allies through private company spend the us government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was coming
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from so weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end up being pointed at us soldiers yes absolutely we pick it up next week two months off in the professional americas guns secret pipeline to syria and this time on al jazeera al jazeera is there want us to embrace the good schools today to see what happens next iteration on the book fired by the barriers for a model barricade of the old seventh street that lead to here the middle east now is being all about change people have gone hospital here the area the mission of the national army is to fix the entire point complex and al-jazeera stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture.
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welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here this hour the political storm surrounding the firing of an f.b.i. official is gathering momentum in the u.s. media there are caught in the country mccabe kept memos on his interactions with president trump and that those documents are now with the special counsel investigating ties to russia. thousands of people offering a free man in northern syria as to his forces begin their involves inside the city is the latest phase two month offensive to push out kurdish fighters in turkey regards as terrorists. and. polls opened in russia's presidential election which is widely expected to have. a fourth term in office that means the country for the next six years. there are fears funding cuts to health agencies are putting the world at greater risk of disease outbreaks the trumpet ministration has proposed
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slashing the budget for the centers for disease control by twelve percent and that means the c.d.c. is planning to close down operations in the forty countries towns explains. unlike many trees virginia's state level retreat the hope is that nothing novel is discovered for example in its collection of frozen samples of mosquitoes or its countless test tubes of potential flu virus is this is currently sweeping the nation. the analysis conducted here and in state labs around the u.s. is submitted to the national centers for disease control c d c were deliberations can be made about the health of the nation and disease prevention the laboratory performs laboratory testing to support the identification and factious diseases that are of public health significance but we also can identify chemicals and other toxins that could potentially cause harm and the environment to our food
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supply and to the animal communities but this is a really cutting back of testing and hiring due to a proposed twelve percent funding cut for the c.d.c. and that means reduced surveillance i'm reduced reaction times to an outbreak if you cut the funding for those people who are doing this work it won't get done if we have more than one outbreak at a time if we had a food borne disease outbreak at the same time we were trying to manage the zico response we would have been in big trouble because what you find is that the people who would respond does. are the same people who would be called upon to respond to a food borne disease this is the lab where they test for a bowler but following west africa has a boat outbreak congress awarded six hundred million dollars to the c.d.c. to ensure such infectious diseases were kept out of the u.s. labs in africa asia and latin america were upgraded one thousand four hundred
5:33 am
epidemiologists were trained outbreak response times have been reduced from weeks to hours but due to budget fears the c.d.c. says it's already planning to scrap its operation in thirty nine countries leaving just ten the fear of an international pandemic may yet make congress renew global funding when the money runs out but a pattern has been established while the u.s. news cycle is consumed by president trump's tweets and speculation about russia regulations and funding that affect not just the well being and security of americans but the rest of the world are quietly being swept away shihab rattansi al-jazeera richmond virginia social media giant facebook has banned a company linked to both donald trump's campaign and the probe rigs that push the data analysis firm cambridge analytical has been suspended for threatening to delete information from around two hundred seventy thousand accounts who downloaded a personality app called this is your digital life the company is accused of harvesting the data without authorization in twenty fourteen to build
5:34 am
a software program to influence choices in the u.s. election well an early summer rally is a reporter for news website courts in new york she explained how it happened. what they did is they used data that was collected by an out of personality test so it's very personal data and they harvest it it's first of all it's not just the data of the people who don't loaded the op which was about two hundred seventy thousand but it's data all of their friends on facebook and all of the people here who's sort of security setting would allow the data to be accessed by dia as it is up and been transferred to cambridge analytic and they had been you know sort of looking at it it's actually pretty sinister the way that the whistleblower who spoke about it described it as like sort of like x. and cs x. the thing people that you know say like they're private and personal concerns about the election and so you know it's far deeper and it's far more personal than
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a simple opinion poll not to mention it's not authorized the cleanup has begun to clear a bridge which collapsed onto traffic in the u.s. state of florida workers are moving parts of the bridge on the road at the florida international university in miami at least six people were killed when several vehicles were crushed in the wreckage on thursday and there's new footage of the moment the bridge actually collapses this dash cam video taken on the road at university shows how in a split second the bridge went from standing to crushing on to vehicles below the investigations down turned into a voicemail left by an engineer who reported cracks in the bridge just days before it fell. china's parliament has been voting to confirm new terms for more top officials among them as premier the chuang as well as military and enforcement heads technically holds china's second most powerful position but i'm less believe his influence may have been diminished by the choice of one shan as vice president
5:36 am
one was voted in on friday alongside his ally president. scott hardly has more from beijing. for the first time in history the president of china took an oath of office president xi jinping raising his fist pledging loyalty to country and constitution as he begins his second five year term and that's a constitution that was changed last week during the national people's congress here in beijing. one of the biggest differences lifting term limits on the offices of presidents and vice presidents meaning this is almost certainly not the last time we will see she take the oath. also took his oath on saturday his first five year term as vice president. only one vote was cast against him out of the nearly three thousand carefully selected delegates known as a firefighter taking on tough tasks one front at the president's anti-corruption crackdown it punished more than one and
5:37 am
a half million officials. the election of one was no surprise he's a close ally of season playing and term limits have been lifted on the vice president's role but what will be different is that his power and influence will elevate the position that's traditionally been ceremonial he get things done so you see his loyalty and how he can follow he order to discipline chinese officials and he has been very successful in that and i'm looking forward to seeing you would want to make sure that his power i would be stabilized for next decade or beyond that even before the curtains close on this year's national people's congress on tuesday wang will have his work cut out one of his responsibilities is to deal with u.s. trade friction so i think president trump has intensified over the past few days it's got harder al-jazeera beijing a small passenger plane has crashed into
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a house in the philippines killing ten people it happened shortly after takeoff north of the capital manila all five people on board died as well as five others on the ground investigators are still trying to find out the cause of the crash a bit by a stranger on lawyers to prosecute me and miles de facto leader for crimes against humanity has been rejected. in sydney for three days of talks with southeast asian leaders visit sparked protests of a million miles treatment of its muslim ranger nearly seven hundred thousand fled to neighboring bangladesh because of a military crackdown but australia's attorney general says she can't be prosecuted because she has diplomatic immunity. one of the world's fastest growing cities is running out of water bangalore is a hub for technology but it's going dry as a result of growth neglect and unpredictable rainfall gotta look as a do in that has more. bangalore is the epi center of india's high tech industry
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it's even nicknamed silicon valley despite all its advances in cutting edge technology it's facing a major problem water or rather the lack of it in there if you tell a big bang a little bit of what this is this is the main point of this and then if anything this that is going to make it collapse it will be because of the war but it's the city's population has doubled over the last fifteen years to more than ten million as young i.t. workers arrive to take up high tech jobs but about half of them have to rely on tankers for their water supply i would say this is because of unplanned that been a nation that's happened in the band the landscape sold a senseless irresponsible ad but there is a ship bangalore's dry fields are replacing what was once fertile and profitable land farming is now on luxury and fewer crops mean higher prices at local markets. it's also a challenge elsewhere in india thousands of farmers marched to mumbai recently
5:40 am
demanding more access to land and financial help from the government india is not alone inadequate supplies of water have become an international problem cape town in south africa has its own crisis to deal with after a three year drought the city is predicted to reach a day zero in early july when its water supplying reservoir sink below thirteen percent of capacity in india the supreme court is now involved last month that allowed for a new river sharing arrangement for the indian state of karnataka of which bangalore is the capital and the price is. more the call as if not a. looming problem which is when of. that video that we love most force almost everyone audio video host to pick up measures naked in order harvesting and water conservation measures it's hoped the warnings are now being treated seriously enough that action can be taken to preserve water thank you but flowing. katty
5:41 am
a low base leon al-jazeera sri lanka's president has signed an order to lift a state of emergency a nationwide curfew was imposed twelve days ago following unrest between sinhalese and muslim communities mobs set fire to muslim owned businesses and a mosque during riots the violence began when a group of muslim men who were accused of killing a man belonging to the majority sit in a buddhist community. of the sixteen refugees including six children have drowned after their boat capsized in greek waters three people managed to reach the shore and alert the authorities it happened maybe island of agatha niecy in the turkish coast greek authorities believe twenty two people were aboard the wooden boat and are still searching for those missing. fears of a rigged election have triggered protests across venezuela anti-government activists have rallied in the capital caracas and twenty three other states to vote in may is largely being boycotted by the opposition president nicolas maduro has
5:42 am
denied the election will be undemocratic. only three people have died in a car bomb attack in the afghan capital kabul two others were wounded in the blast an apparent attack on a foreign contractor company officials say the dead will bystanders the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. well nigeria has the largest economy and population in africa but nearly half of its people live in poverty three years after voting in my arm out of the area's president many nigerians say little has changed and now a year before the next election they're demanding action mama develop orts in the capital of. the next election is not until february next year but nigerians are already debating it campaign messages inspire newspaper headlines and opinion columns opposition headquarters the faces of potential rival candidates to president mohammed to harry are on show their subtle east one confirmed challenger
5:43 am
in september a sovereign state governor announced his decision to stand in two thousand and nineteen others including some within the ruling party impatient to know if behind he will seek reelection that those who have a space ship whether he wants the presidential to make his position known if you're going to rome that will help me to pick up my mind where is going to. then i will have to tell myself it is physically formidable challenger or i'll have to source. last week twenty state governors meeting within president biharis ruling party the all progressives congress or a.p.c. and lost him as a candidate for the two thousand and one thousand photos that move along with a decision to postpone internal party elections until after the presidential vote is and getting some they fear and so wait for the president to secure his power base within the party and marginalize potential rivals it's locals to tional and some of the party members of already going to court so you're throwing the party
5:44 am
into crisis already to retain power through the back. it's undemocratic and there will be close a casus nigerians say that when they elected president rouhani in twenty fifteen they look to him for the same old stuff to be done for the country in the one nine hundred eighty s. they expected him to end corruption in security and fix the economy and now many of them say he has failed to meet their expectations not his supporters of course who still see in him the savior of nigeria you look at the actual men of dissidents fresh and their leadership of president rouhani in less than three years or three years. you have no choice than to indulge in physical type for anybody to take and you will talk about other issues going to the not is that digital you can't dictate to him is this constitutional right for this administration i don't want to give
5:45 am
the chip minuscule rich and to corruption. go but is fighting corruption absolutely no alleged corruption in their own government and they are pretty i do not believe this to get it and if you look at the living condition of nigerians today is far worse than what it was three years ago so an account of that is going to be difficult for nigerians to relive as a mormon or. really of us recently but how does government announced what it said was the end of boko haram fighters for many nigerians that's hard to believe the abduction of one hundred ten schoolgirls in the northeast in february has challenge that claim and prompted questions about how much progress has been made against armed groups mohammed fein and dizzier of nigeria. thousands of pensioners are protesting in spain asking for more money unions and retiring groups holding rallies in more than one hundred cities and towns across the country they want pension payouts to rise in line with inflation the government's defended its record
5:46 am
saying its paid one hundred seventy billion dollars into state pensions last year. more than thirty african leaders have signed a petition aimed at protecting elephants from poaching the presidents of kenya uganda gabon and botswana leading the call for the european union to ban the sale of ivory more than half of africa's seven elephants live in those four countries. while the african elephant is the largest animal walking the planet and as the growing human population encroaches on its habitat it's a vital is under growing threat the biggest danger is coming from poaching in one thousand nine hundred there were around one point three million african elephants well now it's estimated only four hundred thousand the left in the killing is mostly driven by demand for ivory in asia at its peak the price per kilogram was more than two thousand dollars but after china banned the r.v. trade the price fell to about seven hundred dollars a kilo and while it's easy to imagine that poverty in africa is forcing people to
5:47 am
sell ivory most poaching is carried out by well organized groups of traffickers last year seizures of large scale ivory shipments hit a record high for dane waters is the president and founder of the elephant project in washington d.c. he says a broader ivory ban can work if there's a coordinated global response. several things that has to happen first is to diminish the markets which is happening in china and hopefully throughout the european union that's number one number to increase awareness and the fact that you have over thirty presidents and nations in africa that are coming out and saying listen this must stop will raise awareness which will do go a long way to helping stop stop the ivory trade the third thing is also protecting those elephants that you know that currently have no protection you know you look at you know and it's not just africa by the way you know asia has a very their population is down to fifty thousand elephants and they need protection as well once again it's not just ivory and asia what you're seeing is that the skins of the hides are being used for medicinal purposes so so we have to
5:48 am
look not just at the ivory issue we have to look at that well as well and then the third thing is a fourth thing is actually shutting down the ports for example we're doing a lot of work in nigeria lagos has become one the largest exporters illegal ivory in the world so shutting down the export. the ability of all of these terrorist to export the ivory and the fourth thing is to find long term funding solutions which we're working on for elephant conservation protection efforts around the world now for a taste of pure decadence the world's most expensive chocolates the treasures gone on display in the portuguese town of the us there's a limited supply of these bone balls just a thousand with almost ten thousand dollars each that coveted edible gold inside the us from threads white truffles vanilla from madagascar and gold flakes and delivered in a crown shaped box decorated with five and a half thousand sort of ski crystals. lots more still to come here on al-jazeera all the sports after the break u.s. skiing stomach and
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a sure thing and so seems normal when you know follow us all that just ahead more on that score. card. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the
5:50 am
stories they tell us. about it. food in world news. welcome back to the sport his far. thanks very much manchester united have kept their hopes of winning a trophy this season alive beating brighton two nil to reach the semifinals of the english f.a. cup romelu lukaku put the hosts a had just before half time with pneumonia matt it adding a second goal late on the wind comes just four days after united were knocked out of the way for champions league by severe or earlier on saturday taught and made it
5:51 am
through to the last four with a three no win at swansea christian eriksen finding the back of the net twice for the visitors with erica lament also on the scoresheet chinos side are bidding for their first trophy since winning the english league back in two thousand and eight . they're meeting to quarterfinals see third tier side wigan host southampton and chelsea travel to leicester the draw for the semifinals will take place after sunday's match. there was also action in the english premier league on saturday where most sellers scored four goals as liverpool thrashed watford five nil the egypt striker also provided the assists for roberta for mean you know second half strike cell and now has thirty six goals for liverpool in all competitions this season but when takes you're going club side up to third in the premier league standings and more is on a fantastic way that's for sure but how it always is in life you have to if you
5:52 am
have to skills and you have to show it constantly in these discussions consistency is very very good for us it's hopes he helps us a lot the boys. lot of playing together with the milos play together with them so it's good. rugby six nations competition concluded on saturday and it was a st patrick's day to remember for champions ireland they'd already secured the six nations title last week but a twenty four fifteen victory over england at twickenham meant they also sealed the grand slam for winning every game in the tournaments it's just the third time in history ireland have achieved the feat every kid grows up dreaming the plan for our play for our next he wonders when something in the green jersey i think to win something cup and not special green jersey is something that dreams are made of and certainly from a it's up there is probably
5:53 am
a career that there just are not in my career. francis smashed a lap record to claim pole position for sunday's moto g.p. season opener the cats are grand prix the yamaha rider beat the previous lap record set by jorge lorenzo back in two thousand and eight by zero point two four seconds reigning moto g.p. world champion mark marquez will race from second on the grid while italy's danny aiello the treaty finished qualifying in third. italian veteran rider valentino rossi will start his twenty third moto g.p. season from eighth position the thirty nine year old seven time world champion has just signed a three year contract extension for yamaha or earlier we spoke to moto g.p. writer simon patterson who told us why rossi is so important to the sport's. it's massive valentino rossi is still the face that everyone associates with moto g.p. so to have him in the championship for what will be another three years is is
5:54 am
a big deal but i think he's not just there to be a face either eastoe you know ultra competitive he was second fastest yesterday morning in the first session of the the first round of the year and the only reason he's still there is because he thinks he can win the championship and he's being hunting for is a list of ten title for the best part of a decade and he's not going to rest too easy until he gets it there's a real charisma around rossi there's a real passion for the sport which you don't always get off some of the other writers you you always feel that even if he wasn't talented enough to be in them time world champion he'd be right now by going to car park with his mates somewhere just having some for them to. he very much money just to get that across and i think because because motor g.p. because by chris saying is. it's a little bit more of an each sport sort of all bikers are motor g.p. fans for not all car drivers are formula one funds it's quite easy for people to relate to that passion that he brings we were doing quite a good job of developing new markets especially scythe asia and south america
5:55 am
they've really sort of started to expand in the last few years and there's a huge clamor at the minute to get a race in indonesia in particular we've got our first malaysian writer on the grid this year the first writer from that part of the great a kid called has if siren who has already proven to be incredibly popular and is doing good things for the sport they're the team that he's signed for the monster take three team have seen like a three fold expansion in the social media in the months that he's been with them so it's you know that's already starting to feel the impact of it we were expecting a sell out crowd at the malaysian race we're going to thailand for the first time in october we were there last month for a test and we get a bigger crowd there for the test than we do for some races i think in terms of week by week we're going to see a lot of unpredictability there's a lot of. every very fast writers they shear some of the factory manufacturers started giving some of the smaller teams bikes that are on par with the likes of
5:56 am
what mark has and of its sousa were all so there's a lot of very fast writers on very very good machinery and maybe they can't win you know put together a title challenge and win every week they can win on their day and that's that's going to throw a spanner into the works of the championship contenders. roger federer has booked his place in an eighth indian wells final with the three sets went over twenty one year old borna corage meanwhile in the women's draw both world number one samoa howard and seven time grand slam champion venus williams lost in the semifinals halep was beaten by twenty and twenty year old guy only osaka of japan in straight sets there are many and didn't win a single game in the second set as the soccer progressed to the final but world number forty four also knocked maria sharapova and carolina out of the two. it was another twenty year old who ended william's run in california woman were nineteen daria comes to kenya coming back from a set down to beat her thirty seven year old opponent came and i'll stop the one
5:57 am
now for the first time in their careers in sunday's final. american mikaela shiffrin stormed to victory in the final slalom event of the season in sweden on saturday the twenty three year old finished a massive one point five eight seconds ahead of switzerland well when do you hold her for her forty third world cup victory and thirty second in small on the skiing star had secured a fifth world cup sloane crown a week ago making up for her fourth place finish in the discipline at last month's kyung chang olympics schifrin also clinched the overall world cup title for the second consecutive time. austria marcel hirsch are also ended his season on a winning note in sweet in the double olympic champion from kyung chang getting his fifty eighth career victory in the giant slalom had wrapped up the world title and a seventh successive overall championship two weeks ago. and i'll tell your sport for now more later for us and get other parties going on around the world is
5:58 am
national holiday almost three hundred forty eight countries are going green to mt some patrick's day looting the leaning tower of pisa or in the great wall of china the u.s. city of chicago through that was dyed green for the city's parade that's it from me for the music for me is up next the top of the hour with more of the day's news stay with us that's a lot. travel often. by tranquil board tubes and potable forests near broadway of all. walks of owning. my icons land mostly valleys and scotland's. live for adventure. discover new jobs because far away places closer to the fish going this is together with cats are always.
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the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of court official. brides just to show the most dangerous commodity one s. but sometimes take a spot good ole in a difference to blow up a personal bond that gains judicial corruption as i'm a liar by i come out of my compass in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examined one man's extraordinary battle for just as in donna. a potential new problem for donald trump the fide f.b.i. deputy director reportedly hands over notes of his conversations with the president to the investigation into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election.


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