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taito on trial on al-jazeera. as syrian government tanks roll over more ground in the southwest neighboring jordan to open its border to refugees. from also coming up. arrested billions of dollars that went missing from a state plus. turns to anxiety. deep inside a mountain. and
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a compromise say. government but the agreement. the united nations is jordan to open its gates to some of the tens of thousands of syrians who have amassed on the border two hundred seventy thousand have been forced from their homes by the russian backed government offensive to recapture the southwest and province jordan is sending food and aid supplies across but says its border will remain sealed to people reports from beirut in neighboring lebanon. jordan israel. and their towns are battlegrounds these people are trapped. the syrian government's offensive and now into its third week has displaced more than a quarter of a million people according to the united nations some are living in makeshift tents many others out in the open they have little food water or medicine or protection
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from the heat. there is a humanitarian crisis and the united nations is calling on jordan and neighboring countries to open their borders to allow refugees in we recognize that jordan lebanon and turkey have long hosted a large number of refugees particularly from syria since the beginning of the syrian conflict it's been heartening to see many people in these countries doing what they can. to call on their governments to keep the border open and to gather food and water for syrian refugees. we call on the jordanian government keep its borders open for other countries in the region to step up and receive the fleeing civilians jordan's leaders say they can't cope with more refugees instead they say aid is being delivered to them across the border in syria and they say it's up to the u.n. to obtain approval from government leaders in time ask us to allow in supplies to reach our province jordan's foreign minister says the focus should be on preventing
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more devastation i'll be meeting with the russian foreign minister lavrov there for a discussion on how we can work towards a cease fire and create conditions for the ground under which people would feel safe and also discuss the facilitation of the provision of supplies to syria and their country on their land indeed our syrian government troops are advancing with the help of russian airstrikes troops have seized towns and villages under rebel control and through so-called reconciliation deals that involve a return of president bashar assad's rule sixty percent of daraa is now under government control and the offensive is continuing to pressure the remaining rebel held areas to surrender. russia has been negotiating on behalf of the syrian government with rebel factions the opposition says russia is only offering one option they're describing it as a humiliating demand to surrender it involves rebels handing over their weapons and accepting state control opposition activists have told us russia is not offering
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them the possibility to move to the rebel controlled province of. several rebel commanders fighters and opposition leaders are refusing to reconcile with the state to live under its rule. they also refused to stay without international security guarantees rebels are hoping for a deal that would make jordan a guarantor of the safety of the civilians negotiations are difficult. the route. border crossing with syria and thousands of people on the syrian side of fleeing fighting with very. it drips and drabs some is getting through a lot think that's a lot as a unicef water truck drinking water truck was just pulling off that's been somewhere for about an hour or so in the sun so clearly some stuff is getting permission to get through and we've seen in the days some of the passive aid going
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through this jordanian military post getting just beyond where you see those telegraph poles going down is where there's a syrian border and some stuff is getting through where i am we're told there's about twenty odd thousand refugees who fled just on that side of the border there in awe at least ninety five thousand people according to a job jordanian military source ninety five thousand people are along the jordan syria border in desperate need it's hot it's dusty might have nothing there's no sanitation there's no food there's no water the u.n. relief aid is still getting through its official crossing points and of course but the jordanians and the israelis are not allowing any refugees in jordan says it's got six hundred fifty thousand syrian refugees here already it's not going to take any more and for the moment it's determined to keep our border closed but to try and passover aid from the jordanian military lore and though the syrian government
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intent on taking about the whole of the southwestern part of syria why is this area particularly important. it's extra tediously very important to the assad regime because it's along two border the border with israel where assad wants to get troops back close to the golan heights and here along the border with jordan border crossings that the assad regime wants to get control of again because that gets services goods provisions through those border crossings and indeed it's the future of those border crossings that is part of the talks being mediated by the russians between the rebel groups and the syrian regime on the other side the rebel groups are very reluctant to give up those border crossings but the russians insisting on martha's part of the deal to end the bombardment of this area lawrence joining us there from the jordan syria border thanks very much. now yemen's security forces are blocking people fleeing conflict
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in the north from getting into the southern city of aden dozens of families are stuck at a security checkpoints prompting a plea from the prime minister for them to be allowed in many have left her data for the saudi ambassador coalition as fighting to retake the city and its crucial seaports from hoofy rebels voice for yemen is in sana'a trying to broker a deal to end the fighting. the rebels have released a video showing the launch of a surveillance aircraft and one of the saudi backed forces they say they've used the technology to carry out ten operations join the battle for her day. and elsewhere in yemen at least eleven people have been killed by an airstrike that hit a wedding in the northern province of solder sounds like coalition hit the town of gaffa on tuesday killing mostly women and children and local officials as war planes flying overhead preventing ambulances from reaching the victims.
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malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has been arrested by anti-corruption investigators that is accused of pocketing seven hundred million dollars from the state development fund has been under investigation says the election loss in may as a sea voyage is expected to be charged on wednesday he denies any wrongdoing to pick up paula reports from kuala lumpur. it's the culmination of weeks of investigation into malaysia's former prime minister and the malaysians watched in fascination as police conducted raids on properties linked in a. falling out with they said with millions of dollars in cash boxes of luxury handbags high end watches and jewelry it was all mounting evidence of what could be one of the country's biggest corruption scandals because when you look at the structure order complicated and complex transactions across so many countries it would seem to be like. to actually siphon no money from from the government
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fund funding really goes he saw if you can put it in a one with a smaller scale in. the case focuses on how ten point six million dollars from estate investment entity s.r.c ended up in the jeeves personal account it's part of a wider investigation into the abuse and misuse of the one m.d.c. state fund that was started by najib soon after he became prime minister in two thousand and nine. and twenty fifteen the public learned that four billion dollars had gone missing from the fund and nearly seven hundred million dollars allegedly transferred into the bank account they were outraged fearing that taxpayer money was being used to fund the lavish lifestyle of politicians businessmen around the world and even a hollywood movie. eventually the anger was taken out of the ballot boxes in early may denying the third term in office and handing a story of defeat to his ruling on no party in some south political career why did
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was gone. even though in the rule of law and the speed of justice one is innocent until proven guilty but in terms of the me that night it was carrying it's already gone people he will always being seen as the image of corruption the new government is made up of a coalition of opposition parties headed by the former prime minister mahathir mohamad the government says it's priority to find out what's happened to the millions of dollars that went missing it's discovered the taxpayer money has been used to fund one and d.b.'s debt obligations so far one point eight billion dollars of state money has been spent to bailout the fund and hundreds of millions more will have to be paid out by the end of the year in interest payments. the lavish lifestyle of najib and his luxury loving wife have been under the microscope for years but until recently there was little evidence to link them to the embezzled money analysts say now it's just
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a matter of time until the true extent of the scandal will be revealed and more former government officials will likely face charges. kuala lumpur. rescuers and divers had trying to work out how they'll bring a team of young footballers and their coats out of caves in northern thailand where they've been trapped for ten days crews found them huddled together in pitch black darkness down a maze of narrow passageways ascott either reports from outside the case that parents have been promised the boys will come home. i'm. at first glance the crowded in busy sector for the rescue effort looks like it has for more than a week the good news that the boys were found by two british divers on monday night means only half of the job here is done.
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that second half of the job will be very difficult getting them all out safely but family members are already thinking of what they'll do once they are out when he won't speak joan heard the good news all she wanted to do was hug her nephew. oh my i hope all of them come out safely no tenney my nephew everyone who's stuck in the cave divers and doctors are now going back and forth to the boys and the football coach who found refuge on a ledge when the cave flooded following torrential rain the divers are checking on their health and taking them food and water they're said to be in good health with only slight injuries but there may see that the group is four hundred metres further into the cave system than the so-called potty a beach section where rescuers originally thought they might be getting them out isn't expected to be easy reaching them requires a technically difficult and dangerous dive through narrow passages and low
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visibility and the trapped teenagers will have to be quickly trained to use scuba equipment so they can swim out a day after the boys and their coach were found all eyes are focused here and that's for two reasons this is where the dive teams are headquartered but also this is most likely where the thirteen will exit the cave and be loaded into ambulances when they will see daylight for the first time is difficult to predict rescue teams are pumping water out of the cave and continue their search for another escape route because of the difficult conditions for rescuers both in and outside the cave like the search operation the rescue is expected to be slow going scott al-jazeera chiang rai. the weather is next and then. months after widespread flooding in kenya tens of thousands remain homeless. and refusing to budge relatives of crew members loss of the submarine demand answers.
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hello there it's raining pretty heavily for some of us in china at the moment we've got pockets of thunderstorms and all of them have given acim pretty heavy downpours including recent ones over hong kong is in the northern part of our map though we've seen some of the heaviest of the rains just in the last twenty four hours also these pictures from the shanxi region show just how wet it's been there it has caused problems on the roads more weather is expected over the next few days i think for us on wednesday the wettest weather is likely to be around the southeastern coast but as we head through wednesday and to thursday the rain in the northern part of our map will just tumble a little bit further southward so we'll see heavier downpours here could give us a problem with flooding including around chengdu before the towards the west in the wettest weather here it's been in the northeastern parts of india and through nepal lots of heavy downpours here but now you can see this line of clouds from
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bangladesh all the way down through the central parts of india now this feature is going to stick around as we head through the next few days so very heavy downpours here and that does stick around even as we had three thursday to the north of all of that largely fine and dry for many of us here and warming karate at thirty three for the arabian peninsula a little bit will cloud that we've got used to and here in doha humid at forty one . where were you when this idea. that they're on line which i'm going to be. called. over to the quality you know today or if you join us. criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to be the speakers for change joining us. on our.
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air again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of our top story. united nations jordan to open its case to some of the tens of thousands of syrians who are massed on the border around two hundred seventy thousand have been forced from their homes by the russian backed government offensive to recapture the southwest and province. anticorruption investigators in malaysia have arrested former prime minister najib he denies pocketing seven hundred million dollars in one state investment fund the sixty four year old who lost the election and may is expected to be charged within the next twenty four
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hours. and twelve boys in the football coach found alive in a cave in thailand could be trapped for some time yet they'll be supplied with food as the army decides how to get them out through flooded passageways the boys were found late on monday by divers almost ten days after they went missing. germany's chancellor has managed to save her governing coalition after reaching a compromise on migration. held high stakes crisis talks overnight hoping to settle a dangerous standoff. with a longtime rival interior minister say alpha now he's the head of michael's just no political allies and if that coalition fell apart it would have forced merkel to find new partners or call another election or gelatin has called the deal a good compromise but it's a dramatic turnaround from her previous welcoming stance on migration the agreement was the so-called transit camp set up along germany's border with austria refugees and migrants would be screened at the census to see if they've already applied for
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asylum in a different country if this is found to be the case they return to the place where they first registered that a new member states would have to agree to this and austria has already signaled opposition dominic cain has the latest from thailand the route of a migration is the crisis that just won't go away frank an american no sooner she agreed to deal with her variant conservative allies a compromise solution which will set up centers that migrants will be processed in and indeed detained in for some time before being deported if that's what their fate will be when she has to persuade the social democrats to the center left in parliament that this is a good idea tough task given that a few years ago the social democrats rule that idea or completely they say the social democrats say that there are many questions that need to be answered before we can agree to this compromise solution throw into the equation also the austrian government saying that it needs urgent clarification from the german government
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about what exactly this proposal if you read on will take and they say also that they're going to strengthen their borders to the south to the east specifically with the civilians and with the italians so what this means is that we have to dilemma of the german government trying to work out whether it can go ahead with this all the while the numbers we're talking about and not that high nowhere near the sorts of numbers some of twenty fifteen yet still this issue will not go away. meanwhile the libyan navy says sixty three refugees and migrants are missing feared drowned in the mediterranean after their own face will boat sank the navy rescued another forty one and the libyan red crescent recovered another seventeen bodies on a beach in tripoli monday night are believed to have been amongst the one hundred three refugees including three babies who drowned in a similar incident on friday. iran's president is in switzerland aiming to save the nuclear deal that donald trump read through from his son rouhani is
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maintaining that iran will respect the agreement with world powers as long as his interests are preserved. expected in austria on friday to meet foreign ministers from the world powers who remain signatories u.s. president accuses iran of we making on the deal and his re-imposing sanctions he's also pressuring allies to stop iranian oil imports. as. bad after the juicy p.o. way we should very clearly that whatever promises we make we stand by living up to the promises that we make is the basis of confidence and trust among nations we are committed to the promises we made in terms of nonproliferation and we will continue our cooperation with international organizations including the i.a.e.a. iran is looking to have just legal peaceful and stable relations with the world. north korea is continuing its global charm offensive as a senior economic official visits china after kim jong un summit with the us president donald trump wants an end to international trade sanctions from
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a bride reports on the china north korea border where many believe business might be about to pick up. this latest visit by a senior north korean official is seen as further evidence of north korea's sincerity in wanting to move away from its nuclear program and concentrate instead on economic development using as china the model to follow all though on a much smaller basis there's also speculation though that this visit could be part of north korea's attempts to look for relief from sanctions and much of the trade that keeps north korea going passes through here dandong going in particular across the friendship bridge with constant rail and truck traffic carrying trade both ways the china still has those sanctions in place but you do get the feeling that with the goodwill of recent months china maybe isn't imposing those sanctions as
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strictly as it should and here in downtown you also see other evidence of economic activity resuming such as for example some of the north korean restaurants that were closed a few months ago have now reopened what you're also seeing here is a real property boom as people see dandong potential should sanctions be lifted with some apartments here doubling in price in just a few months that we've had these summits take place this is all of course been all of the developments on the chinese side of the yalu river that is the border between china and north korea on the north korean side we've seen nothing like this development but there is a suggestion that even that might be changing in recent days at the north korean leader kim jong un has been visiting sites that have been earmarked for economic development leading many to believe about the potential of this whole border area
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that it could be on the verge of an economic boom if sanctions are lifted a boom that would benefit all. thousands of kenyans are still living in camps for displaced people two months after floods destroyed their homes every two hundred people died when heavy rains left more than half a million people homeless and governs all reports from the town a river on the kenyan coast. it's hard to imagine now but a few months ago this place was full of old farms and villages swept away by flags the worst seen for years in kenya areas along the kenyan coast are most affected. is one of more than sixty thousand people in this region love lost their home since april he shows us what is left of the house he shared with his wife and eight children who would like to return and rebuild but fears that the nearby river may break its banks again during maureen's do at the end of the year. like it's
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a big drain now but even if a rebuilt only trains will be flooded again and the river has no barrier so he stays in this camp for displaced people one of one hundred inmates shelters across the region but there's not enough help for everyone but the other challenge is that area's accessibility to these some of these areas and we would want to leave it in a kenyan suffered because of floods saw one hundred drave and then use a boat and then walk number of kilometers or even use canoes at some point. many villages that are hard to reach remain so marched communities are already struggling to recover from a drought last year this is a dollar village one of the most affected areas in town or revived now the water is actually needed at the height of the flood we're told it was up to here some people are beginning to come back to their homes to try and run three thousand but there's also fear of water borne diseases. dad agreed to has just returned from a camp for the displaced she's staying with
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a neighbor on the edge of her submerged village i just i'm better than you thought one of the companies congested and so far from here in the bushland at least here i can fend for myself aid workers a doing their best to help did not only dealing with the floods emergency but also trying to prevent an outbreak of waterborne diseases such as cholera and malaria when at the same time preparing for another potential disaster when the rain falls again catherine saw al-jazeera tan a river on the kenyan coast. has been a show of support in the u.s. state of idaho where a three year old girl's stabbed to death at her birthday party at least fifteen hundred people gathered for a vigil in boise to honor the refugee families target as in the attack five other children were stabbed and three adults were injured trying to protect them police have charged him a kilo with murder and battery it recently been a victim from the housing complex where refugee families from syria iraq and ethiopia live are victims of some of the newest members working unity they're
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victims from the past homes who fled violence from syria iraq and use the opium or suspect is a man with an extensive criminal record spanning multiple states who have spent time in prison and his past criminal violations violence against others. china has issued a safety warning to its citizens traveling to the u.s. as tensions rise between the two countries over trade and other disputes the chinese foreign ministry says it is merely fulfilling its duty to caution travelers about its was potential dangers the warning touches on issues ranging from the high cost of medical treatment in america to high crime and powers will the immigration enforcement agents. in argentina grieving relatives of the crew of a navy submarine have chained themselves to the gates of the presidential palace they're refusing to give up their fight to know why the san juans sank and want
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a private company to search for the wreckage forty four sailors disappeared last november was on a training mission the captain's last message was to report a short circuits in the batteries then an explosion was heard four thousand personnel for more than a dozen countries took part in the search and rescue operation in the south atlantic the government infuriated relatives when the rescue effort was called off and the crew presumed dead no trace of the sub has been found to as a boat has more from one us aries. the relatives of those who went missing when the argentine navy submarine sunk one disappeared in the waters of the south atlantic eight months ago. on this husband let our son just was one of them she has changed herself with others to demand then cers from the government of president. little forms of police we are all sacrificing ourselves to be here we have children families but we won't leave my husband does not deserve to be forgotten like this
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he was serving his country and the least the government can do is try to find the sound one with forty four sailors onboard was what he said to have been a routine mission when it was lost the commander of the vessel had reported the water had entered the vessel resulting in better remote function then nearby underwater listening devices identified and a natural sound in the area the navy believes it was an explosion this one was never seen again this people have been sleeping in tents for days they are demanding to know what happened to the family and they're also asking the government to hire a private company that will help find it since april the search for the missing sub has been suspended because i didn't tina does not have the technology for deep sea exploration this one was allegedly invest. gating illegal fishing in the southern atlantic but official answers have not been enough for members of congress who have
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created a special committee in charge of finding out what happened if you do. what is clear is that we did not have the resources to react in the case of an emergency to find out that we don't have anything to save our sailors shock to me it's like sending pilots to a war without a parachute this told us a lot about the conditions of argentina's navy. last month the government announced it had hired a spanish company to receive the search but the contract was never signed apparently because of the raw crissy. their son was one of the forty four he says the government needs to act now they don't know. for we were told the contract it was going to be cancelled we all know. we don't know how this will continue we told the president when it came to continue searching promised that they would do that and it is not happening and that's why the family say they want more from here and tell a new contract has been signed and sealed. and just see what
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a site is. now without zero these are our top stories the united nations is urging jordan to open its gates says some of the tens of thousands of syrians who have amassed on the border around two hundred seventy thousand have been forced from their homes by the russian backed government offensive to recapture the southwestern province anticorruption investigators in malaysia have arrested for. they've been building a case against him over the disappearance of seven hundred million dollars from estate investment fund the sixty four year old who lost elections in may is expected to be charles within the next twenty four hours he denies any wrongdoing. twelve boys and their football coach found alive in a cave in thailand could be trapped there for some time yet be supplied with food as the army decides how to get them through flooded passageways the boys were found
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late on monday by divers almost ten days after they went missing. as prime minister has thanked the world for helping to find the boys he. lost most of his career gratitude and happiness for people all over the country both in thailand the world i will use this opportunity as a lesson in rescuing increasing the standard for people in government or private people you can see that there is a lot of cooperation in many ways i have to thank you for national community in assisting us this would not have been possible if we didn't help each other everybody did their part. security forces are blocking people fleeing conflict in the north from reaching the southern city of aid dozens of families at the security checkpoint fronting a plea from the prime minister for them to be allowed in many have left her day where the saudi coalition is fighting to retake the city and is crucial seaport from who's the rebels the united nations envoy for yemen is in sana'a trying to
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broker a deal to end the fighting which broke out in mid to. iran's president is in switzerland hoping to save the nuclear deal which donald trump abandoned us and will hardly insist that iran will respect the agreement with world powers as long as its interests are preserved afterburn he is expected in austria on friday to meet foreign ministers from countries who remain signatories u.s. president accuses iran of breaking the deal and his re-imposing sanctions he's also pressuring allies to stop buying oil from iran you know with all the headlines daryn has the news grid in under half an hour after the stream. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs
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that matter to. al-jazeera. what's the best way to improve people's mental health of course an entire nation that's the question that u.s. health professionals and advocates are considering i made a rise in suicide rates across the country i thought me ok i really could be live here watching the stream live on you tube so they will look at what's behind this concerning trend and examine ways to reverse it. the issue of mental health is such a personal subject one that requires the very lightest of top genes to provide the best outcome for people with depression but the scale of the task to provide vital care is vast almost forty five thousand people in the u.s. die by suicide in twenty sixteen researchers at the centers for disease control and prevention recently found that suicide.


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