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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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one of the child reporters from the slumdog press giving a voice to invisible children on al-jazeera. scenes of jubilation and relief in thailand rescue teams find twelve boys and their coach alive after nine days trapped inside a cave. and on tape this is al jazeera live from london also coming up a massive government offensive in syria's darragh province forces more than a quarter of a million people to flee while rebel groups spent over whether to surrender. seismic political shift in mexico leftist media manual lopez obrador sweeps to
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power to stamp out corruption and violence. i'm germany's government in crisis because of a rally the migration and it could topple angle a matter of coalition. begin with a remarkable story of survival after thailand twelve boys and their football coach have been found alive after spending nine days trapped inside a cave the group became stuck in the complex cave system after heavy rains flooded the exit rescue teams from all over the world who spent days searching for them some even spending their nights inside the cave to speed up the search. and you. write about the thirteen missing people the latest report from the sunni unit which went in and managed to reach party beach they found the beach flooded
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but then they went further about three hundred to four hundred meters to another area of high ground they found a young brothers a saif. let's join scott honda now who's in thailand so tell us a bit more about how these boys were found one what kind of condition they're in. well we don't know exactly how that with the condition is of the boys you know we've been covering this story right from the beginning and it's what's been an amazing is that the effort that's gone behind this in that particularly today there was such a focus on the divers you know because we've had kind of like cycles where they went up to the hills they tried to draw a drill in to the major cavern they are saying that this is probably where they are but the focus today was on a party a beach and that's clearly now we're hearing where the boys and their coach for found know exactly what their condition is the details right now are very sketchy
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no earlier in the afternoon here in tenggara we heard that there might be a possibility that the boys are being brought out but again this is something we've heard the last several days but obviously now all the boys and their coats have been pulled out had been found i shouldn't say pulled out have been found alive now the big task right now is getting them out of the cave in this is not an easy thing because when you would look at the you look at the mechanics of what's going to take place what has to take place to bring them all out is not an easy task obviously depends on the water level of the cave structure where they have to come back out through but right now with the government in the typefaces are saying things are looking pretty positive but again they're saying there have been found all thirteen of them the twelve boys in their coats have been found alive but how they're going to get out alive how they're going to get out well and healthy that's still to be determined over the next couple hours and it must be
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a terrible i mean some relief for the parents and the relatives but the same time now anguish because they still haven't got them out properly have they. exactly you know we been with these parents for the last several days and it has been absolutely terrifying for them every day trying to deal with trying to cope with the idea that they're there their boys are trapped in this cave obviously the idea the concept now that they have been found alive is fantastic but getting them out safe and sound is another thing that the thing is right now you know this is that late in the evening here in thailand. getting them out and how that's going to happen is a big big challenge now we know over the last several days the last several hours today that there have been a lot of oxygen tanks divers oxygen tanks being kind of stashed outside the mouth
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of the cave we kind of us assume that they're getting close to something that some kind of discovery if you will now and that's why they were doing this is to get the boys out maybe we're not quite certain yet again the government is not giving us too much detail other than saying that yes they've been found and they're all alive but how they're going to get them out it's going to be it depends on on the water level and depends on where they were found within this this cavern how technical it's going to be to get them out of the cave again they're saying yes they've been found but they're not out just yet and you mention the water level that one stage that was quite a big draining operation going on is that still up and running well they had to stop that from them and. the dreading operation is pretty much been going on steadily for the last several days. the efficiency of it has kind of gone up and down based on the rainfall you know there's been today and yesterday there hasn't been that much rainfall so obviously the drainage process of that the
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pumping out of these kids this cave system massive cave system some ten kilometers . throughout obviously depends on how much rainfall is coming because the break it down essentially this is a case system that's inside encased in a mountain and in a small hill so when rain falls on the mountain on the hills it drains into this cave system so even though they're pumping the water out and they have been pumping the water out you're battling the elements of all this water falling on this hill system going into the caves so you're it's a very uphill battle so every day they say yes we've pumped out x. amount of leaders x. amount of square footage of water but when you talk about when you're thinking about how vast this system was with the hills and the water coming down it's big so now we know that hopefully they're able to you know drain the water anough in that
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little bits now that we can isolate where the boys and their coats are we can isolate what they need to to pass through to get out of the cave system that's really can focus before we didn't quite know or at least that we were being told so we didn't know exactly where they had to focus on that drainage but now we do and hopefully now they'll be able to get good news of them coming down the next couple of hours and it's quite hard to thank you very much indeed. on the others twelve boys and. rescued only to be found inside the club cave complex as was pointing out there's still a delicate operation of getting them out and we don't know yet what condition they're in twelve boys and if it will catch happy found alive in time when you more naturally as you get more information. i. the line says more than a quarter of
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a million syrians have now been displaced by the government's offensive to retake their are province in the country southwest jordan is set to hold talks with syria's ally russia this week in the hope of paving the way for a ceasefire it comes after opposition talks broke down when splits emerged between rebel groups and how to report. syrian frontlines continue to shift in that our province the united nations says two hundred seventy thousand people have already been uprooted during the syrian government's military offensive now in its third week there remain in towns under opposition control are being battered by air strikes and shelling and the fear is an escalated military campaign now that talks collapse. there is a military escalation to pressure the rebel factions to accept the russian military is gone dishes to on the assault those conditions are he relayed team for the opposition they just want them to give up everything after years of psych revises they can't accept that. the opposition delegation involved in talks with the
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russian military which were mediated by jordan formally pulled out of negotiations and it's not clear if all rebel commanders support their decision but those who have made separate deals are being called traitors. to the representatives of a handful of towns have been signing so-called reconciliation deals with the government or what amounts to a surrender syrian state television is showing people celebrating the return of government more often than not there is little choice such deals stave off further military action and prevent more suffering but anyone wanted by the state such as rebel fighters and those involved in opposition activities or who worked in rebel run administrations leave. rebel areas are shrinking more than sixty percent of daraa is now under the control of president bashar al assad's forces rebels still hold parts of the provincial capital that are city and areas along the borders of
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the occupied golan heights and jordan including then a sea crossing the opposition is in a weak position it has been abandoned by its allies the united states told them not to expect to be back to militarily jordan close its borders to weapons shipments and refugees instead it says it wants to focus on mediating a ceasefire but a ceasefire is not what the process and government camp wants. it is pushing for a military victory a win in the southern corner of syria would follow significant gains close to the capital in recent months then like now it is the civilians who pay the heaviest price. valid move could she see let me we ask every person with a conscience to help stop the shot and why are they shelling areas where there are children helpless elderly and sick people the children are hungry and without food we only brought tea and sugar with us please force this criminal to end the shelling. that is unlikely to happen the decision by some of the opposition not to
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sit at the negotiating table means a stepped up military campaign especially since the government stated goal is to recapture southern syria so what they're ultra zita beirut mexico's president elect is vowing to stamp out corruption fight drug cartels and reduce social inequality after his resoundingly win on sunday and arrest manual lopez obrador will become mexico's first left wing president in eighteen years or latin america editor lucien human reports from mexico city. these times of unbridled violence and corruption mexicans have taken a leap of faith was a hero massacre was we all want to be able to live and work in our country without being killed with lopez obrador we believe there will finally be real change was for the first time mexicans have chosen a left wing populist and the response. to lead them better known as he represents
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social change and up up all honesty. i will not let you down i will not disappoint you i am conscious of my historic responsibility i don't want to go down in history as a bad president. says he will begin by eradicating corruption which he says is the principal cause of poverty and violence i just went through college tuition expects you would see his ambitious goals this mystery because he has been trying to be short on details about how the answer to implement what he calls a radical transformation of mexico. he has explained that he'll pay for ambitious social programs and subsidies to the poorest with an estimated twenty five billion dollars he says corrupt politicians steal and that he'll even sell the presidential
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plane to save money on his opponents say he has a messiah complex and warned that he will undermine democratic institutions and send investors fleeing but for millions who voted for it i thought he represents the change this country desperately needs that the government cannot do it alone but the sea will say they cannot do it along either so we have to join forces in a vase is of honesty in a race is a real fight against corruption and in a basis for goods judicial. to give justice for all i was told that of course is easier said than done and given the extraordinary expectations he's awoken of those job will be all the more daunting seeing human i just see the mexico city. breaking news from thailand and that to remarkable story of the survival of twelve boys and their football coach inside
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a who's been trapped in a cave for nine days. correspondent wayne haye is outside that cave complex and joins us live now. getting any more information about the state of the boys and how long it's going to take to get him out. or not yeah this is still very early stages really it was just over an hour ago about an hour and a half ago in fact that there were amazing scenes here just outside the main entrance to that cave when the governor called chiang rai province where this cave is located the man who's really been keeping everyone informed over the past nine or ten days or so about the situation made the announcement that those twelve football players and their coach had in fact been found alive inside that cave system at the moment the priority we're told is for those missing people now found to be given food and water to check on the conditions that at the moment is very
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much being carried out by the people who found them navy seals who have been very much at the forefront of this search and rescue operation so they will be supplying them with anything that they need right now and specialist medical teams have now being dispatched inside the cave system to check on their exact conditions and then of course will become the tasco figuring out exactly how they're going to get those people out of the cave and deal because the it was true that the complexity of trying to get those navy seals in in the first place that's not been a nobody an easy task because it. no it hasn't and the main challenge over the course of the last nine or ten days has been the water that is simply being so much water inside that cave system sometimes in some areas up to the ceiling of some of the the areas inside the cage so they simply haven't been able to push through that water remembering that some of the areas inside that cave are extremely tight in the water has been flowing through against those search and
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rescue personnel at extremely at an extremely quick rate so trying to force their way through those narrow areas with jagged rocks is being incredibly difficult and the really being forced to retreat on many occasions as the floodwaters pushed right through to the main entrance of the cave not far behind me and everyone had been talking about this area called patsey a beach where the navy seals and other search and rescue personnel had been so close to the so many days they believe that the boys in the coach may be in this area because it was slightly elevated and they hoped that they had been sitting there since they went missing since they managed to escape the flood waters and been sitting in a dry area on this beach inside the cave system well according to what we've been told now by the chiang rai governor the navy seals in the last few hours managed to push through into that area called patio beach and there was no one there the area was flooded so they knew straight away that it would have been impossible for those
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boys and their coach to stay there so they continued on for another few hundred metres and found them sitting basically on a ledge on a dry part of the cave so that is where they found them we think it's a little bit difficult to get exact details but just short of four and a half kilometers inside that cave so that just tells you exactly how difficult and perhaps how long it is going to be before we see those people brought out of the cave i mean clearly it must be not denying for the boys themselves waiting all the time wondering if anyone was evident to reach them to rescue them but also a terrifying. for the parents and the relatives and i know that you've used the relatives in the us what they've been saying since they've had the news that they've actually been found alive. well it's been a wave of emotions really for them over the past nine days since they was first raise late on that saturday afternoon up to the first boy failed to return to return home after that football match through until now really and the vast
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majority of those parents and other close friends and family have been camped right here in what has become a makeshift town really a makeshift settlement just outside the entrance to the cave of the been receiving regular updates from the chiang rai government other members of governmental so the search and rescue personnel are involved in this so obviously the fact that they have been found now is being greeted with huge emotion a huge sense of relief but probably tempered a little bit with the knowledge that it is going to be extremely difficult to get these boys out of there if you just consider for a moment how difficult it's been as you mentioned for the navy seals to expose divers explicit suits and rescue personnel to try and force a way in there now they've got to try and bring these twelve football players in the coach the people who are probably going to be fairly weak and frail possibly injured possibly sick we don't know those details at the moment but now they've got
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to try and bring them out of this so that also going to be keeping a very close watch on the weather for the last few days it's been fairly dry here so that's enabled the pumping to continue and get a lot of that water out of the cave system but more heavy rain is forecast so they will want to try and move this along as quickly as they possibly can but bearing in mind they have to keep those boys and the football coach as safe as possible when hey thank you very much indeed ten for the time being when hey reporting live there on the breaking news from thailand the twelve bully. is and their football coach who'd been trapped in a cave for nine days been found alive but as you mentioned their delicate operation is likely to have to happen now to be able to get them out of that complex we reckon that they could be as much as four a half kilometers away from where they went into the cave system so much as a parent to wait for more news on the state of the boys inside the cave but they have been found alive. the german parties which make up the ruling
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coalition are holding meetings to try to resolve a political crisis over migration the country's interior minister offer to resign saying he isn't satisfied with an e.u. deal struck by chancellor angela merkel to reduce migration levels or the whoever leads the bavarian christian social union which was part of merkel's governing coalition he wants to turn migrants away from the border if they've already applied for asylum in another european country putting him at odds with the chancellor. on the cain joins us live from dallas to these meetings have been going on for a while do we have any to emerging about how things are going. not so far at least from the one that we were expecting to take place today which has been going on now for more than an hour and a half but we understand also that there was a more impromptu unchangeable meeting earlier today which took place in parliament in the offices of the speaker of parliament the elder statesman of conservatism in
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this country was the choice and the point here is that although zero four and merkel on meeting two meetings today there really isn't a meeting of minds learn about as you say that crucial issue of migration or to control who comes into the country and who is not going to be allowed into the country one other thing to throw into the equation here is that the personal finance between these two party leaders is paul is frosty an example of that is that the the respected newspaper there's a duchess i phone has today published an interview with mrs a hole for him which he says that he's not prepared to be thrown out of a position by a chancellor whose only chance there because he put her there that gives you a sense of the level of invective that is involved in at least his side of things regarding on going to macro and on that front is merkel's at position really at risk of how how how far could this go as a spat. well almost face of it at least the position of this
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coalition government in other words c.d.u. c.s.u. and social democrats if the c.s.u. decide they just can't carry on and they're not prepared to tolerate the solution that angle a miracle brought back from brussels then they could at least cause problems to this government they could deprive it of a majority but bear in mind that there are other parties waiting in the wings specifically the green party with sixty seven members of parliament if you add them to merkel's party into the social democrats then they'd have a very healthy majority. bear in mind also the social democrats who have at first be relatively quiet in this internal spat between the parties of the union as it were will vary from now decided to flex their muscles they are calling for a special meeting of the coalition committee as it were for tonight for later on tonight so they clearly are perhaps not happy with the direction but this road between the union parties is taking and one final force these two parties the christian social union the christian democrats have been effectively wedded at the
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hip for many decades they govern this country for many decades that is the be the essence of how strange this rattles and what we're waiting to see exactly what will happen john mccain thank you very much indeed. international organization for migration says the number of people who died trying to cross from libya to europe this year has passed a thousand all than two hundred people have drowned in the mediterranean in the last few days alone it's believed to be due to rush in migrants trying to make the dangerous journey before an anticipated crackdown by the european union. so far this year ten thousand migrants have been brought back to shore by the libyan coast guard. and put into detention so there's a big increase by the libyan coast guard in preventing smuggling at the same time the proportion of the number of deaths is increasing we think this is because the smugglers are getting more desperate and are taking desperate measures and
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absolutely not caring for the safety of the migrants putting them to sea in unsafe vessels seven former us ambassador to the un have called on the trumpet ministration to restore funding for palestinian refugees the un relief and works agency is facing a major budget shortfall after the u.s. announced earlier this year it's withholding sixty five million dollars agency provides aid for millions of palestinians across the middle east the former envoy say funding is crucial for providing education and health care to people in need. iran's president has done rouhani has arrived in switzerland for talks on how to save the iranian nuclear deal the deal was dealt a potentially fatal blow after u.s. president donald trump withdrew from it it's left the iranian government pinning its hopes on european powers have said they will stand by the twenty fifteen agreement. the french government admits possible security failings after an a tourist gangster was able to use
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a helicopter to stage a daring broad daylight jailbreak a second in the last five years a huge manhunt is underway as nathan a thousand offices had one fade who was serving time for all robberies reading reports. the sound of the helicopter rotors and the prison security alone caught on an inmate smartphone the prison staff are seen running across the yard. but by this point red one feet is already on his way to freedom the hijacked helicopter disappearing into a clear blue sky the french authorities have been badly embarrassed by the lapse in security the justice minister visited the prison i did miss to the drones seen flying in the area recently may have been connected to the escape plan. do we have a commander that has probably started the area would throw that you dish all inquiry that is underway will certainly say and that led to this spectacular escape
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. forty six year old fayed earned his notoriety through a string of brazen armed robberies and jewel theft in the one nine hundred ninety s. he was sentenced to thirty years in jail but released after ten and claimed to have reformed himself writing a gritty autobiography in two thousand and nine and making several t.v. appearances to promote it but a botched robbery in twenty ten led to a police shootout and the death of policewoman orally fouquet and after his first prison break in twenty thirteen he was designated france's most wanted man when he was recaptured fayyad was facing a full twenty five years behind bars sunday's commando style jailbreak involved three armed men who hijacked a helicopter from a flight school and forced the pilot to drop them into the prison yard two of the men then set off smoke bombs and used power tools to cut their way. through to a visiting room where fate was talking to his brother the whole episode took just
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ten minutes the helicopter was later found in a northeastern suburb of paris nearly three thousand police officers on now assigned to the manhunt for a fight he is once again france's most wanted man paul brennan al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room just. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring in the award winning documentaries and live news and out of your i got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on and on mine. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world the sun no matter how you take it out is there and will bring in the news and current to bad that matter to you not just iraq.
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thousand. one hundred.
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thousand. one hundred. thousand.
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zero is a very important source of information for many people around the world when old are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people
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that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. tromping on of them that this quest took on a wrong the u.s. president accuses alltech of manipulation oil prices and urges allies to boost production as he's really imposing sanctions on iran he's also question country still doing business with the iranians this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. on oil production process and politics for quiet a delicate balance donald trump is urging oil producing countries except iran to boost output he.


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