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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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there are reports of a new effort to end the three year long conflict in yemen where a sighted led coalition is backing the government against the rebels and the reuters news agency says the u.n. special envoy has put forward a peace plan proposing the who these hand in their weapons including ballistic missiles in exchange for an end to the coalition bombing campaign it also refers to a transitional government with all political factions represented the u.a.e. has hinted that it would support its plan for the red cross says it's pulling seventy one stuff out of yemen because of security incidents and threats concerns are mounting of a possible offensive to take the port of her data from the who these the porters the main lifeline for humanitarian aid into the water one country pro-government forces backed by the u.a.e. which is part of the side led coalition fighting with rebels have closed in on the city and wednesday they dropped leaflets telling people to rise up against these
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the u.n. says any assault on the city will have died humanitarian consequences the u.s. is also warning against an offensive to capture the port well the international organization for migration says around ninety percent of yemen's food has to be imported with seventy percent coming through her data about ninety percent of its fuel also has to be imported half of that comes through her data and ports and it's a point of entry for much needed medical supplies and other essentials with more than twenty two million people in need of a the international organization for migration described the situation in yemen as a hidden crisis the country is a transit point for thousands of refugees and migrants trying to find work but as mohammed val reports many die on the way. their voyage started from the port of bosaso in some audio on tuesday headed for yemen but they'll smuggle a boat never made it to shore these pictures of survivors believed to be each open
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were provided by the international organization for migration their boat capsized the day break off the coast of yemen a sports city of aden on wednesday from over one hundred migrants on board nearly two thirds drowned forty six confirmed dead and sixteen are missing it's the latest in a series of similar accidents involving african refugees and migrants trying to reach yemen the iowan estimates more than seven thousand people take a dangerous journey every month it says they face difficult conditions and appalling treatment at the hands of people traffickers there's an awful lot of the use of these migrants and they come across they don't necessarily have as many resources as those comical west africa do but the my at the those predating on the nose picking up on the role of the take the most sellers and torture them are doing exactly the same thing they're burning plastic bottles out of their skin getting to call their families back home in ethiopia primarily so they'll send whatever they can quite often it might be twenty fifty dollars is nothing in january last year
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three hundred people were thrown into the sea by smugglers off human a southern province of subway in the gulf of aden most of them teenagers from somalia and ethiopia more than one hundred of them drowned pushed by war and poverty in the horn of africa many choose yemen because of its proximity and with the hope they can cross into wealthiest table gov countries in search of better living conditions but in yemen they're often kept in miserable detention centers and face systematic deportation on saturday one hundred thirty each o.p.'s were sent back to the country from the port of her data. yemen is already devastated by a civil war that's led to what the u.n. calls the worst humanitarian crisis and the chaos resulting from that conflict especially around the state of baba meant that has made the area even more risky for refugees one hundred five hundred. still to come this hour afghanistan's
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president announces a temporary ceasefire with the taliban to coincide with the end of ramadan. and spain sets a new benchmark in gender equality swearing in a cabinet that sixty five percent women. hello the weather settle down it's quiet and surprisingly house in a few places not so much in love and but in iraq you can see from the satellite picture not a lot going on so it's so much the forecast thirty in beirut forty four in baghdad the green the showers in eastern turkey in the caucasus and if you like in the mountains north of tehran now these terms of come up fairly swiftly and that's true not just in iraq we're down through the gulf states as well they came up you know fairly rapidly beyond forty at the end of may they stay there the forecast for doha was forty six on friday it is
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a bit less in mecca which is the difference after say and it's cooler in abu dhabi the coast of amman interest is being affected by the incoming southwest monsoon so the cloud is showing up and it's about thirty one the humid degrees seems a lot of good news showers anywhere there was a hint possibly in the a member i don't think that's really in the forecast south of this and into what should be a quiet part of the world southern africa and we do see passing shells a right if you lucky the western cape this cloud gathering here again but you'd be pretty lucky if you get i think out of it for the most part we're looking at open blue skies sunshine it's not especially warm not by day but certainly into the twenty's from that. struggling with the effects of climate change sierra leone's dry season is on for giving but compounded by corruption it's in the wet season mudslides that are
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claiming my strong winds i don't remember even the war when if i think only one thousand one hundred people died in too many people in power investigates the effects of deforestation and illegal building and asks what the future holds if there is an old guard he failed to act the mountain will fall on al jazeera. the top stories here on al-jazeera and the leaders of france and canada have been meeting ahead to what promises to be a tense g. seven summit on friday many. say they will try to persuade the u.s. president donald trump not to impose metal tariffs on its ally. u.s.
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president bill trump says his plan with north korean leader kim jong il is ready to go he was speaking to head of talks with the leader of japan who's concerned that could be sidelined. and the reuters news agency says that the u.n. envoy has proposed a new peace plan to end a three year long conflict a deal that would see them in their weapons including ballistic missiles in exchange for an end to the coalition bombing campaign. turkey has suspended a deal with greece which allows athens to return refugees and migrants who have crossed from turkey it is in retaliation for greece's refusal of this week to allow the extradition of a turkish offices who fled to greece after the two thousand and sixteen sit in because he has more now from istanbul. turkish authorities have requests that the extradition of eight turkish soldiers from the greek authorities turkey says those
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soldiers were directly in wolves in the failed coup attempt which took place in two thousand and sixteen and those should be tried in turkey but the greek courts say that this wouldn't be a fair trial in turkey that's why they refused to extradite and finally when the greek courts released four of those soldiers that was the last point for turkey foreign minister to announce that turkey suspended the by literal. admission deal with greece which was signed in two thousand one and turkey's say this is a political move even the greek government wants to resolve the conflict the greek judiciary is acting politico also the protect prime minister sad that this is just a bilateral deal this has nothing nothing to do with this with a deal signed with the e.u. and this will not impact any relation with the within the nato for now we don't know the technical details but it's might mean turkey will really had met the
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refugees that are sent back from other e.u. member countries but not the ones who are sent back from greece to guatemala now which is suspended rescue efforts around months where you go saying rein in the hopeful cut it material and make it too dangerous that has been growing criticism of the countries emergency response agency for not warning people in time of the danger from the for your vote at least ninety million people are now confirmed to have it following the massive eruption which took place on sunday. the journalist based in guatemala he joins us live via skype from san juan. to the west of guatemala city is welcome to the program to tell us more what you know about conditions on the ground. thank you for having me from what i'm being told the site is utter hell heavy rains yeah began to transform the volcanic ash
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and mud into cement almost. and it's impeded the rescuers from having access to many areas along with their i've been told that there is a chemical reaction occurring within the volcanic ash which is beginning to affect the eyes of rescuers in many journalists and people at the site right and this is the reason why presumably they are the rescue efforts have been suspended and that creates enormous problems because it is presumed as potential survivors that of course there really is i mean there are still hundreds missing at the sites and some of the numbers from the villages are actually unknown for what the true population sizes there's one community study was done years ago that they just did the population was much higher than was being recognized by the state and as i mentioned little bit earlier has been growing criticism of the country's emergency
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response agency that's conrad for not warning people about the danger tell us more about this criticism is it valid do you think. yeah it's very valid conrad had warnings as early as six o'clock in the morning according to a periodical one of the daily newspapers from guatemala city which we ran these reports yesterday in the morning. conrad failed on a number of occasions to warn residents at the site they barely warrant will detain and warn other. popular sites such as the golf course which was destroyed that site was evacuated by the by the owners of the site due to their security measures prior to the about the eruption. there is growing frustration with the current read as well as the administration in maryland for his failure to respond to the
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crisis. today there is a caravan stopped at the border between al salvador and guatemala from the catholic church i was trying to provide support and they were stopped by conrad. so the crisis i mean this crisis is yes it's a national natural natural disaster but it's just as much as a social crisis as it is a natural disaster ok jeff appreciate your time in this very serious situation there in guatemala thank you thank you at least eighteen people have been killed in baghdad after a stockpile of weapons exploded in the basement of a mosque ninety others were injured in wednesday's blast which destroyed surrounding buildings and cars happened in the side a city area a stronghold of nationalist cleric batata al sabah. the united states has welcomed the afghan president's announcement of a weeklong unconditional ceasefire with the taliban the halt in fighting is said to coincide with the end of the muslim holy month of ramadan operations will continue
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against other armed groups like eisel the taliban has not yet given any response jennifer glass has more from kabul. president gummies announcement of a unilateral ceasefire it seems to be a calculated gamble following on his offer instead of the afghan taliban for unconditional peace talks and a seat at the political table if they came to negotiations so far that hasn't borne any fruits of what he made clear in his announcement that this ceasefire only applied to the afghan taliban definite. that the government of the islamic republic of afghanistan announces a ceasefire from the twenty seventh of ramadan until the fifth day if you don't fit or following the historic ruling of religious scholars afghan national defense and security forces will only stop offensive maneuvers against the taliban and will continue to target eisel and other foreign backed terrorist organizations and their affiliates the question is what will the taliban do now will they respect this
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ceasefire through one of the holiest weeks in the muslim calendar and how will afghan security forces tell the difference between taliban fighters and those and other militant groups the president ghani says his army and other security forces will continue to fight. the british government is facing intense pressure to reform abortion laws in northern ireland after supreme court judges described them as incompatible with human rights legislation the judges decided that women who have been raped or whose unborn children suffer fatal fetal abnormalities have the right to terminate their pregnancies but their opinion is not legally binding in the focus is known politicians to decide the next step in a report from the supreme court in london. northern ireland remains the only part of the u.k. where it's illegal for female victims of rape and incest to have the resulting pregnancies terminated even in cases where the fetus has an unsolvable abnormality
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abortion is still pretty potent and in twenty thirteen serry us first pregnancy turned from joy to despair at nineteen weeks her skull had formed at her brain had formed there was no way she was going to live in the path like i could go three for nine months trying to get it i knew i was home five years after making the journey from belfast to london to abort the pregnancy sarah return to london to the supreme court hoping to hear the judges strike down parts of northern ireland strict abortion laws on human rights grounds the current law is incompatible with article eight in cases of rape incest and fatal serious fetal abnormalities but instead of deciding the issue once and for all for jurisdiction reasons the judge's statements in this case are not legally binding so the pressure is intensifying on politicians to take action this issue is not going to go away arlen
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is about to reform its law on abortion and therefore it will remain in the public eye in the months to come it's time we. looked at our abortion laws and make sure that they all human rights compliant the complex legal and moral issues are further complicated by the devolved powers of northern ireland's parliamentary assembly and assembly which hasn't sat in session since january of last year evolution is not now i nor has it ever been justification for this niall of women's rights there is no devolved government in northern ireland and ultimately responsibility rests with westminster it is all eyes now i on treason mate but anti abortion campaigners insist the judges can also a. prove killing every living human being has the right to for that life to be protected so it's really quite shocking that the judges should push it is a fundamental right to be believed to be protected from the moment of conception
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and we hope that our government will continue to uphold the rights of all thousands born and unborn make no mistake the issue of whether northern ireland's abortion laws comply with human rights legislation is going to come back before judges in the near future. al-jazeera of the supreme court in london. bernie's president has promised to step down in the year twenty twenty. says he will not seek reelection at the end of his current term his decision to run in two thousand and fifteen plunged the country into a deadly political crisis the last month for a constitutional referendum faces gave the go ahead for presidential terms to be extended from five to seven years it was widely seen as paving the way for the currencies to remain in power. spain's new new socialist cabinet has been sworn in dritte and it includes a record number of women eleven women will take up keep posts including the ministers of economy and defense spain now writes highest in the world for
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representation of female politicians in cabinet. or at their own iconic symbol of the united kingdom but traditional red phone boxes have been disappearing for years as the mobile phone makes some obsolete. but now one small town in southwest england has put its box to good use by converting it into what they call in the world's smallest nightclub revelers in kingsbridge can pay a pound to dance to a song and play down the receiver the money going to chart. a reminder of top stories here on al-jazeera and the leaders of france and kind of a say they'll try to persuade u.s. president donald trump to reverse his decision to impose metal tariffs on several allies the french president to man or macro and canadian prime minister justin trudeau held talks in also ahead of the g. seven summit on friday tensions over trade threaten to overshadow discussions
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between the seven world leaders across has warned a trade war will not spare anybody and will hit u.s. workers first. some call to pull to keep the complete books on the going to be the measures taken are counterproductive even for the u.s. economy and for me it's a matter of principle we can't wait to trade war against friends we're all involved in complex syria iraq and subsaharan reach into different areas of the world where allies we exchange critical information our soldiers stand side by side to defend our freedom and values that we cannot decide in such a context on a trade war or me it's a matter of principle u.s. president donald trump says his plan to summit with north korean leader kim jong un is ready to go he was speaking ahead of talks with the leader of your prime concern that tokyo could be signed lined in negotiations tramples has said he would prioritize the u.s. trade deficit with japan during discussions. there are reports of
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a new effort to end the three year long conflict in yemen where a saudi led coalition is backing the government to gates with the rebels the reuters news agency says the u.n. special envoy has put forward a peace plan opposing the these hand in their weapons including ballistic missiles in exchange for an end to the coalition bombing campaign turkey has suspended a deal with greece which allows athens to return refugees and migrants who crossed from turkey it's in retaliation for greece's refusal this week to allow the extradition of eight turkish officers who fled to greece after the two thousand and sixteen. and rescue efforts have been suspended in guatemala following the eruption of the volcano due to safety concerns there's been growing criticism within the country of how the government has handled the response to the disaster at least ninety nine people are now confirmed to have died following the massive eruption on sunday right up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera coming up next inside
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story. the green line again and the date is now the center of civil government and the start of the illogical leadership of the offensive against wiki read what will it mean for age in the present and for victims of the world works to military and disaster this is inside story.
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welcome to the program i'm elizabeth for on for more than three years the people of yemen have endured war hunger and disease the u.n. estimates more than ten thousand people have been killed and three quarters of the population depend on international aid now fighting for control of her data could make the situation even worse the red sea port is the gateway for seventy percent of yemen's food supplies and half its fuel needs it's also the point of entry for medicines and other essentials needed by twenty two million people just to survive the u.n. and the u.s. have warned against an attack by the saudi and watty coalition fighting the rebels . well let's bring in our panel now from. a pro who is a journalist and via skype also from some of the he country director for yemen with pham international a very warm welcome to both of you mr city here let me start with you what would an assault on the porch of data mean for what is already the world's worst
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humanitarian crisis and also for the some six hundred thousand people who live in the city of. well. i mean yemen is already the world or worst humanitarian crisis is at the brink of i mean to me and it is one of the principal pulls of the country i mean to opiates the food supplies medicines and others since you come through so if i mean the fighting at the moment if rooters who and then if the life line is cut out it dark i mean clearly indicates that i mean there will be in stock and the top of this food medicine and other essentials which will have further impact on the populations and already in this world war you
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mentioned crisis and they do this three years of war are mr k.t. the un's envoy for you haven't much martin is in the capital sanaa and thought to actually broker a deal to avert a possible assault on whole day that under which the u.n. would take control of the port would the her face agree to that. no i don't think that the hotel will accept. two hundred. forty or of a day the city because the. leaks request that the u.n. has asked to hand over who they doubled as was not from this. convoy it was well before it was from the dish it. un. envoy to yemen and it's really strange to ask from one side to withdraw from a city because as you say it's one of the last humanitarian line into yemen and instead of doing that you can ask the saudi to stop targeting the city this
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actually show you the biased of the united nation if it true that they have requested for a hold it was though. they'd up north but i'm sure they will not accept that because if they were to draw from this city then next time they will ask them to draw from sa to draw from other cities so. you have to stop it have a cease fire to target the port live this life line go in as it used to be in a state of target of targeted by the saudis that coalition missile book i think. is such a crucial lifeline for the millions of people and yemen wouldn't it be better if it was controlled by a neutral organization like the united nations rather than the who things. i mean look at the whole the are yemenis and then the saudi that coalition is made from. medicine or even from colombia so how can you accepted that you leave a city because
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a foreign coalition is attacking the city this is just just nonsense and i don't think it will be accepted and yemeni people as well will not accept that the host he will agree will agree to that there is a war south of the data and if the so do want to stop the it will continue its of or it will continue its fighting to protect that port and on the top of that wow can we guarantee that all day the city will not be like in a callous like the same in aden i think that the u.n. should actually take over aden port and aden city to secure it because it's not secured now i'll try dozen in three there there are many attacks suicide attacks are almost every week assassination every day and all day the city the only. attack that's happening there is by the saudi led air strike this show you the difference between security and what they do so i think they should actually. control the not our data but it is how they are that is the point of focus now mr who do you think
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should be in control of this vital port at this time do you think that the who things should give up their control of the united nations. well in my view i mean we are concerned so we are really really concerned that if the line is caught then that we have a catastrophe. in more family have to physically bury the loved ones there will be more hunger and more deaths we are really concern that the writing is stop and the international community put pressure on both the warring parties to return to the these dogs in the fighting and find a political solution so in our view we want to discuss them young rescission and through we can find this political solution and we might be might be closer to the political solution because as all of this is playing out it
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seems they could be a breakthrough in ending the conflict the reuters news agency says it seen a draft proposal for a peace plan written by the united nations it says the plan includes a call on the who three vessels to give up their ballistic missiles which they have been firing into saudi arabia and return the saudi emraan to coalition would end its bombing campaign against the whole things which has been going on for more than three years the document also reportedly includes proposals for a transitional government which would involve the who thiis mr because i'm sure you're aware of this proposed peace plan what do you make of it do you think that the whole thing he's willing to give up their ballistic missiles for a seat at the table in a transitional government. i just want to mention that when. the for political council mad the alma shot in sanaa when he has met the u.n. envoy he said like i'm quoting here he said we have our hand on the trigger but as one we have the other hand will come in any peace or serious peace told with all
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parties so it was clear message that we will not hand over our weapons and this is it by the way about the waiter they think they just want to make the breaking news ivan they are baseless because i don't think that they are and actually will actually dare to ask the hoti to to give up they didn't say like to stop ballistic missile in a chant and a tour of a stop in saudi can bait they say to him to give up the their ballastic missiles in return of the saudi to stop to end their campaign the saudi can switch back their campaign in yemen in a matter of seconds but if you give our you're a ballistic missiles how can you if the saudis didn't i mean change their mind i mean this is the only what is that the how they have to hurt saudi so i do think they will actually even think of handing it and we remember what happened before the invasion of iraq they would have asked saddam to hand over his weapons and hours before the invasion he had destroyed one of the lastic long lines ballistic
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missile and what happened as soon as he destroyed his ballastic missiles the united states has invaded iraq so it will be the same and i'm sure they will not hand over any weapons so that if they aren't and other mr but i think if they don't match the hand over their weapons do they think that they can still when the swore militarily because if they don't hand over their weapons how do they expect to stop this war. i mean the one who should ask him to stop the war was the one who started the war we know the top of our power either you called them accountable or not it was it in an internal matter i mean there are many moves around the world no one will interfere military to stop it so that all this cries is the colorado you know outbreak this humanitarian crisis in yemen it started after the saudi let's call it and war in yemen it didn't start because of the how do you cope said you cannot hand over while you still are under the blockade but unfortunately no one actually
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can accept that but unfortunately for the who things in the book it is the. government of exiled president of the rebel mansour hadi that is supported by the saudi led coalition that you speak of that is the internationally recognized government of yemen and not the who things that the international community recognizes as the leaders in the country mr if i can come to you you know mr he was speaking about the humanitarian problems of the country is facing so you know after more than three years of war what is at stake for the people of yemen and i know that you organization said on wednesday that yemen is one step away from famine now and that millions could be affected. or this is really really you can you can imagine the two million people need. aid and even protection assistance i mean. also that the public's.
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not been. paid for their salaries for the last two years and people do not. measure or even mean to get an income school been closed for years i mean forty six percent. functional and then the cholera outbreak was one of the. i mean. that basically over two thousand people and recorded over a million cases of color and then if i mean pulled up or to. the parties do not just stop fighting if they do not listen basically international community has a responsibility to pull pressure on both doring parties to end this and end fighting and start in peace negotiation and we are also concerned that in the peace
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plan there is no civil society are going to stand still and women's and in the world we have seen where women's voices and the civil society voices have been hired the basically is this more than fifteen years and now this new situation while for a private frontlines active and in the new basically i mean a movement. and booked up burtons do not listen then it will really be a catastrophe i mean in the end i mean even more cash a struggle it is the military in the military i mean i don't think that is the military solution mr mccain i think all parties have to find that sort of them and so mr because what would it take for the who things to agree to a political solution one that the united nations as now reported to be proposing. i think of that is they will only accept an unbiased plan there must be
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first as a ceasefire all front but that is what they were calling on the united nations is proposing a cease fire and if when you say a non-biased plan what is biased about this plan and if if it's not coming from the united nations who would propose this non-biased plan i mean look this plan it's. been made public we are talking about a leaked plan but by the way it is it could be a big lie just just to make the news but to look into this into this plan why would i say biased is when you ask one group to give up their ballastic missile return that the other side will stop bombing you what what what the only thing that guaranteed that you you can actually maybe fight the saudi back is though i mean that you have how can you handed that's what i'm saying they would do you not last that you night and they are in the house and the international community as a you know as a backer of this plan would guarantee it would prevent further saudi led coalition
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attacks if the who things were to give up their ballistic weapons ok is there no trust in the united nations or the international the real honest about what what you know what to be honest with you me personally i think those are the we came to most yemeni we came to a conclusion that we don't trust all international community and dismissal of you and why i will explain to you before in muscat about two years ago there was a plan before the how they accepted the twenty to sixteen dissolution they were told that if you accept this we will guarantee that the will stop and then we will go in how to implement the twenty two sixty what they have accepted and what happened the saudi continue its war that's why i say biased because this is what the united nations has been doing so mr look on her if you can you must the united nations if i was all are asked how they will cease fire who do you see as a mediator in this conflict that has to end. i think this should be talks between the whole thing between their buddies in sanaa included though the un
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saudi arabia the first thing and the united nation if it want to be. in this in this war they should at least mention the saudi as one site and when i say biased i can date i mean anyone watching me now to bring me a document from any u n envoy into yemen or u.n. security council that has mentioned this already as a part of this war how can you mediate if you're not mentioning the saudi under saudi is leading this coalition against yemen that that that there's a broad that you and and all you in blood are totally biased just mentioned the saudi as part of this war and then the saudi will be held responsible if they break in a cease fire if they do not accept any any agreement that will come in the future do that and i think we will reach a solution soon or mr amos to say they can't like to give you the last word on this not out you and your organization and other aid groups are desperately hoping for
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a solution you know what is your message to the warring parties and the international community. i think i have all that invention is the basically three things the past on board the warring parties they have to end the fighting without putting any precondition the process on the second one they have to agree that we don't any preconditions are going back to the peace negotiation the third one is basically in order to establish craft between the ottoman among different warring parties i think that u.n. and international communities have to. lead and coordinate an inclusive and and participatory peace negotiation process as i'm in being both civil society women and both i mean in santa and also in other forums it may take number of. conversation i think i think that are going on theory i mean
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the total truth in the fighting has and then is established i mean we want to see that the militant is in these do not there is any problem in providing human services to the people in need and then i think their loved one would be there should be a political solution that what would be the transitional moment i mean listen mechanism i mean one i mean is stabbed or at mississippi thank you very much for that that is most and city in sanaa and also in sanaa who are saying ok thank you both very much. and now joining us from london is mohammad yunus a yemeni journalist with our close newspaper mr jim a the u.s. is among a number of countries and organizations that are warning the m.r.i. he's not to try and seize control of the port of poti data will the end rashi's refrain do you think from launching an attack which will further devastate the
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humanitarian situation. well i think the problem with the data is very complicated we have. around we have. two maybe one million yemenis livin in the city and it's a small city and is the most important city in the red sea on that it's you cause. about seventy percent of the import of the yemenis and the human. aid comes from this port in the west of yemen and it is for these reasons mr sharon made that the u.s. that aid organizations the u.n. asking the m.r. ati's not to nourse this attack so do you think that they will take heed of that call while i think. they are going to are. they to see the city the whole city different from the are over the line and they
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are going to put more pressure on the whole it is inside the city i don't think they are going to take it over because it will cost a lot of a lot of things in terms of human suffering is in in on the yemenis in the city and on in on the yemenis outside yeah even in the capital of sanaa because of the humanitarian aid will be cut off if the attack of the city misses you made there are reports that the un's on wife or yemen is trying to broker a deal so that there isn't an assault on her data and could possibly see the u.n. take control of the port what do you make of that do you think that the u.n. should be in control of this important port. well that was up a lot more than one year ago when the saudis or the quality suggested to the united nations to take the part of who they are as something or as. a solution because the host is a will never give it to the government forces and the will also not give it to the
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soldiers call the shots but unfortunately at the time the united nations refused to take it because they said they lack the. they lack the largest to control the. the. data now i'm not quite sure i think it's changed because we have a new plan which depends on taken away the hours of the qualities now and from all the factions the military factions in the country but what their own not this plan is going to be implemented or i think it is too early to suggest that yes they these are just reports so far and we heard from the pro who journalist hussein advocate the area who said that the who things would not be giving up their ballistic missiles because they don't trust the u.n. and the international community to guarantee that the saudis will not continue their bombing campaign do you think that the saudi led coalition is ready now to
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sit down with the who things for this proposed negotiated settlement for you know a cease fire for a transitional government later on. well this is arming this plan is not new it's similar to the plan of suggested by the share the former one the former. compared to yemen involved human story. while the host is do not trust the international community and do not trust the saudi that question and there are many governments again there are many governments on the saudi that question do not trust the truth is because. there were more than one hundred agreement signed by the whole with these and some local leaders like tribal leaders and military leaders in the past and within the some politicians during the. war
2:43 am
between the region of silence the former president and the host is no one of these agreements has been fulfilled of implemented so there is not as there is no confidence there is no trust between all parties in a man it's not a matter of the who these do not trust the government the government also do not trust the whole fees and i don't think in this situation this new plan will go further so what will it take then mrs you may because there's so much at stake in yemen so many millions of lives at stake to build trust to actually get to the point where all sides are willing to negotiate. well the problem is all parties in yemen are thinking that the ourselves strong to fight from the government side they think that they are making good at vance who they that was the city they are now just a few kilometers from the port and there is no point from the point of view of
2:44 am
sitting around. like a negotiation table discussing the issues with the forty's and from the other side these are feeling that they are not defeated and they have to fight until the last moment so it's difficult unless the parties in yemen the factions in him and those military. militants in the in the country the government and the whole earth is come to an agreement or come to the to an idea that they will never achieve anything with war with weapon and the only solution could be the peaceful solution unless they come to this point then i don't think there is any sort of flies what is the end of the tunnel just as you may just very briefly what will it take for them to come to that point. i think the international pressure on them on the government and on the whole of these there is a two to one six by the resolution of the united states and sorry the
2:45 am
resolution saying frankly that the horsy who it is must give up the weapons which was belonging to the army the yemeni army. all the whole he's going to give it give it up you said that the. idea said they will never give it because they they have no trust in the government so if this is the case if this is a situation the only pressure will go on to the government then on to the whole of these because they all militia then they come not like them or at most you may thank you very much for that as mohamed you may joining us live from london and early i guess to hussein and moss and so they keep both of whom had joined us from the yemeni capital sana and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website dot com and for further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j.
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inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter to handle this at a.j. inside story from the elizabeth rodham and the whole team here.
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june nineteenth sixty seven six days that redrew the map of the middle east this record of victory of the ended war or the greatest tragedy in the history of islam al-jazeera explores the events leading to the war and its consequences which are still felt today we tried everything to be a nation try to make a shows contacts through different countries and it was clear that all this was the north of the war in june on al-jazeera. newsstand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world.
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al-jazeera in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when east meets girls desperate to learn and asks why is the system failing them on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. however on the clock this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes japan's prime minister is at the white house making his case to president trump ahead of next week's historic meeting with north korea. and france show united front ahead of what set to be a tense g.
2:49 am
seven summit they say they're not afraid to reach agreements without the united states hundreds are still missing after sunday's huge volcanic eruption in guatemala now some people are taking the search for their relatives into. and i'm. with you day sports news including ten time french open champion rafa nadal closes in on manning level road and carol's title later in the press. so that the u.s. president is meeting japan's prime minister at the white house with the june twelfth summit with north korea at the top of the agenda it is second visit to washington in two months he's on his way to the g. seven summit in canada say he wants to talk trade issues as well trump has made it clear that his main concern right now is meets in singapore next week with president kim jong il. this will not be just a photo of which will be at
2:50 am
a minimum will start with perhaps a good relationship and that's something that's very important toward the ultimate making of the deal i'd love to see it could happen one deal maybe it can they have to deal if they don't denuclearize that will not be acceptable. and we cannot take sanctions off the sanctions are extraordinarily powerful we cannot and i could add a lot more but i don't buy chosen not to do that at this time when i speak now to alan fischer our correspondent who's standing by for us in washington d.c. and alan seems full steam ahead for this summit next week. exactly they're doing a lot of preparation behind the scenes they're hoping that both sides will get together on the twelfth of june as was initially planned even though there was a white house official who said that when donald trump initially canceled the summit there was no chance of that happening on that day so full steam ahead might pompei or is the secretary of state he has been charged with pulling together all
2:51 am
the various strands clearly there's going to be some preparation on the american side what is very interesting is that when i asked what preparation he was doing donald trump said that not much preparation it was all about attitude and a willingness to do a deal and i'm sure that shinzo abir the japanese prime minister might be a bit concerned about that he has a number of issues that he would like to be raised not least the fact that the koreans have been developing medium to long range ballistic missiles and also the fact that he wants to talk about the alleged abductor japanese citizens who disappeared in the blame the north koreans all of those he wants on the agenda but he's concerned the donald trump is solely can concentrating on the nuclearization issue and clearly he wants to make sure that the whole neighborhood is considered in these talks and not just something that donald trump hopes might deliver a nobel peace prize somewhere down the line as well as getting north korea to
2:52 am
commit to denuclearization it's interesting that in that meeting with in the oval office before the press were ushered out he said this is something that should have been done years ago people of course have tried to come up with deals with the north koreans and had them signed and everyone's walked away quite happy all lead for the north koreans to centrally walk away from those agreements at some point in the future so it is going to be a very interesting summit but he has made this detour before he goes to quebec to make sure you get some face time with donald trump to make sure that his concerns are addressed in any talks ellen how is all this going down in the united states with the perception of donald trump insulting first he called these these talks off and now they're back on again what's the general view about whether or not this is a calculated maneuver. well would you be surprised to know nick that the view is split in the united states when it comes to how donald trump is handling this of
2:53 am
course there was that fly in the ointment twenty four hours ago when rudy giuliani who isn't a government official who is donald trump's private attorney started talking about the north korean summit and saying kim jong un came on his hands and knees begging for this summit to be reinstated in people work in sand the north koreans might find that language of fences but that seems to have passed over for the time being and it seems to be through along to the summit there are trump supporters who think that donald trump did exactly the right thing he didn't think he was going to get a deal he wasn't happy with the way the north koreans were talking and so he said right the summit's off we're going to walk away i said i would do this and that's exactly what i've done on the flip side there are those who think that donald trump i see said in the oval office just more than an hour ago he's not doing much preparation he's essentially winging this he's making it up as he goes along and he's hoping that somehow at the end of it there will be some sort of deal there's
2:54 am
also some criticism from democrats as well because barack obama was once asked would you speak to the leader of north korea and he said look you never say never is something that we would consider is a possibility and people on the right absolutely hammered them for suggesting that he would even consider talking to kim jong un when various issues had not been addressed such as the alleged abductor he's from japan and the fact that there may be some political repression in north korea and sill it's another issue that simply splits america and they said it could be a very interesting week ahead alan fischer in washington d.c. thank you very much and not very far from when where allan is standing in d.c. this is the scene in the white house garden as might compare it is sitting down there the secretary of state it's everybody's gathering ahead of president u.s. president donald trump a jew to come out and address delegates there alongside the japanese prime minister
2:55 am
shinzo abby so we will go to that as and when they come out and start talking. well the united nations says human rights must be on the agenda at next week's can control summit and says too many north koreans don't have adequate access to food with ten million people relying on humanitarian aid the un special envoy on human rights in north korea since prisoners should be freed as a gesture of good will i am not the opinion that that human rights dialogue will undermine the opening and the talks under the new credit at all i don't think that he said dilemma. on the contrary i think that from then the p.r. korea side to show a willingness to open to to open up to the human rights make any sense will give them could the ability in their intentions to engage with different stakeholders in
2:56 am
their intention to denuclearize the crisis. and it will play in their favor differently when it's an hour from when hey our correspondent has more from south korea's capital of seoul. the comments by the special repertoire were clearly an attempt to try to keep the issue of human rights in the mix as the world very much focuses on that summit between donald trump and kim jong un in singapore next week it's not known if donald trump will raise the issue of human rights when he meets with kim jong un but the special wrapper to a thinks it has to be part of the equation particularly when it comes to discussions around economic sanctions against north korea because he believes that sanctions have a direct impact on the humanitarian situation in north korea but there are others who say look you cannot raise this issue directly with kim jong un in this first summit because it is too sensitive for the north koreans and if donald trump does
2:57 am
go ahead and talk too much about human rights in singapore then it raises the risk of derailing the entire process of improving relationships between the two koreas and between north korea and the united states american government officials are saying that they have been raising the issue of human rights constantly in their meetings with their north korean counterparts in the lead up to that summit next week the one issue that north korea will definitely want to discuss is its economy the potential for growth is huge if the talks go well it's going to as mourner from singapore. all eyes are on singapore for next week's kim summit but what comes after the handshakes and the photos. is a singapore based international investment expert he conducted a business workshop in north korea three years ago it was done through the nonprofit group chosen exchange that has been operating in pyongyang for several
2:58 am
years he thinks that if and when north korea reach integrates into the global market it will act as the world's cheapest factory but the process will take years and its biggest ally china will benefit the most there is no other place in the war like north korea so by definition would be the cheapest place that is would be extremely low or so there would be an interest and maybe for the chinese to produce quotes there that he sees north korea's path to be similar to that of one of its asian neighbors to the south we can see the case of myanmar for example where a sanctions have belief that so called but it's kind of operating in the country but so far the main box in that remains china for difficult to operate and that. meant while china has a huge head start as an investment in trading partner with north korea some other nations are well positioned including the summits host singapore has maintained
2:59 am
diplomatic relations with north korea since one thousand nine hundred seventy five and the nation had been a trading partner with north korea but suspended trade and stopped work permits one tougher un sanctions were imposed occupying prime real estate in central singapore just around the corner from parliament the north korean embassy occupies a few floors in this nondescript building on the heels of meeting u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo in washington singapore's foreign minister vivian is in pyongyang this week for an official visit he said having this summit in singapore shows his country is trusted as an honest moderator and the meeting is a contribution to world peace. but we won't know till next week just how big or small this contribution might be nor how long it will be before the promises of more prosperous north korea can take hold it's got hotter al-jazeera singapore. the leaders of france and formed a united front ahead of what's said to be a tense g. seven summit in quebec on friday and meanwhile macron and justin trudeau both harsh
3:00 am
critics of president trump's decision to impose tariffs on steel and they say they will not be intimidated by the united states and warned once again about the dangers of a trade war one hundred has more now from. the gathering of world leaders was supposed to be is celebration but instead of highlighting the global economic expansion the talk at this year's g. seven summit is all about averting a trade war. the great disruptor donald trump in his america first agenda levying tariffs of twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum coming from allies in canada mexico and europe the trouble ministration has managed to alienate systematically almost all of the allies who would be involved in this so canada mexico the european union or new additions it's going to be a tense meeting i would imagine canada's prime minister displayed a diplomatic anger and announced retaliatory sanctions.


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