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contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know that it shouldn't be but it is but to be there because you have it all these people that are devoid the only political issues. the people believe that tell the real story i'll just mend it is to do the work in-depth in the museum we don't feel in cuba. across the globe. more details emerge about the twenty six hole attacker in southern france who killed three people and took others hostage.
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i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live also coming up. the second largest rebel group strikes a deal to leave eastern cuba after weeks of intense bombardment by the syrian government. zimbabwe's former first lady grace mugabe is implicated in a massive ivory smuggling ring. and peru has a new president after his predecessor quit over allegations of corruption. police in southern france have been searching for the home of a gunman who killed three people in a series of attacks the man who hijacked a car and shot a police officer before taking hostages at a supermarket in the town of trade he shot was shot dead by police natasha bell of reports. as police investigated the scene in the town of type in south west france and. clearer picture began to emerge of the man who had killed three people
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and wounded more than a dozen others in a shooting rampage in three locations before he was killed by police the paris prosecutors said twenty six year old red to one locked him was born in morocco but lived locally and it become radicalized. literally if. the man went to the supermarket by shouting allah akbar and stated he was a soldier i saw and ready to die for syria he was asking for the break brothers before shooting a customer a member of staff they both died instantly in two thousand and seventeen he was under surveillance but there's no signs of indicating he would carry out a terrorist attack the attack took place in three stages first encounter on the gunman carjacked a white opel car wounding the driver and killing his passenger then stealing caucus on the gunman shot and wounded one of a group of four police officers who were out jogging in the street it was only then
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that the gunman drove eight kilometers to the town of type where he attacked a supermarket took hostages and killed two more victims the violence has shaken people across the community it was you know passed through i took cover because he saw me and then he followed me with a knife perhaps he had no more but it's left i did what anyone else would do i managed to get out through an emergency exit french president emmanuel makkal had been in brussels at a european summit as news of the attack came through after returning to paris he said france continue to be under threat. review of the nie for some years we have paid the price in blood in order to discover the cost of the terrorist threat our soldiers abroad are risking their lives to reduce the threat from iraq and syria our forces of law and order do everything in their power to identify threats and neutralize them. now that it's clear the red won locked in was known to the french
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intelligence services and did spend time in prison many people in from will be wondering how a man with such a profile could have slipped under the radar obtained weapons and coolest so much carnage. al-jazeera treb the french officer who switched places with the hostage during the attack has been named as colonel our no he helped bring the standoff at that supermarket to an end alice or managed to leave his mobile phone on so the police outside could hear what was going on inside he suffered life threatening wounds one of sixteen people injured in the days of violence. another rebel group has agreed to pull out of eastern just outside syria's capital to mask this the government now controls nearly all of the territory previously held by rebels. as the latest group to withdraw earlier this week fighters from iraq group also agreed to an evacuation deal said i heard a report from beirut. there is no ceasefire here the pro-government alliance is
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bombing into submission the densely populated town of the northern pockets of the now divided eastern who are enclaves is controlled by the rebel faction. the russian military and the syrian government want the rebels to surrender negotiations have stalled i. do not in particular demonstrate that there is still ongoing very active and violent histories and people continue to be disgraced there's really no safe place in a lot of these areas that was reported that they've been sheltering in underground shelters in basements that even have not been able to be limited from the violence syrians who aren't afraid to go to government controlled territory have been streaming out of duma for days numbers vary but syrian state media so they are leaving the besieged town in their thousands passing through the government checkpoint that. hundreds remain trapped in particularly those who fear arrest or
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even execution because of their role in the opposition they are demanding an internationally monitored safe passage to other rebel held areas. those people are wanted by the state for opposition related activities they include medical activists civil defense volunteers and medics the united nations says there are one thousand humanitarian and medical workers who are trapped in eastern huda with their families who fear for their future the government calls them terrorists accusing them of hiding behind humanitarian work. the syrian army and its allies have recaptured most of the rebel controlled and. in what has been one of the fiercest bombing campaigns in the past seven years the remaining towns in the southern part of the enclave are controlled by. that rebel faction agreed to what amounts to a surrender deal with the russian military it says it wants to end the suffering of the people cost. that the cost involved leaving their lives and homes behind.
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several thousand are being bussed from a town once controlled by fighters who are now along with their families on their way to the rebel held province in the northwest has become a place where rebels who agreed to hand over territory to the government are sent and more often than not civilians accompany them but it isn't safe to use a target for the government's armed forces which are vowing to recapture the whole country. at least half a million people are expected to attend saturday's anti-gun march for our lives and washington d.c. . led by students from the florida high school for seventeen people were killed last month. an interfaith service has been held in the u.s. capitol ahead of the rally. national cathedral was attended by family members of the florida high school shooting also present were families of victims of gun
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violence nationwide as mike hanna now reports the florida high school shootings have mobilized a wave of anger from people demanding major changes. to. this part of a new movement sweeping through the united states the new generation of activists because a rejection of. their demand that the politicians do something about our school was. it's not ok we are. perfect is. whose purpose it is helpless and they are doing their jobs and it's time that we call them out for what they're not doing the tipping point for many was the shooting at a school in parkland florida in february at least seven hundred students and adults were killed by a one thousand year old who'd been expelled from the school over disciplinary problems nationwide protests in the wake of the shootings has morphed into more
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than one about gun violence in schools there is strands of activism are coming together in what is becoming a powerful force for wider social change when you listen even to some of the statements that were made by students or just the national debate on gun violence in general and which has a lot of demands about people doing more for controlling gun violence you know controlling guns period. but what's left out then is a discussion about how those measures those the law is criminalized disparately impacts black and brown communities john kelly is one of the many who lost a loved one to gun violence his brothers who were shot dead by a one thousand meters from his front door in northeast washington the support for me to speak out today because so many voices. have lost the nation and pacifically in our community his father curtis was among those who met with
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president trump in the wake of the florida shootings and spoke of the frustration in seeking change it has been a fight because everybody show up for photo ops all the politicians show up to say we're going to get it done we're going to protect our kids but just for just. couple weeks later school shooting those here will join the hundreds of thousands who marched in protest this weekend you would have graduated issues to the deep sad knowledge shared. kelly will not be there. mike hanna al-jazeera washington. the trump administration says it is placing strict limits on how and when transgender people are allowed to serve in the military donald trump has rescinded a blanket ban issued earlier this share that disqualified any transgender person from military service that order is being challenged in court the new policy by prevent any transgender person who needs surgery or significant medical treatment from serving except in certain cases donald trump's appointment of hardliner john
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bolton is a national security adviser has raised questions internationally bolton is previously push for preemptive bombing of iran and north korea but he's not the only recent addition to the u.s. president's team with a more aggressive tone our white house correspondent kimberly halkett has a story. recent appointments made by u.s. president donald trump to his cabinet have left many in washington nervous i'm really at a point where we're getting very close to having the cabinet others say that i was on his most recent appointment john bolton as national security adviser underscores that concern. the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations was the chief architect of president george w. bush's justification for the two thousand and three us invasion of iraq and appears ready to construct the cases for other wars for national security advisor among
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whatever other functions he or she might have has two critical roles number one making sure that the president has the four range of options in published editorials bolton has called for the bombing of iran and north korea last month in the wall street journal newspaper he called north korea an imminent threat arguing it is perfectly legitimate for the united states to respond to the current necessity posed by north korea's nuclear weapons by striking first but it's not just bolton surrounding trump with aggressive ideas trump's new pick to lead the u.s. state department is equally hawkish mike pompei o as cia director favors confrontation with iran tearing up the iran agreement and supported trump's moving of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem will not a cabinet appointment in pompei as place trump has left jena housefull to take over the cia during her intelligence career she once ran
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a cia black site in thailand. with a brutal practice of waterboarding took place trumps defense secretary james mattis remains in his cabinet and although he's considered by some to be the moderate voice mattis also holds hawkish views on iran even the recent a dish. larry kudlow is white house economic advisor has the u.s. position for an aggressive trade war to counter chinese trade practices but one analyst argues the changing face of the trumpet ministration may actually help the one thing we do know about north koreans and russians and iranians is that they do respect strength and perhaps the show of strength will be enough to call them tensions rather. already this week donald trump has picked a fight with china and now saying tariffs and dozens of imports into the united states but fears of a trade war are small compared to the big concerns about the fight donald trump now
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appears to be positioning with north korea and iran can really help the al-jazeera at the white house still head on al-jazeera british diplomats in russia have for home expelled by the kremlin a tit for tat around with the u.k. and the spy poisoning scandal the latest from moscow. how low we've got more snow in the forecast across north america little area of cloud pushing rural across the rockies clear skies come back in behind speckling of showers up across the pacific northwest into a western canada this area clouds we have across the central areas running into the cold rare snow one the northern flank of that and some rather heavy rain across so southern areas kentucky tennessee over towards the carolinas will see some rather
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lively showers for the northeast high pressure in charge so at least it will be crisp but dry and sunny and it stays dry and sunny as we go on through sunday the wetter weather down into that southeastern corner seventeen cells is the top temperature in atlanta with some bits and pieces of rain not too much right in the forecast across the caribbean over the next day also is generally settled fine and sunny a chance of wanted to shallots yes it's always a possibility maybe into dominican republic you could see a few showers just rolling in here. driving showers over towards panama like a regular costa rica but to the north of that it's going to find dry pleasantly warm and sunny twenty six ounces for guatemala and for mexico city over the next day you'll see the showers continue across the western side of the caribbean but we want to show is creeping towards jamaica but by a lot it's dry. lost
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and. found and see. when you sort of use how one charity is giving pakistan's lost children the new chance and luck on notice. whether someone very very rich. it's how you approach a fictional way of doing it. story in dying out. you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you right now police in southern france have been searching the home of a gunman who killed three people in the series of attacks before being shot at by
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police he's been identified as twenty six year old brother unlocked and claimed he was acting on behalf of beisel. a second rebel group as agreed to pull out of eastern good and syria the government now controls nearly all of the previously rebel held territory near damascus. at least half a million people are expected to attend saturday's anti-gun march for our lives event in washington d.c. the rallies being led by students from the florida high school for seventeen people were killed last month an interfaith service was held in the u.s. capitol ahead of the rally. some bob was former first lady grace mugabe is being investigated for alleged involvement in an ivory smuggling operation that follows a three month investigation by an undercover journalist and the seizure of a two hundred kilogram package of illegal ivory at harare airport reports. recently granted this group of us has never been adrian stern went undercover as an ivory buyer in zimbabwe he says he received more death threats and he can count he's
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a wildlife photographer who began investigating the illegal ivory trade in december speaking exclusively to our zira he says young covered a poaching and smuggling syndicate which he believes is led by the former first lady grace mugabe ivory which is being sourced either from the national parks vote bank the food or from live elephants being killed by poaching syndicates the syndicate within sale to squad till she would then be able to pack that and send it out through the airport anything through that airport that was the property of the first lady was not searched or scanned in any way stern got the documents undercover videos and testimonies which she showed to al jazeera as investigative unit he says they expose the syndicate and the former first lady's involvement this is the vote from where he says tens of millions of dollars of ivory and rhino horn was stolen when he presented evidence to zimbabwe's wildlife authority there how
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they mean to allege smugglers have since been charged with possession of ivory and investigations been opened a special advisor to president emerson. confirmed to al-jazeera in a written statement that the government of zimbabwe will seek answers from all parties implicated in this matter including former first lady grace mugabe about their knowledge of the illegal export of prohibited items from our country al-jazeera contacted grace mcgarvie staff lawyers and relatives for comment she didn't respond during the presidency of a husband robert she was a controversial figure earning the nickname grace for her extravagant shopping sprees. hopes of succeeding him were dashed when the army forced him from power in november and mango took over three weeks later this shipment of two hundred kilograms of ivory was seized harare's airport stern says investigations on covered
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evidence which appears to connect it to grace mcgarvie and the smuggling syndicate the new government keen to clean up its international image after decades of mugabe rule since the change of power the poaching in the smuggling investigation is the first major challenge to the mugabe family dynasty malcolm web al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. has any president martin the sky has been sworn in replacing. resign in the face of threats of impeachment or corruption allegations are an essential supports. was martin discover was greeted with a standing ovation it's the same congress that pushed him out of his post as transport minister less than one year ago. the fifty five year old former governor of a tiny southern state to deep oath amidst the deepest political crisis in decades in the end the a nation. will it's time to say enough is enough what has happened most marked the
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time to put an end to the politics of hate and confrontation that hasn't done anything else but damage the country. was the other bridge corruption scandal led to the resignation of the. former president. and congress approved the extradition of another former president. from the u.s. at the end of the night on friday the new president said he would be tough on corruption look i was at the grave situation that we've been true merits the clarification of responsibilities and that any type of regularity committed should be taken to justice. many peruvian say they're ready to move on just almost down south with family but we're tired of being so underdeveloped of so much corruption we want martin to be our hope that he really improves our country's development education health and agriculture should be the main issues to succeed analysts say the big question for you carol now is where will he get the political strength to
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govern with this hallway where they go for him already and have popular party hold the majority only because you have a majority that former president bill. accused of impeding his ability to govern his party peruvians for change now support the scada but with very few votes. and the challenges for change are many from reigniting the economy to fighting crime and pushing forward rebuilding the country left devastated by the phenomenon last year. however many say the scatters greatest challenge will be to get the people's trust and opinion poll says that in early march eighty one percent of peruvians didn't even know his name but innocent just i just. twenty three british diplomats have lost go after being expelled by the kremlin as part of the deepening diplomatic crisis between the u.k.
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and russia over the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in england earlier this month it to you has also recalled its ambassador to moscow backing for interview that russia as likely to blame for the nerve agent attack which the kremlin rejects or a challenge reports. first applauded by their colleagues staying behind then driven out of the british embassy in moscow perhaps never to return for many events to the british diplomatic staff and their families to catch their flights home they were requires to leave by midnight small scary time a tit for tat response to the british government's expulsion of russian diplomats the u.k. says we're working a secret spy yes the departure of the british and diplomats from the embassy here in moscow drops the temperature even further in this new and particularly frosty phase in the u.k. russia relationship longer than is proving successful in persuading traditional allies to back it up perhaps where some in moscow might have doubted its ability to
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do so the poisoning of gay and huli a script all in the southern english city of souls brief featured high on the agenda at the e.u. spring summers in brussels british prime minister to resign may has been launched here in the e.u. council we are standing together while pollsters fondues it appears the intelligence on the attack she says she's shared with european colleagues has convinced them that the british assessment is correct beyond is an undisputed we had a long discussion but reached a broad consensus that all evidence points to russia big link to this attack and there's really no other explanation all member states agreed with this point of view and we will monitor the situation to see what happens next the british have shared their information with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and we will await their that. the e.u. has recalled its ambassador to moscow for consultations in brussels over the script . russia's foreign ministry which is trying to convince the wells that russia is
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the injured party here is protesting had the way things are going. the way of us we'd be great to that instead of referring to international law the european union has preferred to go on the path of another on t.v. russian campaign instigated by london police transoceanic these with an obvious goal to put another hurdle in the way of normalization of the situation on the european continent it's not yet clear water happens next but various leaders of e.u. countries have confirms they're considering expanding russian diplomats to these the scenes we may see repeated in the days to come rory chalons how to zero moscow . there's been violent clashes between police and protesters in catalonia after spain's top court detained five separatist leaders for their role in last year's independence bit i took it demonstrators away from the federal government offices and barcelona accounts after the court's decision to prosecute
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thirteen separatists for value and it also issued international arrest warrants for six of those leaders including former regional president bush the reason the exile and us. the london offices of cambridge analytic are being searched as part of an investigation into the alleged misuse of private information of millions of facebook users the raid by the u.k.'s data watchdog comes after a high court judge granted a search warrant for the company's offices last week a whistleblower claimed the company harvested private data from fifty million facebook users information was allegedly used to support donald trump's two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential campaign. human rights groups have accused militias backed by the united arab emirates of kidnapping and torturing people and yemen some have suggested as many as fifteen thousand people could have been affected al-jazeera has spoken to relatives of the missing who are calling for their safe return some
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avenge of a reports. many in southern yemen are demanding to know where their missing relatives are and human rights groups are accusing militias which are backed by the united arab emirates of making arbitrary arrests in a gym and watch. they say some detainees have been tortured and others are banned from contacting their families testimonies given to al-jazeera provide new insight into how young men are disappearing. i'm from thai as i'm just a sister of dual use abdul hamid nasser he was studying a college and we don't know his whereabouts for more than a year no one can find money for him and her the mother of the less than i he was arrested by a morality backed forces at a checkpoint in aden my son is seventeen years old he was the sole breadwinner after my husband died he went to them to support me and his five sisters after more than a year and a half of his arrest someone from the president called me and said i'm doing you a favor talk to your son when i talk to him he said mother help me get out of here
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i'm going to die. you a military which is part of the saudi led coalition fighting who believe in yemen has repeatedly denied running secret prisons but for months detainees have been describing how they were abducted and tortured and often have to cut my brother. he was in the second year at the university of aden one day he came to visit us and tie is when he was returning home he was arrested we found out that he was imprisoned at their akhmed and prison and you are not the kind my brother. was working at a restaurant in agencies shake off money area one day his friends called us and told us that iraqi forces brutally attacked him and arrested him we've been looking for him for a year and a half we urge the international community to help us look them. the advocacy group called the murders of abilities association says more than fifteen thousand yemenis
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have either been arrested or disappeared and there has been an uptick in the pattern of arbitrary detentions but also in force disappearances across the country by all sides to the conflict in the south. security belt forces which are but by the u.a.e. there have been very credible investigations into a vast number of secret detention centers where hundreds of men and boys are being arbitrarily detained and for months at a time without having any contact with the outside world the three year war in yemen has caused a complete breakdown of law and order especially in the south where militias operate beyond the control of the courts and the internationally recognized government in addition to disappearances and torture militia backed by the us are accused of executions and assassinations as well break groups a journalist clerics and high profile politicians have all been targeted and
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civilians are increasingly at the mercy of powerful on groups. some of a job with others or. politicians have clashed in georgia's city assembly has heated debate turned violent punches were thrown between opposition members one of whom went on the offensive using the telephone as an improvised weapon and were arguing over the creation of a new political faction in the city. for they were separated by fellow politicians and medics had to be called in to treat them for their injuries. and these are the headlines on al-jazeera police in southern france have been searching the home of a gunman who killed three people in a series of attacks a man hijacked a car and shot at police officers before taking hostages at a supermarket in the town of trade he was shot dead by police. the
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man into the supermarket. and stated he was a soldier of allah i'm ready to die for syria. brothers before. a member of stole my boat died instantly. after police negotiations a second rebel group has agreed to pull out of the eastern ghouta and syria the government now controls nearly all of the ones rebel held controlled territory near damascus a lock on is the latest group to withdraw earlier this week fighters from the. group also agree to an evacuation deal. students from the florida high school or seventeen people were shot dead last month have arrived in washington d.c. so late saturday's march for our lives event. at interfaith service was held at the national cathedral in washington and some of the speakers included family members of victims of gun violence nationwide at least
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half a million people are expected to join them in the u.s. capitol for the anti-gun march more than eight hundred events have also been planned around the world. tomorrow our children will march further along. they will march for their right to live in a world. that frees them from the bondage use and tragedy of unnecessary. and we will be right there with. the top administration says it is placing strict limits on how and when transgender people are allowed to serve in the military has rescinded a blanket ban issued earlier this year that disqualified any transgender person from military service that order is being challenged in court the new policy would prevent any transgender person who needs surgery or significant medical treatment from serving except in certain circumstances those are the headlines keep it here
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on al-jazeera one on one east is next. there was seven candidates vying for egypt's presidency. now and there are just two and with president abdul fattah el-sisi poised for his second term in power international rights groups of calling this election a farce we'll bring you the latest coverage and analysis of the egypt election. in pakistan thousands of children are abandoned on city streets every. day of the country's wanted children.


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