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inquiry into alleged violations in february well the u.n. high commissioner for human rights says government forces are cracking down on protesters with almost almost total impunity with five hundred and five killings apparently going uninvestigated and unpunished and one case seven rebel soldiers was shot dead in january as they tried to surrender in violation of the human rights report also found that health workers have been threatened or imprisoned for exposing the state of venezuela's health system witness accounts suggest that there was a pattern that took place during these operations there were raids conducted in poor neighborhoods to rest so-called criminals without a judicial warrant then there was a killing of young men who fit the profile in some cases in their homes and finally the security forces would tamper with the scene so that the killings would appear to have occurred in an exchange of fire but it's great not to tomorrow taught us you're the one who's a senior research for the americas human rights watch joins us now live from buenos
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ayres tamara welcome to the program tell us more about this report and its findings and the numbers of five hundred questionable killings those findings are completely consistent with our work we've documented in the course of these public security operations widespread allegations of abuse is including extra judicial killings arbitrary arrests arbitrary evictions and destructions of homes so what this report does is report on information that is totally valid and true and very critical to put out there to the public opinion so given the current state of governance in the country how can this appalling situation how can these findings that five hundred question will killings how can this be dealt with how can you make a thorough accountable given what's going on within the country. well it's absolutely impossible to do that in minutes but i love it as it is
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a country where there are no checks and balances no traditional and and away are abuses or commit it with total impunity so the only possibility is for the victims is to find justice abroad the report includes ira commendation directed specifically human rights council members to create a commission of inquiry which would allow an investigation an international investigation and the allegations of abuse to take face and it also says that it will send the information to the international criminal court which has the power to investigate specific individuals implicated in human rights abuses committed during minnesota's crisis is there a sense that these killings are all being ordered directly from the top or is it just such that the state of lords in such disarray says the people are just taking these decisions on their own account. we've documented the abuses in minnesota are systematic this means that we've seen
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similar abuses committed by different security forces in different parts of the country over a period of several months this does not happen because you have rogue officials coming abuses this means that it is systematic that it is a practice that is at the very best can go on at the highest level in a sort of government we all know that the process of the international criminal court to the wheels of. grime very slowly turn very slowly what else can be done by the international community will as can be done by say the united nations. it is important. and increase a multilateral pressure on the innisfail and government it is through these prosecutions at the international level and it can also be done through the imposition of targeted sanctions against you in a certain officials there are some time since that have been imposed by the european union by the united states canada. but there is much more to be done in
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terms of direct and specific sanctions meaning canceling visas and freezing assets of key individuals at the judiciary the military and the civilian government that are implicated in these widespread abuses tomorrow brian we appreciate your time thanks very much. so to come. with me in the balance the u.s. and the u.n. the peel to the saudi led coalition in yemen to cool off its campaign for the data . production the world's top oil producers agreed to increase output by one million barrels a day. al it's been raining steadily and heavily again in china for the last day or so you
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might get the idea of where it's reading quite a lot of places but the heaviest rain has been more or less in the southeast corner well right up to the yangtze just south of shanghai and that back down towards hong kong we're talking about one hundred thirty and forty even to beaches or it's enough to cause all top up the flooding which is already there in fujian and and further west in fact i think we've probably got some you not it's just not been reported next s.o.c. more rain in the same place including hong kong and it revisiting sichuan including showing the possibly harm as well to the west the monsoon has taken a backseat in the last two or three days is trying to show that it really does still exist it's given some fairly heavy showers quite a long way north now it's not really where it should be which means you still got the pre monsoon heat to the north of the delhi is forecast and has been recording forty two or forty three degrees the last couple of days and for the next couple days with the showers still a little bit too far south for your liking i would guess she is blowing quite
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steadily once again down through the gulf temperatures in the low forty's the most past dusty weather but salama is enjoying the wetness. the history of greenland one thousand. nine. hundred strained their revolutionary zeal. to splinter groups the palestinian cause for instance. chronicling turbulence to struggle for the palestinian. people in the history of the revolution .
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and again a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera some of the migrant children separated from the parents of the u.s. mexican border in recent weeks have been reunited with their families. syrian government helicopters have reportedly dropped thousands of barrel bombs on rebel held areas in the strategic southwest with at least six people killed and there are problems. and the united nations says that the rule of law in venezuela is virtually absent the report is detailed more than five hundred killings carried out by government forces gone uninvestigated and unpunished. police in india say they are questioning several suspects after the gang rape of five female charity workers in a remote region in the east of the country they say they were abducted while performing a play highlighting human trafficking in the region and raped at gunpoint their women are now under police protection in
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a shelter after being threatened with violence if they went to the police serious sexual assault is a major problem in india thirty nine thousand rapes reported in two thousand and sixteen alone. u.s. officials have called on the saudi led coalition to pull back in its campaign to take control of yemen strategically important data port and they verge to cooperate with u.n. efforts to agree a compromise over management of the port yemen's hooty rebels say they may be willing to consider handing over management of the port to the united nations that's according to the reuters news agency international rights groups say that yemen's warring parties are obstructing crucial aid that enters the country via the port it's feared the saudi led coalition's military offensive will have a devastating effect on civilians thousands have already fled fighting seeking safety in the capital sana new e.u. tariffs on hundreds of u.s. goods of come into effect in response to president donald trump's decision to
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impose judi's on steel and aluminum imports into the united states in response the president has threatened to put a twenty percent tax on cars imported from the e.u. bucca as more. tit for tat tariffs from friday the e.u. will slap hefty levies on three point two billion dollars worth of u.s. goods including well no barricade brams davidson motorcycle space judi's of twenty five percent bourbon orange juice crab reason peanut butter have also been hate so too has american dead and u.s. companies have enjoyed major growth in europe in recent years but many smaller companies fear their products will now become too expensive to export. the e.u.'s responding to donald trump's decision earlier this month to introduce tariffs of twenty five percent on european steel and ten percent on allen many of the measures are meant to protect national security interests e.u.
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commission president jiang claude juncker said the move makes no sense to trade to . trust. the united states' decision to push tariffs goes against it in fact it goes against all logic at least. the e.u. says it's also identified another four billion dollars in u.s. products for further tariffs if the world trade organization court where it's lodged a complaint against the us rules in the e.u.'s favor the european union is pitifully steering clear of the expression trade war largely over fears about where these tit for tat measures could end up instead the e.u. is referring to it as a rebalancing measure still this is about making as much noise as possible about sending a symbolic message to the white house by targeting some of america's most iconic brands donald trump said he's now considering introducing twenty percent tariffs on
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european cars but analysts say any further measures against the e.u. could harm the u.s. produces in the long run. it's not something smart enough not to. he knows very well but if you start the tradable the american pharmacy voted him will be up in arms when they see where we can call isn't selling as well globally as it was before. but damage may already have been done the use now looking for alternative markets in australia and new zealand major producers of being tweaked and called putting longstanding trade ties between the us and e.u. under mounting strain nieve barca al-jazeera london the apec group of all producing countries has agreed to pump up production by almost a million barrels a day after saudi arabia persuaded its arch rival iran to cooperate it's a change in policy of the last eighteen months which had seen the fourteen countries cap their output major oil consumers have been calling for an increase in
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production to prevent shortages and rising prices that speak to across want to pull brennan joins us from vienna paul tell us more about the background to this what's behind it. well it's interesting that you say that opec has agreed to pump up to a million dollars a million barrels a day because that they haven't actually put a number on it and that's the curious thing coming into this there were two distinct camps within the opec grouping there was saudi arabia with the opec member russia which wanted to increase production of oil by between one point five million barrels a day to one point eight million barrels a day essentially to plug a shortfall in supply that's predicted by the end of this year but in the other camp was iran and a couple of its allies venezuela among them who were concerned that drop in the price of oil that that would create the extra pumping would hit them hard they're already going to be hitting iran for example is going to be hit by u.s.
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sanctions the last minute is a double whammy of dropping oil prices too so coming into this there was a very real prospect of a rift in the last couple of days there was then a glimmer of compromise and what appeared to come up with is a rather elegant. compromise deal which which answers both they're going to pump extra oil but only to fill the shortfall that's been created by the market conditions at the moment and in effect opec is overcompensating or has done rather better than it is expected to do at limiting production and so by pumping extra oil it actually brings it back to the status quo that it originally committed to do back in twenty sixteen thereby both sides it seems are happy but the devil's going to be really in the detail just couple of quick further things first of all it makes donald trump happy no doubt and secondly what does this mean for oil prices. i mean let's put both of those questions i want to answer yes donald trump seems to be happy he tweeted he's been tweeting about opec choosing them of keeping prices
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artificially high he was pushing opec to increase the amount of oil being pumped so the price would come down because though opec has failed to put a specific number on the amount of barrels that are going to be actually pumped in actual fact the price of oil is going up in the past hour since the announcement was made it's up to around seventy four dollars sixty cents at the counter effect i think the answer is not going to be entirely happy tonight with the effect of what's happened here or poorly with ever time events are much deeper britain in vienna talks between south sudan's president salva kiir and the opposition leader have broken up in ethiopia without agreement or wednesday the two rivals met for the first time in two years in addis ababa along with regional leaders but more talks are expected in the sudanese capital khartoum next week millions of people have been displaced in the five year conflict north and south korea have agreed to hold reunions for family members separated by the war the last time that happened
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was in two thousand and fifteen when elderly relatives were reunited after more than sixty years apart these reunions. are part of the steps agreed to by kim jong un a moon joined in to repair improve relations millions of people were separated when the korean peninsula was divided. china's recent ban on importing plastic waste means that other countries are being forced to find new ways to deal with their rubbish this could end up revolutionizing global recycling by making smaller countries improve their own collection and handling of plastic france louis reports now from malaysia's capital kuala lumpur. plastic getting a new lease of life as waste is refined and turned into small pallets they're packed in this factory in the southern state of johor and sold to manufacturers the plastic is then turned into other goods anything from piping to home appliances.
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ken who has spent his life in the recycling industry helping out with his parents' business before building his own plastics factory the so much you know variable stuff that's packed into it and the minute you understand that you are christian much higher value maturity comes out from that once you see that as a potential you approach it totally differently you think about how we're going to strike that what resources i'm going to pick you know put into that and once is sure of that myself the party pollution problem in disappear by itself. see as company has increased the volume of waste it handles already this year by twenty eight percent developed countries have been looking for alternatives since china's ban on plastic waste imports took effect at the start of this year the u.k. for example has now tripled its exports of plastic waste to malaysia. some recycling companies here use a combination of local and imported waste but it's the important waste that's considered the better quality. recyclables should be segregated at source but often
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than not divided up properly and become contaminated which means someone then has to do the sorting out and the cleaning there were some concerns that china's ban would flood malaysia with more waste than it could handle and the government initially stopped issuing import permits but it was only temporary. and already. declared almost. ready for all this for. fear. of more comfortable being around c.r. says countries need to start looking at the whole issue from a different perspective. his factory tents plastic scraps into industrial materials as well as fuel to power machines proving that plastic waste shouldn't always be regarded as a problem florence really al-jazeera. the ivory coast government has called for widespread evacuations across the commercial capital of abidjan after a week of heavy flooding at least eighteen people were killed in flash floods
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triggered by heavy rainfall on monday local reports suggest the flood waters in the city were nearly three meters deep it's not clear how many people have been affected or indeed where survivors will be housed and the government has set aside more than three million dollars to help if it. does the margin directional website our desire dot com is the address so all the news we're covering right plenty of comment and analysis there too. so that a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera and some of the migrant children separated from their parents at the u.s. mexican border are being reunited with their families this mother was back with her young son baltimore on friday after more than a month apart she filed a lawsuit against the u.s. government to get him back she says other immigrant mothers like her must fight for their children. i'm very happy to found my
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son i'm very happy and thankful especially to call it i started crying when i saw him because he is the only son that i have nobody will separate of again i don't regret coming here i'm proud to have made it to this country. syrian government helicopters have reportedly dropped dozens of barrel bombs on rebel held areas in the strategic southwest more than twenty three thousand civilians have been fleeing the bombardment and there are province since tuesday the new offensive further undermines an international deescalation agreement backed by the united states. the rebels say they may be willing to consider handing ever management of had date as poll to the united nations. to the reuters news agency meanwhile international rights groups say that yemen's warring parties are obstructing crucial aid that enters the country the port it's feared the saudi led coalition's military
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offensive in the area will have devastating effects on civilians and thousands have already fled the fighting say he safety in the capital zama. the united nations says the route of lorries benchley absence in venezuela the un high commissioner for human rights says that government forces are cracking down on protesters with almost total impunity with five hundred five killings apparently not being investigated or punished properly spain has offered malta humanitarian help to deal with a ship carrying two hundred people rescued from the mediterranean and if he's interior minister. now says that malta should take in the ship a day off to saying the migrants should be taken to the netherlands all right up to date with all the headlines here and i'm sure there stay with us next up history of the revolution coming right.
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in one hundred forty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost. sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the p.l.o. has been at the heart of the struggle to regain palestine ever since. the.
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by the end of the sixties the palestinians had become masters of their own destiny . but a bloody showdown was on the horizon. not with israel but with fellow arabs. the palestinian commando movement emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the region following the defeat of the arab states in the one nine hundred sixty seven. the palestinians had taken their first steps towards emancipation from the arab world. and that. would allow us at the arab league all of these factors doesn't look at blow to the arab custodianship of the palestinians and their cause and thus palestinians became the masters of their destiny. the palestinians took full advantage of the state of chaos suffered by the
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defeated out of regimes palestinian guerrilla factions the most prominent of which was fatah consolidated their grip on the refugee camps in the arab world hundreds of fresh recruits and rolled to join these factions the image of young for the even more freedom fighters clad in the traditional palestinian headscarf became an icon of resistance. egyptian president jammeh knob nasr cast aside his initial misgivings and embraced but. at the same time he dissolved his traditional alliance with the arab nationalist movement a rival palestinian faction to further. the not that. nasr broke off his relationship with the arab nationalist movement and adopted not only did they adopt that but he also took out a fight with him on a trip to moscow the hammer by him a lot of muscle and. i walked in and not submit me across the room and lo and
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behold the soviet troika gotama walked towards me and greeted me and. the next day they launched an official dialogue with me that. other arab regimes also vied for influence among the palestinians as a way to gain leverage on the regional see both iraq and syria encourage the establishment of new palestinian girl or factions allied to them at the classified cia document found that fact that independence had influenced serious decision to set up a palestinian faction whose agents lay firmly with damascus the syrian government unable to subvert fatah for use as a political weapon recently organized a group known as the vanguard of the people's liberation war but not all arab states held the palestinians in such high esteem king hussein was still reeling from the loss of the west bank in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven illustrated the follow to be. israel's occupation of the west bank effectively meant the loss
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of half the country. imagine a person suddenly having to walk on one leg that's why the one nine hundred sixty seven war was such an earthquake for jordan. in jordan one palestinian strolled through the streets enjoying freedom of movement and launching operations from jordanian territory against israel jordan began to view these attacks with increasing alarm nasr was assisting the palestinians in training and arms but he ensured that no operations were launched from egyptian territory without stringent egyptian control and coordination. and other palestinian factions acted with much greater freedom within the weaker state of jordan. in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine palestinian commandos shot down a lebanese army helicopter during clashes with the lebanese state and egyptian brokered agreement known as the cairo accord put an end to the clashes. but the accord effectively legitimized the presence of on palestinian factions on lebanese
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soil something which was to have serious consequences for stability eleven on in the years to come. besides creating waves in arab regimes the palestinian factions also revolutionized their own society in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine for the leader yasser arafat was elected chairman of the p.l.o. the election marked a new era the guerrillas were in the ascendant overthrowing the traditional hold of more established palestinian families such was the impact of the p.l.o. and the fedayeen that out of its image had made the cover of time magazine. but it was in jordan the base for most of the palestinian factions where there for the eons growing assertiveness caused most problems they had set up a state within a state in jordan and the actions they planned and carried out soon began to rock the region. armed gunmen roamed the streets of the capital amman and jordan's other main cities like a bit and suck up palestinian guerrillas no longer restricted themselves to bases
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in the more inaccessible parts of the country complaints about palestinian excesses quickly might. be honest about it between one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and one nine hundred seventy one and there were more than thirty thousand cases of lawlessness from the throwing of hand grenades to premeditated murder there were even attacks against his majesty the king all of this was tolerated with tremendous patience by his majesty because i think he felt a certain responsibility for the events of nine hundred sixty seven. to his dying days he felt it especially the loss of jerusalem king hussein may have felt for the loss of jerusalem in the west bank in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven but his patience with the palestinians was beginning to wear thin for their part palestinian figures to this day contend that dark forces were at play determined to bring about a showdown. levon the columbia to be honest we're not saints in jordan we made mistakes but these mistakes we're made
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out to be sens to then in intelligence used to create their own field day in organizations whose role was to wreak havoc in the country we apprehended one such organization set up by military intelligence with some seventy members we deported them to syria and we later released them the revolutionary zeal of the palestinians knew no boundaries radical leftist ideology could be seen sprayed on mosque walls private property was considered up for grabs had a thought for. the what this left and zeal i called a delicate childhood manifested itself in the celebration of lennon's birthday and deliver remarks or speeches from puppets of mosques it was an excuse for theft expensive cars would be stolen and the excuse was that they belonged to the bush war classes it was leftist immaturity had that. they were absent provocation and the democratic front for the liberation of palestine used to paint slogans such as
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all power to the resistance what does this mean it means that the democratic front was working towards the overthrow of the you're doing your gene are. tensions were rising on the streets of on the dominant palestinian faction fatah attempted to distance itself from such excesses but the artifact could not or would not rein in the different factions and was unable to prevent the situation spiraling out of control groups such as the popular front and the democratic front where independent factions over which arafat exerted little control things began to come to a head in july one nine hundred seventy when palestinian factions in jordan staged massive rallies condemning president nasser for accepting a peace plan submitted by u.s. secretary of state william rogers palestinian demonstrators shouted insults at nasr the egyptian leader was furious. for they have. to got out of the house
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nasser's aid haykel said what are you doing the president is upset you are swearing at us and using the radio station we provided you with in egypt to do it then nasr received us in alexandria he said he had been pacing up and down for two hours trying to stop himself from saying anything that would hurt us. with tensions increasing in jordan it was a bad time for the palestinians to fall out of favor with nasser to this day some palestinians feel the egyptian leader gave a not then the week to keep hussein of jordan punish the palestinians yeah. that's true he told king hussein to do a story but he didn't ask him to massacre us. and then nasser went to murder someone threw up so he would not being cairo when things came to a head. but the jordanians were still in two minds about what course of action to pursue against the armed palestinians in their midst the prime minister was recommended a more conciliatory approach and the good news. is i don't matter much and that.
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i told him the palestinians will not withdraw unless they are faced with a superior force so what. are you dissenting i said no this is our recommendation based on the intelligence available to us. his majesty then intervene and the doctors in my recommendation. on september sixth one nine hundred seventy the popular front for the liberation of palestine or p f l p force the jordanians hand . it hijacked airliners belonging to swiss air in t.w.a. eight and forced them to land at a disused runway in the jordanian desert known as dawson's feet and. a third hijacking of an israeli aircraft was thwarted midair with one hijacker killed and the other captured. the plane landed in london and the hijacker leyla khalid
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was taken into custody. then at the f.l.b. member in bahrain hijacked a british airliner and forced it to fly to dawson's field to join the other two hijacked planes. this spectacular act of air piracy was masterminded by a senior b f l b leader called where the i had. the p.f. open was born from the remnants of the arab nationalist movement and headed right towards us it adopted a revolutionary marxist doctrine when the hundred was one of its co-founders he had become a mastermind of airline hijacking. beginning in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight hundred had put his theories of revolutionary violence into practice by hijacking several israeli and western aircraft but the multiple hijacking in one thousand seven hundred was his most important feed to date it required meticulous even scientific planning at the end never shut it off during the planning stages when he had sent in g.'s and surveyors to those on field they had returned with
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a recommendation that their own way could handle modern jets well yeah dad has shit or atilla make and yes he can yak a bin up but i had to get done what the ad that spoke in charge on which he was obviously the man in charge it was our chief of staff for the jordanian top's bad he added that if we didn't comply it would immediately blow up. that remains within seconds and he emphasized it in english by saying i mean it. i remember this clearly. on september twelfth the p f l b removed the passengers and blew up the planes. with his hold on power rapidly disintegrating king hussein formed the military cabinet to finally deal with anarchy in his country. the cabinet included intelligence officers are now on a board get it in a letty deal at least when the military can't.


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