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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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true wildlife trafficking rewind on al-jazeera. a humanitarian crisis in southern syria jordan and israel refused to open their borders to tens of thousands of refugees despite a plea from the un. al-jazeera live from london coming up found alive but still trapped deep inside a cave in thailand what could take weeks to get twelve boys and their coach out safely. a dramatic fall from grace in malaysia former prime minister najib razak is arrested by anti corruption investigators. and protests in poland over
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a controversial law that could change the makeup of the country court. jordan and israel are refusing to open their borders to fountains of refugees who fled a government offensive in southern syria the u.n. says as many as three hundred thirty thousand people have been forced from their homes because of the assault on daraa province jordan already hosts more than half a million syrian refugees and says it can't cope with anymore sending food and water across the border will remain shot so i know how to report. jordan israel. and their towns are battlegrounds these people are trapped in the syrian government's offensive and province now into its third week has displaced more than a quarter of a million people according to the united nations some are living in makeshift tents
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many others out in the open they have little food water or medicine or protection from the heat. there is a humanitarian crisis and the united nations is calling on jordan and neighboring countries to open their borders to allow refugees in we recognize that jordan lebanon and turkey have long hosted a large number of refugees particularly from syria since the beginning of the syrian conflict it's been heartening to see many people in these countries doing what they can. to call on their governments to keep the border open and to gather food and water for syrian refugees we call on the jordanian government keep its borders open for other countries in the region to step up and receive the fleeing civilians jordan's leaders say they can't cope with more refugees instead they say aid is being delivered to them across the border in syria and they say it's up to the u.n. to obtain approval from government leaders into masochists to allow in supplies to
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reach our province jordan's foreign minister says the focus should be on preventing more devastation i'll be meeting with the russian foreign minister the lover of for a discussion of how we can work towards a cease fire and create conditions of the ground under which people would feel safe and also a discuss the facilitation of their provision of supplies to syria and their country on their land indeed our syrian government troops are advancing with the help of russian airstrikes troops have seized towns and villages under rebel control and through so-called reconciliation deals that involve a return of president bashar assad's rule sixty percent of daraa is now under government control and the offensive is continuing to pressure the remaining rebel held areas to surrender. russia has been negotiating on behalf of the syrian government with rebel factions the opposition says russia is only offering one option they're describing it as a humiliating demand to surrender it involves rebels handing over their weapons and
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accepting state control opposition activists have told us russia is not offering them the possibility to move to the rebel controlled province of idlib. several rebel commanders fighters have opposition leaders are refusing to reconcile with the state they live under assad's rule. they also refused to stay without international security guarantees rebels are hoping for a deal that would make jordan a guarantee of the safety of the civilians negotiations are difficult there into the route. the u.n. security council is due to hold an emergency meeting on the situation in dera on thursday at least fifteen people have died due to the conditions at the jordan syrian border and a smith spent a day at the java crossing some aid has been getting through this crossing point between jordan and syria and just on the other side of the fence here we believe there are at least twenty five thousand syrian refugees syrians fleeing the
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fighting in and around. three separate towns have been set up for men women and children there on the syrian side of the jordanian mira military says it's treated one hundreds of casualties people injured by the bombardment people escaping the bombardment but the jordanian military say that as soon as those people have been treated that being sent back over to the syrian side so the most seriously injured have been sent to hospitals in amman the jordanian capital but again as soon as they're treated they're being sent back again into syria. we received people of all ages from young children to old people and we've treated all of them we've had pregnant women people suffering from burned hundreds of casualties. the jordanian government like the israeli government also is sticking to their decision not to allow any more syrian refugees in the jordanians say they've got six hundred fifty thousand syrians already they can't cope with anymore they can't afford to take any
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more ends up at the moment that border stays closed but the number of refugees arriving here keeps getting higher higher and. rescuers in thailand are working on how to extract a young football team and their coach who trapped deep inside a cave the thirteen strong group has been there for ten days now and while they're in resume good health heavy rain is forecast that could make the flooding inside the cave even worse scott hyder is at the site. i'm. at first glance the crowd in busy center for the rescue effort looks like it has for more than a week the good news that the boys were found by two british divers on monday night means only half of the job here is done.
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that second half of the job will be very difficult getting them all out safely with family members are already thinking of what they'll do once they are out when up the road he won't seek john heard the good news all she wanted to do was hug her nephew but oh my god i hope all of them come out safely not only my nephew everyone who's stuck in the cave divers and doctors are now going back and forth to the boys and the football coach who found refuge on a ledge when the cave flooded following to rancho rain the divers are checking on the house and taking them food and water they're said to be in good health with only slight injuries but there are mason the group is four hundred meters further into the cave system than the so-called potty a beach section where rescuers originally thought they might be. getting them out isn't expected to be easy reaching them requires a technically difficult and dangerous dive through narrow passages and low visibility and the trapped teenagers will have to be quickly trained to use scuba
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equipment so they can swim out a day after the boys and their coats were found all eyes are focused here and that's for two reasons this is where the dive teams are headquartered but also this is most likely where the thirteen will exit the cave and be loaded into ambulances when they will see daylight for the first time is difficult to predict rescue teams are pumping water out of the cave and continue their search for another escape route because of the difficult conditions for rescuers both in and outside the cave like the search operation the rescue is expected to be slow going scott harder al-jazeera. when you say has more now seen the cave rescue. so far there is no indication that the procedure to try to bring the thirteen people out of the cave has begun the local administration here in chiang rai province that is leading this operation is saying that it wants to stop that procedure as soon as possible it's saying that could mean immediately that could be in a week it could be
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a month but they cannot commit to a particular time frame because it is such a changeable situation and there are a few reasons for that they want to guarantee that it is as safe as possible before they stop their procedure of bringing them out they want to make sure that the thirteen the boys and their football coach are as healthy as possible and as strong as possible to begin what will be a very long possibly slow and certainly dangerous trip out of the cave to try to build up their strength their navy personnel in there with them around the clock also medical staff giving them some basic food supplies giving them other medical attention but so far all indications are from those rescue personnel who are with the thirteen at the moment they seem to be in amazingly good health and good spirits considering the ordeal that they have been through and the ordeal they continue to go through malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has issued an
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apology after being arrested by anti corruption investigators they've been building a case against him over the disappearance of billions of dollars from a state fund when he was in power virtually has the details from kuala lumpur. this is where former prime minister najib razak will be spending the night at the headquarters of the anti corruption agency before he is charged in court on wednesday and he corruption agents questioned made in connection with ten million dollars allegedly deposited into his personal bank account from a state company known as s r c international which was part of the state investment fund one and being the seizure of designer handbags and millions of dollars in cash from his homes was part of a wider investigation into stealing from one end. of the fund was started by not just soon after he became prime minister in two thousand and nine not given his
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associates are alleged to have been bezel for one hard billion dollars from one and he. has repeatedly denied committing any crime describing the investigation as a political witch hunt hours after his arrest a pre recorded video message was posted on his social media accounts it appeared to have been prepared in an to spatial of his arrest the one n.d.b. scandal is seen as partly to blame for his party's defeat in the general election in may on seating a political alliance that has ruled malaysia since independence sixty one years ago news of not just arrest has been greeted with delight by some finally like it's the nation that have to find the money and to get that. young son that hold up a corrupt government that uses bribes nepotism and cronyism nobbut the leaders have finally been caught it is an achievement these leaders must be brought to justice and be charged for their wrongdoing. a small group of not just supporters turned up
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outside the anticorruption headquarters to protest this innocence and demand his release they believe not just assertions that the money in his bank account was a donation despite not just arrest the investigation into one and d.b. continues his. mohamad has said please have an almost perfect case against him and his allies anticorruption officers have questioned stepson. who is alleged to have spent some of the misappropriated one m.t.b. funds to produce a hollywood film more arrests could take place florence louis al-jazeera putrajaya . mexico's president elect has met the current president enrique pena nieto to discuss his transition to office in december and. he won a landslide victory in sunday's elections says he'll hold a referendum halfway through his term to let voters decide if he should stay in power john heilemann has more from mexico city. this was really a symbol of
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a sea change in mexican politicians at the current mexican president ricky pena nieto from the governing three party meeting president elect lopez obrador now the pretty party has really been seen as a central column of mexican governance for almost one hundred years now president elect lopez obrador a leftist populist party is only four years old it's really been formed around him it's called morena. past and its future at least for the next six years coming into contact what did they talk about one of the issues was nothing the free trade alliance that links mexico the united states and canada it's being renegotiated at the moment on the insistence of president trump of the united states lopez obrador has indicated that he wants mexico to stay in that part but only if it's for the benefit of the country also understood scotian was
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a new port for the capital of the country that's costing thirteen billion dollars it's currently under construction and lopez obrador had indicated previously that he would scrap that plan so some things to be resolved the new president elect was careful in a press conference that he gave alone after the meeting to try and reassure the markets a lot of the markets and business leaders as well in the country who are worried about this left this leader coming to coming into power he said they would respect the autonomy of mexico's central bank so he has a lot of other problems that he also has to deal with record levels of. violence in the country fifty three million. corruption. transition period coming up with solutions. still to come on al-jazeera.
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one of the. hello there is staying unsettled for some of us in western australia we've already seen some damaging gusts of wind and some very heavy downpours but the latest system is pulling away from us as it does so there is just making way for yet another system is edging its way for us on wednesday so more cloud more rain rolling in and then staying a little bit unsettled as we head through thursday a chance of a shower perhaps in perth most of the rain for the far south coast meanwhile in the southeast it's been very cool here recently
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a more clouds working its way towards us the thursday so thursday will be a bit grey and fourteen degrees will be our maximum there in melbourne a little bit further towards the east and those fine clear weather for many of us until we head through the day on wednesday where more cloud will be pushing its way northward here of rates of rain perhaps in the southern parts of the south island but as it spreads its way north woods most of us will see quite a cloudy day on thursday but not too wet yet if we head up further north we can see all thai food all what's left of it running its way across the sea of japan now and working its way north east words as it does so it's going to drag its feet across many parts of japan so honcho very very wet on wednesday and for thursday we could have more reports of flooding out of this to the west across north and south korea it's beginning to dry up. with. expelled from their base in jordan in lebanon and left in the political world three billion was rising in the ranks of the p.l.o.
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but was this just another inevitable step on the road to that this is a disney store just for the conflict that would cost on a side his leadership in life. chronicling the term story of the struggle for a palestinian. militant history of the revolution on al-jazeera. one of the top stories. jordan and israel are refusing to open their borders to thousands of refugees who fled their government offensive in syria's darragh province the u.n. says as many as three hundred thirty thousand people have been forced from their
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homes by the fighting. rescuers in thailand working out how to extract a young football team and their coach from deep inside a cave thirteen strong group was found alive on monday they've been trapped inside the cave for ten days. and asia's four prime minister has been arrested by anti corruption agents and is expected to be charged on wednesday of his alleged involvement in embezzlement and money laundering at the country's multi-billion dollar investment fund. the libyan navy says sixty three refugees and migrants a missing feared drowned in the mediterranean after their french will boat sank on monday and there are reports another seven including two children drowned on tuesday a monday night the libyan red crescent recovered another seventeen bodies on the beach in tripoli they're believed to be among at least one hundred three refugees including three babies who drowned on friday when their boat capsized. the captain of the german and geo ship lifeline says the libyan coast guard threatened to kill
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him and his crew the ship was detained last week when it docked in malta with two hundred thirty four refugees on board after italy refused to offer its safe port. the libyan coast guard has threatened us and the crew and especially me with there is a radio message to the libyan coast guard while the ship was sailing close to us saying kill you and that makes me wonder about the organization the europeans were with the ones that threaten our european citizens with murder for saving lives words fail me. libya's denying those claims that they were head has more from tripoli. asylum seekers usually leave libya ensures just a few kilometers from where i'm standing now and they usually take a rubber boats. which are in very bad conditions and the
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are usually overloaded with migrants and in many cases rubber boats sink in the mediterranean and many migrants die including women and children that have been two major of sinkings the last week and libya's coast guard says around one hundred seventy migrants are missing and that includes women and children and concerning the allegations by the energy operating in the mediterranean which accuse libya's coast guard of threatening the migrants at the spokesman of libya's navy commodore you kassim strongly denies all those allegations and instead he accuses the n.g.o.s operating in the mediterranean of helping people smugglers. also added that libya's navy gives only with the governments with governments of the european union he added that they they had only five boats and they needed maintenance and
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despite despite the fact that libya's coast guard has been receiving aid. libya's coast guard is still short of medical equipment and life lifesaving gear. they've been antigovernment protests in the polish capital against controversial new legislation that could dramatically alter the makeup of the supreme court. the . thousands demonstrated in front of the supreme court building on tuesday night against the door which could see forty percent of supremes court judges forced into early retirement is due to take effect on wednesday poland's top judge is refusing to step down from her post david chaytor has more from the rally in warsaw. forty percent of the justices in the supreme court will lose their jobs at the stroke of midnight has been described by the chief justices president of supreme court chief justice goes off as
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a political courage essentially she says her term should be guaranteed under the constitution until the year twenty twenty and it's the law and justice party by bringing in this new legislation for breaking the most fundamental laws and that's the law of the constitution now the government itself says that what they're trying to do. bring down the sense of contact between the order of people around her and what they called a self-serving elite inside the supreme court they've also said that the reforms that they started after the fall of that so many stories even nice neat and i. thought our. problem is i think. it's very bright and they're determined to push through these measures of course as the house the brussels and the european commission and say that what this whole of the essentially doing is breaking one of the founding tenets of the constitution of the european union which says there must be
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a separation of powers and the did the judicial system must be independent of the way the right order got. we've got to then. that is what the european commission wants to stop and that's why they're taking the taking of poland essentially on a legal process that might mean they end up in the dock of the european court of justice. israeli government has been given the go ahead to deduct some three hundred million dollars a year from the budget of the palestinian authority politicians passed a law allowing the money to be taken from taxes and tariffs the israeli government collects on the authorities behalf they accuse the palestinian authority of paying three hundred fifty million dollars last year to palestinian prisoners jailed for attacking israeli security forces and their families are a force that has more reoccupied west bank. in the occupied west bank incarceration is an issue that touches the life of family after family graffiti on the wall of
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one home celebrates a recent release from an israeli jail on the other side of the wall is some are rooms home three of her six sons are in israeli prisons one held without charge two serving life sentences jihad was part of an armed cell that adopted and killed an israeli soldier his older brother imad was convicted of killing two alleged palestinian informants the palestinian detainees commission pays them respectively one thousand four hundred fifty and one thousand five hundred eighty dollars a month at the death for what they need it's never for the money they do it for their country and no one makes money out of this it's no lowance that they spend on themselves it's their lives and that are wasted behind them or on their own for. the payments don't just go to current and former prisoners compensation is also paid to families of palestinians killed by israeli forces whether or not they were taking part in an attack on monday night the israeli parliament the knesset voted
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to withhold the same amount spent in these ways it says about three hundred million dollars a year from the taxes it collects on behalf of the palestinian authority israeli cases and these payments reward even incite acts of violence against israel citizens and its military for the palestinians they represent a vital part of a social welfare system assisting thousands of families in some of the poorest places in the occupied west bank six thousand five hundred palestinians are currently being held in israeli jails often depriving families of their main breadwinners palestinians say as many as a million have been jailed since the creation of the state of israel seventy years ago and they say israel has no right to withhold funds amounting to about seven percent of the palestinian authority's budget this is clearly a financial piracy of the palestinian money. to serve the more effective palestinian citizens from the. illegal violation and crimes committed by the illegal israeli occupation the israeli defense minister is promising the new
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legislation will be implemented and the what he called salaries for terrorists the palestinian authority says that will lead to a dangerous dead end road in relations and that in any case the payments will continue for sit out a zero through a refugee camp in the occupied west bank. the second mare in the philippines has been shot dead in as many days ferdinand bertie was leaving a government compound when he was gunned down by a man on a motorcycle it follows the death of mayor antonio holy who was shot while seeing the national anthem in a flag raising ceremony the philippines president rodrigo to turkey hinted that halle's killing may have been linked to illegal drugs to ted is a violent drug war seen twelve elected local officials killed since twenty sixteen three of whom have been accused by the president of involvement in the drug trade policy gives police a green light to shoot suspected drug dealers dead in total it's seen four thousand two hundred suspects killed in the last two years opposition figures of acute
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detective creating a culture of violence making the philippines the murder capital of asia sent her tree is the director of the drug policy project at the institute for policy studies he says president deter it is behaving like a desk bot. a lot of people are getting killed the there is no justice for these people and president of territory has said just recently that families can expect no justice from him if they were even suspected of being involved the drug trade so this is an open season what's going on in the philippines it seems to me it's much more of a program like inside nineteenth century russia and eastern europe less than a month rather than a modern drug war this is really about taking a cornucopia of social ills many of which are structural in nature and pinning it on to one little demographic group and saying look if we just get rid of these people just eliminate them things we want and roses again and we see a lot of autocrats and despots around the world use those kinds of tactics to further their own political power we've seen that in the united states for instance
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with president trump going after him as thirteen the mexican gang hitler did it to jews it's about scapegoating a minority group for a whole basket of social ills. the most memorable moments with al jazeera was when i was on air as opposed to. the crowds in tahrir square to refute. something happens anywhere in the world how does iraq. in place with able to cover . all the news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is a strength.
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or drenching language. language. when wrangel. the english. or were.
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born langley. run and ride. along with. on. zenga land. on.
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she's one of the oldest women living in this part of mccurdy in the jury essential
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being with state i mean a garba is her real name and she's hailed as a savior by the other women she sent in by in the local language which means each additional breathing assistant or midwife i mean as been delivering babies in her village for more than fifty years. know that she would be. not going to was a well to come to me they are poor and they need help sometimes they come with nothing i contra fused them so i take care of them even when they come pay me. but the challenges faced by him enough can be extreme this is what's left of her clinic she says a group of men set it on fire a couple of months ago and she can't afford to rebuild it and. it is devastating not only for her but for those women who rely on her. or most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in
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tahrir square to offer. if something happens anywhere in the world how to zero is in place we're able to cover this like no other news organization. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. in one thousand nine hundred forty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost. sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the p.l.o. has been at the heart of the struggle to regain palestine ever since. the late.


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