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sadness is the same for all widows. it doesn't matter if they are from the north or south to mellow sinhalese everyone is looking for truth and justice a little curtain must come i fear is how long will i have to fight this battle. these disappearances continue with impunity it's a battle that will tear more showing can families apart. every year in pakistan hundreds of women are victims of so-called honor killing one on one east searches for the truth in a case that exposes the growing clash between old beliefs and modern life on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. and i'm jane doubt and this is the news hour live from coming up in the program. condemnation from teheran after israel attacks dozens of iranian targets in syria. support for palestinians in indonesia as people in gaza gear up for another friday of protests. frantic search for survivors in kenya where a dam has collapsed killing at least fifty people. and more so with the zero day sporting clued in the winnipeg jets are soaring in the n.h.l. they've become. the only canadian team to make the last score in the stanley cup
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playoffs and they did it in style. i am. the radian foreign ministry has responded to israel's biggest attacks in syria for decades a spokesman described wednesday night strikes on dozens of targets as and a legal act of aggression based on a fabricated excuse the israeli prime minister hasn't ruled out further action he maintains it rainy and forces in syria have fired rockets at israeli positions in the occupied golan heights russia's leading global calls for deescalation and iran's foreign minister will travel to moscow for talks on monday. is in tehran. two days after the incident in question the foreign ministry of iran has issued a statement strongly condemning israeli incursions into syria calling it a violation of international law violation of israeli sovereignty and criticizing
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the global community silence over israel's illegal actions iranian the iranian foreign ministry statement also said that syria has a right to defend itself and lay blame on israel for supporting armed groups that are trying to destabilize syria the allegation coming from iran is a common one that israel is part of its strategic depth supports groups like groups like the islamic state and the store fronts but what was said is as important as what wasn't said no specific mention about israeli allegations that iran shot first that it is to blame for this cross border. fighting that has happened and no specific reference to the allegation by israel that it was iran that lost enormous strategic assets inside syria now moving on the government will be trying on friday to shift focus back to the twenty fifteen nuclear deal foreign minister jobs or if you will be meeting with counterparts later this week from china and russia than on words to europe in an effort to try to save what little they can of the twenty
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fifty nuclear agreement that the united states pulled out of earlier this week and here into her on on friday a nationwide call for anti u.s. demonstrations following friday prayers we are expecting to see large numbers of anti u.s. demonstrators out on the streets. the gulf state of bahrain has expressed support for israel's attacks inside syria on twitter its foreign minister said as long as iran has destabilized the status quo in the region and exploited states using its missiles and power any state in the region including israel has the right to defend itself and destroy the sources of danger joining us live is how to resolve a professor of political science at the university of teheran coming to us from tehran very good to have you with us so what do you think is happening is there a case of kicking iran while they're down on the fields and in the pocket. well yes i mean israel has conducted over one hundred legal strikes in the past two
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years nevertheless what is significant about the recent strikes is they are much more intense also the timing can really not be a coincidence and the recent strikes took place right after donald trump decided to withdraw from the deal and we know that the israelis have been against the deal since the very beginning and they have been advocating for donald trump to come out of the deal so i think perhaps this is another attempt to completely kill off the deal and i mean is it a case of it's worth it because it could certainly turn iran more hostile couldn't it don't you think it would affect the battles on the ground who the victims might be for example i mean is it a wise challenge. i mean it's a very dangerous game in norway there's no question that it's going to escalate the tensions in the region nevertheless what i think is i think israel is trying to put you on in the united states on
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a path of confrontation and i think they have been successful in the past year especially with donald trump would drawing from the deal we have to understand that the nuclear deal was a major cornerstone of wrong arnie's government and it's really going to hurt ronnie's government domestically and it's going to help the conservatives and how do iranians themselves feel about being the main bogeyman in the region considering how other countries are using other countries as proxy battle grounds yes i mean it's very disappointing in the sense that if you look at history iran has not attacked any country in over two hundred years whereas israel has been a major war every decade since the one nine hundred forty s. they're also the only country in the region that have nuclear weapons or not even a member of the n.p.t. brazil iran is a member of the n.p.t. in according to the i.a.e.a. has been completely obliging by did deal since it was signed so i think there is
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a lot of frustration disappointment even anger but perhaps not a lot of surprise because donald trump has been against this deal even since the campaign look i mean iran is active on the ground isn't it certainly in syria but i'm just wondering where this leaves iran and what options are open to it to to get back its economy for example. well i mean being in syria is going to help iran strategically against israel but it's not going to help you on the canonical for the economy iran has been following two paths on the one hand they've been following the nuclear deal to hopefully open up the iranian economy to foreign investment and trade but at the same time we have you on has come up with this term called the economy of resistance where you want is trying to rely on its own internal capacity in order to minimize you know issues
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such is the united states sanctioning the country thank you very much for that. could talk to you protests are set to resume along gaza's border with israel it's the seventh consecutive friday of palestinian demonstrations there the protesters are demanding the right of return for refugees so far more than forty palestinians have been killed by israeli live fire let's go live to stephanie decker on the gaza israel border what are the expectations today stephanie. well it's still pretty quiet jane but this is as expected the numbers really swell after friday prayers particular around three o'clock sit around two hours from now i'll just step out of shot there has been a kite this is some of the some of the tactics that the youth use young men they'll fly a kite with a small incendiary device over a wall that's now landed we've been watching the israeli soldiers try to extinguish that over there now we are expecting numbers some people will tell you not as many
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numbers as before a few thousand because this is the last friday so to speak before the naacp protests no these are expected to be huge what we understand from today now there are five protest points along this border jane this is one of them that they have added eight today so thirteen in total those eight won't be used today but it gives you an indication that they're trying to expand the amount of people along the why did it out to sort of stretch out the army on the other side and just briefly we're also understanding from sources that this is having pressure this is putting pressure on israel it seems to be having some effect because there are discussions under the table from what we understand between the authorities here indirectly with israel also european countries to try and stop the naacp or protests from going ahead because certainly there is a fear that hundreds of thousands of people will be showing up at this fence and it will include in return things like. you know easing the blockade somewhat and
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things like that so that will certainly be a victory for the people but again this is all unconfirmed but i think it does indicate that the protests that we've seen the pressure that the people have put on israel is having some effect and it's hope it helps the body count thanks for that stephanie ticket because we got this report save the children which is that hundreds of children in gaza have been injured by israeli gunfire during the recent protests at sites figures from the palestinian ministry of health and says at least two hundred fifty children were hit by live ammunition found that more than eighty . thousand palestinians have been injured since the protests began in march including seven hundred kids and also concludes that more than two thousand people are being treated in hospital for bullet wounds joining us in the studios measures weary associate professor in contemporary history at the middle east at cattle university ok well that's what it boils down to doesn't it at the end of the day how many innocent people are being affected by this especially children and. what's
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the endgame here i mean how many people have to die before it stop what what are we looking at this is the seventh friday the biggest and decided to start this demonstrations i think them the message is very clear the palestinians insist on the right for return and they want to maintain that right within the generations of palestinians they don't want they don't the they want to make sure that all generation of course but it's there inside or outside that remember that's right israelis seem very nervous especially with all of the changes or development in the region and i think they will continue on using the level of force because they have not seen themselves in a way stitch in two fronts now they are in front of us on the front of the land together i think they seem very nervous on what's happening in the region they assume that everything has been as is a planned into iran and this increase the level of tension between israelis and palestinians and the israelis use more violence and more power or force to to face but it's the news unfortunately saudi arabia being on their side doesn't give them
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any confidence. i think i think the israelis you know it's not enough for them to have this kind of political support i think they wish more they want iran to be outside of syria and they want to make sure that any kind of possible link between those and iran is being cut we know that from matter of fact there is no linkage at least in the last two three years there is a political support as we see it in the media however there is no serious political communication between the us and iran and we know that because there's openness through egypt and egypt actually is closing the border with so there is sort of imagination and assumptions that i think put the israelis on a in a situation where they are nervous about that and i think this will not help but history and they will increase the level of tension between us and israel because it seems that as stephanie was saying that there are possibly talks about doing something positive to stop the next. protests from going ahead i should imagine
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that they'll still go ahead regardless of what they offer them that they believe will be delivered there was there was an egyptian attempts they invited the. hamas leaders to cairo they did not i mean i would say a beautician because they wanted also to pressure to be also an israeli as well it doesn't seem egypt is capable to put for that reason we saw this all of this violence in the last seven basically weeks or more. thank you thank you to people in indonesia have rallied in the capital jakarta in a show of solidarity with palestinians there condemning the united states as decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital steadfastness more from jakarta . angry speeches here at the national monument and chuck tens of thousands of people have gathered here to show solidarity with palestine and they're saying that the move of the united states embassy to jerusalem is an insult to islam and the
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provocation to the world although it's organized by conservative groups this is an issue that unites many here in indonesia indonesia doesn't have any diplomatic relations with israel and president joke we don't again stressed this morning that he condemns the u.s. move and also couldn't arms its route and he urges the united nations to take steps against the move of the embassy and the united states embassy is very near to here only over there and the security is very very high but so far the organizers have not announced if they're going to move the whole protest to the united states embassy this is a last protest of a series of protests that have been happening since last year december when donald trump amounts to the move of the u.s. embassy and also that tens of thousands took to the streets showed anger and also urged all indonesians to boycott american products pretty boy ahead on the news including good news for malaysia's jailed opposition leader just after
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a new prime minister is sworn in. iraq's internally displaced people tell us about their hopes and had a saturday's election. and rafael nadal's known as the king of clay and he again shows why santa has his latest record run and. russian opposition leader alexei navalny has appeared once again in court for organizing protests against the government but the case has been adjourned until choose day two days before president vladimir putin's inauguration thousands of people protest against his fourth term of only was among one thousand six hundred detained by police roy chalons joins us live from outside the courthouse in moscow what happened rory. well jane i think if we were looking for
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a clue today as to how the new putin administration just starting his fourth term in office as president was going to be approaching the no valley problem going forward well i think we're still waiting for that because these two charges in the was here in courts here against him both been perspiring as they were for organizing an authorized process and also for disobeying the police so now the valley will be in court again on the fifteenth of may to hear both of those cases they basically it was it was a defense arguments that resulted in that they wanted more witnesses to be brought they'd also asked for a different court to be hearing the case when it comes again to court we believe it's going to be here again in central moscow on may the fifteenth but yes when he appears next time i think they'll be more witnesses to help the the court go through the charges against him but thank you for that. malaysia's new prime
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minister says the king has agreed to pardon jailed opposition figure anwar ibrahim hamad also promised to reveal his cabinet on saturday the ninety two year old was sworn in on thursday after a win that swept the opposition to power for the first time it bring him is in custody on charges of sodomy and corruption charges him and taint a politically motivated says he plans to hand over power to within two years ben hay is in kuala lumpur. this is the hospital where abraham the former deputy prime minister of malaysia is recovering from shoulder surgery and a prison guard because he is still serving a five year jail term for sodomy which he says is politically motivated on friday morning the new prime minister of malaysia said that the king of malaysia has agreed to grant a royal pardon that would allow him to walk free and resume his political career
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remembering that has said that he will hand over power to sometime within the next two years to allow him to become the prime minister the party officials are saying that the royal pardon may not happen for another few weeks even when it does the role of prime minister going to him may take some time first he would have to go through a byelection in a seat somewhere in malaysia then there would be an internal vote within his party for him to become party president so all of that has to happen before he can become prime minister iraqis will vote on saturday in their first parliamentary election since the defeat of vice a last year the first group of people to vote on members of the security forces will be working to protect polling stations it is the fourth election since the u.s. led invasion removed saddam hussein from power fifteen years ago now in parts of iraq people who were forced from their homes are struggling to recover they
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cautious but hopeful the election may bring change to our staff and reports from a refugee camp in northern iraq. mohamad shortcut and his family fled mosul in june last year during the battle against. their home was destroyed. like many of the two million people in iraq displaced by violence in recent years they live in a camp for the internally displaced yes we are asking politicians to look after everyone equally regardless where they are from and especially those living in camps we don't want charity we want to go home and we don't want money in return for our votes the iraqi government says one hundred sixty six polling stations are being set up in seventy camps in time for saturday's parliamentary election campaign cheaps say candidates from a number of parties have visited but apart from the post there's little sign of election campaigning. only around twenty five families of the one thousand three
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hundred fifty living in this camp have returned to the areas they fled during the battle against. the majority of the people here a sudanese and their homes have been completely destroyed is when you speak to people here many of them say that even if they could return to the areas they lived in they have very little faith in politicians because they feel so let down and discriminated against by previous shia led government. the government says it's going to cost two billion dollars to rebuild mosul forty thousand homes were destroyed in the west of the city alone. every few days people who used to leave the gather in the camps to collect food handouts. off camera tell us that when i still took control of mosul in two thousand and fourteen many among the city's predominantly sunni population believed eisel may improve their lives up to what they describe as so many broken promises by the bank that government but
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they say that quickly changed when they began to experience the brutality of life on the. fled the fighting in mosul in july last year she blames the government for leisel and the suffering she and her family enjoy in the camps. but i do not know if we only want to go home it's inhumane living here the other day it rained in our tent flooded we are only asking politicians to rebuild our homes this is the least of all human rights it's the fault of the government that brought this calamity on us reitman. winning the trust of mosul sunni population is going to be a major challenge for the new government if it is to prevent iraq sectarian divide getting wider. and hundreds of thousands of people like him the first step towards winning that trust would be rebuilding their home so they can start rebuilding
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their lives. singapore has the first meeting between the u.s. and north korean leaders on june the twelfth president the date and location on twitter he previously said he wanted to meet kim jong un in the demilitarized zone on the border between north and south korea that's where the leaders of those two countries held their first summit last month. announcer was made after the us president welcome time three americans freed by north korea they were released off to secretary of state mike pompei traveled to north korea to finalize plans for that meeting between trump and kim jong il on data tom told supporters he's hopeful of a good outcome. so the relationship is good and hopefully for all of us for the world hopefully something very good is going to happen and they understand it's very important for them it's important for everybody so japan south korea china
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everybody i think it's going to be a very big success but my attitude is and it isn't it isn't ok if it is it isn't five and you have to have that because you don't know we're not going to be walked into a red where the negotiators john kerry refused to leave. john hendren is following the story from washington d.c. . the white house is calling it a victory for the world three american citizens were released from a north korean prison president trump drew some hackles when he said. really was excellent by releasing those three men that struck a lot of americans in a bad way they have not forgotten the story of auto warm beer an american citizen who was returned to the u.s. from a north korean prison in june in a coma and died just
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a few days later the senate minority leader chuck schumer said it is no great accomplishment of kim jong un to do this and when the president does it he weakens american foreign policy and puts american citizens at risk around the world there is a long history of hope and then disappointment in meetings between the u.s. and north korea but president considers himself a deal maker his critics would say he is a deal breaker after pulling out of the iran nuclear deal in the paris climate treaty but trump fancies himself a deal maker we will find out after june twelfth whether he's able to make a deal on north korea with kim jong il the goal the white house says is the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula depends by minute sessions has spoken about his expectations for the meeting. and each took it i would like to welcome the decision for the official date and location for the u.s. north korea summit in regard to the historical summit i have strong expectation is that it will be
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a chance to make progress on nuclear issues issues and most importantly abduction issues. kenya's public prosecutor says launching an investigation into what caused a dam to skinning at least fifty people rescuers are still searching for survivors of the rushing waters swept away at most of the village in the crew county many others remain unaccounted for days of heavy rain preceded the besting of the patel dam flash floods have already killed at least one hundred people across the country and destroyed thousands of hectares of farmland and descendants to dump. another day of searching is going on all the more harrowing now because the likelihood of finding anyone alive is really zero our team on the ground with the searchers have just reported back a child being recovered from the mart dead sadly there are an unknown number of people still missing although the estimate has put forty but no one is
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sure of the exact figures wallace is going on there is a move by the director of public prosecutions for kenya's chief of police to investigate the whole affair and points the finger immediately what went on with the management of this on this very large farm patel as it's known and it was actually inspected by the water resources. not so long ago no action was taken a pounding they found that it was unsafe but no action was taken furthermore no follow up was made by the authorities it would seem so question marks over the arts and also questions about the seven other dams in the region all very for by all these rains and people but only are they mourning but they're also afraid that there could be a repeat of this tragedy and why it is closing
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a park around one of the most famous falconer's because of the growing risk of an eruption lava and steam have been spewing through vents nick for a week scientists fear it could lead to the biggest eruption in a hundred years thirty six homes near the crater have been destroyed. but a few moments rather where there was richard still standing by but still ahead on al jazeera protests in the philippines after one of the biggest. president's biggest critics loses her job. resurgence in the democratic congress two cases of the virus fam. not i mean dusty how the americans fairing in his bid to keep the world number one ranking son as the action leighton's. beneath pink skies by the time my heart. or is the sun sets in the city of angels.
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well i thought we'd take a look at how the monsoon is developing not the indian monsoon but the east asia monsoon how much is known as the my you buy a weather front and this system produces vast amounts of rain you tend to get trains of areas of ranges moving very very slowly along the line so you'll in city for instance in going she province suffered quite extensive flooding over the last twenty four hours or so and cross the province as a whole more than seventy five thousand people have been affected by the flood waters well the situation here you can see we've still got further pulses coming up on this general flow which lies from sort of south west through towards the northeast and the stones all the way across southern china up towards the yangtze river valley and the next few weeks at the end extends north of the yangtze but moment within the area going to be some pretty heavy rain east coast so still looking largely fine but that particular weather system is going to extend further towards the northeast so there at the moment we're looking at fine conditions
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across japan you can see this area extending across the korean peninsula and that will as we go from sufi through to sunday extend across the sea japan then she making some heavy rain thought certain parts of japan. the weather sponsored by cateye nice. the birth of the zionist movement. and the establishment of a jewish homeland in palestine the crucial battle of just risk simply getting jews into palestine at any cost hundreds of thousands forced to leave their homes. seventy years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians call the catastrophe.
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running six continents across the. corresponding bring the stories they tell of the. book at the bottom of the letters. were at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian i'll just zero in world news . to get you watching. our top stories this hour iran says israel's air strikes in syria were based on what it calls a fabricated excuse israel says it launched the attack on thursday after iranian forces fired rockets at its positions in the occupied golan heights. protests have
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resumed along gaza's border with israel it's the seventh consecutive friday of palestinian demonstrations the protesters are demanding the rights of return for refugees these forty one people have been killed over the past few weeks malaysia's new prime minister says the king has agreed to pardon jailed opposition fit. on what abraham he's in custody on sodomy and corruption charges that he says are politically motivated to mohammed says he plans to hand over power to anwar within two years but the indian prime is an hour in ramadi is on a two day visit to nepal it's his first trip since twenty fifteen readies government imposed an unofficial blockade along the neighboring these border it caused a shortage of essential goods and opened a path for china to step in as sabrina stress reports of janick poor but his visit is being seen as an attempt to tilt the balance. the streets have been decorated swept and cleaned the city of jhana poor has been preparing for weeks for the visit
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of indian prime minister narendra modi people here hope this visit will cement friendship between the countries and most of the people here are very much like our neighbors across the border who want everyone to live together in a friendly environment the state visit is in keeping with mr moody's hand of the politics he's visiting the hindu temple of john icke mythology has it that john knox daughter john the key to god a seat was married to god john who was born in india a place who symbolism has been crucial to mr moody's hindu nationalism. the relationship between iowa and poor is unbreakable and invincible on this day we are inaugurating i direct bus service between the two historical cities for the provincial government mr moody's visit is finally attracting the attention the area deserves now this is the time for us we want to. bring in. but
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why don't the poorest celebrating movies visit the jubilation is not shared by people across the country trending on twitter is hash tag blockade was a crime mr modi referring to the crippling border blockade imposed by india in twenty fifteen the blockade was a response to nepal's new constitution which angered people in jhana poor and elsewhere in. southern nepal leading to protests in which over forty people died the indian government responded to the under arrest by blocking the transfer of products across the border for five months creating severe shortages of essential goods across nepal impact of the blockade has opened the path from neighboring china to step in reducing india's influence in the pali politics china is offering major infrastructure investments as a part of its one belt one initiative and that makes india feel sick to threatened but some commentators say that the geopolitical change is a good opportunity for an apollo. we need connectivity with both china and india
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india has agreed to build roads and rail links and the fuel pipeline china is also trying to get india on board with the china nepal and they can help and it might seem in business but nepal can slowly exercise its descent to build economic ties with both countries it is unlikely that this today visit with eliminate the resentment many nepalis feel over the blockade but for most people in this province this him of this visit is an exciting day on the big international stage and for the party government balancing both the giant neighbors and doing infrastructure deals it's crucial for national development. others era donna peut. there have been protests in the philippines after the top court expelled chief justice maria who had to surrender she was removed in a vote by fellow judges acting on a government petition seeking dismissals that either has been critical of president or drink go to ted urging people to stand up to what she called he's for terri and
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to jason katinka has more from manila. well it was definitely an unprecedented move by the philippine supreme court ousting one of its own magistrates and no less than the chief justice for itself many good this said n o c n n as lawyers and supporters point out that such a move to the been done through a proper impeachment trial of congress aspin the bean law requires however this no longer comes as a surprise because it has been an odds with precedent it would be good that they have a since early into his term at around twenty six the good that they had put out a list of court judges supposed in the involved in the illegal drug trade and said and pointed the or called him out on pointing out that he should follow due process in a recent speech that they're called said and his enemy and indeed this case against iran was filed by the solicitor general the lawyer for the that there is the administration the solicitor general you said and or failing to submit her statements of income from her time as
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a university professor now what does this mean for said i know it means that she will no longer probably be able to make her case before congress at what was her pending impeachment case. argentina has started talks with the international monetary fund about getting financial support the economy minister nicholas joined there as met i.m.f. chief christine legarde in washington d.c. argentina is dealing with soaring inflation while its currency the past is losing value the economic turmoil has sparked protests on the streets of the capital what i said is protesters are worried that strict terms from an i.m.f. bailout could lead to another crisis many blame the i.m.f. source territory measures for a financial collapse in the early two thousand and said left millions from the middle class in poverty. to the workers they will not stop all the storm we workers are not going to like congress to accept the interference of the international monetary fund the increase of tariffs or reform and we are going to
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fight until the end so that those interests resolutions of the government to turn back the workers have a memory we know that policies like these lead us to hell and we will not allow. refugees in australia's offshore prison camps have been protesting for most three hundred days after many were refused resettlement in the united states but al-jazeera has learned that hundreds of refugees have gone to the u.s. while a further three hundred have now been brought to australia something the government said would never happen under thomas reports. australia's government won't confirm there is a refugee on hunger strike inside this sydney hospital nor that the iranian refugee inside it is even in australia this guy is twenty four to twenty four year old. people very close to that that he has finished the protest outside his tiny seven
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people watched by police officers in three cars that's as much about secrecy as apathy few know its story his sister was raped on australia's refugee prison island of nuru in twenty fifteen she was brought with her brother and mother to australia for treatment or moves being locked in a sydney detention center ever since his hunger strike is his protest and his family are the only refugees to be brought here from the roof to study government won't comment or give any numbers but refugee advocates say they think that three hundred forty refugees have been brought to australia from the roof or man aside and australia's government refuses to give what it calls a running commentary so all the numbers in this report come from refugees or their supporters what is known is that in twenty thirteen and twenty fourteen australia deported about two thousand five hundred refugees who had arrived in it shores by boat to prison camps in papua new guinea and the roof said none would ever resettle in australia but some have been brought to australia to give birth or for serious
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medical problems and then remained hundreds more have been paid thousands of dollars by australia to return to their countries of origin and two hundred forty seven have been resettled in the united states after donald trump agreed to on of barack obama's favor to australia's government despite describing it as a dumb deal. but most sentiment of saddam almost five years ago are still there iranians and somalis make up more than a third of those but since donald trump's so-called muslim travel ban none of them have been accepted to the u.s. resettlement this week australia said those rejected would have to stay in papua new guinea on a route despite those countries saying that you don't want them we'll continue to look at third country rajma it's believed that our department been working on this for a number of years people are jumping out of their skin to provide places and that's the reality refugees on manna solander approaching three hundred days of peaceful
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protest but very few australians know it and that's exactly what australia is policies aimed to achieve andrew thomas al jazeera sydney rights groups are calling for justice for a sudanese woman who was sentenced to death for killing her husband after he raped her there has since lawyers are appealing against the decision her parents forced her into the marriage three years ago when she was sixteen a social media campaign called justice for her is drawing attention to her case as when her son is the global executive director of the activist group equality now which is campaigning for her release. this is a travesty of justice from every angle that you can look at and it also shows all the various steps and bit sudanese laws and policy failed this young girl who had a very bright future ahead of her from the aspect of child marriage sudanese law allows girls right after puberty to be married off by their father has it allows
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for no marital rape exemption there's no medical rape recognized under the law the girl has to be obedient to a husband so there's not some aspects of the law that are called in to challenge by this case the case is a very very hard one under sudanese no but when you look at it from a human rights aspect in many many other countries of the world this would be looked at as a victim and would be provided services and care as opposed to being you know put in solitary confinement and given the death penalty so we are appealing to the president of the legislature to the ministry of justice on behalf of sudanese activists and international human rights groups that no neuron must be freed and this case must be looked at and the hope that i have here is that we have had a previous case four years ago in sudan where a young ethiopian woman was gang raped and the know at that time provided that if you couldn't prove your rape you were going to be flogged and guilty of fornication and adultery and we got together with sudanese activists and that time bad law was
1:42 pm
changed and so the rape provisions were amended and that woman did get justice so i'm hopeful that justice will prevail in numerous cases and i'm hopeful that with international media attention with international human rights groups and sudanese activists all working together we can get there for iran the world health organization has confirmed two cases of thirty probable suspected cases in democratic republic of congo the country's health minister says one person has died a new break was declared on choose day after tests on two patients near the town of the coral came back positive reports. a sober address to the democratic republic of congo and beyond ebola is back but here dear compadres since tuesday may eight the democratic republic of congo is facing a pedantic of a bowl of virus disease that constitutes an international public health emergency.
1:43 pm
healthful flora she's only confirmed the outbreak on tuesday they were alerted when news traveled from the remote village of because to the capital kinshasa that seventeen people had died in the last five weeks from symptoms aligned with ebola outbreak declaration occurred after the lab results confirmed two cases of a bolo the world health organization is working closely with the government of the d r c to rapidly scale up its operations and mobilize health partners using the model of a successful response to a similar outbreak in twenty seventeen four people died in last year's event but it's recurrent three the sea has now had nine ebola outbreaks in the last forty years it's one of the world's most notorious diseases ebola is highly infectious kills half of its victims and has no cure the absolute. clear idea of the problem to do the things. that we hope really to just.
1:44 pm
make sure that. ebola passes from its origin bats to humans through bushmeat once in the population it spreads through bodily fluids symptoms of vaal from a fever headaches and a sore throat into organ failure and internal and external bleeding health workers are the most vulnerable being in close proximity to the victims so far three have been infected the w.h.o. is trying to support to gases health workers by sending in fifty experts and releasing one million dollars from an emergency fund to stop it from spreading to surrounding countries nigeria is already taking its own measures rolling out ebola screening at its border investigators will follow anyone who has been exposed to the virus for three weeks the time it takes for a bowler to first show symptoms. burials will also be
1:45 pm
monitored. as the virus can easily pass from the deed opacity an effort to avoid a repeat of the twenty fourteen ebola outbreak in wist africa which kills more than eleven thousand people charlotte dallas al-jazeera. at least one person has been killed after three men attacked a mosque near durban in south africa the attackers enter the mosque after midday prayers armed with guns and knives a slit the throats of three worshipers before setting the place on fire and fleeing the scene police say the motive behind the violence is still unknown poker on his nine year battle to destroy the western style education system in northern nigeria is greatly impacted many students thousands of classrooms have been blown up or set on fire as a result many parents and are keeping their children at home but has asked me to address reports some students are determined to finish their exams. fatima came to was kidnapped three months ago by book or on fighters along with one hundred
1:46 pm
nine other school girls are three sisters when you choose now they are all preparing to go back to school fighting was the last ecological counseling and is still too traumatized to talk in detail on camera but she is determined to take a final examinations are three sisters who narrowly escaped being seized also returning to class. and reading as you went back to school but. since when is a soldier. are these are still has three more years of high school left five students remain missing along with more than one hundred other girls are taken from another school in chibok four years ago boko haram has fighters outpost western education have repeatedly targeted schools killing and abducting hundreds of students and teachers. dozens of students were killed and burned while they
1:47 pm
slept in the town of bani id four years ago that attack in the obvious state remains one of the deadliest by boko haram struck to secure their vote of violence has killed more than four thousand feet over the past nine years in northern nigeria the loss is particularly devastating in areas that are lagging behind in school you are replacing the very motivated teachers the remaining remains difficult. in borno state alone more than five thousand classrooms are been destroyed by the fighters three thousand have been rebuilt with new largest schools being constructed in relatively secure towns and villages experts say there are signs of opportunity despite the violence and destruction. even. time more children but what they have before a crisis is because those displaced children for the first time in their life have
1:48 pm
opportunity to access to education and this overwhelming number or was interpreted as a sign of hope the market of sisters are returning to school despite warning not to while some are sending their children to school other skeptical parents i keeping those out of the book or at arm's reach not trusting the security forces to ensure their safety. for the ice fighting to keep children away from. music streaming service removed and b. singer r. kelly from its. recent social media campaign called for a boycott of his music after years of allegations of sexual abuse against minors. on the platform but it will not be actively promoted the singer denies the accusations. so i had a sense of design
1:49 pm
a new exhibition in. new york. two or five cents. and out of action why the boss didn't get his kicks in south america would explain next in sports.
1:50 pm
going to journey to santa she's got all the sports news you very much jane royal canadian hopes of securing ice hockey is covered his family cup have just got a boost when a peg to have made the n.h.l. western conference final for the first time in their eighteen year history they did
1:51 pm
it by blasting pasta nashville predators five one and game seven including two goals to paul stastny it means the jets are the only canadian team in the final four loss canadian franchise to win the cup what were the montreal canadiens in one hundred ninety three the jets will face n.h.l. newcomers the vegas golden knights in the western conference finals to tell us the rough on the dow's marching towards another final and setting a tennis record on the way the world number one's beaten. and six three six four at the madrid open to take his clay court winning streak to fifty straight sets that broke john mcenroe's requital success is that when that which stood for thirty four years and thus now in the quarter finals as he aims to win the title for six. something very difficult it might happen but i really don't think much about that now on all those kind of things probably are of the one piece of my career will be
1:52 pm
the time to think about it now don't we think is how i wanted a difficult match against very difficult play let him play well. but simona highlights hopes of winning a third madrid open in a row and did well number one's been knocked out in the quarter finals sixtieth carolina a player she has an impressive record against had won six of the seven previous meetings this time the romanian made twenty six on fourth. street for. another big names out to maria sharp over the thirty one year old beaten in three sets by kiki persons the women's already defeated world number two car languishing iraqi now takes on the caroline garcia and the semifinals all found us and johnson is aiming to hold on to his number one ranking this week as the american got off to a strong start at the opening round of the players championship. in florida the
1:53 pm
former u.s. open champion shot a six on the past sixty six to share the lead with five other players since position at the top of the rankings for sixty four weeks is on the threat from justin thomas. told the species and justin rose from a world of one tiger was one having the best day he shot and even pop seventy two. of the first prize i think a lot of the house to do this. very well around here. as a whole. you know definitely rounds were up. there for the most part i have and that's one thing i'll show around here with i was here today i rolled in i said. we have to go out on the terrace place a park we've got a big big. it's called courses is playing look at an easier side and so no more playing partners are doing it's you know there's too many guys out there are playing really well and going low and you know mars hostilities to go low and you
1:54 pm
know she's something in the red. all right hold right now is major league baseball's japanese superstar donnie is showing just how much he loves his new home at the los angeles angels the designated hitter smashing his fifth homerun of the season which have all come out angels stadium in anaheim tiny helping seal a seven four win against the minnesota twins. and a fellow coach matt patristic has been publicly defending himself often accusation of historical sex assault resurfaced the detroit lions are backing the new coach but admit they failed to uncover the nine hundred ninety six allegations one researching his background there are claims made about me that never happened one thankful on one level that the process worked in the case was dismissed at the same time i was never given the opportunity to defend myself or to allow to push back
1:55 pm
with the truth to clear my name person simon is has taken the overly that the psych and security italia asked teammates to branch off as one stage six the right this to call mt etna for their first serious climb of this year's race it's attacked his rivals in the last couple of kilometers to build a sixteen second lead over defending champion tom de mint on a full time tour de france winner chris froome is more than a minute behind the eight. matches a united have secured second place in english football's premier league they did so by getting a point away to west ham in what ended up being a fairy goal less draw soul united stop but have been a creation with west ham's mark noble while their team mates are pulling them out of each other but they still have the out after the final whistle. football's world boss has been left in the dark ahead of
1:56 pm
a meeting in south america jan infant was old geared up for a match with former paraguayan players but they had to be cancelled after heavy rain caused a power blackout in the capsule. inside the of the stuff inside that we've had quotas for south america's governing body. it was still lights camera action for the future president and friends. that's it for me back today thanks museum in new york has challenge designers to think about all five senses for a new exhibits called design beyond vision the result has to be heard smell and touch to be believed christensen reports sound. scent. and light. these are the medium of designers looking to engage all five senses exhibit called line vision. so what we have here so this is an installation called the snow store snowstorm and what you'll find here are
1:57 pm
over one hundred fifty wall snowballs that are each impregnated with the smell of winter weather meant to evoke a mood or play with perception the cooper hewitt design museum encourages visitors to do more than just look. in these chairs patterns of vibrations create feeling like falling into a vat of jell-o. we experience design with all of our senses at all times so we're constantly touching and smelling and hearing and we really want to bring. that experience into the galleries and to offer visitors a way to look at just everyday products and packaging design is as well as immersive experiences around design to begin to think about this idea this is art of this exhibit was counting on the fact that just about everyone who sees this black fur as
1:58 pm
a same reaction to stroke it which triggers this musical number. i just felt the for and made to music and i thought she got fun designing for all five senses can also mean reaching more diverse users that very much is about the experience in your hands as well as in your mouth. like table where that uses color and form to guide people living with dementia vision loss is fantastic i mean really the open mind i just. never really thought about before making for more inclusive design nique museum experience kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. is a touchy feely story wraps it up with us news on a train is standing by to give them a. it's
1:59 pm
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