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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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fighting in southern syria puts a quarter of a million people out to their homes as ceasefire talks for. live from doha also coming up the u.n. chief says he's heard stories of unimaginable atrocities. refugee camps in bangladesh plus i. promise is bush short on details. of faith left wing populist hoping he can solve rampant violence and corruption. and we go deep inside
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a cave in northern thailand where divers. a breakthrough in their search for a young football team. are as a u.n. says more than a quarter of a million syrians have now been displaced by the government offensive to retake province in the southwest hopes of a cease fire further into debt with splits emerging in opposition groups of negotiations with russia it means a syrian government offensive backed by russia is likely to continue as forces try to reach capture all of that province from the opposition. joins us live now from beirut in lebanon who is still negotiating with the russians right now. well these so-called crisis group which represents the opposition they released this statement a few hours ago saying that they are no longer going to sit on the negotiating
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table and engage in jordanian mediated talks with the russian military in that statement they say that the conditions that the russians are demanding are humiliating and they just can't accept them after so many years of sacrifices there even pointing the finger of blame at some f.s.a. free syrian army rebel commanders saying some of them are traitors in clear reference to some of those commanders who made separate deals local deals we have to remember in the past few days a number of towns a handful of towns agreed to so-called reconciliation agreements which really amounts to a surrender but people really do not have much of a choice that is surrounded by the government yes it borders jordan yes it borders the occupied golan heights but both israel and jordan of close that territory the allies of the opposition they've abandoned them even the united states telling the rebels do not expect us to intervene militarily on behalf of you against the syrian government so the opposition really has been weakened there have been
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a number of reconciliation agreements but this opposition delegation saying no we're no longer going to sit with the russian military which only means one thing we are going to see a stepped up military campaign and that's what we're seeing on the ground particularly in the eastern countryside of the government tries to take more ground since this operation began the government now controls sixty percent of the province before the operation began it controlled thirty percent. in beirut thanks very much. now. in the wall is a retired jordanian air force general and military analyst he joins us live now from london to talk more about this thanks very much for being with us so first of all your your reaction to the syrian opposition group walking out of the talks with russia surprised. oh not really surprised. the thing is c.d.'s lost fragment and the opposition breached the military limit i
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could say but we i think the withdrawal from the talks because. they feel they didn't have any political. and the russian asked them to surrender completely. what's the alternative. to carry on attacks the russian and the syrian regime would carry on the attack to get the whole province back as you mentioned has them so the only thing. is it's better to reach a settlement with the russians rather than save a lot of life really but i think the russian and the syrian as i said they will keep on attacking and they will come to the u.n. at the end of it of course jordan is trying to play as a mediator between the two but this is not working very well i think at this time because these people they cannot face i mean the syrian people on that part of the
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war in the southern part specially see this and. that's what what's the situation now of course jordan would like to see the cedar back on their border and that's clearly will prevent any if you g.'s into jordan also is that you have the same thing i think the russian engineer that would be very easy to beat the syrian army back near by the golan heights one hundred seventy four buffer zone and off. area so they will be as a buffer zone or so against the east and the militia and this is also it and this is also coming just a few days after the united states told the syrian army troops that they would not be. giving them any support any more senshi time that they're on their own in this fight so you are you getting the sense that the tide is really turning out
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against rebel groups in syria. well there milliken did a strategic mistake by putting out from the order not supporting the rebels during all the spirit law for the last year this could be a very. good position to with it and the an influence with king out for the american and the area as a whole but i think this is jewish interest in upside down and i think there is a lot of pressure on the rebels and they will come to a settlement with the russians. to get a deal with them but the other option is sherman putin meeting in helsinki next month. so. i don't think the putin will i mean make a lot of. trouble for the american of so who will who work out things with them nicely just to get this meeting what can go for the russian so the russia and the
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regime like to come to the jordanian crossing border to restore their sovereignty and declare it also victory sort of. on that area and that's work out for the regime it's good to speak as you. know our joining us from london thanks so much for being with us now mexico has elected its first leftist president in more than thirty years under dismantle lopez obrador is claiming a historic victory after his two main rivals both conceded latin america had to lose you know in reports now from mexico city. times have been bridled violence and corruption mexicans have taken a leap of faith was a hero massacred nearly was we all want to be able to live and work in our country without being killed but lopez obrador we believe there will finally be real change was for the first time mexicans have chosen
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a left wing populist and despond. to beat them better known as he represents social change and up up all honesty was. i will not let you down i will not disappoint you i am conscious of my historic responsibility i don't want to go down in history as a bad president. says he will begin by a radek adan corruption which he says is the principal calls of poverty and violence but just through college tuition expects he would see his ambitious goals this mystery because he has been trying to be short on details about how the once to implement what he calls a radical transformation of mexico. he has explained that he'll pay for ambitious social programs and subsidies to the poorest with an estimated twenty five billion
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dollars he says corrupt politicians steal and that he'll even sell the presidential plane to save money. in his opponents say he has a messiah complex and warned that he will undermine democratic institutions and send investors flee but for millions who voted for it i thought if he represents the change this country desperately needs that the government cannot do it alone but the sea will say they cannot do it along either so we have to join forces in a basis of honesty in a vase is a real fight against corruption and in a basis of judicial system. the give us justice for all. of that of course is easier said than done and given the extraordinary expectations he's awoken the percentage of those jobs will be all the more daunting seeing human i just see that mexico city. the u.n. secretary general antonio is in bangladesh for his first visit to camps hosting
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about one million range of refugees from the. government is seeking more support for the refugees mohammed jim june joins us live now from cox's a bizarre somehow what what did tony a good chance have to say. the housing secretary general gets here is really wanted to reemphasize something that we've been hearing from aid workers the last couple of days in that what's going on here in critical long camp the largest . the world housing a million refugees is an emergency within an emergency not just because this crisis has been underfunded in fact the u.n. has been trying to raise funds for several months and the only reason about twenty five percent of the goal they said to themselves the crisis but also the fact that it is the monsoon season now and every time there is sustained rain here because the shelters that the refugees have built themselves are mostly residing on steep
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hillsides where there is an absence of vegetation that means that this landscape is prone landslides and floods and that's a real threat for a population that's already extremely vulnerable. talked about the fact that he considered there were hints not just now but for many years a perhaps the most discriminated against peoples in this entire world he spoke about the fact that there must be some kind of an understanding me between the u.n. and the government of me and more or less safe right of return for him to refugees but that's really been a bone of contention something we've heard a lot about from ranger refugees we've been speaking with around today there was a memo of understanding that was signed between the you win and the government of myanmar just recently and when details of that memo leaked to the press well the memo didn't even mention were hinges by name and it did not talk about them
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having the right to get citizenship if and when they returned to me and more to rock and state so a lot of the refugees we've been speaking with here today have said that that's something that greatly concerned and they're happy that secretary-general the terrorists have come here they're happy to hear about the fact that the world bank is now pledging about five hundred billion dollars five hundred million dollars. aid the bangladeshi government in the aid of orange refugees but they don't think that enough is being done to ensure that they get the right decision even when they return to me and more now one of the things that the un is doing is they are trying to relocate tens of thousands of or him to refugee families to other parts of the camp to really vulnerable families that live on steep hillsides that are prone to flooding they're trying to relocate them to areas where it's safer for them when the rains continue we spent some time with one of the women in her family that was being relocated and here's wishing i could tell. the horrors of me and more crossed into bangladesh she thought she'd found some safety for her daughter
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and the rest of her surviving relatives then the rains came and that i knew that. a landslide damaged part so we had to move to another passion and then we all had to leave one small corner. so there is among the approximately forty two thousand people here identified by aid agencies as being at high risk from the elements which means that for her and many other ranger refugees things are beginning to change for the better together with humanitarian partners who have been working hard to try and mitigate the effects of the monsoon season here especially for. a living in the settlements in the camps xabi amman to tells me many of the areas were hinder refugees settled in this sprawling campsite are prone to natural disasters so today we've had relocations of families who are living in areas that are higher risk of landslides and flooding and we've had it been to the sides here and the camp on safer ground where they can have
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a better perspective in this extension to the camp it's a race against time. these days the construction is constant. one of the reasons that a program like this is so important is so that an already vulnerable population that's been uprooted that's been so traumatized does not also fall victim to the weather and it's not just the landslides and it's not just the floods that pose such a threat during monsoon season the risk of contracting water borne diseases like cholera goes up severely force the barest family at last some relief a first meal in their new dwelling on the. one hundred would i want to buy and over there we suffered a loss for the little ones we complain sometimes but no one repaired our homes finally the aid workers told us we would move to a better place and fun to stay in there just here it may not look like much but for them right now it makes all the difference in the world.
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it's not as though this crisis popped up overnight the you win and several other aid agencies and humanitarian groups have been saying for months they've been warning that when it monsoon season comes along this year that this extremely vulnerable traumatized population is going to be even more vulnerable and yet here we are the u.n. in their efforts they are underfunded they are getting a huge boost as far as the news today that around five hundred million dollars is going to be contributed by the world bank the government of bangladesh to aid with refugees but the fact of the matter is that is just a starting point it's not enough it is a crisis that is going on here it is still very dire and even though there was some today or indirectly days that we've continued to speak with say they are really quite concerned about what's going to happen as the rains continue and the cyclons began as a family first their cocks is bizarre. next we'll see what the
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weather is doing and then a few signs of compromise in a migration showdown or threatens to take germany's government apart. welcome back a look at the weather across asia and starting in northeastern areas you can see all this cloud which is coming up from the south nurses given a lot of rain cells out one hundred millimeters of rain last twenty four hours and that's before we get our typhoon property room coming up from the south and there's the area of cloud associated with it so the weather across this region is going to be very disturbed over the next forty eight to seventy two hours so there's the circulation of this typhoon now the current trajectory sort of takes it through the korea strait but for south korea and southern parts of japan there's likely to be some really heavy rain but flooding is like the main problem and some very strong
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winds although it will weaken as it moves further through the sea of japan but you can see heavy rain there for tokyo and sendai still dry at that stage for sapporo fine conditions for beijing highs of thirty six across more southern portions of the china we've got showers in many areas certain across southeastern there's hong kong picking up the old share a few showers across indochina but generally not looking too bad although we see further heavy rain feeling gone we've seen some big falls rain here in the last twenty four hours for the showers and through the course of wednesday for certain eastern parts of asia scattering the showers for the philippines but still some heavy rain expected across borneo. how reliable is an eyewitness when you have an eyewitness to say i was there so him do it that is the best evidence about thirty percent of the time witness is a real case and to pick someone and say yes that's the person to determine the are
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wrong these are being falsely accused incarcerated for something he did not exploring the dark side of american justice the system with job on al-jazeera. and again you're watching i was there a minder of our top stories this hour the u.n. says more than a quarter of a million syrians have now been displaced by the government offensive to retake that our province in the south west hopes of a cease fire been thrown further into doubt with splits emerging in opposition groups who have been negotiating with russia. or
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will become mexico's first leftist president in three decades after his election victory he told cheering supporters he'd clean up corruption and deal with spiraling gang violence. the un secretary general is in bangladesh for his first visit to camps hosting about one million refugees from myanmar bangladeshi government is looking for more support for the refugees whose camps are a risk of being washed away in the monsoon season. the palestinians are protesting in the occupied west bank against the u.s. peace plan for the middle east what president don trump has called the deal of the century now a force that has more from ramallah. several hundred. on the street in the sense of the recession has been full of leadership but i did see the movie yellow taxi very much a fatah factional protest called by the leadership really to expound its position
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on the u.s. attempt to restart the middle east peace process between israelis and the palestinians they say that the deal of the century is donald trump is trying to sell it is dead that they will not accept it i think the leadership was very much stung by two interventions from the u.s. envoy jason green and on from son or jared kush to when they were in the region i just a few days ago each talking to the media here and be more critical of the p.a. leadership the president mahmoud abbas and the p.l.o. second general erekat they were complaining of an attempt to sort of bypass or even overthrow the p.a. leadership as the u.s. tries to drive this through appealing to the palestinians on grounds of economic opportunity that might be available to them if the u.s. peace plan were adopted they say the palestinian authority continues to say that the u.s. declaration on jerusalem recognizing it as israel's capital disqualifies united
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states a speech of much of mahmoud abbas as words just read out over the last twenty four hours again says that the united states is morally and politically unfit to take part in the peace process they are keen to show that their supporters a very much behind them in that message. other french government and several companies are being accused of freely selling egypt's president the tools he needs to brutally crackdown on dissent a report by the international federation for human rights and other non-governmental organizations looks not only at weapons but also sales of powerful surveillance technology the report says the between twenty ten and twenty sixteen french arms sales to egypt increased from forty six million to one point five billion dollars this rapid increase takes in under five to his time in power which began when he staged a coup in two thousand and thirteen according to the report the sales include
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conventional weapons and hardware including warships frigates fighter jets and cruise missiles but they've also sold technology to egypt's security services to help to monitor citizens through mass inter interception and data collection there are also high tech drone cells for crowd control and the prevention of protests well and one day in is the head of the international federation for human rights at international advocacy he joins us now from paris thanks very much for being with us so. among the findings of this report what is it that really jumps out at you here world war what will be the highlights. well first of all since the beginning of the repression in egypt after the arrival of all c c notably following the rahbar massacre of two thousand and thirteen we saw an explosion of the french sales to egypt as you just mentioned so we looked into that explosion
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and then churn realized that the french system of the control of the exports of arms and surveillance equipments seems to be totally dysfunctional and we are at the us launching an investigation on that and highlighting the fact that it's a total failure in fact from these. internal executive control commissions whereby from zs obliged by international law not to sell weapons and surveillance equipments if there isn't a risk that it be used against. to suppression of dissent or political opinion opponents and so on and so forth. and what do you hope will come out of this report in practical terms i mean i know you are seeking the establishment of some type of parliamentary inquiry and in them media entities export what are the chances of that happening. well. i hope that there's
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a good chance i mean when you look at the way other countries have been selling arms to egypt you can take the example of the united states for example word a trump administration wanted to sell a lot of huge military aid to egypt the american congress suspended a good bunch of this. three hundred million dollars were suspended from being sold and given to egypt we're looking into how from screwed strengthen its parliamentary control over the control of exports of arms and several six months yes we are in there and there are initiatives within the french parliament for that what we would want is the permanent commission that would control any arms and weapons and service being sold to a third country in order to mint shirts that there's
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a parliamentary control over the executive to ensure that. the executive respects its international obligations. good speakers here and my day in joining us there from paris thanks very much. now experts scuba divers are swimming deeper into a flooded cave system in northern thailand they are hoping to find a football team missing for nine days a thousand times of join the search operation for the twelve teenagers and their coach scott harlow reports from chiang rai on how the crisis is bringing people closer together. tucked away throughout the entrance of the town long cave in the bustle of the search and rescue effort shrines and offerings have been appearing thais from near and far have been coming to make the offerings there part they feel in making sure the twelve boys and the football coach are found alive yes i think a lot as a christian church leader in chiang rai province on gone since corn and his community
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have been praying for the missing since the very first day and part of the effort to find them is right out the front door of one of his churches although thailand is overwhelmingly buddhist he feels this is a time for all faiths to work together. it is very important in this situation there are no borders between religions all faiths because we all have the same goal to help one another we don't care where they are from what religion they are the main mission is to help people who are in trouble in times of crisis like the missing thirteen many thais focus on their spirituality sometimes even ignoring the science of the situation one man has traveled up from bangkok because he believes he can communicate with the dragon spirits here in the caves identifies himself as a spiritual leader he came up to volunteer in the rescue effort but he also feels that the power of kindness and peace can effect change in the physical world and he wants to use it to find the boys and their coach. not by their boy
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the me. but of them to me there are not enough polish. up. there their power. and power. add to their. power to do the big. and at the same time the largest international rescue effort in thailand history is in full swing using the physical power of the tired military and more than a thousand helpers while many thais continue to exert spiritual power but all sides are working for the same goal seeing those twelve boys and their coach in the daylight again it's got harder al-jazeera cheering right libya's national oil corporation suspending exports from the country's east the cut follows the capture
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of two or oil terminals last month by forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar his forces have prevented oil shipments from being loaded at several oil ports in the so-called oil cress of libya's u.n. back government has warned international companies against dealing with. a germany's interior minister has threatened to resign rather than support chancellor angela merkel's new migration deal horse has been discussing the agreement with his c.s.u. party which is a crucial coalition partner in merkel's government last week as i have a threatened to turn asylum seekers away from germany dominic cain has more from bernie. feels almost like a kind of groundhog day where all main participants in this crisis are meeting again going through the same thing they did yesterday with the exception but mr has already offered his resignation yesterday question is whether he would offer it again today he's due to meet angle americal in the next few hours that it's fifteen
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g.m.t. and the question then will be is he prepared to precipitate this sort of collapse potentially of the government is he so attached is his party so attached to the philosophical purity of their position that they're prepared to see losing control of the interior ministry losing control of the ability to influence policy in this country rather than to accept the sort of compromise that anglo-american has been offering she came back from the brussels summit offering the c.s.u. much of what they had that party had said it needed to have rather in order not to go it alone today to force border controls in a way which would send turn migrants back that's what's at stake here it's been going basically this brewing over the whole of the weekend today the two protagonists in this meet as i say it fifteen g. the question will be what will emerge from that. sort of france champion chris
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froome has been cleared to defend his title at this year's race which begins on saturday the british cyclical been under investigation for nine months after reaching limits assman medication the world anti-doping agency says froome didn't actually break any doping rules. this is al jazeera around up other top stories the u.n. says more than a quarter of a million syrians have now been displaced by the government offensive to retake that our province in the south west hopes of a cease fire been thrown into further into doubt with splits emerging in opposition groups have been negotiating with russia. and overnight towns near syria's border with jordan were targeted in airstrikes that continued until monday morning jordan's newly appointed prime minister visited one of the border crossings called syria to inspect aid deliveries the latest attacks are likely to force more
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civilians to flee to jordan. under arrest manuel lopez obrador is set to become mexico's first leftist president in three decades he told ecstatic supporters in mexico city he would fulfill his promise of defeating corruption. more go away he cannot i call on all mexicans to reconcile and to place above personal interests no matter how legitimate they are the greater good the nation is first. the u.n. secretary general is in bangladesh for his first visit to camps hosting about one million range of refugees from myanmar the bangladeshi government is seeking more support for refugees was camps are risk being washed away by the monsoons libya's national oil corporation is suspending exports from the east the cut follows the capture of two all terminals last month by forces loyal to wald after his forces have prevented shipments from being loaded at several ports in the
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so-called oil crescent libya's un back government as one international companies against dealing with half party germany's interior minister strained to resign rather than back down from his position on chancellor angela merkel's migration policy horst is unhappy with the e.u. migration deal agreed in brussels on friday experts scuba divers are swimming deeper into a flooded cave system in northern thailand hoping to find a football team missing for nine days a thousand thais have joined the search operation for the twelve teenagers and their coach more heavy equipment has been flown in those are the headlines inside stories things.
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in one nine hundred sixty eight world powell signed a treaty just stop the nuclear arms race but fifty years later has the agreement worked as to who decides which countries get to have nuclear weapons while others dawn's this is inside story. and welcome to the program i'm elizabeth purana in good faith it's hardly a legally binding to bob's world powers woven into a landmark nuclear deal that was signed fifty years ago the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and to stop the spread of nuclear weapons and and time eliminate them completely but it did not outline the concrete stay.


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