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tv   May Ziade Arab Feminist Writer  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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accused of accepting bribes just to show the most dangerous cool movie t one s. sometimes take a spot at the door an edifice to blow up a personal five days judicial corruption as a matter of buying. a come out of my compass in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examines one man's extraordinary battle for justice in donna. and how many of the prominent are harvard the headlines on al-jazeera facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has broken his silence and letting the company made mistakes in protecting its customers personal doctor it comes five days after revelations that
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the u.k. firm cambridge analytical misused information from the social media platform mike hanna has more hit the nail on the head a hearing on election security by the senate intelligence committee johnson discussion about how to protect the electoral process from outside agencies in the light of social media interference and twenty sixteen the elephant not in the room though is facebook founder mark zuckerberg he and facebook's chief operating officer sheryl sandberg were also absent from an internal facebook meeting tuesday that was addressed by legal executives zuckerberg has released a lengthy statement acknowledging that there were failures in facebook's protection of data he continues i started facebook and at the end of the day i'm responsible for what happens on our platform i'm serious about doing what it takes to protect our community while the specific issue involving cambridge analytical should no longer happen with new apps today that doesn't change what happened in the past we
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will learn from this experience to secure our platform further and make our community safer for everyone going forward but us lawmakers remain adamant that the facebook founder and other tech c.e.o.'s should provide information in person minnesota senator amy klobuchar has formally asked for a judicial hearing with social media c.e.o.'s including zuckerberg this isn't the first time we've made this request but now fifty million people who had their records stolen should add to our numbers more chuck should be for the future to meet with the commerce committee maybe both under oath under subpoena with document of doubt this fund. breach of trust underlying the uproar the allegation that data harvested from facebook servers was used by cambridge analytical to support the trump campaign in twenty sixteen interference in the electoral process confirmed in
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this undercover interview with the company's then c.e.o. alexander nix and you met mr barnes. teams. a. strategy a facebook spokesperson says the company remains committed to protecting the privacy office users there's a surance is not enough for u.s. lawmakers though all for those who wants the facebook faithful trending on social media is a hash tag delete facebook and the chilly prospect facing the company is that its own client base may freeze it out mike hanna al-jazeera washington at least twenty two people most of them children have been killed by strikes and syria's edler province activists say the civilians were hurt when they fled their school to any of our cave after the first wave of bombs was dropped by russian jets
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. for as congress has accepted the resignation of president head republican stepped down amid corruption allegations years i think that the best thing for the country is for me to resign the presidency of the republic i don't want to be an obstacle so that our nation can find the path to harmony that it very much needs and that i was denied. palestinian teenage girl on trial for the slap and israeli soldier has been sentenced to eight months in prison after accepting a plea deal seventeen year old i had the name he was accused of assault it off the head of the man and in the face last year in the occupied west bank the enemy agreed to plead guilty to four of the eleven charges against her she'll be fined for two hundred dollars. though most of the one hundred ten my jury and school girls who abducted by boko haram last month have been reunited with their families the girls were returned to their hometown of that chain by what appeared to be a convoy of fighters live near is information minister says one hundred four girls
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were freed at least five reportedly died and a few all still missing because of the headlines on al-jazeera al-jazeera world is coming up next.
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i mean with all due. to high achieving your ability was quick to be with us and i'm a woman who spent her life between her pens stationery books and research had all my thoughts have been centered around ideals and this idealistic life made me ignore how militias people could be. ignored the malice and some people's deadly poison disguised as softness. lazy or the other thing. you know. there is a fuck up in this
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a little get off the free and open the can and. have so what can i man. and i'm going to get in saying well why if it costs what and who may you let me at the metal maybe and in sand. and tell you for. of kathy bring back shadow mazie or the thought of the wal-mart. yeah. jani. would agree but. the moment. i learned to feel at the a lot of the. other. men in canada.
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alleged to kill. maisie or the other a lot of the. over the. that the symbol to leave. may not colored. money. at their will i will be feel that he can. be another ted. one who a member. of. that there'd been fairly in. power through with. many. before and see of the world and want to. make an effort to keep. the telly about a bit. and had this here. be
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a shout. out of. the water. to water. our share. of the evil one in our world get done america so you that. the law. live and let him have been. has it had. a bag or figurative. bell. here but i had. one for how often. so my pasta looked to be. for heaven. god or have you the most talkative oriental creep in. what is then you can your hard work and let the future get done
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for you my apostle b. . been a shark would want to be any the queen. or be one hundred. you need to have them. maybe you. can walk there but that it's a bit. let you can really do that with a lot o. moorcock about for more of if you're. a negativity. but for insidious and look at a lot of well. let people i look. so what will. be very. obvious and we can't beautiful words in vain and words of freedom and liberty. if you
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manage the east keep the core of slavery your homes presented by your wives and daughters will the children of slaves free. then idea lisa for. you but. academy a few members well it can be mark this over to. you they're like going to tell you mother where you send in the here there to jerk a with a cover. for going to till i limit then when i limit so wouldn't you generally. be tally me for. a word back where you were in minister the mother was a local billion this week i will know but in this room i wanted to get in this will
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work. out in film and there is a lot of beer for the infertile but. again that mazy or them in. any. sort of fear and of course on this own i would personally say. that the war more of a mystery. here man. haggis alabaster that one of the humans into them out of a short memory. of the loss of the evil one was a bad as well but there and to their family i am a smaller let you got up to here the flop of them of my love have no loss of could have. been a girl with her cause come a. maisie yeah dear wrote about many female figure this one book was called. which was the pen name of the egyptian writer.
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a leading feminist in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. she wrote about how i shot a murder and egyptian social activist poet novelist and feminist she also wrote about one of the early years e.g. lebanese writer known for her distinctive literature and poetry. and she contributed regularity to periodicals annika sian's. on the condition of arab women . who wear. ministry listen to be tough on hold and my going to law you know more intimate that we definitely can under all the family values you look at me the mobile that at that meeting with me here came to be used and finally found. what i would say is in there as a threat to want where they could let me come home to wander the found of has somehow found this we are here came and saw them and because able to help in this
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where they can hear what i said. amaziah them are shocked at the theater a minute ago that. you must. i'm sorry. but why should i. see it and want to have it or what let me might i started to look. very much and then this week. along with the shadowy. kind of. need that the event for them and i. get my limit.
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going to be awesome in the yellow what that's about the mark at the lead but the guardian unlike at the burton good theatre. well i can feed them many who know that the rules and the feet felt that the money you. feel moved all of the thought would. be. going to be difficult for. a few to but you know. models would be. built. many. here got most of it would. come from. me in a way in mosul and that. had to go to the audience like in here
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that. i had. lost and so you can. have the. we let them come on mystery for what to make up more would have been come almost a year of total bullshit. a whole show how we can miss a bit. let me have you with kids you for of course i did for of course a how to games where when the father could command in the halls where method a lot of the saw but to have been a good scene. more the acute me. at thirty if i look at the. little bilberry. here i don't get that if you had the. we even had the room and
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see and mr lee i would get a book. let me ask you more me and i will get herb do and sharable all for and see you on one. more club with me is the school well i'm your community is more is the school be like the loan of the. dollar a living where they had been a good moral and immoral. whose middle. work would be a dandy kill him a deer that looks a little need or who knows. the. mazy or the. min a will will lead. the lead had there were let me. have the motive she needed me to leave. a lot more to watch. and you all of me. willow would not. yet do another word that.
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well what does that. mean a man can live on me is more than those that means either to be. loyal call in the nose of the world the been in for a long the article we're going to. lose the whole lot but i wanted my term will tell you. i'm also along with all of you thought of him out of who knows many. and father to your leader you are a limb and lot of the a few million of the muscle with a b. at the bottom of i wondered maisie either who i am and i love the mom from nasri was mama's her mom knows her aside them up. and pull up at me. in the war.
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let me. know whether the. horrors of the other colonel who are in the. water her business to suck off all of the few muscle. cars good movie or the few. new kind of motorists that. learn to read about libya. others of our best to read them and. make. sure people know that the birth. of this war cool has a more clear libya to be sure for nurse. nurse lineker know this and. will support it here in the soil and does good men they could.
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eliminate shed. lead to all the need where one should not share. any measure had to let it and therefore. cannot measure had to do. which is sort of muncie obama made the mayor that he had to be she. had here the talent him at the restaurant he better used to fear that i would have a philistine again they had misled the lows lemon tough guy that. know we're.
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so. you know.
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jani. he was really. busy. you think i well they want to fast and you know you can't really measure that the feeling. that i said. that. that. but then she. so mad that in the midst of what can
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a jury that. what i usually did to india has to colonel really do but be sure see how feet. get better that jet. of. an idea and i get in the midst of them talk with a mystery for the public give them to me can it be. my friend and he will cover. less yemen can it heavy. and i'm at a shopping list a woman a sub left at. a local hope but we have taken him. out of the. bitter letter letter to last them. and then what does that mean in the sea mean more go ahead and give me he will be very bad to her they will hold. a little cut.
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she has really taken him it. would be to kill a man made easier that way salad. and them a bed. of the future i must. give me what a difficult give me are allowed. in a getting the most for. you know you have better already have. one where you don't want gays even have this hell you can. be made. a lot of it in the. one with a green. had pretty good deed and mystery in india is a. one. you know i don't want to follow. me at the subtle maze here the. fairy then feel that he can. yes stock people who will do what they. want to have but then before getting. there
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he can even. say in may year observe the hunt for the bit i.e. i'm going to put on jimmy i. know if they need food i'm going to use rule can we get that they do in my lesson or mazie at the y. yet the stuff boom and then b. as for the old hen the been elected to betty and. heather. without a yes man has helped me to get headed for korea with the luck of the. beheading it'll knock out a few korea. and the hook and that i once saw a loon yet demand victory and i wear our. army a coffin fic well adam a lot of the eleven that mazie are there. now
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get mazie or than a grammar and now. you know almost ducking. behind the we have. another one and. we're going to be there is the we're going to live in. delhi. i want to get the the in him and a lot of the saloon. and one of the. prettier he was where would he do you have more or. less a career. if you still have the most of. here we differ and we'll
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get most of. this with the man in. our hot pot for fear has a sea of dark that evolutionary. things are going in. the armor for him to be the poor folk who were to go according to norm for. who would have seen the. little sort of they're going to bomb the ill and them if you look there are. many years here we have a man so good and was a. mimic the left has and there was a. lawyer for me in the. half eleven i was a good woman's remember here. is a little we're going to get a living going to how human can how does hold up most of us a bit off. ed and no.
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man from all walks of life came to maisie tuesday afternoon. and many were deeply in love with her. but to me was only ever in love with one man whom she never met. should put on. stories of life. and inspiration. and series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit against the arts some of them come before pay for a. al-jazeera selects change makers at this time. the latest news as it
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breaks this was a great election about it was going to win but it was about by how much with detailed coverage of the syrian civil war nolan said to its teeth what is new different is that each day some people will live until to morrow many innocent people will die from around the world the bats and balls are several years old the really good players could end up trading a cricket academy and maybe one day playing for the national team. we are witnessing around the word this hungry money which is only looking at how to make the next profit devastating economies devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all privatized sation of nature should our environment be for sale what we're trying to do this destroyed people to stabilize the country given them a financial incentive to do that pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera.
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what makes this moment this era we're living from so unique all this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion isn't what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important level right to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provoke that's all about it as people do setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. and i am in the heart of the headlines on al-jazeera the head of facebook has admitted that his company made mistakes in its data protection after revelations that u.k. firm cambridge analytical misused information from fifty million of its uses c.e.o.
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mark zuckerberg has promised tougher steps to restriction developers access to information. at least twenty two people most of them children have been killed by airstrikes in syria's province activists say the civilians were hurt when they fled their school to a nearby cave after the first wave of bombs was dropped by russian jets. for as congress has accepted the sudden resignation of president pedro pablo could chin ski who stepped down amid a corruption allegations this comes ahead of an impeachment vote denied wrongdoing but said he did not want to be an obstacle to the country's development views i think that the best thing for the countries for me to resign the presidency of the republic i don't want to be an obstacle sit on nation can find the past the harmony very much needs and that i was denied pope francis has reportedly called the mother of a murdered brazilian councilwoman franco was shot dead last week and thousands of brazilians
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have been protesting since demanding police find her killers. activism against police brutality. about a study in teenage girl on trial for slapping an israeli soldier has been sentenced to eight months in prison after accepting a plea deal seventeen year old for me was accused of assault after hitting the man in the face last year in the occupied west bank the mamie agreed to plead guilty to four of the twelve charges against her she will be fined fourteen hundred dollars. most of the one hundred ten schoolgirls who were abducted by boko haram last month have been reunited with their families the girls were returned to their hometown by what appeared to be a convoy of local had armed fighters nigeria's information minister says one hundred and four girls were freed at least five have reportedly died. police in the u.s. state of texas say the suspect in a series of possible bombings has killed himself authorities say they found a recording of marc anthony conduct confessing to the crimes five pass or bombs
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have exploded in texas this month killing two and injuring several others those are the headlines al-jazeera world continues next. day held regular tuesday afternoon literary salons in cairo in the one nine hundred twenty s. and thirty's. the men attending adored her like is. an egyptian poet who was also a lawyer and senior official in the traditional system he said to have thought of made like a daughter and wrote my soul waits around one of the neighborhood houses like you thirsty bird being for water if i don't see me tomorrow i will reject you oh tuesday morning. the egyptian novelist abass mahmoud and i.
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had a confused relationship with maggie and wrote in his book the man i knew. are all the lovers who should may reply to. should she respond like a lover who accepts love from all those who claim it. this explains the nature of the sun long and of her formal greeting that goes with it. and that the good in the may. be and no man how. come a war in the. mother of. their beheaded . alok leo has a thought what is in me they need and hearing them in the home i have made. and to where the. you
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have minister for he has ever. been given what i don't. think you are and here and there more there with their guests. in the close of the water. so we're all mr gardner more a second man of probably a more. grammy and. shouldn't be or who live in the. north of the world and they may put a book while model thirty three and the may limb to slim clear the cold beer in the little go ahead. be more. worthy or hoover till i give of a lot of being here how big. the room and there will be moderate and wide. the relationship between mazie idea and the famous lebanese poet college of brown which lasted almost twenty years was conducted purely through letters. they never
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met but their love in which the arabic epistolary literature with the most beautiful correspondence the relationship ended when jubran died but there are a lot more and get about mark earlier than i'm drew broncos yet the. rather low as you helmet i guess you are one dumb or. at least share a little more prone feel khaira. in the lead good as you say then minister brown and you kelly met the whole. they done mazie id and nasrin. the first woman who by the. that has truly been a natural brown.
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made your current legal wrong last one more you all are going to heaven with. the wrong kind of protocol possible grow new dish and i shall marry. forget it marilyn continued to fuel your he asked if a good run can a good school and it. will give me that. he then was a grown man and them and meghan and the fee. limit are now most of what maisie had had to read and together the hack off at the hard road monomorphic of mainly in the sort of campbell brown do you told us it took a lot. more. than how.
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ron who are. best to move beyond the horridest family movie theater hope my. film or see if i could ever feel odd thing about can remember. my you were on. good and much darker asked one critic when. and if he has i mean good then good for you to give it over on he has strong feeling what. shocks him a lot more than. i had because. loving spock we. were good.
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to have a little bit on. an amazing. but was awful. heavy in what arcelor. had hoped. but the had. a. look at the hell can a t.v. lock on water the. hell can you. be that allowed to film the schwalbe. talked with them or the scene. or the facility. or lomotil had. been shot or largely those were artificially.
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in part of what's demeaning of what i'm writing i don't know what i mean but i do know you are my beloved and i fear a love. i expect a lot from love but i'm worried i won't get what i expect often having said. a little love this much love but a little love does not satisfy me. but he has. no. brain there may well go wrong i mean over on the bed ellen. group around in. warfare in maine over on may wane and they have a leg up in tucker let me in again what they say well here are. so if you could remain open you would run. for obama were on the to get and now can
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. tell you what the coon dog hope will marry. meanwhile the fifth maine figure. and pulled out of it may soon a good run like an alfred ron. may well you know you may well have a whole for collecting very calais on me and i hope by maine you go wrong ken i'm in for often worked as a society. for. women slowly so this town has searched beyond the horizon and through the amazing shapes and colors of the clouds is a single shining star appears it is venus a total goddess of love. i wonder if humans like us who love and miss each other live there. perhaps there is a girl like me but it was only one ship. she feels all the solitude of the
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twilight and of the night people call it so she puts her pen aside hides from that solitude in one single. gibran. at the in. that the his double on fareed then at least a while and. a lot of. fanny and lee were for tourists in the herb and were been miserable on ilam a woman may elizabeth thirty thousand you surely are to the tee kennet fear shorn of heart out of the whole and amaziah the. girl again the real brown will like you and me at rest and i can attend maisie until the hearty one of seattle or shoulder oh what led the body to ybor and them again a moral if you morale saba where the year or more. jubran but saw that phoebe had
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a year or so been wearing a robe around was ill and here u.t. had jubran. me what had mutely t. really. the lean of c. yet may let a felon to him. i'm suffering too much without knowing the reason. i am more than sick i should create a new expression to describe the feeling inside me and around me. tragedies in recent years have added to my terrible solitude and made me wonder how my mind can resist such torment. my only comfort in this ordeal is my library and my lonely poetry. mayor ron shot and the higher.
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watch. and rather very tired and mocked elephant. shrew for bottom of all of it. in a sufferer then what howard and i want more of a. let you have a brother in law what you probably know what. however. i mean here they'll go for an if by you will see that conclude they really care about every question. of samuel's that seem to offer of a bad model but all the moves. look about what. else i mean or had with a teen wolf as well but on a model for how the mayor was a bit on them why should he see me be more i said it's when i mean i'll post the evidence that mccain will miss me now since i'm sick of liking the show i was sent
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to the potus and they. assess what rush. outside me was there with a few profit in must mean look about the fact that saddam. actually there was a. failure in the profiles we have. in the oval office. when sanda say that i'll follow what the what direction. i don't want to have to as was a serious thing upon my woman and next be have a lot of mean because of the self bill of mean but measurable effect the man is well off i was able to have probably been offloading whatever the hell up the me public thought the hell i'll for you and he might make ophelia in. what the what the but meant for and i was. what i know i mean that the myth and wal-mart
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i marry. this man. in the name of life my relatives put me in a madhouse to fade away gradually shift and die slowly the death of which no one can bear hearing the description of that egyptian nevertheless on the rare visits my relatives listen to me with pleasure as i described my sufferings and miseries to moan and begging them in vain to pity me and get me out of the mental asylum. and yet when you will usually minimalist food. that to me i love.
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what he said to. benefit. their b.o.'s trust in you when you steal my ear for her the moon can live you can attempt to leave so what we must of been and why effort that when we die there were forty where did the everybody dip your head well if can i must but of thumb all. who are living at. what. they really and them are to. them and yes it is. what canada is ina you had that idea. i mean it was that you had them while they're there that they. are so high a year when i. was there be one of the jani the star of cork turn
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a little love for. you and a million little can do to your attention in this. volatile also to knock the heart and. been better to take it and then a zealot most full of blood in the sea or jani can lead your sister can also to knock the walk ten limb to source a move for a girl. will have the info to really. marry him is there the. moral. in a good road. and. a no no. because i'm here with the. who are living here and they are still for. the be or not the in will feel calmer working. is more amaziah the mo would the one of the most as follows for the moon as i'm been going to before little can be
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a loss for the whole. while often only of how well i mean. in. the hate if. they are lucky i've never had a shot of. need is to listen those laws. in the world believe many believe it was no noble more they heard the whole of the muslim easier that would tell you how this moved to heaven or. hell are clear so here and those numbers let in their mission article be a lot of rubble to figure. what are. we headed for that is that we have met them. on the twenty second of january one thousand nine hundred eighty eight he was transferred from the psychiatric institution to
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the american university of beirut hospital. then on the fourteenth of february she was discharged and went to stay in a house and thirty can he. wear the lebanese american writer i mean gee honey lived . she remained there for several months before returning to egypt. yeah i. guess fuel. diesel on. illinois death and. n.f.c. year was suffer your idle. then i heard the. head as i'm. going to mayfield.
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so i mean that we. can. on the twenty ninth of september one thousand nine hundred forty five maisie idea wrote what she called her will handwritten and something. if animals are too cold i'm writing while i'm still able to declare my well that will not change but even if anything happens to me that prevents me from speaking i forbade tearing up this document. i do not want to die outside my home or my bed on which i'm sitting while i write. i grant permission to remove me from here twenty four hours after my death on the condition that my death is real and not because intentionally buy something put in my cigarettes food water and so on but
4:52 am
i believe in god i love humanity live and thank those who have been kind to me in my life and who will be kind to me after my death. god bless them as i hope for not in the mood. for you bear to cooma. a few days later she continued to write. but to be zero i'm writing today coming over thursday the third of october before the two ok i've checked my printed papers and if you and discovers that many of them were to have been stolen . they've left me several papers that were attached to newspapers who probably were containing letters and articles and he had these these are meaningless out of context. i love you egypt i love you the east my soul is yours. i love the west as well i love humanity in its true
4:53 am
meaning. i have compassion for its mistakes and pain and i believe in god we live. in the mazy are those who are before. we have a lot of them hope you are all the god for he we are talking about how. man element how cute. the engine head was shaved and foot off the hen and you know what i think.
4:54 am
of at her. most hoping for some kind of in the sob the one. that has one set of wanna have a lot of happen on. a lie level out of the sea then take a look. and look. me if any will be. the head of. heaven. with them and has.
4:55 am
said. that. to men and. women i hope that someone will be fair to me after my death and when extracts from my humble writings there exists and sorry honesty. for all that is good and beautiful because it is now. there's a desire to benefit from it. i never asked have it in its main yet the vanity of the mass of humans. in there can have let me at the how many while madi than a few of them was autumn and now. what occurred when the verdict there been in seven minutes of the seconds i mean let me ask a lot of you also remarkable he endured to walk away from. eleven who has either
4:56 am
behaved and was there or was in. there. seen while our god was robbed most of our the rise of the level. of the happy made and now let me up the one where buffy when unarmed and the mayor suttle some of us all we go will make would make us all. that we can accumulate the longer me and there gains a a minimum use to get het made. up of you will be made of the. bargain that your investigating lead there will lead a guy long in talking with him in there. and in so often or so most any in the thought of. behead him was still there is a lesson. as again as if he had a bus with.
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a conflict spanning seven years. of humanitarian disasters displacing more than half a nation. and does your world meet the children who have become victims of serious trouble war. i am a syrian child an al-jazeera.
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spring is started it shouldn't be snowing but of course it is the last hopefully of the nor'easter as is this mass here we go towards coming up from the south cull tucked in behind is a fairly familiar story for the northeast the us and the snow will fall overnight probably dissipate during the day from the us i was still in the canadian side of the border in the air left behind is quite cold five or six degrees fatties the sunshine is not that will not back to chicago and eight degrees now the other side of the pacific coast a bit of a worry the amount of rain is likely to fall in southern california is enough to cause to require some evacuations because the girls that burn scar from the foreign south california it's still there if it rains on top where the rain go just washes away now it should be gone by the time we get to fraud his sons back out but the still rain as some stars come out hight for the whole of the western side of the
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mountain side of the us has dropped sas have quickly got the caribbean full cost wise apart from passing shots you should enjoy the sunshine it is rather tired here when you come down to south america but if you want showers proper probably haiti hispania generally and cuba the place to go was jamaica just tagged on as a hopeful. i mean this was different not whether someone was going for some of his favorites but that's about it we think it's how you approach an individual and if it is a certain way of doing it to qantas in just a story in fly out. it's it's it's it's where ever you it's.
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in syria citizens are collecting evidence to get off the dollar bill has shot of crimes committed against civilians we've moved out of syria now of both six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the outside regime to justice it puts a she will face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a huge interest syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from my.


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