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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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with choose. he's been been here for seventy years and. and he's been a refugee almost all his life. kind of fills feel strange. that is so permanent for him to be in compton being a refugee. you
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know. denmark one a big. guy and good it's more about luck. but us now it's a i mean when i'm going is it up or were lawyers that are. now here i had bad guy on but i'm there but the boy did i mean the end of a promise to him is there are all or nothing low in here. about i never quarrel but let him know bad you know that i had a bad moment in my now and i'm like badly of. the enemies of our marriage he could be got me here i'll show a bit of. of
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course even if you're a good little bart or good law or gun play your man. is ahead of militia then it'll fall to good luck or not but had a better than up there or at knock on the millers you had them of that is yet another so where you see fit how to build a high you hammer in the head mother said the onus of yannick at certain bill mahoney of an imaginary for the law on the other that i should think. hello to the sea.
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and lonesome about you know a lot of the month sort of. brings me to the nursing home don't know starts to tell me about his escape from palestine when he was a boy and the beginning of his life in the diaspora out. here for a brief closing time the people of that they asked for show me that when they are together they can live a life taken from them so by and. i think. done shows the rest of the story you know has i'm not the one month sort of . the head guy that you know might be like that but you should hear. that it's not a movie. and when i do with humana kitniyot pillars you're on. your
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well you have come to set that up big. or got it then and now to put in the actually and. jump that i'm about to suck out i want to. be. mad to quote onya if they would leave now that would make me look both. not. just that i'll bore you with the zing not by pressure but you know. not so not do not now. this way below zero but what. i know and i know a lot of pain you have. but that he if i'm not being i. thought that he had been shot right now all that but that now. in horror i listen to the stories of the catastrophe told to me by people who were children then. and have
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lived with their tragedy for seventy is. the effect of kind of a single. shred of stuff just think if you're one of the people that i was missing it that somehow you know i saw you on. the job done and his friends tell me the sign is coming from europe committed this massacre these indiscriminate killings of innocent people not to native jewish people who had lived side by side with the muslims and christians for over two thousand news it was designed is to store the palestinian homeland and made the people of the nakba homeless and nobody didn't believe this mistake and that witness is still at it and then we see it through thin as he lives now clearly and then what they've been will just move left had enough of the moon that it will happen that man will have left and if
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it meant that it will not be. in the class of the ship then in any event that is going to be a sheriff of mine and really has a will am lee the head that in this instance let me tell a lie. looking enough we don't know yet who on this. beat that was a fellow student out of order i think it had been did you think i did not and that how much he. did it the amount of money i need to know much at the beginning and now when i not have. the stuff i did not have a man of many a set up i lay in the homicide both men in a sort of valley and i could look at about the sort of a sort of i live in the neck of national league. but. my mom was a government man never those who got a home. yet despite their pain there is a hope here the house growing and believeth and strength every year up to seventy years dispy pull of how that has. you know i'm not sure that.
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there have there not a philosophy in what you know about almost all do and now. i'm putting this near not even campaign finance how would i know just how close you know me and energy policy and it is along. with that number of this week. to kill return symbolic and i realize that a sense of purpose and belief we don't always have built that has yet put it that one hundred yet not even. the end of it is. inevitable i think you can look at the peak message am. i leave the center humbled by the suffering these people have been too hard and continue to endure but also inspired by the greater resilience.
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like this i know. that. lebanon. is a is a torn. number line for teen prepared food every day they sit and eat as a family and this is when most conversations happen this is their safe place. but the day on friday i put it in and leave it there ok. well i don't have many and i have it to. be able to do a little bit of a lot of here. hope to have it under the game of that you like at this hour this will all borzello your plan but have never tired of saturday
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night all but here we go i doubt that is out there anywhere in the city in the us. i yearn to be fairy sharia law and how you knew. when how you and i administered two hundred seeing. in a day when there might been that in the world how you pay your own way. it has it we started are that line up here or so then me with these i love you. more thought.
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to be my second night sleeping here one moment is like a very happy intense emotional moment. then suddenly can be just very depressing realizing where your. old people santa felt like a very unique experience. to be were. and are maybe twenty thirty. old palestinians. probably real or most of them were in palestine for ninety four. you get used to it but you don't. it's not a normal
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a normal life the show. actually . made was the one who challenge me to come here i want to know about him i want to see him in his world. and on the strength of a job done comes from his childhood and then expulsion from palestine he knows what he's waiting for why he endures what he does. but i wonder about the generation born in the camp.
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of the shows men are there is many skills when insist on making me a coffee at his local café. he has started to be a nurse but is not allowed to practice because he is a palestinian refugee from. his friends each of them with holds and dreams and possibilities also thought it'd every step because their police tina refugees. yalla. amid sings now that weddings inside the camp there is only way to provide for his young family. a millennial i can make them their cattle all that. but i knew. what i did or pardon. i need. to
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justify this that that you went into debt because i was. made was fortunate stud many of his friends did not have this chance. that was. something. that good that was. the only tool i deal. with a child so that oh yes i wonder what the future holds for these young men how will they screen time in. the dream of another life outside the county. this reminds me of our easy it was for myself for my good friend jack to get a job. some things become possible for some purely because of where they were born
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jack job working with disadvantage you seen on the we were laughing at the time when he told us what. was a moment thank god you know it's there but not that they would have had the letter by the way but i know by that she was on the boat that it. was genuine just like hot spot i was like when he left the city i was childish everyone else that was it i. was touched t.-shirt i was a bit united. in the order that. i took the joke i was. was. i am happy for jack but right now remembering our privilege.
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i. was prevented from realizing his dream of niacin but it does not stop him from volunteering his time with the young people of this town. what. is making a real difference in the life of these kids even while holding on to such a disappointment in the song. was well. to make me look at the moment in a new light. the
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thought and then up i try to. knock out. if it's me ok to go. but much of them. on the road. in an exclusive documentary series al-jazeera reveals the full story of a war that changed the face of the middle east this is not a fourth to defeat israel this is a war to open the way for the promise of the final episode of
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a three part series explores the impending threats of two global superpowers and uncovers why the out of israeli conflict continues to this day the war in october the battle and beyond at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks. on the old man city and the story builds to be forced to leave it would just be all when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentary and nightmares are not out of fear i got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on air and on mine. the afghan national army. of a country ravaged by decades of an occupation abandoned by its liberators.
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young men each day could be the last it to continue to fight for a future free from chaos. and witness documentary on al-jazeera. and then again on your calendar how these the top stories on al-jazeera strikes by syrian fighter jets and their russian russian allies have killed at least seventy five civilians and province over the last twenty four hours a string of rebel held town villages have now accepted government rule talks have resumed routine rebel groups and russian negotiators as they try again to end the fighting a car bombing in iraq the city of kirkuk has killed one person and injured at least
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twenty others it tugs at a storage sense of the votes cast in last month's general election. to be manually recounted in the coming days the saudi led coalition and yemen has launched nine astronauts and shelled several provinces in the past twenty four hours according to what the rebel news agency pfizer just loads for as strikes inside a province also talks in several border areas causing damage to homes and buildings in sanaa province residential areas were also bombed and as strike hits a technical institute near the airport i was three other raids on a farm in our data province as strike in the saudi border province of. hundreds of rallies have been held across the united states against little tom's immigration policies protesters demanding separated migrant children be reunited with their families and the travel ban targeting some muslim majority nations. in the next half hour the first polls will open in mexico's presidential election big
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priorities for voters include dealing with widespread corruption and gang violence over twenty five thousand murders in mexico last year the highest number in decades . maybe divers have gone two hundred meters deeper into a flooded cave in thailand in search of a boys' football team and their coach video released by the time navy shows how murky waters and complete darkness of ham put the weeklong rescue operation in the cave all of a thousand people from several countries including the u.s. and china have joined the search some progress has been made says the weather cleared on friday but there's still no sign of the team. african union leaders of plenty discussed as they meet in mauritania as capital not particularly worried about south sudan fighting has strained the latest cease fire into jeopardy just hours after it was signed off. you're up to date now with all the headlines i'll be back with the news hour after we return you to al-jazeera wild.
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ride. back home life continues despite there being no chance of getting a job families still value education i see the youngest generation now filled with potential in brilliance i don't care how you feel i'm with education think they're ok i was young i don't know. how.
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i'm doing. it is six am and the time that littlejohn job done those great granddaughter has to wait if she's to try and reach the onerous school on time. i walk with her and she makes her way through the camp to the place where the bus will be caught. this is education for the
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children of the come this is what school means. i feel like we're standing in a war zone. as we wait for the bus that no one seems to know how long it will be before it becomes how. there is no shelter a bus stop or seat for the children to sit on if their legs are tired there is no electronic board to let us know when the next bus will arrive. and the only thing for sure is that there will be more than six minutes between buses. but. i wonder if i would have had the determination when i was eight years old.
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was. was was. was a. lack of schools and means of transport is not the only threat to the young. the hanging cables is a constant danger and according to a fifty in bushel but as an a camp have been electrocuted so far thirty seven of these lost their lives. only.
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i wonder how many people this clinic must provide for. each child each mother has a story that stretches over countless shadows of despair war and most. everyone else face the realities of dispossession and the refugee. was. here. oh. oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh if only i knew. she was.
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with. you. oh yeah i want to know if this is the only. clinic in the county yes isn't the only one yes and it's serving twenty eight thousand people. there are thousand photos for this ten year this is. source yes or no yes i yes something official poverty yes. the influx of syrian refugees has doubled the number of people that clinic must now provide for the people with the least have been the only ones opening the doors to the needy. the good news is the hardship the was just caught a cold and will recover but good news is seldom separated from bad here.
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and how job done learned some news he was fearing. the only harm has. come to my whole of the multiplicity of the foster. care on the. pillow the love of my home office the mafia. those are the. the the. last look on my home. the.
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nothing hon but those jewels the seven year. joints are coming little early out of the left now the one that knowledge can be a gas however he leave you alone cannot undo and avoid one day in my home not for. what. name it means two years i wonder how sure may so strong who siblings killed in a civil war and her mother killed by a car at the entrance to the camp after finishing her work as a cleaner. a lawyer from have.
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buckled my muscle on how that a normal. down in america must soon enough the must supply him down another celestial someone how long the twenty four. it's hard for the parents to see their children growing up here knowing that they would have to face a life without any rights a citizen. up until now have seen on the surface how not to stuff for them but tonight for the first time there is a tension in the house to review some something much deeper i haven't noticed.
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but you know you see. who you are. all of. this money now and how you know yet the. failure of it having only sort of the visuals and the home of the cologne fastens i modify lawgiver says in sale i love how word to me is how first then if an understood world had a man with a sword and nothing on foot and i said i. have a my life in sensation is among them that message and also i will say on the law michel you some of them are. one c.n. look out on publish they will know. how many of you many good russian here now. how your notion seeing can
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a good many while i cannot there live many. of it at the loss of only oh he. understood here i never thought others that the murdoch empire to of a whole lot of all all of us fought off my ob well doc. put out especially a little of the whole the battle of the lot of that of the lot of them especially the. no one the less about the love the lot. i don't follow that about mustache there's no look learn it going to florida on buffalo then it let me get for it then the moron mustache will honk your money. like my thought of a foot moustache from a lack was thought of more like a headline lot of headlines how about other more threats from of all to our mustache well now the mama thought it. less than a year for us there and another bit of no i love the death out but
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i have not seen this hurt the nominee for now i know to what depths of despair existence in this camp can bring a man. the camp is no longer a story for me pictures i can see in a book or refracted to me from the t.v. screen from which i'm removed and can remove myself a tiny moment the cam is in me. i wander through the camp and the images imprinted in me forever beneath the deadly electrical wires cutting across the sky lines and in closing the true illustrates. that.
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posing much of the camp is real and the kindness and generosity welcomes. the child. now. as i was wondering one day i remember my being caught by a house in one dusty street of the can into is quite beautiful on the outside it was called in sun human. rooms filled with artistic projects in a way strange at all odds with the stark and harsh reality of the camp i wondered if this were some museum some funded art center for the privileged i learned from naama the chairman of insight on that this was actually a drug rehabilitation center. and all funding came to the center and it was built upon the ruins of a prison a remarkably small number of drug offenders live in the community number tells me
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but for them this center has proved to be the way back to the community. for the young palestinians living in the cam there is more they can do to resist a life this. was. in the midst of the crowded streets the kids keep playing football and hubba ensuring their survival. what strikes me most is how out of the darkness everyone i meet here is trying to find. was.
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was. music nurtured by volunteer musicians is bringing beauty back to an ugly existence. with. the end. it was. for a brief moment here these people celebrating together and not refugees at all own way. god but are equal citizens of the world i feel so lucky to be witness to this. heard.
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there was. this is. from our people from our. voting rolls for your visit. it is thirty. big for us but it don't itch to come down. thank you very much thank you but. my journey has been a journey of self discovery as i walk home without merit i realize our happy i am to be coming to the door there only six days ago i approached that prevention and uncertainty. i love drinking tea with the family and helping to be alone thirteen with the food i love the sound of the children and seen them smile and
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laugh. i want to be their advocate i want to make what difference they can want everyone to feel what i felt and to see what i've seen. one thing that they kept telling me is that we're just we're just human like everyone else and they just want to live a normal life and. they kept emphasizing that you noted they will return one day and that will happen and so although they feel that. there is a huge injustice being committed against them but they're still not giving up on on on on seeking this is their goal which is to to go back to palestine and to to live that it's such a depressing situation named just one world now how nasty can it and rattle it it's
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like a great board of string it's got into such a mess why such. a human misery is just a. bunch we're more annoyed with so much that they should be ignored. by international. coverage and international opinion and you know it's very very hard to get an airing for this subject and that's why one of the things i wanted to ask from this meeting is. if this in this parliament would be so important if we could have perhaps a debate on the issue of palestinian refugees if we could have. issued billion more at the forefront it would be very important to you to the people living in and the refugee camps in lebanon and elsewhere and especially. as a british citizen d.d.t. reminded me that britain has. a special responsibility
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it's. the to parliament ariens jenny tongue and thomas shepherd we're keen to listen to how should the story and stories from the camp. but i realize how complicated the palestinian issue is. whenever you meet palestinians in the caps or anywhere else you always get positive messages from men they're always you know arranging things doing things having festivals carry on their lives i. met children the children the education education education that's most wonderful thing that's very positive very positive. and i'm going to let that culture die.
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i think. i. i. i. was i. was. i
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was. oh. oh oh oh. oh. oh. oh oh yeah oh yeah you know love to. have you. well i mean. the longer you stand up to. your numbers.
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oh yeah i know that's the knock. on the ok final. cut and you know how do you know that thank. you i mean. yeah. well. that's one of my. follow. alarcon mob alert. almost right. there sort of took up. most of. the most of
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all. of us of the. last two and a bug. bug. you threw on that. bill of rights to me. we have a number. of
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industry where a family is like back to hard to build a shop to print kick ass in palestine who are driven from their homes and prosperous farms seventy years ago and have been living in camps and temp accommodation in lebanon since then and is he aware that the lebanese government didn't continues to restrict palestinians right to what prohibits them from ending property and refuses access to health care and education leaving them dependent on an roic who have diminishing funds can he really be content to let this continue for another seventy years or will the palestinians be allowed the right of return to their homeland as prescribed in international law.
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the story of a friendship between a filmmaker and a seven year old girl what is it would mean. giving who would to a refugee families fleeing the syrian war. in the face of deep rooted tension between villepin eans and the refugees. shahira my syrian friends. by setting it up on al-jazeera. i just told you. before you do the weather sponsored by qatar airways
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hello there it's going to be a wet day for some of us in chile we've got some rain that's gradually been pushing its way across us and that's giving some of us a fair amount of cloud a few outbreaks of rain including for us in santiago so no feeling warm forced in santiago during the day on sunday a temperature just topping at around twelve degrees that rain where we last too long though and it does look a lot drier and brighter as we head through monday will also be a touch woman as well towards the east and forcing one as a result temperature on monday will just be fourteen degrees and the temperatures will be dropping as we head through the next few days they do expect it to be really quite cool here for the north of for most of us in brazil it's fine and settled until you head to the fall northern parts and then the showers start and you can see them rumbling across further northward still across many parts of venezuela and across into columbia as well and those showers also rattle further north woods to be more of them as we head through sunday and into monday develop to what they say with for many of us in cuba and across into his band yeller it is
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mostly dry just the occasional shower him most likely i think all monday rather than the sunday if we had up towards north america we have this weather system here is giving us some severe weather and ahead of it the winds are all being dragged up from the south so it's pretty hot. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories but it was in the truck didn't happen the boy told through the eyes of the world's journalists images matter a lot and. chilling the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most the big fear is someone from the country who guides you who leads you to this story you the bottom line tells us who wrote the listening post on al-jazeera we here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the
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story we have presence here all the time apart from being good cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happened and what happens here matters. this is zero. zero zero there are more this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the. mexicans that say they're fed up with widespread violence and corruption but taking that anger to the voting booth the polls have just opened the country's presidential election.
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russian government asked rice killed dozens of civilians in southwest syria including at least twenty three children. divers head deeper into the flooded cave complex in time. lance the search continues for twelve missing boys and their coach and i'm peter stammered with all the day's sport as host nation russia iran upsets against european football heavyweights spain we'll have the latest world cup news for you later this news hour. now polls have opened in mexico and more springtown says as the country's biggest election ever the presidency is the most important race but there are more than three thousand other positions up for grabs ranging from governorships and national and regional assembly seats the leftist andress lopez obrador who is the front
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runner for mexico's top job nice game popularity because of promises to deal with violence and corruption last america as there is in human explains the issues from mexico city. this is my son had a son he was nineteen and studied architecture many said mantel piece is in fact a shrine to her two murdered sons place where she can at least keep their ashes close to her three years ago the eldest person was kidnapped yeah. a few hours later fifteen year old a football player was murdered along with his brother in law invade a goose where they used to live even though the family paid the ransom to get her son back he was never returned eventually the remains of my eldest son were found in a bass grave along with one hundred ninety other missing people in your area. i thought
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one day i would find. only thing i have of him now is his call and a piece of hip and leg because those monsters chop them all to pieces. there's no peace for the families of the more than thirty thousand mexicans who were murdered last year and the equal number who are still missing records that are expected to be surpassed the seer. there is another type of crime that is also destroying mexico this is what's left of a school that collapsed during last september's earthquake here in mexico city and these little angels represent the nineteen children who were crushed to death when a structure that was built illegally by the school's owner fell on top of them she had apparently paid off local officials to turn a blind eye to the building code the victim's parents say that they died not because of the earthquake but because of corruption a phenomenon that is spreading like
9:52 pm
a disease throughout mexico and almost every aspect of life. which is why confronting crime violence and the widespread corruption that makes those things possible are the main issues for tens of millions of mexicans as they choose a new president. one has to be the criminal so they'd let you work in peace sometimes it's a police that bribes corruption is everywhere. in geo mexican's against corruption and impunity says the corruption costs the poorest thirty five percent. into their income putting poverty and violence in a vicious circle and when you start. kaname with those levels of violence and those levels of corruption of course nobody's going to want to invest and that's where you and you have more inequality more poverty and of course more crime at that i mean that there is neither a silver bullet nor a presidential candidate with serious proposals to turn the tide and yet like
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millions of mexicans might be sela hasn't given up better the or he tech area and come here there will be a now there will be a new government which has the power to do more we hope this time things will change. after losing so much hope she reminds us is the last thing you can lose to see in human mexico city john home and joins us now live from mexico city and john we've just been saying the front runner in dress labor's obrador waiting to enter the polling station eager to vote in these very crucial elections. that's exactly right you can probably see behind me as well the polling stations are just starting to open up here in mexico and there's manual lopez obrador as you say is by far the front runner in this and that's significant because it could be the first time in eighty nine years when there's a president that's not from mexico has two oldest parties the prairie and the pan
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now one of the biggest issues this time around is violence two thousand and seventeen was the most violent year on record in mexico two thousand and eighteen looks set to surpass that so to talk a little bit about that i have with me now gavin strong who's the chief analyst for control risks which is a security consultant see group so what does the next president whoever that is in the next government have to do to lower these appalling levels of violence in the country well i think for a start the next president needs to recognize the hard line security strategy pursued by the last two governments in mexico has been an abject failure i think i would be a good starting point i think secondly the next president needs to help hold the united states accountable for some of the violence is taking place in mexico not only because of the seeming seeming insatiable appetite the americans have for illicit narcotics but also for the lack of gun control in the united states which has direct implications for mexico as we see by the seemingly endless flow of high
9:55 pm
caliber military grade weapons into mexico. one of the things that's been notable in this campaign is that all of the candidates have been quite vague on their security strategy given how key it is right now. why do you think that is i think one of the main reasons is is because there's no one size fits all solution to mexico's security problems what do i mean by that i mean that the security environment the security situation changes from not only state to state but also municipality to municipality in that respect i think going forward that the new government would have to pay a place greater emphasis on the state level governments. role in ensuring public security rather than continually refer on the federal security forces a lot of underlying issues no or maybe you were saying to me there's no silver bullet for this one that's completely right i think some of the root causes of insecurity in mexico include high levels of social economic disenfranchisement the
9:56 pm
widespread availability of firearms and also more systemic issues for example chronic deficiencies in the judiciary the security forces and the penitentiary system and i think that should be a real focus of the new administration thank you very much to go and so one of the other things that we didn't get time to speak about there is that there's also been a lot of violence in the mc electoral process there's been more than one hundred thirty political killings now analysts are telling us that organized crime behind a lot of those killings they want their man to be in charge of local parts local districts in mexico and if you're not willing to collude or if you're aligned with a rival group then you're under direct threat now that poses a serious problems and serious risk to to governance in local parts of mexico we have to see what's going to happen in this next period when these elections are over ok john many thanks for bringing us the latest there from mexico city as are
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still watching pictures of the frontrunner and dress. there waiting for the polling booth where he is in mexico city to open he has been touted as the frontrunner in these presidential elections without following this debate very closely throughout the day. well him over windsor makes can present he will have to contend with the neighbor to the north there have been protests on the mexican side of the border as a double time zero tolerance policy on immigration thousands gathered to accuse us or thirty years of turning asylum seekers into criminals and they condemn present time policies that have separated migrant children from their parents. in other news now in southwestern syria was home to the earliest days of the uprising against president bashar assad now village by village his forces recapturing territory from rebels who are under intense bombardment.
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strikes by syrian fighter jets and their russian allies have killed at least seventy five civilians and province over the last twenty four hours a string of rebel held town and villages have now accepted government rule and talks of resumed between rebel groups and russian negotiators as they try again to end the fighting al jazeera. has more from the jordan syrian border displaced people amassing. we are at the crossing point separating jordan's. which has been reeling for days on their severe bombardment forcing the displacement of tens of thousands of syrians towards the border with jordan as you can see behind me hundreds of jordan's residents of flocked here offering what they can to help the syrian refugees jordanians have brought food items medical supplies baby milk the situation is dire as large numbers of
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displaced syrians mostly women and young children are flooding into the area the u.n. reported more than one hundred sixty thousand syrians are stranded along the border with jordan the jordanian government issued a statement to the effect that it is prepared to allow humanitarian lifeline to be extended by the united nations and international community to the syrians board it says it cannot afford to open the border for more refugees as jordan is now home to more than one point five million refugees the government cited political economic and security issues to stand behind its decision. that's a bombing has rocked the center of the afghan city of jalalabad after president ashraf ghani had left at least twelve of the country's small sick minority were killed in the blast near the border with pakistan a government spokesman says the area was less crowded than usual security measures put in place for gandhi's visit is the latest in a series of deadly bombings and jalalabad where the taliban have
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a strong presence. the saudi led coalition in yemen has launched nine air strikes and shelled several provinces in the past twenty four hours according to a rebel news agency fighter jets launched four air strikes inside a province missiles also targeted several border areas causing damage to homes and buildings in sana'a province residential areas were also bombed and as strike has a technical institute navy airport there were three other raids on a farm in her data province and and as strike in the saudi border province of. tens of thousands of protesters have hit the streets all across the u.s. americans came out to demonstrate against donald trump's immigration policies huge crowds descended on.


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