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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2018 7:00am-7:33am +03

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human rights council is a poor defender of human rights in the u.s. pulls out of the un human rights council accusing the organization of hypocrisy and not worth its name. alone down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. donald trump is heckled by politicians ahead of a vote on his immigration policy of separating children from their parents. fierce fighting at the airport in the yemeni city of her data as pro-government forces take on who the rebels and no longer under a cloud canada becomes the second country in the world to legalize recreational use of marijuana.
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a cesspool of political bias is how the u.s. describes the u.n. human rights council and that's why it's pulling out of the u.n. body president donald trump had been threatening to quit the council if it wasn't reformed than george reports. special a year ago the u.s. ambassador to the united nations criticize the u.n. human rights council for what she called its hypocritical behavior and nikki haley said the u.s. would quit the council if it didn't change its ways it's hard to accept that this council has never considered a resolution on venezuela and yet it adopted five biased resolutions in march against a single country israel it is essential that this council address its chronic anti israel bias if it is to have any credibility it is correct to criticize the state
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of israel for its actions as said by rabbi law you can you can challenge the israeli government's policies without being on to the mighty comet such as this a permanent agenda item investigating israel's treatment of palestinians and the us is recent failure to prevent the un general assembly from condemning israel's use of force in gaza finally made the trumpet ministration say enough on tuesday but when organizations undermine our national interests and our allies we will not be complicit when they seek to infringe on our national sovereignty we will not be silent we take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of humor. it's we could have with john immediately we did not do that instead we made a good faith effort to resolve the problems the u.s. has had a troubled relationship with the council when it was set up in two thousand and six
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president george bush refused to join because he feared countries with poor human rights records would be able to sit on a panel intended to punish human rights violators key in bush's decision making the us ambassador to the u.n. at the time john bolton he's now president trumps national security advisor to president barack obama then joined the council in two thousand and nine are you the u.s. would have more influence and give israel more protection from negative resolutions in the process now the u.s. is leaving the council again and that has human rights groups around the world very concerned they fear that without the american presence on the council it will be much less able to hold countries such as russia syria or north korea accountable for the mistreatment of their citizens it's also not clear how long washington plans to stay away from the human rights council rosalyn jordan al-jazeera the state department well the u.n.
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human rights chief responded on twitter shortly after the announcement zaid rada hussein says the decision is disappointing if not really surprising given the state of human rights in today's world the u.s. should be stepping up not stepping back. u.s. republicans have agreed to work on legislation to end the president's controversial policy of separating migrant families of the southern border but democrats are not willing to support it saying donald trump can act alone alan fischer reports from washington d.c. today the president went to capitol hill to discuss immigration as the crisis on the southern border escalates system is broken for many years the immigration system that's been really. interesting probably the worst they were the word of we're going to try and see if we can fix it as he went into a meeting with members of his own republican party democrat staged a protest outside that are a number of bills doing the rounds which deal with various immigration issues trump
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wants an end to children being separated from the parents and funds for his promised border wall so while he wants a comprehensive deal the problem is there isn't comprehensive support no republicans in the senate are walking on not only focused legislation on just the separation issue congress can step in and pass this this week i'm a urging congress we can fix this problem we can fix this and i've been speaking with both republicans and democrats we can come together we are all be united and say of course kids should be with their parents but democrats aren't ready to help the president out of a crisis the insist he created with his own policies president trump if you're truly ashamed of what's happening at the border get your team together and undo this shameful policy immediately which you can do with a flick of the pen there's no need for legislation there's no need for anything else you can do it mr president you started it. you can stop it after
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a little more than an hour donald trump left capitol hill he didn't take questions during the meeting but told this party he would sign any immigration deal that got house and senate approval he said this is an opportunity for us to be compassionate but also stand for security and he said security and dark to fix together you're looking very strong. like eighty percent sure there is a clear consensus across the house in the senate to address the immigration issue here are the two big problems first of all there isn't a clear idea of what will get enough support to pass all the president says he'll say any bill that emerges he has changed his mind in the past the more critics continue to see that what is happening on the southern border is cruel unacceptable and un-american alan fischer al jazeera on capitol hill in washington. mexico's foreign minister called the policy cruel and inhumane you know.
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i would like to express in the name of the people and government of mexico our most categorical and energetic condemnation of what is a cruel and inhuman policy mexico fully recognizes the united states sovereignty and its capacity to decide its own way of dealing with immigration the mexican government does not in any way promote illegal immigration however we cannot be indifferent to what clearly represents a violation of human rights and can put children including disabled children in situations of danger and vulnerability to yemen now where saudi and iraqi coalition forces have taken control of parts of the daters airport as they fight with the rebels and the yemeni army is blocking the road between her daughter province and the capital this would cut supply lines for the who these and stop reinforcements from sun our mother who is on the other side of the red sea in djibouti where much of the aid for yemen comes from. the
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intensity of the bottle for the international airport captured in a mobile form the u.s. backed. has been fighting for control of the airport for a week while calling on the fighters holding them back to start and on condition that the host the response has been one of defiance prompting fears the bottle will spread into the town until humanitarian catastrophe the problem always is highly densely populated areas trying to clear these areas non-state actors who are embedded in the civilian population who are dug in and have nothing to lose and then you have a conventional military trying to clear these areas and there is always going to be difficult. us pictures open tonally displaced people in the data continue to emerge the united arab emirates red crescent says it's sending an aid convoy north from aden it's a gesture only criticized outside yemen thing to national rescue committee says the
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relief plan announced by so that it be on the united arab emirates to protect civilians living in the data as they are talk to port city is a publicity stunt meant to draw attention away from the and do suffering their offensive his cause the united nations special envoy for human martin cliff it's just left after three days of meetings with the whole of the rebels who control large parts of the country he failed to secure any peace deal the u.n. envoy to yemen asking the same request. but if you're. a u.n. envoy to yemen which. is. for a cease fire or a truce in the data a planned over the border to. the united nations says more than five thousand two hundred families have fled in the past three weeks here in djibouti aid just watching the unfolding situation in that they are with increasing alarm they've not
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been able to deliver aid to say that since the offensive began civilians to have been caught in the crossfire earlier on tuesday the whole the health official claimed that six people had been killed after the boss there were traveling in was bombed by the coalition forces yet despite all the fighting the portal for the a lifeline for millions of yemenis remains open the question is for how long we are planning to be doing to should be. tomorrow. we heard of her from others i think through brace for the. destruction to. but they that is yemen's main port on only and three for international aid there's growing concern that millions of yemenis will of so far survived more than three years a war hunger and disease could now face starvation mohammed at all jazeera djibouti . canada has become the second country in the world to legalize recreational
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marijuana the bill pos both houses of parliament on tuesday the federal government could issue licenses with an eight to twelve weeks for produces to sell cannabis people be able to go up to four plants europe why was the first come to the legalize recreational marijuana in twenty thirteen with adam green that as a medical cannabis activist in canada he says the government's legalizing marijuana for public health reasons. our federal government has has realized that the criminalization of cannabis is harmful to individuals and harmful to society and its harms outweigh its capacity to prevent people from using cannabis which it has obviously failed in doing so as well adults who are over eighteen or nineteen in some provinces will be able to legally purchase cannabis from from can't from legal retailers the retailers will look a little bit different in each province some provinces are going with state monopolies to control the sale of cannabis which means only the government will be
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acting as the distributor and retailer other probably is are opting for a for a privatized system of retailers or a mixed system that includes private and public and that. and they'll be able to purchase a cannabis product of known provenance and purity so adults who go into these stores will be able to purchase cannabis products where the h.d. content in the d.v.d. content are labeled and subject to very rigorous quality controls there and there and there are the concerns around and impaired driving and around accessing cannabis but really these are already problems that exist under prohibition that we will be able to better deal with under a legalized system where there is a transparent supply chain in place and also new legislation to deal with the issue of of impaired driving so so a lot of this stuff is there are legitimate concerns that are actually be tackled and i just like she's well and it will be more able to effectively deal with the
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under legalized frank thing work. time for a short break here and when we come back. the border fence that divides brownsville texas with mexico on the other side. front lines president donald trump's new ciro tolerance policy. that story coming up. on the russian gold rush that's getting home fans really excited for the world cup more on that stay with us. for. the weather. hello again as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia we. will share in the southern side of the caspian sea but otherwise it's
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looking fine looking pretty warm tehran at thirty five now a hot one in baghdad forty two we've got some heavy showers affecting parts of turkey through into georgia and armenia says that the fine conditions are on the eastern side of the military should be another fine day in beirut with highs of twenty seven degrees heading down into the arabian peninsula on the western side it's looking fine and hot with forty five degrees a mix of both mecca medina here in qatar we've got some fairly brisk winds over the next few days but of dust any visibility is not great but temperatures still up at forty three degrees celsius so let's head across into southern parts of africa where it's looking fine it's bright all the way not quite as cold as it has been for johannesburg where if i had significant nighttime frosts but otherwise fine conditions expected no change to head on through into service day so find a way across the zimbabwe and through into zambia once again to central parts of africa some big storm system see all the way from south sudan through towards the
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gulf within the region nigeria is looking fairly wet at the moment and there like to be some heavy downpours in lagos. the weather. packet for us what were you hearing what were you seeing whether on line horrendous things you know it's all just there's absolutely no doubt about that or if you join us on sacked a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and ships to eat bass is a dialogue. about this excessive perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the conversation.
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welcome back a quick recap of the top stories of the south the u.s. is withdrawing from the united nations human rights council accusing it of hypocrisy on a chronic bias against israel donald trump's administration has long threatened to quit if the body was not for. canada's become the second country the world to legalize recreational marijuana the federal government could issue licenses within eight to twelve weeks for producers to sell come of this people be able to grow up to four plants. u.s. president donald trump has been meeting republicans on capitol hill to discuss passing legislation to overhaul the immigration system trump says something needs to be done to curb illegal immigration and he plans to side i've a republican bills that the house passes. well as we've been reporting trump has been under fierce criticism for his policy of splitting up migrant families at the mexican border separated children are being detained in at least three shelters across southern texas one of those is in brownsville right on the mexico border the
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reports from the. welcome to ground zero donald trump's zero tolerance immigration policy for asylum seekers welcome to brownsville texas. this is the border crossing many migrants fleeing poverty and violence want to cross legally to ask for asylum. the lines are long recent weeks most asylum seekers get turned away so they try other means crossing to the u.s. illegally with a then are often arrested and families are separated. and then the children often here more than one hundred of them that were detained here in this shelter that was once a wal-mart store journalists are not allowed to film and so this is how close the people of brownsville texas are to the immigration issue this is the border fence where i'm standing now is the town of brownsville on the other side is mexico when
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the zero tolerance policy was announced and parents started to be separated from their children it not only brought unwanted attention to this town but also divided opinion i mean right now it's kind of like a really negative light for i guess the environmental community everyone's kind of turning hostile it's a really negative impact on people in general i know i mean i don't know why they're doing it but i just know it's not right kids not being with their parents i don't like what's happening but they have to come in legally they don't speak english they're on the welfare system and it's just not fair to our all our homeless in our citizens that are in poverty it would be some people here say the parents bear part of the responsibility for protecting their kids. on that issue alone is difficult i wouldn't be able to handle it i would hate to be you away from my children but at the same time i can also understand if i'm going to take that
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risk. you're running into that very possibility you know and maybe as a parent if i'm going across a border maybe i should you know follow the rules with the trumpet ministration appearing to double down rather than back down on its policy a sign that the more families it separates the more polarized communities like this are likely to become gabriel's andro which is either brown's texas. severe weather has hit parts of southern and midwest united states with heavy rain causing flash flooding in many areas people had to be rescued in illinois as rising waters submerged roads and houses. but there are no reports of injury or major damage more heavy rain is forecast. there's a more violence in nicaragua after the latest round of talks between the government and protesters failed. because at least two people died in the
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southern city of messiah after police and paramilitaries confronted demonstrators earlier protest leaders abandon talks mediated by the catholic church the opposition's accusing the government of not keeping its promises to invite international monitors to investigate the violence which began in april or had to vajra is the america's director of amnesty international says just returned from the country described what she saw. it was unbelievable to believe that the government the police of the at a military groups that have been used by the government and have been colluded with the police were going to attack a peaceful demonstration but unfortunately we were able to witness to up sirte the situation we've been documented in degrade by lesions of human rights that are happening in this context i mean for also it's clear that this is a systematic. repression directed by the state we need to remind ourselves that the police is under the direct instruction and the orders of
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the president of the country press are the work they've got so they receive he is the main commander of the police forces but we have been also able to document through the photos and the video that we have thirty five that the government hue seen these military groups use pro-government civilians armed civilians that are attacking the population and they've been used precisely on the one hand to increase the capacity to the state to repress people and on the other country confused the responsibility of the state in this atrocity there is not a position there are not two parties in the situation there are representatives from civil society from many different sectors that are trying to negotiate to get into dialogue with the government but unfortunately the government is not concealing its commitments. north korea's leader has told china that his country will do all it can to protect peace kim jong il who is visiting for the third time since march he briefed china's president xi jinping on meeting donald trump in
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singapore earlier this month north korean state media say the two leaders discussed ways to work towards denuclearization agent brown has moved from beijing. well this is an unusual visit when kim jong un came here in march and again in may details of the visit were only released after he left china this time the details were released on the morning that he arrived he received a full welcoming ceremony at the great hall of the people with full military honors slowly the north korean leader is being eased into the international fold no longer treated as the leader of a pariah state but as a bona fide leader of his country now i think that kim jong un and president xi jinping would have discussed perhaps what has so far not been made public about kim jong un's discussions in singapore with president donald trump this of course is where the two leaders committed themselves to the denuclearization of the korean
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peninsula of course north korea and the united states have very different definitions of what denuclearization is and indeed what timescale it should take place in nevertheless kim jong un has really been at the center of world diplomacy now for the person for the past three months he's met not just the leader of china but also the president of the united states the president of south korea and of course the prime minister of singapore and he's jus' to meet president vladimir putin of russia in september and i think that kim jong un and president xi jinping would also have been discussing sheeting pings immanent visit to the north korean capital there was also something else that came out of this meeting both kim and she jingping committed themselves to maintaining strong bilateral relations whatever happens internationally and reading between the lines i think that means that even if you know the deal between kim jong un and president donald trump
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doesn't work out china is essentially saying we will still be your friend. dozens of people are still missing after a ferry sank in lake doba in indonesia's northern sumatra island on tuesday the area's a popular tourist destination so far only eighteen people have been rescued the ferry had a capacity of sixty passengers but was overloaded at the time. france and germany have called for a joint european approach to migration the german chancellor is under pressure over the issue of coalition partners given two weeks to reach an e.u. y. deal or it will withdraw its support dominic kane as more from berlin. of all the other e.u. leaders emanuel is the one i'm going to america will have heard shares her views on how to deal with the continent's migration crisis the issue has dominated the debate this past week in berlin on choose day the french president made clear his determination to act. that meant that the minister it is with this same
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determination that we believe very strongly in the european response to the migration challenge we have not just discovered this challenge we did not discover it last week but we have very clearly determined to get to act and the european coordinated why such friendly sentiments from the french president are exactly what angle america would have been wanting to hear from this meeting because in the past few days she's had to concede on immigration policy to her to mystic c.s.u. allies promising a european solution the price for not seeing her coalition toppled in this document which purports to be a draft of what e.u. leaders will deliberate over in brussels next week much of the policies the c.s.u. have been speaking about are discussed so what are the prospects for an e.u. wide solution this is the school is a team over the topic which currently concerns us or is the topic of migration we understand to as a common challenge we first have to make sure that the cause for migration is
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eliminated that's we support the plans of the commission and austrian presidency to strengthen the protection of outer borders which means nothing else but a significant increase in personnel tax but despite her apparent confidence some analysts are less convinced a wide agreement is possible i don't see twenty eight solution coming so i will definitely be a bilateral or multilateral coalition from those or within those countries actually in the e.u. which are most affected. it will be a coalition of the willing in berlin this. weak part of macros coalition has appeared to be willing to put in an impossible position the question now is how willing are the e.u. member states to help our service dominic came out zero in the german capital. sports news now and hopes are soaring up football's world cup. it's no
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wonder russian fans are so excited they're virtually guaranteed to make the knockout stages the lowest ranked team of the tournament made it two wins from as many matches up to beating egypt three one in st petersburg and they're enjoying a goal rush they've struck eight all up so far any team left in russia's way in pool play are you a guy who faced saudi arabia on wednesday. and in early matches japan beat ten man colombia two one senegal post of the first win by an african team at the tournament they were just too good for poland for the band for mfi for bosses at the world cup at the invitation of russia's president sepp blatter was ousted in twenty fifteen for ethics violations as part of a corruption scandal he was banned from all football related activities for six years but doesn't stop him from attending matches a two year old expects to watch two games but it's not known if he'll meet president clinton. nigeria's government is in talks with the u.k.
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to accept the return on loan of rare bronze statue stolen by british imperialists more than a century ago the works of art belong to an african royal mourner from barbara. these are some of the bronzes stolen more than one hundred years ago in what is now southern nigeria mr the artifacts removed from the can have been inspired and the doc in the british museum campaign as have made repeated calls for their return i think it's very important that we are straightforward and honest and transparent about the ways in which some of these objects events that the collection is absolutely not the case that everything in the museums african collections was planted or looted always have a phrase you want to use but obviously there are certain circumstances or certain events that happened. and certain examples like that then in bronzes where that material would have come into the collection and not in the same way today curators from europe and the united states a negotiating an agreement to set up a permanent exhibition of the bronzes in nigeria where it is true that the british
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has a number of objects which they have many of these objects in the euro program so there's need for there to be there for about as low as one of the billion dollar group is all about but it is unclear whether the nigerian government will accept to learn more from the british museum. we will. you know be open to such conversations so there's just not one for. decision as to whether it's going to be a goal or i mean if we talk you know we just we will be open to having a broad range of discussions on. each piece of work. the oldest of the bronze this would cost in the fifteen hundreds descendants of the artists who carved them still practiced across today if really. at least this was the beauty for people to see it especially we docs our forefathers did the job their hope
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is that all depictions of everyday life chiseled through the ages can one day be seen by future generations in the land where they were created barbara and passed out to syria. by tougher critic of the headlines here on al-jazeera the u.s. is withdrawing from the united nations human rights council accusing it of hypocrisy on a chronic bias against israel donald trump's administration has long threatened to quit if the rides but it was not before the united states is officially withdrawing from the un human rights council in doing so i want to make it crystal clear that this step is not a retreat from human rights commitments on the contrary we take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights we did not make this decision lightly u.s.
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president donald trump has been meeting republicans on capitol hill to discuss passing legislation to overhaul the immigration system trump says something needs to be done to curb illegal migration and he plans to sign either of the republican bills that the house passes he's been on a fierce criticism for his policy of prating migrant families at the mexican border which he continues to defend. saudi amorality coalition forces have taken control of parts of the date is a port in yemen as they continue to fight the rebels the u.n. and aid agencies fear the battle will spread to the city and cause a humanitarian disaster. canada has become the second country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana the federal government could issue licenses within eight to twelve weeks for producers to sell cannabis people will be able to grow up to four plants you're a guy was the first country to legalize recreational marijuana in twenty thirty.
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years or more violence in nicaragua after the latest round of talks between the government and protesters failed. at least two people died in the southern city of messiah after police and paramilitaries confronted demonstrators earlier protest leaders abandoned talks mediated by the catholic church the opposition's accusing the government of not keeping its promises to invite international monitors to investigate the violence which began in april the one hundred eighty people have died since then. well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the street station that's watching buffalo. the i.m.f. said riyadh breakeven oil price twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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hello and welcome to news stream live on al-jazeera and you tube it's the o.p.'s new prime minister has worked at a rapid pace since being sworn in eleven weeks ago now at the met is aiming to mend relations with wartime fellow eritrea i really could be and i'm not much of a dean today we'll discuss just how strong prospects are for lasting peace between the two countries and consider how you can read without alienating his critics. we are fully committed to reconcile with our eritrean brothers and sisters those are the words of if you know again prime minutes.


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