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do that so if he does have congress on his side he will have quite enough buntay just playing field to make those things happen all right john holeman will cross over to you a little later on for the tenth time being thank you for that update from mexico city and social media has played a significant role in mexico's elections but there has been a large scale social media doesn't dissemination of partisan political messages on false news so here al jazeera look some of the fake news stories dominating the internet so you can head to al jazeera dot com to have a read through this. we are also on facebook at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera we're also on twitter our handle is at age english use the hash tag a.j. news grid and you can send us a what's up or telegram plus one seven four five zero triple one one four nine a lot of interest and comments coming in to me here at our feet on the mexico story we have a comment on facebook from shante wishing the beautiful country of mexico to overcome
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of their current problems now we will cross over to london for more of the international news with mary. hello they are staring we begin in germany where chancellor angela merkel's coalition government could be at risk with her main political ally deciding whether to accept migration deals she has agreed with the european union the leader of the christian social union party horst c. hoffa who's also the interior minister is unhappy with the deal according to party sources c.s.u. is meeting in munich to discuss the plans they've been pushing for tougher rules on refugees and migrants that's get the latest on this from dominic cain his live in and domenic what is the c.s.u. likely to do if they going to back off or actually push ahead and try to deprive life of a parliamentary majority. well the point is that the comments that mr zale
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is being reported to have made in the course of the last few hours suggest as you say that he's very unhappy with this deal saying that the solution that angle americal came back from brussels with the doesn't equate to the sort of turning migrants back at the borders and border controls that he was expecting to see saying that he does not believe it's affective saying that the idea of anchor centers for migrants to be processed through whether in germany or in the rest of the e.u. he's not impressed with that either we also understand that when his meeting ends he's likely to give a personal press conference a news conference at some point which clearly will be following some suggestion it may come in the next hour or so remember that the c.d.u. anger merkel's party is also meeting today several meetings in fact where she will appraise her colleagues of what the solution that she came up with at the e.u. level in brussels really entails she gave a t.v. interview earlier on today which will be broadcast on german television in
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a few hours time which she said that she felt as though the c.d.u. and the c.s.u. share objectives share ideas share the same sort of approach but they just can't agree on what exactly the way forward would be to achieve those goals well we ought to know in the next few hours quite how likely it is the two parties will stay together remember they've been together as a political entity for the best part of well basically since the end of the second world war in west germany and in reunited germany will they stay there after today that's what will emerge later on yes so there could be far reaching implications for the country if the bloc eventually breaks up dominic but how tell us about the german public how do the majority of people feel about angular merkel's efforts to try and salvage the issue alongside a european partners in brussels. well the interesting thing here is that for some considerable time many people in germany may not be particularly happy
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about the approach on immigration of merkel's government and yet when they are asked about who is the most popular politician one that they trust the most they say it's bank of america a bit of a dichotomy there between not liking the policies of liking the person who's responsible for implementing them as it were and then when they look at exactly the person who implements interior ministry policies a whole for posted over from the christian social union here is not as popular as anglo-american either fundamentally the issue the question here is whether the c.s.u. is prepared to accept that it won't get absolute be everything it wanted in the in the deadline it was imposed and i'm going to my home what they said to her or will they be prepared to accept a bit less because realistically angle america is saying to them this is the best deal you're going to get will they accept it or will they decide to go it alone which is what mr the hope of threatened he would do this coming monday tomorrow on the border control issue or can tell you to follow that very important meeting
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taking place in munich with the latest on that dominic came thank you very much well moving to some other stories now at least forty people have been killed in a bus crash in northern india a bus plunged down a two hundred metre gorge and power a gar while district in the himalayas police say the twenty eight c. bus was carrying about sixty people india has one of the world's worst road safety records with one hundred ten thousand people killed every year navy divers are pushing deeper into a flooded cave in thailand where a boys' football team and their coach have been missing for more than a week or than a thousand people from several countries including the u.s. and china have now joined the search some progress has been made since the weather cleared on friday but there's still no sign of them and chang rice got hyla sat down with someone who once lost someone it once lost a relative in the same case. this is a map that can into inchoate own has spent his entire thirty four years just
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minutes from the tumble on cave but when he was a teenager it almost took his life everyone praying like many times before he went in with some friends but this time they went in deeper and got lost for five hours and they yelled for help and someone inside heard them and led them out at his main concern about the twelve missing boys and their coach holes in the cave floor the could act as huge drains when they were flooded but also like what happened to him it's easy to lose your way don't want to scare all of us like when the last lie has gone you have to watch what i do you lie only for your whole media you can walk on like when you you are at home when you want you know i think you know everything in your house but when you cost you i and you turn around and you couldn't find a way where is the right way to go. rescue workers have come to into for assistance in understanding the topography of the cave system he said the cave map stops at
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ten kilometers but in reality it goes on not far from in twos cafe a buddhist temple parking lot has been converted into a dispatch area for search and rescue team of volunteers squad from bangkok prepares to head out so after getting the call the waiting area the team rushed up here into the hills to assist other search teams they're looking for more holes that lead down into the cave because this is the part of the hills that's above the party a beach section of the cave complex that's one of the areas where they think the boys and their coach might be fair weather has allowed ty a navy seal divers to also advance in the same area below in the cave but it's slow going and they still have hundreds of meters to go. there are now seven nations helping out in the growing effort to find the missing thirty recording australia the u.k. japan laos china and myanmar and thirty military personnel from the u.s. nothing sold out and nothing is you know completely off the table when you think
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about ever changing conditions that being said the type three is taking the lead so whatever direction of color that they want to take we are fully there to advise assist and support in that aspect and those conditions might be changing soon after a few days of little rain and better visibility for helicopters monday's weather forecast is calling for heavy rain once again making the time before it arrives even more precious star harbor al-jazeera. protests in the iranian city of homs shar of a water shortage turned violent on saturday this social media video shows demonstrators throwing rocks at police and destroying public property in the main square and he's tried to disperse the crowds using tear gas province's governor has promised the water shortage will be resolved in the next five days. and finally tens of thousands of austrians back the streets of the capital vienna on saturday protesting changes in employment laws and there's been quite
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a reaction to this on social media let's get more on that with sara in doha. round eighty thousand people packed the streets again it's a boy star position so a proposed change to the labor laws right now austrians work eight hours a day that's forty hours a week. the times of the new right wing government wants people to work twelve hours a day instead a new names in those protesting want a referendum to allow the public to decide for themselves instead or against an increase in working hours but despite that the proposal is expected to pass parliament on thursday. and this is the hash tag that's being used for the protests and it says no to twelve hours a day was organized by oh. and they are actually the austrian trade union confederation but petra is a parliamentary member of parliament who supports the process and so he says how
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impression he was with the share number of people who took part it is the first mass demonstrations take place in austria since chances of a sinkers to office last year in the conservative government which includes the far right freedom party argues the changes to labor laws on needed to give businesses more flexibility some amendments were made they offer the opposition food for employees to not have to give a reason why they won't work more than ten hours a day in a time now people taking part in the protests have been sharing their videos and their faces on social media and this is one of those of many pointing out that it's also been an opportunity to protest against other government policies and one of those people is thomas he is actually against several things including cutbacks unemployment benefits reduced environmental standards for major construction projects and austria's policy on refugees and migrants and for people like allez it was important for her to join that protest because she says a father worked twelve hours a day and when she woke up as
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a child or even went so far as he says she says he was a stranger in his own house and here's a picture i want to share with you we found it here on news created showing a wedding couple we're not sure actually if they have to be there or maybe they were also taking part in that process who would share with you anyway and if you want to share your ideas or thoughts then live comment on our facebook page throughout the say. sara thank you well we do have you are is with us on the news grid from india kenya france as well as malaysia so if you're watching and you'd like to send in any comments or questions we're on facebook at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera we're also on twitter our handle is at a.j. english use the hash tag news grid and you can send us a whatsapp or telegram a plus one seven four five zero triple one one four nine now southwestern syria was home to the earliest days off the uprising against president bashar assad and now his forces are recapturing territory from rebels and fighters and several towns
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have struck deals with the government placing them under the military's control at least seventy five people have been killed in airstrikes in debt over the last twenty four hours though and if we just take a look at where things currently stand in syria the red parts of the country are under government control the green represents a variety of anti-government factions ranging from western backed rebels to al qaeda linked groups the blue is the israeli occupied golan heights where the israeli army has sent additional troops reinforcements and the black is eisel so these pictures you're looking at show some of the fighting for a day as government forces move south in an effort to cut rebel held territory into we are getting reports that at least one hundred thirty people have been killed since the russian backed offensive began in that last month let's say now speak to who china has yari is a professor of international relations and security issues at. versity he's joining
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us from london thanks very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera on the news grid we understand now the talks have once again resumed between the syrian opposition and russian negotiators over that offer having failed on saturday just twenty four hours ago what are the options for the rebels in the fighters right now realistically. they are obviously in a very difficult situation it has become a kind of path and forces russia to out type one off the others kati's under control of different groups and obviously in this context the russians and. c.n.n. syrian government they believe that they have the upper and they don't want to make any concession to that position on the other hand the opposition is looking for some kind of accommodation safe. passage and so forth so this is why did it like it
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was created and now proby is going to be because a position doesn't have any other choice but to accept. conditions russians and syrian government since they are sure bombarding very very heavy. it's a carries on the control of their revenue standing discounted if the russians are clean think a terry so for them what's important he treated two three captured detainees thirty not life in terms of people and humans in that case the rebel fighters that the u.s. had previously supported now left on the road and we know that's just last month the u.s. said they will not be supporting them anymore but do you see a scenario going forward where the u.s. does revive its role in the south of syria or is it leaving it to the russians in exchange for something else and if there is an exchange what is it. it seems
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that the americans are giving day entire operation in syria to the russians. in the next few days when. they meet but it seems that the other force that could somehow create a problem in disregards would be israel damages if you do not treat expect them to go back through hell if there ever they are supposed to do or they promise to do. his duty to the entire did totality of the. american foreign policy issues extreme the one aside these. says and so i think the americans in the last analysis david decide just to get street of days so forth for
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a very small group of fighters in syria in favor of more rapprochement with russians and speaking of the israelis you were mentioning them a moment ago we know that they've now increased their presence this is according to their own reports they've increased their presence at the israeli occupied golan heights on the border with syria but similar reinforcements have been done in the past is this time any different. it's it differently in the sense that now there is closer to the border than other territories of the other points related to the israelis israeli they show that in the past few years they do not want to see in any of a detainee and forces or the hezbollah forces near to go around heights and their borders. in that region so this is going to have to be the are going to see more clash clashes between the israeli forces at taking indeed any positions hezbollah
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positions in syria if necessary also this year and government. targets in all of these their role on the game of russia is a positing an interesting in a sense that the russians are controlling this space in syria they know what's going on they know how and when the israelis are going to need to really. take species or sometimes implicit i've even thought of the russians that israel is intervening so these ladies are extremely narrow if they are never asked because they see that the end is getting closer and closer and this is why one of the conditions for these ladies to accept any kind of. caution in syria. through negotiations with the russians is just to. to not to let the chinese to
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connect here on iraq and syria all right from the south through the rest of syria to to to to lebanon we thank you very much for joining us on the news grid well this is another story from syria it's about child marriages so child marriages among syrian refugee children is on the rise as a direct result off the war and that is according to recent research so in this talk to al jazeera in the field episode we talk to two girls who tell us about their lives as wives and mothers you can watch married at fourteen syria's refugee child brides on al-jazeera dot com. if you're watching the news grid if you're with us on facebook live we've got an agent for story coming up for you about how jimmy fallon plans to donate money to help migrants and refugees as a mere cold power for ruffling trumps here you'll see that on facebook in just
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a moment and coming up later south africa goes green it's now compulsory for people living in johannesburg to recycle their waste it's part of cost cutting measures to save space on landfill sites details coming up after the break. the law. hello there it certainly is hot now for many of us across the middle east is also mostly dry or charles i'm picking up a great deal of cloud to talk just a few bits and pieces up towards the northeast they're off into kazakstan one or two of the showers here are likely to be rather lively but elsewhere it's following unsettled and just pretty hot you see the winds firing down from the north though so that's taking the edge of the temperatures for some of us out towards the west though it's certainly warm baghdad up at forty four degrees on monday but soaring up to forty eight as we head into chews day so certainly hot there before the
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shores the south and here in doha our temperatures aren't quite that high and asked you to change it all when direction now flowing in from the east that's picking up all the humidity from the sea and so it is very sticky at the moment and staying that way as we head into chews day further towards the south these are the cloud that we're seeing over parts of a man it doesn't look like that will give us any wet weather may just give us a rather a gray a day even further towards the south of for many of us in the southern parts of africa is following unsettled at the moment in the far south though we're seeing more cloud work its way towards us that's going to be with us on monday so rather a wet day for some of us here i think in cape town will see a few showers as well won't be warm either our maximum temperature just thirty. with over forty thousand people killed under his rule it took twenty five years to bring him to a court of law but why for so long was such
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a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west who are reporting to the congress that the press there were engaged there they're clear they're still there are al jazeera unravels the history of chad's notorious former president is saying had three dictator on trial on al-jazeera. interview with.
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the most read articles right now on our website right there on your screen in the top spot iran for u.s. efforts to block its oil exports so you can head to al jazeera dot com to read much
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more about that story as well as the day's other top stories it's all on our website. income from africa's resources is being stolen squandered or diverted that's according to the african union that's just one major issue on the agenda as african heads of states and governments all meets. mauritania in addition to anti corruption efforts the leaders are also discussing upcoming elections in zimbabwe in cameroon mali and the democratic republic off congo they're also grappling with a host of humanitarian and security crises across the continents other items on that agenda include south sudan where the latest cease fire was violated on saturday just hours after it began reconsolidation efforts between ethiopia and eritrea which are moving forward after two decades of strained relations political instability in libya which has made its
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a primary transit point for people smuggling to europe security in the where the french president to call hopes to assemble a security force to battle people smugglers and armed groups at least two french troops were killed in mali as that summit was beginning how some how about a covering the summit joining us from mauritania is capital and having said all of that has him in all the items on the agenda corruption is the main theme there what can you tell us about how the day has gone. well african leaders say that the i committed to implement genuine reforms to be able to tackle corruption in the event that it is something which has become pervasive across the continent typically within the organizations of the african union and they want to spend a stake in all of that hoping to take greater ownership of their own issues particularly when it comes to accountability transparency and good governance by the irony here is like
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a week ago one of the representatives of west africa of the african union advisory body which is about anti corruption resigned saying that he has lost faith in african leaders in implementing genuine reforms how of then again to be able to clamp down on corruption when you look at every single report from international community from the united nations about corruption investment of public funds africa featured on the top of the list so this is going to be a mammoth task facing african leaders to be able to show more transparency in the near future and has one of the main issues i was mentioning it down moments ago is that south sudan and the recent cease fire violation what are you hearing about that if anything. there was a meeting yesterday and the african leaders were divided about how to move forward
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some said that we should impose tougher sanctions on both sudan's presidents of ikea and his bible. than sit down along with other countries said that we should give diplomacy a last chance what is going to happen in the coming days is that the back air and the question are will have one last chance either to negotiate a political settlement and the crisis or they will face sanctions there are other issues on the agenda trying to find a way to the political impasse that has been in for quite some times in western sahara african union would like to take leadership when it comes to this issue but a lot has been saying that this is something that has been under the umbrella of the united nations and therefore they would prefer to see the un go ahead with its peace plan for western sahara there are other issues particularly when it comes to represent which will be if europeans and the areas but president. of france when he arrives tomorrow he said that he's going to address to
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a particular issues smuggling of people across places like maybe actually europe and how to defeat groups actually acted with ice. and because in this there have been so we talking about why range of issues that african leaders need to address as you know to be. bastion about these things many people think of the african leaders should now move by priorities one thing or priority and leave the others to to the near future otherwise they won't be able to tackle all these this wide range of issues at the same time and fix it now ok interesting point us and hunt but that reporter from iraq saw thank you will not speak to hallelujah louis he's a region over security researcher he's joining us now from about that's an if you o.p.'s thanks for talking to us has some raising a very important point about the number of issues that need to be tackled or that one to be tackled at this a you summit are the leaders simply taking too much on at this point.
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thank you there you is now in this summit and in this case because time is undertaking the most radical set of reforms since this transition from the e.u. eighteen years back. and you mentioned the usual corruption you raise the issue of instability in some areas of the confidence and because that in spite that lack of capacity. at the commission and. the problem with financing of the security projects and even though the african union has made and passed several decisions very serious decisions based on it's not matching framework trying to impose sanctions in some places trying to promote democracy and trying to bring people to the table it doesn't have a strong capacity to follow on the implementation of those decisions and at this
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specific juncture i think that you from agenda is trying to focus on you know first trying to revisit some of your massive framework documents and trying to i just them with letters developments for example one major development when it comes to security is the increasing role of non-state actors and it's also building the capacity and power of its commission the african union commission to impose sanctions in total decisions and most importantly it's also about owning the i joined the african union security mostly to finance and i'm getting the financing got this this agenda from local sources from oh speaking of that engender speaking i mean really the agenda we know that the exodus thousands of thousands of african migrants mainly to europe is in fact not on the s.s.o. agenda but has some was saying that the french president will be addressing the
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issue when he arrives to morrow what would you like to see on that. i think one of the four points i think of you know the contras white dresses it's wants to strengthen its international relations and global presence of visibility but. it wants some of the first and foremost it wants through all confident i gender and you can both want. it wants to strengthen its partnership it was like migration just like the insecurity in the past have been seps and influenced by donor countries partners in countries and you know elements of the confidence so france has a greater role in fighting terrorism and so on and has been sending its troops soon to the right and someplace on the continent for them to see are as well but ok let's for the sake of time go having to leave it there we thank you very much sir for joining us i did want to get on to the issue of ethiopia and eritrea but
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unfortunately we have run out of time thank you well for a little more context in fact on ethiopian eritrean relations and the hope for a lasting peace you can head online this peace details how landmark peace talks could pave the way for the end of proxy wars and bring stability to the region it's on al-jazeera dot com. to a story in uganda where people or hours of sunday on able to access social media platforms like facebook like twitter and what shop without paying sara what's that about can imagine how difficult that makes life but at the stroke of midnight in uganda the government activated a new data types for those wanting to access social media platforms and in the lead up to that ugandans were wondering how the government plans implement this tax while a joint statement from uganda's major telecoms operator says access to certain services will be completely blocked and the only ways i access them is to pay
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a tax free now back in may uganda's parliament passed a law to impose a controversial tax president uare mr venue had pushed for the changes arguing the social media encouraged gossip and the government also says it's a rival revenue raising measure and it would prevent the spread of what it calls fake names now the outrage has been felt online with these two hash sites a social media tax and no dates a week and they have been used to protest against paying to use these websites widely available of course worldwide for free and sheila was one of those people that was not very happy she thinks it's the most outrageous tax of time and this picture here is well known as one that has gone viral and what it does is it lists all those popular social media platforms like telegram you've got facebook twitter and a few other ones that i'm not personally familiar with but as you can see many people also have been finding creative ways to avoid paying that tax and here's what one ugandan respect c.
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had to say. one thing i can do to people about it is that we have good ways of using social media with their taxes but you don't think there isn't something called v.p. and i think it's helping many of us so yeah that is what i'm going great now for v.p.n. or virtual private network is a solution for many but it's not the most ideal because to some using a v.p.n. will end up costing them much more or using much of your date's a bundle boma says the tax is a big setback for universal access and despite the outrage there are also plenty of funny memes that we're finding on social media one of those is posted by tom ways as when you pay social media tax and nobody likes or retreats your sweet role we've also been in touch of the cyber no expert in uganda who doesn't quite see the funny side of this and is challenging the new no in quotes this. is a mission of online expression and the right. point one
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international community that is. for to give them some rights to janus close to china means the whole institution or you can be sick in july to. see what. the state says. well we liked him more for me if in uganda and you can access social media we want to hear about your experience they fall with this new tax they get and such and you can get in touch with us on social media we're on facebook at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera we're on twitter handle is outraging this use the hash tag eighteen is great on both platforms and you can whatsapp ass or send us a telegram plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine. in south africa it's now compulsory for people living in johannesburg to separate household garbage for recycling and it's hoped it will stop landfill sites from filling up too
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quickly is her with reports. this is one of the biggest landfill sites in johannesburg south africa produces more than one hundred million tons of waste every year government officials say extending landfill sites needs money and more land resources they say they don't have that's why the people of johannesburg will not have to separate plastic glass and buy degradable waste for recycling but a certain will be jews the number of their waste that goes into an infinite size of my looking at ninety percent of general reschooling there including the cycle of my children so if we can minus recyclable materials from growing into men from size. we are likely to improve increase the lifespan of these sites by a significant significant number of years. in the environment department says there are more than eight hundred landfill sites in the country this dump in johannesburg so it's an eighty eight hectares of land south africa's landfills are filling up
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fast company such a safe and alternative way to go to sites are developed cities brought in to landfill space in five years. private companies have been hired to collect rubbish for recycling from homes and businesses self-employed waste because. unhappy about the move the father of three is afraid he'll be squeezed out of the market he says he earns about fifteen dollars a day but why is it having to compete with the companies he won't be able to provide for his family because. of. some of them to going to be included in the in their crimes so they contribute because there is more job at the store at this time but. as always we come far from with the strong so we. depend from. johannesburg city officials say there is enough private companies and individual waste because their priority is trying to show
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johannesburg landfill sites stay open and operational for a few more years. john has been. well once again for the facebook live viewers you're about to see the story on why chinese rap is in crisis after a crackdown by the communist party and coming up in just a moment on the news grid joe will be here with all the details from the world cup in just a moment on with argentina and portugal out can spain avoid the same fate against russia latest from their game with the host coming up right after a check on the weather stay with us.
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juline on al-jazeera. in a new series of head to head match he has and tackle the big issues with hard hitting questions pakistanis going to the polls to elect a new government what pump will the country take people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world a generation of voters in zimbabwe grew up knowing only the leadership of robert mugabe now they're electing a new president and for the first time since independence his name is not on the ballot on television and online this team continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate means good line on al-jazeera. each year child attends for an estimated fifteen million girls globally the marry
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before the age of eighteen. young girls compelled to marry after fleeing the war in syria share their stories on time time just the around. my. job is here keeping an eye out on the world cup what you have for us to absolutely is our rain you can never tell with this well cup it really takes you everywhere two thousand and ten well cup champions spain look to avoid the same fate as portugal they might actually avoid the same fate as portugal they are drawing right now we with a host rusher in the last sixteen games in moscow such a ramos full segue exacerbates into a shocking mistake his spain went up in the twelfth minute thanks to russia's own goal but then geraghty he gave away a penalty with
12:40 am
a handball russia equalized through. bia it is one one at if it stays like this it will go to extra time and possibly even penalties and the richardson is in moscow for us at the luzhniki stadium and it was careless of p.k. but spain really can't find a breakthrough what's going on with them. yeah it all does not seem to speak entirely well with the spanish team i think any thoughts they have that this was an easy route since the quarterfinals they are after all playing at the lowest rank side and it's ornament but they are the hosts they have this huge weight of passionate support behind them. i just don't think you can underestimate the impact of a change of coach for change towers before world cup begins. serenely taking this team through qualifying they were unbeaten in two years and then just as distance about to starts the spanish football federation find out that he secretly negotiated
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a deal to take over real madrid and incomes fun and the hero of the sporting director a great player no question about that sit round madrid but he's had next to no coaching experience he had a brief stint in the in the second series of spanish football which didn't go particularly well and now here he is looking after his country at a world cup it didn't go well in the group stages they conceded five goals that is something that spain just do not do the back three of us just in front of the back seat of piquet and ramos of looks less than secure the hay of the goalkeeper coming into this tournament is the comfortably the best rated goalkeeper in the world making mistakes and we've gone into this game against russia it is being played at a walking place russia are just absorbing the pressure spain are passing the ball around and they just seem incapable of making a breakthrough and this is the point where you want to coach to come up with some ideas he drops andreas iniesta a huge decision and yes there has been
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a stalwart of this team for the best part of a decade any esther is now on the pitch and had a good chance with about four or five minutes to go could say from from the russian keeper but it's one one and russia are doing what no one thought was possible they are going towards its side with the twenty ten world champions and credible internet it is actually going to extra time now and they looks like let's talk a little about russia their hosts and we were talking earlier in the tournament about them being the lowest ranked hosts in history but they've really surprised everyone with their performance so far. they really have expectations when when we arrived here in russia or saw the law it was it seems to be a case of we just hope that seeing doesn't embarrass ourselves and i think people who are getting ready to host a great sort of manana society see that seem beaten sickly competitive that all changed immediately not five nil win against saudi arabia admittedly not the strongest team in the world it completely changed the mood in the atmosphere around the solomons and around the same followed that up with a with a win over egypt is
12:43 am
a bit of a reality check in that final group game against uruguay when they were comfortably bateson albeit the each sorry the russian say met on the once a number of changes to rest players coming into the coming into this knockout phase but it was some concerns that well maybe we found our level now in that spain will spain will take us to pieces and maybe that spain struggles in the group stages will be forgotten and they were suddenly stopped their game up in the knockout rounds is not happening that way russia got nothing to lose since the dissolution of the soviet union russia has never made it to the knockout rounds of the world cup even price about only once they won a knockout game in a world cup in nineteen sixty six so where russia has nothing to lose and they are taking spain deep into this game and if it goes to penalties it's anyone's guess or i can't wait for that and croatia denmark in the late game as well and thankful saturday thought two of the greatest players in the world messi and ronaldo exit the tournament but a new pretended to the throne and to the stage france's kilian and back pay became
12:44 am
the first team to score a well cup double since pele in one nine hundred fifty eight and the brazilian great tweeted this congratulations to goals in a world cup so young puts you in great company good luck for your other games except against brazil where plenty of other reaction to from football stars women's world cup champion alex morgan asked what were you doing at nineteen take a bow killian play and his age has certainly been discussed at length wasn't even born when france last won the world cup in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight but the area murray was part of the team that lifted the trophy on home soil and this picture of a meeting on ray has been widely shared and have comparisons between pay today and henri twenty years ago. name on there is something about being the darling of football but the brazilian is found himself the butt of plenty of jugs recently name all over the top bowling reaction to a foul resulted in some brilliant trolling has some of our favorite means that have
12:45 am
been shed on social media the brazilian who is expected to be in action again on monday when his team take on mexico the last sixteen was even told by france months united legend eric cantona take a look this is my new luggage. name because i was a call on that mainly because of this your belly. and it. follows by the way you know you are a great player and a great doctor but be careful with the continue to misstate if you are eight and your right choice is going to be crying in pain or hearing your left shoe. well we have both spoke for your eight hundred g.m.t. but for now it's back to. joe thank you very much for that and thanks for watching
12:46 am
the news grid you can keep in touch with us on social media send us your comments and questions and anything you might have to say about those meetings you can connect the ways right there we'll see you back here on monday. call an. i phone. and that is very plugged in. just.
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on counting the cost the european union is trying to change we'll look at the reasons why the economic cost of violence in mexico plus the timber companies accused of endangered the world's second largest rainforest. counting the cost on a disease. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that much of. al-jazeera. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relies on education and treatment in equal measure on them following him but he early you
12:48 am
know disability yet. until three year old four year more he'll have this ability great used to it and in no way for the next generation of antibiotics may just be waiting at the bottom of the ocean maybe this has it. revisited on al-jazeera. the front on a promising a political sea change as the polls open in mexico's election. hello i'm maryam namazie in london yo with algae zero coming up. the battle for dare i at least seventy five civilians are killed as talks resume
12:49 am
between syrian rebels and the russians. a coalition ally of the german chancellor looks set to defy health policy on immigration increasing the pressure on angola. and african leaders gather for the a use summit his french soldiers a targeted in his suicide attack in mali. where mexicans are voting in a presidential election which is expected to mark a dramatic shift in the country's political landscape sixty four year old left wing candidate manual lopez obrador is seen as the front runner he is promising to take on what he calls mexico's political elites and to crack down on corruption riccardo i'm naive is the youngest candidate in mold mexican history just thirty nine years old he supports a universal minimum wage and an overhaul of mexico's economy based on technology
12:50 am
and innovation jose antonio mead is the candidates of the current president and recap pena nieto is ruling party he wants to continue using the military to fight drug cartels and to spend more money on public services well al jazeera is john heilemann is live for us now in mexico city and john this is an election that has been characterized by violence and insecurity just tell us what's driving that and how it might impact the vote. you're exactly right there and we've been talking a lot in our coverage about the presidential race and the candidates there but this violence is happening more at the local level there's been more than one hundred thirty political killings so far we're getting almost daily reports even up to election day there were three people killed in the last twenty four hours so what's driving this violence especially at local level security experts are telling us that this is a lot due to criminal gangs in mexico the many criminal gangs that are each trying
12:51 am
to get control of their little patch of territory and to do that they need the next crop of leaders in that territory to be on side so politicians that evil won't collude with them or aligned with a rival or running serious risk especially in mayoral races now this obviously going to be consequences of maybe one of them is going to be that obviously leaders are going to be in power now after these elections how they got there and who if they have to say yes to get power in mexico and another one is about the democratic institutions in some of those far flung parts of the country where democracy is very fragile and there's obviously dark forces behind some of those elections all of which will only see the results of after this election and we're just running fear that the main candidates just now and it's manual lopez obrador is making his
12:52 am
third bid for the presidency now john why is he the front runner. but just as you say this is the third bid from under his monologue is over the door is now sixty four years old but in a word the country or words the country needs change that's what the population have been saying that's what the people who have been outside this polling station have been saying to us they say we can't go on with this corruption the levels of violence two thousand and seventeen was the most violent in mexico on record the poverty one percent of the country's population holds a third of the wealth and fifty three million mexicans are under the poverty line so lopez obrador has preached a message that he can bring this change to the country he said that he can eradicate corruption by his own personal example he said that in the midst of that he governs the poor will come first and obviously those messages are really resonating right now what is a little bit more in doubt as his plans from getting to where mexico is now to
12:53 am
getting to where mexico would like to be there's quite a lot of vagueness in his policies and that's worried some people a lot the people that we've talked to outside said i'm going to vote for him but i'm worried i'm worried that he won't be able to do what he says he's going to do just briefly ricardo is the second placed candidate he's seen as very technologically savvy a really meticulous planner and also quite a ruthless political operator and that might of quest cost him a bit because his own party has been divided just on the eve of the election he had to purge kicking out some people from his party which isn't the best perforation and then in third place you've got hasi antonio made which is seen as a very experienced political operator his whole held roles in the past two administrations he's seen as quite affable as experience but the pre party which is now governing is a real millstone around his neck they've become synonymous really with corruption
12:54 am
with interest in the country and many people just don't want to see. another period in charge are all thank you very much for the roundup john heilemann with all the latest in mexico city and so as we were hearing from john that violence and corruption key issues in this election many of the country's poorest citizens feel isolated and get little to no help from authorities when a family member is murdered latin america and italy see in human reports now from mexico city. this is my son have son he was nineteen and studied architecture. but he set up little schools mantlepiece is in fact a shrine to her two murdered sons place where she can at least keep their ashes close to her three years ago the eldest herson was kidnapped. a few hours later fifteen year old allen a football player was murdered along with his brother in law invade
12:55 am
a goose where they used to live even though the family paid the ransom to get her son back he was never returned eventually the remains of my eldest son were found in a bass grave along with one hundred ninety other missing people in your area. i thought one day i would find. the only thing i have of him now is his call and a piece of hip and leg because those monsters chop them all to pieces. there's no peace for the families of the more than thirty thousand mexicans were murdered last year and the equal number who are still missing records that are expected to be surpassed this year. but there is another type of crime that is also destroying mexico this is what's left of a school that collapsed during last september's earthquake here in mexico city and these little angels represent the nineteen children who were crushed to death when
12:56 am
a structure that was built illegally by the school's owner fell on top of them she had apparently paid off local officials to turn a blind eye to the building code the victim's parents say that they died not because of the earthquake but because of corruption a phenomenon that is spreading like a disease throughout mexico impacting almost every aspect of life. which is why confronting crime violence and the widespread corruption that makes those things possible are the main issues for tens of millions of mexicans as they choose a new president. one has to be the criminal so they'd let you work in peace sometimes it's the police that bribes corruption is everywhere. in geo mexican's against corruption and impunity says the corruption costs the poorest thirty five percent. their income putting poverty and violence in of this is circle and when you start the economy we've those levels of violence and those levels of
12:57 am
corruption of course nobody's going to want to invest and that's where you perpetrate and you have more inequality more poverty and of course more crime but they don't mean that there's neither a silver bullet lure a presidential candidate with serious proposals to turn the tide and yet like millions of mexicans might be sela hasn't given up phaedo they already. now there will be a new government which has the power to do more we hope this time things will change. after losing so much hope she reminds us is the last thing you can lose you see in human mexico city. talks have resumed between syrian rebels and russian negotiators trying to reach a peace deal in southwestern syria following mediation by jordan.
12:58 am
a string of rebel held towns or villages in dire our forced to accept a government rule on saturday following an intense bombardment campaign by the government and its ally russia at least seventy five civilians as that have died in the past twenty four hours a month long offensive has driven tens of thousands of people towards the border with jordan and the israeli occupied golan heights both of which have warned that they will not be missing refugees or jordan's prime minister is visiting its side of the border with syria where more than two hundred thousand people have amassed al-jazeera arabic some are some idea has more on the humanitarian challenges people are facing. we are at the crossing point separating jordan's. which has been reeling for days on their severe bombardment forcing the displacement of tens of thousands of syrians towards the border with jordan as you can see behind me hundreds of jordan's residents of flocked here offering what they can to help the syrian refugees jordanians have brought food items medical supplies
12:59 am
baby milk the situation is dire as large numbers of displaced syrians mostly women and young children are flooding into the area the u.n. reported more than one hundred sixty thousand syrians are stranded along the border with jordan the jordanian government issued a statement to the effect that it is prepared to allow humanitarian lifeline to be extended by the united nations and international community to the syrians port it says it cannot afford to open the border for more refugees as jordan is now home to more than one point five million refugees the government cited political economic and security issues to stand behind its decision. at least twenty people have been killed and twenty others wounded in an attack on a minority group who were on their way to meet the afghan president the attack happened in the eastern city of jalalabad the police chief said the attacker targeted the group of sikhs and hindus as they travel to the governor's compound
1:00 am
where they would you tell talks with president. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack or we go to yemen now at a saudi led coalition is known should nine as strikes and shelled several provinces in the country in the past twenty four hours according to a who's the rebel news agency fighter jets launched for strikes and sa that province missiles also targeted several border areas causing damage to homes and buildings in sana'a residential areas were also bombed and an airstrike hit a technical institute near the airport. angela merkel's key coalition partners says he sees no alternative to turning back some migrants at germany's border bringing him into conflict with the chancellor who are c. office who is the leader of the various christian social union and the current interior minister said talks with.


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