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last week of the war in october on al jazeera. yemen's who's the rebels file to fight back a saudi emira coalition forces closing in on her the u.n. says the port must be kept open for humanitarian supplies. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha. coming up china says it's ready to respond if the u.s. imposes tariffs on chinese imports. now the. americans protest against president trump's policy of taking away the children of
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asylum seekers. plus the u.n. more global warming is still rising to dangerously high levels despite the paris agreement. the leader of yemen to the rebels has called on his supporters to fight back against saudi and supported government forces who are closing in on the vital port city of her data the un security council which discussed the battle on thursday says the data pool must remain open for humanitarian deliveries lower burden monthly reports. yemen's port city of how data was bustling with people buying food on thursday bought this is also a city bracing for a heavy bombardment and the. people here. living is an improvement in how data
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there are no jobs a person your works to earn his daily living there will be a big crisis if the facts are moved into the city. with poverty and hunger and the residents will be victims people are dying from hunger the country will be destroyed. the coalition has captured a town south of the data as fierce fighting and as strikes pound the area the un security council has held two closed door meetings this week both concluding that the only solution to the crisis is a political and not a military one the u.a.e. ambassador says there are ships on standby to supply her data once the military operation and even our ships just see waiting so we have a fright we have a very we're very well organized and we are ready to to. every assistance for. the council meet for further discussions on monday but many analysts agree
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that a basket of her data would not draw yemen's three year war closer to an end. supposing that there will be a successful sort of military takeover of there are many questions remain what will happen to other parts of the country you know what will happen to who will run how they do what will happen to you know the deep divides among among yemenis i think that you know it's important to recognize the who sees as as a political actor as they were back in two thousand and thirteen fourteen. as the saudi led coalition forces a military victory over the strategic port the formerly exiled president of a drop of months a hardy has arrived in the southern city of aden for the first time since february two thousand and seventeen to oversee the operations. but the u.n. wants the attack on her data could kill up to a quarter of a million people and shut down the main route for food and humanitarian aid to the
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rest of the country this would have a devastating impact on survival of a population already teetering on the brink of famine. algis there are. china says it will respond quickly if the u.s. announces a new round of terrorist on chinese goods the official announcement is expected later today that friday a day after secretary of state mark pompei o met the chinese president xi jinping in beijing the new jute is would target around fifty billion dollars worth of chinese imports mr trump has been trying to fulfill a campaign pledge to clamp down on what he calls unfair chinese trading policies laurence louis has more from beijing. the u.s. government hasn't officially announced these tariffs yet but we have known about them for a couple of weeks the u.s. had said it will publish
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a list of affected items on the fifteenth of june and the tariffs are expected to come into effect a couple of days after that now the two countries u.s. and china have been holding talks to try and avert a possible trade war ultimately the u.s. wants to reduce its trade deficit with china by as much as two hundred billion dollars over the next two years and the trumpet ministration has also said it wants to give american companies greater access to the chinese market trying to believes tariffs it's one way of forcing china's hand and china has said if the u.s. goes ahead with these tyrants then all trait discussions between the two countries over the past two weeks will announce these boys china had promised to increase its purchases of u.s. energy and farm products much as seventy billion dollars and now it appears that they will no longer want to commit to that if the trumpet ministration goes ahead with these tariffs and the terrorists will also likely complicate the relationship between the two countries at a time when the u.s. needs china's help in enforcing tougher u.n.
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sanctions on north korea and the trumpet ministration believes it was d's tougher u.n. sanctions that forced north korea to the negotiating table and allowed the summit in singapore to take place but some analysts also believe that because the talks between the u.s. and north korea were a success that this now gives the u.s. a lot more leeway to be tough on trade with china because ultimately china will not want to derail the process as denuclearization on the korean peninsula is consistent with china's security interests. and european union member countries of unanimously back to plan to impose retaliatory tyrus on u.s. products the move will told it goods worth more than three billion dollars and there in response to the latest round of us to. on steel and aluminum imports from the e.u. canada and mexico the measures are expected to come into effect within the next few
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weeks has also lodged a complaint against the us at the w t o the world trade organization. now they've been rallies across the u.s. against the trumpet ministration separation of asylum seeking migrant children from their families thousands of children are being taken away from their parents and placed in detention centers program with reports from los angeles. i mean. i outraged by the trumpet ministrations policy of taking migrant children away from their parents protesters rally in los angeles. the right way it was one of dozens of similar demonstrations in cities around the country this policy is reprehensible we feel like it's it's it's forcing its manufacturing a crisis on top of the crisis that already existed the trumpet ministration says it is seizing children and separating families as a deterrent scaring other would be migrant parents away it's part of
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a so-called zero tolerance policy meanwhile news came of nearly one thousand five hundred migrant boys between the ages of ten and seventeen being detained in a sprawling former wal-mart store in texas reporters were given a monitored tour of the building which is run by a private company under contract with the u.s. government but were not permitted to speak with the boys or film the site these pictures were distributed by the government the government says it has contracts with one hundred holding facilities in seventeen states detaining immigrant minors those facilities now hold more than eleven thousand children congress plans to vote on immigration proposals next week including one that deals with family separation lawmakers from the opposition democratic party called the trumpet ministrations harsh policies a disgrace babies as young as eighteen months being ripped from the arms of their
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mothers that is psychological torture leaders of major u.s. religious denominations have condemned the family separation policy but attorney general jeff sessions offered justification for it in the bible and i would cite. it to the apostle paul and his clear and wise command in romans thirteen to a phase of laws of the government one protester said sessions is wrong i really dislike that he's taking my bible in and. doing something anti-political with it many of the parents and children seeking refuge in the u.s. are fleeing extreme gang violence in central america protesters and immigrants rights advocates say sending them back to their homeland could amount to a death sentence robbery most al-jazeera los angeles. israelis new prime minister
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is used to meet the french president in paris after a war of words over rome's refusal to accept a migrant rescue ship emmanuel mccraw have called the move irresponsible and cynical in the italian border town of ventimiglia migrants have been arriving regularly for more than four years now and residents there are increasingly frustrated as the trash about live reports. the colorful northern italian town of fenton mia faces the mediterranean sea in recent years it's become a stopping point for migrants trying to cross into france just a few kilometers away many in the city say they're frustrated with the situation most say france should shed the burden instead of tightening its border and turning its back on its neighbor the miracle i think friend should take some of the migrants because we have too many here invented italy takes them all but france doesn't want them it's not fair europe and france have to do their part. these
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women say the romans recent decision to block a charity migrant risky boat sends a message to the european union that italians like them have had enough going to say thanks to solving any of the leg he's helping to reduce insecurity we don't know where to put all these people in the city center left may is. cautious when talking about italy's new anti immigration government but he says there's no doubt that people are frustrated with europe more than. i can't complain about the way people have approached us and helped the migrants but it's a big weight to bear and people feel abandoned by our neighboring countries and europe is between the op. as patience runs out so does goodwill this church was once a refuge for migrants but it was forced to shut up two years ago the colombian praise that was serving in this parish decided to open up the church course for the migrants and any time there were opt out thousand five hundred people sleeping here
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behind the church and inside the building but local residents became fed up and after bearing to pressure city officials decided to close it down. with the new government has decided it is italians first those of us helping got a ready feeling more pressure and they see less migrants coming the people who come here are mainly refugees from sudan and eritrea this young man didn't wish to be identified but he described his terrifying crossing from libya is what i will be serious when there are still many people lost their lives what i did as a way of you know because if you're struggling or how i make it you know. people invented me or may not be united in their approach to the crisis but nearly all agree on one thing the migration should be a european issue not just an italian one a new strategies are urgently needed to help those on the front line and protect those who are vulnerable its national butler al jazeera and to media italy. we've
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got a lot more to come here at out there including. i passionate scenes outside elgin tina's congress after a vote to legalize abortion. plus a u.s. freeze up a fraction of the money it had promised to syrian rescue groups helmick. we should see something of an improvement in the weather across western parts of europe as we go on through the next couple days the loss of showers around italy in the balkans some lively downpours continuing here further west it's been very wet and windy there are say autumnal across the british isles over the last twenty four hours will say things and improve as we go on through the next couple days but still quite breezy southwestern parts of france well here we've had some very heavy
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rain really over the past week or so the right has been coming down for good parts of france this was the scene into the southwest corner of the country to see some very high water as things will dry up it will brighten up please to say as we go on through the next few days so we are going to see more the way of sunshine less in the way of cloud and still some cloud into the front study so it's just awful madrid fine a dry twenty celsius there for london still on the breezy side there for more than holland and scotland tonight just showers meanwhile they will continue around southern parts of the balkans maybe even down into greece as we go through friday fun and dry for moscow and with the next couple of days still a speckling of showers down towards the southeastern corner of europe by friday generally fine in try to towards the west the stewpot rather wet and windy across the northwest and cool northwest impossible africa looking pretty good twenty five .
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carissa take a look at the top stories here it out zira the leader of yemen's the rebels has
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called on his supporters to fight back against saudi and emer r.t. practice government forces who are closing in on the port city of who data the coalition has captured the town to the south of the port but the u.n. says it should remain open for humanitarian supplies china says it will respond quickly if and when the u.s. confirms your goal of a new round of tariffs on chinese goods the official announcement is expected to be made just a day after secretary of state might compare met the chinese president xi jinping in beijing the new jews could target around fifty billion dollars worth of chinese imports. it's a new prime minister is due to meet the french president in paris after a war of words over rome's refusal to accept a migrant rescue ship with more than six hundred people on board emmanuel macro had called the move irresponsible and cynical. they've been passionate scenes outside
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his congress after politicians now really voted in favor of legalizing abortion the bill must now pass in the senate before it becomes law today is a bow report. in the national anthem to celebrate a historic vote emotion was high among those who wanted to legalize abortion in argentina. i can't stop crying because you have to this is a fight there are so many. motion's we know that a lot of things are missing but we are still moving forward we have worked so hard we are being ignored for so long and today we are making history. the debate lasted for twenty three hours and the vote was very close especially when two congressmen changed sides and decided to for the last four months women here wearing green bandanas have been taking to the streets to change a law that affects this country's most vulnerable thousands of women are hospitalized every year because of complications with illegal abortions most of
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them are poor in the last decade argentina at half of everything from pregnant reforms like gay marriage ban abortion was at the table until now when the fighting started to change especially women and young people who took to the streets demanding change. opposing the law is the catholic church issued a statement saying the results in congress were upsetting and they did not solve the real problems poor women face today. released the country is not ready for them but i think i wonder there are a lot of steps that should be taken prior to passing this law a lot of education needs to happen people have to know that if you do something there are consequences and one of those is getting pregnant a consequence. the opposition as well as allies of precedent were divided on the issue. has encouraged his party members to vote as they see feet even though he's personally opposed the proposal. skee has been campaigning to change the law for
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years she says that the most difficult part is yet to come in the senate is quite quite difficult to see for and head east is not received here in the congress and a little bit deeper this time there in the senate john kerry is going to be the most difficult the numbers tire i really really bad at the moment but where we are we're doing these like step by step a green revolution has taken over large sectors of argentina society they have managed to convince lawmakers that legalizing abortion is a matter of public health that urgently needs to be addressed that is how will win a situs. the trumpet administration has released six and a half million dollars in aid for organizations in syria including the white helmets botha's ruslan jordan explains it's only a fraction of what washington had initially promised. on thursday the trumpet
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ministration announced that it would be dispersing six point six million dollars to the syrian white helmets those are the volunteers who have been trying to provide emergency medical care to the people caught in the cross-fire of the little seven year old syrian civil war this money is going to be just first legally to accounts that the white helmets can access so that they can buy emergency medical equipment and supplies however this is a far cry from the two hundred million dollars which the u.s. had pledged to provide to emergency relief groups earlier this year just before he was fired as secretary of state rex tillerson made the two hundred million dollar pledge any funding conference for the syrian people however the trumpet ministration shortly thereafter said that as part of its strategy to not be as
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involved in syria as it has been in the past that it was going to freeze that two hundred million dollars pledge the six point six million announced on thursday is less than three percent of that figure on thursday as it happens the u.n. special envoy for syria stefan dema stora indicated that he would soon be meeting with officials from a number of countries including the us in order to talk about the way to try to resolve the civil war through peace talks he did not however talk about the emergency funding going to the white helmets but one point that demo store did make to reporters in geneva on thursday is that he's not optimistic that a peaceful solution can be found quickly but that he said that after four years of being in the job he feels a compulsion to try to make peace possible for the syrian people. the new york attorney general has issued a notice of suing against president donald trump and three of his children and
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their charitable foundation for allegedly violating state charity law and the two point eight million dollar lawsuit alleges the trump foundation engaged in unlawful cooled a nation with chumps twenty sixteen presidential campaign gabriel elizondo has more from new york. the new york attorney general accuses the trump foundation of persistent illegal conduct and it relates to the donald trump foundation which was started in one thousand nine hundred seven by donald trump and it's a charitable organization that's tax exempt because of that there are certain laws that it has to abide by and one of those key laws is that none of the money that goes to the charitable organization can be used by any personal means in any way shape or form however the new york attorney general said that is exactly what the donald trump foundation did and they said that they used money from the foundation to among other things pay off trump legal bills also to decorate one of his golf
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course properties and also they say to use some money that went to his presidential campaign and they point to an event in two thousand and sixteen it was a trump event in iowa where it was billed as a fundraiser for military veterans they raised about six million dollars at that event the new york attorney general says only about three million of that went to the charitable cause the other three million was diverted away and used by the trump campaign and that according to the new york attorney general is highly illegal now why are trump's three oldest children also named in this and that's because all of them served on the trump foundation board of directors now the attorney general is asking that the trump foundation be dissolved the trump pay back about two point eight million dollars and restitution and that trump can no longer open
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a charitable organization or foundation for at least another ten years important to point out that this is a civil lawsuit not criminal so the worst that could happen to trump and his children is that they would have to pay restitution there's nothing beyond that now donald trump himself tweeted out a response to this he calls the accusations completely ridiculous and he says that he will fight this case indicating that he will take this to court also insinuating his tweets that this is nothing more than politically motivated. the united nations is warning that a key target on climate change set in the paris agreement will not be met unless a rapid and far reaching changes are made in the world economy a report by the into government intergovernmental panel on climate change says human induced global warming will increase by more than one point five degrees celsius by the year twenty forty now the final version of the report is due for
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publication in october tim cross and is the director of plan b. that's a charity which supports ease of legal action to tackle climate change and he says governments must take the lead because it's too big a problem for individuals one point five degrees mind to sound like a number to a lot of people to call in paris when governments agreed to limit temperature to that level was one point five to stay alive and that is the call that really sums this out this is an existential threat it is an extension threat to all of us to our societies to our economies to international security if that isn't enough to wake people up it's very difficult to know what is is too much for individuals to handle on their own as a complete fantasy that this is going to be solved by people changing their habits of consumption this needs to happen at scale our infrastructure needs to change is has to happen with support from government but all over the world to mandating that
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we do whatever it takes because we face an existential crisis we face an emergency donald trump is obviously a huge disappointment in terms of what the world is trying to do but there are many many americans that he doesn't speak for we've got the mare of new york at the moment suing fossil fuel companies for the costs of putting a wall around wall street to keep the floodwaters a day we just got to find a coalition of the willing. the muslims around the world are celebrating eve to mark the end of the holy month of ramadan all of whom all in indonesia and many gathered in most across the country for prayers every year muslims of the month of ramadan by fasting from dawn to dusk and in egypt millions of muslims are celebrating need as well as the country's first appearance in the world cup since one nine hundred ninety many who gathered in the capitals main square for prayers or the national team colors to mark the occasion. that
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russia has made a stunning start to football's world cup thrashing saudi arabia five nil in moscow president putin watched the match alongside the saudi crown prince mohammed bin silent as well as the fee for president giani him from tino the victory margin for the jose singh came as a bit of a surprise russia and saudi arabia of the two lowest ranked sides at the tournament . well a round of face with the world cup on friday back home fans and aspiring football is a finding ways around sanctions to keep their passions going. from tehran. even before their first game iran's world cup players were in the headlines not for heroics on the field but because nike stopped supplying them with shoes citing american sanctions but even if nike wanted to run eons to stop wearing them they're
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still just doing it anyways this is sports this is football there is nothing to do with politics and that's quite something quite irrelevant the sanctions whatever it's not going to go into the field of sports you can see iranian people are wearing nike and maybe it's a kind of popular brand but i guess many people have a second thought about it because this is not really fair and this is not fair play win or lose he said iran's participation of the world cup for a second time in a row is already a great feat and at home in a country where women still aren't allowed to attend a football games in public stadiums there are signs of progress this is a call out to iranian women for a star search style competition to find the country's next female football announcer. and earlier this year the national in the women's team brought home the
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asia cup. beating out top competition and encouraging more women to get their foot in the door neighborhood ahmed was afraid if not better the players iranian society views it positively now and football has become one of the most popular sports of course i've had many challenges since my childhood but i'm telling you if you make efforts you can achieve what you want. this club is looking for sponsors so these young women. can participate in international competitions and though their uniforms may be a little different they have the same problem as female athletes everywhere they don't get as much money as the men for things like equipment and training the game may be played indoors in the size of the arena maybe smaller but these women say they are every bit the athletes their male counterparts are. to tell us says her coach is tough but she doesn't mind because some day she says she wants to be
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a defender and when the golden ball. and her future teammate gives us her prediction for russia twenty eighteen who do you think will win the world cup eva. if these two young athletes are anything to go by for the beautiful games the field in iran is wide open. let's have a look at the top stories here and out the leader of yemen's who three rebels has called on his supporters to fight back against saudi and amorality back government forces who are closing in on the port city of data the coalition has captured the town to the south of the port but the u.n. says it should remain open for humanitarian supplies beijing says it will respond quickly if the u.s. announces a new round of terrorists on chinese goods according to u.s.
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media ripples in egypt his will target around fifty billion dollars with a chinese imports the official announcement is expected on friday a day after the secretary of state pompei met the chinese president xi jinping in beijing mr trump's been trying to fulfill a campaign pledge to clamp down on what he calls unfair chinese trading practices. it's a new prime minister is due to meet the french president in paris after a war of words over rome's refusal to accept a migrant rescue ship with more than six hundred people on board emanuel mackerel had called the move irresponsible and cynical. the u.s. says it will take what it calls for and appropriate measures against the syrian government for violations of a so-called deescalation zone president assad's forces have recovered much of the country's territory but one of the areas still controlled by rebels is landholder
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in jordan and israeli occupied golan heights. the new york attorney general is suing president trump three of his children and their charitable foundation for allegedly violating state charity law the two point eight million dollar lawsuit alleges the truck foundation engaged in extensive and unlawful coordination with trump's to twenty six teen presidential campaigns that the united nations has warned that a key target on climate change said in the paris agreement will not be met unless rapid and far reaching changes are made in the world's economy is this human induced global warming could increase by more than one point five degrees celsius by twenty forty. all right you're up to date there is the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's inside story. the i.m.f. said riyadh's breakeven oil price twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f.
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for help and now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. and you name intended to end decades of diplomatic deadlock nationalists and greece and macedonia are unhappy at the choice of macedonia from historical legacy to modern identity why so much hanging on the name this is the inside story. hello and welcome to the program on one of the problem while the agreement between athens and skopje of a new name for macedonia has been praised internationally it's polarized politics and public opinion in both countries thousands of people in math.


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