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tv   Dreamer Mums  Al Jazeera  July 3, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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to enjoy to find this cup of tea. the more so wonderful herb in the wood at the chinese feet. off the gods problems would be nice and that would. bring the story holds up. there with the quads the illusion among consumers to go back to quality in bed happened. to go on to be able to predict t.v. read the same enjoyment as it's big to be to do the deed about predict why useable people still on. the road. and chip away from you know. on counting the cost the european union is trying to change we'll look at the
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reasons why the economic cost of violence in mexico plus the timber companies accused of being dangerous in the world's second largest rainforest. counting the cost on al-jazeera. zero zero zero. zero zero zero zero one zero zero zero. like that. don't.
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even that is yet. to find out and. do you want i don't want no. part of ok down the meaning pleasant one. is that on the money i think he will pull the at the. light in. that event that we know now allow the easy money. all. ok you know yes by the way mr de your ad.
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was that i see on. this a oh this is a moment but all three of us are only a million. little bit in the moment on the ball. but it is adelman that what i'm be is be my you are a little you get lonely lasses who say they. don't know. people like us the reason that he called the police that he's on the real well and the little hundred thousand.
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man we ourselves are not a unit that we're going to stand and tell me that very similar your mother connected then to the west at her heart ok i love you mom. me those the homeless he had only. known at that point when the brand of stars from. me who was not a thousand he will not run is are going to get all that that is there and you are his and you know. last year and it was a little bit much but it's ok this is really kind of the one but only kind of need
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of it me. but iraq gives me hope then but i learned that it's on us because it is. not only the beginning of his thousand needles i'm going to personally to me he. he loves you know this but many of them want us in the new but us inquire new skin. this would go on yes but i mean it's not. your limp any given united but it can. give you the. feeling that. most of the guys in the us live on us to him for the gun but. it doesn't but. maybe. we don't want to distance the bad cop because i'm missing. oh no me
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yes. it's because he's me and i'm one to know how love goes to readdress and gus and i know when the modern movies but not the mothers get them no but i keep. the law. as. i learned more. i love neither. alas the money that i. get when i'm in need.
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only now there will be a more need them no more. oh. oh oh oh ah. my. mommy. has the us you know when does a. muslim and at this hour they are muslim and then.
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i when they come a very go to go. where mother and we. hope . to go to mosque another. one when. my memory they get. my. the os.
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or law says. see. but i'll be sad little let go of their money. but. says he has not made us i don't know if you see known. about when i will not. i selected as. when we are and i ask is.
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that i mean this. is. the mother. then going to. live it up because of. this. mess is the. secret the next.
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point. no. one no mother sonia. is the model needles. but i'm going to. ask. you out around.
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when. you want to go in need is the last. movie you know gotten a. little. mother. by the. fight isn't the one not just by your dad not but i could but i'm not in the lead but i would guess. it was the meanest almost an unbroken i don't follow their you like. but i will. said not only because you know for me to. post this looking at locust someone would notice there's only three custom from. numbers and sound good then wold also use
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a can do one of them we will soon was born you. were moving with. me is also. means. motherhood. and up in a fantasy. for. them to even after your father or for that was. their group was a support committee cuenta cannot i'll only come at the start of a surprise to see her she been sampled one of. the connoisseurs experiences he was current then at the us better premier but i mean he got a look at the nia most he. messes with many kwento for the most i said i won't go. go now out on the simple side on i was insane you are good look at podium as i said ok you don't see most of the beauty of those. do you know families
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do you know those who. live off a million to one i know i don't know comedy and be one of those that i asked of her family leave my family lives and sam gagner do you have. not i don't have family in the one hundred where good out west if i'm in my comment in the least about a forty. minute
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bell maybe i could assess in the sequels that label that was going to say see me. as more would go to they said they were good when that. was but a mess i guess you'll be at that rock in one month. out there or sally young knows that. you know him best as i live on the internet over the last month. they say ok you mostly are. mad and i end up like yeah.
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no there when we came to the scene of the spices which they have here. you know did you see who is this that is can this go back to your daughter is it goes on for you is this just on board. more. momentum or see to get a move that a lot of your many of us whose son is about equal no soft also he was but he left before we'll follow do not ask him but i guess the us on the phone i think does the only fisi invent the news in a way that you see. as if you see it but i guess that i can just a moment. in georgia in exeter california. near i don't know libya where if. you don't see you post this here in new york i'm
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going are you going to see. me go models we are going rules or your point but are you saying i'm too old really got to. go move your lot in them for. a foster care. made little you look at that pass up on this on mother to someone you hate is saddam look instead of it on my stuff i mean yeah beto i use that in some of the one thousand of them without went back and since then i've had people this is i meant that by the people it's really much as half of what i was taught and was perceived was what i was one of your lens people and then once i was going to stand by you than i was i mean that i see on the way the thing that's in the time which at times and having had a spouse need to know about. my muscle chattahoochee not for them with the most part of n.t. that's how they found the luke chapter on mr c. post either that or that and then there was that take them into look at to see in this get em most game that i could place up to see post against the thing then at the time.
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well. well that is. the end you. know how. he. was this. was that they. feel. ok.
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i'm. well i'm. more his loose easiest day to get open one that knows as you are one of us i am a scientist gustier the a sign. that i see who was known as the analyst thousand needles and those misses that got us to gusty or i can piss outta. all this here local mentos. i went. to. bed and don't you know you well let me try and make the step indian a fellow. by that i says at the.
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prices but as you know what's been. most sleepless you. and i know gus young at the bar. but it would take a book if he was that in many. get over it i mean i didn't take it as kevin dunn the last i won't. even contest the sentence as well as the book is you know pink it is very. i said but i could organise complete meals. on the family a lot more time and can see i'm a young man yet that look at the new. resign yourself then nowhere so luckily i was not one of those mean old dos. better where along in the film awesome also
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get the new law but they let me the part of us here on. this i will go where you are one of the only men thing we got on the spectrum what. in a true story go on what are the more of that he's looking to be the michiganders doesn't even stammer due. time. until i meet obviously landowner looks like and does a lot but the reason that he said that it is a step to see more to the. nice is that it is for so little paul that i suspect this town was founded on a sad as that i second that i have only said it was his own yes but i don't but again it's not the split on most of us i mean us. and i'll admit i list the seventy one as someone. with another also had an opportunity that a lot of them must have put on notice at us when there are many or is a part that image is in that.
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you really are that you don't. know me. and i'm also. a mother. just like eight year old thing was but as i get me up well you know. battle is. crazy leave you. see. about that i was given a. yeah look when i see it. with the idea. that i was considering going to bed i mean that i could see that this was a good one although i wasn't able to. get anything. that was healing up to go get the us to get up at the us a weird but i think they wanted about this game but nothing that he was but that they like.
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yes and foreman's record of asking of you know he's also going to go oh ok so. this will. be some good food. for us and he's a hostess. one of them they're going to stump the dentist tells me. what is a good guess i'm looking through to him to not be any mean to see. them so bicyclists young dick is the one you need this season plus abuse on you if you know i'm going to deposit see you know when i'm up or if you know the need to be seen you know. when it. comes. to what i suggest he does his poor kid and this is just among them going back in the afternoon the polygamist moms going to last to see him on the way from to come in india you know you're
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presuming to move on clearly don't you going to just not to be here on. ars you couldn't go anywhere and they're going to feast movie star can feed my mentors goodbye most unpleasant things could honestly get. over. the side of family so you know i'm still going to say it's because. this is good for the see that on the other. because let me love my. discourse. for the minus six three months if the thousand euros i mean to. go one of the things. we was around was done for my he blames her thesis
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simple system improvement is. there. is a theme better than us think of now no reason for a while. this time useful syrup to fanfare endless tells me you know why aren't there never. enough to do don't ask honest. from us. it's. you know it doesn't happen even though. just thousand means. that that by the by is implement this at that a but on with that by media. with one on and of with them with focus to we had on in this a basis ace of base admins just get interesting is that. the
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afghan national army. guardians of a country ravaged by decades of war and occupation abandoned bites liberate his. young men who know that each day could be the last it to continue to fight for a future free from cale's. of qana stans own battle a witness documentary on al-jazeera. and hundred forty twelve on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the
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syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the war. the story of a british italian man experiencing life close up in a palestinian refugee camp in beirut it's. coming face to face with the daily lives of its residents some of whom have lived there for seventy years but there has been for a few jomo saunas life it's not a normal life to show seven days in beirut but. on al-jazeera. captaining a leading used team at sixteen years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming
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a professional footballer. a home game on a. burger . all accounted for rescuers in thailand finally find a youth football team trapped in a flooded cave for ten days. and scenes of joy outside the cave but officials warn it will take time before the boys are brought out safely. i'm so robert you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha
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coming up in the next thirty minutes mexico's new president says he's proposed a plan to reduce migration in a phone call with double trouble.


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