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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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a new era begins in mexico as under iceman while lopez obrador claims the presidency. as he could this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up syrian media say a key rebel held town has agreed to come back on the government rule. germany's interior minister offers to resign as tensions within the ruling coalition rise. and the white house backs away from claims president trump convinced saudi arabia to step up oil production.
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along mexico has elected its first leftist president in more than thirty years under its manual lopez obrador is claiming a historic victory after his two main rivals both conceded ballots are still being counted but exit polls suggest he's won a least fifty three percent of the vote over door told an ecstatic crowd of supporters in mexico city he would crack down on corruption and tackle poverty in latin america's second largest economy one of the water well everyone should be honorable and fight against corruption and against privilege we will try to work in benefits of the development of the country there will be no need to increase taxes in real terms and in debt the country nor will there be increases in prices of gas i will bring down the current account and i will increase public investment to promote productive activities and create jobs a lot of press or bread or spoke about mexico's relationship with the us which has
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been tested under the trumpet ministration. law this goes on us with the government of the united states we will seek to have a friendly relationship and cooperation for development it will always be based on mutual respect and the defense of our countrymen the migrants who live and work on ridley in that country. in america editor newman has more from mexico city. and. all that god had put together called we can make history and that is exactly what he has done. florida next in the boomers retiring. none of the candidates and all of. them didn't change a widespread. voter or a fraud. with one in fifty three percent of. them in america any reelection in mexico will also have. the lower house of congress and. senate
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a stereo program. on the program. it is a revolution that is at the root of the evils of this country called. explains. the violence in mexico. all looking at some of the main issues that iceman will lopez obrador will have to tackle as president he'll be expected to find solutions to the sluggish economy the peso is fallen sharply against the dollar over the rino goga sorry renegotiation of a trade deal with the us and canada is going to address corruption which has been one of lopez obrador skee campaign pledges people frequently complain of police extortion and politicians openly accepting bribes reducing violence is also a focus this may was the most violent month in modern mexican history and more than one hundred thirty candidates and political workers have been murdered since campaigning began in september or duncan wood is the director of the wilson center
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mexico institute he says lopez obrador says victory is hugely significant. they see him as a man of the people they see it was somebody who's going to bring about real change in the country and change that will benefit them now one of the questions the where we need to find out the answer to is what kind of presidency if we about to see is this going to be a traditional mexican presidency where not a lot changes or is he really going to deliver on the promises that he made in the campaign not just this campaign but campaign since two thousand two thousand and six two thousand and twelve where he's really been trying to get a message across the mexican people in the he can be he is the bringer of change that he's somebody who can actually make their lives better the mexican political system like the american system is actually built on the idea of checks and balances the congress has the legislative branch is supposed to check the power of the executive branch in this case it's not going to happen we're really going back now to the old style of mexican politics we're looking at how the dream used to
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govern from the ninety thirty's through the two thousand when they had this kind of rubber stamp congress and this mineral of florida who governs by the force of his own personality is going to be able to convince congress very easily to approve the legislation that he needs. a u.s. president don't trump was one of the first world leaders to react to the news he's tweeted congratulations to the next man or lopez obrador in becoming the next president of mexico i look very much forward to working with him there is much to be done that will benefit both the united states and mexico canadian prime minister justin trudeau has also congratulated lopez obrador trudeau stressed that the two countries shared goals as well as their joint efforts to update the north america free trade agreement. syrian state media are reporting that rebels in another town in the southern province of the round have surrendered to president bashar assad's
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forces. has been on the every bombardment for weeks but some activists dispute that a deal has been reached government forces have retaken several towns and villages in recent days it's come of the cost of dozens of civilian deaths and. joins us now from beirut. well the government has been taking territory from the rebels since this military offensive began on june nineteenth either by force using military means or without a fight and like you mentioned. it's the latest in a string of towns really which has decided to accept these so-called reconciliation deals which really amount to a surrender of the people and the rebels in the town agreed to lay down their arms and agreed to return to a state of rule the government used to control thirty percent of the province that now controls sixty percent so these local deals are being brokered by the russian
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military but the wider negotiations involving the fate of the province as a whole where there has been no progress jordan is mediating in those talks between the russian military and the rebel factions the rebels are saying that the russian military has only one option on the table and that is the surrender accept state rule or just leave and what the rebels are asking for and the people of is for yes state institutions to resume operations but for the army and the police not to enter a dinar because they don't feel safe with the syrian army and syrian police but those wider negotiations they haven't achieved any progress but there is no doubt these local deals weekend the position of the opposition and they know where things . and on the humanitarian relief efforts there. well the situation is dire according to the united nations one hundred sixty thousand people have been up from
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their homes many of them headed towards the border area with jordan others toward the occupied golan heights the aid started to reach the people from the united nations the jordanians even the israelis but both the jordanians and the israelis are keeping those borders shut jordan for example says that it cannot deal with the mass influx of refugees that critical cases medical cases. urgent medical care they're being allowed in to jordan they receive their medical treatment and then they sent back to the border area so the situation is dire and the longer this offensive continues then more and more people are being caught in this fire and we've seen this happen in the past not just in aleppo in eastern where civilians are really caught in the battleground. for spare. germany's interior minister has offered to resign rather than support.
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horst has been discussing the agreement with his c.s.u. party in munich last week he's trying to turn asylum seekers away from germany had hoped the brussels deal with tougher measures on immigration would have peace c.s.u. dominic cain has more from berlin. after a marathon session of talks in munich the c.s.u. meeting finally came to an end with no definitive statements about their way ahead we understand that having offered to resign as party chairman but also as interior minister horse they hope for is now staking his political future on the possibility of being able to make one final compromise with the c.d.u. allies that's the party of angela merkel remember all this revolves around the c.s.u. wanting better to control the borders of germany and to be able to turn migrants back from the borders angela merkel's party has said that it doesn't really want to do that unilaterally that it would be dangerous it would in danger the e.u.
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wide solution that angle america arrived at in brussels with other member states last week at point here is the future of the coalition does the c.s.u. want to stay in government and exempt most of what it wanted or does it want to pursue the philosophical purity of its position and risk falling out of government those are the questions that will need to be answered on monday in order for this scenario to play itself out to a final outcome of the u.s. envoy to the philippines has met north korean officials in the demilitarized zone according to south korean media he's laying the groundwork for an upcoming visit to the north by u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o last month the united states and north korea agree to pursue the denuclearization of the korean peninsula president trump says north korea is very serious about the plan but its national security adviser is taking a more reserved position. we're very well aware of north korea's patterns of
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behavior over decades of negotiating with the united states we know exactly what the risks are of them using negotiations to drag out the length of time they have to continue their nuclear chemical biological weapons programs and ballistic missiles the president would like to see these discussions move promptly to get a resolution this is been the advice that china's leaders ping has given us as well so we're going to try and proceed to implement what the two leaders agreed to in singapore but rather than have a series of reports that things are going better things are not going well there are concealing this they're not concealing that really it doesn't serve the purpose of advancing the negotiations but there's not any any story a. feeling among the group doing this that we're well well well aware of what the north koreans have done in the past but u.s. president donald trump has accused the oil cartel opec of manipulating markets the
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u.s. isn't part of the fifteen member group of president trump is pressuring its ally and opec stop would use the saudi arabia to increase oil output in its city on fox television trump said opec to stop its manipulation of the market because the u.s. was protecting many of the members the white house has been backtracking on trump's tweet earlier in the week which appeared to pop pressure on allies saudi arabia trump wrote saudi arabia's king solomon had agreed to produce more oil while also suggesting it was one of the opec countries being protected by the us how do you know castro has more from washington. president donald trump increased his pressure on saudi arabia by appearing on fox news and saying that he was one hundred percent sure that opec is manipulating the oil market he went on to say that quote they better stop it because we're protecting those countries many of those countries and it is no secret that the country he is referring to there is saudi arabia trance
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appearance on fox news comes on the heels of a tweet he issued yesterday in which he claimed that the king of saudi arabia king solomon had promised him during a call or had agreed rather to increase saudi arabian oil production by as much as two million barrels a day the white house though quickly back pedaled on that assertion following trump's tweet with a clarifying statement saying that saudi arabia had only indicated that it can raise or production if needed further contrast ng trumps claim is saudi arabia statement itself which made no mention of any increase in production amount but the fact that trump is still increasing the public pressure on saudi arabia u.s. ally to increase its oil production is a sign that he will continue with this straw man strategy as trump feels the pressure from of the american voters to lower gas prices at home or i will take
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a quick break now but when we come back on al-jazeera the u.n. secretary general visits bangladesh for a firsthand look at the range of crisis. and in northern thailand the search goes on for a group of teenagers trapped in a flooded k. hello there we've got plenty of hot weather across many parts of europe at the moment we've also got some thundery downpours though this spiraling massive cloud as waters a few downpours over parts of northwestern france and through the british isles and it does spiral down towards spain and portugal then the other weather system we've got with us is in the northeastern parts of europe this is certainly bringing us some wet and windy weather dragging down the temperatures underneath it as well say for warsaw no higher than around sixteen on monday but things do change as we head
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into tuesday the system pulls away towards the east and then the warm air from elsewhere in europe floods in and then twenty two degrees will be our maximum so real change for us because the other side of the mediterranean is largely fine and settled at the moment you can see the winds firing down from the north there so the northern parts of egypt on doing too bad temperature wise but they're a lot higher forcing chuen is as the winds gradually feed up from the south the further towards the south still of the central belt over africa there's lots of thundery downpours currently we've had some very damaging storms over goanna recently and you can see plenty more showers throughout this region as we head through the day on monday they also spread further south down through parts of cameroon and towards go bone plenty of showers here for monday and tuesday to. how reliable is an eyewitness when you have an eyewitness to say i was there so him
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do it that is the best evidence about thirty percent of the time witness is a real case and to pick someone and say yes that's the person determining the problem are wrong he's been falsely accused incarcerated for something he did not exploring the dark side of american justice the system with job on al-jazeera. and again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories and there is manuel lopez obrador is set to become mexico's first leftist president in decades early results point to a landslide victory. ballots are still being counted but exit polls suggest he's
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won at least fifty three percent of the vote. syrian state media are reporting the rebels in another town in the southern province of drought have surrendered to bashar al assad's forces. has been under heavy bombardment for weeks but some activists disputed a deal has been reached. germany's interior minister has offered to resign rather than support chancellor angela merkel's new migration deal horse has been discussing the agreement with his c.s.u. party in munich. i spent nine days since a youth football team one missing in a flooded cave in northern thailand rescue divers are advancing in the main passageway inside the cave where twelve boys and football coach went missing the navy seals are aiming for a sandy chamber they believe the group may have retreated to about one thousand people are taking part in the rescue efforts as more from chiang rai. the focus
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on monday are the dive teams that we know overnight from sunday to monday the dive teams led by the tight navy seals were able to get within five hundred meters of potty a beach section of the cave system now that's a section a cavern if you will named after a famous speech here in thailand that's where they believe the boys and their coats are so all the focus has been on getting the dive teams closer and closer and closer now we know that the pumps are still operating so hopefully that water level is still decreasing there was no rain overnight there's no rain so far yet on monday so the hope is that they can get those dive teams further in you can hear that engine behind me that's where the dive teams are headquartered they're filling those tanks as quickly as they can those air tanks so soon as teams come out they can replenish the air and get them back in or a new team members come in and then they can give them air and get straight in so that's where the focus is today now also up on the top of the hill they're trying to get in three days separate areas u.s. military personnel are helping rescue officials through and get in there even using
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a backhoe up there to try to get into the cave from that way now as far as the family members go you know the boys have been missing now ten days this operation in all its intensity is going on for nine days now we just saw a mother of one of the boys who we spoke with a couple days ago she walked up to give us kind of the signal that she's staying strong we know that a lot of these family members have kind of come together and are feeding off each other strength after the first couple of days where they're very distraught and kind of into themselves now they're really kind of holding things together but again today on monday all focus all focus on these dive teams getting closer to the party of each section of this cave system. where the u.n. secretary general is in bangladesh for his first visit to camps hosting about one million range of refugees from myanmar the bangladeshi government is pushing for more support for the refugees whose camps are at risk of being washed away in the monsoon season how many reports from cox's bazar. would sabera back the
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horrors of me in march and crossed into bangladesh. she thought she'd found some safety for her daughter and the rest of her surviving relatives then the rains came and then i knew that then. a landslide damaged part so we had to move to another patch the house and then we all had to have one small corner. so bare is among the approximately forty two thousand people here identified by aid agencies as being at high risk from the elements which means that for her and many other hinder refugees things are beginning to change for the better together with humanitarian partners who have been working hard to try and mitigate the effects of the monsoon all season here especially for. her living in the settlements in the camps xabi amman to tells me many of the areas were hinder refugees settled in this sprawling campsite are prone to natural disasters so today we've had relocations the very safe families who are living in areas that are high risk of landslides and flooding
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and we very like head of them to new sides here and the camp on safer ground where they can be better protected in this extension to the camp it's a race against time these days the construction is constant but one of the reasons that a program like this is so important is so that an already vulnerable population that's been uprooted that's been so traumatized does not also fall victim to the weather and it's not just the landslides in this not just the floods that pose such a threat during monsoon season the risk of contracting water borne diseases like cholera goes up severely for so there is family at last some relief a first meal in their new dwelling on this. is that on my then when i got up with my handling i simply over there we suffered a loss with a little and we complained sometimes but no one repaired our homes finally the aide workers told us we would move to a better place and fun today thing we're just here. it may not look like much but
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for them right now it makes all the difference in the world muhammad at the good to prolong refugee camp in cox's bazaar along with dish on the homage and jim joins us live now from cox's a bazaar mohammed would be with this visit from the u.n. secretary general and his and his team what are they what are the conditions like there in the camps now. you know how is it already today there's been a torrential downpour and just in that twenty minutes when it was raining so heavily it really really just highlighted how perilous conditions are for this already very vulnerable population you know there was a little bit of flooding just in the time that we were standing around we were talking in one of our last live shots a couple of hours ago and you know what you see here behind me i mean this is indicative of what you see in a lot of the critical long refugee camp the biggest refugee camp in the world that
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sprawling it's makeshift there are these bamboo hut that are covered in tarpaulin and a lot of them are on steep muddy hillside so when it rains when you have these hills that are devoid of vegetation devoid of shrubbery well that makes it very prone to landslides there have already been landslides months in season the aid workers and i've been speaking with here have told us again and again they expect there will be more landslides and that's why there's such an initiative right now to try to relocate tens of thousands of or hinder refugees that are in the areas that are the most prone to the kind of flooding and landslides they're worried is going to be occurring into other areas now i'm not sure how if you already showed the report that we filmed yesterday with one of the ladies who was relocated or not if you have not been now would be a good time to show it if you have some of this interview we did we did show it just a moment ago so i'll just pick up from from what we were saying about the secretary
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general. as he's. visiting a number of areas there and who've been meeting at today as well. well already the secretary general has gone to one of the facilities where the new arrivals and there aren't as many arrivals daily nowadays as there was you know just a year ago but he went to a facility where the new arrivals who cross over for me and mark are processed before they can reside in other parts of the camp right now he is actually touring the part of the camp that we highlighted in that report that you showed it's called sector four and it's an extension to the camp and it's where you really the the the most of the work that's being done to try to relocate these refugees so he's touring that facility right now to try to see how that work is coming along a little bit later he's going to be meeting with row him community leaders that's going to be a very important meeting for mr secretary-general because there's been some anger
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amongst members of the religious community here because they're concerned about this memo of understanding that was signed between the you win and me anymore and whether or not doubt is a document or understanding that is going to allow them to gain citizenship if they actually are at some point able to return to me and where there's been a lot of different reporting about this in the past few days there have been leaked . there been there been leaked reports showing the draft of that memo in which it purports to show that there has been no understanding made with regard to the citizenship issue and that's going to be key for a lot of the real hindu community here if that one point the conditions are well enough for them to be able to return to me and more at some future time so a lot for the secretary general to be doing he's also going to a press conference a little bit later this afternoon we'll be bringing all those details to you throughout the day all right we'll look forward to that for the moment how many times human life i stare and cox is bizarre. now there's been no letup in the
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protests in the capital of moldova that's a week after a court there ruled out the window of a pro western candidate in a male race thousands have been demonstrating daily and she's now the court cited unspecified violations in deciding on dre and the stars easily defeat of the pro russian candid it was not legitimate as going to vision in the former soviet country pro western political factions and those who favor closer ties with moscow . i want to france's most notorious criminals is on the run again after armed men landed a helicopter in a paris prison courtyard and carried him away read one fade was serving a twenty five year sentence for armed robbery and the murder of a policewoman in two thousand and ten the helicopter pilot was taken hostage at gunpoint but later freed without being heard it's not the first time fayed has escaped from prison in two thousand and thirteen four guards were taken hostage
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before he used dynamite to blow his way out of ten soldiers have been killed and four are missing after an attack by boko haram in egypt it happened in the south east near the border with nigeria the group has killed at least twenty thousand people since it took up arms in nigeria in two thousand and nine a more than forty african leaders are in mauritania to talk about ways to tackle corruption and extremism the african union is struggling to solve regional crises including conflicts in south sudan somalia and libya hashim her daughter has more from new york it's. the african union is under-funded and beset by divisions meeting in the mauritanian carpets and watch will they say they're willing to be tough decisions to restore stability across the continent. but
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thousands of kilometers away in south sudan a ceasefire that was agreed just days ago has collapsed raising concerns of further violence in the country will see divonne axillary we must beat up the pace of institutional reform with our union reform as an extension condition of our union is significant progress has been made especially on the financial side of the reforms and we need to build on this momentum south sudan isn't the only conflict leaders here are trying to deal with libya divided so malia still faces attacks from. and the political deadlock in western sahara has taken longer than expected but there were hopes and wash or it would be the place where if the opium and iraq trio leaders would meet face to face and start talks about it border dispute one of the oldest in africa both leaders didn't show up at the summit but
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as president is size of what a key sent a delegation to addis ababa reviving hopes of a lasting peace between the neighboring countries. we are working on the ice breaking stage where in a fantastic state to develop. i think the future side very quickly but where you know any country to can't come up to create truth we stayed here internationally accepted procedure the african union was established to promote peace help local economies and provide stability it now wants to establish a single currency a central bank and perhaps an african parliament shaping the future of a continent of war that one billion people african leaders face mounting pressure to implement genuine political reforms and conflicts. and provide jobs for millions
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of people across the continent but without addressing the issues of corruption poverty and instability and it talks of prosperity and political unity might be difficult to achieve. short. this is. now the top stories mexico's leftist leader under arrest manual lopez obrador has claimed victory in the presidential election he's vowed to banish corruption and said the only way to end violence in mexico is to fight poverty electoral officials say early results give lopez obrador about fifty three percent of the vote. i call on all mexicans to reconcile and to place above personal interests no matter how legitimate they are the greater good the nation is first. you have.
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mexico's outgoing president enrique pena nieto says he's congratulated lopez obrador on his election victory pledge to work with him during the transition or was unable to stand again because the constitution only allows for one six year term. a syrian state media are reporting rebels in another town in the southern province of that around have surrendered to president bashar al assad's forces sharon has been under heavy bombardment for weeks but some activists dispute that a deal has been reached government forces of retaken several towns and villages in recent days it's come at the cost of dozens of civilian deaths since saturday. germany's interior minister has threatened to resign rather than back down from his stance on chancellor angela merkel's migration policy horst is unhappy with the e.u. migration view agreed in brussels on friday the un secretary general is in bangladesh
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for his first visit to camps hosting about one million range of refugees from the and the bangladeshi government is looking for more support for the refugees whose camps are risk of being washed away in the monsoon season the un has relocated some refugees living in areas at risk of landslides and flooding it's been nine days since a youth football team went missing in a flooded cave in northern thailand rescue divers are advancing in the main passageway inside the cave the navy seals are aiming for a sandy chamber they believe the group may have retreated to those the headlines inside stories next. on counting the cost the european union is trying to change a look at the reasons why the economic cost of violence in mexico plus the timber companies are accused of in danger the world's second largest right force. counting
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the cost on a disease. one thousand nine hundred sixty eight world powers signed a treaty just stop the nuclear arms race but fifty years later has the agreement worked and who decides which countries get to have nuclear weapons while other storms this is inside story. and welcome to the program i'm elizabeth piron good faith is hardly a legally binding to botch world powers woven into a landmark nuclear deal that was signed fifty years ago the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and to stop the spread of nuclear weapons and in time eliminate them completely but it did not outline the concrete.


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