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violate the iran nuclear deal by pulling out now the u.s. wants countries to boycott really you know oil as part of stronger international sanctions the president has done rouhani has appeared to threaten the oil exports from other middle eastern countries if the u.s. pushes ahead as nice as it is incorrect or an unwise to imagine that somebody or producer countries will be able to export their surplus oil and iran would not be able to export its oil. really infectious have threatened to disrupt oil shipments in the past to do so they would target the straits of hormuz that's a major shipping lane but it's also a small stretch of water between iran to the north and oman on the ribbon peninsula to the south at its narrowest point there are just fifty five kilometers between the two pieces of land twenty percent of the world's oil passes through here but i don't think iran will ever need to really exercise this threat we have to remember iran is not the only country that is upset with the u.s. pressure on opec all that idea of the oil exports not coming from iran or remember
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the opec countries the whole reason a lot of these countries are in crises in the first place is because of the u.s. shale oil industry which brought prices down in the first place the u.s. has previously warned countries they must stop all imports from november or face sanctions from america no exceptions our focus is on getting as many countries importing iranian crude down to zero as soon as possible we are also working with oil market participants including producers and consumers. to ensure market stability iran has warned any boycott of the oil industry could push prices higher it company provides around two percent of global supply or three million barrels a day the u.s. is already concerned about rising prices at the weekend u.s. president donald trump called saudi arabia's king solomon and said they do agree that the saudis would boost production but there's no sign that prices are dropping particularly as the global economy is growing and demand for energy is up india
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south korea turkey all u.s. allies are major importers of any unoiled they might not be able to switch providers quickly or even want to the trumpet ministration would then have to decide of sanctions on them would fall or the other signatories to the nuclear deal say they still support it and are looking at ways to save it alan fischer al-jazeera. for more on this international oil economist mom two thousand may joins me now in the studio thanks very much for coming into al-jazeera a president champagne and making all these announcements that he's going to reduce the rainy and oil exports to zero but can he i mean i'm thinking maybe china and india might have something to say about what he is doing is that he is waging a psychological warfare against iran to give the impression that you as sanctions against iran will cause the iranian oil exports to lose one million million barrels
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a day that is not going to happen and i'll explain why the sanctions before the twenty fifteen succeeded because of two reasons the combination of european union sanctions on shipping and insurance company insuring the shipments of iranian oil and the second one the south american sanctions on banking the european union so far said they will abide by the nuclear agreement and they will not comply by the american sanction and they will continue to buy iranian oil as four of the american sanctions one banking things have changed completely instead of the petro dollar alone in the market we have the petro yuan which is supported by gold and china introduced it in march twenty six this year and it is starting to undermine
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the better of the petro dollar admission to that iran has been using the yuan for as payments for its or so it will continue now to use it to you and for shipments to the european union it will get the euro for russia and. and india they have bought a lot of trade agreements i mean i think that the crux of what you're saying is exactly that president sometimes not treated driving gas prices higher getting gas he needs fuel and the u.s. this must be to a street mi g.'s pricing now in the end he will be punished for this if indeed we see the price of oil go up but it's probably going to be us well. or you produce i believe as an economist there is a viable economy principle they should aim to maximize their finite assets meaning oil to the point that the global economy can't tolerate the glore
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global economy will not be shy in telling the world that you have reached the limit in the rise in oil prices saw i believe also that the global economy can absorb easily a price of one hundred dollars or more furthermore opec members which account for seventy four percent of global production they need an oil price above under a dollar to balance their books the number of their last three hundred billion dollars between twenty forty and twenty sixteen so they don't want to pass again through that ordeal the iranian revolutionary guard saying we can't enforce closing the straits of hormuz if we need to and that's what president rouhani has been waving that threats a lot of oil go to syria little stretch of water
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a million barrels a day indeed but can i and would they military lee they cannot close it because the story it is not that narrow but what they can do they can mine it and they can level threats against any time catus crossing the street. that will frighten all ten cans of oil from around the world enough to come to the gulf area which amounts to the same thing which will push the prices up and that's not just the rain oil that's all oil from that particular area that has to come through yes well iran is saying the sanctions are economy and political war against them they're out of bounds as an independent country did be fed they'd have to add retaliate they are saying if we cannot export oil nobody will of course these threats of closing the street of water was just a threat for the time being but they have other actions of disrupting open asians
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in major installations in the gulf area like which is the biggest tedham in l. for loading saudi oil i wonder if president trungpa thought this for them to follow me thank you so much for enlightening us all thank. coming up on al-jazeera this news hour. the. protest outside and inside poland supreme close as its top judge turns up for work in defiance of a new law forcing her of this to retire it was instrumental in the moving robert mugabe from how that can zimbabwe's military maintain its distance during this month's elections plus install the australian basketball team returned home after an ugly brawl to well cup qualifier against the philippines getting a. new
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video has been released showing a thai years football team in good health despite the case for eleven days rescue teams are now giving them crash courses in swimming and diving while experts assess conditions for getting them out safely but the school time there were some chiang rai just how and when that will happen is still not clear new video of the stranded thirteen shows a tide navy seal emblem drawn on the cave ledge where the teenagers sought safety eleven days ago the words say thirteen lives referring to the name of their youth football club meaning wild boar personnel from the navy seals are staying with the boys at all times reported to be in good health after treatment for minor injuries rescuers are under intense pressure to get the twelve boys and their coach out quickly there has been a pause in the monsoon season rain but it's expected to start falling again in the next few days keeping water levels in the cave system down is critical for the
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rescue one option is to train them on the basics of scuba diving. something one diving expert at the cave thinks will work if they use a full face mask. and it won't take long it is basically just a cave fix a saw is you do it them sit. on the sand you put the mosque on they get a feel for it they get an understanding. you saw through water calm so they understand that they have a communication they can talk to the diver who guides some mold and if there is any problem they can calm him down the governor of chiang mai province says that the trapped thirteen might not all come out at the same time they were evaluate each one and bring them out only when they're ready the u.s. is one of at least six countries assisting the rescue will getting them out is the goal providing food and supplies is critical the assistance portion in the resupply and able to provide supplies the shoulder and you know it's a very very relevant to the operations that are being conducted and how we're able
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to support our thai partners in anticipation of that moment everyone at the cave entrance is waiting for were hershel's are being held and when it's not a thai soldier playing a role it's a member of the teenagers move football club it's got harder al-jazeera chiang rai well rescuers have repeatedly said getting the boys out of the cave will be a hugely difficult operation. went to meet k. this in the english county abduction to find out why. entering a world most people never get to see these caves in northern england a part of an elite and their skills mean they're called upon to take part in rescues usually it's one of the caves are in trouble but sometimes it's the general public and they don't know all about the challenges facing the rescue team thailand's you're in a very remote very wilderness location so transporting your quick mood to and from the sites can take a great deal of tarmon effort not power and when you throw in flooded sections some
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is well into the hour then slows you down even more to reduce. it is the pool of people you have who can manage equipment in those conditions so it's generally a case of timescale it can be overcome but it takes longer these are actually some of the easiest conditions you can find in tavi but these british papers and their colleagues have got lots of experience of operating in and saving people from extremely difficult situations. the right. to britons who first made contact with the tiny boys in their coach were affiliated with a local group here like all cave rescuers they've gone through extensive training like this exercise in hoisting an injured person on a stretcher. and last week it was this sense that the got the call for specialist communication equipment for the time rescue efforts and when sorted out for example of times the place for then contacted us to get into heathrow. came up collected them from blue lights in the light of heathrow to get the nine o'clock
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airplane and they caught it with the divers and i was in thailand the following morning but despite immense efforts to pump water out of a thai cave and local teams teaching the boys to swim and scuba dive the experts say it's definitely not going to be easy for the only way out seems to be out and out the. cave entrance past all the notes are all in the floods. the problem then is how to do it. there's been talk of teaching the teaching the boys how to dive and use diving equipment and then letting them dive out that seems fraught with all sorts of perils because cave diving is not like ordinary mortar diving these caves use their passion to save lives they say they are driven by a sense of camaraderie and right now they can't help thinking about the ongoing rescue efforts in thailand with al-jazeera darbyshire in the opening. prime
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minister has defended a controversial new law forcing supreme court judges into retirement at the age of sixty five he says his country has the right to decide legal system is the latest in a number of changes in the judiciary implemented by the ruling and justice party since it took power in twenty fifteen but as david chase reports the latest move has infuriated the e.u. . a drumbeat of defiance was sounding as thousands of protesters composed on the supreme court it was a boisterous reception for the former chief justice. who returned her death from the first day of her and first fertile. have almost lost in the crowd she declared she was determined to defend the legal order of the country not to play politics but to bear witness to the truth but far removed from the sounds of the protest the
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ministry of justice was turning a deaf ear to her claims. and told the building. they can be there as guests but cannot work as judges because. that uncompromising line was repeated by poland's prime minister when he addressed members of the european parliament in strasbourg eucharistic right each ear state has the right to shape their legal system according to their own traditions but with the european commission bringing legal proceedings which could land poland in the dock of the european court of justice the e.c. j many experts are predicting a compromise so i am expecting the polish government to show the respect to their opinion as well and to at least to freeze the law not to appoint new judges to allow them. to decide on this issue at the moment the highest court in the land
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appears to be in a state of the legal limbo with neither side showing any signs of backing down. the joining the chorus of protest outside the supremes court on wednesday evening the former president lech when sir was leader of the solidarity de b. union brought an end to come this rule in poland. trust me and then joy is real if we surrender the courts so we go further we must prove all our efforts into defending them i feared still crowd to unite behind a new and younger leadership to fight for the future of democracy in poland david chaytor al-jazeera. coming up on al-jazeera. he is former prime minister he's not guilty to corruption charges connected to the disappearance of state money al improve relations between china and north korea are fueling a property boom in this border town plus i'm on the richardson of the world cup in
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russia finding out why so many chinese fans are here you can either take to qualify . how the heat wave continues across west of your more hot sunshine humid conditions as well but we also got some rather lively showers in place you can see this little china storms just spilling out of the bay of biscay rolling across the far north as pain just extending into southern areas of france pushing across the alps northern parts of italy see some very lively so i was recently state of the temperatures at the very warm rain then temps getting up to twenty seven celsius and passion just about be dry for paris pushed further north looking good once again for the tennis twenty eight celsius in london thirty degrees in madrid come into eastern parts of
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europe not a dry weather here but over towards the far east of europe over to the west side of russia we've got some wet weather in the forecast over the next couple days and temperatures here into the low twenty's more big unfriendly downpours and by the time we come to friday shows do extend back down towards more than pasta the balkans and still continuing that across a good part of swift and could touch twenty nine degrees in london thirty in paris hotter still for me to a new push across the mediterranean hostel of course we're talking forty celsius in shoot is much of north africa looking very hot try to just kills off a touch by friday with the top temperature than the thirty four degrees. the story of a friendship between a filmmaker and a seven year old girl what is it would mean. giving a hermit into a refugee families fleeing the syrian war. in the face of deep rooted tension
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between village binny's and the refugees. near. my syrian friends. by setting it up on al-jazeera. with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes got people shouting instructions in your ear your client for by the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air and being seen pinned think you realize even witness history in the making.
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welcome back let's get a reminder the top stories here and i'll just british police have confirmed that two people critically ill in hospital in southern england have been exposed to the nerve agent novacek the same substance that poisoned russian double agent. and his daughter in march has been heavy bombardment by pro-government forces in southern syria after talks broke down between rebels and russian negotiators hundreds of thousands of civilians have been forced from hirings by the russian syrian offensive around. and iran's revolutionary guard say they're ready to carry out the president has time rouhani stretched do disrupt oil exports from the gulf and he said the measures could be taken if u.s. sanctions prevent iran from selling oil on global markets. former malaysian
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prime minister najib razak has been charged with a number of corruption offenses the allegations are in connection to the scandal plagued state fund and d.b. which he set out while he was in office florence louis reports from the capital. not arrived at the quality or high court to want to charges of corruption at privet open to trust which carry a maximum twenty year prison sentence. outside his supporters mostly from the political party who wants light talked to three notches. month and he's the former prime minister and party leader who's done a lot for malaysians now that he's facing such trying times i've come here to lend my support to him and his family relations former prime minister pleaded not guilty and off to be released on bail set the case against him is a political vendetta they. are expected this this. is what the
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new government wants if this is a price i have to pay for my twenty four years of service to the nation and its people i'm willing to pay that price but i hope and pray that the court process will be fair and in accordance with the rule of law i believe in my innocence this is the best chance i have to clear my name. the court set bail at two hundred fifty thousand dollars and ordered not just to surrender his passport he's accused of using his position as finance minister and prime minister to enrich himself with public funds and transferring ten million dollars into his bank account in two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and fifty prosecutors say the money came from s.r.c. international a former subsidiary of the state investment fund one m d this case is part of a larger investigation involving one m. d. from which not jim and his associates are alleged to have a four and a half billion dollars let me state the obvious but he used the word want to be when everybody uses the word want him to be. it's a it's
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a shorthand. statement to describe what happened before five years so there were discrete separate transactions. all fight over four five year period which is the public to me the fraud scandal is also being investigated in several countries including the us the initial investigation into this case started several years ago but stalled when one ship was prime minister allegations of a cover up have been made since the new government came into power in may it has made recovering money stolen from one and a top priority not tips trial will likely start next year he's the first person linked to the scandal to be prosecuted and is likely to be the last florence. several people have been injured after israel moved in to destroy a bedouin village in the occupied west bank and military exclusion zone has been established around the village and desperate protesters put themselves in the path
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of the bulldozers carrefour simple. on the dusty rocky ground below the bedouin village of qana a heavy machinery prepares the way from friday this will be a military exclusion zone a clear signal of the villages impending demolition near the threatened homes israeli security forces moved in another bulldozer had been stopped in its tracks by protesters stand off and then they started dragging people away. that was ready for a force if that was now the pressure was as they tried to remove the activists the ministers obviously all those are the no this is what the activists are trying to do to try to stop what is activity this seemingly imminent demolition here and they're being moved out of the way by the security force was the that the treatment was marginally better for members of the media judged to have got to close. the
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apparent aim to allow for easier access to the area for large vehicles potentially required for the demolition of the villages one solid structure it school. has lived here since his birth he says the pressure on the community has mounted drastically in recent days when one of. we haven't been sleeping not just last night we haven't slept for two weeks since the decision came out every day they show up on the top of the hill over there they come here they scare the children in the school there are going to. the village lies in the way of a long planned expansion of the illegal israeli settlements in circle in jerusalem in the occupied west bank in may the israeli supreme court ruled that khan our school and homes had been built illegally in military controlled area c. and therefore could be demolished with its residents transferred. to a palestinian town on jerusalem's east infringements no barriers just for the international community is. how we come in fear one day that israel can be held
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accountable or if not it means you're pushing this region towards a deeper hole deeper hole of violence and counterviolence and extremism back in can our last more the israeli operation ground on and the scuffles continued to break out the palestinian red crescent society treated dozens of people injuries in the background the bulldozers moved with a sense of inevitability laying the groundwork for what now seems the imminent destruction of this community are a force that al-jazeera. in the occupied west bank. the u.n. envoy to yemen has expressed optimism after meeting the top leader of the who's the rebels in a bid to end the country's devastating civil war as a news conference before leaving santa airport malting griffis said all sides expressed a strong desire for peace the u.n. hopes to prevent a full scale coalition assault on the port city of hadera into a vital lifeline for the country
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a saudi led coalition allied with president abed rabbo months so are these international recognized government has been at war with the who states since twenty fifteen well some yemenis fleeing the war are starting new lives in ethiopia officially fifteen hundred have moved but the number could be as high as four thousand mohammad addo some of them in the capital at this hour. this restaurant on a box to talk about it is a popular meeting point for yemeni the fiji's. well some have been here from the onset of the war three years ago others have just arrived. eighteen year old abdul hamid shirty arrived just six days ago he told me about the long and difficult escape from the yemeni city. and then. he would see. that there are. i first came to aid in the travel by boat to djibouti before boarding a vehicle for the ethiopian border officials at the border who are respectful they
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feel government has an open door policy for yemeni refugees like refugees of other nationalities here they've been allowed to the. us but access to jobs remains a challenge for them as this country of one hundred million people has a huge unemployment problem. but is chairman of the yemeni refugee community and if you're here. and. we thank the ethiopian people in government for the way they welcomed us we live here like it's our own country this is because of the huge performance dating back thousands of years between ethiopia and yemen once they cross the border into ethiopia yemeni refugees pass through security and nationality screening procedures before they are just without that they can't get assistance from the un refugee agency constant delays over settlement programs to a third country to their hardship plan and then their prices about seventy dollars
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a month per person it's not enough to live on that rent and the cost of living high yet many here have little hope it will quickly turn. it into the conflict is a long way of our country is the setting of a proxy war between regional and international powers. but few places in yemen are these safe and so for the refugees this is home for. zimbabwe's military commanders are hoping to convince voters they will remain neutral and elections fund for the end of the month the military was instrumental in unseating one mcgarvie eight months ago and since then military officials have taken up key posts on the electoral commission herron the tasa has more from harare . joining robert mugabe's rule army commander supported his rulings on a tape party and the military vowed not to allow the opposition to take over the army which forced mugabe to resign last november say this year things are going to
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be different this in baba different forces is not directed role in the upcoming hoeness the elections role in the elections is mainly to support the zimbabwe republic felice in their role of maintenance of roi in order in the country before during and after the elections previous elections juma gabi israel were often marred by violence voter intimidation and fraud opposition leaders often said security forces were involved allegations denied by the commanders without nelson chamisa who leads the opposition m.d.c. alliance is concerned about virtue and intimidation we are ready to prove. where we have problems with certain people who are problem us quote i ding is the army it could be that is not the army but they must be able to then move those people out so that they are not in the rural areas just yesterday in there they are people we
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must go to the soldiers. human rights workers say they are also concerned about the army's power at least fifteen percent of. the secretariat. all former military officials. the military should make the commission more independent professional by removing. the shows from the board some political analysts say the july polls will be a battle between the old guard of the one nine hundred seventy s. independence war and the younger generation these are the first elections would be on the ballot since one thousand eight hundred more than five million people have registered to vote if no single presidential candidate with an outright majority there will be a runoff in september the army says it will respect the constitution even if the opposition wins the man who replaced him president. promises these elections will be free and credible. i do north korean regime looks for
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improve its relations with the us an area of china that borders north korea is experiencing a property investors are positioning themselves now in the sanctions on pyongyang will be completely lifted from china's dandong region problem. carrying much of the trade that keeps north korea going the friendship bridge is a good barometer of the state of relations with china. and the bridge remains busy despite sanctions there's speculation china is now more relaxed about imposing them given the easing of tensions. and another indicator of business picking up north korean restaurants in dung dong which closed only a few months ago have reopened and i think people are optimistic that once the sanctions are dropped they want to be really well rooted in. michael spader is a business consultant who has just made dandong his base he's an intermediary
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helping people do business in north korea we've heard a lot more interest from chambers of commerce from investment groups to look at the situation and introduce people there's also a lot of interest on. the north koreans are receiving faxes and mails the north koreans are looking for new business partners here as well so the mood is very optimistic right now right across from his apartment is a new luxury development despite its prime location when we visited it last year property sales weren't booming now most of the apartments have apparently been sold for twice as much as the original asking price property prices have gone up and down as the korean peninsula has veered between the prospects of war and peace and right now prices are surging so much so the local government has imposed restrictions to try to cool the market. commercial property sales are also
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booming eighty percent of units have already been sold in this new development that could be home to traders from both sides of the border if sanctions are lifted. is in the best position to become a trade hub for north east asia instead of being isolated. while there's been extensive development on the chinese side of the river the north korean side remains largely undeveloped but a recent visit by north korean leader kim jong un to potential development sites has led to speculation that time after so many false starts this whole border area north and south is about to take off at last robert bright al jazeera. said to count on al-jazeera at this hour examine the vital signs of the u.k.'s comic con the health service the n.h.s. as it celebrates seventy years.


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